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Nagant Revolver

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The Nagant M1895 is an unusual Russian revolver, a rare example of a gas-seal design. The Nagant uses a special 7.62x38mm rimmed cartridge only ever used by it. This is actually longer than the cylinder, with the neck of the cartridge protruding out, and the bullet seated completely inside the casing (an early example of what is now called cased telescoped (CT) ammunition). The cylinder mechanism pushes the cylinder forward as the hammer is cocked and engages the front of the elongated cartridge with a ring that protrudes from the back of the barrel and interfaces with a recess in the front of the chamber, creating a seal that prevents gas escaping. This makes it quieter and more powerful due to better gas containment. There are considerable trade-offs: the Nagant has an extremely heavy trigger pull, over 20 pounds in double-action and around 15 even in single-action, and the mechanism requires a fixed cylinder with a loading gate. In addition, the expansion of the cartridge neck can make it extremely difficult to remove spent casings from the weapon; while the weapon is fitted with an extractor rod which swings out from under the barrel to push rounds from the second-to-top chamber on the right, it can sometimes require the use of a hammer. It is notable that this is one of the very few revolvers that can be fitted with a sound suppressor and used effectively due to the gas sealing system. This unique solution also eliminates the risk of injuries attained if the hand of the operator is near the front of the cylinder.

There are two early Nagant variants, a single-action only and a double-action type (known as "Private's model" and "Officer’s model" respectively), but following World War I production of the single-action variant ceased, and many such weapons were later modified to double-action.

7.62x38mm ammunition is very rare in the United States, and many American Nagants use an aftermarket cylinder which allows them to fire .32 ACP instead, though this renders the gas-seal system entirely superfluous.


Type: Revolver

Caliber: 7.62x38mmR Nagant

Capacity: 7-round cylinder, 9-round cylinder (some rare commercial versions)

Fire Modes: Single-action (early "private's model"), double-action (all others)

Russian Nagant M1895

Nagant M1895 Revolver - 7.62x38mm R. This example was dated 1939 manufacture and was a War time issued weapon. Note the angular front sight which was used from 1930s.
Nagant M1895 Revolver with 3.3" barrel - 7.62x38mm R. This version was produced in 1924-1932 and used by NKVD and customs service. Note the rounded front sight which was used before 1930s.

The Russian Nagant M1895 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Note Date
Defence of Sevastopol (Oborona Sevastopolya) A Russian officer In holster 1911
The Murder of General Gryaznov (Arsena Jorjiashvili) A Russian General 1921
Dr. Mabuse The Gambler Károly Huszár Hawasch 1922
The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr. West in the Land of the Bolsheviks Militiaman 1924
The Death Ray (Luch smerti) Porfiri Podobed Engineer Podobed 1925
Fascists agents
Cross and Mauser (Krest i mauzer) Jewish self-defence, Russian Imperial police 1925
Bennie the Howl (Benya Krik) Yuri Shumsky Benya Krik 1926
Sergei Minin Sobkov
Ivan Sizov Kochetkov
Osip Merlatti Froim Grach
Teodor Brainin Lyovka Byk
Leonid Chembarskiy Tsysin
Tsysin's aides
Miss Mend Igor Ilyinsky Hopkins 1926
Soviet border guards and Militsiya personnel, Chiche's henchmen
The End of St. Petersburg Sergey Komarov District Police Chief seen only in holster 1927
Young Eagles (Noored kotkad) Juhan Nõmmik Laansoo 1927
Bolshevik soldiers
October: Ten Days That Shook the World (Oktyabr) Red Guards and Provisional Government troops 1927
Storm Over Asia A British officer 1928
Arsenal Bolsheviks and Ukrainians 1929
Fragment of an Empire (Oblomok imperii) A Red Army commander In holster 1929
The Last Attraction (Posledniy attraktsion) A White Army officer 1929
Mutiny (Myatezh) Anatoliy Alekseev (II) Dmitriy Furmanov 1929
Valeri Solovtsov Vinchetsky
Pyotr Kuznetsov Semenchuk
Boris Babochkin Karavayev
Apollon Verin Cheusov
Bolsheviks and mutineers
Sniper Boris Shlikhting The Captain 1931
British and French officers
Road to Life (Putyovka v zhizn) Nikolay Batalov Nikolay Ivanovich Sergeev 1931
Commune members
Nail in the Boot (Gvozd v sapoge) Siko Palavandishvili Soldier In holster 1932
Arkadi Khintibidze Armoured train commander
Horizon (Gorizont) A Russian Gorodovoy In holster 1932
The First Platoon (Pervyy vzvod) Russian officers 1933
Outskirts (Okraina) Nikolay Akimov Russian officer Greshin Jr. 1933
Aleksandr Zhukov A Gorodovoy In holster
Chapaev Red Army and White Army soldiers 1934
Frontier (Aerograd) Sergei Stolyarov Vladimir Glushak 1935
The Thirteen (Trinadtsat) Red Army men 1936
The Sailors of Kronstadt (My iz Kronshtadta) Vasiliy Zaychikov Vasiliy Martynov 1936
Oleg Zhakov Yan Draudin
Pyotr Sobolevsky Von Vitten
Red and White troops
The Defense of Volochayevsk Vasily Gushchinsky Yesaul 1936
Yuri Lavrov Poruchik Grishin
Nikolai Dorokhin Andrei
White army soldiers, Partisans
Generation of Victors (Pokolenie pobediteley) Boris Shchukin Aleksandr Mikhaylov 1936
Vladimir Kandelaki Niko Gotseridze
Ski Battalion (Za Sovetskuyu Rodinu) Nikolay Kryuchkov Jukka 1937
Ivan Chuvelyov Arttu
Lenin in October (Lenin v oktyabre) Nikolai Okhlopkov Vasily 1937
Vasili Vanin Matveyev
Nikolai Arsky Blinov
The Return of Maxim (Vozvrashchenie Maksima) Boris Chirkov Maksim 1937
Police, army officers, revolutionaries
A Gorodovoy Short-barreled version
Fedka Nikolay Kat-Oglu Fedka Trofimov 1937
Ivan Savelyev Matvey Stepanovich
Aleksandr Zasorin Vasya Sorokin
Konstantin Skorobogatov White Army Col. Stepanov In holster
Red cavalrymen, White officers
Soviet Border (Na granitse) Nikolay Kryuchkov Capt. Ivan Tarasov 1938
If War Comes Tomorrow (Esli zavtra voyna) A tank crew member 1938
The Man with the Rifle (Chelovek s ruzhyom) Mark Bernes Kostya Zhigilev 1938
Russian officers
Friends from the Gypsy Camp (Druzya iz tabora) Nikolay Smorchkov (II) Yasha Sheverdin 1938
Sergei Vecheslov Mikhail Mozhaev
Sergey Martinson Rotmistr Golovin
The Vyborg Side (Vyborgskaya storona) Boris Chirkov Maksim 1939
Valentina Kibardina Natasha Artemyeva
Mikhail Zharov Platon Dymba
Dmitri Dudnikov Ropshin
Konstantin Mikhaylov An officer
Boris Blinov Zheleznyakov In holster
Yuriy Tolubeev Yegor Bugai Short-barreled
Commandant of the Bird Island (Komendant Ptichyego ostrova) Leonid Kmit Saylor Kositsyn Pre-1930 model 1939
Nikolai Dorokhin Sr. Lt.
Nikolay Gorlov Jr. Lt.
Soviet border guards
Shchors Officers and commanders of several armies 1939
Squadron No. 5 (Eskadrilya No. 5) Nikolai Garin Mayor Pyotr Grishin 1939
Boris Bezgin Capt. Aleksandr Nesterov
German Communists
Lenin in 1918 (Lenin v 1918 godu) Nikolay Bogolyubov Kliment Voroshilov In holster 1939
Vladimir Solovyov Sintsov
Chekists and conspirators
Disappearance of "Oryol" (Gibel "Orla") Viktor Gromov Mikhail Terentyevich Gruzdev 1940
uncredited Red and Wite Army officers, militiaman seen only in holster
Yakov Sverdlov Leonid Lyubashevsky Sverdlov Pre-1930 model 1940
Nikolai Kryuchkov Trofimov
Nikolay Gorlov Mironov
In the Rear of the Enemy (V tylu vraga) Aleksandr Baranov Red Army Lieutenant 1941
The Girl from Leningrad (Frontovye podrugi) Soviet officers 1941
Fighting Film Collection No. 1 (Boyevoy kinosbornik No. 1) Red Army Lieutenant 1941
Fighting Film Collection No. 2 (Boyevoy kinosbornik No. 2) Evgeniy Nemchenko The militsioneer 1941
The commander of border guards outpost
Fighting Film Collection No. 3 (Boyevoy kinosbornik No. 3) Grigori Pluzhnik Red Army Sr. Lieutenant 1941
Fighting Film Collection No. 4 (Boyevoy kinosbornik No. 4) Pavel Shpringfeld Zotov 1941
Vladimir Solovyov Capt. Vladimir Tyurin
Aleksandr Smirnov Red Army Lieutenant
Vladimir Chuvelyov The tractor driver
Fighting Film Collection No. 6 (Boyevoy kinosbornik No. 6) Sergei Markushev Red Army Lieutenant 1941
Aleksandr Parkhomenko Aleksandr Khvylya Aleksandr Parkhomenko 1942
Pyotr Aleynikov Vasya Gaivoron
Boris Chirkov Nestor Makhno
Vera Shershnyova Liza Lamycheva
We Will Come Back (Sekretar raykoma) Vasili Vanin Stepan Kochet 1942
Marina Ladynina Natasha
Viktor Kulakov Orlov
Soviet partisans
Kotovsky Nikolai Mordvinov Grigory Kotovsky 1942
Vasili Vanin Yefim Kharitonov
Nikolay Kryuchkov Kabanyuk
Kotovsky's outlaws, White Army and Red Army personnel
Fighting Film Collection No. 8 (Boyevoy kinosbornik No. 8) Mark Bernes Starshina Mikhail Yurchenko 1942
Boris Andreyev Starshina Makar
Pyotr Aleynikov Jr. Sgt. Savva
Fighting Film Collection No. 9 (Boyevoy kinosbornik No. 9) Mark Bernes A Polish resistance fighter 1942
Soviet and German officers
Fighting Film Collection No. 12 (Boyevoy kinosbornik No. 12) Evgeniy Nemchenko Lt. Krotov In holster 1942
Grigoriy Shpigel A German officer
Young Partisans (Yunye partizani) Andrey Fayt Stepan Andreevich 1942
Schweik Is Preparing for Battle (Schweik gotovitsya k boyu) Gestapo officers 1942
How the Steel Was Tempered (Kak zakalyalas stal) Daniil Sagal Fyodor Zhukhrai 1942
His Name Is Sukhe-Bator (Yego zovut Sukhe-Bator) Gelik-Dordji Khorloogiin Choibalsan 1942
Red Mongols
The Bridge (Most) Giorgi Shavgulidze Capt. Ilo Gigauri 1942
Two Soldiers (Dva boytsa) Mark Bernes Arkady Dzjubin Seen only in holster 1943
Invincible (Nepobedimye) A Soviet officer 1943
Native Shores (Rodnye berega) Soviet seamen 1943
In the Name of the Fatherland (Vo imya Rodiny) Fyodor Kurikhin Maj. Aleksandr Vasin 1943
Moscow Skies (Nebo Moskvy) Pyotr Aleynikov Lt. Ilya Streltsov In holster 1944
Pyotr Sobolevsky Capt. Goncharov
Ivan Kuznetsov Sr. Lt. Cherbina
Evgeniy Nemchenko Sr. Lt. Solovyov
Six P.M. (V shest chasov vechera posle voyny) Evgeniy Samoylov Sr. Lt. Vasiliy Kudryashov 1944
Golden Path (Oqros biliki) Aleksandr Chobur Vasya 1945
Fyodor Ishchenko Rybak
Vladimir Chobur Perekrestov Jr. and Sr.
The Turning Point (Velikiy perelom) Mark Bernes Starshina (Sgt. Maj.) Minutka In holster 1945
Zigmund Kolosovskiy German SS soldier 1946
The Unforgettable Year 1919 (Nezabyvaemyy 1919 god) Boris Andreyev Vladimir Shibayev 1951
Vladimir Ratomskiy Potapov
Ivan Gerasimov Kupriyanov
Vladimir Kenigson Paul Dukes
White officers
School of Courage (Shkola muzhestva) Vladimir Yemelyanov Semyon Galka 1954
Mikhail Pugovkin Vasily Shmakov
Nikolai Garin Col. Zhikharev
Red Army commanders, White Army officers
The Road (Doroga) Nikolay Gladkov A saboteur 1955
Restless Youth (Trevozhnaya molodost) Grigoriy Gai Nikita Kolomeyets 1955
The Crash of the Emirate (Krushenie emirata) Evgeniy Samoylov Mikhail Vasilyevich Frunze 1955
Georgiy Yumatov Ignat
Razak Khamrayev Jafar
Mikhail Pugovkin Yasniy
Vladimir Balashov Col. Osipov
Vladimir Basov A White officer
The Tank Brigade Otomar Krejca Maj. Stašek 1958
Július Pántik Sgt. Klimko
Soldiers (Soldaty) Innokenti Smoktunovsky Farber 1956
Pavel Korchagin Dmitri Milyutenko Tokarev 1956
The Poet Nikolay Kryuchkov Nikolay Tzaryov 1957
Izolda Izvitskaya Olga Danilova
Vsevolod Larionov Poruchik (Lt.) Sergey Orlovskiy
Aleksandr Alyoshin A White officer
Valerian Kazanskiy Grigoriy Kotovskiy In holster
Hostile Whirlwinds (Vikhri vrazhdebnye) Nikolai Gritsenko Schroeder 1957
Leonid Pirogov The commandant of the staff of rebels
Miles of Fire (Ognennye versty) Ivan Savkin Grigory Zavragin 1957
Vladimir Kenigson Beklemishev
Anatoly Osmolsky Alyosha Roslavlev
And Quiet Flows the Don (Tikhiy Don) Pyotr Glebov Grigori Melekhov 1957
Nikolai Smirnov Pyotr Melekhov
Gennadi Karyakin Mikhail Koshevoy
Pyotr Chernov Ilya Bunchuk
Mikhail Gluzsky Yesaul Kalmykov
Russian Army officers
Baltic Glory (Baltiyskaya slava) Revolutionary sailors, Anarchists, agents of Provisional Government 1957
The Sisters (Syostry) Revolutionaries 1957
1918 (Vosemnadtsatyy god) Vadim Medvedev Ivan Telegin 1958
Nikolai Gritsenko Vadim Roshchin
Leonid Parkhomenko Aleksey Krasilnikov
Sergey Yakovlev Vasiliy Rubtsov
Mikhail Kozakov Valerian Onoli
Mayya Bulgakova Agrippina Chebrets
The Hunters Chinese officer 1958
My Dear Fellow (Dorogoy moy chelovek) Aleksey Batalov Dr. Vladimir Ustimenko 1958
Personnel of field hospital
On the Other Side (Po tu storonu) Vsevolod Safonov Anton Matveyev 1958
Vadim Zakharchenko White Army officer
The Fabulous World of Jules Verne (Vynález zkázy) Frantisek Slégr Captain Spade 1958
Gloomy Morning (Khmuroe utro) Vadim Medvedev Ivan Telegin 1958
Nikolai Gritsenko Vadim Roshchin
Vitaliy Matveev Nestor Makhno
Viktor Avdyushko Ivan Gora
Semyon Svashenko Yakov
On the Count's Ruins (Na grafskikh razvalinakh) Vladimir Soshalsky Graf 1958
Boris Novikov Khryashch
Oleko Dundich Branko Pleša Oleko Dundich 1958
Yury Solovyov Vanya
Ljuba Tadic Dragich
Dragomir Felba Palich
Konstantin Sorokin A Red commander
White officers
Kochubey Nikolay Rybnikov Ivan Kochubey 1958
Pavel Usovnichenko Vasiliy Kandybin
Sergey Yakovlev Andrey Roy
Stanislav Stankevich Ivan Sorokin
Vyacheslav Voronin Akhmed
Konstantin Sorokin Mit'ka Shilo
Red Army commanders
Personally Known (Lichno izvesten) Gurgen Tonunts Kamo 1958
Sergei Stolyarov Vasiliy
Soldiers Were Going (Shli soldaty...) Mikhail Ulyanov Yegor Mikhaylov 1959
Georgiy Budarov Prison warden Ivan Petrovich In holster
Anarchist robber
The Golden Eshelon (Zolotoy eshelon) Mikhail Kozakov Rotmistr Cheremisov 1959
Stepan Krylov Nikanor Ivanovich
Mikhail Bocharov White Army officer
Smugglers of Death Radovan Lukavský CWO. SNB Václav Kot 1959
The Green Wagon (Zelyonyy Furgon) Viktor Mizinenko Viktor Shestakov Dual-wielded 1959
Cruelty (Zhestokost) Aleksandr Susnin San'ka 1959
Nikolai Parfyonov Vorobyov
Vyacheslav Bogachyov Ugolovny Rozysk operative
Thirst (Zhazhda) Boris Bityukov Capt. Lt. Alekseyenko 1959
Nikolai Timofeyev Col. Nikitin In holster
Avalanche from the Mountains (Lavina s gor) Aleksandr Shvorin Ansor 1959
Georgi Chernovolenko Kantemyr
Georgiy Millyar Musa
Slingboy Miroslav Holub Major Kubeš 1960
The Probation (Ispytatelnyy Srok) Oleg Tabakov Aleksandr Yegorov 1960
Oleg Efremov Ulyan Zhur
Vyacheslav Nevinnyy Sergey Zaytsev
Yuri Kireyev Pashka Ozherelyev
The Last Salvo (Posledniye zalpy) Oleg Lozovskiy Lt. Alyoshin 1960
Smrt sa volá Engelchen Ivan Mistrík Volodya 1960
Virgin Soil Upturned (Podnyataya tselina) Evgeniy Matveev Makar Nagulnov 1960
Fyodor Shmakov Andrey Razmyotnov
Pyotr Glebov Aleksandr Polovtsev
Igor Dmitriev Vaclav Lyatyevski
Chasing Two Hares (Za dvumya zaytsami) N. Lapshina Matilda film-within-the-film The Cruel Mathilda; obviously and intentionally firing blanks 1961
Vladimir Shiryaev Matilda's Lover
In the Hard Hour (V trudnyy chas) Vladimir Zamanskiy Politruk Parfentyev 1961
Two Lives (Dve zhizni) Vyacheslav Tikhonov Capt. Prince Sergey Nashchyokin 1961
Nikolay Rybnikov Semyon Vostrikov
Vladimir Druzhnikov Podporuchik Kirill Borozdin
Andrei Kostrichkin A Colonel
Konstantin Mikhaylov Colonel Yuriy Vasilyevich
Russian officers
The Taste of Violence (Le goût de la violence) Robert Hossein Perez 1961
The Great Road (Bolshaya doroga) Inna Gulaya Shura Short version, ejector rod housing removed 1962
Death Is Called Engelchen Jan Kacer Pavel 1963
Vlado Müller Nikolaj
Otto Lackovic Ondrej
Optimistic Tragedy (Optimisticheskaya tragediya) Margarita Volodina Commissar 1963
Vyacheslav Tikhonov Aleksey
Vsevolod Safonov Bering
The Living and the Dead (Zhivye i Myortvye) Soviet Army officers 1964
Lemonade Joe Gunslinger 1964
Cheka Employee (Sotrudnik ChK) Aleksandr Demyanenko Aleksey Mikhalyov 1964
Evgeniy Evstigneev Vikor Markov
Oleg Efremov Illarionov
Dmitriy Masanov Burnashin
Valeriy Mukharyamov Panteley Dymov
Leonid Parkhomenko Seva
Chekists and bandits
Mandate Nikolai Kryukov Bat'ka Khmel 1964
No Unknown Soldiers (Net neizvestnykh soldat) Yuriy Nazarov Capt. Yuriy Grinko In holster 1965
The Letter (Paket) Boris Novikov Podporuchik Gibel In holster 1965
The Sleeping Lion (Spyashchiy lev) Aleksei Smirnov Gritsenko 1965
Vyacheslav Gostinsky Kotikov
Vladimir Pitsek Morozov
Viktor Kolpakov A man on shooting range
The Viper (Gadyuka) Ninel Myshkova Olga Zotova 1965
Boris Zajdenberg Dmitriy Emelyanov
Ivan Mikolaychuk Val'ka Brykin
Aleksandr Tolstykh A White Army officer
Valentin Chernyak A Militsioner In holster
Nobody Wanted to Die (Niekas nenorejo mirti) Kazimieras Vitkus Lokys Sr. 1966
Vytautas Tomkus Apuokas
The Chief of Chukotka (Nachalnik Chukotki) White Army officer 1966
The Elusive Avengers (Neulovimye mstiteli) Viktor Kosykh Dan'ka 1966
Mikhail Metyolkin Valerka
Vasiliy Vasilyev Yashka the Gypsy
Valentina Kurdyukova Ksanka
Various bandits
Wild Honey (Dikiy myod) Viktor Uralskiy Lt. Kukurechny 1966
Fury (Yarost) Vladimir Mityukov Mikhail Stroyev 1966
Oleg Komarov A bandit
Vladimir Volkov A Red sailor
White Army officers
The Sons of Great Bear (Die Söhne der großen Bärin) Karin Beewen Cate Smith Visually modified 1966
A settler
An Extraordinary Assignment (Chrezvychajnoe poruchenie) Gurgen Tonunts Kamo 1966
Boris Bityukov Praporshchik Shchekutyev
Aleksey Bakhar An Anarchist
Saveliy Kramarov An Anarchist
Vsevolod Tyagushev An Anarchist
Bolsheviks and Anarchists
Running on Waves (Byagashta po vulnite) Rolan Bykov Captain Guez 1967
Wedding in Malinovka (Svadba v Malinovke) Vladimir Samojlov Nazar Duma 1967
Grigori Abrikosov Gritsian
Mikhail Pugovkin Yashka
The Meek One (Krotká) Ctibor Filcík The Pawnbroker 1967
Magda Vásáryová The Gentle Woman
Kill Me Gently Tony Kendall Jo Walker Short barreled; possibly a replica 1967
Way into "Saturn" (Put v "Saturn") Mikhail Volkov Sergei Krylov-Kramer 1967
The Red and the White (Csillagosok, katonák) Anatoli Yabbarov Shtabs-Captain Chelpanov 1967
Nikita Mikhalkov Praporshchik Glazunov
Sergey Nikonenko Cossack Podkhorunzhiy
Vladimir Prokofyev A Podporuchik
Gleb Strizhenov A Colonel
Vitaliy Konyaev A Lt. Colonel
Saveliy Kramarov Cossack Savva
White officers and Red commanders
The Seventh Companion (Sedmoy sputnik) Aleksandr Anisimov Kukhtin 1968
Valeriy Olshanskiy A White officer
Anatoliy Romashin A White officer
Exodus (Iskhod) Vladimir Zamanskiy Prokhorov alias Col. Somov 1968
Aleksandr Lemberg Baron Ungern
White officers
The New Adventures of the Elusive Avengers (Novye prikluchenya Neulovimykh) Viktor Kosykh Dan'ka 1968
Valentina Kurdyukova Ksanka
Mikhail Metyolkin Valerka
Vasiliy Vasilyev Yashka the Gypsy
Armen Dzhigarkhanyan Staff-Captain Ovechkin
Arkadi Tolbuzin Colonel Kudasov
Vladimir Ivashov Poruchik Perov
White Army officers
Two Comrades Were Serving (Sluzhili dva tovarishcha) Rolan Bykov Ivan Karyakin 1968
Vladimir Vysotskiy Aleksandr Brusentsov In holster
Red commanders, White officers, brigands
The Marathon (Maratón) Radoslav Brzobohatý Captain Šabatka 1968
Sergey Lazo Regimantas Adomaitis Sergey Georgievich Lazo 1968
Viktor Markin Aleksey Mikhaylovich Lutskiy
Ion Ungureanu Komarovskiy
Tatyana Makhova Sofiya Nikolayevna
Andrei Tarkovsky Bochkaryov
Red and White soldiers and officers
Remember This Day (Zapomnim etot den) Yuriy Puzyryov Pyotr Komlyuk 1968
Nikolai Yeryomenko, Sr. Staff Capt. Grigoriy Yasen
Vladimir Marenkov Zelyonka
Vladimir Yemelyanov Aleksand Filippovich
The Shield and the Sword (Shchit i mech) Stanislav Lyubshin Johann Weiss 1968
A Polish female fighter
Fake Red Army commander
The Sixth of July (Shestoe iyulya) Vyacheslav Shalevich Yakov Blumkin 1968
Grigori Ostrin Donat Cherepanov
Left SR fighters
I Was Nineteen (Ich war neunzehn) Jaecki Schwarz Lt. Gregor Hecker 1968
Storm Over the Belaya (Groza nad Beloy) Vladimir Kashpur Veselkov 1968
Nikolay Kuzmin Polundov
Aleksandr Mikhaylov (II) Mikhail Frunze In holster
Nikolay Volkov, Sr. Fyodor Novitskiy
Natalya Tenyakova Sasha Vikhrova
Red Army commanders
Virineya Vyacheslav Nevinnyy Pavel Suslov 1969
Lyudmila Chursina Virineya
Sergey Polezhaev A Cossack Ataman
White Sun of the Desert (Beloye solntse pustyni) Anatoly Kuznetsov Fyodor Sukhov 1969
Several Black Abdullah's men
The Intervention (Interventsiya) Valeriy Zolotukhin Zhenka Xidias 1969
Yefim Kopelyan Philipp
Yuliya Burygina Jeanne Barbier
Gelena Ivliyeva Sanka
White Army officers, Red revolutionaries, criminals
Family Happiness (Semeynoe schastye) Nikolay Burlyaev Ivan Shupaltsev Pre-1930, Nickel plated 1969
Valentin Gaft Gun store clerk
Song About Manshuk (Pesn o Manshuk) Natalya Arinbasarova Sgt. Manshuk Mametova Seen only in holster 1969
Shine, Shine, My Star (Gori, gori, moya zvezda) White Army officers 1969
Seven Old Men and a Girl (Sem starikov i odna devushka) Aleksandr Beniaminov Sergey Anisov 1969
On a Comet Josef Hlinomaz Captain Lacoste 1970
Magda Vasáryová Angelika
The Flight (Beg) Mikhail Ulyanov General Charnota 1970
White Army officers and Red Army commanders
How I Unleashed World War II Wirgiliusz Gryn Józek Kryska 1970
Marian Kociniak Pvt. Franek Dolas
Listen on the Other Side (Daisny tserguudee sonsotsgoo!) Lev Vajnshtejn Vorobyov 1970
About Friends-Comrades (O druzyakh-tovarishchakh) Gennadiy Yukhtin Viktor Pshennikov 1970
Boris Yurchenko Sanya Plavun
Chekists and conspirators
Red Square (Krasnaya ploshchad) Vyacheslav Shalevich Nikolay Kutasov 1970
Stanislav Lyubshin Dmitriy Amelin
Sergey Nikonenko Volodya Koltsov
The End of Ataman (Konets atamana) Asanali Ashimov Kasym-khan Chadiyarov 1970
Gennadi Yudin Juhan
Vladimir Gusev Pyotr Krivenko
Nurzhuman Ikhtymbaev Akim
Nurmukhan Zhanturin Col. Ablaykhanov
Vladislav Strzhelchik Ataman Dutov
Chekists and White Army officers
Name the Hurricane "Mariya" (Nazovite uragan "Mariyey") Larisa Malevannaya Mariya 1970
Vladimir Skomarovsky The navigator
Lyubov Yarovaya Vasiliy Lanovoy Mikhail Yarovoy 1970
Vasiliy Shukshin Roman Koshkin
Kirill Lavrov Fyodor Shvandya
Stanislav Sokolov A White officer
Vitaliy Matveev Feldfebel Semyon
My Zero Hour (Meine Stunde Null) Friedo Solter Blank With long barrel and custom grips 1970
Green Chains (Zelyonye tsepochki) Fyodor Odinokov Semyon Semyonov 1970
Penicka & Paraplícko Radoslav Brzobohatý Pěnička 1970
Mission in Kabul (Missiya v Kabule) A Soviet pilot 1971
The Property of Republic (Dostoyanie respubliki) Oleg Tabakov Makar 1971
Andrey Mironov Markiz
Spartak Mishulin Tarakanov
Igor Kvasha Lagutin
Officers (Ofitsery) Georgi Yumatov Aleksei Trofimov 1971
Bumbarash Yuri Smirnov Gavrila 1971
Roman Tkachuk Zaplatin
The Crown of the Russian Empire, or the Elusive Avengers Again Viktor Kosykh Dan'ka 1971
Valentina Kurdyukova Ksanka
Mikhail Metyolkin Valerka
Vasiliy Vasilyev Yashka the Gypsy
Armen Dzhigarkhanyan Staff-Captain Ovechkin
Arkadi Tolbuzin Colonel Kudasov
Vladimir Ivashov Poruchik Perov
Andrey Fayt Monsieur Duc
The Hound of the Baskervilles (Sobaka Baskerviley) Nikolay Volkov Jr. Sherlock Holmes 1971
Lev Kruglyj Dr. Watson
Oleg Shklovsky Sir Henry Baskerville
Viktor Kamaev Inspector Lestrade
Legenda o živých mrtvých Josef Šebek Michal 1971
Zdena Kružíková Valya
Ladislav Vecera Vasil
Grandads-Robbers (Stariki-razboyniki) Olga Aroseva Anna Suzdaleva 1971
The Seventh Bullet (Sedmaya pulya) Bolot Beyshenaliev Khasanov 1972
Suymenkul Chokmorov Maxumov
Talgat Nigmatulin Ismail
Hamza Umarov Hairullah
Bakhtiyer Ikhtiyarov Saghdullah
The Hot Snow (Goryachiy Sneg) Nikolai Yeryomenko, Jr. Lt. Drozdovsky 1972
The Dawns Here are Quiet (A zori zdes tikhie) Andrei Martynov Fedot Vaskov 1972
With Clean Hands (Cu mainile curate) Romanian police and criminals 1972
Affairs of the Past (Dela davno minuvshikh dney...) Ivan Nasonov Aleksand Beletsky 1972
Mikhail Lobanov Mikhail Motylyov
Pyotr Merkuryev Pyotr Kemberovsky
Yuri Maltsev Ivan Serdyukov
Izhora Battalion (Izhorskiy batalyon) Vasili Korzun Viktor Andreyev 1972
Red Army officers
Telegram (Telegramma) Nickel plated, seen in gun collection 1972
I'm a Detective (Ya, sledovatel...) Seen in ballistic lab 1972
These Different, Different, Different Faces (Eti raznye, raznye, raznye litsa...) Igor Ilyinsky Pavel Blistanov 1972
Dauria Yuriy Solomin Semyon Nagorny 1972
Vsevolod Kuznetsov Platon Volokitin
Aleksandr Demyanenko Vakhmistr Bubenchikov
Igor Dmitriev A White Yesaul
White officers, Anarchists
Sveaborg Boris Galkin Podporuchik Arkadiy Yemelyanov 1972
Aleksandr Voyevodin Podporuchik Yevgeniy Kokhanskiy
Yefim Kopelyan Col. Notara
Uldis Lieldidzs Gen. Laiming
Nikolay Trofimov Feldfebel Morozov
Russian Army and Navy officers, mutineers
The Sannikov Land (Zemlya Sannikova) Oleg Dal Krestovskiy 1973
Yuri Nazarov Gubin
Vladislav Dvorzhetsky Ilyin
Poem of Kovpak: Alarm (Duma o Kovpake: Nabat) Mikhail Golubovich Fyodor Karpenko 1973
Gennadi Karnovich-Valua Vysotsky
An Hour Before the Dawn (Za chas do rassveta) Armen Dzhigarkhanyan Armen Andranikyan 1973
Sergei Kharchenko Taras Zhurba
Aleksey Eybozhenko Stepan Suslov
Vladimir Gulyaev Staff Capt. von Nolken
Boris Bityukov Poruchik Kotikov
White Army officers
In the Black Sands (V chyornykh peskakh) Gennadiy Nilov Commissar 1973
Leonhard Merzin Peltin
Baba Annanov Rakhimov
Dzhavlon Khamrayev Kurt
The Black Captain (Chyornyy kapitan) Aleksandr Goloborodko Fyodor Galatenko 1973
Les Serdyuk Osip Zaburunnyy
Sergey Polezhaev Col. Stanislav Turskiy
Boris Boldyrevskiy A partisan
Dmitri Mirgorodsky Sotnik Vladimir Astrakhantsev
White Army officers
And Now My Love Paul Pavel Yakov Yurovsky 1974
And on the Pacific... (I na Tikhom Okeane...) Evgeniy Shutov Praporshchik Ivan Aristarkhovich Obab 1974
R. Arzhennikov Feuerwerker
Viktor Kolpakov Prison Guard
Anatoliy Kuznetsov Ilya Gerasimovich Peklevanov
Viktor Filippov Prokofij Znobov
Nikita Podgorny Cpt. Aleksandr Petrovich Nezelasov
Uncredited White commander
Peasant, Red and White army soldiers, Red partisans
At Home Among Strangers, Stranger at Home (Svoy sredi chuzhikh, chuzhoy sredi svoikh) Yuri Bogatyryov Egor Shilov 1974
Aleksandr Kaidanovsky Lemke
White Army officers, Red Army men, brigands
Agony (Agoniya) Aleksandr Pavlov Sukhotin 1974
Yuri Katin-Yartsev Purishkevich
My Destiny (Moya sudba) Evgeniy Gerasimov Mikhail Yermakov 1974
Andrey Myagkov Georgiy Saburov
Aleksandr Kirilin Semyon Gorshkov
Valeri Anisimov Smirnov
Galina Volchek Olga Nefyodova
Nikolay Pogodin A Chekist
The Last Deed of Kamo (Posledniy podvig Kamo) Gurgen Tonunts Kamo 1974
Ovanes Vanyan Armen Adalyan
Igor Bezyaev Rotmistr Dokutovich
Stepan Kevorkov Mangasarov aka Akopov
Dersu Uzala Yuriy Solomin Capt. Arsenyev 1975
The Gypsy (Le gitan) Alain Delon The Gypsy 1975
A guard
The Lost Expedition (Propavshaya ekspeditsiya) Lev Prygunov Praporshchik Kazankov In holster 1975
Daniil Sagal Col. Khatuntsev
Peasant Son (Krestyanskiy syn) Yuriy Sherstnyov Ignat Gomozov 1975
Georgiy Burkov Andrey Petrakov
Vyacheslav Glushkov Fed'ka Poklonov
Aleksandr Kirillov Poruchik Sasha
There, Far, Beyond the River (Tam vdali, za rekoy) Vladimir Shpudejko Fyodor Panko 1975
Vladimir Ivanov Ivan Yefimovich Sakhno
Yuriy Mazhuga Yegor Tarakanov
Vitold Janpavlis A bandit
Golden River (Zolotaya rechka) Boris Smorchkov Aleksey Kumanin 1976
Sergey Sazontyev Fedyakin
Viktor Sergachyov Yefim Subbota
Vladimir Smirnov Gubenko
The Orphans (Podranki) 1976
Days of the Turbins (Dni Turbinykh) Vladimir Basov Capt. Myshlayevsky 1976
Pyotr Shcherbakov Capt. Studzinsky
White Army officers
Smoke and Shorty (Smok i Malysh) Venyamin Smekhov Smoke Bellew Visually modified 1976
Gediminas Girdvainis Shorty
Prospectors and Dawson residents
Mark Twain: Against (Mark Tven protiv...) Oleg Tabakov Mark Twain Visually modified 1976
Vladimir Soshalsky Col. Paterson
Lev Lemke Joe Goodman
Vladislav Dolgorukov Laird
Vladimir Kashpur The panoramer
Virginia City residents
The Golden Fleece (Beshenoe zoloto) Nikolai Yerofeyev Dudley Trout Nickel plated 1976
The Pacing Mustang (Mustang-inokhodets) Mikhail Golubovich Wild Jo Calone 1976
Aleksey Chernov Thomas "Turkeytrack" Bates
Stasis Petronaitis James Foster
Pavel Klyonov Fred Montgomery
Georgi Dvornikov Charley
The Victor (Pobeditel) Aleksandr Zbruev Yakov Spiridonov 1976
Vladimir Korenev Rotmistr Valentin Kareyev
Aleksei Loktev Aleksandr Ganin
Vadim Zakharchenko Feldfebel Sergeyich In holster
Diamonds for the Dictatorship of the Proletariat (Brillianty dlya diktatury proletariata) Robbers 1976
Fiery Bridge (Ognennyy most) Yuriy Kayurov Lavrentiy Khomutov 1976
Alla Chernova Irina Dubravina
Aleksandr Kaidanovsky Poruchik Gennadiy Dubravin
Yuri Gusev Yesaul Goloushev
Assault on the Secret Police (Uzbrukums slepenpolicijai) Gunars Cilinskis Rotmistr Kramerov 1976
Gendarmes, police, army officers
The Gypsy Camp Vanishes Into the Blue (Tabor ukhodit v nebo) Sergiu Finiti Bubulia 1976
Mama, I'm Alive (Mama, ich lebe) Evgeniy Kindinov Capt. Viktor Glunskiy 1977
Mikhail Vaskov Sgt. Kolja
Tachanka from the South (Tachanka s yuga) Stanislav Korenev Bardin 1977
Cheka agents
Front Beyond the Front Line (Front za liniey fronta) Anatoli Solovyov Zakhar Yegorov 1977
Duty (Dolg) Nikolay Olyalin Selivanov 1977
Leonid Markov Col. Stepanov
White officers
Telefon Hypnotized KGB officer 1977
Ask the Dead About the Price of Death (Surma hinda küsi surnutelt) A Kaitsepolitseiamet agent 1977
R.V.S. Vyacheslav Slanko The Red commander 1977
Vladimir Nechiporenko The Red commissar
Lobo Stasis Petronaitis Sheriff Ned Morley Mocked up as Colt Revolvers 1978
Vasiliy Styopkin Joe Callon
Yuriy Dubrovin (III) Harry Opossum
Konstantin Artyomenko Josekiah
Farmers, Vigilantes
Shadows of a Hot Summer (Stíny horkého léta) Gustav Opocenský UPA group commander 1978
Cabbages and Kings Valentin Gaft Frank Goodwin Visually modified 1978
Armen Dzhigarkhanyan Billy Keogh
The Tavern on Pyatnitskaya Street (Traktir na Pyatnitskoy) Gennadi Korolkov Vasili Klimov 1978
Konstantin Grigoryev "Grey"
Nikolai Yeryomenko, Jr. "Gypsy"
Viktor Perevalov Nikolai Panin
Viktor Kosykh Lyonya
Igor Vasilyev Zaytsev
The End of the Emperor of the Taiga (Konets imperatora taygi) Andrei Rostotsky Arkady Golikov 1978
Aleksey Mikhaylov Rodionov
Rebellious "Orion" (Myatezhnyy "Orion") Georgi Dvornikov Lt. Obolenskiy 1978
Yuri Mochalov Michman Bobrin
Artur Nishchenkin Conductor Breveshkin
Nikolai Olejnik Sailor Mukhta
Sergei Svechnikov Sailor Swishch
Russian Navy officers and NCOs
Velvet Season (Barkhatnyy sezon) Algimantas Masiulis Bernard Standard and short-barreled 1978
Valentina Ignatyeva Liz Bradbury
Adventures of Kalle the Detective (Priklyucheniya Kalle-syschika) Jonas Aleksa "Pale" Visually modified 1978
Donatas Katkus "Nasty"
The Fight in the Taiga (Poedinok v tayge) Nikolay Olyalin Andrey Lukich 1978
The Guarneri Quartet (Kvartet Gvarneri) Yuriy Solomin Vasiliy Voznitsyn 1978
Mikhail Kuznetsov Pyotr Laktionov
Aleksei Sveklo Vladimir Danysh
Georgiy Nazarenko Boris Kurynin
Mikhail Kislyarov Aba Sukhlinsky
Dmitri Mirgorodsky Grigoriy Mukhorotov
I Won't Be a Gangster, My Dear (Nebusiu gangsteriu, brangioji) Antanas Surna Dick Denver Mocked Up as Colt Cap and Ball revolver 1978
Vladas Radvilavicius Dick Denver's henchman
Gangsters and police officers
Last Year of Berkut (Posledniy god Berkuta) Nurzhuman Ikhtymbaev Pichon Pochkayev 1978
Ivan Salaydinov Serge
Vladimir Tatosov Zharkov In holster
Forget the Word 'Death' (Zabud'te slovo 'smert') Bogdan Stupka Ivan Ostrovoy 1979
Oleg Korchikov Levchenko
The Detective (Syshchik) Andrey Tashkov Evgeniy Kulik 1979
Wait for John Grafton (Gaidiet "Dzonu Graftonu") Juris Strenga Paul Elkonen 1979
Jonas Pakulis Col. Rataev
Arturs Berzins Mitrich
Gendarmes and revolutioneers
Roland Zagorskis David Blake Custom snub nose
Catch the Wind (Ishchi vetra...) Lev Prygunov Poruchik Viktor Beloglazov In holster 1979
Aleksandr Porokhovshchikov White Army Captain In holster
Elena Proklova Natasha Uvarova
Mikhail Kononov Vas'ka
Aleksandr Yanvaryov Cossack Uryadnik
Identification Marks: None (Osobykh primet net) Andrey Mironov Lt. Col. Gleb Glazov 1979
Andrzej Wasilewicz Maciej Grybas
Russian police
Savage Hunt of King Stakh (Dikaya okhota korolya Stakha) Russian police In holsters 1980
Who Will Pay for the Fortune? (Kto zaplatit za udachu?) Leonid Filatov Fyodor 1980
Personal Safety Not Guaranteed (Lichnoy bezopasnosti ne garantiruyu) Semyon Morozov Ivan Morgunok 1980
The Battle of Port Arthur (203 kochi) Teruhiko Aoi Lt Takeshi Kogyo 1980
Japanese and Russian officers
Bread, Gold and the Nagant Revolver (Khleb, zoloto, nagan) Vladimir Borisov Vladimir Gorbach 1980
Olga Gasparova Olga Sokolova
Oleg Korchikov Stepan Zaytsev
Petrovka, 38 Seen in ballistic laboratory; 3.3" barrel 1980
From the Bug to the Vistula (Ot Buga do Visly) Yuri Kamornyj Lt. Dubinin 1980
The Last Hunt (Poslednyaya okhota) Algimantas Masiulis Stan Stewart 1980
The Girl from the Legend (Devushka iz legendy) Dzhavlon Khamrayev Shakir Madyarov 1980
An Emirate of Bukhara officer
Fiasco of Operation Terror (Krakh operatsii "Terror") Valeriy Skorobogatov Lyubovtsev 1981
Andrey Mironov Gleb Glazov
Jonas Vaitkus Zinzinov
Aleksei Pankin Kolya
Mikhail Kokshenov Vasya
Chekists, SR fighters
The Sixth (Shestoy) Sergey Nikonenko Roman Glodov 1981
Timofei Spivak Aleksandr
Sergei Ulyanov Nikita
Vladimir Grammatikov Pavlik
Yevgeni Bakalov Arystarch Lushkov
Mikhail Kozakov Danilevsky
Larisa Belogurova Olga
Teheran 43 German agent Short-barreled version 1981
Vabank Bank robbers, hitman With and without sound supressors 1981
Don't Be Afraid, I Am Here For You (Ne boysya, ya s toboy) Mukhtar-bek Kantemirov Rustam 1981
Lev Durov San Sanych
Polad Bülbüloghlu Teimur
Hasan Turabov Jaffar
Unfinished Supper (Nezakonchennyy uzhin) Edgar Liepins Bertil Svensson With fake suppressor 1981
Keep Your Eyes Open! (Smotri v oba!) Fyodor Sukhov Aleksey Komanov 1981
Leonid Trutnev Yesaul Govorukhin
Nartay Begalin A White cavalryman
Viktor Ilyichyov Dlinniy
Vladimir Martynov Red Army commander
Do Not Set Traps for Leshiy... (Ne stavte Leshemu kapkany...) Georgiy Nazarenko Matvey 1981
Edilbek Chokubayev Asan
Against the Current (Protiv techeniya) Vladimir Zaytsev Commissar Aleksandr Chelnokov 1981
Pyotr Velyaminov Commissar Sobol
Lev Prygunov Ataman Bochkaryov
Yuriy Sorokin Company commander Bulanov
Search and neutralize (Nayti i obezvredit) Mikhail Zhigalov Robber leader 1982
The Trust That Has Burst (Trest, kotoryy lopnul) Regimantas Adomaitis Andy Tucker 1982
Nikolai Karachentsov Jeff Peters
Yuri Mazhuga Bill Humble
Cowboys and townsmen
Vertical Races (Gonki po vertikali) Valentin Gaft Aleksey Dedushkin 1982
Fight at the Crossroads (Boy na Perekryostke) Maksud Imatshoyev Michel Lafar 1982
Valeri Ryzhakov Kalugin
Aleksandr Ignatusha Frumin
Valeriy Zhukov Kovalkov
Makharbek Kokoyev A conspirator
Chekists and conspirators
Cossack Outpost (Kazachya zastava) Nikolay Lavrov Rotmistr Stepan Morozov 1982
Anna Tveleneva Anna Morozova
Evgeniy Papernyy Yakov Morozov
Aleksandr Milyutin A bandit
In the Last Place (V poslednyuyu ochered) Lev Borisov Mikhail Semyonych 1982
Militsiya operatives
Urgent... Secret... Gubcheka (Srochno... sekretno... Gubcheka) Stepan Yemelyanov Aksyonov 1982
Irina Korotkova Basmanova
German Kachin Sitnikov
Nartai Begalin A Japanese Imperial Army Lt.
White officers, personnel of Aksyonov's unit
The Green Wagon (Zelyonyy Furgon) Dmitry Kharatyan Volodya Patrikeyev 1983
Regimantas Adomaitis Cherven Two Nagants akimbo
The World Knows Nothing (Svet nic neví) Emil Horváth Tomás Jakl 1983
Magda Vásáryová Jiřina Steinová
Under Martial Law (Po zakonam voyennogo vremeni) Boris Smorchkov Starshina Pyotr Dybaylo 1983
Nomads of the North (Brodyagi severa) Aleksandr Agapov McDonnell Visually modified 1983
My Friend Ivan Lapshin (Moy drug Ivan Lapshin) Andrey Mironov Khanin 1984
Militsia personnel and criminals
The Pavilion on the Links (Dom na dyunakh) Eduard Martsevich Bernard Huddlestone Visually modified 1984
Nikolay Kochegarov Robert Northmour
Aleksandr Ryazantsev Frank Cassilis
The Invisible Man (Chelovek-nevidimka) Romualdas Ramanauskas Dr. Kemp Nickel plated short-barreled 1984
Smoky the Cowhorse (Dymka) Stasis Petronaitis Tom Jarvis visually modified 1985
Valeriya Tsoy Lou
Valeriy Chiglyaev Joe
Vabank II Hitman With sound supressor 1985
The Last Inspection (Poslednyaya inspektsiya) Viktor Tarasov Mikhail Bogdanov 1985
Boris Plotnikov Gleb Scherbatzkiy
Boris Tokarev Ivan Baulin
Bakhtiyer Zakirov Khaydar
A Trap for Jackals (Kapkan dlya shakalov) Andrey Podoshian Akbar Rakhmanov 1985
Alla Renzyayeva Tajinisso Rakhmanova
Elgudzha Burduli Gaib-bek
Konstantin Butayev Yusuf
Secrets of Madame Wong (Tayny madam Vong) Police agent Short-barreled version 1986
In the Shooting Solitude (V strelyayushchey glushi) Aleksey Maslov White Army officer 1986
Sergey Vlasov Zhlobin Jr.
Cold Summer of 1953 (Kholodnoe leto pyatdesyat tretego) Vladimir Golovin Baron 1987
First Meeting, Last Meeting (Pervaya vstrecha, poslednyaya vstrecha) The Chinese hitman 1987
A Man from the Boulevard des Capucines (Chelovek s bulvara Kaputsinov) Aleksandra Asmaye Diana Little Short-barreled version 1987
Old lady in the stagecoach Short-barreled version
A cowboy in saloon
Project A Part II Jackie Chan Dragon Ma 1987
Bill Tung Chief Inspector Tung
Secret police agent
Island of Lost Ships (Ostrov pogibshikh korabley) Sergei Parshin "Sailor" 1987
My Tenderly Loved Detective (Moy nezhno lyubimyy detektiv) Yekaterina Vasilyeva Shirley Holmes Visually modified 1987
Galina Simonova Jane Watson
Sign of Disaster (Znak bedy) Aleksandr Timoshkin Vasiliy Goncharik 1987
Leonid Yanovsky A Hilfspolizei
Moonzund Oleg Menshikov Sr. Lt. Sergey Artenyev 1988
Vladimir Golovin Capt. 1st Rank von Den
Igor Dobryakov A Russian officer
Pyotr Yurchenkov Sr. Lt. Vladimir Petryaev In holster
New Adventures of a Yankee in King Arthur's Court. Fantasy Over Mark Twain's Theme (Novye priklyucheniya yanki pri dvore korolya Artura) Sergey Koltakov Hank Morgan Heavily visually modified 1988
Deja Vu Jerzy Stuhr Johnny Pollack 1988
Heart of a Dog (Sobachye serdtse) Vladimir Tolokonnikov Sharikov 1988
Zerograd (Gorod Zero) Yevgeni Zernov Nikolaev Long barreled target version 1988
(uncredited) The bearded murderer Long barreled target version and custom shub nose Nagant
The Art of Living in Odessa (Iskusstvo zhit v Odesse) Sergey Koltakov Benya Krik 1989
Andrey Sokolov Sasha Borovoy
Criminals and Cheka agents
Before Sunrise (Pered rassvetom) Nikita Tretyakov NKVD officer 1989
His Battalion (Ego batalyon) Valeri Filatov Maj. Kaskov 1989
Baltazar's Feasts, or The Night with Stalin (Piry Valtasara, ili noch so Stalinym) Sergey Nikonenko Kliment Voroshilov 1989
Stanislav Korenev Ship's captain
Sergei Silkin An abrek
The Shore of Salvation (Bereg spaseniya) Dmitry Matveev Lt. Dyakonov 1990
The Golden Épée (Zolotaya shpaga) Roma Smirnov Igoryok 1990
I Declare War on You (Ya obyavlyayu vam voynu) Nikolai Yeryomenko, Jr. Vladimir Erokhin 1990
Under Aurora Yuriy Plotnikov Chief of Russian police 1990
Murder of the Witness (Ubiystvo svidetelya) Roman Grekov Vasiliy Kuzin 1990
The Dusk (Zakat) Russian Imperial police, a Chekist 1990
Kill the "Jackal" (Ubit "Shakala") one of the Jackal's gangsters 1991
Assassin of the Tsar Malcolm McDowell Yakov Yurovsky 1991
Hellborn (Ischadye ada) Georgi Taratorkin Georges 1991
Anna Samokhina Erna
Aleksandr Pashutin Fyodor
Aleksandr Lenkov Heinrich
Aleksandr Ryzhkov Miki
Vladimir Basov, Jr. Elena's husband
Joker Valeriy Storozhik Joker 1991
Vyacheslav Molokov Khrushch
Andrei Boltnev Captain
Captain's men
Night of the Sinners (Noch greshnikov) Sergey Chonishvili Lavrentiy Karlovich Visually modified 1991
Russian police
KGB Agents Also Fall in Love (Agenty KGB tozhe vlyublyayutsya) Armen Dzhigarkhanyan Eduard Nickel plated 1991
Four Sheets of Plywood (Chotyry lysty fanery) Ivan Gavrilyuk Capt. Bohdan Mazepa visually Modified 1992
Olga Sumskaya Sofia
The Warrior's Heart Finnish officer 1992
Weather Is Good on Deribasovskaya, It Rains Again on Brighton Beach Kelly McGrill Agent Mary Star Standard and snub nose versions 1992
Dmitry Kharatyan Fyodor Sokolov
Sheriff's Star (Zvezda sherifa) Aleksandr Martynov Anthony DeMarco Heavily visually modified 1992
Anatoliy Kotenyov Frank Angeli
Nikolai Litus Sheriff
Demons (Besy) Dmitriy Pevtsov Aleksey Kirillov Short barrel 1992
General Vladimir Permyakov The Captain of Special Departments 1992
To Go and Not Return (Poyti i ne vernutsya) Igor Shut' Anton 1992
Good Luck, Gentlemen (Udachi vam, gospoda) Criminals 1993
Killer's Wedge (Sposob ubiystva) Evdokiya Germanova Virginia Dodge Heavily visually modified 1993
The Price of Treasures (Tsena sokrovishch) Aleksandr Inshakov Harry Cocker 1993
Viktor Grigoryev Sam
Cocker's bandits
Hold-Up (Nalyot) Sergei Pozhogin Stepan 1993
Jonathan of the Bears Vigilante 1994
The Life and Extraordinary Adventures of Private Ivan Chonkin NKVD and Red Army officers 1994
An Unforgettable Summer (O vara de neuitat) Claudiu Bleont Capt. Petre Dumitriu 1994
Razvan Vasilescu Lt. Turtureanu In holster
The Black Veil (Chyornaya vual) Policemen Seen only in holster 1995
Wolf Blood (Volchya krov) Aleksandr Kazakov Serkov 1995
Sergey Garmash Frol
Irbek Persayev Batyur
Regimantas Adomaitis Col. Serkov
Viktor Avilov Borovik
Viktor Stepanov Zubko
Capitaine Conan French officer Pre-1930 Model 1996
Ricochet (Rikoshet) Andrey Sokolov Arseny 1997
Black Cat, White Cat (Crna macka, beli macor) Sabri Sulejmani Grga Pitic 1998
Ambush (Rukajärven tie) Russian refugee 1999
Brother 2 (Brat 2) Konstantin Murzenko Fascist 2000
Enemy at the Gates Commissar officers 2001
In August of 1944 Vladislav Galkin Senior Lt. Evgeniy Tamantsev Akimbo with Tokarev TT-33 2001
Aleksandr Labush Village chairman Vasyukov
Azazel Ilya Noskov Erast Fandorin 2002
Sergey Chonishvili Ippolit Zurov
The Cuckoo Viktor Bychkov Ivan 2002
Antikiller Sergey Shakurov "Krest" 2002
Mikhail Ulyanov "Otets"
Zelary Jakub Laurych Young Soviet soldier 2003
Our Own (Svoi) Konstantin Khabenskiy Politruk Livshits 2004
Bogdan Stupka Ivan Blinov
Beyond the Front Line Soviet soldier 2004
Moscow Heat Richard Tyson Nikolay Klimov 2004
The Rider Named Death Andrey Panin Georges Snub nose 2004
Rostislav Bershauer Fyodor Standard and snub nose
Russian army officers and police
The State Counsellor (Statskiy sovetnik) Oleg Menshikov Erast Fandorin 2005
Konstantin Khabenskiy "Grin"
Fyodor Bondarchuk Col. Burchinsky
Aleksey Gorbunov "Rakhmet"
Dmitriy Mukhamadeev "Yemelya"
Kirill Gratsinski "Snegir"
Vladimir Mashkov "Kozyr"
Police detectives
Joy Division Zoltan Zicherman Soviet Corporal 2006
Bastards (Svolochi) Militia (Police) officers and young offender 2006
Tali-Ihantala 1944 Finnish soldier 2004
Attack on Leningrad Olga Sutulova Nina Tsvetkova 2007
The Border Finnish White soldiers and Russian Red soldiers 2007
Philosophy of a Knife Tetsuro Sakagami Officer #1 2008
Hitler's Kaput! (Gitler kaput!) Duty free salesman 2008
Back in Time (My iz budushchego) Red Army officer 2008
The 39 Steps Eddie Marsan Scudder 2008
Guard No. 47 Karel Roden František Douša 2008
Doomed to War (Obrechyonnye na voynu) Yuri Kolokolnikov Anton 2008
Aleksey Kolokoltsev Saley
Captive (Plennyy) Seen among captured firearms 2008
The Miracle (Chudo) Vitaliy Kishchenko Capt. Pershin 2009
Uncredited Kesha
Militiamen Holstered
Russia 88 Georgiy Totibadze Robert's brother 2009
Brother's War Michael Berryman Col. Petrov 2009
Sherlock Holmes Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes 2009
Dnieper Line: Love and War Anatoliy Kot Commissar Ivan Jigunov 2009
Kseniya Knyazeva Zoya Sintsova
Lieutenant Suvorov Aleksey Baydakov Starshina Prokhorov Blef blank firing revolver 2009
Degraded Officer (Razzhalovannyi) Filipp Bazhin Military justice Lt. Smirnov Blef blank firing revolver 2009
Nikita Tezin Degraded Lt. Smirnov
Denis Karasyov The battalion commander
Pillbox (Dot) Evgeniy Ganelin Capt. Leonov 2009
A Yakuza's Daughter Never Cries Vitaliy Khaev Khokhol 2010
The Brest Fortress (Brestskaya Krepost) Russian lieutenant 2010
What Men Talk About (O chyom govoryat muzhchiny) Sergey Shnyryov Lera's husband Custom long barreled version 2010
Paradox Soldiers (My iz budushchego 2) UPA fighter 2010
Crimson Colour of the Snowfall (Bagrovy Tsvet Snegopada) Mikhail Filippov Rostislav Batorsky 2010
Aleksandr Vasilevsky Trofim Krjazhnyh
Russian officers
The Way Back Stanislav Pishtalov Soviet Commandant 2010
Burnt by the Sun 2 (Utomlennye solntsem 2) Nadezhda Mikhalkova Sgt. Nadya Kotova 2011
Roman Madyanov Maj.Gen. Meleshko
Soviet officers
Bablo 2011
Battle of Warsaw 1920 Borys Szyc Jan Krynicki 2011
Russian and polish officers
Five Brides (Pyat nevest) Danila Kozlovsky 1stLt. Alexey Kaverin 2011
Aleksey Dmitriev Egor
Marina Golub Maj. Galina Nikishina
Suicides (Samoubiytsy) Oksana Akinshina Marina 2012
Hans Kloss: More Than Death at Stake Soviet officer 2012
In the Fog (V tumane) Vladislav Abashin Burov 2012
Sergey Kolesov Voitik In holster
Vladimir Svirskiy Sushenya
Stalingrad Russian soldier 2013
Run Boy Run Polish Partisan leader 2013
Courier of Special Importance (Kurersky osoboy vazhnosti) Semyon Shkalikov Capt. Vasiliy Schepkin blank firing "Blef" 2013
Aleksey Faddeev Poruchik Andrey Belkin
Guram Bablishvili Rotmistr Georgiy Goglidze
Viktoriya Poltorak Diana Kholodova
Aleksandr Bobrov Sergey Zinshtein
Vladimir Yavorsky Jack Brown
Pavel Abdalov Tikhon-Balda
Vedat Mametov Kasumi
Yuriy Maslak Police officer Yegor Karpovich
All at Once 2014
Demons (Besy) Evgeni Tkachuk Verkhovensky Blef blank firing conversion 2014
Oleg Sokolov Liputin
City 44 Polish insurgent 2014
The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale Imperial Japanese Army officers 2015
The Guy from Our Cemetery (Paren s nashego kladbishcha) at the gun shop 2015
Territory Grigoriy Dobrygin Sergey Baklakov 2015
Vladislav Abashin Zhora Apryatin
Evgeniy Tsyganov Andrey Gurin
Oleg Shapkov Kadorin Sedoy
The Dawns Here Are Quiet (A zori zdes tikhie...) Ekaterina Vilkova Kiryanova 2015
Pyotr Fyodorov Fedot Yevgrafovich Vaskov
Anastasiya Mikulchina Rita Osyanina
Batalion Mariya Aronova Mariya Bochkareva 2015
Nikolay Auzin Lt. Nikolay Seleznev
Vitaliy Kovalenko Colonel Borozdin
Aleksey Sevastyanov Borozdin's adjutant
Konstantin Vorobyov Yefim Zadorozhnyy
Yakov Shamshin Alexey Kolokolchikov
Evgeniy Dyatlov Colonel Tseplyaev
Tseplyaev's adjutant
Wilson City Lubos Kostelný Commissioner Brunner 2015
Battery Number One (Edinichka) Dobrynya Belevich-Obolenskiy Kolya Standard and blank-firing "Blef" 2015
Andrey Merzlikin Lt. Semyon Finogenov
Arina Borisova Jr. Sgt. Nadya Tikhomirova
Fitz van Thom SS-Obersturmführer Harold With Belgian Nagant front sight
The Soul Conductor Vladimir Yaglych Anton 2018
Aleksandra Bortich Katya Kaluzhskikh
Evgeniy Kharitonov (II) Anton's father
Republic Z (Respublika Z) Georgiy Bessonov Byokke 2018
Dmitriy Baishev Mettee
Tanks for Stalin (Tanki) White bandits 2018
The Axe (Topor) Gleb Podgorodinskiy Voenkom Boyko In holster 2018
To Paris! (Na Parizh) Tornike Kvitatiani Sr. Lt. Kakha Bakhrzadze Airsoft Gletcher NGT 2019
Blizzard of Souls Martins Vilsons Vanags 2019
Vilis Daudzins Sala
Raimonds Celms Edgars Vanags
Oto Brantevics Arturs Vanags
Latvian and Bolshevik officers
In the Port of Cape Town (V Keyptaunskom portu...) Evgeniy Tkachuk A Militsioner In holster 2019
Mantis Jump (Pryzhok Bogomola) A Militsioner 2019
Mara Aleksandra Revenko The witch holstered 2020
Kalashnikov (2020) Artur Smolyaninov Captain Lyutyy 2020
The Axe. 1943 (Topor. 1943) Dmitriy Shevchenko Col. Alyoshin 2021
Aleksandr Golubev Capt. Odintsov
The Red Ghost (Krasnyy prizrak) Aleksey Shevchenkov The Red Ghost 2021
Vyacheslav Shikhaleev Politruk
Pavel Abramenkov Moryachok
Konstantin Simonov Kostya
Wolfgang Cerny Hauptsturmführer Braun


Show Title Actor Character Note / Episode Air Date
Operation Trust (Operatsiya "Trest") Armen Dzhigarkhanyan Artur Artuzov 1967
Aleksey Safonov Vladimir Styrne
Viktor Shulgin Col. Zhukovskiy
Artyom Inozemtsev Aleksey Zubov
OGPU agents and conspirators
Heart of Bonivur (Serdtse Bonivura) Lev Prygunov Vitaliy Bonivur 1969
Anatoli Yurchenko Aleksey Puzhnyak
Viktor Korshunov Podporuchik Boris Lyubanskiy
White officers and Red partisans
The Adjutant of His Excellency (Adyutant ego prevoskhoditelstva) Yuriy Solomin Capt. Pavel Koltsov 1969
Aleksandr Milokostyj Yura Lvov
Oleg Golubitsky Rotmistr Volin
Igor Starygin Poruchik Mikki
Yuri Leonidov Col. Lebedev
Andrei Petrov Nikolay Sirotin
Evgeniy Shutov Semyon Krasilnikov
Nikolai Timofeyev Pyotr Frolov
Valentin Grachyov Sazonov
Artur Nishchenkin Klyonkin
Viktor Pavlov Miron Osadchiy
German Yushko Timka
Mikhail Kokshenov Pavlo
Evgeniy Teterin Startsev
Sergey Polezhaev "Bald"
Various Reds and Whites
Shadows Disappear at Noon (Teni ischezayut v polden) Sergey Yakovlev Konstantin Zhukov / Ustin Morozov Short-barreled 1972
Sergey Polezhaev Filipp Menshikov
Pyotr Dolzhanov Andrey Zhukov
Lev Polyakov Anisim Shatrov
Valeri Gatayev Frol Kurganov Standard
Pyotr Velyaminov Zakhar Bolshakov
Viktor Shulgin Viktor Andreevitch
White Army officers
Failure of Engineer Garin (Krakh inzhenera Garina) Vladimir Tatosov Tyklinsky 1973
How the Steel Was Tempered (Kak zakalyalas stal) Vladimir Konkin Pavel Korchagin 1973
Konstantin Stepankov Fyodor Zhukhrai
Fyodor Panasenko Anton Tokarev
Natalya Sayko Tonya Tumanova
Antonina Leftiy Rita Ustinovich
Dmitri Mirgorodsky Palyanitsa
Les Serdyuk Salomyga
Sergey Polezhaev Yan Litke
Chekists, Red Army commanders, conspirators, bandits
Born by Revolution: Hard Autumn (Rozhdyonnaya revolyutsiey: Trudnaya osen) Evgeniy Zharikov Nikolay Kondratyev 1974
Viktor Shulgin Aleksey Bushmakin
Vadim Medvedev Nil Kolychev
Uldis Pucitis Stepan Sergeev
Sergei Podgornyj Grisha
Stanislav Fesyunov Senya Miliy
Vladimir Volchik A counterrevolutionary
Militsiya and criminals
Born by Revolution: Assault (Rozhdyonnaya revolyutsiey: Napadenie) Evgeniy Zharikov Nikolay Kondratyev 1974
Sergei Ivanov Afinogen Polyukaev
Lev Prygunov Nikiforov
Vladimir Karpenko Denisov
Anton Dotsenko Kutkov's henchman
Pyotr Filonenko Ugolovny Rozysk detective
Militsiya and criminals
Born by Revolution: On Fire (Rozhdyonnaya revolyutsiey: V ogne) Evgeniy Zharikov Nikolay Kondratyev 1974
Viktor Shulgin Aleksey Bushmakin
Stanislav Borodokin Vasily Voinov
Georgi Dvornikov Nikita
Sergei Podgornyj Grisha
Vladimir Dyukov-Samarskiy Lyonka Panteleev
Stanislav Fesyunov Senya Miliy
Militsiya and criminals
Born by Revolution: We Will Help You (Rozhdyonnaya revolyutsiey: My pomozhem tebe) Evgeniy Zharikov Nikolay Kondratyev 1975
Ivan Dmitriev Kolomiyets
Vladimir Talashko Basargin
Dmitri Mirgorodsky Father Seraphim
Born by Revolution: Six Days (Rozhdyonnaya revolyutsiey: Shest dney) Evgeniy Zharikov Nikolay Kondratyev Short-barreled 1975
Stanislav Borodokin Vasiliy Voinov Short-barreled and standard
Aleksandr Bystrushkin Fedorchuk
Georgiy Teykh Permitin
Militsiya, security guards and criminals
Born by Revolution: Exam (Rozhdyonnaya revolyutsiey: Ekzamen) Evgeniy Zharikov Nikolay Kondratyev Short-barreled 1975
Aleksandr Bystrushkin Fedorchuk Short-barreled
Here Lies the Border (Zdes prokhodit granitsa) Nabi Rakhimov Abzal Ep.2 1975
Omega Option (Variant "Omega") NKVD officer In holster 1975
Waves of the Black Sea (Volny Chyornogo morya) Sergey Nikonenko Rodion Zhukov Film 1 1976
Ivan Mykolaichuk Terentiy Chernoivanenko
Aleksander Kazimirov Ilya Borisovich
Police and revolutionaries
Evgeniy Leonov-Gladyshev Petya Bachey Film 2
Vladimir Volkov Gavrik Chernoivanenko
Fyodor Panasenko Sinichkin
Russian Army officers
Aleksey Petrenko Gavrila Semyonovich Chernoivanenko Film 3
Vadim Kuznetsov Petya Bachey Jr.
Born by Revolution: On the Night of the 20th (Rozhdyonnaya revolyutsiey: V noch na 20-e) Aleksandr Molotov Igor 1976
Zhorzh Novitskiy A saboteur
Born by Revolution: Turnskins (Rozhdyonnaya revolyutsiey: Oborotni) Aleksandr Filippenko Rodion Gusakov In holster 1976
Yuri Mazhuga Inspector Mikhail Sanko
The Strogovs (Strogovy) Boris Borisov Matvey Strogov 1976
German Novikov Grandfather Fishka
Viktor Pavlov Demyan Shtychkov
Valeri Anisimov Taras Belyaev
Anatoliy Semenov Commissar Krayukhin
Aleksey Plavinskiy Artyom Strogov
Valery Kravchenko Timofey Zalyotny
Officers and NCO of Russian Army, White Army and Russian police
Eternal Call (Vechnyy zov) Pyotr Velyaminov Polikarp Kruzhilin 1976-1979
Ivan Lapikov Pankrat Nazarov
Vladlen Biryukov Yakov Aleinikov
Ada Rogovtseva Anna Savelieva
Yefim Kopelyan Mikhail Kaftanov
Oleg Basilashvili Arnold Lakhnovsky
Yuri Smirnov Pyotr Polipov
Nikolay Mikheev Demyan Inyutin
Vladimir Sergienko Vasiliy Khlebnikov
Yevgeni Burenkov Korney Baulin
Vladimir Kozel Col. Zubov
Konstantin Zabelin Police officer Dorofeev
Mikhail Dadyko Prison guard Kosorotov
Nikita Astakhov Makar Kaftanov
Viktor Markin NKVD officer
The Road to Calvary (Khozhdenie po mukam) Yuriy Solomin Ivan Telegin 1977
Mikhail Nozhkin Vadim Roshchin
Georgiy Burkov Sergei Sapozhkov
Aleksandr Chernov Commissar Sokolovskiy
Aleksandr Pashutin Semyon Govyadin
Aleksandr Savostyanov Valerian Onoli
Nikolay Penkov Lyova Zadov
Valeriy Zotov Kvashnin
Russian Army and White Army officers, Red commanders
Data Tutashkhia Otar Megvinetukhutsesi Data Tutashkhia 1977
Tengiz Archvadze Mushni Zarandia
Karlo Sakandelidze Nicandro Kilia
Leo Pilpani Bodgo Kvaltava
Gogi Kharabadze Kaza Chkhetia
Zurab Laperadze Mose Zamtaradze
Zaza Mikashavidze Kuru
Temur Tsikoridze Gudun Pertia
Ioseb Gogichaishvili Nikifore Bubuteishvili
Grigol Tsitaishvili Rodion Rogachyov
It Was in Kokand (Eto bylo v Kokande) Otabek Ganiyev Yusup 1977
Vyacheslav Shalevich Denis Makarovich Avvakumov
Aleksandr Denisov Aleksandr Likholetov
Aleksandr Kaydanovskiy Zaychenko
Murad Radzhabov Irgash
Ulmas Alikhodzhayev Saidov
The Twelve Chairs (12 stulyev) Saveliy Kramarov Viktor Polesov 1977
The Age of Mercy (Mesto vstrechi izmenit nelzya) Vladimir Vysotsky Gleb Zheglov 1979
Ugolovny Rozysk operatives, criminals
Shattered Sky (Raskolotoe nebo) Aristarkh Livanov Daniil Shchepkin 1979
Sergey Nikonenko Leon Sventitskiy
Ernst Romanov Col. Viktor Cherkizov
Dmitri Mirgorodsky Poruchik Mariupolskiy
Yuriy Nazarov Mikhail Konyaev
Viktor Miroshnichenko Molochkov
Fury (Yarost) Vasiliy Bochkaryov Viktor Gulyaev 1979
Nikolay Denisov Aleksandr Kleshkov
Aleksandr Galevskiy Mikhail Gontar
Vitali Ovanesov Ivan Filin
Leonid Filatov Obolyaninov
Valeriy Zolotukhin Karpenko
Militsiya personnel, criminals
Fiery Roads (Ognennye dorogi) Ulmas Alikhodzhayev Hamza Hakimzade Niyazi Ep.11,12 1979-1985
Yuriy Dubrovin Capt. Nikolay Grigoryevich Ep.5,7,12
Igor Dmitriev Gen. Viktor Medynskiy Ep.7,11
Bimbolat Vatayev Sadiqjan-bai Ep.11
Maksud Imatshoyev Jamal Ep.11
Murod Rajabov Gafur Ep.11
Bakhodir Yuldashev Alchinbeck Ep.12,13
Vsevolod Safonov Andrey Ep.12
Tamara Shakirova Yulduzhon Ep.14
N. Allaeva Saodat Ep.15
Shavkat Abdusalamov Umid Abdusalamov Ep.17
Russian Imperial officers and police, Bolsheviks, Basmachi
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (Sherlok Holms i doktor Vatson) Vasily Livanov Sherlock Holmes 1980
Boryslav Brondukov Inspector Lestrade
Igor Dmitriev Inspector Gregson
The State Border: Film 1 Various characters 1980
The State Border: Film 2 Various characters 1980
Syndicate-2 (Sindikat-2) Artyom Inozemtsev Dryomov Custom, without ejector rod and with target grips 1981
Igor Starikov Ivanov
Paul Butkevich Krikman
Soviet border guards, OGPU personnel
The Meeting at High Snows (Vstrecha u vysokikh snegov) Nazim Tulakhodzhayev Dzhuma Saidov 1981
Les Serdyuk Konstantin Zubov
Natalya Brazhnikova Ekaterina Zubova
Valeri Kozinets Matvey Kolosov
Isamat Ergashev Sabir Shukurov
Peace to Your House (Mir vashemu domu) Mukhamadali Makhmadov Mirzo 1982
Nikolay Kochegarov Mikhail Kobrin
Sitora Alieva Madina Niyazova
Takhir Sabirov Rustam-bek
Galib Islamov Elmurad
Long Road in the Dunes (Ilgais cels kapas) Karlis Trencis Andris Kalnins Ep.3 and 5 1982
Juozas Kiselius Arthur Banga Ep.4
Girts Jakovlevs Jazeps Sarma Ep.4
Militsiya personnel, Red Army officers and NCOs Ep.3 and 4
20th of December (20-e dekabrya) Yuri Kamornyj Anatoliy Zheleznyak 1982
Aleksandr Susnin Kiryakov
Vladimir Treshchalov A Cossack officer
Red Guards, criminals
The State Border: Film 3 Various characters 1982
The Treasures of Agra (Sokrovishcha Agry) Police constables 1983
The State Border: Film 4 Various characters 1984
Makar the Pathfinder (Makar-sledopyt) Aleksandr Lenkov Timofey 1984
Stanislav Sokolov Poruchik Chertyaka
Viktor Gogolev White Army Capt.
Valeri Mironov White Army Poruchik
Boris Arakelov White Army Poruchik
Aleksandr Lipov White Army Podporuchik
Valeriy Nakonechnyy White Army Praporshchik
Oleg Borisov Staff Capt. Chyorniy In holster
Aleksandr Bakharevsky Red Army commander
Vladimir Levitskiy Red Army commissar
TASS Is Authorized to Declare... (TASS upolnomochen zayavit...) A police officer Custom snub nose 1984
The State Border: Film 5 Yevgeni Leonov-Gladyshev Political commissar Viktor Belov 1986
Mirage Mirdza Martinsone Ginny Gordon Custom snub nose 1983
Attempt on GOELRO (Pokusheniye na GOELRO) Aleksey Buldakov Ivan Vorobyov 1986
Georgiy Yumatov Vasiliy Sergeyev
Viktor Mamaev Yemelyan Bubnov
Oleg Afanasyev Rogov
Pyotr Zaychenko Shcherbakov
Valeriy Barinov Nikolay Yegorov
Valery Zakharyev "Valet"
OGPU operatives
Special Operations Squad (Otryad spetsyalnogo naznacheniya) A Soviet partisan In holster 1987
The Life of Klim Samgin (Zhizn Klima Samgina) Vladimir Treshchalov Savva Morozov Ep.8 1988
Natalya Lapina Alina Telepnyova Ep.9
Valery Kravchenko Aleksandr Sudakov Ep.11
Viktor Mikhailov Inokov Ep.11
Boris Teterin Rotmistr Rushchitz Ep.14
Yakov Stepanov Ivan Dronov Ep.14
Revolutionaries Ep.8-9
Wounded Stones (Ranenyye kamni) Igor Slobodskoy Akhmat 1988
Aleksandr Gebdovskiy Praporshchik
Incident at the Airport (Sluchay v aeroportu) Khoshim Rakhimov Bakhor Muradov 1989
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Sean Patrick Flanery Indiana Jones 1992-1993
Hearts of Three (Serdtsa tryokh) Sergey Zhigunov Henry Morgan Vusially modified 1992
Gediminas Girdvainis Mariano Vercara
Alaska Kid Mark Pillow Alaska Kid Visually modified and standard 1993
Donovan Scott Shorty Visually modified
Edward Zentara Sprague
Aleksandr Kuznetsov Stine
Craig Alan Olaf
Natalya Trubnikova Conchita
Boris Klyuev Cameron Brody
Igor Volkov Frank Reeves
Pauls Butkevics Sheriff Clark
Igor Vorobyov Big Jim
John Phillip Law Robert Somerset Standard
Seydulla Moldakhanov Chin Visually modified and standard
Gold prospectors and bandits Visually modified
Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin Yuri Gertsman "Thumbs" Meeker Ep.1 2002
The Penal Battalion Yuriy Stepanov Antip Glymov 2004
Riches (Bogatstvo) Sergey Nikonenko Andrey Solomin 2004
Aziz Beyshenaliev Lt. Yamagata Matsuoka
Amadu Mamadakov Kobayashi
New Adventures of Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin (Noviye priklucheniya Nero Wolfa i Archie Goodwina) Sergei Parshin Inspector Cramer Eps. 1, 2 2004
Used in gun trap, Ep.1
Yuriy Lazarev Dan Nedich Ep.2
Andrei Chumanov Johnnie Luchiano Ep. 2
His Majesty's Secret Service (Sekretnaya sluzhba Ego Velichestva) Valeriy Kukhareshin Gustav Schlegel 2006
Sergey Lysov Konstantin Saburov
Filipp Velichko "Kosoy"
Egor Bakulin "Shpora"
Aleksey Karelin Azef
Pavel Basov Valet
Igor Botvin Marcello
Vladimir Maslakov Stepan
Aleksey Oding Syoma
Tara Amirkhanova Katerina
Maya Motryuk Mariya Surdina
Andrey Rodimov "Pyatnitsa"
Denis Reyshakhrit The leader of revolutionary group
Stolypin... Unlearned Lessons (Stolypin... Nevyuchennye uroki) Aleksandr Stroev Yevno Azef 2006
Aleksey Devotchenko Boris Savinkov
Andrey Arshinnikov Ivan Kalyayev
Dmitriy Sutyrin Dmitriy
Vitaliy Isakov Sulyatitskiy
Valeriy Doronin Gen. Pavel Kurlov
Igor Sergeev Col. Aleksandr Gerasimov
Revolutionaries and police personnel
And Quiet Flows the Don (Tikhiy Don) Rupert Everett Grigoriy Melekhov 2006
Mikhail Vaskov Mikhail Koshevoy
White Army officers, Hungarian Hussars
Liquidation (Likvidatsiya) Various characters 2007
Save Our Souls (Spasite nashi dushi) Sergey Koltakov Col. Boris Burtasov 2008
Mikhail Martyanov Sr. Lt. Aleksandr Krotkiy
Aleksandr Karpov Maj. Rydvanov
Aleksandr Korshunov Ivanov
Rebelling convicts
Pelagia and the White Bulldog (Pelagiya i bely buldog) Timofey Tribuntsev Vladimir Bubentsov 2009
Andrey Mezhulis Felix Lagrange
Marcel Reich-Ranicki Maxim Kovalevski Red Army soldier 2009
Matthias Schweighöfer Marcel Reich-Ranick
"Narkomovskiy" Train (Narkomovskiy oboz) Anna Arlanova Sr. Lt. Nadejda Kolyadina 2011
Sergey Makhovikov Starshina Viktor Filippov
Darya Baranova Sgt. Varvara Kerjak
Aleksandr Brankevich Grigory Pitzuk
Sergey Vlasov "Tuz"
Viktor Molchyan "Sutuly"
Kirill Novitskiy "Rezvy"
Rasputin Filipp Yankovsky Felix Yusupov 2011
Danila Kozlovsky Dmitri Pavlovich
Igor Sergeyev Vladimir Purishkevich
The White Guard (Belaya gvardiya) Konstantin Khabenskiy Aleksey Turbin 2012
Evgeniy Dyatlov Poruchik Shervinskiy
Igor Chernevich Capt. Talberg
Evgeniy Stychkin Poruchik Stepanov
Aleksey Guskov Col. Malyshev
Andrey Zibrov Capt. Studzinskiy
Vladimir Vdovichenkov Capt. Pleshko
White officers
Our Mothers, Our Fathers Alina Levshin Alina Ep. 3 "Ein anderes Land" 2013
Red Mountains (Krasnye gory) Pavel Sborshchikov Ignat 2013
Pavel Derevyanko Valerik
Svetlana Frolova Serafima
Maksim Litovchenko Ageev
Evgeniy Dyatlov Arseniy Golikov
Aleksey Bardukov Ilya Rogov
Yevgeni Tsyganov Arkadiy Engelhardt
Viktor Terelya Andrey Berkovich
Pyotr Tomashevski Danilin
Uncredited poruchik Vorontsov
Uncredited Yesaul
Uncredited Ivan
Uncredited NKVD officer
Sherlock Holmes Igor Petrenko Sherlock Holmes 2013
Andrey Panin Dr. John Watson
Leonid Timtsunik Gilbert Roy
Anatoliy Rudakov Inspector Tracy
Aleksey Shevchenkov Inspector Higgis
Police and robbers
Ash (Pepel) Yevgeny Mironov Senya-Pepel "Blef" 2013
Vladimir Mashkov Capt. Igor Petrov / Pepel
Andrey Smolyakov Vitya-Garderob "Naganych"
Yuriy Arkhangelskiy Ryaba
Andrey Babenko NKVD operative
NKVD officers, criminals
Black Cats (Chyornye koshki) Bogdan Kolesnik Lom Including several blank-firing versions 2013
Aleksey Komashko Krechet
Andrey Miroshnichenko (II) Zhigan
Spies (Razvedchitsy) Svetlana Ivanova Arina Prozorovskaya 2013
Svetlana Ustinova Zoya Velichko
Oleg Morozov Voron
Kirill Zhandarov Capt. Valeriy Shapkin
Aleksandr Sayutalin Major of the medical service
Aleksandra Bolshakova Beata
14 - Diaries of the Great War White Army Officer 2014
Front Pavel Yuzhakov-Kharlanchuk Vlad Volnyi 2014
Magdalena Górska Katarzyna Shtur
Aleksey Telesh Khlopko's driver Standard and "Blef"
Militsiya personnel, a Soviet pilot
Hetaeras of Major Sokolov (Getery mayora Sokolova) Sergey Garmash Mikhalych 2014
Aglaya Tarasova Infanta
Darya Melnikova Beshenaya
Oleg Tilkin Lt. Aleksandr Cherentsov
Aleksandr Rezalin Knyaz
Soviet state security officers, Finnish police
Bitch War (Suchya voyna) Aleksey Demidov Mikhail Matveev Blank-firing "Blef" 2014
Konstantin Yushkevich Loban
Andrey Ivanov Anatoliy Porokhov
Agrippina Steklova Raisa Mikhalyova
Aleksandr Bobrov (II) Migunov
MUR detectives, Prodotryad commanders Standard and "Blef"
The Executioner (Palach) Seen in gun locker 2015
And Quiet Flows the Don (Tikhiy Don) Evgeniy Tkachuk Grigoriy Melekhov 2015
Artur Ivanov Pyotr Melekhov
Aleksandr Yatsenko Mikhail Koshevoy
Nikita Efremov Mit'ka Korshunov
Vladimir Davidenko Vakhmistr Khoprov
Tikhon Kotrelyov A Dragoons Lt. Colonel
Snow and Ashes (Sneg i pepel) Igor Mosyuk Yuzefovich In holster 2015
Legends of Tomorrow - Season 1 Arthur Davrill Captain Rip Hunter 2016
Black Cat Igor Petrenko Capt. Viktor Karatov 2016
Aleksey Shevchenkov Sr. Lt. Stepan Dzhuro
Gela Meskhi Ivan Mishin
Dmitriy Solomykin Andrey Garanin
Yuriy Chursin Pashka-America
Semyon Shemes Zhenya Lifshitz
Denis Sukhomlinov Romka-Shket
Contribution Grigoriy Chaban Gnetochkin 2016
Sergey Gamov Karpusha
Dmitriy Vorobyov "Podporuchik"
Sergey Agafonov Writer
uncredited "Puruchik" Yevteseev
Aleksandr Shpynyov Adjutant
Andrey Polishchuk Pleshakov
Maksim Matveev Anatoly Pepelyayev
White Army officers
Demon of the Revolution (Demon revolyutsii) Maksim Matveev Rotmistr Aleksey Mezentsev 2017
Dmitriy Lysenkov Jakub Ganetsky
Dmitriy Ulyanov Leonid Krasin
Sergei Legostaev Khromov
Aleksandr Baluev Col. Vasiliy Turkestanov
Sergey Gromov Grisha
Russian officers and NCOs, Danish police
Hunting the Devil (Okhota na dyavola) Sergey Bezrukov Max Livius 2017
Mariya Lugovaya Anna Yartseva Standard and blank-firing "Blef"
Evgeniy Stychkin Gleb Bokiy
Ivan Dobronravov Andrey Koltsov Standard and blank-firing "Blef"
Oleg Geraskin Capt. of State Security Markovskiy
Maksim Mityashin Riekki's chief assistant
Soviet State Security, Finnish police
Trotsky Konstantin Khabenskiy Lev Trotsky 2017
Orkhan Abulov Iosif Stalin
Andrey Feskov Sergey Sermuks
Sergey Linkov Agranovich
Anastasiya Meskova Larissa Reissner
Vladimir Chernyshov Yakov Sverdlov
Ivan Tarabukin Yakov Agranov
Aleksey Fokin An officer
Revolutionaries, bank cashiers
Aleksey Mantsygin Solovyaninov Blank-firing "Blef"
Andrey Vergelis Mukhanskiy CO2 Gletcher
Babylon Berlin - Season 1 Russian revolationaries and Soviet Agents 2017
Babylon Berlin - Season 2 A communist Ep. 16 2017
The Departed - Season 2 (Gurzuf) Darya Ursulyak Regina Morozova 2018
Pavel Chinaryov Arkadiy Lavrik
One Warrior in the Field (Odin v pole voin) A Soviet officer 2018
Black Pea Coats (Chyornye bushlaty) Pyotr Puchok Sanya Syomin 2018
Igor Liventsov Militsioner Yasha In holster
Clash of Futures Natalia Witmer Marina Yurlova Ep. 01 "Surviving" 2018
The Last Battle (Posledniy boy) Mikhail Khmurov Lt. Platov 2019
Igor Petrusenko Igor Runge
Vladimir Gorislavets Yashka
Artyom Fedotov Pyatov
Anastasiya Ivanova Alesya
Aleksandr Spirin The commander of village volunteers
Subject to Destruction (Podlezhit unichtozheniyu) Dmitriy Shevchenko Maj. Sergey Tyagachyov 2019
Sergey Frolov (II) Maj. Sidorin
Aleksandr Romashko Capt. Dugin
Boris Georgievskiy Sr.Lt. Rybin
Konstantin Oktyabrskiy German Hauptmann
Soviet officers
Translation from German (Perevod s nemetskogo) Anton Feoktistov Andrey Galkin Blank-firing "Blef" 2020
Mikhail Gorevoy Porfiriy Veresen
Soviet State Security officers and German saboteurs
The Black Sea (Chyornoye more) Anna Kotova-Deryabina Lt. Irina Rotan 2020
(uncredited) Capt. Lt. Nikolay Stupin
The Saboteur 3: Crimea (Diversant. Krym) Artyom Alekseev Oberleutnant Hans Gerhard Bahnsen 2020
Darya Rumyantseva Lida
Sofiya Kuskova Zoya
Dzhulbars Aleksandr Marushev Starshina of the Border Guards Yegorych Standard and blank-firing "Blef" 2020
Alyosha (uncredited) Pashuk 2020
Yevgeniya Kaverau Aldya
Maksim Saprykin Alyosha
Sherlock: The Russian Chronicles (Sherlok v Rossii) Maksim Matveev Sherlock Holmes Blank-firing "Blef" and CO2 Gletcher NGT 2020
Vladimir Mishukov Dr. Ilya Kartsev Blank-firing "Blef"
Andrey Feskov Dr. Watson
Aleksey Vdovin Inspector Lestrade
Gennadiy Alimpiev Kholmogorov
Sergey Mardar Luka Sviridov
Ilya Savelyev Arseniy Mogolev
Evgeniy Romantsov Konstantin Naydyonov alias "Kat"
Aleksandr Averin "Letopisets"
Russian police personnel
Nikita Kologrivyy Ivan "Khromoy" CO2 Gletcher NGT
The Kitchenblock Vladimir Butenko White Army officer 2021
Andrey Artasov NKVD officer
Andrey Zakopailo NKVD officer
Ivan Tartarashvili NKVD officer
Red Army soldier
Paris Police 1900 Seen in the gun crate 2021
The Boarding House Police officers 2022
Hotel Europa Henriette Confurius Elsa Wahlen 2022
Jonathan Berlin Emil Dreesen
Stranger Things Brett Gelman Murray Bauman "Chapter Five: The NINA Project" (S4E05) 2022
Stranger Things Winona Ryder Joyce Byers "Chapter Five: The NINA Project" (S4E05) 2022
The Last of Us - Season 1 seen in armory; "Long Long Time" (S1E03) 2023
The Boy's Word: Blood on the Asphalt (Slovo patsana. Krov na asfalte) Ivan Yankovskiy Vladimir Suvorov / Adidas Episode 4, Epidose 5 2023


Title Character Note Date
Case Closed: The Last Wizard of the Century Felix Yusupov 1999
Yamibo: Darkness, The Hat and the Travelers of the Books Colonel 2003
Valkyria Chronicles Maximilian 2009
Fairy Gone Wolfran Row 2019
Bitter "Sweety" Sweet
Gail Dope
Christoph Rahn
Damien Carme
Gui Carlin soldiers
Golden Kamuy - Season 3 Russian Officers 2020
An Okrana officer
Golden Kamuy - Season 4 Vasily Pavlichenko 2022-23
Warrant Officer Mokutarou Kikuta
Russian sailors
Spy Classroom - Season 1 Corpse With a suppressor 2023
Spy Classroom - Season 2 Corpse 2023

Video Games

Game Title Mods Notes Release Date
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Spearhead and Breakthrough expansions 2002
Call of Duty: United Offensive Seen on briefing screen 2004
Vietcong 2 Used by NVA/VC soldier (silenced) 2005
FinnWars Pre-1930 2006
Team Fortress 2 In heavily customized form, as the "L'Etranger" 2007
Forgotten Hope 2 Can appear fitted with a BraMit suppressor Added in v2.56 (2020) 2007
Death to Spies Nagant M1895 2007
Nagant M1895 (with Bramit suppressor)
1968 Tunnel Rats (VG) 2009
Death to Spies: Moment of Truth Nagant M1895 2009
Nagant M1895 (with Bramit suppressor)
A Stroke of Fate: Operation Valkyrie 2009
Resonance of Fate Enemy only 2010
NCIS: The Video Game On poster 2011
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Suppressor can be unlocked 2011
Warface w/suppressor 2013
Company of Heroes 2 2013
World of Guns: Gun Disassembly Nagant M1895 suppressor 2014
Rainbow Six Siege Unusable; in cutscene 2015
Battle of Empires: 1914-1918 "Nagant M1895" 2015
Heroes & Generals 2016
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Is treated as single-action only 2016
Sniper Elite 4 "Night Fighter Expansion Pack" DLC 2017
Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Can be fitted with a suppressor Appears as "R1895" 2017
Battlefield 1 Added through the "In The Name Of The Tsar" DLC, fired exclusively in single-action; entire cylinder is replaced when reloading from empty 2017
Hunt: Showdown Variants available with a stock, knuckle duster, suppressor, or scope Basic version single-action only, variants available that fire double-action 2018
Tannenberg "Nagant M1895" 2019
Land of War: The Beginning Wz. Ng30, Polish version of Russian Nagant 1895 2021
Enlisted Nagant M1895 2021
Nagant M1895 (with Bramit suppressor)
Call to Arms - Gates of Hell: Ostfront Nagant M1895 2021
Nagant M1895 (with Bramit suppressor)
Military Conflict: Vietnam 2022
Paradox of Hope With custom suppressor, unusable 2022


Title Voice Actor Characters Notation Date
Love, Death & Robots - Season 1 Uncredited actor Oleg "Secret War" (S1E18) 2019
Stefan Kapicic Lt. Nikolai Zakharov
Bruce Thomas Sr. Sergeant Sergei Kravchenko Holstered; "Secret War" (S1E18)

Belgian Nagant M1878

Belgian Nagant M1878 - 9.4x22mm Nagant
Belgian Nagant M1883 - 9.4x22mm Nagant. This is a simplified version of M1878 with unfluted cylinder.

Several other variations of Nagant were produced throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This includes the Belgian M1878 and M1878-86 in 9.4mm, the Norwegian M1883 in 7.5mm, the Swedish M1887 in 7.5mm, the Serbian M1891 in 7.5mm, the Brazilian M1893 in .44 caliber and several others.


Title Actor Character Note Date
The Other Side Conrad Veidt Captain Denis Stanhope 1931
Wolfgang Liebeneiner Lt. Raleigh
Doctor Zhivago Tsarist officer 1965


Title Actor Character Note Air Date
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Ellis Dale Williamson M1883; "The Solitary Cyclist" (S01E04) 1984
David Burke Dr. Watson
Tim McInnerny John Clay M1883; "The Red Headed League" (S0205) 1985
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Sean Patrick Flanery Indiana Jones M1883; "Oganga, The Giver and Taker of Life" 1993

Swedish Nagant M1887

Swedish Nagant M1887 revolver - 7.5mm Nagant


Title Actor Character Note Date
Pitbull: Last Dog (Pitbull. Ostatni pies) Marcin Dorocinski Slawomir Desperski "Despero" 2018
Oleh Kyryliv Russian officer


Show Title / Episode Actor Character Note Air Date
Reilly: Ace of Spies Standing in for the Russian Nagant M1895 1984

Video Games

Game Title Mods Notations Release Date
Art of Murder: Hunt for the Puppeteer Seen in a safe 2009

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