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Wounded Stones (Ranenyye kamni)

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Wounded Stones (Ranenyye kamni)
RK Poster.jpg
Modern Poster
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Nikolay Zaseev-Rudenko
Release Date 1988
Language Russian
Studio Dovzhenko Film Studios
Main Cast
Character Actor
Asker Nikita Dzhigurda
Osman Bimbolat Vatayev
Soltanbek Barasbi Mulayev
Akhmat Igor Slobodskoy
Asiyat Ariadna Shengelaia
Mariam Nato Shengelaia
Anton Stepan Starchikov
Col. Ryabtsev Nikolay Olyalin

Wounded Stones (Ranenyye kamni) is a 1988 (filmed 1987) Soviet historical adventure mini series directed by Nikolay Zaseev-Rudenko. The story is set in 1905 in North Caucasus region of Russian Empire. Asker (Nikita Dzhigurda), a retired soldier, returns home after participating in Russian-Japanese war. He finds out that his father was slain by local landlord's henchmen and raises peasants to uprising.

The following weapons were used in the film Wounded Stones (Ranenyye kamni):


Nagant M1895

Several of Osman's abreks (brigands), notably Akhmat (Igor Slobodskoy), use Nagant M1895 revolvers. A Nagant is also used by gendarmes Praporshchik (Ensign rank) (Aleksandr Gebdovskiy ) (it's worth noting that in reality Praporshchik rank wasn't used in Russian Imperial gendarmerie or police). All revolver are of out of time post-1930 version.

Nagant M1895 Revolver - 7.62x38R Nagant. Post 1930 version.
One of Osman's mens holds a Nagant during the attack on mail train.
Akhmat holds his revolver during the robbery of the train.
Praporshchik holds a Nagant.
He fires during the arrest of Anton.
Praporshchik arrests Anton.
Praporshchik draws his revolver during the encounter with Osman. The revolver is fitted with lanyard.
The encounter is fatal. Revolver grip is seen when Praporshchik drops his Nagant.
Soltanbek's henchman fires a Nagant during the peasants uprising.

Smith & Wesson Victory Model

Bolshevik Anton (Stepan Starchikov) carries a Smith & Wesson Victory Model revolver.

Smith & Wesson Victory Model. This is a British "Lend Lease" version chambered in .38 S&W
Anton loads his revolver when in Asker's house. The cartridge looks more like Nagant.
Another view of the same scene. Asker's Mannlicher is seen at the background.
The plain grips are seen.
Anton fires his revolver during the ambush on Osman's gang.
Anton holds his revolver when escaping from Soltanbek's men.
A close view of Anton's Smith & Wesson when he encounters Soltanbek himself.


Mauser C96

Abreks leader Osman (Bimbolat Vatayev) and Prince Soltanbek (Barasbi Mulayev) carry Mauser C96 pistols.

Pre-War dated Mauser C96 "Broomhandle" Commercial Version - 7.63x25mm Mauser
Osman carries a Mauser at his belt.
Osman's pistol in holster in his hideout in mountains.
Osman fires at gendarmes.
Another view of the same scene.
Osman threatens his henchman Akhmat.
An FPS view of the Mauser when Osman fires at Asker and his girl Mariam.
Another view of the scene.
Soltanbek carries his Mauser in holster.
Soltanbek fires at pursuing Asker.


Mannlicher M1895 Sporter

Asker (Nikita Dzhigurda) owns a sporterized Mannlicher M1895 rifle. Same or at least similar gun can be seen in other movies by Dovzhenko Film Studios, like Koroli i kapusta and Serdtsa tryokh.

Mannlicher M1895 Sporter - 8x56mmR Mannlicher
Akhmat (Igor Slobodskoy) examines Asker's rifle.
Asker holds his Mannlicher.
A general view of the rifle (at the left).
The rifle in Asker's house.
A close view of the barrel.
Asker in ambush on Osman's gang.
Another view of same scene.
Asker fires.

Mosin Nagant M1891

Most rifles in the series are Mosin Nagant M1891 rifles with removed magazines. The reason of such conversion is unclear; possibly they were were intended to stand for Berdan Rifles. Some rifles appear to be full-length Infantry model while some other seem to be shorter. These guns are used by Russian gendarmes and soldiers, abreks, notably Akhmat (Igor Slobodskoy), and peasants from Asker's village Ismail (Givi Jajanidze), Daniyal (Boris Kuliev) and Musa (Taubiy Miziyev).

Note: see additional images on talk page.

Russian Mosin Nagant M1891 Infantry Rifle in original configuration - 7.62x54mm R
Akhmat aims.
Akhmat carries his rifle during the robbery of mail train. Note the open-top handguard of early Infantry model.
Gendarmes with rifles at Asker's house.
Ismail in ambush.
Akhmat fires. His rifle is shorter that the one, seen earlier.
Akhmat fires in another scene. Now his rifle has a ramrod that was absent in previous scene.
Daniyal during the attack on Soltanbek's house.
Daniyal and Ismail carry their rifles. Note that they are of different length.

Arisaka Type 38

In one scene Akhmat (Igor Slobodskoy) holds a rifle that appears to be an Arisaka Type 38. Same looking guns are also hold by gendarmes and local peasants.

Arisaka Type 38 rifle - 6.5x50mmSR Arisaka
A gendarme with a rifle.
Akhmat (Igor Slobodskoy) (at the right) holds an Arisaka rifle.
An aged peasant at the right holds an Arisaka rifle. A Winchester Model 1895 is seen at the left.

Winchester Model 1895

Winchester Model 1895 Russian Contract Model rifles are used by abreks and Soltanbek's henchmen.

A Russian contract Model 1895 in 7.62x54 Russian. Note the loading bridge over the reciever
Osman's abrek holds a Winchester Model 95.
A leader of rival gang holds a Winchester.
A Winchester on the wall in Osman's hideout.
An abrek carries a Winchester during the pillage of the village.
An peasant at the left holds a Winchester.
Soltanbek's henchman fires a Winchester.


Single Barreled Shotgun

Several peasants are armed with Single Barreled Shotguns (possibly some IZh model), mocked up as Oriental style muskets.

An old peasant (Ali Tukhuzhev) fires during the ambush on Osman's gang.
The same character during the attack on Soltanbek's house.
Musa (Taubiy Miziyev) fires a shotgun in the same scene.

Percussion Cap Musket

Several abreks are seen with long guns that are possibly some kind of percussion cap hunting musket, or maybe mocked up Single Barreled Shotguns.

An abrek at the right holds what appears to be some kind of percussion cap hunting musket.
An abrek at the left holds a similar looking gun.

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