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Fighting Film Collection No. 3 (Boyevoy kinosbornik No. 3)

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Fighting Film Collection No. 3
(Boyevoy kinosbornik No. 3)
DVD Cover
Country SOV.jpg USSR
CAN 1921-1957.jpg Canada
Directed by Boris Barnet
Konstantin Yudin
Peter Bayliss
Release Date 1941
Language Russian
Studio Mosfilm
National Film Board of Canada
Main Cast
Character Actor
Jr. Sgt. Sharov Viktor Arkasov
Pvt. Kalachyov Vladimir Shishkin
Pvt. Ivan Boychenko Viktor Mironov
Pvt. Pyotr Medvedev Nikolai Khryashchikov
Pvt. Belkin Pyotr Savin
Anton Timofeevich Rybkin Boris Chirkov
Varya Yelizaveta Kuzyurina
German officer/German paratrooper Pyotr Sobolevsky

Fighting Film Collection No. 3 (Boyevoy kinosbornik No. 3) is the third issue of Boyevoy kinosbornik series, released in August 1941. It contains three segments: "Muzhestvo/Manhood", "Antosha Rybkin" and Canadian documentary "ACK-ACK" about British anti-aircraft gunners. The segment "Antosha Rybkin" became very popular, and a feature movie about adventures of this character was released next year.

The following weapons were used in the film Fighting Film Collection No. 3 (Boyevoy kinosbornik No. 3):


Nagant M1895

A Red Army Sr. Lt. (Grigori Pluzhnik), a commandant of railway station, carries a Nagant M1895 revolver in "Antosha Rybkin".

Nagant M1895 Revolver - 7.62x38R Nagant. This example was dated 1939 manufacture and was a War time issued weapon. Note the angular front sight which was used from 1930s.
The officer with Nagant.



German officers are armed with M1911 pistols in "Manhood". In "Antosha Rybkin" a German paratrooper (likely an officer) also carries an M1911.

Original Colt M1911 (dated 1913) - .45 ACP
A German officer is surprised by Soviet soldiers and draws his pistol in "Manhood".
He fires.
Another German officer (Pyotr Sobolevsky) with an M1911 in the pillbox.
A paratrooper at the left holds an M1911 in "Antosha Rybkin".
A paratrooper with M1911 in action.

Submachine Guns

Degtyaryov PPD-34/38 (early)

The commander of German paratroopers (Pyotr Sobolevsky) is armed with a Degtyaryov PPD-34/38 SMG in "Antosha Rybkin".

Early Degtyaryov PPD-34/38 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev
German paratrooper commander with PPD-34/38.
He holds his SMG in action.

Suomi M31

Several German paratroopers are armed with Suomi M31 SMGs in "Antosha Rybkin".

Suomi KP/-31 - 9x19mm
A paratrooper fires his Suomi SMG.
A paratrooper with Suomi in center.
Another view of same character.
A paratrooper fires from the railcar.


Mosin Nagant M1891/30

Mosin Nagant M1891/30 rifles are seen in hands of Red Army soldiers in the final sequence.

Mosin Nagant M91/30 - 7.62x54mm R
Red Army soldiers march with M91/30 rifles and DP-27 machine guns in the final sequence.

Mosin Nagant M1891

Old Mosin Nagant M1891 rifles are used by Red Army soldiers in "Antosha Rybkin", notably by cook Anton Timofeevich Rybkin (Boris Chirkov).

Mosin Nagant M1891 - 7.62x54mm R
Red Army soldiers with M91 rifles in "Antosha Rybkin". Cook Antosha Rybkin himself stands at the left.
Red Army soldiers with M91 rifles and DP-27 machine gun in battle against German paratroopers.
A centry with M91 rifle.
Rybkin fires his rifle.
Rybkin stands with his rifle with bayonet.
A soldier with M91 rifle opens the door of railcar. Next to him Rybkin's rifle with bayonet is seen.
Rybkin in shootout with a German paratrooper.
A soldier with M91 rifle escorts captured paratrooper.

Simonov AVS-36

AVS-36 automatic rifles are widely used by Red Army soldiers in "Manhood", notably by Jr. Sgt. Sharov (Viktor Arkasov) and Pvts. Kalachyov (Vladimir Shishkin), Ivan Boychenko (Viktor Mironov) and Pyotr Medvedev (Nikolai Khryashchikov), and in "Antosha Rybkin". Some German soldiers in "Manhood" also carry AVS-36s.

Simonov AVS-36 Rifle - 7.62x54mmR
Boychenko with AVS-36 in trench. A DP-27 is seen next to him. One of the soldiers at the background also holds an AVS-36.
Sgt. Sharov with AVS-36 (at the left). Boychenko's AVS is seen on the breastwork.
Sharov carries the AVS-36.
A close view of the barrel and bayonet.
Kalachyov (at the right) and Boychenko cross the flooded battlefield, sneaking to German pillbox.
Medvedev hits a German officer with a buttstock of his AVS.
German soldiers fire AVS-36s.
The barrel and bayonet of AVS-36 is seen at the left in the final scene in "Antosha Rybkin".
Two more AVS-36s are seen at the right in the same scene.

Enfield P14/M1917

Enfield P14 or M1917 rifles are seen in the control center of British AA battery in "Ack-Ack".

M1917 Enfield - .30-06 Springfield

Wz. 29 Mauser

Mauser rifles are seen in hands of German soldiers in "Manhood". Their outlook with large protectors of the front sight and full-length handguards match Polish Wz. 29 Mauser rifles.

Wz. 29 Mauser - 7.92x57mm Mauser
German soldiers in the pillbox reload their rifles.
They fire but next moment find themselves under fire of Soviet soldiers with AVS-36 rifles.
A German soldier fires his rifle.
The buttstock is seen.

Machine Guns

Degtyaryov DP-27

DP-27 machine guns are used by Red Army soldiers in "Manhood" and "Antosha Rybkin".

Degtyaryov DP-27 machine gun - 7.62x54mm R
A DP-27 is seen on the breastwork next to AVS-36 in "Manhood".
Red Army soldiers march with DP-27s in the final sequence.
Red Army soldiers with Mosin Nagant M1891/30 rifles and DP-27 machine gun in battle against German paratroopers in "Antosha Rybkin". The flash hider is removed from DP-27.
One of the soldiers holds a DP-27.

Degtyaryov DT

Degtyaryov DT machine guns are mounted on Soviet tanks.

DT machine gun - 7.62x54mm R
A single DT machine gun is the only weapon of T-38.

Hotchkiss M1914

Several Hotchkiss M1914 machine guns are mounted in German pillbox, captured by Soviet soldiers in "Manhood". The machine guns are manned by Sgt. Sharov (Viktor Arkasov) and Pvts. Belkin (Pyotr Savin) and Kalachyov (Vladimir Shishkin).

M1914 Hotchkiss Machine Gun with tripod - 8x50mmR Lebel / 7.92x57mm Mauser / 11mm Gras
An abandoned Hotchkiss in trench.
Sharov fires a captured Hotchkiss.
Belkin fires a Hotchkiss.
Anoher view of Sharov's Hotchkiss.
One more view of Sharov's Hotchkiss.

MG 34 Panzerlauf

MG 34 Panzerlauf is seen mounted on Pz. II.

MG 34 Panzerlauf - 7.92x57mm Mauser
MG34 Panzerlauf is mounted on Pz. II.

Other Weapons

OSP-30 Flare Pistol

Jr. Sgt. Sharov (Viktor Arkasov) uses an OSP-30 Flare Pistol in "Manhood".

OSP-30 Flare Pistol - 26.5mm
Sharov draws the flare pistol from the pocket.
He readies the flare pistol.

Model 16/17 Stielhandgranate

Stick hand grenades that appears to be a Model 17 Stielhandgranate (or even early Model 16) are used by German paratroopers in "Antosha Rybkin".

Model 17 Stielhandgranate "Potato Masher" high-explosive fragmentation hand grenade
A paratrooper at the right carries several grenades on his belt. They seem to be fixed on belt clips. A stick of a grenade is also seen at the left.
Note the belt clip that allows to differ Model 17 grenade from later Model 24.
The paratrooper throws the grenade.

Dummy grenade

In "Manhood" Red Army soldiers use hand grenades that appear to be training dummy grenades.

Soviet training dummy grenade
Kalachyov (Vladimir Shishkin) throws a grenade during the attack on German pillbox. He is also armed with an AVS-36.
Boychenko (Viktor Mironov) throws grenades at attacking enemy soldiers.

Unidentified grenade

A German soldier at the left holds a stick hand grenade. It is possibly some version of Stielhandgranate but is seen too unclear to be identified.



Red Army Capt. (Aleksandr Antonov) carries a TT holster in "Manhood".
Red Army Sr. Lt. (Grigori Pluzhnik), a commandant of railway station, carries a Nagant holster in "Antosha Rybkin".


Soviet 122mm M1910/30 howitzers are seen in action in "Manhood".


"Ack-Ack" depicts the service of British AA unit, equipped with 4.5 inch anti-aircraft guns QF Mark II.

The gun readies.
The barrel.


German and Soviet tanks are seen in documentary footage.

Pz. II in attack.
Pz. III is seen from back.
Pz. 38(t) in attack.
Soviet BT-5 stands for German tank.
Another view of Pz. II.
T-38 amphibious light tanks.
BT-5 tank.


German airplanes are seen in documentary footage in "Antosha Rybkin".

He 111 bomber.
Ju 52/3m drops paratroopers.

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