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The Road to Calvary: The Sisters (Khozhdenie po mukam: Syostry)

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The Road to Calvary: The Sisters
(Khozhdenie po mukam: Syostry)
Modern DVD Cover
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Grigoriy Roshal
Release Date 1957
Language Russian
Studio Mosfilm
Main Cast
Character Actor
Darya Dmitrievna Telegina nee Bulavina Nina Veselovskaya
Ekaterina Dmitrievna Smokovnikova nee Bulavina Rufina Nifontova
Ivan Ilyich Telegin Vadim Medvedev
Vadim Petrovich Roshchin Nikolai Gritsenko
Nikolay Ivanovich Smokovnikov Viktor Sharlakhov
Aleksey Alekseevich Bessonov Vladlen Davydov
Dmitriy Stepanovich Bulavin Vladimir Muravyov

The Sisters (Syostry) is the first film of The Road to Calvary (Khozhdenie po mukam) three-part film series, adapted from the novel by eponymous historical novel trilogy by Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy. It depicts the fate of main characters in 1914-1917, against the background of events of the Great War and the Russian revolution 1917.

The following weapons were used in the film The Road to Calvary: The Sisters (Khozhdenie po mukam: Syostry):


Nagant M1895

Nagant M1895 revolvers are carries by Russian officers, seen only in holsters. The only noticable appearance of Nagants is in hands of revolutionaries in Moscow during the Russian revolution in February 1917.

Nagant M1895 Revolver - 7.62x38R Nagant. This example was dated 1939 manufacture and was a War time issued weapon. Note the angular front sight which was used from 1930s.
Revolutionaries escort arrested policemen and gendarmes during the revolutionary events in February 1917.

Pocket Revolver

In one scene Nikolay Ivanovich Smokovnikov (Viktor Sharlakhov) threatens his wife Ekaterina Dmitrievna (Rufina Nifontova) with a pocket revolver of unknown model. This is possibly a toy cap gun.



Mosin Nagant M1891

Historically correct Mosin Nagant M1891 rifles are widely used during the events of Great War and Russian revolution.

Mosin Nagant M1891 Infantry Rifle - 7.62x54mm R
Cavalrymen, carrying rifles on slings, appear at the gates of Baltiyskiy factory in Petrograd when workers are on strike.
Russian soldiers on march in the beginning of Great War.
Revolutionary soldiers in Petrograd in 1917.
Revolutionary soldiers in Petrograd in 1917.
Revolutionary soldiers in Moscow in 1917.

Mannlicher M1888-90

A guard in Austro-Hungarian camp for Russian POWs is armed with a Mannlicher rifle. It appears to be a pre-M1895 model, most likely M88-90 or M89.

Austro-Hungarian Steyr Mannlicher M1888-90 - 8x50mmR Mannlicher.
The magazine is separated from trigger guard which allows to differ this rifle from later Mannlicher M1895.
The bayonet is longer than standard Austro-Hungarian bayonets of the appropriated era and looks more like German bayonets for Gewehr 98.

Mauser Gewehr 98

Most Austro-Hungarian soldiers are armed with Mauser Gewehr 98 rifles instead of correct Mannlichers.

Mauser Gewehr 1898 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
A soldier in Austro-Hungarian camp for Russian POWs holds a Mauser rifle.
Soldiers escort Russian officers, sentenced for death penalty.

Mauser Karabiner 98k

When Praporshik Ivan Telegin (Vadim Medvedev) makes a break from POW camp, he disarms an Austro-Hungarian soldier, carrying an anachronistic Karabiner 98k rifle.

Karabiner 98k - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Telegin disarms the soldier.

Mauser Karabiner 98b

In the same scene another Russian officer, Capt. Zhukov (Pyotr Modnikov), also disarms a soldier and takes his rifle. This is a full-length Mauser with turned down bolt handle that appears to be a Karabiner 98b.

Karabiner 98b - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Capt. Zhukov disarms the convoy...
...and beats him with the buttstock of the rifle.
But he is shot by a soldier on watchtower.



The commendant (Leonid Nedovich) of Austro-Hungaian camp for Russian POWs carries a holster for anachronistic Walther P38.
Austro-Hungarian officers with P38 holsters. They appear to be flat and empty.
Telegin carries a Nagant holster.

76.2 mm divisional gun model 1902

The 76.2 mm divisional gun model 1902 are seen during the revolutionary events in February 1917.

76.2mm M1902 Field Gun

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