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Nomads of the North (Brodyagi severa)

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Nomads of the North (Brodyagi severa)
Brodyagi severa.jpg
Modern Poster
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Igor Negrescu
Release Date 1983
Language Russian
Studio Kievnauchfilm
Main Cast
Character Actor
Nanette Valeriya Tsoy
Redge Challoner Peteris Gaudins
Macocky Nikolay Kuzmin
McDonnell Aleksandr Agapov
Durant Stasis Petronaitis
Marie Anya Semyonova
Jacques Le Beau Valeriy Shevchenko
Graus Piette Vitaliy Matveev

Nomads of the North (Brodyagi severa; another English title is Tramps of the North) is a Soviet 1983 adventure family movie, directed by Igor Negrescu and based on the novel "Nomads of the North" by James Oliver Curwood. The story is set in North Canada and depicts the adventures of a bear cub and a puppy, as well as of several people whoes life became connected with these two animals.

The following weapons were used in the film Nomads of the North (Brodyagi severa):


Reichsrevolver M1879

Postman Macocky (Nikolay Kuzmin) carries a Reichsrevolver M1879.

Reichsrevolver M1879 Revolver - 10.6x25R
Macocky aims.
Another view of the revolver.
Macocky tucks the revolver in his belt.

Nagant M1895 (visually modified)

A Nagant M1895, visually modified to resemble Colt 1878 Double Action revolver, is used by McDonnell (Aleksandr Agapov). It looks very similar to the prop that was used in Cabbages and Kings.

A long barreled target version of Nagant M1895 - .22 LR
Nickle plated 1878 Double Action Colt w/ 7.5" barrel
McDonnell fires his revolver in air at the background.


Winchester Model 1895

A Winchester Model 1895 carbine is seen in several scenes, used by Nanette (Valeriya Tsoy), Durant (Stasis Petronaitis) and Jacques Le Beau (Valeriy Shevchenko). Macocky (Nikolay Kuzmin) holds a Winchester M1895 rifle in one scene.

Winchester Model 1895 carbine - .30 Cal. The screen carbine is of a different model.
Nanette holds a Winchester M1895 Carbine. The gun seems to have a custom handguard and military style rear sight so it can be a converted rifle.
What appears to be the same carbine is hold by the adventurer Durant.
Another view of Durant's gun.
The same gun in hands of the trapper Jacques Le Beau.
A Russian contract Model 1895 in 7.62x54 Russian. Note the loading bridge over the reciever
Macocky (Nikolay Kuzmin) holds a Winchester M1895 rifle at the background.

Unidentified long gun

An unidentified long gun is seen in the trading post. Possibly it is some antique hunting rifle or maybe a shotgun, converted from a military rifle.

A local man holds an unknown long gun at the left.
The same gun is seen at the right.


Izhmekh IZh-17

In various scenes Nanette (Valeriya Tsoy), Durant (Stasis Petronaitis) and Jacques Le Beau (Valeriy Shevchenko), Macocky (Nikolay Kuzmin) and some local persons use Izhmekh IZh-17 shotguns.

Izhmekh IZh-17 single barreled shotgun - 16 Gauge
Nanette fires at a bear.
Le Beau holds a shotgun.
Another view of Le Beau's shotgun.
Durant holds the shotgun.
A man at the trading post holds an IZh-17 (at the right).
A local man fires the shotgun in air, signalling the start of dog fighting.
Macocky holds a shotgun.

Double Barreled Shotgun

A Double Barreled Shotgun is seen in the scene in the trading post.

Double barreled shotgun is seen at the left.

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