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Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

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Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad
Red Orchestra Heroes of Stalingrad cover.jpg
Box Cover
Release Date: September 13, 2011
Developer: Tripwire Interactive
Publisher: Tripwire Interactive
Series: Red Orchestra
Platforms: PC
Genre: First-Person Shooter

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad is a 2011 first-person shooter developed by Tripwire Interactive, and the sequel to Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45. As an FPS, it is noticeable for its intense tactical realism. The game, set in the brutal Battle of Stalingrad, features a single-player mode for both the Allied Red Army and the Axis Wehrmacht, as well as a teamwork-orientated multiplayer mode with several different game types. Players can also operate T-34/76 and Panzer IV tanks in both gameplay modes.

Several unique features in-game, among others, include firearms with sights that can be adjusted by the player, player-usable iron sights on rifles with telescopic sights fitted as well as realistic ballistic drop and barrel replacement for MG 34 LMGs. Players can also operate four stations in the featured tanks; driver, gunner, commander, and radio operator/hull machine gunner. A featured cover system also allows players to take more advantage of cover (not unlike Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway). Both tanks are noticeable for their impressive designs for detail and immersion, including fully modeled interiors as well as reload animations for the guns.

The game also features stat progression where players can advance their honor, class, and weapon levels to unlock character upgrades and skins. Honor level starts at 10 while class and weapon levels both start at Level 0. Small arms can be unlocked as well as upgrades, skins, and sometimes attachments for every weapon.

The game received a standalone expansion known as Rising Storm, focusing on the Pacific front of WWII.

Trivia: When sprinting, Soviet soldiers hold their weapons with both hands, while German soldiers hold their weapons with their right hand at the balance point (or "trail carry").

The following weapons appear in the video game Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad:

Axis Weapons


Karabiner 98k

The main German rifle of World War II, the Karabiner 98k is used by the Axis "Riflemen", "Elite Riflemen" and "Marksman" classes. It is loaded mainly using 5-round stripper clips, but (and uniquely in games) can be 'topped off' with single rounds. The "Marksman" class is issued the rifle fitted with a 4x Zeiss ZF42 telescopic sight. At release, a bayonet and an anachronistic winter trigger guard (not available on the scoped rifle) could be unlocked in multiplayer mode at level 25, followed by an upgrade to remove the hood from the front sight at level 50. The winter trigger guard, which was never actually modeled in the game, was removed in a subsequent patch. The "Marksman" class can unlock an Ajack 6x scope with a crosshair-type reticle at level 25, and an attached bayonet at level 50.

Karabiner 98k - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Holding a Level 0 Karabiner 98k.
Aiming down the sights.
Chambering in a new round.
Reloading with a 5-round stripper clip.
Knocking out the empty clip.
The Level 50 variant with unhooded front sight and S84/98 III bayonet.
Looking through the sights.
Karabiner 98k with Zeiss ZF42 scope - 7.92x57mm Mauser
The rifle with the telescopic sight fitted as issued to the "Marksman" class (Level 0).
Looking through the scope.
Loading with loose rounds on the scoped rifle.
Aiming down the iron sights on the scoped rifle.

Gewehr 41(W)

The ill-fated forerunner of the Gewehr 43 rifle, the Gewehr 41(W) is used by the Axis "Elite Riflemen", "Marksman" "Squad Leader" and "Commander" classes. The rifle holds 10 rounds in a fixed box magazine, loaded using 5-round clips and 'topped off' with single rounds. Note that the (W) designates that the rifle seen in-game was the type manufactured by Walther rather then Mauser. The "Marksman" class is issued the rifle fitted with a ZF41 1.5x long eye relief sight. A bayonet attachment, as well as a 4x scope for the scoped rifle, can be unlocked in multiplayer mode. Note that this 4x scope is actually the ZF4 that entered service as part of the G43 "package", the same way the Soviet PU scope was designed to fit the SVT-40 - the scope was never used in Stalingrad and was not in service at the time. No evidence exists that the scope was ever mounted on the G41 by the Germans, the only known examples of ZF4s on G41 rifles being postwar modifications. As it is portrayed in the game, the scope is mounted using a 1944 K98-type swept mount which is rare in itself; it is also mounted so far forwards on the rifle that proper eye relief would be impossible, rendering the scope useless. Ingame markings also seem to have been "borrowed" from the G43, as they do not match actual G41 production.

The G41's annular gas ring was a serious problem in combat, rendering the rifle extremely unreliable when dirty or fouled. The G41 was disliked and eventually withdrawn from service, with the G43 copying the Soviet SVT-40 gas system instead - a more conventional, more reliable piston type.

Several classes can use the weapon except in Classic mode, where it is regulated to the Elite Riflemen, Marksman, and Commander only.

Gewehr 41 (W) - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Holding the Level 0 G 41(W).
Aiming down the sights.
Topping off the Gewehr 41's magazine with loose 7.92mm rounds.
Pulling up the first five-round stripper clip.
Set in, the soldier feeds the rounds into the magazine.
Releasing the bolt.
The Level 50 variant in-game with a brighter, cleaner finish and bayonet.
Checking the ammo.
Gewehr 41 (M) fitted with ZF41 sight - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Holding the (Level 0) Scoped G 41(W).
The view through the ZF41.
Thumbing in 7.92 Mauser rounds on the reload.
Karabiner 98k with ZF4 - 7.92x57mm Mauser; for comparison
The G 41(W) after reaching Level 25.
Looking through the 4x ZF4 scope.
Ten shots later the bolt locks back.
As the 4x scope prevents usage of Mauser clips, this variant can only be reloaded with loose rounds.

MKb 42(H)

The early prototype of the iconic Sturmgewehr 44, the MKb 42(H) is used by the Axis "Assault" class. The rifle is loaded using 30-round magazines. A bayonet and ZF41 sight attachment can be unlocked in multiplayer mode. Unlike the StG 44 which was based upon it, the MKb 42 fires from an open bolt, with an MP 40-style safety notch rather than an actual mechanical safety device.

It is possible the MKB 42(H) was used in Stalingrad for field testing, though no evidence proves this.

Haenel MKb 42 (H) - 7.92x33mm
The (Level 0) MKb 42(H).
Aiming down the sights.
Performing an ammo check.
Pressing the magazine release button.
Getting rid of the empty magazine.
About to insert a full one.
Mashing in the new magazine.
Pulling the charging handle.
Haenel MKb 42(H) with ZF41 - 7.92x33mm Kurz
The Level 50 MKB42(H) equipped with S84/98 III bayonet and ZF41 sight like it is seen on the box art.


The PTRS-41 anti-tank rifle is a Soviet-manufactured weapon but is available to both Allies and Axis as captured weaponry under the (historically accurate) PZB 784(K) designation. The rifle is loaded with a 5-round en-bloc clip and must be deployed to fire although it can be ammo checked and reloaded whilst undeployed.

PTRS-41 - 14.5x114mm
Holding the undeployed PTRS.
Ammo check while undeployed.
Deployed and using the iron sights.
Checking ammo while deployed.
Reloading whilst undeployed. The player crouches when reloading while this way and he cannot move aside from looking around with the mouse or the reload will cancel. The field of view doesn't allow much to see.
Reloading whilst deployed on a ledge.
Reloading whilst deployed prone.

Submachine Guns

MP 40

The iconic MP 40 submachine gun is carried by the Axis "Assault" and "Squad Leader" classes. It is loaded with 32-round magazines. An exceptionally rare experimental type, the MP 40/I, can be unlocked in multiplayer mode as well. This version loads two separate 32-round magazines into a sliding assembly; the user must manually switch it from one position to the other upon emptying the first magazine. This prototype was unreliable and unpopular, never advancing to large-scale production.

MP40 with brown bakelite lower receiver - 9x19mm Parabellum
Holding an MP 40.
Aiming down the sights.
Ammo-checking with the MP 40's magazine.
Upon running empty, the user locks the bolt back and withdraws the empty magazine..
...and pulls out the new one in a distinct manner, here giving a clear view of the modeled 9x19mm round.
Inserting the new mag in.
Lastly, releasing the bolt into battery.
MP40/I Dual Magazine System - 9x19mm Parabellum
A German Assault soldier with the Level 50 variant outside of Stalingrad's infamous grain elevator.
The right magazine has a distinct ammo-check with the right arm.
Flicking the feed selector to the left magazine.
Non-empty reloading the left mag.

Machine Guns

MG 34

There are many variants of the MG 34 machine gun in the game. The light machine gun variant is issued to the Axis "Machine Gunner" class with a bipod and uses a 50-round belt contained within a detachable drum. A 75-round double drum magazine and 75-round belt (historically inaccurate as these configurations were not used in Stalingrad nor carried by infantry as small arms) can be unlocked in multiplayer mode. The gun is also mounted coaxially and in the hull of the Panzer IV tank. The gun can be fired in single-shot mode except for the coaxially mounted variant. For the LMG variant, it has to be either deployed or the player prone before the iron sights can be used; although it can be fired from the hip (at reduced accuracy), ammo checked and reloaded whilst undeployed, as with the PTRS-41. The LMG variant's barrel overheats quickly if fired fully automatic at a constant rate and the barrel will burst if used this way for too long. The player must replace the barrel when this happens or the gun will not fire. The HMG version does not overheat, despite its only distinction from the LMG being a tripod mounting and longer belt feed.

MG 34 with 50 round "assault drum" - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Holding a Level 0 MG 34 by the hip.
Deployed and aiming down the sights.
Performing an ammo check whilst deployed.
Moving back the charging handle.
Placing in a full drum magazine.
Getting the 7.92x57mm Mauser belt in position.
Pulling out a barrel.
Inserting a new barrel.
MG 34 with 75 round saddle drum magazine Patronentrommel 34 - 7.92x57mm Mauser

MG 42

The 2014 "Armored Assault" update added the MG42 into the game. The MG42 in-game initially has the 1200 RPM of earlier models, capable of blistering through its default 50-round drum magazine in less than a second or two and almost bursting the barrel with only a few short bursts, it also possesses alarming recoil even when deployed with significant muzzle rise even with a short burst. At level 25 the player will receive a 250-round belt which was common on most MG42's wartime and at level 50, the player will receive an extra belt of ammunition and a reduction of its fire rate from 1200 RPM to 900 RPM to maintain its barrel and ammunition supply.

While the MG42 actually saw limited use at Stalingrad, the game's depiction commits the common error of showing the weapon with the post-1943 vertical charging handle instead of the period-appropriate and rare slab-sided horizontal handle.

Maschinengewehr 42 with drum magazine - 7.92x57mm Mauser
A Wehrmacht machine gunner carries his MG 42 with a 50-round drum magazine.
Performing an ammo check
Aiming down the sights while prone. Note the vertical charging handle, a feature which was developed at some point in 1943 after the Battle of Stalingrad.
Moving back the charging handle.
Taking the drum magazine and opening the top cover simultaneously.
Getting the full magazine in place.
Placing the 7.92x57mm Mauser belt.
Closing the top cover.
Maschinengewehr 42 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
The MG 42 with its newly equipped 250-round belt.
Moving the charging handle from a better angle.
Placing in a new belt.
Pulling out a barrel.
Installing a replacement barrel.
Closing the barrel assembly.


Mauser C96

The Mauser C96 pistol is mainly available as an unlock in multiplayer mode, but it is also used during the Axis "Basic Training" mission in the single-player mode. It loads using a stripper clip to feed its integral 10-round magazine, and can only reload with the stripper clip when the gun is empty. Despite being modeled as the "Bolo" variant with a shortened barrel and grip, its multiplayer upgrades are a detachable 20-round box magazine at level 25, with select-fire and a stock (essentially turning it into an M712 Schnellfeuer) at level 50. The real "Bolo" could not accept detachable magazines or a select-fire mechanism.

Mauser C96 "Bolo" Model - 7.63x25mm Mauser
Viewing the damaged Baraskha bridge with the (Level 0) C96.
Using the iron sights - though RO2 features range adjustments, the C96's sights don't have this capability in-game unfortunately.
Ammo check-ing the Mauser.
Reloading using a 10-round clip.
The bolt is supposed to automatically chamber upon removing the clip, but it is shown as requiring a tug to send it into battery in-game.
Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer - 7.63x25mm Mauser
Wielding the M712, unlocked at Level 25.
The sights are the same, other than the Wehrmacht soldier's left hand is visible holding the magwell.
Pulling out a used-up 20-round magazine...
...and replacing it with a fresh one.
Rechambering the Schnellfeuer.
Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer with 20-round magazine and wooden stock - 7.63x25mm Mauser
The Level 50 in-game.
Firing the Schnellfeuer.
Meleeing with the Schnellfeuer offers a view of the buttstock.

Walther P38

The Walther P38 is a sidearm used by the Axis. It is loaded using an 8-round magazine. A black pistol grip, a purely aesthetic feature, can be unlocked for the weapon.

Walther P38 - 9x19mm
A Level 0 Walther P38.
Using the sights.
Checking the Walther's chamber.
Pulling out the P38's heel released magazine.
About to insert a full one.
Rather than using the catch, the soldier manually releases the slide.
Walther P38 with black grips - 9x19mm
A German soldier at Spartanovka loads up his black-gripped P38.

Thrown Weapons

Model 24 Stielhandgranate

Referred to in-game as the M1939 Grenade, the Model 24 Stielhandgranate is carried by the Axis as the standard grenade.

Model 24 Stielhandgranate
Unscrewing the cap while drawing the Stielhandgranate.
Holding the Kartoffelstampfer (potato masher).
"...fuse pull at the base."

Nebelhandgranate 39

The Axis "Squad Leader" class carries a couple of Nebelhandgranate 39 smoke grenades.

Nebelhandgranate 39
Holding the smoke potato masher.
Pulling the fuse.


The Axis "Anti-tank" and "Engineer" classes both carry a couple of Hafthohlladung Anti Tank Mine anti-tank charges. They are incorrectly depicted in-game as impact-fused anti-tank grenades. The HHL is a magnetic mine with a time fuse, it had to be physically placed on the tank itself.

Hafthohlladung H3.5
Holding the HHL.
This ZIS-5 truck is TOAST!

3kg Satchel

The Axis "Engineer" class carries a couple of satchel charges.

Holding the satchel charge.
"Kablooey", anyone?

Mounted Weapons

7.5 cm Pak 40

Unusable 7.5 cm Pak 40 anti-tank guns are seen on some multiplayer maps like the reworked "Stalingrad Kessel" map.

Panzerabwehrkanone (PaK) 40 - 75x714mm R
The PaK 40 in-game.
Another PaK 40 in-game.

8 cm kurzer Granatwerfer 42

Two unusable Granatwerfer 42 Mortars can be seen during the basic training mission. Several other Granatwerfers are stationed on the map "Demyansk".

Kurzer Granatwerfer 42 - 81.4mm
One of the Granatwerfers next to the training area.
A Granatwerfer behind sandbags on "Demyansk".

8.8 cm FlaK 37

Some FlaKs 37 can be seen on the reworked maps.

Flugabwehrkanone (FlaK) 37 - 88x571mm R
The FlaK in-game.
Right view, note the low detailed pointer dials.

8.8 cm Pak 43

The 8.8 cm Pak 43 is seen mounted on disabled Elefant heavy tank destroyers which are reworked models from Ostfront 41-45.

Panzerabwehrkanone (PaK) 43/41 - 88x822mm R

15 cm schwere Feldhaubitze 18

Four 15 cm schwere Feldhaubitze 18 howitzers are seen on the map "Demyansk"

Schwere Feldhaubitze 18 - 150mm

MG 15

MG15 machine guns can be seen on Stuka Ju 87 dive bombers.

MG 15 with 75-round double drum - 7.92x57mm Mauser
An MG 15 mounted on a Ju 87 Stuka dive bomber.
The low detailed disabled MG 15 in-game.

MG 17

The Stuka dive bombers are also armed with wing-mounted MG17 machine guns.

MG 17 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
An MG17 mounted in a Stuka's wing.

MG 34

The MG 34 is also available as the Axis forces' standard emplaced MG, mounted on a Lafette tripod; additionally, Panzer III M and IV G tanks are each equipped with two of the Panzerlauf variant - one mounted co-axially, and one in the hull.

MG 34 on tripod - 7.92x57mm Mauser
MG 34 mounted on a lafette tripod. The player is holding a Walther P38 pistol.
Using the mounted MG 34.
Aiming down the sights of the mounted MG 34.
Blindfiring while taking cover behind the gun itself.
Reloading the mounted MG 34.

MG 34 Panzerlauf

The MG 34 Panzerlauf.

MG 34 Panzerlauf - 7.92x57mm Mauser
The coaxially mounted MG 34 as seen by the main tank gunner. Note the tank loader's arm on the right.
The coaxially mounted gun being reloaded by the tank loader.
Aiming away from the scope of the tank hull MG 34.
Looking through the scope of the tank hull MG 34. The black circle is historically inaccurate, being part of a diagram to show the edge of the sight itself. On the real sight, the posts reach right to the edge.
Reloading the tank hull MG 34.

Allied Weapons


Mosin Nagant M91/30

The Mosin Nagant M91/30 rifle is issued to the Allied "Riflemen" and "Elite Riflemen" classes. It is loaded mainly using 5-round stripper clips and is available with a sniper variant for the "Marksman" class. A bayonet attachment can be unlocked for the infantry rifle and at level 50 for the sniper rifle (though it is unlikely a Sniper would make use of one). Sniper variants include the 3.5x PU, introduced around the time of Stalingrad and therefore fairly rare during the battle (this is the starting version), a top-mounted 4x PEM (level 25, and fairly common at the time), and at level 50 the side-mounted PEM (by far the most common type during the battle of Stalingrad and used by the most famous snipers, including Zaytsev and Chekhov. If anything, this should have been the initial scope, not the PU). In addition, early PU scopes were visually very different from the later (post-1943) production example the in-game model is based off of. The first PU scopes had brass lens fittings, squared-off bases for the adjustment drums, and were often made of a light alloy known as 'silium'. The existing stock of SVT-40 PU scopes was also drawn upon, resulting in many 1942-43 91/30 sniper rifles bearing these. The SVT-40 variant of the PU scope is easily identified by the longer cut for the mount used on that rifle, causing a visible 'step up' in tube diameter when mounted on a 91/30.

Mosin Nagant M91/30 - 7.62x54mmR
A Level 0 Mosin Nagant M91/30.
Looking down the iron sights.
Ammo checking the Mosin Nagant.
Chambering a new round.
Reloading using a stripper clip on the Level 50 variant which has the spike bayonet attachment upgrade. Also, note the rifle itself is in better condition.
Mosin Nagant M91/30 with PU 3.5x sniper scope and bent bolt handle (the scope is an SVT-type PU, not the later 91/30 type) - 7.62x54mmR
Holding a Level 0 sniper variant. Note the markings on the scope.
Looking through the scope. Note the strong distortion effect around the edges of the scope's field of view, which is not present on a real PU scope - or any common WWII sniper scope, for that matter.
Rechambering the sniper variant while looking through the scope.
Looking down the iron sights on the sniper variant.
Reloading the sniper variant with loose rounds.
Mosin Nagant M1891/30 with PE scope - 7.62x54mm R
The Mosin Nagant Level 25 in-game.
Ammo checking.

Tokarev SVT-40

The Tokarev SVT-40 as well as a sniper variant is issued to the Allied "Elite Rifleman", "Marksman", "Squad Leader" and "Commander" classes (Realism Mode only, Restricted to Marksman, Elite Riflemen and Commander in Classic). It is loaded mainly using 10-round magazines but can also be loaded using 5-round stripper clips.

All variants have a plum-colored bolt finish as well as electro-penciled markings on the bolt handle which show that the rifle had been through the postwar rearsenal process, making the rifles in-game slightly anachronistic. A bayonet attachment is available for all variants as an unlock as well as a 6x PEM scope for the sniper variant. This is inaccurate as the PEM is a large 4x scope. The 6x scope shown in-game was an experimental modified PU type which was produced in minuscule (double digits) quantities and never passed the initial testing phase. The AVT-40 can unlock a 3.5x PU scope, though real AVT-40s never borescopes as the SVT-40 itself was rather unimpressive as a sniper rifle. A muzzle brake is also provided at Level 50, reducing its recoil drastically.

Tokarev SVT-40 - 7.62x54mmR
A Level 0 Tokarev SVT-40. Note the bolt carrier's plum-colored finish.
Aiming down the sights.
Opening the chamber during the tactical reload.
Reloading using a stripper clip. Note the electro-penciled markings on the bolt handle.
Removing the empty stripper clip.
The empty Level 50 variant in-game.
Grapping the used magazine.
Reloading with the removable magazine. Note the magazine release.
Pulling the bolt handle.
Tokarev SVT-40 with PU sniper scope - 7.62x54mmR
Holding a Level 0 sniper variant of the SVT-40.
Aiming through the scope on the sniper variant.
Using the iron sights on the sniper variant.

Tokarev AVT-40

A fully-automatic variant designated the AVT-40 (produced to supplement machine-gun production and fairly unliked by troops), is also available for the "Assault" class (Realism Mode only, Restricted to Elite Assault in Classic Mode). Aside from being able to switch between fully auto or semi-auto, the AVT-40 in-game is identical to the SVT-40 in every aspect.

Tokarev AVT-40 with 15-round magazine - 7.62x54mmR
Holding the Tokarev AVT-40 in-game.
Aiming down the sights.
Ammo check for the AVT-40.
Firing the AVT-40.
Inserting a full magazine.
Chambering the new magazine.

Submachine Guns


The PPSh-41 submachine gun is used by the Allied "Assault", "Engineer", "Squad Leader" and "Commander" classes (Realism mode only, Restricted to Elite Assault, Assault, Commander and Engineer in Classic Mode). It loads using a 35-round stick magazine. A 71-round drum magazine can be unlocked in multiplayer (Comes standard with the weapon in Classic Mode, does not need to be unlocked). In real life, the drum magazines were more common at this point in the war than the 35-round stick magazines.

PPSh-41 with 35-round stick magazine - 7.62x25mm Tokarev
A Level 0 PPsh-41 with 35-round stick magazine.
Looking down the iron sights.
Ammo check for the PPSh-41. A cartridge can be seen clearly in the stick magazine.
Clicking out the stick magazine.
Inserting the new magazine.
Chambering a round.
PPSh-41 with 71-round drum magazine - 7.62x25mm Tokarev
A PPSh-41 with 71-round drum magazine.
Looking down the iron sights.
Ammo check for the PPSh-41. A cartridge can be seen clearly in the drum magazine.
Reloading the PPSh-41 with the drum magazine.


The PPS-42 appears with the 2014 "Armored Assault" update and has a 35-round stick magazine. Initially, it does not feature its metal folding stock instead having it is unlocked at Level 25 which vastly reduces the weapon's recoil on full auto. At Level 50, the player receives two extra magazines.

PPS-42 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev
Holding the PPS-42 with a 35-round stick magazine.
Aiming down the sights.
Getting rid of the empty magazine.
Inserting a full one.
Brandishing a Level 50 PPS-42...
...to take a look at the grip and the folding stock.

Machine Guns

Degtyaryov DP-27

Allied "Machine Gunners" are issued the Degtyaryov DP-27 light machine gun, which is loaded using a 47-round drum magazine and has a bipod for stability. Unlike its German counterpart, its barrel cannot be replaced in-game. This is in contrast with the real DP-28, with Tripwire stating that their research indicated that most DP-28 gunners did not carry spare barrels (Possibly because of the slower rate of fire than the MG34) and therefore they were not included in the game. Like the MG 34, it has to be either deployed or the player prone before the iron sights can be used; although players can fire from the hip (at reduced accuracy), ammo check and reload whilst undeployed.

Degtyarov DP-27 - 7.62x54mmR
Holding a Level 0 Degtyaryov by the hip.
Ammo check for the Degtyaryov while undeployed. The number of rounds left in the magazine can be determined by looking at the position of the D-ring on the magazine as it revolves as shells are ejected when firing.
Inserting a new magazine while undeployed (same rules apply when doing this with the PTRS-41 and MG 34).
Deployed and looking down the sights.
Ammo check while deployed.
Reloading while deployed on a ledge.
Reloading while deployed prone.


Nagant M1895

The Nagant M1895 revolver is a sidearm for the Allies. It holds seven rounds and the cylinder is reloaded with loose rounds. A suppressor can be unlocked in multiplayer.

Nagant M1895 - 7.62x38N
The (Level 0) Nagant M1895.
Looking down the iron sights.
About to open the loading gate.
Reinserting the guide rod after filling the cylinder off-screen.
Nagant M1895 with Bramit suppressor (modern replica) - 7.62x38R Nagant
The Nagant with suppressor.
Ammo check for the Nagant M1895.

Tokarev TT-33

The Tokarev TT-33 pistol can be unlocked in multiplayer as a sidearm. It is loaded using 8-round magazines.

Tokarev TT-33 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev
The player holds a Tokarev TT-33.
The Tokarev's ironsights.
Ammo check for TT-33.
Pressing the magazine release.
Vanishing the used magazine.
About to press in a fresh one.
Engaging the slide release.

Thrown Weapons

F-1 Hand Grenade

The F-1 Hand Grenade is the main grenade issued to the Allies.

F-1 Hand Grenade
The F-1 grenade.
Pulling the pin.

RDG-1 Smoke Grenade

An RDG-1 smoke grenade issued to the "Squad Leader" and "Commander" classes for the Soviets.

RDG-1 smoke grenade diagram
The RGD-1 smoke grenade. Note the markings on the head of the grenade.


An RPG-40 Anti-tank grenade is issued to the "Engineer" and "Anti-tank" classes.

RPG-40 anti-tank grenade
The AT grenade. Note the label on the grenade.
Pulling the pin.

Soviet 3kg Satchel

The Soviet "Engineer" class is issued a couple of satchel charges.

Holding the satchel charge.
Removing the pin.
Releasing the pin for throwing.

Mounted Weapons

25 mm M1940 (72-K)

Several 25 mm automatic air defense gun M1940 (72-K)s can be seen on multiplayer maps.

25 mm M1940 (72-K) - 25x218mmSR

50-mm RM-38

What appears to be an RM-38 Mortar is seen next to Soviet resupply stations.

RM-38 - 50mm

76 mm M1942 (ZiS-3)

Several 76 mm divisional gun M1942 (ZiS-3) can be seen on multiplayer maps.

M1942 (ZiS-3) 76mm Divisional Gun - 76mm
ZiS-3 in-game.
Another ZiS-3 in-game.

Degtyaryov DT

The Degtyaryov DT machine gun is mounted on the T-34/76 tank and used by the main gunner as a coaxially mounted weapon and by the radio operator/hull machine gunner.

Degtyayrov DT - 7.62x54mm R
The tank hull gunner's DT as seen from the tank driver.
Looking away from the sights. Note the T-34/76's interiors with the ammo supplies at the side.
Aiming down the sights.
Reloading the DT.

Maxim M1910

The Maxim M1910 is used as a fixed heavy machine gun by the Soviets. It is noticeable for its slow rate of fire and large ammunition belt compared to its German counterpart. Single shots can be fired in the same manner as the MG 34, by using the 'secondary fire' feature; this was not a feature in real life, and is not really necessary either, given the slow rate of fire. It is entirely likely Tripwire simply reused the coding from the MG34 and forgot or neglected to remove this.

Maxim 1910 with 'Sokolov' wheel mount, w/o shield - 7.62x54mmR
A Maxim M1910 mounted on a window.
Using the Maxim M1910.
Aiming down the sights.
Blind firing while taking cover behind the gun itself.
Reloading with the ammo belt.
Finishing the reload by pulling the charging handle twice.
A pre-launch screenshot of the Maxim. In the early stage of the game, the Maxim had the 'Sokolov' wheel mount which is not included in the final version.

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