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In the Fog (V tumane)

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In the Fog (V tumane)
V tumane 2012 Poster.jpg
Country BELARUS.jpg Belarus
RUS.jpg Russia
GER.jpg Germany
NED.jpg Netherlands
LAT.jpg Latvia
Directed by Sergey Loznitsa
Release Date 2012
Language Russian
Studio MA.JA.DE Fiction GmbH
Rija Films
Lemming Film
Main Cast
Character Actor
Sushenya Vladimir Svirskiy
Burov Vladislav Abashin
Voitik Sergey Kolesov
Grisha Nikita Peremotov
Anelya Yuliya Peresild
Koroban Kirill Petrov
Mishuk Dmitriy Kolosov
Topchievsky Stepans Bogdanovs

In the Fog (V tumane) is a 2012 Russian language co-production war drama directed by Sergey Loznitsa and based on the story by Vasil Bykov. The plot is set in 1942 in Nazi occupied Belarus. Four railway workers are arrested on charges of organizing the crash of a German train. Three of them are executed, while one man named Sushenya (Vladimir Svirskiy) is being released. Rumours of Sushenya’s treason spread quickly, and two partisans, Burov (Vladislav Abashin) and Voitik (Sergey Kolesov), are sent to carry out the death sentence. In reality Sushenya is innocent but he cannot prove it as his release is the plan of a German officer to make a trap for partisans.

The film is the third screen adaptation of the original novel, preceded by 1992 Russian and 1994 Belarusian films.

The following weapons were used in the film In the Fog (V tumane):


Nagant M1895

Burov (Vladislav Abashin) carries a Nagant M1895 revolver.

Nagant M1895 - 7.62x38R Nagant. Note the angular front sight which was used from 1930s.
Voitik (Sergey Kolesov) carries a holstered Nagant, taken from wounded Burov.
Voitik returns the revolver to Burov.
In the final, fog-covered scene Sushenya (Vladimir Svirskiy) takes the revolver.

Submachine Guns


A German Feldgendarm carries an MP40 submachine gun in the opening scene.

MP40 - 9x19mm
A Feldgendarm at the left holds an MP40.


Mosin Nagant Carbine (rework)

Burov (Vladislav Abashin) is armed with what looks like a Mosin Nagant M1938 Carbine. But close-ups allow to see the hex receiver and the original M91 unhooded "barleycorn" front sight - features that weren't ever used on M38 Carbines. Nevertheless, the crossbolt is positioned off center that is a feature of post-1930 production. So, judging by the combination of these feature, we may assume that this is a rework rifle with the M91 receiver and the M91 barrel, shortened to carbine length, mounted on the M38 stock.

For comparison: Mosin Nagant M1938 Carbine - 7.62x54mm R
For comparison: Mosin Nagant M1891 Dragoon - 7.62x54mm R
Burov carries the carbine.
A good view of Burov's carbine. The rear sight seems to be Konovalov M1891 model, different from the one used on M38 Carbines.
The hex receiver, the rear sight and the bolt handle are seen.
Burov aims at Sushenya.
Voitik (Sergey Kolesov) carries his M91/30 rifle and the carbine taken from wounded Burov. He also carries the empty Nagant holster.
A close-up shows the receivers and rear sights of the carbine and the rifle.
The front sight of the carbine is seen. While the blade with curved top and notched rear is uncommon for original Russian guns, it can be found on M91 rifles with Finnish repairs and modifications.

Mosin Nagant M1891/30

Voitik (Sergey Kolesov) carries a Mosin Nagant M1891/30 rifle.

Mosin Nagant M1891/30 - 7.62x54mm R
Voitik (at the left) carries an M91/30 rifle.
The barrel of Voitik's rifle.
A general view of Voitik's rifle.
Voitik carries the rifle, the carbine and the empty Nagant holster.
A close-up shows the receivers and rear sights of the carbine and the rifle.

Karabiner 98k

Most German soldiers and Hilfspolizei are armed with Karabiner 98k rifles.

Karabiner 98k - 7.92x57mm Mauser. Manufactured in Germany, 1937.
A German soldier in center holds a Kar 98k rifle.
Two Hilfspolizei near the car are armed with Kar 98k rifles.
Hilfspolizei Mirokha (Igor Khripunov) holds a Kar 98k in the scene in Burov's house.
A Hilfspolizei (Sergey Russkin) aims his rifle at Voitik in a flashback scene. The second Hilfspolizei (Timofey Tribuntsev) carries his rifle on sling.
Both Hilfspolizei carry Kar 98k rifles. Note the different barrel bands, a late version at the left and the early one at the right.
Two Hilfspolizei (Boris Kamorzin at the foreground, Mikhail Evlanov at the background) with Kar 98k rifles approach to Voitik in the final scene.
A close view of one of the rifles.
A Hilfspolizei fires.

Machine Guns

MG 34

An MG 34, mounted on a motorcycle, is seen in several scenes.

MG 34 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
An MG 34 on the motorcycle is seen in the flashback scene.
Another view of the same scene.

Other Weapons

Model 24 Stielhandgranate

A Hilfspolizei (Sergey Russkin) uses a Model 24 Stielhandgranate hand grenade in a flashback scene.

Model 24 Stielhandgranate "Potato Masher" high-explosive fragmentation hand grenade
The Hilfspolizei readies a grenade.
He throws it inside the house.



Sicherheitsdienst (SD) SS-Hauptsturmführer Grossmayer (Vlad Ivanov) carries a holster for Luger P08. The holster is supposed to be empty.

Armored Vehicles

A half-track APC Sd.Kfz. 251 (or post-war Czechoslovakian OT-810) is seen on the road. Two machine guns are mounted on the APC, one in the front part, with an armor shield, and another one at the rear part. Most likely these are MG34s but it's impossible to say for sure.

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