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Assault on the Secret Police (Uzbrukums slepenpolicijai)

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Assault on the Secret Police
(Uzbrukums slepenpolicijai)
Uzbrukums slepenpolicijai.jpg
Modern Poster
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Olgerts Dunkers
Release Date 1976
Language Latvian
Studio Riga Film Studio
Main Cast
Character Actor
Janis Luters alias Adolfs Karlsons Girts Jakovlevs
Chief of Secret Police Gregus Karlis Sebris
Gendarmes Rotmistr (Capt.) Kramerov Gunars Cilinskis
Madame Lejinas Elza Radzina
Luters' Mother Velta Line
Jekabs Dubelsteins alias Jepis Edmunds Freibergs
Mezgailis alias "Fox" Maris Putnins
Janis Coke alias "Dashing" Arnis Licitis
Austra alias Madame Treivogel Mirdza Martinsone

Assault on the Secret Police (a direct translation of original Latvian title Uzbrukums slepenpolicijai, Russian title Napadeniye na taynuyu politsiyu) is a Soviet Latvian 1976 (filmed 1975) historical adventure movie directed by Olgerts Dunkers and based on a novel by Alberts Bels which is in turn loosely based on actual events that happened in Riga in January 1906, during the Russian revolution 1905-1907. One of the leaders of Latvian Social Democratic revolutionaries, Janis Luters (Girts Jakovlevs), who poses as a merchant Adolfs Karlsons, is arrested by police and hold in the Riga Police Department building (in the movie - "Secret Police Department"). A group of revolutionaries commits the assault on police and releases Luters.

Note: the movie was released only on VHS hence the mediocre quality of the film.

The following weapons were used in the film Assault on the Secret Police (Uzbrukums slepenpolicijai):


Nagant M1895

Nagant M1895 revolvers are widely used by Russian Imperial police and gendarmes personnel and army officers. Revolvers are of post-1930 version.

Nagant M1895 Revolver - 7.62x38R Nagant
Gendarmes junior officer (Ramons Kepe), Rotmistr Kramerov's aide, holds a Nagant.
Gendarmes Rotmistr (Capt.) Kramerov (Gunars Cilinskis) carries a Nagant in holster. A Nagant in hands of his aide is seen at the background.
A Russian Army officer holds a Nagant during the police raid in Madame Treivogel's (who is a revolutionary Austra (Mirdza Martinsone)), salon.
A barrel of a Nagant of Kramerov's aide is seen in center.
A Nagant-wielding guard in police department is shot by Luters during the prison break.
An Army officer holds a Nagant. The lanyard is seen.
Rotmistr Kramerov (at the left) and police personnel with Nagants break in Madame Lejinas' (Elza Radzina) apartments.
Kramerov holds a Nagant.
A Gorodovoy (policeman) holds a Nagant. The lanyard is seen.
Kramerov's aide holds a Nagant.


FN Model 1900

An FN Model 1900 pistol is used by a secret police agent Spicausis (Vaironis Jakans) to assassinate a police official in order to blame the revolutionaries. Possibly this is the same nickel plated pistol that is seen in several other Riga Film Studio productions, like Death Under Sail.

FN Model 1900 - .32 ACP
Spicausis, posing as a revolutionary, aims his pistol at police official Tomashevich (uncredited).
Another view of Spicausis' pistol.
Spicausis hides the murder weapon in Madame Treivogel's salon.
Rotmistr Kramerov (Gunars Cilinskis) "finds" the murder weapon during the search in salon.
The chief of Riga secret police Gregus (Karlis Sebris) takes the "material evidence" and shows it to Janis Luters (Girts Jakovlevs)
The grip of the pistol is seen.
Luters examines the pistol.

CZ 27

Anachronistic CZ 27 pistols (probably a single prop reused in several scenes) are seen in hands of Janis Luters (Girts Jakovlevs) and of several secret police agents. Possibly this is the same gun that is seen in several other Riga Film Studio productions, like Unfinished Supper (Nezakonchennyy uzhin).

CZ 27 - 7.65x17mm (.32 ACP)
A secret police agent, posing as a revolutionaly, aims his pistol at the conductor of the tram while Spicausis assassinates a police official.
Luters' pistol and a cartridge clip on table.
Luters readies his pistol...
...and puts it in his suitcase.
A secret police agent (at the right) fires at arrested revolutionary Mezgailis alias "Fox" (Maris Putnins) when revolutionaries attack the police department.

Mauser M1934

An equally anachronistic Mauser M1934 pocket pistol, hidden in a loaf of bread, is sent to Janis Luters (Girts Jakovlevs). The shape of the slide serration matches M1910/34 version in 6.35mm (.25 ACP) caliber.

M1934 Mauser Pocket Pistol - 7.65x17mmSR. An M1910/34 version in 6.35x16mm SR (.25 ACP) has a different slide serration.
Jepis (Edmunds Freibergs) hands the pocket pistol to Janis Coke alias "Dashing" (Arnis Licitis).
"Dashing" puts the pistol into the loaf of bread.
Luters takes the pistol from the bread.
Luters holds the pistol druing the prison break.
He fires at a guard.
Luters holds his pistol after the successful escape.

Mauser C96

Revolutionaries Janis Coke alias "Dashing" (Arnis Licitis), Gederts Eliass alias Straume (Roland Zagorskis), Jekabs Dubelsteins alias Jepis (Edmunds Freibergs) and Martins (uncredited) use Mauser C96 pistols during the assault.

Pre-War dated Mauser C96 "Broomhandle" Commercial Version - 7.63x25mm Mauser
"Dashing" (at the right) holds a Mauser C96.
Another view of "Dashing"'s Mauser (at the left).
"Dashing"'s Mauser on the table.
Straume dual-wields Mauser pistols.
Straume holds a policeman at gunpoint.
Straume's Mausers.
Straume fires his pistols.
Jepis' Mauser.
"Dashing" (at the left) and Martins (at the right) dual-wield Mausers.


Mosin Nagant M1891

Russian Army soldiers are armed with Mosin Nagant M1891 rifles with bayonets.

Mosin Nagant M1891 Infantry rifle - 7.62x54mm R
A soldier at the left carries an M91 Infantry rifle while a soldier at the right - M91/30 rifle.
A soldier holds M91 rifle.
A soldier at the right carries an M91 rifle.
Barrels of M91 rifles.
A firing squad with M91 rifles during the mock execution of Janis Luters.

Mosin Nagant M1891/30

Russian Army soldiers are also armed with Mosin Nagant M1891/30 rifles with bayonets, standing for original M91s.

Mosin Nagant M1891/30 - 7.62x54mm R
Soldiers hold M91/30 rifles.
A soldier at the left carries an M91 Infantry rifle while a soldier at the right - M91/30 rifle.

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