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Ash (Pepel)

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Ash (Pepel)
Pepel Poster.jpg
Country RUS.jpg Russia
Language Russian
Creator Vadim Perelman
Timur Vaynshteyn
Broadcast 2013
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episodes 10
Main Cast
Character Actor
Capt. Igor Anatolyevich Petrov / Senya-Pepel Vladimir Mashkov
Senya-Pepel / Capt./Maj./Col. Petrov Yevgeny Mironov
Margarita Petrova Elena Lyadova
Vitya-Garderob Andrey Smolyakov
Militsia Maj. Zakhar Ignatyevich Kupriyanov Sergey Garmash
Diego the Catalan Aleksandr Dyachenko
Sonya Chulpan Khamatova

Ash (Pepel) is a Russian 2013 TV series. In 1938 a Red Army Capt. Igor Anatolyevich Petrov (Vladimir Mashkov) finds himself under the threat of arrest. While riding a train, he is accidentally involved in the criminal shootout and finds it a chance to change his identity, taking the documents from wounded criminal Arseniy Nikolaevich Skvortsov aka Senya-Pepel ("Ash") (Yevgeny Mironov) and leaving the latter with Petrov's papers. Both men have to start their lives completely anew. During the following ten years, one will become a brave commander and war hero, and the other - a ruthless gang leader. But one day they will have to meet again...

Note: since each of the main characters participates in the plot under two names, their names are used within quotation marks ("Petrov" and "Pepel") when it comes to fake identities.

The following weapons were used in the television series Ash (Pepel):


Nagant M1895

Nagant M1895 revolvers are seen in hands of NKVD personnel and criminals. Revolvers that are identified as rubber- or blank-firing versions of Nagant are listed in separate entries below.

Nagant M1895 Revolver - 7.62x38R Nagant. Note the angular front sight which was used from 1930s.
NKVD operative (Andrey Babenko) arrests "Petrov" when the latter tries to escape from hospital.
An NKVD officer executes "Petrov"'s cellmate Gleb Vladimirovich Ryazantsev (Vladimir Gostyukhin).
In the scene of the conflict for the gold mine, criminal Ryaba ("Pockmarked") (Yuriy Arkhangelskiy), one of the attackers, holds a Nagant (he is seen through the sniper scope). In previous moment Ryaba is seen with a TT.
One of the members of the gang, attacking the gold mine, holds a Nagant (at the left).

Nagant M1895 "Naganych" R-1

During the robbery of jewelry workshop, seasoned criminal Vitya-Garderob ("Wardrobe") (Andrey Smolyakov) uses a "Naganych" R-1, gas- and rubber-firing revolver based on Nagant M1895 (the name "Naganych" is modeled after the patronymic of the Russian language in the meaning "Son of Nagant"). This civilian version, converted from live Nagant revolvers, can be identified by a distinctive round hole in the frame between the barrel and the cylinder.

"Naganych" R-1 - 9mm P.A. tear gas/rubber
A closeup of Vitya-Garderob's revolver. The round hole on the frame exposes the gun as "Naganych" version.
Garderob, disguised as a female janitor, holds a secutiry guard at gunpoint.
Garderob holds his revolver and a TT-33, taken from the guard.

Nagant M1895 "Blef"

During the crucial encounter in the train in the first episode when two main characters exchange their identities, criminal safecracker Arseniy Skvortsov aka Senya-Pepel (Yevgeny Mironov) uses a "Blef" (VPO-503 "Nagan-S"), blank-firing version of Nagant M1895. When he is wounded, Capt. Igor Petrov (Vladimir Mashkov) takes the revolver. "Blef" is identified by a horisontal groove on the frame below the front part of the cylinder.

"Blef" (VPO-503 "Nagan-S"), a blank-firing version of Nagant M1895 - .22 Gevelot small cap
Pepel covertly aims his revolver at Petrov, sitting across from him.
Pepel confronts two criminals who try to get the stolen jewelry that Pepel transports. In this scene the extractor rod is pushed a little forward, as it is commonly seen on well-worn Nagants.
Petrov picks up the revolver of wounded Pepel.
The revolver on the table.
Petrov, now posing as Pepel, holds the revolver.
"Pepel" kills two street thugs.



Criminals and Militsia (police) personnel widely use TT-33 pistols. Both pre- and post-1947 versions are seen.

Tokarev TT-33 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev. Pre-1947 version.
Tokarev TT-33 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev. Post-1947 version.
Robber Sueta ("Fuss") (Gesha Menshikov) holds a TT during the robbery of the jewelry workshop.
A closeup of the pistol, taken from a security guard by Vitya-Garderob (Andrey Smolyakov). This is a post-1947 model while the scene is set in 1938.
Garderob with a TT.
Robber Leshiy ("Forest Spirit") (Gleb Temnov) holds a TT in same scene.
A member of "Pepel"'s gang (Farkhad Makhmudov) holds a TT during the abduction of a Major of Border Guards.
Ryaba (Yuriy Arkhangelskiy) holds a TT in the scene of "Petrov"'s meeting with crime bosses.
A pre-1947 TT in the drawer of "Petrov"'s table.
"Petrov" (Yevgeny Mironov), currently a Colonel, holds his TT.
Militsia Maj. Zakhar Ignatyevich Kupriyanov (Sergey Garmash) fires his TT at Special Department officer Maj. Yeryomenko (Sergey Chonishvili).
A good view of Kupriyanov's pre-1947 TT.
Criminal Kuvalda ("Sledgehammer") (uncredited), in officer's peaked cap, holds a pre-1947 TT during the attack on the gold mine.

Walther P38

Crime boss Shults (Romuald Makarenko) is armed with Walther P38 during the attack on the gold mine.

Walther P38 WWII dated with black grips - 9x19mm
Shults holds a P38.

Browning Hi-Power

One of the criminals, attacking the gold mine, is armed with a Browning Hi-Power.

FN P-35 - 9x19mm
A criminal in center holds a Hi-Power pistol. This is an original FN P-35 version with the tangent rear sight.
Another view of same character. The pistol holster on his belt is a German pattern for P38.

M1911-style pistol

In a wartime scene a German officer in charge of the firing squad holds a pistol that resembles some version of Colt M1911. The pistol is seen in distance and briefly, and the positive identification is impossible.

The officer and his soldiers fall under the fire before they could carry out the execution.

Submachine Guns


PPSh-41 with both drum and stick magazines are widely used in the scenes set during and after the war. They are notably used by "Captain Petrov" (Yevgeny Mironov), "Pepel" (Vladimir Mashkov), his companion Diego the Catalan (Aleksandr Dyachenko), and Special Department officer Maj. Sergey Leonidovich Yeryomenko (Sergey Chonishvili).

PPSh-41 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev
"Captain Petrov" fires a PPSh at German soldiers when breaking from encirclement.
"Petrov" with a PPSh.
Two soldiers (Oleg Novikov at the left, Maksim Salnikov at the right) with PPSh.
"Pepel", in charge of a group of criminals turned partisans, carries a PPSh.
A Lt. (Konstantin Tretyakov), commander of scouts of "Major Petrov"'s battalion, carries a PPSh.
Sentries of "Colonel Petrov"'s unit with PPSh-41s in post-war episode.
One of the criminals, attacking the gold mine, holds a PPSh with drum magazine.

PPSh-41 with 35-round stick magazine - 7.62x25mm Tokarev
The commander of a penal company Lt. Makarov (Evgeniy Morozov) and another officer (at the right) of "Major Petrov"'s battalion with PPSh-41s with stick magazines.
Masked criminals, including "Pepel" and Diego, with PPSh-41s with stick magazines during the attack on the gold-transporting armoured car.
Diego carries a PPSh.
A gang member carries a PPSh.
Pvt. Andrey Petrishchev (Konstantin Balakirev) aims at Maj. Yeryomenko with Major's own PPSh when the officer steals gold.
Yeryomenko gets back his PPSh and fires at Maj. Kupriyanov's car.
One of the criminals, attacking the gold mine, holds a PPSh with stick magazine.


Several criminals are armed with PPS-43 submachine guns in wartime episodes, when "Pepel"'s gang became partisans, and during the shootout of the gold mine in the post-war episode.

PPS-43 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev
Two of the members of "Pepel"'s gang (at the left, near the motorcycle, and in center) carry PPS-43 after the attack on a German car on the forest road.
A PPS of the man at the left (Mikhail Solovyov) is seen better.
Same character (at the right) holds a PPS during the night attack on a gold mine.
Same character carries a PPS at the left.
One of the criminals, attacking "Pepel"'s gold mine, is armed with a PPS-43 (in center).
Another attacker with a PPS-43.
One of "Pepel"'s men fires a PPS, defending the gold mine.


An MP38 is seen in hands of a German soldier.

MP38 - 9x19mm
An MP38 in hands of a soldier. Note the lack of the furniture.


German soldiers and "Pepel"'s criminals-partisans use MP40s.

MP40 - 9x19mm
One of "Pepel"'s men fires an MP40.
A German soldier at the right carries an MP40.
Diego (Aleksandr Dyachenko) carries an MP40. In previous scene, during the road ambush, he was armed with a PPSh.

Denix MP40

At least one of the MP40s of German soldiers turns out to be a Denix non-firing replica.

A soldier with a MP40. The silumin surface with molding seams and the crude front sight indicate early Denix production.
Same character on knees under the fire of "Pepel"'s men.

Assault Rifles

Sturmgewehr 44

After the ambush on a German car on the forest road, one of "Pepel"'s men (Farkhad Makhmudov) picks up a Sturmgewehr 44.

Sturmgewehr 44 - 7.92x33mm Kurz
A criminal-partisan takes an StG 44 from a dead German soldier.



One of "Pepel"'s men (Aleksandr Makovskiy) uses an SVT-40 in several scenes.

Tokarev SVT-40 - 7.62x54mmR
A criminal carries an SVT-40 during the night attack on a gold mine.
The barrel of the SVT is seen next to the character who prepares to activate a blasting machine during the ambush on the gold-transporting armoured car.
Same criminal with the SVT-40.
Same criminal holds his rifle when the gang divides the plunder.


One of "Pepel"'s men (Aleksandr Lazarev (III)) carries an anachronistic SKS in a wartime episode.

SKS - 7.62x39mm
The criminal carries his SKS at the background. The barrel and folded bayonet are seen.
The criminal-partisan aims his SKS at a German officer, commanding the firing squad.
He carries the rifle on his shoulder.
Same character carries the SKS at the left.

Mosin Nagant M1891/30

Soviet soldiers, NKVD prison guards and "Pepel"'s men use Mosin Nagant M1891/30 rifles.

Mosin Nagant M1891/30 - 7.62x54mm R
Guards of the prison railway wagon carry M91/30 rifles.
A prison guard carries an M91/30 rifle.
One of "Pepel"'s criminals-partisans holds an M91/30 rifle at the left.
The armoury in "Colonel Petrov"'s unit barracks, with rifles in gun rack at the left, and PPSh-41 and PPS-43 submachine guns at the right. Among the rifles most are M91/30 but some original M91s are also seen.
Soldiers take weapons.

Mosin Nagant M1891

Several Mosin Nagant M1891 Infantry rifles are seen in the armoury in "Colonel Petrov"'s unit barracks.

Mosin Nagant M1891 Infantry - 7.62x54mm R
Most rifles in the gun rack are M91/30 but at least three M91 Infantry rifles can be seen.

Mosin Nagant M1891/30 Sniper Rifle

"Pepel"'s gang posesses several Mosin Nagant M1891/30 Sniper Rifles (most likely a single prop is reused).

Mosin Nagant M1891/30 Sniper Rifle with PU 3.5x sniper scope and down turned bolt handle - 7.62x54mm R
A gang member at the left carries a wrapped sniper rifle.
Another criminal with a sniper rifle (at the right) during the night attack.
During the attack on the gold mine one of the defenders aims a sniper rifle.
"Pepel" (Vladimir Mashkov) takes a sniper rifle.
He hunts for "Colonel Petrov".
"Pepel" with the sniper rifle. Note a kind of award plate on the buttstock.
A closeup of the rifle.
A promotional image of "Pepel" (Vladimir Mashkov) holding the sniper rifle.

Karabiner 98k

In one episode German soldiers carry Karabiner 98k rifles.

Karabiner 98k - 7.92x57mm Mauser. Manufactured in Germany, 1937.
A soldier with 98k rifle is seen on guard when "Pepel", disguised as a German officer, enters the commandant's office. "Pepel"'s man (Farkhad Makhmudov), also in German uniform, carries an universal holster for P08 and P38 pistols but it's most likely empty.
Guards at the commandant's office. A soldier at the left carries a 98k rifle while the soldier at the right is armed with full-length Mauser.
Soldiers with 98k rifles on the road block.

Mauser Gewehr 1898

One of the German soldiers carries a Mauser Gewehr 1898 rifle.

Mauser Gewehr 1898 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Guards at the commandant's office. A soldier at the left carries a 98k rifle while the soldier at the right is armed with full-length Mauser.
The straight bolt handle is seen.
One more view of same rifle.

Machine Guns

Degtyaryov DP-27

"Pepel"'s gang uses two DP-27 machine guns during the shootout on the gold mine.

Degtyaryov DP-27 - 7.62x54mm R
"Pepel"'s men fire two DP-27s from a car at the attackers.

Degtyaryov DT

Two Degtyaryov DT machine guns are mounted in a BA-6 armoured car. The BA-6 is a modern replica (see Trivia section) but one of the machine guns is a genuine and even firing weapon.

DT machine gun - 7.62x54mm R
The barrels of frontal and coaxial DT machine guns are seen. Later, when the armoured car is seen in action, the coaxial machine gun is absent.
The frontal DT is seen inside the armoured car.
A good view of the barrel. Note the lack of the coaxial DT.
The gunner opens fire at attacking criminals.
The DT is seen in the destroyed armoured car.

MG 34

MG 34 machine guns are seen in several wartime scenes.

MG 34 - 7.92x57mm Mauser. With Gurttrommel 34 - 50 round belt drum magazine.
An MG 34 is mounted on a German motorcycle, escorting a staff car.
Soldiers near the Sd.Kfz.2 Kettenkrad half-track motorcycle hold an MG34 with cartridge belt.

Other Weapons

F-1 Hand Grenade

F-1 hand grenades are seen during the shootout on the gold mine.

URG F-1 practice grenade
Criminal Voron ("Raven") (Vladimir Denisov) covertly hands an F-1 to disarmed "Colonel Petrov" (Yevgeny Mironov).
One of the attackers throws an F-1 at the defenders of the gold mine.
"Petrov" with the grenade.
"Petrov" throws the grenade at grappling "Pepel" and Shults. The black color of the body and the smoke from the fuze allow to identify the grenade as URG practice grenade.

3.7 cm Pak 35/36

In a wartime episode a 3.7 cm Pak 35/36 anti-tank gun is seen on the battlefield. A Pak 35/36 is also seen in the location of "Colonel Petrov"'s unit in the episode, set in 1948.

3.7 cm Pak 35/36 anti-tank gun - 37×249 mm R
An anti-tank gun with dead crew is seen at the left. The gun shield is absent.
A 37mm gun of the Soviet unit. With all similarity with 45mm 53-K gun, the 3.7cm Pak can be identified by thinner barrel and typical German wheels with tire tread, different from Soviet pattern.


BA-6 Armoured Car

In one episode, set after the war, a BA-6 armoured car of "Petrov"'s unit is used to transport gold and is ambushed by "Pepel"'s gang. The BA-6 is a modern replica, but it is armed with at least one genuine DT machine gun.

The BA-6 at the background. It is armed with a 45mm main gun (most likely a mockup) and two DT machine guns, one coaxial and another one frontal.
Another view of the armoured car.
The BA-6 is ambushed by the gang.
A good view of the turret.

English Poster

English language release poster

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