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PPS Submachine Gun

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PPS-42 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev
PPS-42 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev

The PPS submachine gun (Russian: Пистолет-пулемёт Судаева; Pistolet Pulemyot Sudayeva) is a Soviet submachine gun designed by Alexey Sudayev, based on an experimental submachine gun designed by Lieutenant Bezruchko-Vysotsky. The PPS was developed in 1942, in response to the Red Army's call for a submachine gun that was lighter, more compact, and (most importantly) cheaper than the PPSh-41. While prototypes were developed throughout the year, the first significant production of the PPS occurred during the Siege of Leningrad within the city itself. The initial variant, dubbed the PPS-42, saw around 45,000 units produced from 1942 to 1943. The PPS-42 can be distinguished by the separate shell ejector, 20 mm longer barrel and a barrel shroud separated from the receiver.


(1942 – 1942)

  • Type: Submachine Gun
  • Caliber: 7.62x25mm Tokarev
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs (3 kg)
  • Length: 35.7 in (90.7 cm) stock extended / 25.2 in (64.1 cm) stock folded
  • Barrel length: 10.7 in (27.3 cm)
  • Capacity: 35-round box magazine
  • Fire Modes: Full-Auto Only
  • Rate of fire: 500–600 rounds/min (cyclic rate)

The PPS-42 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:

Video Games

Title Appears as Mods Note Date
Call of Duty 2 2005
Forgotten Hope 2 2007
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad 2011
Enlisted 2021


PPS-43 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev
PPS-43 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev
PPS-43 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev

In 1943, the improved PPS-43 was developed with several major improvements, including a slightly shortened barrel and stock, an improved safety and stock locking mechanism, and relocation of the casing ejector. Approximately two million would be produced from 1943 to 1946. Copies were also produced on a large scale in China and Poland, and in smaller quantities throughout the Warsaw Pact. The Soviet Union phased out its PPS-43s by the 1960s, but the gun continues to see service all over the globe.

While sharing many similarities with Georgy Shpagin's PPSh-41, Sudayev's PPS-43 is ultimately a completely different weapon system. The PPS-43 shares no significant parts with the PPSh-41, including the magazine. Its 35-round magazine cannot be used in the PPSh-41, and vice versa. Drum magazines were also never developed for the PPS.

Note: The PPS-43 is commonly misnamed as the PPSh-43, which is incorrect.


(1942 – 1968)

  • Type: Submachine Gun
  • Caliber: 7.62x25mm Tokarev
  • Weight: 6.7 lbs (3 kg)
  • Length: 32.3 in (82 cm) stock extended / 24.2 in (61.5 cm) stock folded
  • Barrel length: 9.6 in (24.3 cm)
  • Capacity: 35-round box magazine
  • Fire Modes: Full-Auto Only

The PPS-43 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Note Date
The Marine Battalion (Morskoy batalion) Aleksei Konsovsky Frolkin 1944
Son of the Regiment (Syn polka) Soviet soldiers 1946
The Battle of Stalingrad (Stalingradskaya bitva), Part I Soviet soldiers 1949
The Tank Brigade Antonín Sura The tankist 1955
Czechoslovak soldiers
Heroes of Shipka (Geroite na Shipka) Soviet Cossack Sgt. 1955
Tracks in the Snow (Sledy na snegu) Vladimir Krasnopolskiy Major of State Security Roman Shelestov 1955
Yevgeniya Ten Nadyusha Everstova
Vladimir Gusev Lt. of State Security Grigoriy Petrenko
Ernst Thälmann - Leader of his Class Soviet soldiers 1955
The Secret of Two Oceans (Tayna dvukh okeanov) State Security Operatives 1957
Ashes and Diamonds Polish soldiers 1958
Peace to Him Who Enters (Mir vkhodyashchemu) Soviet soldiers Seen in documentary footage 1961
Spring (Kwiecien) Piotr Pawlowski Capt. Tadeusz Hyrny 1961
The Return of Doctor Mabuse Convicts 1961
The Testament of Dr. Mabuse A gangster 1962
Death Is Called Engelchen Vlado Müller Nikolaj 1963
Otto Lackovic Ondrej
The Third Flare (Tretya raketa) Leonid Davydov-Suboch Pvt. Zadorozhny 1963
Soviet soldiers
Dr. Mabuse vs. Scotland Yard A guard in Pohland's hideout With straight magazine, probably 9mm conversion 1963
The Mad Executioners Police detectives Also seen in the police museum 1963
The Foothold (Pyad' zemli) Soviet soldiers 1964
Check Passed: No Mines (Provereno nema mina) Olga Lysenko Olga 1965
Oleg Anofriev Alyosha
The Tunnel (Tunelul) Lev Prygunov Grigoriy 1966
Florin Piersic Dutu
Leonid Zverintsev Molchanov
"Cyclone" Will Begin at Night ("Tsiklon" nachnyotsya nochyu) Yuriy Bogolyubov Maj. Melnichenko 1967
Stanislav Korenev A Soviet Lt.
Soviet soldiers
Liberation: Direction of the Main Blow Polish soldiers 1969
On the way to Berlin (Na puti v Berlin) Soviet soldiers 1969
Treasures of the Flaming Cliffs (Sokrovishcha pylayushchikh skal) Lado Tskhvariashvili Dau Mocked up as Halcon-series SMGs 1969
Rebels and mercenaries
You Are a Widow, Sir! Hanging on the wall 1970
I Am 11-17 (Ya - 11-17) Soviet soldiers Seen in documentary footage 1970
Liberation: The Battle of Berlin Polish soldiers 1971
Liberation: The Last Assault Soviet soldiers 1971
The Stolen Train (Otkradnatiyat vlak) A German guard 1971
No Way Back (Obratnoj dorogi net) Nikolay Olyalin Major Toporkov 1971
Nikolai Merzlikin Lyovushkin
Chronicle of the Night (Khronika nochi) Yefim Kopelyan Louis Visually modified: without barrel jacket, with Thompson Cutts compensator, side mounted foregrip, and MP40 magazine 1973
Olga Gobzeva Gabi
The Last Cartridge (Ultimul cartus) A criminal With straight magazine 1973
Hot Winter (Horká zima) Petr Hanicinec Karel 1973
Bronislav Krizan 1st Lt. Fišera
Ladislav Trojan Fousek
Poem of Kovpak: Alarm (Duma o Kovpake: Nabat) German soldiers 1973
Long Miles of War (Dolgie vyorsty voyny) Aleksandr Potapov Orlov 1975
Yuri Duvanov Klimchuk
Poem of Kovpak: Carpathians, Carpathians... (Duma o Kovpake: Karpaty, Karpaty...) Stanislav Borodokin Vasily Voytenko 1976
Aleksandr Anurov Vasily Gurin Visually modified
Partisans Some visually modified
Shadows of a Hot Summer (Stíny horkého léta) Zdenek Kutil Oldest of UPA 1978
Country Trip of Sergeant Tsybulya (Dachnaya poezdka serzhanta Tsybuli) Sergei Ivanov Sgt. Tsybulya 1979
We Take All Upon Ourselves (Beryom vsyo na sebya) Soviet seamen 1980
Across the Gobi and the Khingan (Govi Khyangand tulaldsan ni) Leonid Nevedomsky Lieutenant colonel Moroz 1981
uncredited Korenych
Roman Khomyatov Stahlberg
Soviet soldiers
Son of the Regiment (Syn polka) Viktor Pavlov Pvt. Gorbunov 1981
Viktor Miroshnichenko Pvt. Bidenko
Viktor Shubin Sgt. Yegorov
Wolmi Island Su-gyong Yun Yong-ok Pak 1982
North Korean soldiers
Counter-offensive (Kontrudar) Vladimir Mazur Starshina Pyilyip 1985
Soviet soldiers
Sitting on a Branch, Enjoying Myself The Boys 1989
Air America Mel Gibson Gene Ryack 1990
Naked Lunch Annexian border guards 1991
Sheriff's Star (Zvezda sherifa) DeMarco's thugs With (probably fake) integral suppressor 1992
Police officer
General Soviet soldiers 1992
Shot in the Coffin (Vystrel v grobu) Stepan Starchikov Stepan Subbota Dual-vields 1992
Sergei Onikiyenko Maj. Bukhaylo
Son for Father... (Syn za ottsa...) Seen in gun pile 1995
Seven Years in Tibet Chinese People's Liberation Army soldiers 1997
The Grey Zone Jewish Prisoners during revolt Fitted with self-made wood stock 2001
Python II Alex Jolig Matthew Coe 2002
Vladimir Kolev Crawley Vladi
We Were Soldiers Viet Minh, North Vietnamese and Vietcong Forces 2002
The Star (Zvezda) Igor Petrenko Lt. Travkin 2002
Artyom Semakin Pvt. Vorobiev
Amadu Mamadakov Pvt. Temdekov
Submerged Ross McCall Captain Plowden Mocked up as the Heckler & Koch MP5 2005
William Hope Agent Fletcher
US soldiers
Mercenary for Justice Langley Kirkwood Kruger Visually modified to resemble MP5A3 2006
Vivian Bieldt Dekerk
Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil Nicholas Gonzalez Lt. Robert James Mocked up to resemble a Heckler & Koch MP5 2006
Assembly (Ji jie hao) Communist and Nationalist Chinese forces 2007
Tali-Ihantala 1944 Soviet soldier 2007
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Luke Ford Alex 2008
Habermann Soviet soldiers 2010
Machine Gun Preacher LRA and SPLA troops 2011
Outside the Law Roschdy Zem Messaoud 2012
The White Tiger (Belyy tigr) Soviet Army soldiers 2012
Shpion NKVD troops 2012
The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared Soviet soldiers 2013
City 44 Polish soldiers 2014
White Soldier Emile Berling André Cariou 2014
Việt Minh fighters
1944 Estonian SS soldiers 2015
Battery Number One (Edinichka) Ilya Korobko Lt. Anatoliy Egorov 2015
Andrey Merzlikin Lt. Semyon Finogenov
Battle of Jangsari, The North & South Korean soldiers 2019
To Paris! (Na Parizh) Maksim Vazhov Sgt. Nikolay Klyukvin 2019
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum Seen in armory 2019
Kalashnikov (2020) Dmitry Bogdan Alexey Sudaev 2020
Red Army soldiers
The Axe. 1943 (Topor. 1943) Aleksandr Golubev Capt. Odintsov 2021
Dmitriy Pustilnik Starshina Somov


Title Actor Character Note/Episode Date
Stawka wieksza niz zycie Janusz Paluszkiewicz Tomala 16/ "Lisc debu" 1966-1968
Here Lies the Border (Zdes prokhodit granitsa) Shukhrat Irgashev "The Engineer" Visually modified; Ep.2 1975
Farkhad Khaydarov Maksud
Omega Option (Variant "Omega") Soviet soldiers Seen in documentary footage 1975
Eternal Call (Vechnyy zov) - Season 2 Soviet troops Seen in documentary footage 1983
Confrontation (Protivostoyanie) Soviet soldiers Seen in documentary footage 1985
Archangel Gate guard 2005
March of Millions Soviet soldiers Ep. 2 2007
Strike Back - Season 3 Nigerian militants Episode 10 2012
Ash (Pepel) "Pepel"'s gang and rival criminals 2013
Black Cats (Chyornye koshki) Soviet soldiers Seen in documentary footage 2013
Front Vladimir Maslakov Burin 2014
State Security and Militsiya personnel
The Man in the High Castle Soviet Army 2015
The Man in the High Castle Jason O'Mara Wyatt Price 2019
The Turncoat Soviet soldiers Ep. 03 2020
The Black Sea (Chyornoye more) (uncredited) Capt. Lt. Nikolay Stupin 2020
Soviet sailors
Alyosha Soviet partisans Seen in documentary footage 2020
The Defeated Taylor Kitsch Max McLaughlin 2020
Henchmen of the Engelmacher

Video Games

Game Title Mods Notations Release Date
Forgotten Hope 2003
Vietcong 2003
Hidden & Dangerous 2 2003
Call of Duty 2 PPS-42 2005
Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 2006
Forgotten Hope 2 PPS-42 Added in v2.5 (2016) 2007
Death to Spies 2007
Death to Spies: Moment of Truth 2009
Karma Online 2011
World of Guns: Gun Disassembly PPS 2014
Heroes & Generals 2016
Enlisted PPS-42 2021
Call to Arms - Gates of Hell: Ostfront PPS-43 2021


Title Character Note Date
The Boondocks ("The Garden Party") Can be seen in Ed III's cache 2005-????


Title Character Note Date
Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail Seen in a gun shop 2010-11

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