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Air America

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Air America
Air america.jpg
DVD Cover
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Directed by Roger Spottiswoode
Release Date 1990
Language English
Studio Carolco Pictures
Distributor TriStar Pictures
Main Cast
Character Actor
Gene Ryack Mel Gibson
Billy Covington Robert Downey Jr.
Corinne Landreaux Nancy Travis
Jack Neely Art LaFleur
Babo Tim Thomerson
General Soong Burt Kwouk
Rob Diehl David Marshall Grant
Senator Davenport Lane Smith

Air America is a 1990 Vietnam War comedy directed by Roger Spottiswoode and stars Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr. as American civilian pilots who are employed by the CIA in a secret program that provided unofficial transportation of arms and goods into the country of Laos during the Vietnam conflict.

The following weapons were used in the film Air America:

Submachine Guns


A full-size Uzi is seen in the hands of Air America pilots Gene Ryack (Mel Gibson) and Babo (Tim Thomerson). The Uzi was officially adopted in 1951 by the Israeli Army. During this time period, the CIA purchased Uzis from FN in Europe and these were issued to special types, and there are reports of them being used by Air America/CIA personnel. Since the film takes place in 1969, it is not unreasonable that a gunrunner would be able to have one in Laos during the time of the Vietnam War.

IMI Uzi 9mm
"That sounds like a commercial - Excuse me, is that an Uzi?" Gene (Mel Gibson) shows off the Uzi to Billy (Robert Downey Jr.).


The brother-in-law of Gene Ryack (Mel Gibson) offers a case of PPS-43 submachine guns for Gene to buy. Gene's brother-in-law says that the crate of PPS-43s were dropped to the Pathet Lao forces by the Russians and he was able to get them before the Pathet Lao did.

Soviet PPS-43 Submachine Gun - 7.62x25mm Tokarev
Gene examines the PSS-43.


Walther P1

Jack Neely (Art LaFleur) carries a Walther P1, a post-war version of P38, fitted with a suppressor. He's seen firing it at an iguana and at a golf ball.

Walther P1 - 9x19mm
While on his miniature golf course, Jack Neely (Art LaFleur) carries a Walther P1 fitted with a suppressor.
Jack Neely (Art LaFleur) with his suppressed P1.
Closeup of Neely's suppressed Walther. The slide serration matches the P1.
Jack carries the Walther in the back of his waistband.


Air America pilot Babo (Tim Thomerson) also is seen with an M1911A1.

World War II issued Colt M1911A1 Pistol - .45 ACP.
Air America pilot Babo (Tim Thomerson) also is seen with an M1911A1.

Smith & Wesson Model 19

Laotian General Soong (Burt Kwouk) carries a very large revolver which appears to be a Smith & Wesson Model 19.

Smith & Wesson Model 19 Combat Magnum - .357 Magnum
Laotian General Soong (Burt Kwouk) carries a very large revolver as his sidearm which appears to be a Smith & Wesson Model 19.


M16A1 Rifle

M16A1 rifles are arried by the soldiers under the command of Laotian General Soong (Burt Kwouk).

M16A1 with 20 round magazine - 5.56x45mm. What distinguishes it from the original M16 was the addition of a raised rib around the magazine release button, changing of the forward Receiver pins, and the addition of the forward assist button on the upper receiver.
A Laotian soldier is seen carrying the M16A1 as they clear out the village to seize the poppy fields.

M1 Garand

M1 Garand rifles also are carried by the soldiers of Laotian General Soong.

M1 Garand semiautomatic Rifle with leather M1917 sling - .30-06
A Laotian soldier carries an M1 Garand as he guards Gen. Soong's plane from Billy Covington (Robert Downey Jr.)
M1 Garands are carried by troops.

M1 Carbine

M1 Carbines are carried by the soldiers of Laotian General Soong.

Korean War Era M1 Carbine, with Birch Stock, Adjustable sight and bayonet lug.
Soong's men are armed with M1 Carbines as they raid a restaurant.


What appears to be a AK-47 rifles are seen in the hands of many characters in the film include NVA soldiers, Viet Cong guerrillas and Laos villagers.

Milled Receiver AK-47 design; 7.62x39mm.
An AK Variant is seen on the back of one of the men helping Gene load his weapons cache.


Air America pilot Babo (Tim Thomerson) carries what appears to be an AKS-47.

Poly Tech Model AK-47S Semi-Automatic Carbine - 7.62x39mm
Babo (Tim Thomerson) is seen with an AK Variant as Gene tries to make a decision on whether to dump his shipment.

Charleville Musket

What appears to be Charleville Muskets are used by a Laotian tribe. During a confrontation, Gene points out the problem with even using Flintlocks in a tropical environment as the pan and frizzen are rendered unusable in the rain.

Charleville Musket - .69 caliber
A Laotian rebel aims a long gun.
Laotian rebels aim their Flintlock long gun at Gene.

Machine Guns

M60 Machine Gun

M60 machine guns are seen in the hands of Laotian troops and carried by Gene as he prepares to sell off his cache of weapons.

M60 machine gun 7.62x51mm NATO
Gene loads an M60 into his plane as he prepares to make a final sale.
Laotian solder holds the M60.


Single Shot Shotgun

A Laotian peasant shoots down an Air America plane with his single shot shotgun at the beginning of the film.

A Laotian farmer unslings his shotgun to take a shot at an approaching Air America plane.



RPG-7 launchers are used by Laotian soldiers.

A Laotian soldier fires an RPG-7 at the rebels.
The RPG is fired.

Mk II hand grenade

A Mk II hand grenade is used by Gene to detonate a cache of arms.

Mk II hand grenade.
A Mk II hand grenade is used by Gene to detonate a cache of arms.

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