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Vabank II

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Vabank II
Vabank2 poster.jpg
DVD Cover
Country POL.jpg Poland
Directed by Juliusz Machulski
Release Date 1985
Language Polish
Studio Studio Filmowe "Kadr"
Main Cast
Character Actor
Henryk Kwinto Jan Machulski
Gustaw Kramer Leonard Pietraszak
Dunczyk Witold Pyrkosz
Moks Jacek Chmielnik
Nuta Krzysztof Kiersznowski
Edward Sztyc Bronisław Wrocławski
Tedlarz Jozef Jaworski
Marta Rychlińska Ewa Szykulska
Twardijewicz Marek Walczewski

Vabank II is a 1985 Polish criminal comedy film directed by Juliusz Machulski, sequel to Vabank (1981). It follows criminal banker Gustaw Kramer (Leonard Pietraszak) who breaks out of prison to seek revenge on Henryk Kwinto (Jan Machulski), a retired safe cracker.

The following weapons were used in the film Vabank II:


Unidentified revolver 1

The unknown revolver that appeared in Vabank is carried by hired killer Tedlarz (Jozef Jaworski).

Tedlarz hunts for Kwinto with a suppressed revolver.

Unidentified revolver 2

Tedlarz draws another revolver that appears to be 5-shot.

Nagant M1895

Standard Nagant M1895 revolvers are used by police.

Nagant M1895 Pistol - 7.62x38N
Two policemen hold Nagants when arresting a group of thiefs. One Nagant has an unusual position of the ejector rod which is common for old and worn Nagants (the same can be seen in The Property of Republic, Déjà Vu and some other movies.
A prison guard holds a Nagant.


FN M1906

Kramer (Leonard Pietraszak) uses a FN Model 1906 pistol during his prison break.

FN Model 1905/1906 - .25 ACP
The Model 1906 in the handbag given to Kramer by his lady accomplice.
Kramer take prison warden Twardijewicz (Marek Walczewski) as a hostage.

Alkartasuna Ruby Pistol

Dunczyk (Witold Pyrkosz) owns a nickel plated Ruby-style pistol. It appears to be the same Alkartasuna Ruby that is seen in Vabank. In one scene Moks (Jacek Chmielnik) is briefly seen holding Dunczyk's pistol.

Alkartasuna Ruby - .32 ACP
Dunczyk holds his pistol.
Dunczyk tries to take a pistol from a drawer.
Wounded Dunczyk still holds his pistol.
Moks holds the pistol, a muzzle is seen.

Walther PP

Kramer (Leonard Pietraszak) carries a Walther PP during his escape from Warsaw.

War Time Walther PP Pistol
Kramer shows his pistol to Sztyc (Bronisław Wrocławski).
Kramer drops the pistol while crossing Polish-German border.
A German border guard holds Kramer's pistol.


Karabinek Wz. 1898

In one scene several Polish policemen carry KbK Wz. 1898 carbines, a Polish version of German Mauser 98AZ Artillery Carbine. They appeared with both bend (early version) and straight (late version) bolt handles.

Karabinek Wz. 1898 - 7.92x57mm Mauser. Version with a straight bolt handle.
A close view of the barrel with a distinctive stacking hook.
Another policeman carries a carbine.
A policeman (at the right) carries a version of the rifle with a straight bolt handle.

Unidentified rifles

Polish policemen, prison guards, Polish and German border guards carry full-length rifles that aren't seen good enough to be identified.

A prison guard runs with a rifle in hand during Kramer's break. A straight bolt handle can be seen.
A prison guard fires after Kramer's car in the same scene.
A Polish border guard (at the left) carries a rifle.
A German border guard (at the right) carries a rifle.
A Polish policeman with a rifle is seen in center.
A Polish policeman (at the right) carries a rifle. A straight bolt handle can be seen.

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