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Colt Detective Special

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The Colt Detective Special is an American revolver introduced in 1927 as a snub-nosed variant of the Colt Police Positive Special, inspired by the made-to-order Fitz Special (1918 - 1944). The name "Detective Special" suggests intent to be a concealed weapon used by plainclothes police detectives. The Colt DS was the first "official" short-barreled (aka "snubnose") revolver produced with a modern swing-out frame, and one of the early widely-known guns of such type, after the solid-frame British Bulldog and top-break Smith & Wesson models. The Colt Detective Special went through several issues or series. The First Series was produced from 1927 until 1946, the Second from 1947 to 1972, and the Third from 1973 to 1986. After company reorganization, Detective Special production was restarted in 1993 (sometimes known as the "Fourth Series"). The new production run continued only until 1995, when Colt introduced the stainless-steel Colt SF-VI/DS-II.

In 1950, Colt introduced a lightweight alloy-framed variant of the DS, the Colt Cobra

The Colt Detective Special and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:

Colt Detective Special 1st Gen with Round Butt - .38 Special
Colt Detective Special 1st Gen with Square Butt - .38 Special
Colt Detective Special 1st Gen with Factory Pearl Grips - .38 Special
Colt Detective Special 1st Gen with original Ivory Grips - .38 Special
Colt Detective Special 2nd Gen with nickel finish - .38 Special
Colt Detective Special 2nd Gen with nickel finish, pearl grips and grip adapter - .38 Special
A rare Colt Detective Special with a 3" barrel - .38 Special
Colt Detective Special 3rd Gen - .38 Special
Colt Detective Special Nickel 3rd Gen - .38 Special


(1927-1986, 1993-1995)

  • Type: Revolver
  • Caliber: .38 Special, .32 New Police (.32 S&W Long)
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs (0.59 kg)
  • Length: 6.75 in (17.1 cm)
  • Barrel length(s): 2 in (5.1 cm), 3 in (7.6 cm)
  • Capacity: 6 round cylinder
  • Fire Modes: SA/DA


Title Actor Character Notes Date
The Death Kiss Various 1932
The Thin Man Myrna Loy Nora Charles 1934
Porter Hall Herbert MacCaulay
The Raven Boris Karloff Edmond Bateman 1935
Bullets or Ballots Edward G. Robinson Johnny Blake 1936
Great Guy 1936
Bulldog Drummond's Revenge Various 1937
Escape by Night Various 1937
Bulldog Drummond in Africa Henchman 1938
Sinners in Paradise Bruce Cabot Robert Malone 1938
The Devil's Party William Gargan Mike O'Mara 1938
Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police Various 1939
Each Dawn I Die Prison Guards and Prisoners 1939
The Roaring Twenties James Cagney Eddie Bartlett 1939
Another Thin Man Don Costello "Diamond Back" Vogel 1939
City for Conquest Various 1940
I Married a Witch Cecil Kellaway Daniel 1942
Fredric March Wallace Wooley
Veronica Lake Jennifer
Across the Pacific Assassins 1942
Casablanca Peter Lorre Ugarte 1942
The Glass Key Joseph Calleia Nick Varna 1942
Alan Ladd Ed Beaumont
This Gun for Hire Robert Preston LAPD Lt. Michael Crane 1942
Bataan 1943
Sherlock Holmes in Washington Don Terry Howe 1943
Bradley Page Cady
Sherlock Holmes Faces Death Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes 1943
Arthur Margetson Dr. Sexton
The Spider Woman Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes 1944
Nigel Bruce Dr. Watson
Harry Cording Fred Garvin
Alec Craig Radlik
The Scarlet Claw Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes 1944
The House of Fear Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes 1945
Nigel Bruce Dr. Watson
Dennis Hoey Inspector Lestrade
Harry Cording Captain John Simpson
Pursuit to Algiers Rex Evans Gregor 1945
Martin Kosleck Mirko
Dillinger Lawrence Tierney John Dillinger 1945
Midnight Manhunt Leo Gorcey Clutch Tracy 1945
The Big Sleep Humphrey Bogart Philip Marlowe 1946
John Ridgely Eddie Mars
The Blue Dahlia police 1946
Calcutta Lowell Gilmore Eric Lasser 1946
Out of the Past Jane Greer Kathie Moffat 1947
Fear in the Night DeForest Kelley Vince Grayson 1947
Dark Passage Humphrey Bogart Vincent Parry 1947
Clifton Young Baker
The Hat Box Mystery 1947
T-Men Dennis O'Keefe Dennis O'Brien aka Vannie Harrigan 1947
Charles McGraw Moxie
The Lady from Shanghai Glenn Anders George Grisby 1st Gen 1947
Lady in the Lake Lloyd Nolan Lt. DeGarmot 1947
Raw Deal (1948) Dennis O'Keefe Joe Sullivan 1948
John Ireland Fantail
Raymond Burr Rick Coyle
Parole, Inc. Various 1948
The Naked City Ted de Corsia Willie Garzah 1948
Key Largo Thomas Gomez Richard "Curly" Hoff 1948
He Walked By Night Scott Brady Sergeant Marty Brennan 1948
Rope John Dall Brandon Shaw 1st Gen 1948
All the King's Men Walter Burke Sugar Boy 1949
Shepperd Strudwick Dr. Stanton nickel plated
Too Late for Tears Dan Duryea Danny Fuller 1949
D.O.A. Edmond O'Brien Frank Bigelow 1949
White Heat Steve Cochran "Big Ed" Somers 1949
James Cagney Cody Jarrett
Gun Crazy 1950
The Asphalt Jungle Sterling Hayden Dix Hadley 1950
Appointment with Danger Alan Ladd Al Goddard 1950
Dan Riss Maury Ahearn
David Bauer Lt. David Goodman
Paul Stewart Earl Boettiger
Paul Lees Gene Gunner
His Kind of Woman Paul Frees Corley 1951
Charles McGraw Thompson
M Raymond Burr Pottsy 1951
Walter Burke MacMahan
Martin Gabel Charlie Marshall
Howard Da Silva Inspector Carney In holster
Kansas City Confidential Jack Elam Pete Harris 1952
Neville Brand Boyd Kane
Hong Kong Ronald Reagan Jeff Williams 1952
Marvin Miller Tao Liang
Narrow Margin, The (1952) Charles McGraw Det. Sgt. Walter Brown 1952
Pickup On South Street Murvyn Vye including Capt. Dan Tiger 1953
The Big Heat Glenn Ford Det. Sgt. Dave Bannion 1953
Them! James Arness FBI Agent Robert Graham 1954
Suddenly Christopher Dark Bart Wheeler 1954
Suddenly Paul Frees Benny Conklin 1954
On the Waterfront Rod Steiger Charley "the Gent" Malloy 1954
A Bullet For Joey 1955
Kiss Me Deadly Jack Elam Charlie Max 1955
Hell on Frisco Bay Paul Stewart Joe Lye 1955
Alan Ladd Steve Rollins
William Demarest Dan Bianco
The Killer Is Loose Joseph Cotten Detective Sam Wagner 1956
The Killing (1956) Joe Turkel Tiny 1956
Touch of Evil Charlton Heston Ramon Miguel Vargas 1958
Akim Tamiroff Joe Grandi
Machine-Gun Kelly Charles Bronson George "Machine Gun" Kelly 1958
Jack Lambert Howard
Thunder Road Gene Barry ATF agent Troy Barrett 1958
King Creole Walter Matthau Maxie Fields 1958
Inside the Mafia . Various . 1959
The FBI Story Various 1959
The Crimson Kimono Glenn Corbett Det. Sgt. Charlie Bancroft 1959
James Shigeta Det. Joe Kojaku
Pretty Boy Floyd John Ericson "Pretty Boy" Floyd 1960
Murder, Inc. Peter Falk Abe "Kid Twist" Reles 1rd Generation 1960
Underworld U.S.A. Cliff Robertson Tolly Devlin 1961
A Man Named Rocca (Un nommé La Rocca) Jean-Paul Belmondo Roberto La Rocca 1961
Charade Cary Grant Peter Joshua 1st gen 1963
Robin and the 7 Hoods Sammy Davis Jr. Will 1964
The Pawnbroker Charles Dierkop Robinson 1964
The Satan Bug George Maharis Lee Barrett 1965
Richard Bull Eric Cavanaugh
Ed Asner Veretti
William Bryant An SDI agent
Steve Gravers A fake SDI agent
Michael Barrier Helicopter pilot
The Chase Clifton James Lem 1966
Harper Paul Newman Lew Harper 1966
Robert Webber Dwight Troy
Robert Wagner Allan Taggart
Roy Jenson "Puddler"
Funeral in Berlin Michael Caine Harry Palmer 1966
The Silencers 1966
You Only Live Twice Sean Connery James Bond 1967
In Cold Blood John Forsythe Alvin Dewey 1967
Sorrel Flower (Fleur d'oseille) Frédéric de Pasquale Pierrot 1967
Mireille Darc Catherine
Anouk Ferjac Marité
Henri Garcin Jo de Fréjus
Amidou Francis
The St. Valentine's Day Massacre George Segal Pete Gusenberg 1967
Rico Cattani Albert Anselmi
Jason Robards Al Capone
Frank Silvera Nick Sorello
Point Blank John Vernon Reese 1967
The Ambushers Dean Martin Matt Helm 1967
Janice Rule Sheila Sommers
James Gregory MacDonald
Quintana's henchmen
Action Man (Le soleil des voyous) Robert Stack Jim Beckley 1967
The Thomas Crown Affair (1968) Yaphet Kotto Bank Robber 1968
Diabolik Adolfo Celi Ralph Valmont 1968
Madigan Frank Marth Lt. Price 1968
Bullitt San Francisco Detectives 1968
The Detective Frank Sinatra Joe Leland 1968
The Violent Four (Banditi a Milano) Gian Maria Volonté Pietro 'Piero' Cavallero 1968
Tomas Milian Commissioner Basevi
Cavallero's henchman, Policemen
Pasha (Le Pacha) André Pousse Quinquin 1968
Inspector Clouseau Alan Arkin Inspector Clouseau 1st Gen 1968
Fearless Frank Jon Voight Frank 1969
David Steinberg The Rat
David Fisher Screwnose
Joan Darling Lois
Take the Money and Run Woody Allen Virgil Starkwell 1969
Machine Gun McCain Claudio Biava Barclay 1969
James Morrison Cuda
The Rain People Shirley Knight Natalie Ravenna 1969
Marya Zimmet Rosalie
Cotton Comes to Harlem Godfrey Cambridge Gravedigger Jones 1970
The Valachi Papers Charles Bronson Joe Valachi 1971
The French Connection Gene Hackman Jimmy "Popeye" Doyle 1971
Bill Hickman FBI Special Agent Bill Mulderig
Eddie Egan Det. Simonson
Shaft (1971) Richard Roundtree John Shaft 1971
Vanishing Point Anthony James Hitchiker 1971
Puppet on a Chain Sven-Bertil Taube Paul Sherman 1971
Patrick Allen Van Gelder
The Organization Sidney Poitier Lt. Tibbs 1971
Escape from the Planet of the Apes Roddy McDowall Cornelius 1971
The Organization Sidney Poitier Lt. Virgil Tibbs 1971
Allen Garfield Benjy
Paul Jenkins Tony
The Godfather mob hitman 1972
Trouble Man Robert Hooks Mr. T 1972
Julius Harris Big
Ralph Waite Pete Cockrell
Vince Howard Preston
Black Turin Marcel Bozzuffi Mariano Fridda 1972
Police officer
Dirty Money Henri Marteau Police officer instructor of shooting 1972
Across 110th Street Mobsters 1972
Diamonds are Forever Marc Lawrence Mobster 1972
Fear Is the Key Peter Marinker Larry 1972
The Assassination of Trotsky Joshua Sinclair Sam 1972
Plainclothes Mexican police officer
Cleopatra Jones Tamara Dobson Cleopatra Jones 1973
The Friends of Eddie Coyle Steven Keats Jackie Brown 1973
The Friends of Eddie Coyle Federal Agents 1973
Electra Glide in Blue Mitchell Ryan Det. Harve Poole 1973
Robert Blake John Wintergreen
Soylent Green Charlton Heston NYPD Det. Thorn 1973
Chuck Connors
The Seven-Ups Roy Scheider Buddy Manucci 1973
Scorpio Burt Lancaster Cross 1973
The Stone Killer Ralph Waite Det. Mathews 1973
LAPD and NYPD officers
Blood in the Streets Bernard Giraudeau The first kidnapper 1973
Mean Streets Harvey Keitel Charlie 1st Gen 1973
Dillinger Richard Dreyfuss "Baby Face" Nelso 1st Gen 1973
Trick Baby Dallas Edward Hayes Det. Dot Murray 1st Gen 1973
The Spook Who Sat by the Door J.A. Preston Chicago police detective Dawson 1st Gen with Square Butt 1973
Magnum Force Albert Popwell J.J. Wilson 1973
Happy New Year (La bonne année) Élie Chouraqui Michel Barbier 1973
Lupin the Third: Strange Psychokinetic Strategy Kunie Tanaka Daisuke Jigen 1974
Big Bad Mama Various Actors Police Detectives 1974
Tom Signorelli Agent Dodds
William Shatner William J. Baxter
The Taking of Pelham One Two Three Martin Balsam Mr. Green 1974
Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia Biker 1974
Warren Oates Bennie
The Terrorists Ian McShane Ray Petrie 1974
Norman Bristow Captain Denver
Chinatown Roy Jenson Claude Mulvihill 1st Gen 1974
Busting Elliott Gould Detective Michael Keneely 1st Gen 1974
Truck Turner Alan Weeks Jerry 1st Gen 1974
Willie Dynamite Albert Hall Pointer 1974
Roger Robinson Bell
plainclothes police
Hennessy Eric Porter Sean Tobin 1975
Richard Johnson Inspector Hollis
Brannigan Richard Attenborough Commander Swann 1975
Capone Ben Gazzara Al Capone 1975
The Killer Elite 1975
Night Moves Gene Hackman Harry Moseby 1975
The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum Police officer 3rd Generation 1975
The Police Can't Move (La polizia ha le mani legate) Giovanni Cianfriglia The hitman With and without sound suppressor 1975
Silent Action Paola Tedesco Giuliana Raimondi 1975
The Drowning Pool Paul Newman Lew Harper 1975
Dolemite henchmen, Detective White 1975
The Cassandra Crossing Richard Harris Dr. Chamberlain 1976
Martin Sheen Bobby Navarro
All the President's Men F. Murray Abraham Sgt. Carl Shoffler 1976
Murder by Death Peter Falk Sam Diamond 1976
Taxi Driver Robert De Niro Travis Bickle 1976
Vigilante Force Antony Carbone Freddie Howe 1976
Howe's henchmen
Hunter Will Get You Patrick Fierry Costa Valdez 1976
Spitzer's henchman
Gator Jack Weston Irving Greenfield 3rd Generation 1976
Crimebusters (Poliziotti violenti) Ettore Manni Vieri 3rd Gen., Nickel plated 1976
Shadows in an Empty Room (Una Magnum Special per Tony Saitta) John Saxon Sgt. Ned Matthews 1976
Silver Streak Ned Beatty FBI agent Bob Sweet 1st generation 1976
Gene Wilder George Caldwell
Patrick McGoohan Roger Devereau
Stefan Gierasch Johnson
The Enforcer detective 1976
All the President's Men F. Murray Abraham D.C. Police Sgt. Carl M. Shoffleri 1rd Generation 1976
The Human Tornado Jerry Jones Det. Pete Blakely 3rd generation 1976
Jack Kelly Captain Ryan
Weapons of Death (Napoli spara!) Leonard Mann Commissioner Belli 3rd Generation 1977
Marathon Man William Devane Janeway 1977
Crime Busters Terence Hill Matt Kirby 1977
Bud Spencer Wilbur Walsh
Sorcerer 1rd Generation 1977
The Choirboys James Woods Harold Bloomguard 1977
Capricorn One James Brolin Col. Brubaker 1977
Death Force gangsters 1978
The Gun (L'arma) 3rd Generation 1978
Good Guys Wear Black Soon-Tek Oh Mhin Van Thieu 1978
Eyes of Laura Mars Tommy Lee Jones John Neville nickel-plated, pearl grips 1978
Faye Dunaway Laura Mars nickel-plated, pearl grips
The Deer Hunter Christopher Walken Nick 1978
Flatfoot in Africa Werner Pochath Spiros 3rd Generation 1978
Deadly Chase (Il commissario Verrazzano) A robber 1978
Sweeney 2 John Flanagan Detective Willard 1978
The Warriors Various Lizzies gangmember 1979
The Angry Man (L'homme en colère) A criminal 1979
From Corleone to Brooklyn (Da Corleone a Brooklyn) A thug 1979
The In-Laws (1979) Peter Falk Vincent Ricardo 1979
The Lady in Red Robert Forster Turk 1rd Generation 1979
Hopscotch Walter Matthau Miles Kendig 1980
Dressed to Kill Susanna Clemm Det. Betty Luce 1980
The Octagon Aaron Norris "Hatband" 3rd Gen., suppressed 1980
Alligator A guard 3rd Generation 1980
The Octagon Janell Twomey Female bodyguard 3rd Generation 1980
Gloria Buck Henry Jack Dawn 1rd Generation 1980
Superman II Secret Service agents 1rd Generation 1980
Wolfen Albert Finney N.Y.P.D. Detective Dewey Wilson 1981
Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen Michael Fairman Bernard Lupowitz 1st generation, nickel 1981
Brian Keith Police Chief 3rd Generation
Fort Apache,the Bronx Paul Newman N.Y.P.D. Officer Murphy 1981
Ken Wahl N.Y.P.D. Officer Correlli
Who Finds a Friend Finds a Treasure Salvatore Basile Joe Frisco 3rd Generation 1981
Body Heat Richard Crenna Edmund Walker 3rd Generation 1981
Ruckus Deputy Dave 1rd Generation (Nickel) 1981
Green Ice Anne Archer Lilian Holbrook 1rd Generation 1981
Teheran 43 Alain Delon Police inspector Foche 1981
Thing, The (1982) Wilford Brimley Blair 3rd Generation 1982
Blue Thunder suspect 1983
The Star Chamber Various actors 1983
Sudden Impact Sondra Locke Jennifer Spencer 1983
10 to Midnight Charles Bronson Lieutenant Leo Kessler 1983
Andrew Stevens Detective Paul McAnn
Deadly Circuit (Mortelle randonnée) Isabelle Adjani Catherine Leiris 3rd Generation 1983
Dominique Frot Betty 3rd Generation
Deal of the Century Wallace Shawn Harold DeVoto 1rd Generation 1983
Sudden Impact Sondra Locke Jennifer Spencer 3rd Generation 1983
Once Upon A Time In America Various 1984
Witness Josef Sommer Chief Paul Schaeffer 1984
Beverly Hills Cop Judge Reinhold Detective Billy Rosewood 1984
Firestarter Martin Sheen Captain Hollister 1984
DSI Agents
Exterminator 2 Reggie Rock Bythewood Spider 1984
Ninja III: The Domination A bodyguard 1984
Johnny Dangerously Peter Boyle Jocko Dundee 1984
Richard Dimitri Roman Troy Moroni
Fletch Joe Don Baker Chief Karlin 3rd Gen 1985
Code of Silence CPD officers 1985
To Live and Die in L.A. John Pankow U.S.S.S. Agent John Vukovich 1985
Witness Josef Sommer Chief Paul Schaeffe 1985
Into the Night Federal agents 1985
Prizzi's Honor Jack Nicholson Charley Partanna 1985
Joseph Ruskin Marxie Heller
Year of the Dragon Mickey Rourke Capt. Stanley White 1rd Gen 1985
Running Scared (1986) Gregory Hines Det. Ray Huges 1986
Raw Deal Darren McGavin Harry Shannon 1986
Legacy of Rage Chung Lin Sharky 1986
Eye of the Tiger Seymour Cassel Sheriff 1986
F/X Joe Grifasi Mickey 1rd Gen. 1986
Armed and Dangerous John Candy Frank Dooley 1st Gen. 1986
The Untouchables Andy Garcia Stone 1987
Creepshow 2 Lois Chiles Anne Lansing 1987
Best Seller . Shooter at gun range 1987
Rage of Honor Richard Wiley Ray Jones 3rd Generation 1987
Drug boss
The Living Daylights opening credits 1987
The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! Ricardo Montalban Vincent Ludwig 1988
Leslie Nielsen Lt. Frank Drebin
Cop James Woods Det. Lloyd Hopkins 1988
Blind Date Bruce Willis Walter Davis 1987
Cherry 2000 Harry Carey, Jr. Snappy Tom 1987
Man on Fire Joe Pesci David 3rd Gen. 1987
Henri-Charles Alexandre Young killer
In the Line of Duty III: Force of the Dragon Hiroshi Fujioka Hiroshi Fujioka 1988
Kin-sang Lee Ken
Stephan Berwick Underground Gunsmith
Messenger of Death Daniel Benzali Chief Barney Doyle 3rd Generation 1988
Laurence Luckinbill Homer Foxx 3rd Generation
Hero and the Terror A drug dealer 1988
Off Limits Willem Dafoe Sgt. Buck McGriff 3rd Gen 1988
D.O.A. (1988) Charlotte Rampling Mrs. Fitzwaring 3rd Generation 1988
Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach René Auberjonois Tony 3rd Generation 1988
The Blue Iguana Pamela Gidley Dakota 3rd Generation 1988
Sunset Richard Bradford Capt. Blackworth 1988
Violent Cop Takeshi Kitano Det. Azuma 1989
Makoto Ashikawa Det. Kikuchi
Maniac Cop Laurene Landon Det. Theresa Mallory 3rd Generation 1988
Who Framed Roger Rabbit Eddie 1988
Midnight Run Robert De Niro Jack Walsh 3rd Generation 1988
Alien Nation Mandy Patinkin Detective Francisco 3rd Generation 1988
The 'Burbs Rance Howard detective 1989
Black Rain Michael Douglas NYPD Detective Sergeant Nick Conklin 1989
True Believer Miguel Fernandes Art Esparza 1989
Harlem Nights Richard Pryor Sugar Ray 1989
Cat Chaser guard 1rd Generation 1989
Downtown Anthony Edwards Officer Kearney 1990
Downtown Alex 3rd Generation 1990
Maniac Cop 2 Laurene Landon detective Theresa Mallory 1990
Bugsy Warren Beatty Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel 1991
Cape Fear Robert De Niro Max Cady 1991
Joe Don Baker Claude
Mobsters Patrick Dempsey Meyer Lansky 1991
Hoffa Danny DeVito Bobby Ciaro 1991
Stone Cold Richard Gant Cunningham 1991
Barton Fink Richard Portnow Detective Mastrionotti 1991
JFK Gary Oldman Lee Harvey Oswald Inaccurate gun used by Oswald 1991
Ricochet 1991
Let Him Have It 1991
Thelma & Louise Susan Sarandon Louise Nickel 3rd Gen 1991
Sleepwalkers Jim Haynie Sheriff Ira 1992
Deep Cover Gúzman's bodyguard 3rd Generation 1992
Jennifer Eight Lance Henriksen Sgt. Freddy Ross 1992
Blood In, Blood Out Gangbangers 1993
Menace II Society Samuel L. Jackson Tat Lawson 1993
Fugitive, The Harrison Ford Dr. Richard Kimble 1st Generation 1993
Killing Zoe One of the guards 1st Generation 1993
Tango 3st Generation 1993
Curacao George C. Scott Cornelius Wettering 3rd Gen. 1993
William Petersen Stephen Guerin
The Shawshank Redemption Frank Darabont standing in for Tim Robbins 1994
Bad Blood Hank Cheyne Franklin Blackstone 3rd Generation 1994
The Usual Suspects NYPD Detectives 1995
Dillinger and Capone Clint Howard Bobo 1995
La Haine Karim Belkhadra Samir 3rd Generation 1995
Get Shorty John Travolta Chili Palmer 1995
Strange Days 1995
The Walking Dead 1995
Prophecy, The Elias Koteas Thomas Dagget 1995
Vampire in Brooklyn Jsu Garcia Anthony 1995
Mulholland Falls Michael Madsen Det. Eddie Hall 1996
Last Man Standing One of the Doyle's men 1996
Sleepers Vittorio Gassmann King Benny 1996
Original Gangstas A gang member nickel plated 3rd Gen 1996
L.A. Confidential Russell Crowe Detective Bud White 1997
Guy Pearce Lt. Ed Exley
Graham Beckel Det. Richard Stensland
Jackie Brown Pam Grier Jackie Brown 1997
Jackie Brown Robert Forster Max Cherry 1997
Dance with the Devil Miguel Galván Doug 1997
Perdita's sister's husband
Gang Related (1997) Robert LaSardo Sarkasian 3rd Generation 1997
Dead Silence (1997) James Garner John Potter 3rd Generation 1997
Jane Austen's Mafia! Jay Mohr Antony Cortino white grips 1998
Black Dog Brian Kelly Wes 3rd gen 1998
The Polar Bear (Der Eisbär) Manfred Lehmann Leo's agent 3rd Gen.; seen only on table 1998
Susan's Plan Rob Schneider Steve 3rd gen 1998
The Faculty Shawn Hatosy Stan Rosado 3rd gen 1998
Black Cat, White Cat (Crna macka, beli macor) Srdjan Todorovic Dadan Karambolo 3rd gen 1998
Dead or Alive (Hanzaisha) Shô Aikawa Detective Jojima 1999
A few characters
Blue Streak Kenny Endoso Clerk 3rd gen 1999
Held Up Eduardo Yáñez Rodrigo 3rd Gen 1999
Sarah Paulson Mary
The Yards 2000
The Mexican Various 2001
Blow South American drug dealers 2001
Red Dragon Edward Norton Will Graham 2002
Red Dragon Mary-Louise Parker Molly Graham 2002
Road to Perdition Tom Hanks Michael Sullivan 2002
Road to Perdition Tyler Hoechlin Michael Sullivan Jr. 2002
Eye See You Polly Walker Jenny Munroe 2002
Knockaround Guys John Malkovich Teddy Deserve 2002
Catch Me If You Can Tom Hanks Carl Hanratty 2002
The Matrix Revolutions Bruce Spence The Trainman 2003
Once Upon a Time in Mexico Rubén Blades Former FBI Special Agent Jorge Ramirez 2003
National Security Martin Lawrence Earl 2003
Man on Fire 2004
Breaking News Shiu Hung Hui Hoi 2004
The Matador Pierce Brosnan Julian Noble 2005
Sin City Bruce Willis Detective Hartigan 2005
Crash Shaun Toub Farhad 2005
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Corbin Bernsen Harlan Dexter 2005
Carlito's Way: Rise to Power Mario Van Peebles Earl 3rd Gen 2005
The Ice Harvest Mike Starr Roy Gelles Late Version 2005
Typhoon Lt. Kang 3rd Gen 2005
All the King's Men (2006) Jackie Earle Haley Sugar Boy 2006
The Black Dahlia Aaron Eckhart LAPD Sgt. Leonard "Lee" Blanchard 2006
Zodiac Mark Ruffalo S.F.P.D. Inspector Dave Toschi 2007
Invisible Target Non-uniformed Hong Kong Policemen with black rubber grips 2007
Flash Point Donnie Yen Ma 3rd Gen 2007
First Snow Guy Pearce Jimmy Starks with black combat grips 2007
In Bruges Colin Farrell Ray 2008
Crossfire (Les Insoumis) Richard Berry Vincent Drieu 3rd Generation 2008
Crossfire (Les Insoumis) Arabian thug 3rd Gen 2008
The Good, the Bad, the Weird Byung-hun Lee Park Chang-yi 1st Generation 2008
Young-chang Song Kim Pan-joo
Manchurian officer
Max Payne Mark Wahlberg Max Payne 1st Generation 2008
Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, The Maria Bello Evie 1st Generation 2008
Gran Torino Hispanic gang member 1st Generation 2008
Public Enemies FBI Agents 2009
The Collector Josh Stewart Arkin 2009
Watchmen Knot-Top 2009
Jesse Stone: Thin Ice Tom Selleck Chief Jesse Stone 2009
Shutter Island Mark Ruffalo Deputy U.S. Marshal Chuck Aule 1st Gen 2010
13 2010
Ca$h 2010
Outrage member of the Otomo Family 1st Gen 2010
Good Day for It Robert Englund Wayne Jackson 2011
Source Code Jake Gyllenhaal Colter Stevens 1st Generation 2011
Kill the Irishman Bob Gunton Jerry Merke 3rd Generation 2011
Gangster Squad Anthony Mackie Det. Coleman Harris nickel plated 2012
The Collection Josh Stewart Arkin 2012
Meeting Evil Traci Thoms Latisha 2012
The Thieves Oh Dal-su Andrew 3rd Generation 2012
Suave Patria Omar Chaparro Oscar Alvidrez 3rd Generation 2012
The Courier Courier 3rd Generation 2012
The Dictator Sacha Baron Cohen Admiral General Aladeen 3rd Generation 2012
El Gringo Scott Adkins The Man 3rd Generation 2012
Lawless Tom Hardy Forrest Bondurant 1rd Gen, nickel-plated 2012
Banklady Nadeshda Brennicke Gisela Werler 2013
The Power of Few Devon Gearhart Cory 3rd Gen, nickel-plated 2013
Phil Spector 2013
The Iceman Ray Liotta Roy DeMeo 3rd Gen, nickel-plated 2013
The Equalizer David Harbour Frank Masters 3rd Gen., Nickel-plated 2014
No Tears for the Dead Sung-Wook Min Plainclothes detective 3rd Generation 2014
Bae-Su Jeon Detective Jang 3rd Generation
Survivor (2015) Milla Jovovich Kate Abbott 3rd Generation 2015
Mortdecai Johnny Depp Mortdecai 2015
The Purge: Election Year Nickel 3rd Gen 2016
BlacKkKlansman John David Washington Det. Ron Stallworth 2018
Adam Driver Det. Flip Zimmerman
Project Gutenberg Aaron Kwok Lee Man 3rd Gen 2018
Hong Kong police officer


Title Actor Character Notes / Episode Date
Dragnet Jack Webb Det. Sergeant Joe Friday 1951-1959
The Andy Griffith Show Don Knotts Barney Fife 1960-1968
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Senta Berger Serena "The Double Affair" (S01E08) 1964-1968
Gilligan's Island - Season 1 Larry Storch Jackson Ferrell "Little Island, Big Gun" (S01E17) 1965
Gilligan's Island - Season 3 Bob Denver Gilligan "The Invasion" (S03E11) 1966
Russell Johnson The Professor
Tina Louise Ginger Grant nickel finish, pearl grips / "Gilligan Goes Gung-Ho" (S03E15)
Mission: Impossible - Season 1 Casino Guard "Odds on Evil" (S01E06) 1966
Nico Minardos Andre Malif "Odds on Evil" (S01E06)
Steven Hill Dan Briggs "Wheels" (S01E07)
Steven Hill Dan Briggs "Fakeout" (S01E12)
Lloyd Bridges Anastas Poltroni/Ted Carson "Fakeout" (S01E12)
Greg Morris Barney Collier "The Legacy" (S01E15) 1967
Peter Lupus Willy Armitage "The Legacy" (S01E15)
Martin Landau Rollin Hand "The Reluctant Dragon" (S01E16)
John Colicos Commissioner Taal Jankowski "The Reluctant Dragon" (S01E16)
Joe De Santis Vito Scalisi "The Frame" (S01E17)
Greg Morris Barney Collier "The Diamond" (S01E19)
Steven Hill Dan Briggs "The Legend" (S01E20)
Gunnar Hellström Frederick Rudd "The Legend" (S01E20)
Kent Smith Senator William Townsend "The Confession" (S01E22)
Greg Morris Barney Collier "The Shock" (S01E25)
Mission: Impossible - Season 2 Martin Landau Rollin Hand "The Widow" (S02E01) 1967
Peter Graves Jim Phelps "Trek" (S02E02)
Mark Lenard Col. Cardoza "Trek" (S02E02)
Dan O'Herlihy Jack Cole "Trek" (S02E02)
Pierre Jalbert Paul Lebarre "The Bank" (S02E04)
Greg Morris Barney Collier "The Bank" (S02E04)
Martin Landau Rollin Hand "The Slave: Part 1" (S02E05)
Peter Graves Jim Phelps "The Slave: Part 2" (S02E06)
Steve Franken Akim Hadramut "The Slave: Part 2" (S02E06)
David Mauro Prince Fasar "The Slave: Part 2" (S02E06)
Martin Landau Rollin Hand "Operation Heart" (S02E07)
Pernell Roberts President Beyron Rurich "Operation Heart" (S02E07)
Peter Graves Jim Phelps "The Money Machine" (S02E08)
Darren McGavin J. Richard Taggart "The Seal" (S02E09)
Peter Graves Jim Phelps "The Seal" (S02E09)
Greg Morris Barney Collier "The Council: Part 1" (S02E11)
Paul Stevens Frank Wayne "The Council: Part 1" (S02E11)
Eric Braeden Col. Markus von Frank "Echo of Yesterday" (S02E14)
Peter Graves Jim Phelps "Echo of Yesterday" (S02E14)
Peter Graves Jim Phelps "The Photographer" (S02E15)
Greg Morris Barney Collier "The Photographer" (S02E15)
Martin Landau Rollin Hand "The Photographer" (S02E15)
Peter Lupus Willy Armitage "The Photographer" (S02E15)
John Randolph Alex Morley "The Photographer" (S02E15)
Claude Woolman Williams "The Emerald" (S02E18) 1968
Peter Graves Jim Phelps "The Condemned" (S02E19)
Peter Lupus Willy Armitage "The Condemned" (S02E19)
Martin Landau Rollin Hand "The Counterfeiter" (S02E20)
Peter Graves Jim Phelps "The Counterfeiter" (S02E20)
Peter Graves Jim Phelps "The Phoenix" (S02E23)
Greg Morris Barney Collier "The Phoenix" (S02E23)
Peter Lupus Willy Armitage "The Phoenix" (S02E23)
Mission: Impossible - Season 3 Thomas A. Geas Vince "The Contender: Part 1" (S03E02), w/ & w/o suppressor 1968
Sugar Ray Robinson Wesley "The Contender: Part 2" (S03E03)
Donnelly Rhodes Raymond Barret "The Freeze" (S03E11)
James Patterson Johnny Costa "The System" (S03E15) 1969
Martin Landau Rollin Hand "The System" (S03E15)
Hawaii Five-O Jack Lord Steve McGarrett Nickel Plated 1968-1980
Hawaii Five-O - Season 1 Simon Oakland Benny Kaluna 1968-1969
Adam-12 L.A.P.D. Detectives 1968-1975
Columbo Dick Van Dyke Paul Galesko 1st Gen/ "Negative Reaction" (S04E02) 1971-2003
Columbo Jack Cassidy The Great Santini 1st Gen; Suppressed/ "Now You See Him" (S05E05) 1971-2003
Columbo George Wendt Graham McVeigh 3rd Gen; Nickel/ "Strange Bedfellows" (S13E01) 1971-2003
Columbo Jay Acovone Bruno Romano 3rd Gen; Nickel/ "Strange Bedfellows" (S13E01) 1971-2003
Police Story Vic Morrow Sgt. LaFrieda "Countdown" 1973-1977
Police Story Martin Balsam Det. Koster "Man on a Rack" 1973-1977
The Rockford Files James Garner Jim Rockford 1974-1980
Charlie's Angels (TV) Farrah Fawcett Jill Monroe 1976-1981
Charlie's Angels (TV) Kate Jackson Sabrina Duncan 1976-1981
Charlie's Angels (TV) Jaclyn Smith Kelly Garrett 1976-1981
Hawaii Five-O Sharon Farrell Officer Lori Wilson hammer shroud 1979 - 1980
Hawaii Five-O Jack Lord Steve McGarrett 3rd Gen/Post 1972 1979 - 1980
Hawaii Five-O Moe Keale Det. "Truck" Kealoha 1979 - 1980
Magnum P.I. Eugene Roche Luther Gillis 1980-1988
Cagney & Lacey Tyne Daly Det. Mary Beth Lacey 1981-1988
T.J. Hooker William Shatner Sgt. Hooker 1982-1986
T.J. Hooker Leonard Nimoy Lt. Paul McGuire "Vengeance is Mine" (S2E17) 1982-1986
Hill Street Blues John Ratzenberger O'Conner "Some Like It Hot-Wired" (S02E15) 1982 - 1987
Hill Street Blues Kiel Martin Detective John "J.D." LaRue 1982 - 1987
Hill Street Blues Daniel J. Travanti Captain Frank Furillo 2nd and 3rd Generations 1982 - 1987
Hill Street Blues Charles Haid Officer Andy Renko 1981 - 1987
The A-Team Various 1983-1987
Crime Story Bill Smitrovich Sgt. Danny Krychek 1986-1988
Crime Story Billy Campbell Detective Joey Indelli 1986-1988
Bergerac John Nettles DS Jim Bergerac "Private Fight" (S06E07) 1988
David Ross Harry Johnson
Julie Lescaut Florent Bigot de Nesles Cédric Jambet "Rédemption" (S20E03) 1992-2013
Bergerac Derren Nesbitt Dennis Swain 3rd Gen.; "My Name's Sergeant Bergerac" (S08E02) 1990
Inspector Morse Ian McDiarmid Hugo De Vries "Masonic Mysteries" (S04E04) 1990
Homicide: Life on the Street Melissa Leo Sgt. Kay Howard 1993-1999
Nestor Burma - Season 2 Guy Marchand Nestor Burma 3rd Gen.; "Un croque-mort nommé Nestor" (S2E5) 1993
Nestor Burma - Season 2 Cécile Pallas Janine Deregier 3rd Gen.; "Un croque-mort nommé Nestor" (S2E5) 1993
Nestor Burma - Season 2 Christian Crahay Albert Buard 3rd Gen.; "Un croque-mort nommé Nestor" (S2E5) 1993
Nestor Burma - Season 3 Sady Rebbot Dr. Bluvette 3rd Gen.; "Nestor Burma et le Monstre" (S3E6) 1994
Nestor Burma - Season 3 A police detective 3rd Gen.; "Brouillard au pont de Tolbiac" (S3E5) 1994
Nestor Burma - Season 4 Pierre Tornade Commissioneer Faroux 3rd Gen.; "Le Cinquième Procédé" (S4E2) 1994
Nestor Burma - Season 4 François-Régis Marchasson Colonel Bastien 3rd Gen.; "Le Cinquième Procédé" (S4E2) 1994
Nestor Burma - Season 4 Alain Rimoux Lebusse 3rd Gen.; "Les Paletots sans manches" (S4E3) 1995
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Michelle Phillips Claudette Wilde 1993 - 1997
Homicide: Life on the Street Melissa Leo Sergeant Kay Howard 1993 - 1999
Homicide: Life on the Street Ned Beatty Det. Bolander 1994-1995
The X-Files - Season 4 Morgan Weisser Lee Harvey Oswald "Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man" (S4E07) 1996
Medicopter 117 - Jedes Leben zählt - Season 4 robber sixth episode 2001
The Pretenders (Los Simuladores) Alejandro Fiore Pablo Lamponne "Tarjeta de Navidad" (S1E01) 2002-2004
L.A. Confidential C. Thomas Howell bank robber unsold pilot 2003
The Inspector Lynley Mysteries Stella Gonet Lady Sarah Keach 3rd Gen; "In the Guise of Death" (S04E02) 2005
Sailor Suit and Machine Gun Kôtarô Tanaka Yuji Tezuka 2006
Sailor Suit and Machine Gun Akiyoshi Nakao Kenji Sakai 2006
Jericho Erik Knudsen Dale Turner 2006-2008
Dexter Michael C. Hall Dexter Morgan 2006-2013
Blade: The Series episode 8, Sacrifice 2006
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Danny DeVito Frank Reynolds 2006-
Closer, The - Season 2 2006
Life on Mars Harvey Keitel Det. Gene Hunt 2008-2009
Castle - Season 2 Ruben Santiago-Hudson NYPD Captain Roy Montgomery "Sucker Punch" (S2E13) 2009-2010
Julie Lescaut Florent Bigot de Nesles Cédric Jambet "Rédemption" (S20E03) 2010
Justified - Season 1 Stephen Root Judge Mike "The Hammer" Reardon "The Hammer" (S1E10) 2010
The Walking Dead - Season 2 Norman Reedus Daryl Dixon "What Lies Ahead" (S2E01) 2011-2012
Sarah Wayne Callies Lori Grimes "What Lies Ahead" (S2E01), "Bloodletting" (S2E02), "Secrets" (S2E06), "Nebraska" (S2E08), "Triggerfinger" (S2E09), "Judge, Jury, Executioner" (S2E11), "Better Angels" (S2E12), "Beside the Dying Fire" (S2E13)
Laurie Holden Andrea Harrison "What Lies Ahead" (S2E01)
Jane McNeill Patricia "Secrets" (S2E06)
Jon Bernthal Shane Walsh "Pretty Much Dead Already" (S2E07)
The Walking Dead - Season 3 Sarah Wayne Callies Lori Grimes "Seed" (S3E01), "Sick" (S3E02), "Killer Within" (S3E04) 2012-2013
Emily Kinney Beth Greene "When the Dead Come Knocking" (S3E07), "Arrow on the Doorpost" (S3E13)
Vegas Dennis Quaid Sheriff Lamb Episode:"Pilot" 2012-????
Mob City Jon Bernthal Detective Teague 2013
Mob City Robert Knepper Sid Rothman 2013
Bonnie and Clyde (2013) Holliday Grainger Bonnie Parker 2013
Bonnie and Clyde (2013) Emile Hirsch Clyde Barker 2013
Endeavour - Season 1 Seen in drawer; "Girl" (S01E01) 2013
The Spoils of Babylon Will Ferrell Eric Jonrosh "The Age of the Bastard" (E5) 2014
Fargo - Season 2 Keir O'Donnell Det. Schmidt "Did you do this? No, you did it!" (S2E07) 2015
Agent Carter - Season 1 Enver Gjokaj Daniel Sousa 2015
Agent Carter - Season 2 SSR Agents 2016
Stranger Things - Season 2 Linnea Berthelsen Kali Prasad / Eight "Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister" (S2E07) 2017
Hawaii Five-0 - Season 9 Scott Caan Milton Cooper "Pua a'e la ka uwahi o ka moe" (S9E07) 2018
NCIS - Season 17 Mark Harmon Gibbs "Out of the Darkness" (S17E01) 2019
Fortunate Son Dylan Taylor Chief Kelly In holster; "Eve of Destruction" (S01E04) 2020
The Last of Us - Season 1 seen in armory; "Long Long Time" (S1E03) 2023

Video Games

Title Appears as Mods Notes Date
Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven 2002
Siren ".38 caliber revolver" 2003
The Godfather "Snubnose" 2006
Team Fortress 2 "Enforcer" Has stainless finish and pearl grips, gun model is incorrectly mirrored and lacks a modelled crane and bridge above the cylinder 2007
L.A. Noire 2011
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades "Detective Special 38" 2016
Receiver 2 Colt Detective Special 2020


Title Character Notes Date
Ninja Ryukenden Kidnapper 1991
Kite P. Willis' bodyguard 1998
Shigofumi: Letters from the Departed "Beginning" (E08) 2008

Colt Bankers Special

Colt Bankers Special - .22 LR

A DS variant, chambered in .38 Colt New Police (.38 S&W) and .22 Long Rifle. Few were made, particularly those in .22LR caliber. The Bankers Special was popular with railway clerks, who often carried them on mail and parcel freight trains prior to World War II. In 1943, production ceased due to the manufacturing demands placed on the company by World War II, and the model later was not continued.


(1928 - 1943)

  • Type: Revolver
  • Caliber: .38 S&W (.38 Colt New Police), .22 LR
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs (0.59 kg)
  • Length: 6.75 in (17.1 cm)
  • Barrel length(s): 2 in (5.1 cm)
  • Capacity: 6 round cylinder
  • Fire Modes: SA/DA

The Colt Bankers Special and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:

Video Games

Title Appears as Mods Notes Date
State of Decay "Snub Special 22" 2013

Reck Cobra

Reck Cobra revolver - .380 ME GUM

Reck Cobra is a German single/double action 6-shot gas-firing and rubber-firing revolver, based on 3rd Generation Colt Detective Special.

The Reck Cobra and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Notes Date
Seven Cabins (Sem kabinok) Pavel Badyrov Viktor Pavlovich 2007
Not Gonna Get Us (Nas ne dogonish) Natalya Egorova Nina Petrovna Marysheva 2007
Dmitriy Shevchenko Semyon
Ekaterina Vilkova Nasos
Svetlana Svetikova Olga

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