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Silent Action

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This article currently has one or more unidentified weapons.
If you can help identify any of the weapons labelled "unknown," please do so.

Silent Action
La polizia accusa-Poster.jpg
Original Italian poster
Country ITA.jpg Italy
Directed by Sergio Martino
Release Date 1975
Language Italian
Studio Dania Film
Flora Film
Gico Cinematografica S.r.l.
Main Cast
Character Actor
Commissioner Giorgio Solmi Luc Merenda
Attorney Michele Mannino Mel Ferrer
Maria Delia Boccardo
Commissioner Luigi Caprara Michele Gammino
Capitan Mario Sperlì Tomás Milián
Giuliana Raimondi Paola Tedesco

Silent Action (original title La polizia accusa: il Servizio Segreto uccide ("Police accuse: the Secret Service kills"); also released as Chopper Squad) is a 1975 Italian crime movie directed by Sergio Martino. Commissioner Giorgio Solmi (Luc Merenda) investigates several deaths of high officers of Italian army. The investigation leads him to the secret services.

The following weapons are seen in the movie Silent Action:


Walther P38

A Walther P38 pistol is a personal sidearm of Commissioner Giorgio Solmi (Luc Merenda).

Walther P38 WWII dated with black grips - 9x19mm
A close view at Solmi's P38.
Solmi reloads his pistol.
Solmi aims his pistol at Capitan Sperlì (Tomás Milián).

Beretta Model 70

Beretta Model 70 pistols are used by Commissioner Luigi Caprara (Michele Gammino) and several other characters.

Beretta Model 70 - .32 ACP
A Beretta Model 70 is seen in Colonel Scanni's (Tom Felleghy) secretaire.
Frank Smith (Franco Giornelli), disguised as a traffic police officer, fires Beretta Model 70.
Another view at the same scene.
Commissioner Caprara holds a Beretta Model 70.

Beretta M1951

Beretta M1951 pistols are used by police and criminals.

Beretta M951 - 9x19mm
Massù (Antonio Casale) fires a suppressed pistol that is supposed to be a Beretta M1951.
Massù fires his pistol at police.
Police officer De Luca (Gianfranco Barra) holds a Beretta M1951.
Commissioner Luigi Caprara (Michele Gammino) gives a Beretta M1951 to Capitan Mario Sperlì (Tomás Milián) in the final scene.
Another view at the same scene.

Beretta M1934

Beretta M1934 pistols are seen in several scenes.

Beretta Model 1934 - .380 ACP
Capitan Mario Sperlì (Tomás Milián) fires his pistol.
Commissioner Luigi Caprara (Michele Gammino fires his pistol in the final scene. Due to the shape of the trigger guard the pistol can be identified as M1934 or M1951 but the length of the barrel better matches M1934.
In the final scene a hitman fires a suppressed Beretta M1934 pistol.
A close view at the hitman's pistol.

Inglis Hi-Power

In one scene Commissioner Luigi Caprara (Michele Gammino) is armed with a pistol that is supposed to be an Inglis Hi-Power.

Inglis Hi-Power - 9x19mm
Commissioner Caprara holds his pistol. Note the "humped" rear sight that matches the Canadian version of Hi-Power.
A close though dark view at Caprara's pistol. The general shape of the weapon matches Hi-Power.

Riva Esterina Dobermann

An unnamed thug (Carlo Gaddi) who is Massù's (Antonio Casale) companion carries a snub nose revolver. In one scene Giuliana Raimondi (Paola Tedesco) manages to get this revolver. It resembles Smith & Wesson Model 36 but differs in detales, including the shape of the front sight. A Riva Esterina Dobermann is a reasonable guess.

Riva Esterina Dobermann - .38 Special
While Massù fires his Beretta M12, his unnamed companion fires a snub nose revolver.
Giuliana Raimondi aims the revolver at its previous owner.
A close view at the revolver.

Colt Detective Special

Giuliana Raimondi's (Paola Tedesco) revolver switches to another one that appears to be a Colt Detective Special.

Colt Detective Special 1st Gen with Round Butt - .38 Special
When Giuliana fires a second later, the revolver switches to another one.

Submachine Guns

Beretta Model 38/42

Beretta Model 38/42 submachine guns are used by police officers. During the attack at training camp of secret paramilitary organization several of its members also carry Beretta Model 38/42 SMGs.

Beretta Model 38/42 - 9x19mm
A police officer with Beretta Model 38/42 tries to arrest Massu` (Antonio Casale).
Two policemen with Beretta Model 38/42 SMGs are seen next to Commissioner Solmi (Luc Merenda).
A Beretta Model 38/42 is seen in training camp.
A terrorist fires at police helicopter.
Commissioner Giorgio Solmi with Beretta Model 38/42 during the attack at the training camp.
Commissioner Solmi holds his SMG.
A police officer fires his SMG in the final scene.

Fake Beretta Model 38

During the attack at training camp of secret paramilitary organization several of its members carry SMGs, that resemble Beretta Model 38A (or even early Beretta Model 38). They have a fake barrel shroud and wooden plates on stock. These guns are supposed to be visually modified Beretta Model 38/44 but during the action the bolt of a closely seen SMG doesn't move though the gun produce muzzle flame. It is hard to say if this is a mockup with fake muzzle flame or a visually modified Model 38/44.

Beretta Model 38A - 9x19mm
Silent Action-Beretta38-1.jpg
Silent Action-Beretta38-2.jpg

Beretta M12

A Beretta M12 is used by Massù (Antonio Casale) during the kidnap of Giuliana Raimondi (Paola Tedesco). During the attack at training camp of secret paramilitary organization Beretta M12s are used by both sides.

Beretta M12 - 9x19mm
Massù draws a concealed Beretta M12.
Massù fires his Beretta. At the background his unnamed companion (Carlo Gaddi) fires a snub nose revolver.
Another view at Massù's Beretta.
A terrorist fires his Beretta M12 at police helicopter.


During the attack at training camp of secret paramilitary organization at least one of its members is armed with an MP40.

MP40 - 9x19mm
Silent Action-MP40-1.jpg
Silent Action-MP40-2.jpg


Carcano M91/38

At least one Carcano M91/38 Short Rifle is seen in the scene of the attack at training camp of secret paramilitary organization.

Carcano M91/38 Short Rifle for Cavalry - 6.5mm
A Carcano M91/38 Short Rifle is seen in training camp next to Beretta Model 38/42 SMG.

M1 Garand

Several M1 Garand-style rifles are seen during the attack on the training camp. They seem to have longer barrels than original Garands.

M1 Garand semiautomatic Rifle with leather M1917 sling - .30-06
A Garand and another rifle (may be a Beretta BM59) are seen at the foreground. A man in blue balaclava helmet holds another Garand.
Another view at the rifle in hands of the man in blue balaclava helmet.

Unidentified Rifle

A rifle that may be a Beretta BM59 is seen at the foreground together with an M1 Garand.

Unidentified Bolt Action Rifle

A bent bolt handle can be seen, typical for M91TS, M91/38 Short Rifle and several other models of Carcano rifles.

Other Weapons

Mk 2 Hand Grenades

During the attack at training camp of secret paramilitary organization Mk 2 Hand Grenades are used by both sides.

Mk 2 "Pineapple" High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade
A terrorist readies to throw a grenade at police.
A blurry image of a grenade.
Commissioner Luigi Caprara (Michele Gammino) throws a grenade from a helicopter.

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