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Vegas (2012)

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Vegas (2012 - 2013)

The following weapons were used in the television series Vegas (2012):


Beretta M1934

A suppressed Beretta M1934 was used by Rizzo Mob Liuetenant Anthony "Red" Cervelli (James Russo) in "(Ill)Legitimate" (S1E04). Harry French (Chris McGarry) uses one in a hostage situation in "Past Lives" (S1E19).

Beretta M1934 with a suppressor - .380 ACP.
The suppressed Beretta M1934 (Background) used by Cervelli in assassinating two Milwaukee Mob-linked union leaders. (S1E04)
Beretta Model 1934 - .380 ACP
Harry aims his M1934 at Mia. (S1E19)
Harry confronts Jack with his sidearm aimed at Mia's right temple. (S1E19)

Browning Hi-Power

A home invasion robber uses a nickel plated Hi-Power in "All That Glitter" (S1E03). Assassins working for the Milwaukee Mob fire Hi-Powers at Savino at a parking garage in "(Ill)Legitimate" (S1E04). Jones (Damon Herriman), a mob enforcer for the Milwaukee Mob, is armed with a nickel plated Browning Hi-Power in "Solid Citizens" (S1E05). Rizzo Mob enforcer Vic Borelli (Joe Sabatino) uses one in "The Real Thing" (S1E06). Johnny Rizzo (Michael Wiseman) uses a Hi-Power when confronting Jack Lamb (Jason O'Mara) towards the end of "Road Trip" (S1E13), Jack gets a hold of it after Rizzo is stabbed by a junkie and kills him in the same episode.

Classic Commercial Browning Hi-Power (Belgian Mfg) - 9x19mm
A home invasion robber fires his nickel plated Hi-Power at Ralph and Lamb. (S1E03)
Assassins ambush Vincent Savino at a parking garage in "(Ill)Legitimate" (S1E04).
Vic uses a Browning Hi-Power to hijack a cargo truck in "The Real Thing" (S1E06).
Johnny threatens Jack with his Hi-Power aimed at his neck in "Road Trip" (S1E13)
Jack cocks the hammer of Rizzo's own Hi-Power. (S1E13)
FN Browning Hi-Power Nickel plated with "beer can" adjustable sights - 9x19mm
Jones (Damon Herriman) interrogates Ruth while gripping the nickel plated Hi-Power in "Solid Citizens" (S1E05).

Colt Model 1903

A suppressed Colt Model 1903 is used by Borelli in "(Ill)Legitimate" (S1E04).

Colt 1903 Hammerless with Colt Wood Grips - .32 ACP
Rizzo Mob enforcer Vic Borelli aiming the suppressed Colt Model 1903 at two Milwaukee Mob-linked union leaders before they were assassinated. (S1E04)

Colt M1911

Air Police officers uses the Colt M1911 as their main sidearm in "Exposure" (S1E08). Nick "Beansy" Cota (Sonny Marinelli) fires a M1911 at biker gangsters in "Road Trip" (S1E13). A corrupt agent working under the Nevada Attorney General's office is armed with a M1911 in a holster in "Sons of Nevada" (S1E21).

Original Colt M1911 (dated 1913) - .45 ACP
Air Police officers confront Lt. Norman Kept inside Nellis AFB in "Exposure". (S1E08) They appear to be employing the Harris Technique with their pistols and flashlights. The Harris Technique was not in wide use until the 1970's.
Vegas2012 execution.jpg
Nick "Beansy" Cota fires his M1911 at biker gangsters. (S1E13)
A holstered M1911 as seen in the Attorney General agent's waist. (S1E21)

CZ 52

A CZ 52 was used by Jones (Damon Herriman) in "Bad Seeds" (S1E07) as his weapon of choice.

Czech CZ 52 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev
Jones brandishing the CZ 52 in front of Borelli in "Bad Seeds". (S1E07)
Jones takes aim with the CZ 52 after Borelli attempts to draw out his sidearm. (S1E07)
Jones opens fire with the CZ 52 at Ferro, one of the Clark County Deputy Sheriffs guarding the Savoy, after being spotted. (S1E07)
Jones' CZ 52 on the ground before Dixon kicks it away. (S1E07)

Walther PPK

Las Vegas Assistant District Attorney Katherine O'Connell (Carrie-Anne Moss) uses a nickel-plated Walther PPK with wood grips as her personal sidearm, drawing it on Savino (Michael Chiklis) when he threatens her in "From This Day Forward" (S1E12) and using it to fire at the fleeing Jones in "Road Trip" (S1E13).

Walther PPK stainless - 9mm Kurz aka .380 ACP
ADA O'Connel draws out her PPK at Savino in "From This Day Forward". (S1E12)
Savino is clearly not threatened by her. (S1E12).
ADA O'Connel opens fire at Jones in "Road Trip" when he flees with a hijacked Department of Corrections van. (S1E13)
Opening fire with the PPK at a fleeing Jones at the desert near Las Vegas. (S1E13)


Colt Detective Special (1st Generation)

Red uses a 1st Generation Colt Detective Special as his main sidearm, first seen in "Bad Seeds" (S1E07). A corrupt USAF OSI investigator fires one at Lamb's truck during the chase near the end of "Exposure" (S1E08), it was loaded with hollow points which were used to kill an Air Force doctor at the beginning of the episode. Jack Lamb (Jason O'Mara) carries a Detective Special, it can be seen holstered on his belt and is taken by Rizzo (Michael Wiseman) in "Road Trip" (S1E13), who attempts to draw it after his Hi-Power is dropped, Jack takes the Colt from Rizzo's hand before leaving the scene in "The Third Man" (S1E14). A Savoy casino worker named Leila (Jeanette Brox) uses one to shoot FBI Agent Patrick Bryne at the shoulder at the end of "Past Lives" (S1E19).

Colt Detective Special 1st Gen - .38 Special
Red running up the staircase to call for an ambulance. (S1E07)
Red surrenders his sidearm to Ralph. (S1E07)
A corrupt OSI investigator aims his DS revolver at Ralph before they were spotted. (S1E08)
Ralph checks the bullet unloaded from the DS' chamber to confirm that it was a hollow point. (S1E08)
Red fires his DS revolver at biker gangsters. (S1E13)
Johnny reaches for Jack's holstered DS revolver. (S1E13)
Leila shoots Agent Byrne at the shoulder. (S1E19)

Colt Detective Special (3rd Gen)

A 3rd Generation Colt Detective Special is seen in the possession of a murder suspect in "Pilot". Sheriff Ralph Lamb (Dennis Quaid) is later seen with the revolver, the presence of a 3rd Generation Detective Special is an anachronism due to the fact that the show takes place in 1960 and the 3rd Gen DS came out in 1972.

Colt Detective Special 3rd Gen - .38 Special
Sheriff Ralph Lamb (Dennis Quaid) is seen with the revolver in "Pilot" (S1E01). The presence of a 3rd Generation Detective Special is an anachronism due to the fact that the show takes place in 1960 and the 3rd Gen DS came out in 1972.
Bob Perrin (Kai Lennox) shoots at Ralph Lamb with the Colt DS in "Pilot" (S1E01).

Colt Official Police

A Colt Official Police revolver is used by a Mormon working under Porter in "Sons of Nevada" (S1E21).

Colt Official Police - 4" Barrel - .38 Special
An armed Mormon opens fire with his Official Police revolver. (S1E21)
Porter brandishes the revolver in front of Jones. (S1E21)

Colt Python

A Colt Python makes an appearance on Vegas' opening sequence.

Colt Python with 4" Barrel and factory wood grips - .357 Magnum
The Colt Python at Vegas' opening sequence.

Smith & Wesson Model 10

A Smith & Wesson Model 10 is pulled by the Clark County Sheriff in "Pilot" (S1E01). Clark County Deputy Sheriffs are also armed with the Model 10. A Model 10 is found by Ralph during a search in "All That Glitter" (S1E03). It would appear that Sheriff Lamb (Dennis Quaid) also uses a Model 10 as his main sideaerm. Ralph cleans the Model 10 in "(Il)Legitimate" and is first used in "Solid Citizens" (S1E05). Savoy Casino guards are armed with Model 10s in "The Real Thing" (S1E06). Russ Austers (RJ Mitte) uses a Model 10 in "Paiutes" (S1E11). Jones steals a Model 10 from a Dead LVSD officer in "Road Trip" after he frees himself from his handcuffs (S1E13). LAPD detectives hired as security guard use Model 10s in "Scoundrels" (S1E18).

Smith & Wesson Model M&P Revolver - .38 Special.
The Clark County Sheriff confronting an armed man while armed with his Model 10 "Pilot". (S1E01)
Ralph cleaning the Model 10 at the Lamb residence in "(Il)Legitimate". (S1E04)
Sheriff Lamb holds the revolver while searching a closet in "Solid Citizens". (S1E05)
The Model 10 is seen through the mounted scope of Jack's Winchester in "Solid Citizens". (S1E05)
You can see the Model 10's grip in the holster of the Savoy Casino guard in "The Real Thing". (S1E06)
Ferro aims his Model 10 at Jones at the Savoy Casino in "Bad Seeds". (S1E07)
Ralph forced to give up his Model 10 in "Exposure". Note the Smith & Wesson logo on it. (S1E08)
Rus (RJ Mitte) takes aim with the Model 10. (S1E11)
A LAPD detective hired as a security guard aims his Model 10 at Ralph, Jack and at a LVSD officer. (S1E18)
Another LAPD detective hired as a security guard aims his Model 10 at Ralph, Jack and at a LVSD officer. (S1E18)

Smith & Wesson Model 19 Snub Nose

Vincent Savino (Michael Chiklis) uses a nickel Smith & Wesson Model 19 Snub Nose as his personal sidearm. He first uses it when confronting Jesse Lynch (Alex Nesic) in his trailer at the end of "The Real Thing" (S1E06). District Attorney Jerry Reynolds (Michael Reilly Burke) uses the revolver given by Savino in "Hollywood Ending" (S1E17). Also an anachronism since the snub-nosed version of the Model 19 was not introduced until the late 1960's.

Nickel Smith & Wesson Model 19 Snub (2.5" barrel) - .357 Magnum
Savino aims his Model 19 at Jesse, note the adjustable sights and finish. (S1E06)
Savino leaves his office after hearing gunshots. (S1E07)
The Model 19 on the floor next to the wounded Deputy Sheriff. (S1E07)
Savino turning in his Model 19 to Ralph since it was fired. (S1E07)
Ralph checks the chamber. Note the Model 10 revolver holster Ralph sports on his right side. (S1E07)
Red fires his S&W 19 revolver at biker gangsters. (S1E13)
DA Reynolds aims the S&W 19 at a civilian. (S1E17)
Savion takes aim with his S&W19 near the end of "Sons of Nevada". (S1E21)

Smith & Wesson Model 36

A Smith & Wesson Model 36 is used by Ginny Merrick (Melinda Page Hamilton) to fend off the Lamb brothers after knocking on the Merrick apartment in "Estinto" (S1E10).

Smith & Wesson Model 36 - .38 Special - 5 shot. First pattern with flat latch cylinder release.
Ginny panics after she fires the Model 36 at the entrance. (S1E10)


Ithaca 37

The Ithaca 37 shotgun is seen carried by Ralph's son Dixon (Taylor Handley). A jewel store robber uses one with a pistol grip before Ralph and Jack apprehended him in an ambush in "Money Plays" (S1E02). The same weapon was also used by a home invasion robber in the same episode. Two men who hijack the ambulance transporting the dead USAF doctor's body in "Exposure" (S1E08) use Ithaca 37s. A sawed off Ithaca 37 is used by Nathan Auster (Stephen Taylor) in "Paiutes" (S1E11).

Ithaca 37 - 12 Gauge
The Ithaca 37 shotgun is held by Ralph's son Dixon (Taylor Handley) in "Pilot" (S1E01).
On the left, Ithaca 37 shotgun is seen carried by Dixon (Taylor Handley) in "Pilot" (S1E01).
Ralph grinning at Savino, passing by via sedan, while unloading the shells by pumping the pump handle. (S1E02)
A masked robber taken down by Dixon after being shot from the back. (S1E02)
A masked carjacker threatens Ralph with the Ithaca 37 in "Exposure". (S1E08)
Ithaca 37 with sawed-off stock and barrel - 12 Gauge
A sawed off Ithaca 37 is used by Nathan to threaten disarmed armored car guards. (S1E11)

Winchester Model 1897

Fred LaForge (Bob Stephenson) uses a Winchester Model 1897 to threaten Dixon in "Paiutes" (S1E11) before it is confiscated by Ralph. A corrupt Attorney General Office's agent is armed with a 1897 in "Sons of Nevada" (S1E21).

Winchester Model 1897 Riot Gun - 12 gauge.
Fred aims his 1897 at Dixon inside the Sheriff's office. (S1E11)
A corrupt agent prepares to pump his 1897 in the Sherrif's office. (S1E21)

Winchester Model 1912

The Winchester Model 1912 is one of the firearms owned by Ralph Lamb (Dennis Quaid). Don Simmons (Gill Birmingham) uses the 1912 in "Solid Citizens" (S1E05). Dixon uses one in "The Real Thing" (S1E06).

Winchester M1912 Riot Gun
In the center, Ralph Lamb (Dennis Quaid) holds the Winchester shotgun in "Pilot" (S1E01).
In "Pilot" (S1E01), Ralph Lamb (Dennis Quaid) holds the Winchester shotgun in a confrontation with Vincent Savino (Michael Chiklis).
"I've been hearing that." Ralph grins when he confronts a downed Hell's Angels biker in "Pilot" (S1E01).
Don pumping the 1912 while approaching a motel room in "Solid Citizens" (S1E05).
Dixon holding up troublemakers at the outskirts of Las Vegas in "The Real Thing" (S1E06).

12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun

A 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun is seen used by the man chasing Dixon in "Pilot" (S1E01).

1960s Era Commercial Stevens hammerless side by side shotgun - 12 Gauge.
A 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun is seen used by the man chasing Dixon in "Pilot" (S1E01).


M2 Carbine

Kidnappers are armed with M2 Carbines in "Solid Citizens" (S1E05). Air Police are armed with the rifles in "Exposure".

M2 Carbine - .30 Carbine
A M2 carbine near the body of Wade Ullom in "Solid Citizens". (S1E05)
Closeup of the M2 carbine used by armed kidnapper as he aims via iron sights in "Solid Citizens". (S1E05)
Ralph does a silent non-lethal takedown on an AP officer in "Exposure". Note that the barrel has bent after touching the chain link fence, which proves that it's a rubber prop weapon. (S1E08)


What appears to be an M14 is briefly seen carried by an MP when a murder victim is found in "Pilot" (S1E01).

M14 rifle - 7.62x51mm NATO
MP soldiers cordon off a murder site at the Nevada Test site in "Pilot". (S1E01)

Winchester Model 1894

The Winchester Model 1894 rifle is one of the firearms used by Sheriff Ralph Lamb (Dennis Quaid). Ralph's brother Jack Lamb (Jason O'Mara) also is seen with the rifle. Savino uses it one in "Bad Seeds" (S1E07) after Milwaukee mobsters led by Jones invade the Lamb ranch at the outskirts of Las Vegas and in "Sons of Nevada" (S1E21). Majority of the armed Mormons in "Paiutes" (S1E11) are armed with 1894s.

Winchester Model 1894 - .30-30 Winchester
The OP sequence shows the 1894 being cocked.
In "Pilot" (S1E01), Sheriff Ralph Lamb (Dennis Quaid) takes aim with the Winchester 1894 rifle.
Sheriff Lamb holds the Winchester on Bob Perrin (Kai Lennox) in "Pilot" (S1E01).
Jack Lamb (Jason O'Mara) holds the Winchester in "Pilot" (S1E01).
Jack takes aim with the scoped Winchester against an armed kidnapper in "Solid Citizens". (S1E05)
The FPS view of the mounted scope on Jack's Winchester in "Solid Citizens". (S1E05)
Savino aims the 1894 while hunting for Jones at the Lamb ranch. (S1E07)
An armed Mormon cocks the 1894 before aiming it at a restrained Savino. (S1E11)
Jack aims his 1894 at LAPD officers moonlighting as security guards. (S1E18)
Savino takes aim with the 1894's iron sight. (S1E21)

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