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Pretty Boy Floyd

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Pretty Boy Floyd (1960).

Pretty Boy Floyd is a 1960 gangster film that was one of many shoestring-budget gangster films made in the late 1950s and early 1960s, that would feature in the cast a number of unknown actors, some of whom (in this case Barry Newman, Al Lewis, and Peter Falk) went on to be relatively famous. Although taking many historical liberties (such as renaming most of the people involved), it is a generally accurate depiction of the life of 1930s bank robber Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd.

The following weapons were used in the film Pretty Boy Floyd:

Mannlicher M1895 KNIL No. 1 Carbine

Jed Watkins (Roy Fant) can be seen with a Mannlicher M1895 KNIL No. 1 Carbine when Floyd returns home for the first time in six years. It is one of the guns later donated to Floyd. Despite this, Jed produces another identical rifle (likely the same prop) when Floyd returns again.

Dutch Mannlicher M1895 KNIL No.1 Carbine - 6.5 x 53mm Mannlicher. It is a version, issued for Royal Netherlands East Indies Army. Unlike home service No.1 Carbine, the colonial version has a turned down bolt handle.
Watkins approaches Floyd with his Mannlicher.
Jed's Mannlicher, some Detective Specials, New Services, and Official Polices are donated to Floyd by the "Okies".
Jed keeps Floyd away.

Colt New Service

Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd (John Ericson) uses a Colt New Service when he shoots his neighbor Grindon to avenge his father's murder. The sheriff, Blackie Faulkner (Jason Evers) also carries a New Service.

Colt M1917 in moon clipped .45 ACP.
Floyd shoots Grindon.
Jed's Mannlicher, some Detective Specials, New Services, and Official Polices are donated to Floyd by the "Okies".
Blackie falls with his New Service.

Colt Detective Special

"Pretty Boy" Floyd (John Ericson) typically brandishes a set of Colt Detective Special revolvers (unlike the actual Floyd who always carried two M1911A1s). Shorty Walters (Peter Falk) also uses two Colt Detective Specials during the Ohio bank robbery. Floyd's fellow bank robber Baker (Philip Kenneally) uses a Detective Special against the Courtney brothers. The Kansas City mob bosses use a Detective Special when determining the fate of Floyd, Al, and Manny.

Colt Detective Special - .38 Special
Jed's Mannlicher, some Detective Specials, New Services, and Official Polices are donated to Floyd by the "Okies".
Floyd finds Ed Courtney and threatens him with his Colt DS.
Floyd attempts to intimidate Sheriff Faulkner with his Colt DS.
A Detective Special sits on the table as Floyd talks to Curly.
One of the mob bosses in Kansas City passes the Colt down the table.
The final KC mob boss gives the Detective Special the "kiss of death".
Floyd threatens to shoot down Jed's door with his Detective Special.
Floyd aims his Colt DS at Al when the police catch up with them.
Floyd fires at police during his last stand on an Ohio farm.

Smith & Wesson Model 36

In addition to a Detective Special, "Pretty Boy" Floyd (John Ericson) hides a Smith & Wesson Model 36 under his pillow in Ohio. The police grab it from him before he gets a chance to use it. (This gun would be anachronistic for the film as it wasn't developed until 1950).

Smith and Wesson Model 36 - .38 Special
Floyd tosses a Model 36 under his pillow.

Colt Police Positive

"Pretty Boy" Floyd (John Ericson) carries two Colt Police Positive revolvers during his first bank robbery in Sylvan, Ohio with Shorty and when he robs his hometown bank in Sallisaw. One of them has a sawn-down barrel, as evident by its lack of a front sight. An Ohio policeman that shoots at Floyd during the finale also carries a Police Positive.

Colt Police Positive - .38 Special.
Jed's Mannlicher, some Detective Specials, New Services, and Police Positives are donated to Floyd by the "Okies".
Floyd enters the bank.
Floyd gives orders, brandishing his Police Positive.
The policeman aims at Floyd.

Carl Gustav M/45

"Pretty Boy" Floyd (John Ericson) shows Curly Winwell (Carl York) a Carl Gustav M/45 submachine gun he got from "the big city". This is a complete anachronism, since the Carl Gustav Swedish Submachine Gun was not developed until 1945, a full 12 years after the events portrayed in the film. Also historically the gang stole much of their firepower from local police armories, so any submachine gun would be a domestic model, like a Thompson.

Carl Gustav M-45
Floyd fires the Carl Gustav M-45 (which would not be developed for another 12 years.

The weapon pictured seems to have a strange wooden stock instead of the normal steel frame. The barrel looks like the one used for firing blanks. It is usually silver painted and has threads that comes out in front of the cooling shroud. It also has a narrower caliber to partially break up the plastic bullets before they hit the (here missing) stopper at the barrel end.

Floyd passes the Carl Gustav M-45 to Curly.
Floyd fires the Carl Gustav M-45 during a montage.

This weapon seems to lack the internal parts since there is no cocking handle, bolt or spring. The magazine is missing too.

Machine Gun Manny (Al Lewis) fires a Carl Gustav M-45 at the detectives with Jumpy Lasker.
Floyd fires a Carl Gustav M-45 at the car.

M1A1 Thompson

"Pretty Boy" Floyd (John Ericson) fires a M1A1 Thompson during one of the film's montages. Al Riccardo (Barry Newman) takes one when he tries to run away from Floyd in the end. The lawman that shoots Floyd down uses a Thompson. The M1A1 has a Cutts compensator and, in some scenes, has a vertical foregrip added to make it match the more period-accurate M1928 (as the M1A1 is anachronistic).

M1A1 Thompson - .45 ACP
Customized M1A1 Thompson with vertical foregrip and Cutts compensator - .45 ACP
Floyd fires the M1A1 Thompson with Cutts compensator added during a montage.
Al loads the M1A1 Thompson with Cutts compensator. Two Colt Detective Specials are seen on the table in front of him.
Al holds his M1A1 Thompson with Cutts compensator on Floyd and Lil as he tries to escape.
A lawman fires his M1A1 Thompson with Cutts compensator at Floyd.

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