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Release Date: 2003
Developer: Japan Studio
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Series: Siren
Platforms: PlayStation 2
Genre: Stealth Horror

Siren (released in the UK as Forbidden Siren) is a 2003 stealth-survival horror title directed by Keiichiro Toyama of Silent Hill fame and developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment's internal Japan Studio for the PlayStation 2. The game takes place in the secluded rural Japanese village of Hanuda and follows a group of multiple unique characters as they are trapped within the village and experience mysterious supernatural events within it. The game is most notable for having several unique twists on regular survival horror gameplay, such as non-linear progression where the player will replay stages or play as other characters in stages set before previously played stages and accomplish sub-objectives that will make progression easier for future characters and most notably, "sightjacking", an ability that allows the player to see through the eyes of enemies as they search for the player, as well as NPC escorts.

The game mostly features the player either unarmed or locked to melee weapons. Unlike future Siren games, they are completely defenseless when unarmed and enemy weaponry cannot be taken from them when they are "killed", as the in-game monsters, known as the Shibito, seemingly hold an incredibly tight grip on their weapons while they recover (the one time a Shibito drops a weapon as part of a scripted event, they are electrocuted which seemingly makes them release their grip on their revolver).

Gun Shibito generally come in 2 types, "Patrollers" armed with revolvers, and "Snipers" armed with rifles; Patroller Shibito will usually chase the player if they see them, while Sniper Shibito are generally static and require the player to use distractions/traps in the environment to distract them. The Sniper Shibito are often used as a way to block the player from certain paths. There is also the rare "Fly" Shibito, who fly in the air and are armed with revolvers as well.

All firearms are reloaded 1 bullet at time; Shibito will notably only partially reload their weapon during combat, reloading only 2 bullets (the maximum amount required to kill the player) if they can see the player at a distance and only quickly reloading a singular bullet if the player is close enough. The player will always need 2 shots to a kill a Shibito with a revolver unless they can peform a "Sneak Attack" with it by shooting an unalerted Shibito. Rifles in the player's hands will always kill in one shot outside of one of the final bosses.

Siren would be followed up by Forbidden Siren 2, whose English localization was only released in PAL regions, and Siren: Blood Curse, a remake for the PlayStation 3 that is heavily inspired by "Americanized" remakes of Japanese horror films.

Due to the game's isolated rural Japanese setting, a good amount of the firearms that appear in the game are rather vintage for the then-modern setting of 2003.

The following weapons appear in the video game Siren:


Colt Detective Special

A Colt Detective Special appears as the ".38 caliber revolver" and is primarily used by Tamon Takeuchi, a university professor. The revolver is later taken by Kei Makino, a priest of Manaism, the local religion of Hanuda. The revolver's internal name within the game's files is "COLT38", a reference to Colt's Manufacturing Company, the gun's manufacturer.

Colt Detective Special 1st Gen with square butt - .38 Special
"Tamon Takeuchi's .38 caliber revolver. Holds six rounds."
In his first cutscene, Tamon retrieves his revolver from a small bag as the situation escalates.
"...i-is that a real gun?"
Yoriko reacts with surprise to Tamon's revolver. In Japan, citizens are not legally allowed to own handguns, which explains her reaction. How an upstanding citizen like Tamon obtained a handgun is never explained in the story.
Tamon aims his gun at an approaching "Spider" Shibito.
A first-person view of the revolver. Siren 1, unlike future games in the series, doesn't let the player go into first-person while using a non-rifle weapon, however, you can tap the aim button and go into first-person view while the animation for raising the weapon plays.
Kei holds the revolver one-handed.

Type 26 Revolver

The Type 26 Revolver is exclusively found and used by TV show presenter Naoko Mihama in the Custodian's Shack of the mines in Gojaku Peak. The revolver's internal name within the game files is "26NENSIKI", a reference to the revolver's original military name (二十六年式拳銃, Nijuuroku-nen-shiki kenjuu; lit. 26th Year Model Handgun).

Type 26 Revolver - 9x22mmR Japanese Revolver
"An old revolver found in the abandoned mine. Holds six rounds."
The Type 26 Revolver on the Shack's table.
Naoko quickly uses her found Type 26 on an attacking Shibito.
Raising the revolver in first-person.

Nambu Model 60

The Nambu Model 60 is used by the revolver Shibito and is also referred to as the ".38 caliber revolver" like the Colt Detective Special. Its most notable user is Tetsuo Ishida, a highly drunk police officer who has "half" turned into a Shibito by the time Kyoya meets him and is the first enemy in the game as well as a recurring unique Shibito. Kyoya can eventually obtain the revolver for one of his final levels, though with only the initial 5 shots and no spare ammunition.

Nambu Model 60 snub-nose - .38 special
"A .38 caliber revolver. Holds five rounds."
Kyoya aims his Nambu at a Shibito.
Kyoya raises his Nambu in first-person.
The sightjacked view of a Revolver Shibito with his Nambu Model 60.
Tomoko sees the last thing you want to see while sightjacking - an armed Shibito already aiming their Nambu at you...
After escaping him, the Shibito reloads his Nambu Model 60.
A Fly Shibito fires his Nambu Model 60 sideways at Tamon.
Having lost sight of Tamon, the Fly Shibito reloads his revolver.
The revolver in the hands of a defeated Shibito.


Type 22 Murata

The Type 22 Murata Rifle appears as the weapon of Akira Shimura, a local hunter, it holds 8 shots and despite the description claiming otherwise, has the same firepower as the normal Hunting Rifle. A retextured version of the Murata is also used by Sniper Shibito; this version holds only 5 rounds as opposed to 8.

Murata Type 22 - 8x53mmR Murata
"An old hunting rifle used by Akira Shimura. Not as powerful as newer models. Holds eight rounds."
Akira with his rifle held over his shoulder, he amusingly does this even when crouching.
A first-person view of the rifle.
Akira shoots at Shibito attacking Yoriko, this scoped view shared by both of the player usable rifles.
A Shibito holds his rifle at the ready while being sightjacked.
An alerted Shibito fires his rifle at a distant Akira, the bolt on the rifle is only used (without an animation, just a sound effect) when reloading the rifles, all rifles are fired semi-automatically.
The Shibito reloads his rifle.
A downed Shibito holds his rifle.

Remington Model 700

A scopeless Remington Model 700 referred to as the "Hunting rifle" is obtained by Kyoya near the end of the game, it is chambered in 7.62x51mm and has a capacity of 5 bullets. The rifle's internal name within the game files is "REMINGTON", a reference to the rifle's manufacturer, Remington Arms.

Remington Model 700 - .308 Winchester
"A popular long-range rifle used for hunting. Holds five rounds."
Kyoya finds the Remington laid down on a grave.
Holding it in first person.

Arisaka Type 38

Rarely, the player will encounter Sniper Shibito equipped with Arisaka Type 38s. Shibito with these rifles fire much faster than other firearm-equipped Shibito.

Arisaka Type 38 rifle - 6.5x50mm Arisaka
A Shibito Sniper holding the Arisaka.
A sightjacked Shibito Sniper attempts to shoot Kyoya hiding behind cover.
The Shibito reloads the Arisaka.
A greedy sniper Shibito is distracted by a knocked down offering box. The profile of the rifle's receiver is visible.
A downed Shibito holds his Arisaka Type 38 rifle.


Type 99 Hand grenade

The Type 99 hand grenade appears as an inventory item late in the game, the player cannot use the grenades and instead they are used off-screen to blow up a floodgate. Kyoya is seen equipped with some of the grenades in the game's ending.

Type 99 hand grenade
"Explosives found hidden at the bottom of the well in the abandoned village."
Kei discovers the grenades.
Kyoya with the grenades in the game's ending.


Sticks of dynamite appear in Kei's final stage, where he can detonate them to seal off a tunnel.

Dynamite placed in the walls of the tunnel.

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