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Mission: Impossible - Season 1

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Mission: Impossible - Season 1
DVD cover
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Channel CBS
Genre Espionage
Broadcast 9/17/66 - 4/22/67
No. of Episodes 28
Main Cast
Character Actor
Daniel Briggs Steven Hill
Cinnamon Carter Barbara Bain
Barney Collier Greg Morris
Willy Armitage Peter Lupus
Rollin Hand Martin Landau

Mission: Impossible premiered in September 1966 on CBS and the first season ran for 28 episodes until April of 1967. Developed by Bruce Geller, the show was originally envisioned as a heist film which assembled a team of required specialists. The series rode the espionage wave that started with the James Bond series in the early sixties which also spawned series like The Avengers, I Spy and The Man from U.N.C.L.E..

Almost every episode followed the same sequence, with Impossible Missions Force team leader Dan Briggs (Steven Hill) receiving his instructions from innocuous sources, like photo booths or antique shops, and then assembling a team from his folio of dossier photos. Some or all of the regulars are then selected, with a few guest stars sprinkled in as IMF members with specific skills necessary to the mission, like safe-cracker, doctor, or acrobat.

The show started out with only four regular cast members, team leader Dan Briggs, model Cinnamon Carter (Barbara Bain), electronics expert Barney Collier (Greg Morris), and strongman Willy Armitage (Peter Lupus). Martin Landau, who played actor, impressionist, and master of disguise Rollin Hand was always listed as a special guest star, due to Landau's unwillingness to sign a television contract which might restrict his ability to accept film roles. Landau had originally planned to make only a few appearances, but Steven Hill's numerous absences forced the writers to expand the role of Rollin Hand to compensate, making Landau the de facto lead actor. Producers and Landau, who was married to Barbara Bain at the time, were eventually able to reach a compromise, with Landau signing one year contracts each season.

Season 1 was the only season for Steven Hill, who was unceremoniously fired at the end of the season. As an Orthodox Jew, Hill was unable to work on the Sabbath (sundown on Fridays til sundown on Saturdays), which was a condition the producers had agreed to when he was cast. The producers soon realized just how restricting those conditions were, which forced them to reuse footage, reduce Briggs' role, and hire guest actors to play roles Briggs would've played on missions, driving up costs. The show's constant shooting delays were exacerbated by Hill's absences, and Hill was often moody and difficult to work with. To top it all off, network executives didn't particularly like him, so it was hard to justify keeping him. As the show never did much to develop the characters, the departure of Briggs was never explained, nor was the ascension of his replacement Jim Phelps (Peter Graves) in Season 2. Hill then effectively retired from show business for the next decade, finally reemerging in 1977 and playing small roles in films and television shows before he was cast in Law & Order.

The first season was popular with critics, winning Emmys for Best Dramatic series and Writing Achievement in Drama. Barbara Bain won the first of her three consecutive Emmys for Actress in a Leading Role in a Dramatic Series for playing Cinnamon Carter (one for every year she was on the show), and Martin Landau won a Golden Globe for Actor in a Television Series – Drama, despite technically not being a real cast member. Creator and writer Bruce Geller won an Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series and the third episode, "Operation Rogosh," went on to win the Edgar for Best Episode in a TV series. Ratings were not as good as hoped, especially for a show as critically acclaimed (and expensive), prompting CBS to move the show from its original Saturday night time slot to one on Sunday night for Season 2, where it found a larger audience.

The following weapons were used in Season 1 of the television series Mission: Impossible (1966):


CZ 38

Daniel Briggs (Steven Hill) uses a CZ 38 in "Pilot" (S1E01). Willy Armitage (Peter Lupus) and Cinnamon Carter (Barbara Bain) uses it as well.

CZ 38 - 9×17mm Browning Short
Team leader Daniel Briggs points his CZ 38 at General Dominguez (Martin Landau) in "Pilot" (S1E01).
in "Pilot" (S1E01).
Willy Armitage holds the CZ 38 to the general's head in "Pilot" (S1E01).
Cinnamon Carter holds the CZ38 on a driver in "Pilot" (S1E01).
The father (Todd Martin), a policeman, cleans his CZ 38 in "A Spool There Was" (S01E09).

Becker & Hollander Beholla

The same chrome-plated Becker & Hollander Beholla is seen throughout the first season.

Becker & Hollander Beholla - .32 ACP
Terry Targo (Wally Cox) holds with pistol with both hands, and his fingers have been broken (note the pencils used as makeshift splints.)
MI 0101 pistol 02.jpg
Oliver Borgman (Vincent Van Lynn) holds the Beholla on Barney Collier (Greg Morris) in "Odds on Evil" (S01E06).
Briggs with a chromed Beholla in "The Ransom" (S01E08).
Cinnamon with a chromed Beholla in "Carriers" (S01E10).
Barney Collier (Greg Morris) with the Beholla in "Carriers" (S01E10).
Anastas Poltroni/Ted Carson (Lloyd Bridges) with Briggs' Beholla in "Fakeout" (S01E12).

Luger P08

Luger P08s are seen throughout the first season.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm. This is blank adapted movie gun.
The secret policeman picks up his Luger in "Memory" (S01E02).
A casino guard (uncredited) with his Luger in "Odds on Evil" (S01E06).
Barney Collier with Colonel Shtemenko's (Albert Dekker) suppressed P08 in "The Short Tail Spy" (S01E14). Note the crooked suppressor. This appears to be the same slip-on "suppressor" used throughout the season.
Colonel Shtemenko with another P08 in "The Short Tail Spy" (S01E14).
Andrei Fetyakov (Eric Braeden) with his unloaded P08 in "The Short Tail Spy" (S01E14). Briggs later picks up this particular pistol.
Miklos Klaar (J.D. Cannon) pulls out his P08 to confront an intruder in "Action!" (S01E23).

Walther P38

Various characters use Walther P38s throughout the season.

Walther P38 pistol (manufactured at the Mauser Factory) - World War Two dated - 9x19mm
The real Colonel Scutari (Joseph Ruskin) and another officer with their P38s.
MI66 0104 P38 01.jpg
Dan Briggs reaches for his own P38 when questioned by Colonel Scutari in "Old Man Out, Part 2" (S1E05)
Briggs disguised as Colonel Scutari with Rollin Hand (Martin Landau) in "Old Man Out, Part 2" (S1E05).
The Desk Sergeant (Tom Hernández) fires his P38 in "Wheels" (S01E07). His P38 turns into a Colt Police Positive revolver in a continuity error.
Sudow (Gene LeBell) fires his P38 in "A Spool There Was" (S01E09).
Daglieri (Curt Lowens) with his P38 in "A Spool There Was" (S01E09).
Dan Briggs and Willy Armitage disguised as policemen with P38s in "Carriers" (S01E10).
Barney takes a dead guard's P38 in "Carriers" (S01E10).
Brucker (Bill Fletcher) fires his P38 in "The Legacy" (S01E15).
Lupesh (Michael Forest) with his P38 in "The Reluctant Dragon" (S01E16).
Frederick Rudd (Gunnar Hellström) reveals his P38 in "The Legend" (S01E20).
Gerard Sefra (Ricardo Montalban) pulls out his P38 in "Snowball in Hell" (S01E21).

Colt Detective Special

First generation Colt Detective Specials are seen often in the first season.

Colt Detective Special 1st Gen with Round Butt - .38 Special
Andre Malif (Nico Minardos) with his DS in "Odds on Evil" (S01E06). The character of Andre Malif had to be created at the last minute due to the unavailability of Steven Hill.
Briggs sticks a DS in the doctor's face in "Wheels" (S01E07).
Enemy agents with Detective Specials in "Carriers" (S01E10).
Briggs with a DS in "Fakeout" (S01E12).
Willy Armitage fires his DS in "The Legacy" (S01E15). Barney has one in his episode as well.
Barney with his Detective Special during a staged stick-up in "The Diamond" (S01E19).
Frederick Rudd (Gunnar Hellström) fires his Detective Special in "The Legend" (S01E20).
Senator William Townsend (Kent Smith) with a Detective Special in "The Confession" (S01E22).
Barney uses a Detective Special for a demonstration in "Shock" (S01E25).

Colt Cobra

Colt Cobras are seen throughout the series.

A casino guard pulls a Cobra on Willy Armitage in "Odds on Evil" (S01E06)
Vito Scalisi (Joe De Santis) draws his Colt Cobra in "The Frame" (S01E17).
A closeup of Vito Scalisi's Colt Cobra as he fires it next to Rollin's ear in "The Frame" (S01E17). "COBRA" can be seen etched on the barrel.

Colt Model 1903/1908

Colt Model 1903/1908s are seen throughout the season.

Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless Pistol Blued - .32 ACP
Frank Egan (William Smithers), wearing some rather modern sunglasses, points his Colt at Briggs in "The Ransom" (S01E08).
Egan surrenders his Colt in "The Ransom" (S01E08).
Barney takes a guard's Colt in "The Diamond" (S01E19).
Barney sticks a Colt Pocket Hammerless in Rollin's hollowed out book in "The Confession" (S01E22).
Rollin holds his Colt on Andreas Solowiechek (David Sheiner) in "The Confession" (S01E22). R.J. McMillan (Pat Hingle) later takes this gun.
David Day (Tom Troupe) with his Colt Pocket Hammerless in "Action!" (S01E23).
Ed (Michael Pataki) draws his Colt Pocket Hammerless in "The Psychic" (S01E28).
Ed threatens Rollin with his Colt Pocket Hammerless in "The Psychic" (S01E28).

Beretta M1934

Beretta M1934 pistols are seen throughout the season.

Beretta Model 1934 - .380 ACP
Inspector Gulik (Richard Devon) with his Beretta in "A Spool There Was" (S01E09).
Inspector Gulik with his Beretta in "A Spool There Was" (S01E09).
Inspector Gulik with his Beretta in "A Spool There Was" (S01E09).
Ernst Graff (Donald Harron) lays his Beretta on a table in an attempt to intimidate Rollin Hand in "The Legacy" (S01E15). (Odd that a young neo-Nazi fanatic like Graff would not use a German weapon, unless this pistol was possibly passed down from his father, some German officers used this weapon as well. When the episode was remade, Graff used a Walther PP.)
Ernst Graff points his Beretta at Rollin Hand in "The Legacy" (S01E15). Going by the serial number, this particular pistol was manufactured in 1940 as part of an Italian Army contract.

Smith & Wesson Model 10

A police officer (uncredited) fires a Smith & Wesson Model 10 in "A Spool There Was" (S01E09). A policeman (Richard Angarola) draws his S&W 10 in "Fakeout" (S01E12).

Smith & Wesson Model M&P Revolver with 5" Barrel - .38 Special
"A Spool There Was" (S01E09)
"Fakeout" (S01E12)

Colt Official Police

Colt Official Police revolvers are seen throughout the season.

Colt Official Police - 4" Barrel - .38 Special
Tiso Kastner (Barry Russo) with his Colt Official Police in "The Carriers" (S01E10).
Janos Passik (Arthur Hill) plays a bit of Russian roulette with Roger Lee (George Takei) in "The Carriers" (S01E10).
Rollin Hand fires his Colt in "The Legacy" (S01E15).

Colt Police Positive

Colt Police Positive revolvers are seen throughout the season.

Colt Police Positive - .38 Special
The Desk Sergeant with his Police Positive in "Wheels" (S01E07). A moment earlier it was a Walther P38.
Rollin with his revolver in "The Carriers" (S01E10). Here the Colt-style cylinder release is seen.
Rollin with his suppressed revolver in "The Carriers" (S01E10). It's plain to see that it's not really a suppressor.
Barney takes Rollin's revolver in "The Carriers" (S01E10).
Here the Colt-style ejector rod is seen.
Briggs with a Colt Official Police in "The Short Tail Spy" (S01E14).

Victoria Model 1911

Cinnamon draws a Victoria Model 1911, a Spanish-built variant of the Colt Model 1903, similar to the Ruby, in "Fakeout" (S01E12.) Senko Brobin (Francis Lederer) takes Polya's (Kurt Kreuger) Victoria Model 1911 to crush some sugar cubes in "A Cube of Sugar" (S01E27).

Victoria Model 1911 - .32 ACP
Cinnamon points her pistol at Anastas Poltroni/Ted Carson in "Fakeout" (S01E12).
A closeup of the grip as Brobin crushes the sugar cubes. The serrations are curved, unlike on a Colt Pocket Hammerless. Note that the grips also run all the way up to the slide, unlike a Colt Pocket Hammerless.
MI66 0126 pistol 02.jpg

CZ 27

Miguel de Ramos (Valentin de Vargas) draws a CZ 27 before Rollin Hand takes it away from him in "Elena" (S01E13).

CZ 27 - .32 ACP
Miguel draws his CZ 27.
A closeup of the CZ 27 in Miguel's hand. "Česká zbrojovka" is actually visible on the slide.
Rollin comes up with the CZ 27.
A closeup of the CZ 27 in Rollin Hand's... hand.

1934 Mauser Pocket Pistol

A 1934 Mauser Pocket Pistol is used in "Shock" (S01E25).

1934 Mauser Pocket Pistol - 6.35mm
Peter Kiri (Sorrell Booke) reveals his Mauser Pocket Pistol in "Shock" (S01E25).
Kiri loads the pistol.
Josef Gort (James Daly) with the Mauser in his hand in "Shock" (S01E25).

Submachine Guns

M1928A1 Thompson

The M1928A1 Thompson is seen throughout the series.

M1928A1 Thompson with 30-round magazine .45 ACP
in "Pilot" (S1E01).
The M1928A1 Thompson is seen in the hands of the soldiers guarding the vault in "Pilot" (S1E01).
in "Pilot" (S1E01).
A prison guard with his Thompson in "Memory" (S01E02)

M3 "Grease Gun"

The M3 "Grease Gun" is seen in the hands of the soldiers guarding the vault in "Pilot" (S1E01).

M3 Grease.jpg
The M3 "Grease Gun" is seen in the hands of the soldiers guarding the vault in in "Pilot" (S1E01).


Winchester Model 1897

A detective (Walter Mathews) carries a Winchester Model 1897 in "A Ransom" (S01E08).

Winchester Model 1897 Riot Gun - 12 Gauge
The detective picks up his shotgun.
The exposed hammer is clearly seen in this shot.

Sawn-off Double Barreled Shotgun

"Frank Egan" and a henchman (Ted Jordan) use a Sawn-off Double Barreled Shotgun in "A Ransom" (S01E08). A deputy (James Gavin is armed with one in "The Confession" (S01E22).

Sawed off side by side shotgun with exposed hammers - 12 gauge
The henchman with the shotgun in "A Ransom" (S01E08).
"Frank Egan" with the shotgun in "A Ransom" (S01E08).
MI66 0108 DBS 03.jpg
A deputy (James Gavin) with a double barreled shotgun in "The Confession" (S01E22).
MI66 0122 DBS 02.jpg

Double Barreled Shotgun

Anastas Poltroni/Ted Carson (Lloyd Bridges) pulls out a Double Barreled Shotgun in "Fakeout" (S01E12). Ed (Michael Pataki) confronts Barney with one in "The Psychic" (S01E28).

1960s Era Commercial Stevens hammerless side by side shotgun - 12 Gauge.
Poltroni/Carson checks his shotgun after pulling it out of his trunk in "Fakeout" (S01E12).
Poltroni/Carson points his shotgun at Briggs in "Fakeout" (S01E12).
Ed (Michael Pataki) confronts Barney in "The Psychic" (S01E28).
Another view. Barney later picks up the same shotgun.


M1A1 Carbine

A M1A1 Paratrooper Carbines with foregrips are used by various characters throughout the season. Some without foregrips are seen as well.

M1 Carbine manufactured by Plainfield, with post WW2 paratrooper stock
Barney Collier (Greg Morris) fires his carbine in "Memory" (S01E02).
The M1A1 Carbine fitted with the foregrip is seen to the right in "Old Man Out, Part 2" (S1E05).
Border guards open fire in "Odds on Evil" (S01E06). The carbine in the foreground does not have the foregrip.
Sudow (Gene LeBell) fires his carbine in "A Spool There Was" (S01E09).
A guard (Barry Cahill) with his M1 Carbine in "Carriers" (S01E10). This one appears to have no foregrip, an underfolding shoulder stock, a heat shield, and a conical flash hider. This guard is also notable as he's about to become the victim of the only outright murder the IMF commits in the entire series.

Karabiner 98k

German Karabiner 98k rifles are seen throughout the series, alongside Vz.24 rifles mocked up as Kar98k.

Karabiner 98k - German manufacture 1937 date - 7.92x57mm Mauser
A firing squad with a mix of rifles in "Memory" (S01E02). The first two rifles are visually-modified Vz.24 rifles, but the third appears to be a genuine Kar.98k
Willy Armitage with a slung K98k in "Memory" (S01E02). Note the visible barrel band on the front sight. This rifle has the stamped upper barrel band of the later production rifles; the lower band is a milled-type.
Willy fires his rifle in "Memory" (S01E02)
Guards take Rollin Hand into custody in "Old Man Out, Part 1" (S1E04).
Tosk (Monte Markham) with a K98k in "Old Man Out, Part 2" (S1E05).
Guards armed with K98ks in "Snowball in Hell" (S01E21). The rifle on the right has the visible barrel band on the front sight. The front sight of the rifle on the left is indistinct, but the rear sight appears to have the detachable sight bed.

Vz.24 (Kar.98k mock-up)

In addition to genuine Karabiner 98k rifles, Czechoslovakian Vz.24 rifles visually-modified to resemble the Kar.98k appear several times throughout the season. The key features that identify them are the lack of a visible barrel band on the front sight mount, the shape of the rear sight leaf, two buttons on the rear sight elevator, and the lack of the handguard retaining ring and removable sight bed on the rear sight base. The straight bolt also suggests that these were built from Vz.24 rifles, but since it is an interchangeable part with the Kar.98k it is not a definite identifier. The stock, handguard and hardware appear to be genuine Kar.98k parts, which would be interchangeable with the Vz.24 as they both use the same standard-length Mauser 98-pattern actions.

Czech vz. 24 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Guard with a K98 with a straight bolt handle in "The Diamond" (S01E19). Note the lack of a visible barrel band on the front sight, and the lack of a metal ring on the rear sight to retain the rear of the handguard. The rear sight elevator also has a lock button on each side, rather than the single button of the Kar98k.
Note the cutout in the stock to accommodate a bent bolt handle, indicating that this stock was meant for a rifle with a bent bolt like the Kar.98k.
The same type of rifle in "The Legend" (S01E20).
A guard (Paul Prokop) points his Vz.24 in "The Train". Note again the lack of a visible barrel band on the front sight mount (S01E24).

Parris-Dunn Dummy M1903 Rifle

Guards in the fake prison are armed with Parris-Dunn "Victory" training rifles in "Operation Rogosh" (S01E03). Another guard is seen with one in "Shock" (S01E25) standing in for a real rifle. These were non-firing training rifles based on the Springfield M1903 produced for the US Army and Navy during the Second World War to free up actual rifles for front-line use.

M1903A1 Springfield - .30-06
Parris-Dunn Training Rifle, Mark I Navy model
A guard at the fake prison in "Operation Rogosh" (S01E03).
Another guard in "Operation Rogosh" (S01E03). Note the bayonet lug, which was unique to the Navy model.
A guard with a slung rifle in "Shock" (S01E25).

Arisaka Type 2

Lazloff (Charles Maxwell) uses a Arisaka Type 2 in "Operation Rogosh" (S01E03). Willy Armitage manages to take it away from him.

Arisaka Type 02 Paratrooper Takedown rifle - 7.7x58mm
Lazloff reveals his rifle in a briefcase.
Lazloff begins to assemble the Arisaka. Note the Japanese characters and defaced imperial chrysanthemum on the receiver.
This gives a very clear shot of the bolt and bolt handle.
MI66 0103 Arisaka 04.jpg

FEG Gewehr 98/40

Police officers carry FEG Gewehr 98/40 with bayonets fixed in "Wheels" (S01E07). Briggs carries one while disguised as an officer.

FEG G.98/40 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Police officers carry Gewehr 98/40s with bayonets fixed in "Wheels" (S01E07). Briggs carries one while disguised as an officer.

Remington Model 700

Frederico (Paul Kent) takes aim with a Remington Model 700) in "Elena" (S01E13).

Remington Model 700 (1970s Production) - .308 Winchester
Frederico takes aim.
Frederico takes aim.

Sporterized M1903 Springfield

Moisev (Paul Lukather) uses a suppressed Sporterized M1903 Springfield in an assassination attempt in "The Trial" (S01E18).

Sporterized M1903 with Weaver telescope
Moisev plays with the scope on his Springfield.
Moisev fires.

M1 Carbine

The M1 Carbine is another frequently used weapon by foreign guards and soldiers in the series. In "Action!" (S1E23), actors portraying American troops in fake documentary footage are armed with the M1 Carbine.

Post-war M1 Carbine with 30 round magazine and metal barrel shroud - .30 Carbine
Since it's a film set, an armorer prepares to load two of the M1 Carbines in "Action!" (01E23).
Actors portraying American soldiers gather around the director, Miklos Klaar, while Rollin in disguise looks on.
In "Action!" (S1E23), actors portraying American troops in fake documentary footage are armed with the M1 Carbine.

Machine Guns

Browning M2HB Machine Gun

Soldiers man Browning M2 machine guns in the Pilot episode.

Browning M2HB on M3 tripod - .50 BMG.
Soldiers man a checkpoint in the Pilot.
Soldiers clean the barrels of their Browning M2 machine guns while their buddy loafs in the Pilot episode.


Rubber Gun

Frederick Rudd's (Gunnar Hellström) Colt Detective Special briefly turns into a rubber gun when he has to knock out a guard with it.

Rudd with his (briefly) rubber gun.

Unknown carbine

Barney Collier uses an unknown carbine to propel a rocket in "Memory" (S01E02). It's basically the sixties equivalent of a Nerf gun.

Barney assembles the rocket as the carbine lies on the table.
Barney with the fully assembled launcher.
A closeup of the receiver.

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