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Mission: Impossible - Season 6

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Mission: Impossible - Season 6
MI66 S6.jpg
DVD cover
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Channel CBS
Genre Espionage
Broadcast 9/18/71 - 2/26/72
No. of Episodes 22
Main Cast
Character Actor
Jim Phelps Peter Graves
Barney Collier Greg Morris
Lisa Casey Lynda Day George
Willy Armitage Peter Lupus

With the departures of Leonard Nimoy and Lesley Ann Warren after Season 5, Mission: Impossible was left in a situation similar to what it had faced at the end of Season 3, in need of a master-of-disguise/impressionist and a leading lady. Unfortunately, there wouldn't be a high-profile and available fan like Leonard Nimoy available to slip into the cast.

One of the points Nimoy had brought up while trying to persuade Paramount in letting him out of his contract was that they'd get his massive salary off the books, since any actor hired to replace him would almost definitely be paid less. Paramount took that idea to the extreme, killing two birds with one stone and hiring Lynda Day George to replace both Nimoy and Warren. George (wife of actor Christopher George) would play actress Lisa Casey, and she would stay on for the rest of the series. (Note: She's never referred to Lisa Casey in the original show, simply Casey. Her full name was retconned when she appeared in the 1988 series, and the writers didn't want her confused with Casey Randall, a team member killed off a few episodes prior.)

While it's easy to say that Casey replaced both The Great Paris and Dana Lambert, the reality was that the show's structure had changed. Roles were blurred, and Barney ended up taking a lot of the disguised roles that Rollin/Paris would've played in the past. Peter Lupus, who had been clamoring to have bigger role in the show (and almost replaced as a result,) got what he wanted. The change to a four-person team meant that none of the Season 6 and 7 episodes were remade in the 1988 series.

The show made the full transition to fighting domestic enemies in Season 6, after starting the transition in Season 5. Most of the season was spent fighting "The Syndicate," which appears to be a series of multi-ethnic crime families. The activities of the team were much less secretive, with many outside parties involved in several of them, with Casey even being unmasked during a trial. The cryptic promise by the secretary to disavow the team if anyone was killed or capture also went away.

Keeping missions domestic not only kept costs down, it also gave the production more flexibility in shooting locations, although most of the scenes were still shot on the Desilu/Paramount lot. For example, while many scenes in previous seasons were shot in Griffith Park, those scenes were shot around generic looking locations, like the tunnel or in Bronson Canyon. Meanwhile, episode 12, "Nerves," actually shot its finale in the famous Griffith Park observatory. The new arrangement of the theme song introduced in Season 5 was gone, with the original arrangement of the theme song brought back, and creator/executive producer Bruce Geller lost his "cameo" as the hand that lit the match.

The show as moved from 7:00 on Saturday's to 10:00 in hopes of finding yet another new audience, and whatever changes were made appeared to have worked, since the ratings actually improved. Although Paramount was more than ready to end the show and start reaping in syndication profits, CBS was happy with the show and ordered yet another season.

The following weapons were used in Season 6 of the television series Mission: Impossible (1966):


Colt Detective Special

The Colt Detective Special is a handgun frequently used in Season 6.

Colt Detective Special 1st Gen .38 Special
The real Warren Hays (Glenn R. Wilder) with his Detective Special in "Blind" (S06E01).
In "Blind" (S6E01), Henry Matula (Tom Bosley) fires the Colt during a shootout.
Arthur (James Daris) threatens Doug (Sam Elliott) with his DS in "Encore" (S06E02). This episode was the final appearance of Doug Robert in the series.
Thomas Kroll (William Shatner) with a DS in "Encore" (S06E02). "Frank Stevens" (Michael Baseleon) is armed with a Colt Official Police.
Jennings Blaine (Thomas A. Geas) pulls out his his Detective Special in "The Tram" (S06E03).
Stambler (Rick Moses) puts a DS to his own head in "Mindbend" (S06E04).
Dr. Thomas Burke (Leonard Frey) reloads Stambler's DS in "Mindbend" (S06E04).
Barney is brainwashed into firing the Colt in "Mindbend" (S6E04).
Tanner (Alex Rocco) with a DS in "Blues" (S06E10).
Joe Belker (Ed Flanders) with a DS in "Blues" (S06E10).
Stu Gorman (William Windom) with a DS in "Blues" (S06E10).
Saretta Lane (Tyne Daly) with a DS in "Nerves" (S06E12).
Wendell Hoyes (Christopher George) fires his DS in "Nerves" (S06E12).
Edward Trask (Richard Jaeckel) threatens Jim with a DS in "Run for the Money" (S06E13).
Jim Phelps with a thug's (Charles Napier) DS in "Run for the Money" (S06E13).
Charles Finch (Bruce Watson) with a DS in "The Connection" (S06E14).
Richie (Charles Dierkop) holds his DS on Jim in "The Bride" (S06E15).
A closeup of Joe Corvin (James Gregory) holding Richie's DS in "The Bride" (S06E15).
Casey as Leona Prescott (Brooke Mills) handles her DS in "Stone Pillow" (S06E16). She conveniently shows the audience one of the blank rounds.
Larry Edison (Bradford Dillman) surrenders his DS in "Stone Pillow" (S06E16)
Belkin (Don Gazzaniga) holds his DS on Willy in "Image" (S06E17).
Tony Gadsen (Daniel J. Travanti) in turn holds Belkin with his DS in "Image" (S06E17).
Luke Jenkins (Georg Stanford Brown) holds a DS to the head of Jack Malloy (Todd Martin) in "Bag Woman" (S06E19).
Steve Cameron (Richard Devon) with a DS in "Casino" (S06E21).

Smith & Wesson Model 10

Smith & Wesson Model 10 revolvers are seen throughout the season.

Smith & Wesson Model M&P Revolver with long barrel and Gold Medallion grips - .38 Special
Security Guard #2 (Bob Golden) uses a Smith & Wesson Model 10 in "Blind" (S06E01).
A police officer (uncredited) with a Smith & Wesson Model 10 in "Underwater" (S06E08).

Colt Official Police

A Colt Official Police appears frequently on the show.

Colt Official Police .38 Special
A closeup of Security Guard #1's (Calvin Chrane) weapon in "Blind" (S06E01).
Jim Phelps, dressed as a 1930's detective, fires his Colt Official Police in "Encore" (S06E02).
Thomas Kroll checks his Official Police in "Encore" (S06E02). Had William Shatner appeared three episodes earlier, he would've given the audience an onscreen reunion between himself and his Star Trek co-star Leonard Nimoy, who left the show the end of Season 5. Star Trek fans would have to wait until 1979's Star Trek: The Motion Picture for the two to appear together again.
Barney and Willy find the remains of Danny Ryan (Charlie Picerni) along with Thomas Kroll's DS and Frank Stevens's Official Police in "Encore" (S06E02). Since the IMF, working at the behest of the police, had drugged and kidnapped Kroll in order to find the remains and weapons, any evidence discovered could be argued as inadmissible in court.
Jackson (Charlie Picerni) with a Colt Official Police in "The Miracle" (S06E06).
A police officer (uncredited) with a A police officer (uncredited) with a Smith & Wesson Model 10 in "Underwater" (S06E08).

Colt Model 1903/1908

Johnny Brown (Peter Brown) is armed with a Colt Model 1903/1908 in "Blind" (S06E01).

Colt 1903 Hammerless with Colt Wood Grips - .32 ACP
Johnny Brown (Peter Brown) holds a suppressed Colt Model 1903/1908 to Jim's head in "Blind" (S06E01).
Johnny Brown fires his Colt Model 1903/1908 to Jim's head in "Blind" (S06E01).

Astra 400

The Astra 400 is a frequent handgun used by the IM Force and various characters.

Astra 400 - 9mm Largo.
Barney holds the Astra in "Shape-Up" (S6E05).
Another angle of the above in "Shape-Up" (S06E05).
A close-up of the Astra in Mike Saunders' (Christopher Stone) hand in "Shape-Up" (S6E05).
Jim Phelps with an Astra 400 in "Invasion" (S06E09).
Barney with an Astra 400 in "Nerves" (S06E12).
Jim hands Page (Jeff Morris) his Astra 400 in "The Connection" (S06E14).
Page with his Astra 400 in "The Connection" (S06E14).
Jim holds his Astra 400 on henchman Cliff (Jock Gaynor) in "Stone Pillow" (S06E16).
Willy fires an Astra 400 in "Image" (S06E17).
Dave Scott (Paul Marin) fires an Astra 400 in "Image" (S06E17).
Barney opens fire with an Astra 400 in "Double Dead" (S06E20).
Bolt's (Vincent Beck) bodyguard (uncredited) with an Astra 400 in "Double Dead" (S06E20). If that foyer looks familiar, it's because it's a part of the set of the Brady house from The Brady Bunch.
Barney with an Astra 400 in "Casino" (S06E21).
Barney retrieves an Astra 400 in "Trapped" (S06E22).

Smith & Wesson Model 36

The Smith & Wesson Model 36 is a frequent handgun used by IMF agents and gangsters in the series.

Smith and Wesson Model 36 - .38 special - 5 shot. First pattern with flat latch cylinder release.
Jim with a S&W 36 in "The Tram" (S06E03).
Jim holds his S&W 36 on Stan (Bill Fletcher) in "Mindbend" (S06E04).
Willy loads the tranquilizer round into his S&W in "The Miracle" (S6E06).
Willy holds the S&W on Hank Benton (Billy Dee Williams) in "The Miracle" (S6E06).
Willy with a S&W 36 in "The Miracle" (S06E06). The five-shot cylinder is evident in this shot.


The M1911A1 is another weapon seen in the series.

World War II issued Colt M1911A1 Pistol - .45 ACP.
Bill Fisher (Paul Mantee) holds the M1911A1 while pretending to be a gangster in "Encore" (S6E02). This episode was the first episode actually filmed for Season 6, and was quite obviously a leftover Season 5 script, given the presence of Doug Robert and Bill Fisher, who is obviously a stand-in for Paris.
Grossett (Allen Jaffe) hands Johnny Thorne (Felice Orlandi) his M1911A1 in "The Tram" (S06E03)
Johnny Thorne fires the M1911A1 in "The Tram" (S06E03).
"Barney" fires the M1911A1 in "Mindbend" (S06E04).
An obvious dummy of Barney with an M1911A1 next to it in "Mindbend" (S06E04)
Willy returns Krone's (Ken Scott) M1911 after dropping the mag and emptying the chamber in "Encounter" (S06E07)
The captain of a security force (Mark Tapscott) is armed with an M1911A1 in "Underwater" (S06E08). This one looks like it might be a pellet gun, since it appears it has some sort of insert in the barrel.
A security guard (Tom McDonough) armed with an M1911A1 in "The Visitors" (S06E11).

Colt Thuer Derringer

Vic Hatcher (Victor French) uses a Colt Thuer Derringer in "The Tram" (S06E03).

Colt 3rd Model Derringer - .41 RF
Vic Hatcher (Victor French) hides the derringer in his glove in "The Tram" (S06E03).

Smith & Wesson Model 10 (snub-nosed)

Various characters are seen with snub-nosed Smith & Wesson Model 10s throughout the season.

Smith & Wesson Model 10 snub nose revolver - .38 Special. Early Model
A henchman (uncredited) with a S&W 10 snub in "Shape-Up" (S06E05).
Frank Delaney (Gerald S. O'Loughlin) pulls out a S&W 10 snub in "Shape-Up" (S06E05). Vic (Larry Watson) takes it later.
Frank Kearney (Joe Don Baker) with his S&W 10 snub in "The Miracle" (S06E06).
A closeup of Kearney's S&W 10 snub after Manny (Ollie O'Toole) swapped it out in "The Miracle" (S06E06).
An unnamed killer (Fred Krone) threatens Evie (Arline Anderson) with a S&W 10 snub in "Encounter" (S06E07).
Dekker (William Smith) with a S&W 10 snub in "Encounter" (S06E07).
Hawks (Robert Yuro) with a snub-nosed S&W 10 in "Underwater" (S06E08).
Shewitt (Scott Walker) draws a snub-nosed S&W 10 in "Invasion" (S06E09).
Edward Granger (Steve Forrest) with a snub-nosed S&W 10 in "The Visitors" (S06E11).
Jack Tully (Rafer Johnson) with a snub-nosed S&W 10 in "Nerves" (S06E12).
A henchman with his snub-nosed S&W 10 in "The Connection" (S06E14).
A henchman (Harry Raybould) points his snub-nosed S&W 10 at Barney in "The Bride" (S06E15).
Tony Gadsen (Daniel J. Travanti) holds a snub-nosed S&W 10 to Jim's head in "Image" (S06E17).
Pete Walker (Glenn R. Wilder) with a snub-nosed S&W 10 in "Bag Woman" (S06E19).
Rudy Blake (Lou Antonio) opens fire with a snub-nosed S&W 10 in "Double Dead" (S06E20).
Joe Logan (Eddie Ryder) with a snub-nosed S&W 10 in "Casino" (S06E21).
Orin Kerr (Jack Cassidy) with Joe Logan's snub-nosed S&W 10 in "Casino" (S06E21).

Walther PPK

Walther PPKs are used by several characters throughout the season.

Walther PPK - 9mm Kurz aka .380 ACP. Note the ring just behind the magazine.
Whitmore Channing (Kevin McCarthy) with a PPK in "Invasion" (S06E09).
Novak (Ted Gehring) fires his PPK in "Invasion" (S06E09).
Kellog (Frank Hotchkiss) with his PPK in "The Visitors" (S06E11). It later turns into a Beretta M1934 in an insert shot.
Orin Kerr (Jack Cassidy) with a PPK in "Casino" (S06E21).
The slide-mounted safety can be seen clearly in this shot.

Beretta M1934

In an continuity error, Kellog's (Frank Hotchkiss) Walther PPK turns into a Beretta M1934 in an insert shot in "The Visitors" (S06E11).

Beretta Model 1934 - .380 ACP
In an continuity error, Kellog's (Frank Hotchkiss) Walther PPK turns into a Beretta M1934 in an insert shot in "The Visitors" (S06E11).

Unidentifiable revolvers

Hank Benton (Billy Dee Williams) pulls out an unidentifiable snub-nosed revolver while being held up by Jim and Willy in "The Miracle" (S06E06).

Benton offers up his revolver in "The Miracle" (S06E06).

Security guard are armed with unidentifiable revolvers in "Encounter" (S06E07).

Security guards with their revolvers in "Encounter" (S06E07).
A disguised Jim with an unidentifiable revolver in "Image" (S06E17).
Kaye Lusk (Geoffrey Lewis) fires an unidentifiable revolver in "Committed" (S06E18).
Willy with an unidentifiable revolver in "Bag Woman" (S06E19).
George Collins (Norman Alden) surrenders an unidentifiable revolver to Barney in "Double Dead" (S06E20).


12 Gauge Coach Gun

A Coach Gun is held by Hank Benton (Billy Dee Williams) in "The Miracle" (S6E06).

Remington SPR210 Coach Gun - 12 Gauge
The shotgun is held by Hank Benton (Billy Dee Williams) in "The Miracle" (S6E06).
Willy hands Jim Benton's coach gun in "The Miracle" (S06E06). Benton is later seen with what is presumably another coach gun later in the episode.
Krone with a coach gun in "Encounter" (S06E07).
A henchman (uncredited) with a coach gun in "Trapped" (S06E22).

Remington 870

Prison guards are armed with Remington 870s in "Nerves" (S06E12).

Remington 870 Police Magnum Riot Shotgun - 12 Gauge
Prison guard with their Remington 870s in "Nerves" (S06E12).

Submachine Guns

Madsen M50

The Madsen M50 continued to frequently appear in episodes in Season 6.

Madsen M50 - 9x19mm
Barney loads and cocks an M50 in "The Miracle" (S06E06). The name of the gun can be seen on the receiver.
Barney fires the M50 in a driveby in "The Miracle" (S06E06).
An "European People's Republic" paratrooper armed with a fake M50 accompanies Willy in "Invasion" (S06E09).
Jim Phelps fires his M50 while staging a breakout in "Nerves" (S06E12). The look on his face is due to the fact he's pretending he's just been shot. Willy also uses an M50 in this scene.
Jim Phelps fires an M50 in "Double Dead" (S06E20).
Broyles (Rudy Solari) fires an M50 in "Trapped" (S06E22).


M1 Carbine

Police officers are seen armed with M1 Carbines in "The Miracle" (S06E06).

Korean War Era M1 Carbine, with Birch Stock, Adjustable sight, bayonet lug, and twin magazine pouch - .30 Carbine
Police officers with M1 Carbines in "The Miracle" (S06E06).
Willy fires an M1 Carbine disguised as a prison guard in "Stone Pillow" (S06E16).
Joe Fort (Arthur Batanides) with an M1 Carbine in "Stone Pillow" (S06E16).

J&R Engineering M80 Carbine

A J&R Engineering M80 Carbine is seen throughout the season.

M80 Carbine - 9x19mm
Shewitt (Scott Walker) opens up his briefcase to reveal his disassembled carbine in "Invasion" (S06E09).
Shewitt inserts the barrel.
Shewitt inserts the magazine. It appears he's using dummy rounds rather than blanks.
Shewitt cocks the carbine.
Frank Mason (Herb Edelman) opens a up a briefcase to unveil a disassembled carbine in "Run for the Money" (S06E13).
Miller (Valentin de Vargas) takes aim with the assembled carbine in "Run for the Money" (S06E13).

M1 Carbine (mocked up as AK)

"European People's Republic" paratroopers are armed with M1 Carbines in Universal underfolding stocks mocked up as AKs in "Invasion" (S06E09).

M1 Carbine in Universal folding stock - .30 Carbine
An M1 carbine mocked up as an AK in "Invasion" (S06E09).
A close look at the mocked up AK in "Invasion" (S06E09). It appears that a fake gas tube was added atop the barrel, with enough wooden stock to allow it to blend in. A fake elevated front sight was also added. The weapon is otherwise fully operational, as it is seen firing in this configuration.
A good shot of the mocked up AK slung on the back of an "EPR paratrooper" in "Invasion" (S06E09).
Guards with their mocked up AKs in "Invasion" (S06E09). For some reason, all of them are insisting on slinging their carbines with folding stock extended.


American soldiers are armed with M16/SP1 rifles in "Trapped" (S06E22).

The original M16, the first version, firing in a 20-round magazine, adopted in large numbers by the U.S. Air Force in Vietnam. This has the original 3-prong flash hider. It would later be replaced by the upgraded M16A1 - 5.56x45mm
American soldiers with M16/SP1s in "Trapped" (S06E22).
Fake soldiers hold up the real soldiers with M16/SP1s in "Trapped" (S06E22). "Captain Miller" and "Major Cunningham" (both uncredited) have M1911s drawn.

Unidentified rifle

Willy Armitage uses an unidentified rifle to stage a killing in "Underwater" (S06E08).

Frederick Hoffman (Jeremy Slate) sees the muzzle of Willy's rifle through the curtains in "Underwater" (S06E08).
An over-the-shoulder shot of Willy's rifle in "Underwater" (S06E08).


Unknown machine gun

"European People's Republic" "troops" are seen with an unknown machine gun in "Invasion" (S06E09).

The mounted MG in "Invasion" (S06E09).
A slightly closer look of the MG in "Invasion" (S06E09).

M1 Bazooka

An "European People's Republic" paratrooper is seen with what appears to be an M1 Bazooka in "Invasion" (S06E09).

M1 Bazooka - 2.36 inch
An M1 Bazooka in the background as Jim offers an actor playing an EPR paratrooper appropriate EPR cigarettes in "Invasion" (S06E09).

Zip Gun

Larry Edison (Bradford Dillman) discovers his cellmate's (played by Jim Phelps) hidden Zip Gun in "Stone Pillow" (S06E16). It was hidden in his chess pieces, and uses one of them as a grip. It uses another chess piece as a pistol grip, has twin barrels and triggers, and appears to be chambered in .22LR.

Larry spies the pieces of the zip gun and .22LR rounds in "Stone Pillow" (S06E16).
Larry fits the pistol grip.
Larry fits a round into the chamber and finally figures it all out.
Jim as "The Professor" using the zip gun to break out of prison with Larry.



Willy tosses some sort of explosive at Martin Stoner (Lawrence Dane) and a disguised Casey playing his wife (Elizabeth Ashley) in "Encounter" (S06E07). It appears to be just a pyrotechnic charge, since Willy wasn't actually trying to kill them.

Willy tosses the bomb in "Encounter" (S06E07).


Barney's line thrower/projector shows up again in "Underwater" (S06E08).

Barney lays down his line thrower/projector in "Underwater" (S06E08). There's an air hose coming out of the back of it connecting it to an air tank. There's an electrical cord coming out of the stock just ahead of the rear pistol grip.

Dart Gun

Willy uses a chrome dart gun to take down a target in "Invasion" (S06E09).

Willy with his dart gun in "Invasion" (S06E09).
Willy with his dart gun in "Invasion" (S06E09).
Willy with his dart gun in "Invasion" (S06E09).

Starter pistol

In the prologue of "The Bride" (S06E15), Jim seeks out the tape a pool where swimmers are racing.

A starter pistol about to start a race in "The Bride" (S06E15).

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