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Star Trek: The Original Series

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Star Trek (The Original Series) (1966 - 1969)

Star Trek is the classic science fiction television series created by Gene Roddenberry and starred William Shatner as James T. Kirk, the captain of the USS Enterprise, a 23rd century interstellar starship on a five-year mission to seek out new worlds and new civilizations. The series only ran for three seasons from 1966-1969, but its cult fan following and its subsequently continual airing in syndication helped to spawn a feature film series in addition to the creation of several television series spinoffs. While the crew mostly used futuristic "phaser" weapons, they did encounter several worlds patterned after time periods in Earth history, where many real world firearms were featured. In order to differentiate itself from its many spinoffs, the series is also known as Star Trek: The Original Series.

The following weapons were used in the television series Star Trek: The Original Series:


Submachine Guns

Colt 1921AC Thompson

In "A Piece of the Action" (S2E17), the crew of the USS Enterprise arrive on the planet Sigma Iotia II and find that the inhabitants have styled their entire culture based on a book describing 1920s-era Chicago gangs (cultural contamination left by the crash of the USS Horizon), and have even armed themselves with copies of the Colt 1921AC Thompson submachine gun. When Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner) and Lt. Commander Spock (Leonard Nimoy) go down to the surface, they don disguises to blend in with the inhabitants, arming themselves with "Tommy guns" as well. The Colt 1921AC Thompsons were supplied by Stembridge Gun Rentals.

Colt M1921AC Thompson with 50-round drum magazine - .45 ACP.
In "A Piece of the Action" (S2E17), two gangsters holding M1921C Thompson submachine guns.
Spock (left) and Kirk (center) talk with a street kid (Sheldon Collins) while holding Colt 1921AC Thompsons.
Nearly all of the gangsters wield M1921C Thompsons in "A Piece of the Action" (S2E17).
Lt.Cmdr Spock (Leonard Nimoy) and Dr. Leonard H. McCoy (DeForest Kelley, right) wielding Colt 1921AC Thompsons. Note the bolts are correctly locked open, shown consistently throughout the episode. Kirk also at one point makes reference to "the sound of a machine gun bolt being pulled back", appropriate for an open bolt weapon.

Madsen M50

  • Season 2, Episode 25: "Bread and Circuses" - Members of the Roman Security forces carry Madsen M50 submachine guns. Kirk later gets a hold of one and uses it until it runs empty.
Madsen M50 - 9x19mm
Roman Security Forces take Kirk and the others into custody, while carrying Danish Madsen M50 Submachine guns
Roman Security Forces fire their Danish Madsen M50 Submachine guns

MP 40

In "Patterns of Force" (S2E21), the MP 40 appears as the standard submachine gun carried by the Ekosian Soldiers, modeling themselves after 1940s Germany. This weapon is seen in the hands of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy while in disguise, while another is fired by Melakon (Skip Homeier). Like the Thompsons, their bolts are correctly seen to be in the open position.

MP 40 - 9x19mm
In "Patterns of Force" (S2E21), Ekosian Guards, modeling themselves after World War II-era German soldiers, stand guard armed with MP 40 submachine guns
In "Patterns of Force" (S2E21), Kirk and Spock both are seen with the MP 40 while confronting John Gill; Spock hands his submachine gun to McCoy soon after.
Melakon (Skip Homeier) with the MP 40 in "Patterns of Force" (S2E21).


Colt Model 1902

In "A Piece of the Action", Colt Model 1902 pistols can be seen on Oxmyx's gun walls. On the topic of hard to see background pistols, virtually every character and extra in this episode is armed with a holstered pistol of some type or other.

Colt Model 1902 - .38 ACP
McCoy watches - in addition to two Thompsons, two M1911s, and a revolver, a Colt 1902 sits mostly hidden behind McCoy's arm in this shot.

Colt Model 1903

  • Season 2, Episode 17: "A Piece of the Action" - some of the gun molls on the street have what appears to be Colt M1903 pistols in their oversized leg holsters. This educated guess is based on glimpses of the pistols.
Colt Model 1903 - .32 ACP
Girl #1 (Dyanne Thorne) keeps her hand on her pistol, but it appears to be a M1903 based on size relative to her hand.
Girl #1 and Girl #2 (Sharyn Hillyer) both appear to have Colt M1903 pistols in their oversized holsters


In "A Piece of the Action" (S2E17), the M1911 is seen used multiple times in the episode, most notably being used by one of Oxmyx's thugs, on Bella Oxmyx's gun wall, and in Kirk's hands near the end; Spock also briefly acquires one on two occasions. Note: these are not M1911A1 variants, most notably by the long trigger and flat mainspring housing.

M1911 - .45 ACP
In "A Piece of the Action" (S2E17), Captain Kirk (William Shatner) pontificates with holding the nickel-plated M1911.
Kirk threatens Jojo Krako (Vic Tayback) with the pistol. Note the hammer is not cocked; this should not be considered an error, as Kirk as no intention of firing the pistol. Much like the Thompsons' bolts shown locked open, an M1911 wielded by a henchman earlier in the episode is appropriately cocked.

Walther P38

  • Season 2, Episode 21: "Patterns of Force" - the Walther P38 appears as the standard sidearm used by Ekosian officers (who have adopted identical uniforms and symbolism of the Nazi party in 1930s Germany), mostly seen in clamshell holsters on duty belts, but specifically used by Zeon infiltrator Isak (Richard Evans). Kirk and Spock are seen wielding captured Walthers, while McCoy is later beamed down in a uniform, complete with P38, fabricated onboard the Enterprise.
Walther P38 9x19mm
Isak (Richard Evans) holds a Walther P38 pistol whereas Daras holds an MP 40

Belgian Dueling pistols

Belgian Dueling pistols are in a custom case on Trelane's fireplace mantle in "The Squire of Gothos" (S1E17). Later he offers the pistols to Kirk for a duel. The Belgian made Dueling Pistols are of the French style, and were usually offered as either flintlock or percussion capped firearms, these were retrofitted as rolling block actions, i.e. breach load single shot. The slabs on the side of the wood where the lock mechanism (the hammer, (pan and frizzen for flintlocks) or (nipple for percussion cap)) would be, are noticeably blank, and the rolling block mechanism can be seen directly behind the barrel. They were provided to the show by Ellis Mercantile and were chambered in .38 short cartridge. (thanks to GM45 & PhoenixEnt)

Percussion Cap Ardesa 1871 Dueling Pistol - .45 inch
A pair of Belgian Dueling Pistols in a wooden case in "The Squire of Gothos" (S1E17).
Squire Trelane (William Campbell) with a Belgian dueling pistol in "The Squire of Gothos" (S1E17).
Squire Trelane (William Campbell) attempts to intimidate Kirk while brandishing a Belgian Dueling Pistol - the rolling block action is very visible from this angle.
Kirk holds one of the Belgian Dueling Pistols. A blunderbuss and a trio of flintlock pistols can also be seen on the wall in a later shot.

Flintlock Pistol

In Mirror, Mirror, several flintlock pistols are seen hanging on the wall in the sickbay of ISS Enterprise in the mirror universe.


Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless

In "A Piece of the Action" (S2E17), a Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless appears to be the revolver carried by Bela Oxmyx's gun moll. The pistol has an ivory grip and is kept in her thigh holster.

Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless nickel - .32 S&W
Bela Oxmyx's moll with a small revolver in her thigh holster, it looks to be a .32 based on general design, but that is not certain.
As Bela Oxmyx plays with a communicator, his moll looks towards the sky, knowing that he is speaking with a ship in orbit. She has a small revolver in her thigh holster that appears to be a .32 revolver.

Single Action Army

  • Season 3, Episode 6: "Spectre of the Gun" - the crew of the Enterprise arrive at the planet Melkot on a mission to establish diplomatic relations with the inhabitants, only to find themselves transported to a recreation of the ancient American west where they are to die in a reenactment of the infamous "OK Corral" shootout as punishment for trespassing on Melkotian territory. The simulated characters and the protagonists are all armed with Single Action Army revolvers, Marshall Wyatt Earp (Ron Soble) should be armed with a 12-inch Buntline Special version but all of the characters in the episode carry "Artillery" models with 5.5-inch barrels. What made this episode controversial at the time (and even now) is the depiction of the Earps as the villains and the "Cowboys" (aka McLaurys & Clantons) as the 'good guys', though history generally portrays the roles as being reversed.
Colt Single Action Army "Artillery" .45 Long Colt with 5.5" barrel
The Cochise County Sheriff John Behan (Bill Zuckert) has an Colt SAA in his holster. Behan resists helping Kirk and his men.
Kirk, McCoy, Spock and Scotty all wear SAAs on their gun belts. Kirk's SAA has ivory grips. There is also a double barreled shotgun on the saloon table, but it is not used by them in the final fight.
Morgan Earp (Rex Holman) fires the killing shot that takes down Chekov, using a Colt SAA.
(Left to right) Virgil Earp (Charles Maxwell), Morgan Earp (Rex Holman), Wyatt Earp (Ron Soble) use Colt SAAs whereas Doc Holliday (Sam Gilman) uses a double barreled shotgun.
Kirk aims his SAA at Wyatt Earp (Ron Soble) but opts not to use it

Smith & Wesson Model 10

  • Season 1, Episode 15: "Shore Leave" - Lt. Hikaru Sulu (George Takei) finds a Smith & Wesson Model 10, referring to it as "an old time Police Special, and in beautiful condition". Having startled the nearby crew members with his enthusiastic test firing, Kirk has Sulu hand over the revolver for the time being. Sulu states that he "[hasn't] got anything like this in [his] collection" and that he's "always wanted one like this", indicating that he collects firearms. Further emphasizing his expertise, Sulu goes on to explain that it "fires lead pellets propelled by expanding gases from a chemical explosion". After discovering their phasers have been prevented from working, Kirk later uses the Model 10 to down a knight charging on horseback; sometimes a simple mechanical device powered by a chemical reaction is more reliable than fancier technology...
Smith & Wesson Model 10 - .38 Special
The Model 10 exposed for the first time.
Sulu shows off his long barreled Model 10.
Sulu looks so happy now that he's found a vintage .38 revolver...
  • Season 1, Episode 19: "Tomorrow is Yesterday" - USAF SPs (Security Police) carry the S&W Model 10 revolver in their duty holsters. One of the SP Staff Sergeants (E5) (Hal Lynch) is accidentally transported to the USS Enterprise with his Model 10 revolver drawn before Dr. McCoy takes it away from him. Note: He should have the Model 15, since that revolver was the standard issue for USAF Security Police (previously designated as 'Air Police' prior to 1966) from 1962 until the late 1980s - but as evident in the screencaps, his revolver has fixed sights, thus indicating it is a Model 10. Lt Col Fellini (Ed Peck) and Captain John Christopher (Roger Perry) handle them as well.
USAF Security Police Staff Sgt. (E5) (Hal Lynch) carries a Smith & Wesson Model 10 with stag grips
USAF Security Police Staff Sgt. (E5) (Hal Lynch) carries a Smith & Wesson Model 10 with stag grips

Colt Police Positive

Colt Police Positive .38 Special
In "Patterns of Force" (S2E21), Daras (Valora Noland) holds a Colt Police Positive revolver on Kirk and Spock
In "Patterns of Force" (S2E21), the tables are turned and Kirk grabs his P38 while Spock holds the Colt Police Positive to the head of Daras.
In "Patterns of Force" (S2E21), Spock holds a Colt Police Positive to the head of Daras.

unidentified revolvers

In Assignment: Earth, two NYPD officers in 1968 draw their sidearms, which may be another appearance of the Police Positive. In the same episode, guards at McKinley Rocket Base are also armed with revolvers, which based on the grips may be more Model 10s; Kirk handles one extremely briefly.


Double Barreled shotgun

In "A Piece of the Action" (S2E17), a gangster can be seen with a short barreled side by side shotgun. In "Spectre of the Gun" (S3E06), a double barreled western shotgun is seen several times, once in the possession of Kirk and the others and ultimately used by Doc Holliday during the fight at the O.K. Corral.

Stoeger/IGA Coach Shotgun 12 gauge
The gangster standing behind Zabo (Steven Marlo) in the back has a short double barreled shotgun - 12 gauge
Colt Model 1878 12 gauge
Seen on the far right, Doc Holliday (Sam Gilman) uses a double barreled shotgun as (Left to right) Virgil Earp (Charles MaxwelL), Wyatt Earp (Ron Soble), Morgan Earp (Rex Holman) use Colt SAAs in "Spectre of the Gun" (S3E06). The lineup of men all empty their guns, reload, and then fire again once more.

Machine Guns

Browning M2 Aircraft (mockup)

In "Shore Leave" (S1E15), a Mitsubishi A6M Zero (in reality a repainted Grumman F6F Hellcat) appears to be armed with mocked up Browning M2 Aircraft machine guns as it strafes Lt. Rodriguez (Perry Lopez) and Angela Martine (Barbara Baldavin). In distant shots the aircraft first appears as an F6F Hellcat in USN colours (actually a pair, one mostly off-screen), then becomes a single F4U Corsair as it begins its dive, then a pair of AT-6 Texans painted as Zeros as it opens fire, then this Hellcat with gun mockups for the close up, then finally what seems to be an authentic A6M as it flies away. The thoroughly confused Zero later returns to strafe Kirk and Spock (as the Texan pair again). Given all but the close up are footage of actual flying aircraft (not models) along with the complete inconsistency from shot to shot and the script's calling only for stock footage of a "vintage" aircraft, it seems likely these clips were borrowed from existing films/TV.

Browning M2 Aircraft - .50 BMG
The Japanese Hellcat opens fire. Note how far the mock barrels protrude from the wing's leading edge. The M2s on a Hellcat are supposed to be staggered, with the inboard guns sticking out the furthest and the outboard guns completely flush with the wing's leading edge.

M61 Vulcan

  • Season 1, Episode 19: "Tomorrow is Yesterday" - An F-104C Starfighter flown by Captain John Christopher intercepts an unidentified flying object which turns out to be the Enterprise. Additional F-104s are seen in footage on the ground, alongside several F-105 Thunderchiefs, all of which are armed with an M61 Vulcan rotary cannon. Other military aircraft are also seen at the base.
M61 Vulcan - 20x102mm


Smoothbore Flintlock Muskets (mocked up from Trapdoor Springfield)

In "A Private Little War" (S2E19), what are supposed to be flintlock smoothbore muskets are provided to the enemy faction on the planet Neural, when the Klingons seek to disrupt the balance of power. The muskets are actually Trapdoor Springfield Rifles that have been restocked and the lock plates reworked to look like a flintlock. This was a common occurrence in the early days of movies and TV production as it allowed the use of a metallic cartridge blank round.

Upon seeing firearms on a planet that's supposed to only have progressed to bows, Kirk refers to them specifically as flintlocks, a term used often through the episode. Scotty later notes in conversation that flintlocks would be the first type of firearm a civilization would normally develop; at least on Earth this isn't strictly true (matchlock, wheellock, etc), but is accurate enough within the context. Debating among themselves whether this technological leap could be attributed to Klingon interference, Scott then suggests that if the Klingons had been involved, why not give them "breechloaders", to which Chekov escalates to "machine guns" (both verbatim). The Klingon Krell (Ned Romero) later explains that the Klingons will eventually introduce better weapons technology like "rifled barrels" to make the guns "shoot further and straighter".

Replica Springfield Model 1873 "Trapdoor Springfield" built by Uberti Arms - .45-70. These were visually modified to resemble a smoothbore musket.
In "A Private Little War" (S2E19), enemy Tribesman fires his musket at the landing party. He can be seen cocking it before taking aim.
In "A Private Little War" (S2E19), enemy tribesmen with their muskets
Krell (Ned Romero) talks with a Tribesman about the technological improvements that the Klingons will eventually give to them, including 'rifled barrels'. It is very interesting that the show decided to cast Ned Romero, a 'Native American Indian' actor, to portray a military officer 'meddling' in the affairs of the indigenous tribal peoples.
Tyree aims a captured weapon. Earlier in the episode Kirk explains how the mechanism works: "This is the pan, this is the hammer. The hammer striking the pan causes a spark, ignites the powder, and fires the flintlock."
"I want more of these, Kirk." The Cold War analogy here is rather direct. The small countries and conflicts which were just pawns to the competing superpowers was metaphorically portrayed by the planet's inhabitants, with Kirk even drawing a comparison to "the 20th century brush wars on the Asian continent. Two giant powers involved, much like the Klingons and ourselves". The script took no sides, other than the sad observation that one had to walk a fine line in limiting one's enemies from using third parties as proxies and ruining one's own allies societies in trying to counter that threat.

unidentified bolt action rifle

  • Season 2, Episode 25: "Bread and Circuses" - The escaped slaves who Kirk, Spock, and McCoy first encounter on the Roman-themed planet are armed with scoped bolt action rifles.

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