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Pages I've created


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Video Games


Weapon Pages

St 1907 mg.jpgGrasm14.jpgSchmidt m89.jpgM15grenade.JPGWex flam.jpg800px-7.7 cm Feldkanone 16 IMG 6414b.jpgMondragón rifle.jpgM16stick.jpgMannlicher-M1888-90.jpgKugel13.jpgMaxim M/09-21Type96AAGunsingle.jpgMauser Standard Modell.jpgMauser Model 1893Citron1916-1st.jpgPodewilsLindnerRifle.jpg

Updated Pages

Pages I heavily updated; e.g. info and screenshots
Movies Letters from Iwo Jima  •  Flags of our Fathers  •  Sands of Iwo Jima  •  A Very Long Engagement‎  •  Sahara‎  •  '71  •  Gallipoli  •  The Thin Red Line  •  All Quiet on the Western Front  •  Paths of Glory  •  The Water Diviner  •  Downfall  •  Atomic Blonde  •  A Night to Remember  •  Titanic  •  Wings  •  The Day After Tomorrow  •  The Last Samurai  •  Hart's War‎  •  Das Boot‎  •  Enemy at the Gates‎  •  OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies‎  •  OSS 117: Lost in Rio‎  •  The Good Shepherd‎  •  The Children of Huang Shi
Video Games Darkest of Days  •  The Order 1886  •  Call of Duty: World at War  •  Call of Duty: WWII  •  Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault  •  Medal of Honor: Airborne  •  Red Dead Redemption II  •  Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad  •  Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm  •  Call of Duty: United Offensive  •  Sniper Elite  •  Battlefield: 1943  •  Call of Duty: Black Ops III  •  NecroVisioN  •  Sniper Elite III  •  History Channel: Battle for the Pacific  •  Wolfenstein  •  Medal of Honor: Rising Sun‎  •  Medal of Honor: Vanguard‎  •  Call of Duty 2: Big Red One  •  Land of War: The Beginning‎‎  •  Men of War‎‎  •  Company of Heroes
Anime Saga of Tanya the Evil  •  Lupin the 3rd vs. Detective Conan: The Movie  •  The Mystic Archives of Dantalian  •  Mirai Nikki  •  The Place Promised in Our Early Days  •  Brynhildr in the Darkness  •  Terror in Resonance  •  Lupin the 3rd vs. Detective Conan

Case Closed

Heavily Updated
DC-CC JPN poster.jpg

Case Closed
CCCTFT JPN BR cover.jpg

The Fourteenth Target
CCLWC JPN BR cover.jpg

The Last Wizard of the Century
CCCIHE JPN BR cover.jpg

Captured in Her Eyes
CCCTH JPN BR cover.jpg

Countdown to Heaven
CCPBS JPN BR cover.jpg

The Phantom of Baker Street
CCPER JPN BR cover.jpg

The Private Eyes' Requiem
CCFSF BR JPN cover.jpg

Full Score of Fear
CCTRC JPN BR cover.jpg

The Raven Chaser

The Lost Ship In the Sky
CCQOS JPN BR cover.jpg

Quarter of Silence
CCPEDS JPN BR cover.jpg

Private Eye in the Distant Sea
CCDS JPN BR cover.jpg

Dimensional Sniper
CCSOI NA BR cover.jpg

Sunflowers of Inferno

The Disappearance of
Conan Edogawa
CCTDN EN BR cover.jpg

The Darkest Nightmare
CCEO TGDTS BR cover.jpg

Episode One
CCZTE BR cover.jpg

Zero the Enforcer
CCFBS JPN BR cover.jpg

The Fist of Blue Sapphire

The Scarlet Bullet

Favorite Weapons

Pistols & Revolvers
1851Navy.jpg Webley mk1.jpg Borchardtc93.jpg C96MauserRed9.jpg Luger P08 Colt 1911 TT-33-Wartime.jpg P226R.jpg USP9mm.jpg
Prussian musket 1839.jpg Dreyse Infanteriegewehr Vetterli 78.jpg DanishKrag1889.jpg 1891-Mosin-Nagant.jpg G88 05.jpg Arisaka t30.jpg Mauser g98.jpg Mauser Model 1903 Mauser1916Selbstlader.jpg StG44 ZF41.jpg HKG3A3.jpg FAMAS-F1.jpg RemingtonPSS700.jpg SR25.jpg Hk416-2.jpg
Submachine Guns
MP18.JPG SuomiM31.jpg Type 100 H&KMP5A4.jpg

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