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Call of Duty: Black Ops III

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Call of Duty: Black Ops III
Official Box Art
Release Date: 2015
Developer: Treyarch
Publisher: Activision
Series: Call of Duty
Platforms: Windows
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Genre: First-Person Shooter

Call of Duty: Black Ops III is the twelfth installment in the Call of Duty series, and the fourth main entry in the Black Ops sub-franchise (the first being World at War). It is developed by Treyarch and published by Activision for the PC, PS4, XBoX One, and released on the Xbox 360 and PS3 by Beenox and Mercenary Technology. The game was released on November 6th, 2015.

DLC updates have since added a number of new weapons, though like in Advanced Warfare (and unlike previous installments) simply owning the DLC does not unlock the weapon: instead, it must be unlocked using the "supply drop" mechanic (which can be done by anyone, regardless of whether or not they own the DLC).

See the discussion page for fictional weapon information.

The following weapons appear in the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops III:



A massive, single-action revolver that fires the fictitious ".467 SwS Depleted" round; oddly, unlike normal depleted uranium cartridges, the rounds fired by this seem to explode on impact (albeit with a small, entirely cosmetic explosion). It is the special weapon of multiplayer character Seraph. It is capable of one-shot kills to any part of the body at any range. It is also unlockable in the campaign and can be reloaded, unlike its multiplayer counterpart. However, it lacks a reload animation and is simply moved out of view when reloaded. Given the large, heavy-profile barrel, coupled with the firing and cocking animations, it seems that the Taurus Raging Bull from Call of Duty: Ghosts was used as a base model.

Taurus Raging Bull - .44 Magnum
The Annihilator in the singleplayer weapon selection menu. Note the strange iron sights; these are actually projectors for an integrated 2-part holographic sight that is only visible in first person.
Drawing the revolver while looking at a reference to Kill Bill on the map "Knockout".


The "Bloodhound" is a revolver that appears as a starting weapon in the Zombies map Shadows of Evil. It is based on the OTs-38 Stechkin silent revolver, and the unique way the cylinder hinges out when reloading is very similar to that of the OTs-38. However, the in-game weapon is not silent, and it has a cylinder of 8 rounds that swings out to the left side, compared to the OTs-38's 5-round cylinder that swings out to the right. It is referred to as "revolver38" in the game files. For some reason, the hammer self-cocks after firing; in the case of revolvers, this is only possible on the few semi-automatic ones such as the Webley-Fosbery and the Mateba, but these ones have a slide, which is not the case for the "Bloodhound".

The "Meat Wagon" is the name for the pack-a-punched version, which is dual wielded and fires grenades that explode on impact, like the M1911 in previous games when upgraded into the "Mustang & Sally".

OTs-38 Stechkin silent revolver - 7.62x42mm SP-4. The lower cylindrical shape is the barrel, the top one is the laser sight.
The "Bloodhound" in first person.
Aiming down the sights.
Performing a reload. Note the 8 rounds, which have unstruck primers.
Third-person close-up view of the Bloodhound in the Shadows of Evil trailer. The model lacks detail in 3rd person, and the rounds do appear to be properly modelled 7.62x42mm SP-4 rounds.

Custom Springfield Armory M1911

A slightly altered version of the Springfield Armory PX9109L/Springfield Custom Professional pistol from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered was added via an update on May 23, 2017. It is simply referred to as "1911". An update added it as the starting weapon in all Zombies Chronicles maps except for "Origins".

Springfield Armory Loaded M1911A1 - .45 ACP
Springfield Custom Professional 1911-A1 - .45 ACP
The M1911 in the loadout menu.
Holding the M1911 in the Zombie mode.
Changing the magazine.
The Colt after moving the slide.

"L-CAR 9"

The "L-CAR 9" is a fully-automatic machine pistol that seems to be based primarily on the VBR-Belgium PDW. The data vault reveals it is chambered in the fictional "5.58x33mm" round and is of American origin.

VBR-Belgium PDW - 7.92x24mm
The L-CAR 9 in the multiplayer weapon selection menu. Note the Binary Domain-style stand-off muzzle that spans the entirety of the front of the weapon.
Holding the L-CAR 9.
Inserting a new magazine.

Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer

The Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer is available in the remastered edition of the Zombies map "Origins", from the "Zombies Chronicles" DLC. Like in Black Ops II, it is incorrectly referred to as the Mauser C96, which uses stripper clips as opposed to box magazines. It once again only fires in semi-auto, and once again only holds 8 rounds in a 20-round magazine.

Unlike its counterpart in the previous game, the weapon is incorrectly depicted as DAO rather than single-action.

Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer - 7.63x25mm Mauser
Tank Dempsey holds the Mauser during the start of a match; note how the hammer is not cocked. While it is annoyingly difficult to capture in-game, the hammer does physically move before the gun fires.
Elsewhere at the dig site, Takeo Masaki reloads his Mauser, first by dumping out the magazine. Note the dieselpunk embellishments and the magazine being solid with no feed lips.
Mashing in a new magazine...
And pulling back the bolt as one of the Giant Robots decides to spice up the image.


The "RK5" is a three-round burst pistol seemingly loosely based on a two-tone Heckler & Koch USP Match with an extended magazine. The data vault states it is from the United Kingdom and is chambered for "5.58x33mm", the same round the Vesper, VMP and Kuda fire, making it a rifle-caliber burst pistol. Interestingly, despite its slide moving and reciprocating during fire, when emptied it does not lock back and must be manually pulled when a fresh magazine is inserted; even more oddly, when dual-wielding the weapon or using the "Fast Mags" attachment (which, as with other pistols, simply adds a Magpul-type handling loop to the magazine baseplate that is far too small to be of any use), empty reloads will have the player character flick what seems to be a slide release, despite the slide remaining in battery for the entire duration of the process.

Heckler & Koch USP Match - 9x19mm
The RK5 in the multiplayer weapon selection menu.
The RK5 in-game.
The pistol after releasing the slide.

Submachine Guns


The "Bootlegger", a submachine gun exclusive to Zombies mode, is primarily based on the Sten Mk III, but has a pistol grip similar to that of the Australian Austen Mk I variant, as well as having an Art Deco design and a custom stock. Like most iterations of the Sten in other Call of Duty games, it is incorrectly held from the magazine rather than the handguard, magwell or the assembly in front of the trigger guard. When Pack-a-Punched, it becomes the "Ein Sten", a play on the actual Sten submachine gun and Einstein's name.

Sten Mk III - 9x19mm
Austen Mk I - 9x19mm
A player character firing the "Bootlegger" in the Shadows of Evil trailer.
Third-person view of the "Bootlegger".


The "Kuda" is a "futurised" Heckler & Koch UMP. The data vault states it is South African in origin and is chambered for the "5.58x33mm" round, making it a weird futuristic submachine gun firing a rifle like round.

Heckler & Koch UMP45 - .45 ACP
The Kuda in the multiplayer weapon selection menu.
Holding the Kuda.
Pulling the charging handle.


The MP40 is usable in five of the remastered Zombies maps from previous games included in the "Zombies Chronicles" DLC. It also appears in the animated intro cuscene of the Zombies map "Der Eisendrache", used by German soldiers in the truck.

MP40 - 9x19mm
Dempsey holding his MP40 in "Kino der Toten".
Like in CoD3, the bolt is pulled back before inserting a new magazine.
Pressing in a new magazine.
Giving the bolt a H&K MP5 slap.
Richtofen reloading his MP40.

"HG 40"

Prior to the availability of the aforementioned MP40, a futuristic version of it called "HG 40" was added to multiplayer via a March 2016 update. It is also available in the Zombies maps "Zetsubou No Shima" and "Gorod Krovi".

The "HG 40" in all of its glory.
The "HG 40" in the Zombie mode.
The reloading is the same as the MP40.


The Modern Sub Machine Carbine was added via an update on August 15, 2017, and is referred to as the "XMC".

Modern Sub Machine Carbine - 5.56×30mm MINSAS
The MSMC in the loadout menu.


The "Pharo" is a futuristic SMG with a rather strange gimmick of 4-round bursts with automatic refiring; how this likely works is that the cam mechanism trips the firing mechanism during a burst and afterwards resets automatically, even with the trigger held down. Nevertheless, it shares the same burst-fire function like the "Chicom CQB" from Black Ops II.

Visually, it mostly resembles the Ruger MP9, and despite being modeled with a P90-like foregrip by default, it does not benefit from it until the Grip attachment is unlocked, giving it an odd stubby foregrip. It is stated to be South Korean in origin and is chambered for "9x24mm".

Ruger MP9 with stock folded - 9x19mm
Modern Sub Machine Carbine - 5.56×30mm MINSAS
The Pharo in the multiplayer loadout screen.
The "Pharo" in-game.
Aiming down the sights.
Removing the magazine with an Uzi-like animation from MW2.
Pressing in a new magazine.


The PPSh-41 became first available in the Zombies map "Gorod Krovi" from the Descent DLC, with a 71-round drum magazine. The weapon was later added to multiplayer via an update on February 7, 2017 (with both 35 and 71-round capacities), and then to the remastered Zombies maps "Verrückt" and "Shi No Numa". The PPSh-41 is held by the drum magazine in Zombies, whereas in multiplayer it is held by the barrel shroud (regardless of which magazine is used); while the latter would be ill-advised due to the barrel's heat generated by the fast fire rate, it shouldn't be a problem for the multiplayer characters due to their cybernetic augmentations.

PPSh-41 with 35-round box magazine - 7.62x25mm Tokarev
PPSh-41 with 71-round drum magazine - 7.62x25mm Tokarev
The PPSh-41 in the multiplayer loadout screen.

Sten Mk V

The Sten Mk V was added to multiplayer via an update on April 30, 2018. As with the aforementioned "Bootlegger", it is erroneously held by the magazine, which results in the weapon being noticeably tilted counterclockwise while hipfiring. When the weapon is equipped with a foregrip, the player character obviously holds the grip instead of the magazine, but this results in a really awkward hipfiring stance since the gun is handled at the same angle as the non-grip version. When equipped with the "Stock" attachment, it gains a folding stock similar to that of the experimental Sten Mk IVA.

Sten Mk V without vertical grip - 9x19mm
The Sten in the customization menu.
Sten Mk IVA - 9x19mm

Thompson M1921AC

The Thompson M1921AC is available in the Zombies map Revelations and in the remastered edition of Origins. Like in Black Ops II, it is referred to as the "M1927", but now it correctly fires from an open bolt and appropriately doesn't need to be cocked when empty. For some reason though, the empty reloading animation shows the player character flipping the fire selector after replacing the magazine.

Colt M1921AC Thompson with 50-round drum magazine - .45 ACP
Richtofen firing a Pack-a-Punched M1921AC.


The "Vesper" is an even more futuristic version of the modified Jian She Type-05 that appeared in Black Ops II, though it has a FAMAS/QBZ-95-style charging handle. It however fills the role that the Skorpion Evo III did in Black Ops 2: an SMG with an obscenely high fire rate, making it highly effective in close quarters. According to the data vault, it is French in origin and is chambered in "5.58x33mm". Despite firing the same round as the VMP, it strangely does less damage, likely to balance its extreme fire rate.

Jian She Type-05 - 9x19mm
The Vesper in the multiplayer weapon selection menu.
Holding the Vesper.
Inserting a new magazine.
Pulling back the charging handle.


The "VMP" is a submachine gun based on the Beretta Mx4 Storm. Its function and role however is identical to the MP7 from Black Ops 2; an SMG with a 40-round magazine and a high fire rate, being highly popular online and a viable weapon even at higher ranks. The data vault reveals it is chambered in "5.58x33mm" and is Italian in origin.

Beretta Mx4 Storm - 9x19mm
The VMP in the multiplayer weapon selection menu.
The VMP in-game.
Reloading a new magazine.
Pulling the charging handle.


The general shape of the "Weevil" appears to be primarily based on a combination of a Nerf N-Strike Firefly REV-8 and FN P90 TR with a suppressor and LAM reminiscent of the Heckler & Koch Mark 23 added to the front, as well as the pistol's front sight. Its default reload animations is similar in style to the P90 from the Modern Warfare series and seems to be a futuristic successor to it; it is stated to be chambered in "5.7x29mm" and is Belgian in origin.

Airsoft P90 / Nerf N-Strike Firefly REV-8 hybrid
Airsoft Heckler & Koch MK23 Mod 0 Phase II Prototype (note front cocking serrations, deleted from production models) with Tokyo Marui replica of a Knight's Armament suppressor and prototype Laser Aiming Module - (fake) .45 ACP
The "Weevil" on the loadout screen.
The "Weevil" in-game.
Iron sights.
Removing an empty magazine...
... and putting in a new one.


Beretta Model 682

The Beretta 682 was added via an update on August 15, 2017. Like in the previous games, it is named after the Rottweil Skeet Olympia 72. It was also previously seen in the hands of Nikolai Belinski during the intro cutscene of the remastered edition of the Zombies map "Origins".

Beretta Model 682 Gold E - 12 gauge
The Beretta 682 in the loadout menu.

Assault Rifles / Battle Rifles


The AKS-74U was added via an update on May 23, 2017. Like in most Call of Duty games, it is referred to as "AK-74u", as well as still being incorrectly classified as a submachine gun. It lacks a stock by default, but can be fitted with a folding one in the customization menu, albeit looking different from that of a normal AKS-74U. In both cases, the receiver lacks the real gun's folding stock latch at the front and the button at the rear; there are also only two rivets at the rear rather than three. The empty reloading animation involves the player character pulling the charging handle with an underhand technique, as opposed to to the right-hand one used in other games. It utilizes steel 5.45x39mm magazines with ribs interrupted by an odd rectangular shape similar to Chinese AK magazines featuring ribbing interrupted by a star. An AKS-74U's silhouette is also visible on the "Wall Power" and "Secret Shopper" GobbleGums in Zombies mode.

AKS-74U - 5.45x39mm
The AKS-74U in the multiplayer loadout screen. Unlike in Black Ops and Black Ops II, it has a wooden furniture, as well as a more correctly proportioned barrel, gas tube and handguard.
The AKS-74U on the GobbleGum for "Secret Shopper".
The AKS-74U on the GobbleGum for "Wall Power".


The AN-94 was added via an update on July 11, 2017. It appears as the "KVK 99m", and is largely patterned after the one seen in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. As in BO2, the recoiling barrel incorrectly moves with the charging handle when the charging handle is racked in the empty reload.

AN-94 - 5.45x39mm
The AN-94 in the loadout menu.


A futurized version of the FAMAS Valorisé was added via a May 2016 update. It is called "FFAR" in-game, but the game files actually refer it to as a FAMAS.

FAMAS Valorisé prototype with SCROME J4 scope - 5.56x45mm NATO
The game's "FFAR", complete with the obligatory unnecessary sling straps around the handguard and stock, and a flash hider that isn't actually slotted. Note the gas plug while the real FA-MAS is actually a delayed blowback operated rifle.


The "ICR-1" is the more futuristic version of the HK416 that replaced the original placeholder, and given its relatively low damage and high accuracy, it is a spiritual successor to the "M27" from Black Ops II and reuses its reloading animations for the standard magazine and Fast Mags attachments. It is chambered in 5.56x45mm and is stated to be American in origin.

Heckler & Koch HK416 with 14.5 inch barrel - 5.56x45mm NATO
The ICR-1 in the multiplayer loadout screen.
The ICR-1 in-game.
About to press in a new magazine.
Chambering the new magazine.


The "HVK-30" is a heavily stylized AR-15 pattern rifle chambered in 7.62x35mm (the metric designation of .300 AAC Blackout). Its billet style receiver resembles the AAC Honey Badger, while its vented tubular handguard is similar to the Daniel Defense M4ISR. Unlike both, the HVK does not come with a suppressor by default. It is also stated to be of American origin in the campaign's data vault.

AAC Honey Badger with magazine removed - .300 AAC Blackout
Daniel Defense DDM4ISR - .300 Blackout
The HVK-30 in the multiplayer weapon selection menu.
The HVK-30 in-game.
Palming in a new box magazine.
Yanking the ArmaLite "T"-style charging handle.


The IMI Galil ARM was added via an update on March 16, 2017.

IMI Galil ARM - 5.56x45mm
The Galil ARM in the multiplayer loadout screen.


The "KN-44" is a futuristic successor to the AK platform; it was formerly known as the "ARAK" in the alpha (coincidentally named similarly to the real ARAK-21 rifle system of Faxon Firearms) and "ARK-7" in the beta. It is chiefly based on the AK-200 prototype of the AK-12, but has distinct features such as a 7.62x39mm-styled magazine, a diagonal stock similar to that of the original AK-47, a ribbed receiver cover like the AKM, and a deeper magazine well. The combo gasblock/front sight post is similar to some rifle-length AK builds made in the US such as the Rifle Dynamics RD700.

The data vault states it is chambered in 7.62x39mm and 5.45x39mm and is Russian in origin, despite the weapon model itself having markings stating its caliber as 7.62x51mm, and as being manufactured in Belfast, UK. The latter is somewhat justified by the data vault's statement of precisely what a "KN-44" is; it's not so much a specific weapon so much as it is a type of weapon- an open-source weapon concept (think "Luty submachine gun") that can be 3D printed in its entirety, and can vary greatly in quality of materials and manufacture, as well as some design details. The caliber, however, is simply impossible based on the magazine's size.

When equipped with the Extended Magazine attachment, its reload becomes identical to the AK-47 from the Modern Warfare games, and it becomes modeled with an RPK's 40-round magazine. The "Fast Mags" attachment slings two magazines together in a crescent shape with some paracord, and the reload animation is then identical to the Fast Mags reload for the Black Ops II AN-94; without either magazine attachment, the reload is based on that first used with the FAL in Modern Warfare 2, with the player character knocking the release lever with a new mag to remove the old one, then turning the weapon on its side to rack the charging handle if it were emptied.

AK-200 photoshop with ACOG scope, folding iron sights, side-folding skeletonized stock, and weaponlight foregrip - 5.45x39mm
AK-200 - 7.62x39mm (photoshopped image of an AK-103)
Rifle Dynamics RD700 Rifle - 7.62x39mm
The KN-44 in the multiplayer loadout screen.
Holding the KN-44.
Pushing away of the used magazine.
Inserting a fresh one.
Random robot-headed guy carrying the KN-44. Get the Elysium reference here?


The M8A7 is a 4-round burst firing assault rifle which seems to be designed after the Heckler & Koch SL8, though its name implies it is a descendant of the identically functioning M8A1 from Black Ops II, which was based more on the Heckler & Koch XM8, though the weapon has a side-mounted charging handle instead of a top-mounted one. It is stated to be Belgian in origin and chambered in 7.62x35mm. During firing, the weapon's charging handle reciprocates; it doesn't actually reciprocate far enough to chamber anything much longer than a .22 short, indicating that (assuming we are to assume that this makes some sort of sense) either the weapon has some sort of needlessly complex partial linkup to the charging handle, or the handle simply (and quite frankly, rather worryingly) shakes and rattles around during firing.

Heckler & Koch SL8-1 Tactical Match Rifle - 5.56x45mm
The M8A7 in the multiplayer weapon selection menu.
The "M8A7" in-game.
Aiming down the sights.
Changing the magazine.


The M14 was added to multiplayer via an update on June 11, 2018, as well as becoming available in Zombies from the Mystery Box. It was only available in multiplayer via supply drops for a limited time, and is currently unavailable to those who did not unlock it during that period. Like in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, it has a shorter 18" barrel, Knight's Armaments RAS, and synthetic furniture.

M14 rifle - 7.62x51mm NATO
The M14 in the loadout menu.
The M14 as it appears in Zombies mode. Being upgraded from a wall weapon to a Mystery Box weapon (its place taken by the fictional Shieva rifle), the M14 rifle is much stronger here than in previous iterations of Zombies, though it is still saddled with its pitiful 8-rounds-in-a-20-round magazine. Having its upgraded form's foregrip (plus a laser sight) as standard helps.
It's reload has also changed, no longer being a copy of of the EBR's from Modern Warfare 2. Instead, it is a copy of the KN-44's animation of knocking the magazine out and reaching over to tug the charging handle. It isn't a fantastic fit for the M14 and its deeper magwell. Indeed, there is noticeable clipping when the new magazine is inserted.
The M14's upgraded form, once again deemed the Mnesia. Already featuring the old Mnesia's foregrip, the new iteration has the standard Pack-a-Punch embellishments given to weapons in Black Ops 3; the FMJ attachment (note the bulkier heatshield) and the still underloaded Extended Mags...
Which gives the M14 the classic Call of Duty AK Reload instead.

M16A1-type rifle

An M16A1-type rifle was added via an update on February 7, 2017. It is referred to as the "M16", and uses the reloading animation of the FN SCAR from previous games. Its lower receiver has semi-auto only (Safe/Fire) selector markings and it has the A1 3-prong flash hider. It is also modeled with a round forward assist rather than the original teardrop style - this is a feature of M16A1 rifles produced for South Korea. Despite the selector markings, the weapon still fires in three-round bursts like its counterpart from previous games. Once again, it holds 30 rounds in a 20-round magazine, and has the carrying handle erroneously removed when optics are equipped. "CAL .223 5.56" can be seen written on the magazine well, and the description in the selection menu contradicts itself by stating that the weapon is "semi-automatic with three-round burst fire" (although this most likely refers to the fact that it fires a burst with every pull of the trigger, to differentiate it from the game's "auto-burst" weapons).

Modern M16A1 replica (Colt M16A1 "Retro Reissue") - 5.56x45mm NATO
Colt Model 603K/South Korean contract M16A1 with round forward assist - 5.56x46mm NATO
The "M16" in the multiplayer loadout screen.

"MX Garand"

A futuristic version of the M1 Garand was added via a February 2016 update; it is called the "MX Garand" in-game. Unlike the actual weapon, the bolt is not automatically locked back when an empty clip is ejected (but the clip still flies out on the final shot), nor does it automatically fly forward after inserting a new clip, requiring the player character to manually pull back the bolt before loading in a fresh clip, and then pull it again to release it from its locked back position to chamber the first round.

Unlike its counterpart in World at War, Black Ops and Advanced Warfare, a non-empty clip cannot be manually ejected, requiring the weapon be emptied before a reload can occur. Due to a glitch on the PC version, which has since been fixed, it was possible to manually eject a non-empty clip (i.e. reload mid-magazine), but it used the exact same animations as the empty reload (though the glitched mid-clip reload had the clip be ejected after the bolt is pulled back), unlike in the three previously mentioned games which somewhat accurately depict a non-empty reload with a different, and longer animation.

Interestingly, there is a real rifle called the "MX Garand", but it bears little relation to the BO3 gun, being a select-fire Korean version of the Garand, with a detachable magazine, making the weapon fairly similar to the later M14.

M1 Garand - .30-06
The MX Garand in the multiplayer weapon selection menu. As with many of the game's weapons, there is a sling strap wrapped around the handguard (underneath the rails, interestingly enough), and another one on the stock. Note also the terminologically incorrect statement in the description of a "Semi-auto assault rifle".
Holding the MX Garand on the suitable multiplayer map "Infection".
Thumbing in a new en-bloc clip.
Pushing the bolt into battery.

Sturmgewehr 44

The Sturmgewehr 44 is available in the remastered edition of the Zombies map "Origins", in the Zombies Chronicles DLC.

Sturmgewehr 44 - 7.92x33mm Kurz
Richtofen at the right, "holding" a comically oversized StG 44.


A futuristic bullpup rifle loosely based on the Tavor (or rather more precisely Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's "IMR", which was in turn based on a Tavor). It fires in three-round bursts with an auto-reset (stated in the data vault to be a "double-hop" system), meaning keeping the trigger held down will cause it to continuously fire in bursts like the Pharo. It is stated to be American in origin and is chambered for ".308mm"; this is clearly nonsensical, as any such cartridge would be absurdly small. While rounds as small as 1mm have existed, these are typically flechettes (such as those used in the Steyr ACR) as opposed to traditional projectiles. The .308 Winchester caliber was most likely intended, which is a measurement in inches, not a metrical one. Oddly enough, despite it apparently being a weapon in mass production, "XR" supposedly stands for "Experimental Rifle".

IMI Tavor TAR-21 - 5.56x45mm
The "XR-2" in the weapon selection screen. At full size, an HK-style pictogram selector can be seen; this has only safe and semi-auto positions, and is set to safe.
Holding the XR-2.
Inserting a new magazine.
Working the charging handle.

Machine Guns

Like in several Call of Duty installments, the portable machine guns in the game (excluding the Death Machine and the Scythe) are classed as "light machine guns". This contradicts the data vault describing the "48 Dredge" as a medium machine gun and the "Gorgon" as a .50 caliber heavy machine gun.

"48 Dredge"

The "48 Dredge" is a futuristic FN Minimi-based design that is loosely based on the M249-E2 (despite the name alluding to the Mk 48 Mod 0), but fires 6-round bursts automatically in a similar fashion to the Pharo. Given the LMGs' priority of sheer volume of suppressing fire over accuracy, the burst-fire is quite counter-intuitive to the weapon's role, but is probably deliberate in order to balance its otherwise high fire rate with the slower-firing LMGs. The data vault hints that it is specifically designed to be a precision suppression weapon. It is stated to be chambered in the same absurdly small ".308mm" as the XR-2, features a similar "double-hop" burst system and is from the United Kingdom.

M249-E2 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) - 5.56x45mm (note heat shield over barrel and bent, finger grooved handle. The FN Minimi lacks these features and has a straight 90 degree handle.)
The 48 Dredge in the multiplayer loadout screen. Note the rounds that, despite the claims of sub-millimeter ammunition, are not obscenely small.
Holding the "48 Dredge" in-game.
Iron sights.
Opening up of the top cover.
Taking away of the "empty" magazine.
Clipping in a new one.
Pulling the charging handle.
A 48 Dredge mounted on an APC manned by a bored NPC in the campaign level "Black Ops".
A second 48 Dredge mounted on an APC to be manned by the player in the campaign level "Black Ops".


Another Minimi-based design, this time having a sliding stock like the Paratrooper variant. It feeds from a 75-round belt fed through a chute, and is probably a spiritual successor to Black Ops II's Mk 48. It is stated to be Belgian in origin and feeds caseless 5.56 "Brimstone" ammunition.

Oddly, during the campaign two "BRMs" can be found mounted on technicals that somehow fire grenade rounds without any external alteration.

M249 SAW paratrooper version with 200 round ammo drum - 5.56x45mm
The BRM in the multiplayer loadout screen.
Holding the BRM.
Grabbing the empty magazine...
... and replacing a full one.
Pulling the chargin handle.

"Death Machine"

The "Death Machine" is an even more futuristic version of the man-portable General Dynamics GAU-19/A that appeared in Black Ops II. This time, however, it is only available in the Campaign and Zombies mode. In addition, the multiplayer specialist weapon known as the "Scythe" appears to have been based on a GAU-19/A. A mounted version appears in the campaign level "Rise and Fall". They are also used as remote-controlled sentry guns.

General Dynamics GAU-19/A - .50 BMG
Death Machine mounted on an airboat in the campaign level "Provocation".
The mounted Death Machine in Ramses Station in "Rise and Fall".
ADS view. Note the chute for the ammo belt, which is too narrow to be .50 BMG.
An available Death Machine in the campaign level "Lotus Towers".
The player with the Death Machine in the campaign level "Lotus Towers".
A Death Machine as part of a remote sentry.
A Death Machine as part of a disabled remote sentry.
A Death Machine as part of a disabled remote sentry.

Maxim MG08/15

The Maxim MG08/15 is available in the remastered edition of the Zombies map "Origins", in the Zombies Chronicles DLC.

Maxim MG08/15 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Dempsey firing his MG08/15.


The RPK-74 was added to multiplayer via an update on April 30, 2018, and was later made available in Zombies. The model has some similarities with its counterpart from the first Black Ops; as in that game, it is simply referred to as "RPK", and has an aftermarket Valmet assault rifle-style Tech Sights rear sight, a PM md. 64's carrying handle, and a 40-round capacity in a 45-round magazine. This time, however, the weapon is more accurately modeled: it has an actual RPK-74 receiver (albeit depicted with three rivets at the rear, similarly to the folding-stock RPKS-74 and RPK-74M), and has a proper RPK-74's wooden handguard and stock. The barrel is also a proper RPK-74 one instead of the inappropriate Zastava M72 barrel depicted in the first iteration.

The weapon is fitted with a new, lengthened and up-turned charging handle vaguely reminiscent of that from the original Galil. With the extended mag attachment, it gains an original RPK's drum magazine that weirdly holds 65 rounds. In addition, it can be fitted with an RPK-74M's ribbed handguard and synthetic folding stock, the former when the FMJ attachment is used, and the latter with the "Stock" attachment. Equipping "Rapid Fire" gives the gun a ribbed receiver cover, a feature of certain variants such as early Soviet RPKs, Romanian RPKs and airsoft RPK-74 replicas.

RPK-74 with 45-round box magazine - 5.45x39mm
The RPK-74 in the customization menu.

Sniper Rifles


Added in the June 11, 2018 update, the "Dragoon" sniper rifle is a modified Mosin Nagant derivative, best resembling a Finnish 7.62 TKIV 85, although the name suggests that it may have been meant to be based on an original M91 Dragoon rifle, intended for dragoon troops (mounted infantry). The game files in fact refer the weapon to as "Mosin". It is unique among Black Ops III’s sniper rifles in that it is reloaded round-by-round, rather than all at once.

TKIV 85 - 7.62x53mmR


This odd-looking sniper rifle appears to be a combination of the FG42 and WA2000, along with quite a lot of alcohol. According to the data vault, its Singaporean in origin and is chambered in "7.63x54mm". Despite this, the magazine (which, given the caliber, would be a single-stack holding around 5 rounds) carries 20 cartridges.

Walther WA 2000 - .300 Win Mag
FG 42 second model with bipod and bayonet deployed - 7.92x57mm Mauser
In the future, weapons will be more complex than they have any real right to be.
The Drakon in-game.
Mashing in the new magazine.
Pushing the charging handle.


The "Locus" bolt-action sniper rifle is primarily based on the PGM Mini-Hecate. It is stated to be German in origin and chambered for 8.6x70mm, which is the metric size of the .338 Lapua Magnum round.

PGM Mini-Hecate - .338 Lapua Magnum
The Locus in the loadout menu. Note the rounds in the windowed magazine that, as one might expect, never deplete.
Holding the scoped Locus.
Looking through the scope.
Working the straight bolt handle.
Pulling back the bolt during an empty reload. The magazine contains some bullets, anyway.
Putting in a new magazine.


An unorthodox sniper rifle that fires a three-round burst instead of a single shot, and it has a charge-up delay before firing which is similar to the Storm PSR from Black Ops II. Its appearance is primarily based on the Kel-Tec RFB carbine (interestingly, its "ammoDisplayName" parameter in the game files indicates ".308 RFB"). Data vault info reveals it is Swiss in origin and is chambered for "7.8x50mm RAR".

Kel-Tec RFB Carbine - 7.62x51mm NATO
The P-06 in the loadout screen.
The rifle in-game.
Optic view.
Pushing the charging handle.

"RSA Interdiction"

The "RSA Interdiction" is a futuristic bullpup sniper rifle that was added via a March 2016 update. It is bolt-action in function and is fed by cylinders that swing out to the left and are removed during reloads. The default 6-round cylinder is replaced with an 8-round cylinder when using the Extended Mag attachment. Based on the in-game animations, the rifle shouldn't be able to fire more than 1 round per cylinder, as neither pulling the trigger nor cycling the action rotates the cylinder. It appears to be based on the Crye Precision SIX12 revolving shotgun.

Crye Precision SIX12 - 12 gauge
The RSA Interdiction in the loadout menu.


The semi-automatic "XPR-50" from Black Ops II, chambered in .50 BMG yet somewhat resembling the bolt-action Barrett Model 98 Bravo, was added via an update in March 2018.

Barrett M98B with Harris bipod and Scope - .338 Lapua Magnum
The "XPR-50" in the weapon selection menu.


China Lake Grenade Launcher

The China Lake Launcher was added via an update on July 11, 2017. It is referred to as the "MAX-GL", and is the only non-Specialist grenade launcher in the game.

China Lake grenade launcher - 40x46mm
The China Lake in the loadout menu.


Based on the Carl Gustav M3, with a Heckler & Koch XM25-style barrel and an M320 style side opening action. In the campaign, it was referred as RPG in a character's voice. The data vault reveals it is American in origin and fires a "76x126mm" warhead. A variant is also available in the campaign for use as an ordinary selectable secondary weapon (as opposed to the version that can be picked up throughout certain levels, identical to the multiplayer version) known as the "XM-53 DF", the "DF" standing for "dumb-fire", as this variant of the weapon lacks any sort of lock-on system (or, for that matter, any sort of sight, with the standard integrated optical sight being removed; despite this, aiming down the nonexistent sight is not just possible, it's mandatory).

Carl Gustav M3 - 84mm
Pre-2015 XM25 pre-production model- 25 x 40mm
The XM-53 in the loadout menu.
Holding the launcher.
Inserting a new shell.

Grenades & Explosives


The Flashbang in the selection menu.


The Frag grenade in the selection menu.

Model 24 Stielhandgranate

German soldiers in the campaign level "Demon Within" throw M24 Stielhandgranates (this is odd, given their use of the standard futuristic weapons) rather enthusiastically at the player character. These grenades can be picked up by the player and threw back. Several stick grenades can also be seen on some Zombie maps.

Model 24 Stielhandgranate "Potato Masher" high-explosive fragmentation hand grenade
A pair of potato mashers on a table.
Several stick grenades in the Zombie mode.


The Semtex in the selection menu.

"Smoke Screen"

The smoke grenade in the selection menu.

Mounted Weapons

2 cm Flakvierling 38

The Flakvierling 38 appears on "Der Eisendrache" and "Zetsubou No Shima" Zombie maps.

Flakvierling 38 - 20x138mmB.
A Flavierling inside the castle courtyard.
A strayed FlaK on the Japanese island, standing for a Type 96 25 mm AT/AA Gun.

8.8 cm Flak 37

Several Flak 37s can be seen on the Zombie map "Der Eisendrache". A FlaK is usable during the Easter egg of the Zombies map "Zetsubou No Shima".

8.8 cm FlaK 37 (note the pointer dials, the rectangular boxes on the side of the gun cradle with two circles) - 88x571mm R
A FlaK outside the castle.

Browning M2 Aircraft

Two bent Browning M2 Aircraft Machine Guns are mounted on a crashed Boeing B17 "Flying Fortress" on the Zetsubou No Shima map.

Browning M2 Aircraft, Fixed - .50 BMG
Looking through a scope at the Brownings.

M61 Vulcan

The giant "mothership" encountered at the end of the level "Lotus Towers" is armed with upside-down RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile launchers and Phalanx CIWS installations on its underside.

Phalanx Block 1B CIWS - 20x102mm
Maybe the mothership would be harder to shoot down if it wasn't carrying as much CIWS armament as a 1980s era Iowa-class battleship.

MG 34 Panzerlauf

MG 34 Panzerlauf machine guns can be seen in the hull mountings of King Tiger tanks encountered during the campaign level "Demon Within."

MG 34 Panzerlauf - 7.92x57mm Mauser
An MG 34 Panzerlauf on the knocked out King Tiger in "Demon Within".


MG42s appear in "Demon Within;" they are seen both in fixed mountings with 50-round drums, which is incorrect for weapons being used as medium machine guns which typically used 250-round belts, and mounted on Hanomag half-tracks and King Tiger tanks encountered during the level. The latter is also incorrect; since the MG42's barrel-change system was difficult to operate when it was mounted, German tanks used MG 34s as AA weapons. It should be noted that the context of the mission is a "dream logic" reconstruction of a WWII battle - and a dying dream at that.

Mounted MG42s also appear in some Zombies DLC maps; specifically, they are purchasable auto-turrets in Kino Der Toten, usable in defense areas in Gorod Krovi and appear as props in the remastered Shangri-La and Nacht Der Untoten maps.

The MG42 has infinite ammunition if used and no limit to how long it can be fired; it appears to be a reworked version of the portable World at War model, and rather apathetically coughs ammunition out of a position just behind its ejection port.

MG42 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
An MG42 mounted to a fence.
Another one on a halftrack.
The machine gun mounted on a King Tiger.
The MG42 used as an automated turret in the remastered Zombies map "Kino der Toten". It replaces the Type 92 HMG from the original map of Black Ops.
An MG42 next to the remains of its former owner in the remastered Zombies map "Shangri-La".


An MG131 machine gun is mounted on a downed German Heinkel He 177 aircraft in the zombies map "Gorod Krovi".

MG131 - 13x64mm B
The MG131 in-game.
Other side.

Mk 47 Mod 0 Grenade Launcher

The unfathomably large APC seen at the end of the first level of the singleplayer campaign is armed with both a pair of "48 Dredge" machine guns and a pair of barely-altered Mk 47 Mod 0 Grenade Launchers. The latter are manned by a pair of NPCs who seem rather apathetic about actually using them.

Mk 47 Mod 0 "Striker 40" automatic grenade launcher - 40mm
A pair of Mk 47s on a crashed APC in the campaign level "Black Ops".
A pair of Mk 47 manned by bored (and identical) NPCs in the campaign level "Black Ops".

Type 99 Cannon

Two Type 99 cannons are mounted on the crashed "Zero" at the starting point of "Zetsubou No Shima".

Type 99 cannon aircraft variants, top an earlier Type 99 Mark 1 Model 3 - 20x72mm RB, bottom a later Type 99 Mark 2 Model 3 - 20x101mm RB
The Type 99 mounted on the Zero's wing. Like the B17's Brownings it is bent.

Unusable Weapons

This section excludes mounted and emplaced weapons as well as grenades and explosives - you can find them under their respective categories.

Colt 1851 Navy

A movie poster in the campaign levels "Rise and Fall" and "Lotus Towers" features a man holding what appears to be a Colt 1851 Navy.

Colt 1851 Navy - .36 caliber.
BO3 Colt 01.jpg

Colt M1911A1

A Colt M1911A1's silhouette is visible on the "Arms Grace", "Armamental Accomplishment", "Near Death Experience" and "Respin Cycle" GobbleGums in Zombies mode.

Colt M1911A1 - .45 ACP
The M1911 on the GobbleGum for "Near Death Experience".
The M1911 on the GobbleGum for "Respin Cycle".

Remington 1858 New Army

The Remington 1858 New Army is used by Dempsey in the intro cutscene of the remastered Zombies map "Origins" in the Zombies Chronicles DLC, still erroneously depicted as double-action. However, it is not available for use during gameplay.

Remington 1858 New Army - .44 caliber
Dempsey pointing his revolver at Belinski when they first meet.

TDI Kard

The TDI Kard model from Black Ops II is seen on the "Immortal" outfit for the campaign's female playable character. Other than that, it is not available for use in-game.

TDI Kard prototype - .45 ACP
The shoulder-holstered TDI Kard, seen directly next to the "KN-44" assault rifle.

Heckler & Koch MP7A1

The exact same MP7A1 model from Call of Duty: Black Ops II is seen in an armory of the map "Rift" from the Eclipse DLC. The weapon also appears as a "hidden" weapon in the PC files, and was a placeholder.

Heckler & Koch MP7A1 with Zeiss Z-Point red dot sight and 40-round magazine - 4.6x30mm

Franchi SPAS-12

A Franchi SPAS-12's silhouette is visible on the "Respin Cycle" GobbleGum.

Franchi SPAS-12 - 12 gauge
The SPAS on the GobbleGum for "Respin Cycle".

Remington 870

The exact same custom Remington 870 model from Black Ops II is seen in the armory of the map "Rift". It is also another hidden weapon from the PC files like the MP7, and was a placeholder.

Remington 870 fitted with a pistol grip, Surefire light, and M4-type stock - 12 gauge
The game's Remington 870 model.


An AK-47's silhouette is visible on the "Always Done Swiftly", "Arms Grace", "Bullet Boost", "Shopping Free" and "Head Drama" GobbleGums.

AK-47 - 7.62x39mm
The AK on the GobbleGum for "Shopping Free".
The AK on the GobbleGum for "Bullet Boost".

Baker Rifle

Several Baker Rifles can be seen hanging on the wall of a room on the "Der Eisendrache" map.

Baker Rifle (1801-1837), Caliber - 0.625 inch (15.9 mm)
File:BO3 JägerRifle.jpg
Out of ammo Tank Dempsey looks at some Baker Rifles which apparently stand in for Jaeger Rifles given the Austrian setting.


The "HAMR" model from Black Ops II, which is actually a SCAR-H with a bipod and a bulkier buttstock, is seen in the armory of the map "Rift" from the Eclipse DLC. Note that in the previous game it also had a large drum magazine, but this time it isn't seen, since the weapons in the armory lack their magazines.

Third Generation FN SCAR-H STD - 7.62x51mm NATO

Heckler & Koch HK416

Several unobtainable Heckler & Koch HK416s are present in a crate in the campaign mission "Lotus Towers", as well as being seen in the armory of the map "Rift". The weapon appears in the game files, but is presumably replaced by the more futuristic-looking "ICR-1".

Heckler & Koch HK416 with 14.5 inch barrel - 5.56x45mm NATO
The HK416's render. "WA" presumably stands for the in-game Winslow Accord, which is a coalition of Western nations including the United States, so it's likely that this could have been the standard-issue rifle for the US military.

Unidentified Repeating Rifle

An unknown repeating rifle, most likely of 19th century US origin, hangs on a wall in the multiplayer map "Standoff".


In the animated intro cutscene of the Zombies map Der Eisendrache, one of the German soldiers uses a Panzerschreck.

RPzB 54 "Panzerschreck" rocket launcher - 88mm
A German soldier aims the Panzerschreck.

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