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The Silent Mountain

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The Silent Mountain
Der Stille Berg
Movie Poster
Country AUT.jpg Austria
ITA.jpg Italy
Flag of the United States.jpg United States
Directed by Ernst Gossner
Release Date March 14, 2014
Language English
Studio Sigma Film
Vent Productions
Distributor Constantin-Film
Main Cast
Character Actor
Andreas "Anderl" Gruber William Moseley
Francesca Calzolari Eugenia Costantini
Nuria Calzolari Claudia Cardinale
Elisabeth Gruber Emily Cox
Sven Kornatz Werner Daehn
Nicola Quinziato Corrado Invernizzi
Fritz Weinberger Fritz Karl

The Silent Mountain is a 2014 Austrian-Italian-American film drama directed by Ernst Gossner. Shot on location in Tyrol and South Tyrol, the film tells a love story at the beginning of the First World War. Tyrol 1915: At his sister's wedding, there is a spark between 20-year-old South Tyrolean Andreas Gruber and 17-year-old Italian Francesca Calzolar. But the young love doesn't get much time, because the next day Andreas has to go to the front. Italy has declared war on Austria. The First World War overruns Tyrol and transforms the Dolomites into one of the most bizarre theaters of war in history.

The following weapons were used in the film The Silent Mountain:


Luger P08

Oberleutnant (1st Lieutenant) Sven Kornatz (Werner Daehn) of the 1st Preußisches Jägerbataillon of the Alpenkorps is briefly seen with a Luger P08.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm Parabellum
Sven Kornatz points his Luger at Andreas Gruber.
Another view of his Luger from the rear.

Bodeo M1889

A Bodeo M1889 revolver is wielded by an Austro-Hungarian Oberstleutnant (Lieutenant Colonel).

Bodeo Modello 1889 Type II - 10.4x22mm Italian
The Oberstleutnant confronts Angelo with the Bodeo revolver.
Another view of the right side.

Glisenti Model 1910

Near the end of the movie, Fritz Weinberger (Fritz Karl) carries an Italian Glisenti Model 1910.

Glisenti Modello 1910 - 9x19mm Glisenti
Andreas and Fritz struggle for the Glisenti.
Fritz gained the upper hand and holds Andreas at gunpoint.


Steyr Mannlicher M1895/30 Carbine

Austro-Hungarian Standschützen including Andreas "Anderl" Gruber (William Moseley), Karl Gruber (Harald Windisch), and Georg Lechner (Felix Briegel) are armed with Steyr Mannlicher M95/30 carbines. These carbines are equipped with side and under-mounted sling swivels, short rear sights, and either have a ring at the muzzle or not. The latter is an indication of reworked barrels during the interwar years.

Repetier-Karabiner-Stutzen M1895, System Mannlicher - 8x50mmR Mannlicher; for comparison
Karabiner-Stutzen M1895/30, System Mannlicher - 8x56mmR Steyr
Gendarmerie stop Italian civilians from crossing the border near Trient (Trento).
Andreas unslings his carbine which has the smaller rear sight. Note also the stacking pin.
A top view of his carbine reveals the position of the barrel band which is closer to the rear; a feature of a Karabiner variant. It also has side and under-mounted sling swivels.
Hauptmann (Captain) Karl Gruber holds his carbine at the ready during the night as Aplini troops climb up the mountain face.
Andreas "fires" his carbine twice without using the bolt handle. The muzzle flashes are accordingly CGI effects. Also worth mentioning are the Italian M1915 Adrian helmets worn by George and another soldier next to him. It is not explained where they got them from and only seen in this scene.
The right side is seen. Note the two cartridges lying between stones in the foreground.
Anndreas turns to the right in shock which offers a rear view of his carbine.
Back in his village, Andreas searches the basement with his carbine. It has a solid sling swivel.

Steyr Mannlicher M1895/30 Short Rifle

The carbines permanently switch to M1895/30 Short Rifles through the scenes.

Repetier-Stutzen M.95/30, System Mannlicher - 8x56mmR Steyr
A view of the front sight with a barrel band. This is a feature of a shorted rifle.
Georg Lechner, egged on by his friends, aims his short rifle.
Lowering the rifle shows the small Stutzen rear sight.
Andreas fires his rifle while Georg tries to push the bolt upwards like a Mauser rifle.
A mirrored view of Andreas working the bolt handle properly but an ejected casing is not seen.
Andreas holds his short rifle which was a different carbine a scene before; one of many incidents in this movie. Nevertheless, the longer rear sight of a full-length Mannlicher is perfectly seen.
Shortly after, he prepares to use it as a club. The ejecting hole of the magazine is visible.

Mannlicher M1895

Some Austro-Hungarian soldiers can be seen with full-length Mannlicher M1895 rifles which have different front barrel bands and no front handguards.

Infanterie Repetier-Gewehr M.95, System Mannlicher - 8x50mmR Mannlicher
Francesca Calzolari (Eugenia Costantini) takes a look outside the cellar window.
Angelo is surrounded by Austro-Hungarian soldiers. The one to the right holds a full-length rifle.

Carcano M1891

Carcano M91s are seen carried by some Italian soldiers.

Fucile Modello 1891 - 6.5x52mm
Several soldiers in the background hold their full-length Carcano rifles.

Carcano M91 Cavalry Carbine

Angelo Calzolari (Giulio Cristini), Bepi Moiola (Michael Cadeddu), and other Alpini are equipped with Carcano Cavalry Carbines. These are a mix of M91 and M91/38s.

Moschetto Modello 1891 da Cavalleria - 6.5x52mm
Moschetto Modello 1891/38 Cavalleria - 7.35x51mm
Italian soldiers including Bepi (second from left) carry their cavalry carbines over their backs.
An Italian soldier steps over the edge of the stone trench and aims his carbine. Judging by its rear sight, this is clearly an M91/38 and therefore an anachronism.
The same soldier fires it a scene later.
Another soldier holds his M91 Cavalry Carbine while under fire. It features a longer rifle rear sights.
Two soldiers hold their carbines next to the machine gun position.
Bepi braces himself to go over the top.
A view of the M91 rear sight.
An Alpino charges with his carbine with unfolded spike bayonet.

Carcano M91 TS

The Carcano M91 TS is also used by some Italian soldiers.

Moschetto per Truppe Speciali Modello 1891 - 6.5x52mm
The soldier to the left of Capitano Nicola Quinziato (Corrado Invernizzi) holds his M91 TS.
Another soldier to the right aims his Carcano TS.

Mauser Gewehr 1898

German soldiers of the Alpenkorps have Gewehr 1898s.

Mauser Gewehr 1898 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
A German soldier on the left carries his Gewehr over the back.
German soldiers fire their Mausers from the covered trench.
A Gewehr 98 is seen behind Sven Kornatz. Note the smooth stock without a grasping groove.

Springfield M1903

Various Austro-Hungarian and Italian soldiers wield out-of-place American Springfield M1903 rifles.

Springfield M1903 Transitional (pre-WW2) issue - .30-06 Springfield
An Austro-Hungarian soldier with a slung Springfield.
Italian soldiers go over the top with their Springfield rifles.

Machine Guns

Fiat-Revelli M14

A Fiat-Revelli M1914 which appears to be a replica is used by Italian soldiers.

Fiat-Revelli Modello 1914 - 6.5x52mm Mannlicher-Carcano
Soldiers operate the Fiat machine gun. Note the right soldier inserts a stripper clip.
A closer view of the muzzle.
The gunner stops firing after hearing the Capitano's insane order. The sitting soldier to the left chambers his M91 Cavalry Carbine to point it at him; a cinematic means of showing that things are getting serious. There is no ejected cartridge which would happen in real life.
A first person view of Andreas firing the machine gun at charging Italian soldiers; despite the fact that the gun is not loaded.
The abandoned Fiat illuminated by a flash which offers a view of the receiver.

Schwarzlose M.07/12

An unused Schwarzlose M.07/12 is seen in the Italian camp.

Schwarzlose Modell 1907/12 - 8x50mmR Mannlicher
The Schwarzlose seen on the left behind sandbags.



An unknown cannon can be seen twice in the film, being pushed by Austro-Hungarian soldiers.


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