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Shpagin PPSh

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Designed by Georgy Shpagin, the PPSh (RUS: Пистолет-пулемёт Шпагина / Pistolet-Pulemot Shpagina | English: Shpagin submachine gun) submachine gun series was utilized extensively by the Red Army during the Second World War. In 1940, dissatisfied with the material and labor investment required to manufacture Degtyaryov PPD-40 submachine guns, the People's Commissariat of Arms instructed gunsmiths to submit designs for a submachine gun similar or better in tactical and technical terms to the PPD-40 that could be manufactured quickly and cheaply. In the fall of 1940, G. S. Shpagin and B. G. Shpitalny each submitted weapons, the Shpagin PPSh-40 and Shpitalny PPSh-40 respectively, for consideration. After trials, Shpagin's submachine gun design won and was accepted into service in the Red Army as the Shpagin PPSh-41. Several million PPSh-41s were produced during WWII, and the widespread use of the weapon became lead to its image becoming inseparable from that of the Red Army infantryman. The USSR supplied PPSh submachine guns to many of its allies and vassal states after the Second World War, including Korea, East Germany, and North Vietnam, which led to the submachine gun's later proliferation in other, later conflicts.

In 1942, a competition was announced for a new submachine gun, which was to complement the PPSh. The new submachine gun, described as "special", was to weigh no more than 6.6 lbs (3 kg) and have a theoretical rate of fire of 400-500 rounds/min. A great emphasis was also placed on simplifying production, with it assumed that the gun would be composed mostly of easy-to-manufacture stamped steel and that each gun would require no more than 3.5 man-hours of work. Georgy Shpagin entered the competition, submitting the Shpagin PPSh-42 (also known in the West as the Shpagin PPSh-2, the "second Shpagin model"). However, after tests, it turned out to be worse than its competitors (with the Sudayev PPS winning overall) and only 200-250 copies were produced.

Most of the early pre-production PPSh-41 submachine guns were captured by Germany and designated as the MP 717(r). Some weapons, converted to fire 9x19mm Parabellum ammunition, were designated MP-41(r).

Shpagin PPSh-40

Shpagin PPSh-40, pre-production model - 7.62x25mm Tokarev.

Early PPSh submachine guns produced prior to the weapon's adoption by the Red Army are known as the Shpagin PPSh-40 (RUS: Пистолет-пулемёт Шпагина 1940 года / Pistolet-Pulemot Shpagina 1940 goda | English: Shpagin submachine gun 1940). The first PPSh was assembled on August 26, 1940, and a test batch of 25 units was produced in October 1940. At the end of November 1940, based on the results of field tests and technological evaluation of the PPSh samples submitted for consideration, it was recommended for adoption. On December 21, 1940, the Shpagin submachine gun was adopted by the Red Army under the designation "Shpagin PPSh-41". However, pre-production models were already produced without official consent, and several hundred were produced before official acceptance. These models were taken over by the Germans and put into service under the designation "MP 717(r)". Western media refer to this subtype simply as "Early PPSh-41". It can be distinguished by its adjustable rear sight.


(Production: 1940 - 1940)

  • Type: Submachine Gun
  • Country of Origin: Soviet Union
  • Caliber: 7.62mm, 7.63mm
  • Cartridge: 7.62x25mm Tokarev, 7.63x25mm Mauser (MP 717(r))
  • Weight: 7.1 lbs (3.2 kg)
  • Length: 31 in (78.8 cm)
  • Barrel length: 10.7 in (27.3 cm)
  • Capacity: 71-round drum magazine
  • Rate of fire: 1000 rpm

The Shpagin PPSh-40 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Notes / Episode Date
Liquidation (Likvidatsiya) 2007

Video Games

Title Appears as Mods Notes Date
Far Cry 6 2021
Enlisted MP 717(r) 2021


Title Character Notes Date
Lupin Zero 2022

Shpagin PPSh-41

Shpagin PPSh-41 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev. Early type. Drum magazine.
Shpagin PPSh-41 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev. Early type. Box magazine.
Shpagin PPSh-41 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev. Late type. Drum magazine.
Shpagin PPSh-41 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev. Late type. Box magazine.

The Shpagin PPSh-41 (Russian: Пистолет-пулемёт Шпагина; Pistolet Pulemyot Shpagina), was a Soviet submachine gun used by the Red Army during World War 2. Designed to be easier to manufacture and more reliable than the Degtyaryov PPD-40 that it replaced, it was a great success in spite of its weight. It was adopted on December 21, 1940, and over 90,000 units were produced by the end of 1941. In 1942, 1.5 million submachine guns were produced. The gun was used with a 71 round drum magazine (matched to the weapon and not necessarily interchangeable with those from other guns). In 1942, box magazines for 35 rounds were introduced, which were not interchangeable with the Sudayev PPS. Modifications were also made to the magazine well to increase its durability and a higher tolerance was introduced so that the interchangeability of magazines between models was not a problem. This model was often called the "Late PPSh-41" and was the basis of production until its discontinuation in 1955. The "disk" (as the Soviets preferred to call it) was heavy and hard to load, but the drum magazine remained the most commonly issued type throughout the war. The PPSh-41 has become completely inseparable from the image of a generic WWII Red Army trooper (quite accurately since entire rifle companies were equipped with them: the fact that two could be produced by sawing a Mosin-Nagant barrel in half certainly helped with this), and thus is found on countless monuments.

The PPSh was designed to fire short bursts and single shots. It used a simple open-bolt design to allow for fully-automatic fire, which simplified manufacturing and design. The system had a few drawbacks, however; it required the use of a massive lock, which increased the total weight of the weapon, and the weapon could inadvertently fire when struck (for example, when dropped), even when the safety was engaged. Its actual burst firing range was approximately 200 m, which is significantly higher than other contemporary submachine guns. The weapon's 7.62x25 mm ammunition and long barrel also provided a high muzzle velocity (500 m/s), especially when compared to other contemporary submachine guns. The high rate of fire, on the one hand, resulted in high ammunition consumption and rapid overheating of the barrel, but on the other hand, it ensured high fire density, which gave an advantage in close combat.

The Sudayev PPS is a partially related successor development that is often incorrectly cited as a derivative or variant of the PPSh-41.


(Production: 1941 – 1955)

  • Type: Submachine Gun
  • Country of Origin: Soviet Union
  • Caliber: 7.62mm, 7.63mm, 9mm
  • Cartridge: 7.62x25mm Tokarev, 7.63x25mm Mauser (MP 717(r)), 9x19mm Parabellum (MP 41(r) and SKL-41 semi-auto clone)
  • Weight: 8 lbs (3.6 kg) empty, 11.9 lbs (5.4 kg) with fully loaded drum
  • Length: 33.2 in (84.3 cm)
  • Barrel length: 10.6 in (26.9 cm)
  • Capacity: 35-round box magazine, 71-round drum magazine
  • Rate of fire: 1000 rpm

The Shpagin PPSh-41 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Notes Date
Our Girls (Nashi devushki) Red Army soldiers Seen in documentary footage 1942
The Bridge (Most) A Soviet soldier 1942
Two Soldiers (Dva boytsa) Mark Bernes Arkady Dzjubin 1943
Boris Andreyev Sasha Svintsov
Soviet soldiers
Invincible (Nepobedimye) Boris Blinov Bondaretz 1943
Native Shores (Rodnye berega) Daniil Sagal Sgt. Vasiliy Kustov 1943
Anatoliy Nikitin Pvt. Pyotr Savkin
Andrey Miroshnichenko Pvt. Semyon Lyashenko
Ivan Pereverzev The battalion commander
In the Name of the Fatherland (Vo imya Rodiny) Soviet soldiers 1943
The Front Boris Blinov Sgt. Ostapenko 1943
Soviet soldiers
Wait for Me (Zhdi menya) Lev Sverdlin Mikhail Vainshtein 1943
Boris Blinov Nikolai Yermolov
Ekaterina Sipavina Pasha
The Marine Battalion (Morskoy batalion) Andrei Abrikosov Sergei Markin 1944
Pyotr Alejnikov Pyotr Yakovlev
Lidiya Smirnova Varya Markina
Soviet marines
The Last Hill (Malakhov kurgan) Fyodor Ishchenko A Soviet sailor 1944
Nikolay Gorlov A Soviet sailor
Yevgeni Perov A Soviet sailor
Zurab Lejava A Soviet sailor
Maria Pastukhova Maria Perventsova
Six P.M. (V shest chasov vechera posle voyny) Evgeniy Samoylov Sr. Lt. Vasiliy Kudryashov 1944
Ivan Lyubeznov Lt. Pavel Demidov
Soviet soldiers
Military Secret (Poyedinok) A Soviet soldier With stick magazine 1945
The Turning Point (Velikiy perelom) Vladimir Maryev Lt. Fyodorov With drum magazine 1945
Pavel Volkov Yefreytor Stepan
Soviet soldiers With drum and stick magazines
Son of the Regiment (Syn polka) Soviet soldiers 1946
The Battle of the Rails (La bataille du rail) German soldiers Without magazines 1946
A Noisy Household (Bespokoynoe khozyaystvo) Lyudmila Tselikovskaya Tonya Kalmykova 1946
Mikhail Zharov Starshina (Sgt.Maj.) Semibab
Aleksandr Grave Pvt. Tikhon Ogurtsov
Georgiy Svetlani Pvt. Sorokonozhkin
Vladimir Uralsky Pvt. Gvozdaryov
Bezymyannyy Island (Ostrov Bezymyannyy) Soviet pilots and sailors 1946
Secret Agent (Podvig razvedchika) Soviet soldiers and partisans With drum and stick magazines 1947
Story of a Real Man Soviet soldier 1948
The White Darkness (Bílá tma) Boris Andreyev Sasha Dugin With drum magazine 1948
Jozef Budský Laco Pánek With stick magazine
Ladislav H. Struna Jan Holeša With stick magazine
Mária Prechovská Nurse Katka With stick magazine
Natasa Tanská Rozka Kafková With stick magazine
Rudolf Deyl Zika With drum magazine
František Dibarbora 'Strategist' With drum magazine
The partisans
Wolves' Lairs (Vlcie diery) Mikuláš Huba Matúš Svrčina With drum magazine 1948
Magdalena Lokvencová Anna With drum magazine
The partisans
Victorious Return (Majup ar uzvaru) Zanis Katlaps Tolens With drum and stick magazines 1948
Rihards Zandersons Lazda
Soviet soldiers and partisans
The Star (Zvezda) Anatoliy Verbitskiy Lt. Travkin 1949
Aleksei Pokrovsky Lt. Mesheryakov
Nikolai Kryuchkov Sgt. Mamochkin
Vasiliy Merkuryev Starshina Anikanov
Soviet soldiers
The Battle of Stalingrad (Stalingradskaya bitva), Part I Boris Smirnov Lt. Kaleganov With drum magazines 1949
Leonid Knyazev Sgt. Yakov Pavlov
Soviet soldiers
The Battle of Stalingrad (Stalingradskaya bitva), Part II Soviet soldiers With drum and stick magazines 1949
The Secret Brigade (Konstantin Zaslonov) Vladimir Druzhnikov Konstantin Zaslonov 1949
Vladimir Dedyushko Semyon Krushina
Vladimir Maryev Semenikhin
Soviet partisans
Little Partisan (Malý partyzán) Partisans 1950
Steel Helmet, The North Korean infantry 1951
Action B (Akce B) Rudolf Deyl Lt. Málek With drum magazine 1952
Oldrich Lukes Ensign Suk
Antonie Hegerlíková Mária
Antonín Sura Private Láda
Jirí Sovák Private Jula
Czechoslovak soldiers
The Onset (Nástup) Czechoslovak and soviet soldiers 1953
Outpost in the Mountains (Zastava v gorakh) Vladlen Davydov Sr. Lt. Lunin 1953
Sergei Gurzo Sgt. Kuleshov
Lev Lobov Starshina Zakharov
Aleksandr Susnin Pvt. Vorobyov
Kirill Zashibin Pvt. Shumov
Soviet border guards
The Tank Brigade Július Pántik Sgt. Klimko With drum magazine 1955
Jirí Sovák Jasko With drum magazine
Soviet and Czechoslovak soldiers
Heroes of Shipka (Geroite na Shipka) Soviet soldiers 1955
Sky Without Stars Horst Buchholz Mischa Bjelkin 1955
Soviet soldiers and East German border guards
Ernst Thälmann - Leader of his Class Hans-Peter Minetti Fiete Jansen 1955
Soviet soldiers and partisans
The Road (Doroga) Soviet soldiers 1955
Soldiers (Soldaty) Leonid Kmit Chumak With drum magazine 1956
Vsevolod Safonov Kerzhentsev With drum magazine
Soviet soldiers
The Unknown Soldier Soviet soldiers 1955
Jurásek Vladimir Gulyaev Sgt. Aleksey Solovyov With stick magazine 1956
Canal (Kanal) Polish insurgents With drum magazines 1957
The Hunters Robert Mitchum Major Cleve Saville 1958
Robert Wagner Lieutenant Ed Pell With drum magazine
Ashes and Diamonds Polish and Russian soldiers With drum magazines 1958
At That Time, at Christmas... (Tenkrát o vánocích) Otto Lackovic Cpl. Benko With drum magazine 1958
Jirí Vala Pvt. Vítek
Vladimír Mensík Pvt. Simácek
Jirí Sovák Pvt. Karlícek
Antonín Sura Pvt. Jirka
Czechoslovak soldiers
The Cranes are Flying Soviet troops With drum magazines 1958
Aleksey Batalov Boris
Konstantin Kadochnikov Volodya
My Dear Fellow (Dorogoy moy chelovek) Aleksey Batalov Dr. Vladimir Ustimenko 1958
Soviet soldiers
Over Tissa (Nad Tissoy) Leonid Chubarov Sgt. Voloshenko With drum magazine 1958
Viktor Solomatin Pvt. Stepanov
Soviet Border Guards
Captain Dabac Ladislav Chudík cpt. Dabac With drum magazine 1959
Elo Romancík Commissar Garaj With drum magazine
Slovak partisans and Soviet soldier
Stalingrad: Dogs, Do You Want to Live Forever? Joachim Hansen Oberleutnant Gerd Wisse With drum magazine 1959
Soviet soldiers
Pork Chop Hill Chinese soldiers With stick and drum magazines 1959
Destiny of a Man (Sudba cheloveka) Soviet soldiers 1959
Smugglers of Death Radovan Lukavský CWO. SNB Václav Kot With stick magazine 1959
Jirí Vala WO. SNB Karel Zeman
Milan Holubár WO. SNB Zácek
Vladimír Mensík WO. SNB Baryška
Rudolf Jelínek Sgt.SNB Cigánek
SNB border guard With drum and stick magazine
Thirst (Zhazhda) Vyacheslav Tikhonov Oleg Bezborodko With drum magazines 1959
Yuri Belov Vasya Rogozin
Anton Dotsenko Nikita Nechipaylo
Vladimir Ivanov Tvyordokhlebov
Boris Bityukov Capt. Lt. Alekseyenko
Soviet sailors
Slingboy Gustáv Valach Pfc. Šamonil With stick magazine 1960
Frantisek Krahulík Sgt. Kvačil With drum magazine
Svatopluk Skládal A driver of truck With drum magazine
Jindrich Narenta German spy With drum magazine
Czechoslovak and Soviet soldiers
Fortress on Wheels (Krepost na kolesah) Andrei Khlebnikov Sgt. Aleksei Gogolko 1960
Mikhail Pugovkin Sgt. Ivan Vozhzhov
Grigory Mikhaylov Maj. Pyotr Kirillovich
Vasili Vekshin Political commissair Samarin
Soviet soldiers
Smrt sa volá Engelchen Ivan Mistrík Volodya With drum magazine 1960
Stefan Kvietik Fred
Július Vasek Peter
The Last Salvo (Posledniye zalpy) Yuriy Nazarov Capt. Dmitiy Novikov 1960
Mikhail Kozakov Starshina Gorbachyov
Soviet soldiers
Five Days, Five Nights (Fünf Tage - Fünf Nächte) Vsevolod Safonov Captain Leonov 1961
Vsevolod Sanayev Starshina Yefim Kozlov
Nikolay Smorchkov Tkachenko
Gennadiy Yukhtin Strokov
Nikolay Pogodin Rudakov
Pyotr Lyubeshkin Terentyev
Vladimir Pitsek Galkin
Aleksandr Demyanenko Young Soldier
Nikolai Aparin Elder soldier
Soviet soldiers
Spring (Kwiecien) Henryk Bak Lt-Col. Czapran With drum magazine 1961
Leszek Hedegen Ens. Juliusz Szumibor
Witold Pyrkosz Lt. Galicki
Jozef Kalita Czapran´s adjutant
Polish soldiers With drum and stick magazine
In the Hard Hour (V trudnyy chas) Vladimir Kashpur Sgt. Kuzma Kroykov With drum magazines 1961
Svetlana Kharitonova Varvara Oknova
Yuriy Nazarov Sr. Lt. Pyotr Kotelnikov
Vladimir Zamanskiy Politruk Parfentyev
Nina Mager Olya Kotelnikova
Igor Kvasha Senya
Soviet soldiers
Peace to Him Who Enters (Mir vkhodyashchemu) Viktor Avdyushko Pvt. Ivan Yamshchikov 1961
Aleksandr Demyanenko Jr.Lt. Shura Ivlev
Stanislav Khitrov Pvt. Pavel Rukavitsyn
Soviet soldiers
My Name Is Ivan Valentin Zubkov Capt. Kholin 1962
Yevgeni Zharikov Lt. Galtsev
Soviet soldiers
The Manchurian Candidate Chinese guards With drum magazines 1962
And Your Love Too Armin Mueller-Stahl Ullrich Sittich 1962
Alfonso Arau Alfredo
East German border guards
There Beyond the Forest (Tam za lesem) Jirí Vala Brzon With drum magazine 1962
Ivan Palúch Dohnal
Vlado Kostovic Fichtl
Tibor Kiss Jurka
Czechoslovak and Soviet soldiers
Death Is Called Engelchen Jan Kacer Pavel With drum magazine 1963
Antonín Molcík Toník With stick magazine
Otto Lackovic Ondrej With stick magazine
Pavel Bártl Dimitrij With stick magazine
The partisans With drum and stick magazine
Monsieur Gangster Jean Luisi The killer 1963
The Third Flare (Tretya raketa) Stanislav Lyubshin Pvt. Loznyak 1963
Georgi Zhzhyonov Sgt. Zheltykh
Yuriy Dubrovin Pvt. Krivenok
Soviet soldiers
The Little Soldier (Le petit soldat) Seen on a documentary photo of Hungarian Revolution of 1956 1963
The Mad Executioners Seen in the police museum 1963
Where is the General? (Gdzie jest general?) Boleslaw Plotnicki Sgt. Panasiuk With drum magazine 1964
Waclaw Kowalski Sgt. Kaziuk With drum magazine
Polish soldiers
Behold A Pale Horse Spanish Republican soldier Anachronism 1964
At Your Threshold (U Tvoyego Poroga) Russian soldiers 1964
The Foothold (Pyad' zemli) Aleksandr Zbruev Lt. Motovilov 1964
Soviet soldiers
The Living and the Dead (Zhivye i Myortvye) Russian soldiers With drum magazines 1964
The Last Man on Earth Mutants With drum magazine and the vertical forgrip of a Thompson SMG 1964
Attack and Retreat (Italiani brava gente) Soviet soldiers and partisans 1964
Across the Cemetery (Cherez kladbishche) Soviet partisans 1965
The Bells Toll for the Barefooted (Zvony pre bosých) Ivan Rajniak Partisan Stašek With drum magazine 1965
Axel Dietrich Hans Joachim Gruber
Fantômas se déchaîne Bodyguard of Fantômas With drum magazine 1965
The Adventures of Werner Holt (Die Abenteuer des Werner Holt) Soviet soldiers With drum magazines 1965
No Unknown Soldiers (Net neizvestnykh soldat) Aleksandr Movchan Sr. Lt. Sobolyak With drum magazines 1965
Viktor Miroshnichenko Pyotr Chumak
Soso Lagidze Sergo Meliava
Vitali Doroshenko Ivan Nikonorov
Soviet soldiers
Check Passed: No Mines (Provereno nema mina) Leonid Tarabarinov Demid With drum magazine 1965
Boro Begovic Stevan
Eskendir Umurzakov Shaken
Nobody Wanted to Die (Niekas nenorejo mirti) Balys Juskevicius Militia Sergeant 1966
Regimantas Adomaitis Donatas Lokys
The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming John Phillip Law Alexei Kolchin With stick magazine 1966
Alan Arkin Lt. Rozanov
Carl Reiner Walt Whittaker
Soviet sailors
And All Will Be Quiet (Potem nastapi cisza) Marek Perepeczko Lt. Marek Kolski With drum magazine 1966
Daniel Olbrychski SLt. Stefan 'Zbik' Olewicz
Witold Pyrkosz Lt. Leoniak
Zygmunt Malawski WP Capt. in Beswitz
Boleslaw Abart SLt. Furan
Jan Pawel Kruk Cpl. Sek
Andrzej Herder Pvt. Macienga
Feliks Szajnert WP LCpl., staff guard
Ryszard Wojciechowski WP soldier, who shot Adam
Zbigniew Geiger WP soldier in Beswitz
Polish soldiers With drum and stick magazines
Trap (Zapadnya) Yuriy Kuzmenkov Lt. Klimchenko With stick magazine 1966
Soviet soldiers With drum magazines
Wild Honey (Dikiy myod) Vladimir Samoylov Col. Lazhechnikov With drum magazine 1966
Nikolay Pogodin Capt. Zhuk
Daniil Netrebin Capt. Murashko
Gurgen Tonunts Sgt. Guloyan
Viktor Fainleib Pvt. Shraibman
Soviet soldiers and officers
The Tunnel (Tunelul) Lev Prygunov Grigoriy With stick magazine 1966
Florin Piersic Dutu
Valentina Malyavina Natasha With drum magazines
Viktor Filippov Sergei
Soviet soldiers
"Cyclone" Will Begin at Night ("Tsiklon" nachnyotsya nochyu) Soviet and German soldiers With drum and box magazines 1967
Spring on The Oder (Vesna na Odere) Soviet soldiers With drum magazine 1967
Zhenya, Zhenechka and "katyusha" Oleg Dal Zhenya Kolyshkin With drum magazine 1967
Mikhail Kokshenov Pvt. Zakhar Kosykh With drum magazine
Pavel Morozenko Sgt. Aleksei Zyryanov With stick magazine
Soviet soldiers With drum and stick magazines
Krepkiy oreshek Red Army soldiers With drum magazine 1967
Retribution (Vozmezdie) Soviet soldiers With drum magazines 1967
Major "Whirlwind" (Mayor "Vikhr") Soviet soldiers 1967
Strong with Spirit (Silnye dukhom) Aleksandr Galevskiy Prikhodko 1967
Soviet partisans
Farewell (Proshchay) Soviet soldiers and sailors 1967
Way into "Saturn" (Put v "Saturn") Mikhail Volkov Sergei Krylov-Kramer 1967
Soviet partisans
The End of "Saturn" (Konets "Saturna") Soviet partisans 1968
At War as at War (Na Voyne kak na Voyne) Mikhail Kononov Junior lieutenant Maleshkin With drum magazine 1968
Oleg Borisov Domeshek
Fyodor Odinokov Byankin
Yuri Dubrovin Gromykhalo
I, Justice (Já, spravedlnost) Men disguised as Soviet soldiers 1968
Pasha (Le Pacha) André Pousse Quinquin 1968
Quinquin's henchman
The Marathon (Maratón) Vladimír Mensík Pfc. Jarda Strecha - Ruda's brother With drum magazine 1968
Ivan Mistrík Sgt. Stefan Jakubisko
Svatopluk Matyás Lt. Soukup
Ivan Vyskocil Cpl. Jozka
Czechoslovak and Soviet soldiers
The Shield and the Sword (Shchit i mech) Gavriil Yegiazarov Maj. Dzhalalov 1968
Soviet soldiers, Abwehr agents
Fit for Non-Combatant Duty (Goden k nestroevoy) Mikhail Pugovkin Starshina (Sgt. Maj.) Kachura With stick magazine 1968
Boris Gitin Pavel Fomin With stick magazine
Kakhi Kavsadze Skhirladze With drum magazines
Soviet soldiers
I Was Nineteen (Ich war neunzehn) Aleksey Eybozhenko Sr. Lt. Sascha Ziganjuk With drum magazines 1968
Soviet soldiers
The Scouts (Razvedchiki) Ivan Mikolaychuk Capt.-Lt. Viktor Kurganov With stick magazine 1968
Leonid Bykov Sashko Makarenko With drum magazines
Aleksei Smirnov Vasiliy Sigaev
Anatoli Yurchenko Nikolay
Gizhuri Kobakhidze Koberidze
Vitali Doroshenko Lt. Kashkin
Soviet soldiers and sailors
Az oroszlán ugrani készül László Papp Pikó 9mm conversion 1969
István Bujtor Menő Fej
Song About Manshuk (Pesn_o_Manshuk) Natalya Arinbasarova Sgt. Manshuk Mametova With drum magazine 1969
Nikita Mikhalkov Lt. Valeriy Yezhov
Nurzhuman Ikhtymbayev Sgt. Zharkinbayev
Yuriy Sarantsev 1st Lt. Lomov
Soviet soldiers
Che! Cuban rebels 1969
Liberation: The Fire Bulge Soviet soldiers With drum magazine 1969
Liberation: Breakthrough Soviet soldiers 1969
Liberation: Direction of the Main Blow Soviet soldiers and partisans 1969
On the way to Berlin (Na puti v Berlin) Soviet soldiers and officers 1969
One Chance in One Thousand (Odin shans iz tysyachi) Soviet sailors 1969
How I Unleashed World War II Polish partisans With drum magazine 1970
The Naval Mettle (Morskoy kharakter) Boris Tokarev Andrey Krotkikh 1970
Vladimir Kostin Aleksandr Surnin
Aleksandr Lukyanov Yefim Korzh
Lyudmila Gladunko Tatyana
Soviet Marines
Adelheid Jan Vostrcil Strm. SNB Hejma With stick magazine 1970
Pavel Landovský RG man Jindra With drum magazine
Karel Belohradský RG man on motorcycle With stick magazine
Czechoslovak soldiers and RG men
Black Sun (Chyornoye solntse) African soldiers Seen in documentary footage 1970
My Zero Hour (Meine Stunde Null) Soviet soldiers 1970
I Am 11-17 (Ya - 11-17) Gennadi Donyagin Starshina 2nd stage Andrey 1970
Liberation: The Battle of Berlin Soviet and Polish soldiers 1971
Liberation: The Last Assault Soviet soldiers 1971
No Way Back (Obratnoj dorogi net) Galina Polskikh Galya With drum magazine 1971
Igor Yasulovich Bertolet
Lev Lemke Solomon Berkovich
Trial of the Road (Proverka na dorogakh) Partisans With drum magazine 1971
Legend of the Living Dead (Legenda o živých mrtvých) Ladislav Vecera Vasil With drum magazine 1971
Josef Šebek Michal
Eliška Balzerová Saša
Renáta Doleželová Helenka
Jana Švandová Tanya
Zdena Kružíková Valya
Officers (Ofitsery) Soviet soldiers With drum magazine 1971
The Stolen Train (Otkradnatiyat vlak) Boris Tokarev Lt. Rubashkin 1971
Soviet soldiers
The Hot Snow (Goryachiy Sneg) Boris Tokarev Lt. Kuznetsov With drum magazine 1972
Yuriy Nazarov Sgt. Ukhanov
Igor Ledogorov Col. Osin
Soviet soldiers
With Clean Hands (Cu mainile curate) Stefan Mihailescu-Braila Buciurligă With stick magazine 1972
Romanian criminals
Izhora Battalion (Izhorskiy batalyon) Soviet soldiers 1972
The Battle After the Victory (Boy posle pobedy) Gehlen Organization saboteurs 1972
Hot Winter (Horká zima) Ladislav Trojan Fousek With drum magazine 1973
Marian Sotník Laco
Only Old Men Are Going to Battle (V boy idut odni "stariki") Soviet soldiers With drum magazine 1973
The Last Cartridge (Ultimul cartus) Ilarion Ciobanu Mihai Roman 1973
Police and criminals
Poem of Kovpak: Alarm (Duma o Kovpake: Nabat) Valentin Belokhvostik Semyon Rudnev 1973
Lupin the Third: Strange Psychokinetic Strategy Kunie Tanaka Daisuke Jigen 1974
Yûki Meguro Arsene Lupin III
Under a Stone Sky Oleg Yankovskiy Yashka With drum magazine 1974
Bernhard Ramstad Hjalmar
Soviet soldiers
The Mirror (Zerkalo) Soviet soldiers Real World War II archive footage 1975
They Fought for Their Country Soviet soldiers With drum magazine 1975
Long Miles of War (Dolgie vyorsty voyny) Soviet soldiers 1975
Dozhit do rassveta Aleksandr Mikhajlov Lieutenant Ivanovsky With drum magazine 1975
Front Without Flanks (Front bez flangov) Vyacheslav Tikhonov Major Ivan Mlynsky 1975
Aleksandr Denisov Petty Officer Vakulenchuk
Aleksei Borzunov Petrenko
Svetlana Sukhovej Natasha Bondarenko
Vladimir Zamansky Nikolai Sergeyevich
Soviet officers and soldiers
Sokolovo Rudolf Jelínek Lt. Sochor With drum magazine 1975
Martin Stepánek 1st Lt Jaroš
Renáta Doleželová Anna Kadlecová
Czechoslovak and soviet soldiers
Kostja and the Radioman (Kostja und der Funker) Soviet soldiers and partisans Seen in documentary footage 1975
Poem of Kovpak: Snow-Storm (Duma o Kovpake: Buran) Valentin Belokhvostik Semyon Rudnev With drum magazine 1975
Yuriy Sarantsev Pyotr Vershigora
Ivan Gavrilyuk Lenkin
Zurab Kapianidze Zurab Toladze
The Wolf Pack (Volchya staya) Anatoliy Grachyov Levchuk 1975
Vladimir Gritsevskiy Tikhonov
Gennadiy Garbuk Partisans commander
Vladimir Antonik A partisan
Poem of Kovpak: Carpathians, Carpathians... (Duma o Kovpake: Karpaty, Karpaty...) Valentin Belokhvostik Semyon Rudnev With drum magazine 1976
Mikhail Golubovich Fyodor Karpenko
Yevgeni Zharikov Platon Goronko
Zurab Kapianidze Zurab Toladze
Partisans With drum and stick magazines
The Orphans (Podranki) On the table 1976
The Muthers Rocco Montalban Rocco With drum magazine 1976
Tony Carreon Monteiro
Port Vitaly Rozstalny Lugovoy 1976
Genrikh Ostashevsky Viktor Kravchuk
Sergei Podgornyj Andrey
Aleksandr Starodub Viktor
Soviet soldiers and partisans
Mama, I'm Alive (Mama, ich lebe) A Soviet soldier 1977
One-Two, Soldiers Were Going... Vladimir Konkin Lieutenant Suslin With drum magazine 1977
Leonid Bykov Corporal Svyatkin
Soviet troops
Front Beyond the Front Line (Front za liniey fronta) Vyacheslav Tikhonov Col. Mlynsky With drum magazine 1977
Georgiy Nikolaenko Lt. Gorshkov
Soviet officers and soldiers
Cross of Iron James Coburn Rolf Steiner With drum magazine 1977
Soviet and German soldiers
The Liberation of Prague Jirí Krampol Karel Horák With drum magazine 1978
Renáta Doleželová Anka Kadlecová With drum magazine
Czechoslovak and soviet soldiers
Go and Don't Say Goodbye (Chod a nelúc sa) Milan Knazko Ludovít Kukorelli With drum magazine 1979
Bronislav Krizan Tugoš
Slovak and soviet partisans
The Tin Drum Soviet soldiers 1979
Rough Plain (Drsná planina) Jirí Bartoska Sgt. Láda Vrsecký With drum magazine 1979
Ladislav Potmesil Cpl. Standa Vejvoda
Ivan Vyskocil Cpl. Ruda Morávek
Zdenek Maryska Sgt. Pelák
Marcel Vasinka Cpl. Albrecht
Karel Chromík Hans
The Border guards
Country Trip of Sergeant Tsybulya (Dachnaya poezdka serzhanta Tsybuli) Georgi Dvornikov Kolya 1979
Anatoliy Skoryakin Vasya
Soviet soldiers
Personal Safety Not Guaranteed (Lichnoy bezopasnosti ne garantiruyu) Ivars Kalnins Andrei Bologov With drum magazine 1980
Semyon Morozov Ivan Morgunok
Corps of General Shubnikov (Korpus generala Shubnikova) Soviet soldiers 1980
We Take All Upon Ourselves (Beryom vsyo na sebya) Soviet soldiers With drum and stick magazines 1980
From the Bug to the Vistula (Ot Buga do Visly) Mihai Volontir Pyotr Vershigora With drum and (rarely) stick magazines 1980
Les Serdyuk Nikolay Moskalenko
Yuri Kamornyj Lt. Dubinin
Mikhail Gornostal Capt. Beregovoy
Leonid Yanovsky Maj. Yurov
Andrei Rostotsky Platov
Aleksandr Denisov Anton Zemlyanko
Mercedes Gets Away from the Chase ('Mersedes' ukhodit ot pogoni) Soviet soldiers 1980
Sashka Andrei Tashkov Sashka 1981
Soviet soldiers
Across the Gobi and the Khingan (Govi Khyangand tulaldsan ni) Oleg Shtefanko Vanya Sokolov 1981
Soviet soldiers
Colonel Shalygin's Waiting (Ozhidanie polkovnika Shalygina) Boris Galkin Pvt. Pyotr Belov 1981
Soviet soldiers
Front in the Rear of the Enemy (Front v tylu vraga) Vyacheslav Tikhonov Col. Mlynsky With drum magazine 1981
Ivan Lapikov Yerofeich
Soviet soldiers and officers
Son of the Regiment (Syn polka) Ivan Krivoruchko Capt. Akhunbayev 1981
Ivan Krasko Sgt. Kovalyov
Soviet soldiers
Order: Cross the Border (Prikaz: pereyti granitsu) Vladlen Biryukov Major Tikhonov 1982
Aleksandr Potapov Sgt. Shlyonkin
Soviet soldiers and officers
In Flight are the Night Witches (V nebe 'Nochnye vedmy') Soviet marines 1981
Wolmi Island Gyong-sun Cho 'Uncle' Min Guk With drum magazine 1982
North Korean soldiers
The Little Shepherd Boy from the Valley (Pasácek z doliny) Czechoslovak soldiers With drum magazine 1983
Start Liquidation (Pristupit k likvidatsii) Oleg Strizhenov Colonel Danilov 1983
Militsia and bandits
Day of Division Commander (Den komandira divizii) Soviet soldiers and officers 1983
The Fourth Year of War (Shyol chetvyortyy god voyny...) Nikolai Yeryomenko, Jr. Lt. Antipov 1983
Aleksandr Lebedev Egor Krasilnikov
Vladimir Smirnov Sgt. Burenkov
Soviet soldiers
Until the End (Až do konce) Soviet Soldiers 1984
Nineteen Eighty-Four Eurasian soldiers With drum magazines 1984
Wheels of Fire Scourge's Men With removed buttstock 1985
Battle for Moscow Soviet Army soldiers and officers With drum magazines 1985
Come and See (Idi i smotri) Soviet partisans, ROA soldier 1985
The Battalions Request Fire (Batalyony prosyat ognya) Aleksandr Zbruev Capt. Yermakov 1985
Nikolai Karachentsov Lt. Orlov
Soviet soldiers and officers
Counter-offensive (Kontrudar) Vladimir Mazur Starshina Pyilyip 1985
Soviet soldiers
Snipers (Snaypery) Aiturgan Temirova Aliya 'Liya' Moldagulova With drum magazine 1985
Juozas Kiselius Fyodor Matveev
Elena Melnikova Aleksandra 'Shura' Pavlova'
Emil Boronchiyev Lt. Kozhakhmetov
Kasym Dzhekibayev Starshina Bakirov
Mikhail Krylov Starshina Leonov
Soviet soldiers
Order No. 027 (Myung ryoung-027 ho) KPA soldiers With drum magazine 1986
Cold Summer of 1953 (Kholodnoe leto pyatdesyat tretego) Viktor Stepanov Mankov With drum magazine 1987
Aleksei Kolesnik Kryuk
Valeri Priyomykhov Sergei Basargin
The Action (Aktsiya) Soviet soldiers and partisans 1987
Island of Lost Ships (Ostrov pogibshikh korabley) Islanders 1987
To Award (Posthumously) (Nagradit (posmertno)) Aleksandr Timoshkin Yuriy Sosnin 1987
Evgeniy Leonov-Gladyshev Lt. Andrey Kalashnikov
The Russians Are Coming Soviet soldiers with drum magazine 1987
The Secret Fairway (Sekretniy farvater) Anatoliy Kotenyov Capt.Lt. Boris Shubin 1988
Leonid Trutnev Boatswain Faddeichev
Stanislav Riy Dronin
Soviet soldiers and sailors
Deja Vu Vladimir Golovin Mikita Nechyporuk ("Mik Nitsch") Modified to resemble Colt M1921A Thompson with 50-round drum magazine 1988
Sitting on a Branch, Enjoying Myself Czechoslovak soldiers 1989
Red Scorpion African guerrillas 1989
Before Sunrise (Pered rassvetom) NKVD guards 1989
His Battalion (Ego batalyon) Vitaly Zikora Capt. Nikolai Voloshin 1989
Igor Lenyov Lt. Vadim Samokhin
Lyubov Germanova Sgt. Vera Veretennikova
Igor Neupokoyev Lt. Kruglov
Andrei Kashker Sgt. Lev Gutman
Anatoly Vedyonkin Pvt. Chernoruchenko
Soviet soldiers
Gu-Ga Aleksandr Zavyalov Sgt. Kravetz 1989
Aleksey Gorbunov Dankovetz
Soviet soldiers
The Manchurian Variant (Manchzhurskiy variant) Soviet soldiers With drum and stick magazines 1989
American Ninja 4: The Annihilation A commando, a rebel With pistol grip and drum magazine 1990
Kruglyanskiy Bridge (Kruglyanskiy most) Vladimir Bobrikov Maslakov 1990
Pyotr Soldatov Danila Shpak
Aleksandr Kukareko Stepan Tovkach
Afghan Breakdown Mujaheddins With stick and drum magazines 1991
Unknown Pages from the Life of a Scout (Neizvestnye stranitsy iz zhizni razvedchika) In Soviet partisans dugout 1991
Diên Biên Phú Viet Minh 1992
The Warrior's Heart Soviet soldier 1992
General Sergei Churbakov Lt. Avdoshin With drum magazines 1992
Eduard Fribus The Junior Lieutenant
Soviet soldiers and officers
Water Thieves (Pohititeli vody) Sergei Rozhentsev Ivan Mukhin 1992
The Wild East Aleksandr Aksyonov Beatnik 1993
Hold-Up (Nalyot) Aleksandr Baluev Petyunya Sawed-off barrel and buttstock, drum magazine 1993
Militsiya personnel, criminals Stick magazine
Stalingrad Dominique Horwitz Fritz Reiser With drum magazine 1996
Sebastian Rudolph 'GeGe' Müller
Dana Vávrová Irina
Soviet and German soldiers
Dead Presidents Michael Imperioli D'Ambrosio With drum magazine 1995
Ambush (Rukajärven tie) Soviet and Finnish soldiers With drum magazine 1999
Sunshine Trevor Peacock General Kope 1999
Brother 2 (Brat 2) In illegal Fascist's gunshop 2000
Avalon Bartek Swiderski Stunner With drum magazine 2001
In August of 1944 Aleksandr Molchanov Sr. Lt. Luzhnov 2001
(uncredited) Capt. Fomchenko
Radoslaw Pazura Kazimierz Pavlovsky
Sergey Kravets Sgt. Khizhnyak
Sergey Sharangovich Starshina radio operator
Soviet soldiers and officers
Enemy at the Gates Soviet soldiers With drum magazines 2001
Uprising A partisan With drum magazine 2001
The Star (Zvezda) Aleksey Kravchenko Sgt. Anikanov With drum magazine 2002
Yuri Laguta Sgt. Brazhnikov With stick magazine
Soviet soldiers
War (Voyna) Chechen rebel With stick magazine 2002
We Were Soldiers Viet Minh, North Vietnamise and Vietcong Forces With stick and drum magazines 2002
The Pianist Polish and Soviet soldiers With drum magazines 2002
Antikiller "Barkas"'s henchman With drum magazine 2002
The Rundown Guerillas With drum magazines 2003
Zelary Soviet soldiers and partisans With drum magazine 2003
Flight of the Phoenix A nomad With drum magazine 2004
On an Unnamed Hill (Na bezymyannoy vysote) Vladimir Yaglych Lt. Malyutin With drum magazine 2004
Aleksey Chadov Pvt. Kolya Malakhov
Aleksandr Pashutin Starshina Bessonov
Soviet troops
Beyond the Front Line Soviet soldiers 2004
Downfall Soviet soldiers With drum magazines 2004
Tae Guk Gi North Korean soldiers With drum magazines 2004
The Good German Soviet soldiers With drum magazines 2006
Transit (Peregon) Soviet soldiers With drum magazines 2006
Shtolnya Oleksiy Zabyehayev Malyok With drum magazines 2006
Serhiy Stas'ko Bita With drum magazines 2006
Bastards (Svolochi) Soviet soldiers and Militia (Police) officers With drum magazines 2006
Joy Division Kincsem Peth Katya With drum magazine 2006
Soviet soldiers
Mercenary for Justice A mercenary 2006
Attack on Leningrad Olga Sutulova Nina Tsvetkova With drum magazine 2007
Soviet soldiers
Hannibal Rising Rhys Ifans Vladis Grutas With drum magazine 2007
Kevin McKidd Petras Kolnas
Ivan Marevich Bronys Grentz
Soviet soldiers and border guards
Assembly (Ji jie hao) With drum magazine 2007
Tali-Ihantala 1944 Soviet soldiers 2007
Philosophy of a Knife Red Army soldiers archive footage 2008
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Luke Ford Alex With drum magazine 2008
Brendan Fraser Rick
General Yang's troops
Hitler's Kaput! (Gitler kaput!) Pavel Derevyanko Aleksandr Isaevich Osechkin With drum magazine 2008
Back in Time (My iz budushchego) Danila Kozlovsky Sergey Filatov alias 'Borman' With drum magazine 2008
Dmitriy Volkostrelov Vitaliy 'Chukha' Biroyev
Vladimir Yaglych Oleg Vasilev alias 'Cherep'
Andrey Terentev Andrey Smirnov alias 'Spirt'
Boris Galkin Starshina Emelyanov
Soviet soldiers
Death Race Two are mounted in the hood of the 1966 Buick Riviera 2008
Speed Racer One of Cruncher Block's thugs With drum magazine 2008
Defiance Jamie Bell Asael Bielski With drum magazine 2008
Soviet soldiers and Partisans With drum magazines
Battle of Local Importance (Boi mestnogo znacheniya) Aleksey Zubkov Pvt. Voskoboynikov 2008
Doomed to War (Obrechyonnye na voynu) Fyodor Dobronravov The sergeant 2008
The Miracle (Chudo) seen on the picture 2009
Brother's War Michael Berryman Col. Petrov 9mm Conversion? 2009
Olivier Gruner Anton 9mm Conversion
Tino Struckmann Capt. Klaus Mueller 9mm Conversion
Soviet soldiers 9mm Conversion
71: Into the Fire Seung-won Cha Park Mu-Rang 2009
Seung Hyun Choi Oh Jung-Beom
Sang-woo Kwone Ku Kap-jo
North Korean soldiers
Sniper: Weapons of Retaliation Dmitriy Pevtsov Yashin 2009
Sergey Belyaev Maj. Osipov
Soviet soldiers
The Priest (Pop) Soviet and German soldiers 2009
Degraded Officer (Razzhalovannyi) Filipp Bazhin Military justice Lt. Smirnov 2009
Nikita Tezin Degraded Lt. Smirnov
Pillbox (Dot) Evgeniy Ganelin Capt. Leonov 2009
Igor Livanov Gen. Gordeev
Tatyana Cherkasova Anna
Aleksandr Suvorov Starshina Kovsh
Stanislav Melnik Pvt. Shetikov
Habermann Soviet soldiers 2010
Paradox Soldiers (My iz budushchego 2) Igor Petrenko Sergey Filatov With drum magazine 2010
Aleksey Barabash Taras With drum magazine
Vladimir Yaglych Oleg Vasilev With drum magazine
Dmitriy Stupka Seryy With stick magazine
Vladislav Reznik Major Demin With drum magazine
Denis Karasyov 1st Lt. Misyuryaev With stick and drum magazine
Kirill Polukhin Lt. Martynov With stick magazine
Ostap Stupka Captain of UPA Grits With stick magazine
UPA fighters, Soviet soldiers With stick and drum magazine
Burnt by the Sun 2 (Utomlennye solntsem 2) Nikita Mikhalkov Pvt. Sergey Kotov With drum magazine 2011
Soviet soldiers
The Front Line (2011) North Korean soldiers 2011
My Way Soviet and German soldiers 2011
My Best Enemy Polish partisans With drum magazines 2011
War of the Dead 2011
Five Brides (Pyat nevest) Soviet soldier 2011
Hotel Lux Soviet soldiers 2011
Hans Kloss: More Than Death at Stake Soviet soldiers 2012
The White Tiger (Belyy tigr) Soviet Army soldiers With stick and drum magazines 2012
In the Shadow With drum magazine 2012
Cockneys vs. Zombies 2012
Gangster Squad Mickey Cohen's thugs 2013
Stalingrad Russian and German soldiers With drum magazines 2013
Run Boy Run Polish partisans and Soviet soldiers 2013
The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared Soviet soldiers 2013
City 44 Antoni Królikowski "Beksa" With drum magazine 2014
Max Riemelt Johann Kraus
Polish insurgents and soldiers
White Soldier Việt Minh troops and Vietnamese commandos 2014
Territory Konstantin Lavronenko Ilya Nikolaevich Chinkov with drum magazines 2015
Battle for Sevastopol Soviet soldiers and mariners with drum magazines 2015
Bridge of Spies East German soldiers 2015
1944 Estonian SS and Sovie soldiers 2015
Battery Number One (Edinichka) Sergey Gabrielyan Sr. Sgt. Yakov Gudyma With drum magazines 2015
Michael Janibekyan Sgt. Mikael Gevorkyan
Aleksandr Vershinin Sgt. Pavel Zhilkin
Arina Borisova Jr. Sgt. Nadya Tikhomirova
Iskander Shaykhutdinov Pvt. Zinatullin
Aleksey Polyakov Pvt. Tyurin
Ilya Kiporenko Pvt. Astakhov
Azamat Nigmanov Pvt. Anatoliy Ivanov
Andrey Fandeev Pvt. Kulebyaka
Soviet soldiers With drum and stick magazines
Hardcore Henry Sharlto Copley Jimmy 2016
Panfilov's 28 (28 panfilovtsev) Aleksey Morozov Politruk Vasily Klochkov With drum magazine 2016
Dmitriy Murashev Grigory Konkin
Pavel Goncharov Ivan Natarov
Oleg Fyodorov Grigory Shemyakin
Anton Filipenko Nikolay Trofimov
Vladislav Pogiba Narsutbay Yesebulatov
Tom of Finland East German border guard 2017
The Unknown Soldier Eero Aho Cpl. Rokka 2017
Soviet soldiers
The Death of Stalin NKVD soldiers with drum magazines 2017
To Paris! (Na Parizh) Andrey Nazimov Pvt. Kopylov 2019
Soviet soldiers
The Battle of Jangsari North Korean soldiers with drum magazines 2019
Mara NKVD troops with drum magazines 2019
Jojo Rabbit Soviet soldiers 2019
In the Port of Cape Town (V Keyptaunskom portu...) Danil Steklov Salazhonok 2019
Mantis Jump (Pryzhok Bogomola) A Soviet soldier 2019
Kalashnikov (2020) Armen Arushanyan Sahakyants 2020
seen on the conveyor belt
The Axe. 1943 (Topor. 1943) Andrey Smolyakov Ivan Rodin With drum magazines 2021
Ivan Shibanov Capt. Belov
Igor Radnaev Kasymov
Soviet soldiers With drum and stick magazines
The Red Ghost (Krasnyy prizrak) Vyacheslav Shikhaleev Politruk 2021


Title Actor Character Notes / Episode Date
The War Game East German soldier Or possibly Suomi M/31 1965
Stawka wieksza niz zycie Polish soldiers 1966-1968
Bors Several of main characters, Soviet soldiers 1968
Mission: Impossible Skip Homeier Major January Gruner "The Mercenaries" (S3E04) 1968-1969
Pernell Roberts Colonel Hans Krim
Czterej pancerni i pies Franciszek Pieczek Cpl. Gustaw Jeleń With drum magazine 1966-1971
Wlodzimierz Press Sgt Grigoriy Saakashvili
Malgorzata Niemirska Sgt Lidka Wisniewska
Pola Raksa Marusia 'Ogoniok'
Barbara Krafftówna Honorata
Wieslaw Golas Pvt. Tomek Czeresniak With stick magazine
Soviet and Polish soldiers
30 Cases of Major Zeman Vladimír Brabec Jan Zeman With drum magazine 1974-1979
Miroslav Masopust Lojza Bártík
Soviet and czechoslovak soldiers, SNB men
M*A*S*H (TV Series) Chinese soldiers With drum magazine, "The Rainbow Bridge" 1975
Here Lies the Border (Zdes prokhodit granitsa) Yuri Dedovich Sr. Lt. Yakov Koreshnikov Ep.2 1975
Tulkun Tadzhiyev Yefreytor Aman Turdyev
Soviet border guards
Omega Option (Variant "Omega") Soviet soldiers 1975
Born by Revolution: On the Night of the 20th (Rozhdyonnaya revolyutsiey: V noch na 20-e) Les Serdyuk Starshina 1976
Vladislav Dolgorukov Aleksey Kondratyev
Soviet soldiers and partisans
Archiv des Todes Soviet soldiers "Kennwort Pilatus" 1980
Long Road in the Dunes (Ilgais cels kapas) Juozas Kiselius Arthur Banga Ep.5 1982
Aare Laanemets Laimon Kalnins
Soviet soldiers
Eternal Call (Vechnyy zov) - Season 2 Vladlen Biryukov Maj. Yakov Aleinikov With drum magazines; stick magazines are seen in documentary footage 1983
Nikolay Ivanov Ivan Saveliev
Vasiliy Mishchenko Grigory Yeryomenko
Nikolay Merzlikin Sr. Lt. Ruzheynikov
Soviet soldiers and officers
Take Him Alive (Vzyat zhivym) Fyodor Sukhov Lt. / Capt. Vasiliy Romashkin 1983
Aleksandr Potapov Lt. / Capt. Grigoriy Kurzhakov
Georgiy Nazarenko Capt. Ivan Kazakov
Aleksandr Lenkov Capt. Kim Ptitsyn
Aleksandr Ignatusha Bogdan Shovkoplyas
Sergey Makovetskiy Aleksandr Prolyotkin
Aleksandr Bespalyy Ivan Rogatin
Viktor Pavlov Stashina (Sgt. Maj.) Zhmachenko
Anatoli Yurchenko Goloshchapov
Vladimir Zaytsev Konoplyov
Vladimir Shakalo Mikola Tsymbalyuk
Valeriy Zaytsev Zhuk
Viktor Bychkov Luzgin
Aleksandr Zhdanov Sgt. Kuzma Pryakhin
Soviet soldiers
Front Without Mercy (Front ohne Gnade) Jürgen Zartmann Hermann Anders Ep.8 1984
Lubomír Kostelka A Soviet partisan Ep.8
Soviet soldiers Ep.8-11
Gehlen Organization saboteurs Ep.12
Confrontation (Protivostoyanie) Andrei Boltnev Nikolai Krotov 1985
Andrey Smolyakov Grigoriy Milinko
Soviet soldiers
The State Border: Film 6 Semyon Morozov Petty officer Pavlo Levada With drum magazine 1987
Soviet Border guards
Ukrainian Insurgents
Special Operations Squad (Otryad spetsyalnogo naznacheniya) Aleksandr Mikhaylov Nikolay Grachyov 1987
Yuri Grebenshchikov Col. Dmitriy Medvedev
Vladimir Andreev Nikolay Prikhodko
Oleg Korchikov Naumov
Soviet partisans
The State Border: Film 7 Soviet Border guards and sailors With drum magazine 1988
Ultimate Force Georgian soldier With drum magazine, ep. "Dead is Forever" 2003
The Penal Battalion Aleksey Serebryakov Vasilii Tverdokhlebov With drum magazine 2004
Red Army soldiers
Stargate SG-1 - Season 8 James Kidnie Soren With stick magazine, ep. "Icon" 2004-2005
Stargate SG-1 - Season 9 Caledonian soldiers With stick magazines, ep. "Ethon" 2005-2006
The Wife of the Returnee Soviet soldiers 2006
March of Millions Soviet soldiers Ep. 1, 2 2007
Liquidation (Likvidatsiya) Various characters 2007
The Company Hungarian military and resistance 2007
CSI Andel (Kriminálka Andel) - Season 1 Arms in the shop With drum magazine / "Baba na zabití" (S1E09) 2008
Lock 'n Load With R. Lee Ermey 2009
Marcel Reich-Ranicki Maxim Kovalevski Red Army soldier 2009
Soviet soldiers
"Narkomovskiy" Train (Narkomovskiy oboz) Sergey Makhovikov Starshina Viktor Filippov 2011
Vlad Furman Capt. Aleksandr Baragozov
Richard Bondarev Semyon Verstovoy
Igor Sigov Soviet major
Snipers. Love Under the Gun (Snaypery. Lyubov pod pritselom) Tatyana Arntgolts Yekaterina Radonova With drum magazine 2013
Sergey Marin Nikolay Telyatnik With drum magazine
Soviet soldiers With drum and stick magazines
Our Mothers, Our Fathers Soviet soldiers With drum magazines 2013
Ash (Pepel) Yevgeny Mironov Pepel / "Capt. Petrov" With drum and stick magazines 2013
Vladimir Mashkov Igor Petrov / "Pepel"
Aleksandr Dyachenko Diego
Sergey Chonishvili Maj. Sergey Yeryomenko
Evgeniy Morozov Lt. Makarov
Konstantin Tretyakov A Soviet Lt.
Konstantin Balakirev Pvt. Andrey Petrishchev
Oleg Novikov A Soviet soldier
Maksim Salnikov A Soviet soldier
Soviet soldiers and officers, criminals
Black Cats (Chyornye koshki) Pavel Derevyanko Maj. Egor Dragun 2013
Aleksandr Suvorov Maj. Fyodor Akimovich
Sergey Denga Maj. Sergey Orlov
Vadim Norshtein Monya
Mikhail Khmurov Grif
Aleksey Samokhvalov Strizh
Viktor Elizarov Drozd
Egor Barinov Viktor Kalyonkin aka Kalyonyiy
Denis Falyuta Kuvalda
Militsiya personnel and soldiers
Spies (Razvedchitsy) Soviet soldiers 2013
Days of Honour. Uprising (Czas honoru. Powstanie) Polish insurgents 2014
Front Roman Ageev Capt. Vasiliy Litvin 2014
Mitya Labush Aleksey Mishin
Aleksandr Stroev Voznyak
Vyacheslav Korobitsin Pvt. Misha Kuptsov
Aleksey Vasilyev A Lieutenant
Red Army and Militsiya personnel
Bitch War (Suchya voyna) Aleksey Demidov Mikhail Matveev 2014
Soviet and German soldiers
Agent Carter Soviet soldiers 2015
Bridget Regan Dottie
The Executioner (Palach) Anatoliy Zhuravlyov Capt. Sergey Yakovlev 2015
Soviet soldiers
Snow and Ashes (Sneg i pepel) Soviet soldiers and partisans 2015
Black Cat Gela Meskhi Ivan Mishin 2016
Prison guards
One Warrior in the Field (Odin v pole voin) Soviet parisans 2018
The Axe (Topor) Ivan Borisov Sr. Lt. Tsapko 2018
Soviet soldiers; a German saboteur
Black Pea Coats (Chyornye bushlaty) A sailor of the special squad 2018
The Last Battle (Posledniy boy) Mikhail Khmurov Lt. Platov 2019
Igor Petrusenko Igor Runge
Vladimir Gorislavets Yashka
German saboteurs
Subject to Destruction (Podlezhit unichtozheniyu) Sergey Frolov (II) Maj. Sidorin 2019
Soviet soldiers, German saboteurs
The Turncoat‎ Jannis Niewöhner Walter Proska Ep. 03; with 35 round stick magazine 2020
Soviet soldiers Ep. 02, 03, 04
Translation from German (Perevod s nemetskogo) German saboteurs 2020
The Black Sea (Chyornoye more) Pavel Trubiner Capt. 2nd rank Sergey Saburov 2020
Ekaterina Vilkova Capt. 3rd rank Elena Soley
Denis Konstantinov Capt. Lt. Andrey Budnichniy
Ivan Rysin Starshina 2nd stage Polikarpov
Soviet sailors
The Saboteur 3: Crimea (Diversant. Krym) Aleksey Bardukov Junior Lt. Leonid Filatov 2020
Kirill Pletnyov Junior Lt. Aleksey Bobrikov
Aleksandr Oblasov Senya Korol
Nikolay Stotskiy Ignat
Soviet soldiers, sailors and partisans, German saboteurs
Alex the Fierce (Alex Lyutyj) Soviet partisans 2020
Dzhulbars Soviet soldiers 2020
Alyosha Maksim Saprykin Alyosha 2020
(uncredited) Vasiliy Astashonok
(uncredited) Mikhas
Soviet soldiers and partisans
Spy City Felix von Bredow An NVA soldier Ep. 06 2020
Nationale Volksarmee soldiers
The Defeated‎ Taylor Kitsch Max McLaughlin 2020
Nina Hoss Elsie Garten
Soviet soldiers
Fallout - Season 1 Filly's Resident "The Target" (S1E02) 2024
Justice Hedenberg NCR fighter "The Beginning" (S1E08)

Video Games

Title Appears as Mods Notes Date
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 1996
Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines Unusable 1998
Indiana Jones and The Infernal Machine With 35-round stick magazine 1999
Hidden & Dangerous 1999
Commandos 2: Men of Courage Unusable 2001
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Add in DLC.:Spearhead & Breakthrough 2002
Call of Duty "PPSh" 2003
Forgotten Hope With 35-round stick magazine or 71-round drum magazine 2003
Hidden & Dangerous 2 2003
Vietcong With drum and stick magazines 2003
Call of Duty: United Offensive With stick (unusable) and drum magazines 2004
Shellshock Nam '67 With drum magazine 2004
Call of Duty: Finest Hour "PPSH" With drum magazine 2004
Conflict: Vietnam 2004
Call of Duty 2 "PPSh-41" 2005
Sniper Elite 2005
The Stalin Subway 2005
Medal of Honor: European Assault "PPSh-41" 2005
Project Reality With drum magazine 2005
Vietcong 2 2005
Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 2006
Commandos: Strike Force "PPSH41" With drum magazine 2006
UberSoldier With drum magazine 2006
You Are Empty 2006
Alliance of Valiant Arms With drum magazine 2007
Forgotten Hope 2 With 35-round stick magazine or 71-round drum magazine 2007
Hour of Victory 2007
Cross Fire "PPSh-41" 2007
Death to Spies 2007
Call of Duty: World at War "PPSh-41" 2008
7.62 High Calibre w/ various attachments 2008
Cryostasis With drum magazine, also a heavily modified version used by the infested 2009
Death to Spies: Moment of Truth 2009
Call of Duty: Black Ops PPSH Only in the campaign level "Project Nova" 2010
Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam PPSH Late model 2010
NCIS: The Video Game On poster 2011
7554 PPsh 41 2011
Karma Online 2011
Project Reality: Vietnam With drum magazine 2012
Sniper Elite V2 2012
Warface With drum magazine 2013
Survarium 2013
Company of Heroes 2 2013
Enemy Front "PPSH-41" 2014
World of Guns: Gun Disassembly PPSh-41 35 and 71-round mags 2014
Rainbow Six Siege Unusable; in cutscene 2015
Contract Wars 2015
Squad PPSh-41 Drum and stick magazines 2015
Call of Duty: Black Ops III PPSh With drum magazine 2016
Heroes & Generals 2016
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades 2016
Escape from Tarkov PPSh-41 7.62x25 submachine gun 35-round magazine and 71-round drum mag added in patch (2020) 2016
Sniper Elite 4 Introduced in "Cold Warfare Winter Expansion" DLC 2017
Call of Duty: WWII PPSh-41 2017
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam 35-round and 71-round drum magazines 2017
Gun Club VR 2018
Vigor with drum magazine 2018
Strange Brigade "Colbeck Wildfire" 2018
State of Decay 2 2018
Days Gone 2019
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War PPSh-41 Added with Season Three update (April 2021) 2020
Into the Radius VR "PPSh Full" Optional optical sight mount and underbarrel rail "Full" version of the much shorter MP Jelen also seen in-game, 35 and 71-round magazines available 2020
Far Cry 6 early variant rear sight 2021
Enlisted 35 round mag Late model 2021
71 round mag Early and Late model
Call to Arms - Gates of Hell: Ostfront 35 round mag Late model 2021
71 round mag Late model
Sniper Elite 5 "PPSh" Added with "Landing Force" DLC Late model 2022
Military Conflict: Vietnam 35 round mag Late model 2022
71 round mag Late model


Title Character Notes Date
Atlantis, The Lost Empire Mole With drum magazine 2001
Archer - Season 2 KGB defector Katya With drum magazine 2011
Archer - Season 4 North Korean agents With drum magazine 2013
Love, Death & Robots - Season 1 Lt. Nikolai Zakharov w/drum magazine; "Secret War" (S1E18) 2019
Sr. Sergeant Sergei Kravchenko
Soviet soldiers
Jr. Sergeant Okhchen w/drum magazine and flashlight; "Secret War" (S1E18)


Title Character Notes Date
Burn-Up Excess with 9mm conversion 1997-1998
Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade "Sect" members With drum magazine 1998
Desert Punk Several members of the Kawazu Gang 2004
Hellsing Ultimate Soviet soldiers With drum magazine 2006 2010
Batman: Gotham Knight Russian mobsters 2008
Case Closed Ep. 548 - 'Two Days with the Culprit';seen on a wall of weapons 2009
First Squad: The Moment of Truth Valia 2009
Soviet soldiers
Angel Beats! Fujimaki With drum magazine 2010
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Rudol von Stroheim With drum magazine; S1E26, "The Ascendant One" 2012
Girls und Panzer Soviet soldiers 2012
Giovanni's Island Soviet soldiers with 35-round stick magazines 2014
The Dragon Dentist Enemy soldiers With drum magazines 2017
Lupin Zero Ep. "Young Lupin Calls Himself "the Third" 2022 - 2023

Shpagin PPSh-42

Shpagin PPSh-42 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev. The early version with with removable wooden shoulder stock.

The Shpagin PPSh-42 (in the West it is better known as Shpagin PPSh-2, which was supposed to refer to the second Shpagin model) (RUS: Пистолет-пулемёт Шпагина 1942 года / Pistolet-Pulemot Shpagina 1942 goda | ENG: Shpagin submachine gun 1942) was developed by Georgiy Shpagin in early 1942 under the requirements for a new submachine gun which should be lighter and more compact than the PPSh-41. During the trials, the PPSh-42 lost to the Sudaev PPS-42. No more than 200-250 guns were produced for field trials.

The PPSh-42 is a blowback operated weapon, firing from open bolt, in full automatic mode only. Most parts are made from stamped and formed sheet steel. The submachine guns was fed from double stack detachable box magazines. Early PPSh-42 prototypes featured wooden pistol grip and detachable wooden buttstock, the later version was equipped with retractable stamped steel shoulder stock.


(Production: 1942 - 1942)

  • Type: Submachine Gun
  • Country of Origin: Soviet Union
  • Caliber: 7.62mm
  • Cartridge: 7.62x25mm Tokarev
  • Weight: ??
  • Length: 31.9 in (81 cm)
  • Barrel length: ??
  • Capacity: 35-round detachable box magazine
  • Rate of fire: 550 rpm

The Shpagin PPSh-42 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:

Video Games

Title Appears as Mods Notes Date
Enlisted PPSh-2 early model 2021


K-50M with extended stock - 7.62x25mm Tokarev

The K-50M is a North Vietnamese version of the PPSh-41 with a MAT-49 collapsible wire stock, wooden AK pistol grip, and shortened barrel and heat shield. It uses standard PPSh-41 magazines; the 35-round curved boxes work regardless, whereas the 71-round drums only work when the stock is extended.


(Production: 1958 - 1965)

  • Type: Submachine Gun
  • Country of Origin: Vietnam
  • Caliber: 7.62mm
  • Cartridge: 7.62×25mm Tokarev
  • Weight: 8.8 lbs (4 kg)
  • Length: 29.8 in (75.6 cm)
  • Barrel length: 11.7 in (29.6 cm)
  • Capacity: 35-round box magazine
  • Rate of fire: 700 rpm

The K-50M and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Notes Date
Plane flies to Russia (Samolyot letit v Rossiyu), The Terrorist Likely created from PPSh-41 1994

Video Games

Title Appears as Mods Notes Date
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades 2016
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam 2017
Call of Duty: Vanguard 2021
Military Conflict: Vietnam 2022

MP 41(r)

MP 41(r) - 9x19mm Parabellum

The MP 41(r) (Maschinenpistole 41(r)) is a German submachine gun developed from captured Soviet PPSh-41 submachine guns. The conversion features rechambering for 9x19mm Parabellum instead of the standard 7.62x25mm.

During World War II, Germany converted some captured PPSh-41s into 9x19mm and adopted them as the MP41(r). Unconverted PPSh-41s were also adopted as the MP717(r), which were issued with 7.63x25mm Mauser ammunition, which is compatible with 7.62 Tokarev firearms but is less powerful.


(Production: 1941 - 1945)

  • Type: Submachine Gun
  • Country of Origin: Nazi Germany
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Cartridge: 9x19mm Parabellum
  • Weight: 7.9 lbs (3.6 kg)
  • Length: 33.2 in (84.3 cm)
  • Barrel length: 10.6 in (26.9 cm)
  • Capacity: 32 round magazine from the MP 40
  • Rate of fire: 900-1100 rpm

The MP 41(r) and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Notes Date
Battle of the Rails (La bataille du rail), The 1946
Tobruk (1967) Italian soldier 1967
Az oroszlán ugrani készül 1969
Caution! Red Mercury! (Oberezhno! Chervona rtut!) 1995
Brother's War Olivier Gruner Anton Mock-up 2009

Video Games

Title Appears as Mods Notes Date
Enlisted 2021
Sniper Elite 5 2022


Title Character Notes Date
Burn-Up Excess 1997-1998

MP Jelen

MP Jelen - 7.62x25mm Tokarev.

The MP Jelen is a Croatian submachine gun introduced in 1991 based on the PPSh-41.


(Production: 1991 - 20 prototypes only)

  • Type: Submachine Gun
  • Country of Origin: Croatia
  • Caliber: 7.62mm
  • Cartridge: 7.62x25mm Tokarev
  • Weight: ??
  • Length: 18.1 in (46 cm)
  • Barrel length: ??
  • Capacity: 10 / 32-round detachable box magazine & 35 / 71-round PPSh-41 magazine
  • Rate of fire: 700 rpm

The MP Jelen and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:

Video Games

Title Appears as Mods Notes Date
Into the Radius VR "PPSh" Optional optical sight mount and underbarrel rail 35 and 71-round PPSh-41 magazines available 2020
Marauders 2022

See Also

  • Degtyaryov PPD - Used by the Red Army prior to the adoption of the PPSh
  • Shpitalny PPSh - Designed by B. G. Shpitalny, lost the 1940 design competition to Shpagin's design
  • Sudayev PPS - Produced alongside the Shpagin PPSh-41

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