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The Secret Fairway (Sekretniy farvater)

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The Secret Fairway
(Sekretniy farvater)
Sekretniy farvater DVD.jpg
DVD Cover
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Vadim Kostromenko
Release Date 1988
Language Russian
Studio Odessa Film Studio
Distributor Gosteleradio USSR
Main Cast
Character Actor
Sr.Lt. / Capt.Lt. Boris Ivanovich Shubin Anatoliy Kotenyov
Viktoria Pavlovna Mezentseva Larisa Guzeeva
Shurka Lastikov (in childhood) Vyacheslav Bogatyrev
Shurka Lastikov (adult) Sergey Bystritskiy
Faddeichev Leonid Trutnev
Capt. 3rd Rank Selivanov Vladimir Naumtsev
Capt. 1st Rank Nazarov Valeriy Yurchenko
Fregattenkapitan Gerhard von Zwischen Uldis Dumpis

The Secret Fairway (Sekretniy farvater) is a 1988 (filmed 1986-1987) Soviet four-part made for TV adventure war movie directed by Vadim Kostromenko and based on the novel by Leonid Platov. In 1944-1945 Soviet torpedo boat commander Boris Shubin (Anatoliy Kotenyov) several times encounters a German U-boat, nicknamed "The Flying Dutchman", that performs top secret missions. After the war Shubin finally uncovers the dark secrets of the activities of the submarine.

The following weapons were used in the film The Secret Fairway (Sekretniy farvater):



Sr. Lt., then Capt. Lt. Boris Shubin (Anatoliy Kotenyov) carries a TT-33.

Tokarev TT-33 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev. Pre-1947 version.
Shubin puts the pistol on the table and draws a spare magazine from the holster.
Sekretniy farvater-TT-3.jpg
Shubin reloads the TT.
The pistol is seen in open holster. This is a correct pre-1947 version.
Shubin raises his TT during the boarding of a German boat.
Shubin carries a TT in Naval pattern holster.

Margolin MTs

In the final episode, set in 1952, a saboteur frogman (Pyotr Sherekin) carries a Margolin MTs pistol with an adjustable barrel compensator. Then the saboteur is disarmed by Boris Shubin (Anatoliy Kotenyov).

Margolin MTsM with magazine removed - .22 LR
The frogman fires at Shubin.
The pistol on the ground.
Sekretniy farvater-Margolin-3.jpg
Sekretniy farvater-Margolin-4.jpg
Shubin holds the frogman at gunpoint.

Submachine Guns


PPSh-41 submachine guns are seen in hands of numerous Soviet soldiers and sailors, including the crewmembers of Shubin's torpedo boat - boatswain Faddeichev (Leonid Trutnev) and sailors Dronin (Stanislav Riy) and unnamed ones (Igor Tiltikov and Igor Ravitskiy). Capt. Lt. Boris Shubin (Anatoliy Kotenyov) holds a PPSh during the landing in Pillau in April 1945.

PPSh-41 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev
Faddeichev holds a PPSh during the recon mission on a small island in the Baltic skerry in 1944.
A crewmember of Shubin's boat with a PPSh.
The barrel of a PPSh in hands of a soldier of the landing group.
Dronin carries a PPSh.
A crewmember of Shubin's boat carries a PPSh during the boarding of a German boat.
A crewmember with a PPSh at the background.
Shubin holds a PPSh.


German soldiers and sailors, as well as some Soviet sailors are armed with MP40 submachine guns.

MP40 - 9x19mm
A crewmember of Shubin's boat holds an MP40.
A German artilleryman carries an MP40.
In the scene on the U-boat, a German sailor, guarding the secret cargo, holds an MP40.
Sekretniy farvater-MP40-4.jpg
Another U-boat sailor (Rudolf Mukhin) with an MP40.


Some MP38s are also seen.

MP38 - 9x19mm
A Soviet soldier at the left holds an MP38.
Supposedly same soldier cocks the bolt of his MP38.

Assault Rifles


In the mass scenes AKMs are seen in hands of Soviet soldiers.

AKM - 7.62x39mm
Soldiers of the landing group hold AKMs. The white blank firing adapter is seen on the muzzle of an AKM at the left. The narrow front sight allows to differ an AKM from an AK-47.
The barrel of AKM with blank firing adapter is seen at the left.
The buttstock is seen.


Like AKMs, AK-74s are also seen.

AK-74 - 5.45x39mm
A Soviet soldier holds an AK-74 during the landing.
Another view of the AK-74.

Machine Guns and Autocannons

Degtyaryov DP-27

DP-27 machine guns are briefly seen in several scenes. During the night battle in Pillau, German soldiers fire a machine gun that also seems to be a DP-27.

Degtyaryov DP-27 - 7.62x54mm R
A DP is seen at the left during the Soviet landing operation.
A German soldier fires a machine gun. The pan magazine allows to identify the machine gun as a DP.
A Soviet sailor carries a DP.

Degtyaryov-Shpagin DShK

DShK machine guns on naval mountings are mounted on Project 1204 ("Shmel"-class) artillery boats instead of standard post-war 25 mm 2M-3M autocannons to make the boats look more similar to the WW2 era torpedo boats.

DShK on naval mounting - 12.7x108mm
A DShK on the boat.
Sekretniy farvater-DShK-2.jpg
The machine gun in action.
DShK machine guns on two boats are seen at the background.
Another view of the DShK.
Dronin (Stanislav Riy) at the DShK.


A Soviet post-war ZU-23 AA twin autocannon is seen in the opening scene.

ZU-23-2 - 23x152mm
A ZU-23 on position in sandbag protection. This post-war gun may be used as a stand-in for wartime 25 mm 72-K or Lend-Lease Oerlikon AA autocannons.

Other Weapons

OSP-30 Flare Pistol

In the final post-war episode Boris Shubin (Anatoliy Kotenyov) and Shurka Lastikov (Sergey Bystritskiy) use an OSP-30 Flare Pistol.

OSP-30 Flare Pistol - 26.5mm
Shubin fires a flare pistol at the saboteur frogman.
Sekretniy farvater-Flare-2.jpg
Shubin reloads the flare pistol.
Sekretniy farvater-Flare-4.jpg
Shurka holds the flare pistol.

F-1 Hand Grenade

During the operation on the remote island in the Baltic skerry in 1944, Faddeichev (Leonid Trutnev) hands two F-1 hand grenades to the meteorologist Viktoria Mezentseva (Larisa Guzeeva). The black body indicates URG practice grenade.

URG F-1 practice grenade
Faddeichev hands two grenades to Mezentseva.
The grenades lie on a stone.


In one scene Soviet sailors carry a PTRS-41 AT rifle.

PTRS-41 - 14.5x114mm
Sekretniy farvater-PTRS-1.jpg
Two sailors carry a PTRS at the background.


Project 613 Submarine

Soviet S-376 submarine (Project 613, Whiskey-class) appears in the movie as the secret German U-boat, known as "The Flying Dutchman".

Sekretniy farvater-Submarine-1.jpg
Sekretniy farvater-Submarine-2.jpg

Project 1204 Artillery Boat

Three Project 1204 ("Shmel"-class) artillery boats (also classified as patrol gunboats) appear in the movie as Soviet wartime torpedo boats. Two single torpedo tubes, taken from decommissioned torpedo boats, are installed on each boat instead of BM-14 MLRS, and standard 25 mm 2M-3M autocannons are replaced with single DShK machine guns. Nevertheless, these artillery boats with large tank turrets have very different look from more than two times smaller D-3-class or Komsomolets-class torpedo boats.

The boats transport landing troops. The main gun, the torpedo tubes and the stern DShK machine gun are seen.
Torpedo tubes are seen when the boats are in the base.
The turret is a naval version of the turret of PT-76 tank with 76.2 mm D-56T gun.
The barrel of the main gun. In this scene the muzzle brake is removed, probably because the gun fires blanks.
The chase after a German boat.


A 152 mm gun-howitzer ML-20 appears in the film as a German artillery piece.
Sekretniy farvater-Artillery-2.jpg
A 122 mm howitzer M-30 appears in the film as a German artillery piece.
100 mm field guns BS-3 are seen on the march.


Documentary footage of the World War II is used in the movie.

Unidentified heavy field gun.
Loading of a twin 100 mm AA naval gun OTO Mod. 1928. A number of these guns was purchased by USSR in Italy in early 1930s and mounted on three cruisers of the Black Sea Navy. In the Soviet Navy this gun was known as Minizini after the Italian designer of the AA mounting.
A Kirov class (Project 26 or 26-bis) cruiser fires the 180 mm main guns in triple turrets.
A D-3 class torpedo boat. Two DShK machine guns are mounted on the bow and on the roof of the wheelhouse; torpedoes can be seen behind the wheelhouse.
Setting up M1909 or M1912 naval mines.
A patrol boat (most likely MO-4 class) in action. The stern 45 mm 21-K gun and depth charges rack are seen.
A G-5 class torpedo boat. The torpedoes are seen.

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