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Caution! Red Mercury! (Oberezhno! Chervona rtut!)

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Caution! Red Mercury!
(Oberezhno! Chervona rtut!)
Oberezhno chervona rtut poster.jpg
Original poster
Country UKR.jpg Ukraine
Directed by Anatoliy Ivanov
Release Date 1995
Language Ukrainian
Studio Dovzhenko Film Studios
Main Cast
Character Actor
Maj. Anatoliy Ivanovych Topol Volodymyr Talashko
Vorona Vadim Polikarpov
Polyanskyy Oleg Maslennikov
Dashkevych Anatoliy Lukyanenko
Akhmetov Artur Li
Militia Sergeant Trokhymchuk Leonid Yanovsky
Leonid Petrovych Pekar Georgiy Drozd
Vira Viktoriya Sokolova
Davyd Ashkenazi David Babaev
Colonel Fedir Fedosiyovych Sergey Romanyuk

Caution! Red Mercury! (Ukrainian Обережно! Червона ртуть!; Oberezhno! Chervona rtut!) is a 1995 Ukrainian detective movie.

The following weapons were used in the film Caution! Red Mercury! (Oberezhno! Chervona rtut!):



Militia (Ukrainian police) Maj. Anatoliy Ivanovych Topol (Volodymyr Talashko) uses M1911A1 as his duty sidearm in several scenes.

Pre-War Colt M1911A1 - Commercial Model known as the "Colt Government Model" - .45 ACP. This has a deep Colt factory blued finish, common for commercial variants before and after the war.
Anatoliy Ivanovych Topol holds his M1911.
Anatoliy Ivanovych Topol draws his M1911...
...charges it...
...and fires. Note the pistol cycling.
Anither view of the pistol.
Anatoliy Ivanovych Topol holds his duty M1911.
The grip can be seen.
The another view of M19911.

PPSh-41 (mocked up)

At the night scene, Akhmetov (Artur Li) fires crudely mocked up PPSh-41, with straight magazine, sawed-off barrel and buttstock, and adding a vertical foregrip. This gun can be seen vey briefly and only in darkness.

PPSh-41 with 9mm conversion, something that happened to some captured PPSh-41s.
Akhmetov draws his SMG...
...from the car...
...and fires. Note the foregrip.
Note the folding stock.
A slightly other view of the SMG.
A photoshopped (lightened) screenshot of the same scene. Note the stic mag, typical for 9x19mm ammo large space between the trigger guard and magazine well and shape of the front part of the underbarrel.

AK Style Rifle

At least one Berkut (Ukrainian SWAT) member briefly holds AK style rifle. It is not seen clearly and only in darkness.

The mag shape can be seen.
The sling can be seen.

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