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Remington 1858 New Army

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The Remington 1858 New Army is a percussion revolver manufactured by Remington & Son and offered in .36 (Navy) or .44 (Army). It was used widely during the American Civil War from 1862 onwards. It was used primarily by Union soldiers, and widely favored over the standard issue Colt Army Model 1860 by those who could afford it, due primarily to its durability. The high numbers produced for the war and (officially) being a non-standard pattern made it common on the surplus market, with Bannerman still offering them for cheap ($1.75 in 1903, less than a new single shot .22 rifle) into the early 1900s. This ensured it saw use in the American West and beyond, both in its original percussion configuration and as a metallic cartridge conversion. While reproductions can quickly swap out cylinders for rapid reloads, the hand-fitted nature of the originals' cylinders makes this dubiously plausible at best.


Remington 1858 New Army - .44 caliber
Remington Model 1858 revolver - .36/.44 caliber. This is a modern copy with adjustable sights.


  • Type: Revolver
  • Caliber: .36, .44
  • Weight: 2 lb, 13 oz (1.27 kg)
  • Length: 13.25 in (337 mm)
  • Barrel length: 8 in (203 mm)
  • Capacity: 6-round Cylinder
  • Fire Modes: Single Action
  • Cartridge: Powder & ball or Paper cartridge with conical bullet
  • Muzzle velocity: 550-720 ft/s
  • Effective range: sited in at 75 yards
  • Sights: Fixed Post

The Remington 1858 New Army appears in the following Movies, Television Series, and Video Games:


Title Actor Character Note Date
The Big Trail John Wayne Breck 1930
Jesse James (1939) Tyrone Power Jesse James Nickel-plated finish 1939
Gone with the Wind Clark Gable Rhett Butler 1939
Vivian Leigh Scarlett O'Hara
Belle Starr Randolph Scott Sam Starr 1941
Gene Tierney Belle Starr
Chill Wills Blue Duck
Red River Walter Brennan Nadine Groot 1948
Mickey Kuhn Young Matt Garth
Red Mountain Arthur Kennedy Lane Waldron 1951
Lizabeth Scott Chris
John Ireland Gen. William Quantrill
Jeff Corey Sgt. Skee
Bert Freed Sgt. Randall
Advance to the Rear Glenn Ford Capt. Jared Heath 1964
Stella Stevens Martha Lou Williams
Jim Backus Gen. Willoughby
Jesse Pearson Cpl. Silas Geary
Alan Hale Jr. Sgt Beauregard Davis
James Griffith Hugo Zattig
Chuck Roberson Monk
Union and Confederate soldiers
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Lee Van Cleef Angel Eyes dual toned 1966
Wanted (1967) Giuliano Gemma Seen on a production photo 1967
The Valley of Death Clarke Reynolds Lt. Cummings 1968
Little Big Man Dustin Hoffman Jack Crabb 1970
El Diablo (1990) a man in the mexican bar 1990
Quigley Down Under A thug 1990
Romper Stomper James McKenna Bubs 1992
Eight Hundred Leagues Down the Amazon Daphne Zuniga Minha 1993
Adam Baldwin Roja
Barry Bostwick Garral
David Killerby Constable
Gettysburg A Union officer 1993
The Night Before Christmas Adam Taylor Blackjack 1994
The Night Before Christmas Thugs 1994
Pharaoh's Army Chris Cooper Captain John Hull Abston 1995
Robert Joy Chicago
Frank Clem Neely Brass-framed
Richard Tyson Rodie
Will Lucas The boy
Ride with the Devil Tobey Maguire Jake Roedel 1999
Ned Kelly Heath Ledger Ned Kelly 2003
Orlando Bloom Joe Byrne
Lucky Luke Melvil Poupaud Jesse James 2009
Jean Dujardin Lucky Luke
Michaël Youn Billy the Kid
Jonah Hex Josh Brolin Jonah Hex 2010
Cowboys & Aliens Olivia Wilde Ella 2011
Adam Beach Nat Colorado
Buck Taylor Wes Claiborne
Daniel Craig Jake Lonergan
Gang members
Witching and Bitching (Las brujas de Zugarramurdi) on the book cover 2013
The Salvation Jeffrey Dean Morgan Henry Delarue Nickel plated 2014
Jane Got a Gun Ewan McGregor John Bishop brass framed 2016
The Duelist (Duelyant) Seen in gun store 2016
In a Valley of Violence James Ransone Deputy Gilly Martin 2016
Tommy Nohilly Deputy Tubby With brass frame; "Texas Model" replica
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum Seen in armory 2019


Title Actor Character Note / Episode Date
F Troop George Barrows Pecos "Reach for the Sky, Pardner" (S02E04) 1966
mounted on wall / "Marriage, Fort Courage Style" (S02E27) 1967
North and South John Stockwell Lt. Billy Hazard 1985
William Ostrander Forbes LaMotte
North and South: Book II Patrick Swayze Gen. Orry Main 1986
Lewis Smith Capt. Charles Main
James Read Col. George Hazard
The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes (uncredited) Young John Turner (S01E04) 1991
Return To Lonesome Dove William Petersen Captain Gideon Walker 1993
Hatfields & McCoys Tom Berenger Jim Vance 2012
Kevin Costner William Hatfield
Godless A gang member 2017
Wynonna Earp Chantel Riley Kate/Contessa 2018

Video Game

Game Title Appears as Mods Notation Release Date
Cross Fire "M1858 New Army" 2007
History Channel: Civil War - Secret Missions 2008
Call of Duty: Black Ops II "Remington New Model Army" reloaded by swapping out cylinders 2012
Deadfall Adventures "Quatermain Pietta" Digital Deluxe Edition only 2013
Fistful of Frags "Remington Army" reloaded by swapping out cylinders 2014
Killing Floor 2 "M1858 Revolver" engravings 2015
Phantom Forces "1858 New Army" 3" and 12" barrels, .36 caliber and "Snakeshot" ammunition conversions Reloaded by swapping out cylinders, brass-framed. Added in July 2018 (update 3.4.0) 2015


Title Voice Actor Characters Notation Date
Love, Death & Robots - Season 1 Abraham Lincoln "Alternate Histories" (S1E17) 2019

Remington 1858 New Army (Cartridge Conversion)

A Remington 1858 New Army converted to fire cartridges. There are several variations of cartridge conversions from loading gate models to simple cylinder bores.

Remington 1858 New Army (Cartridge Conversion) - .45 Long Colt.


Title Actor Character Note Date
Love Me Tender Elvis Presley Clint Reno 1956
James Drury Ray Reno
William Campbell Brett Reno
L.Q. Jones Pardee Fleming
How the West Was Won George Peppard Zeb Rawlings 1962
Texas Across the River Dean Martin Sam Hollis 1966
Joey Bishop Kronk
A townsman
Pale Rider Clint Eastwood Preacher 1985
From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter Jordana Spiro Catherine Reece 2000
Django Unchained Christoph Waltz Dr. King Schultz 2012
The Dark Tower Idris Elba Roland Deschain 2017
Badland Jeff Fahey Sheriff Huxsley Wainwright 2019
News of the World Tom Hanks Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd 2020
Ray McKinnon Simon Boudlin
Old Henry Ketchum's henchman 2021


Title Actor Character Note / Episode Date
In Search for Captain Grant (V poiskakh kapitana Granta) Aleksandr Abdulov Bob Tar 1986
North and South: Book II Patrick Swayze Gen. Orry Main 1986
Lewis Smith Capt. Charles Main
David Carradine Justin LaMotte

Video Game

Game Title Appears as Mods Notation release Date
Desperados: Wanted Dead Or Alive Carried by the protagonist and bandits 2001
"Bluntline Special" With a long barrel, can be fitted with a telescope Carried by Doc McCoy

Remington 1858 New Model Police

Remington 1858 New Model Police - .36 cap and ball
Remington 1858 New Model Police, cartridge conversion - .38 rimfire


Title Actor Character Note Date
Santiago Alan Ladd Caleb "Cash" Adams 1956
Lloyd Nolan Clay Pike
Sergeant Rutledge Jeffrey Hunter Tom Cantrell With nickel-plated finish and pearl grips, cartridge conversion 1960


Title Actor Character Note / Episode Date
North and South: Book II Philip Casnoff Elkanah Bent 1986

Remington 1858 Pocket

A pocket model introduced 1865. Reproductions are frequently branded "1863 Pocket" due to all examples having incorporating improvements from the 1863 update to the original.

Remington 1858 Pocket Percussion - .31 Caliber.


Title Actor Character Note Date
Red Mountain Lizabeth Scott Chris 1951
Alan Ladd Brett Sherwood
The Frisco Kid George DiCenzo Darryl Diggs 1979
Pale Rider Clint Eastwood Preacher 1985

Remington 1858 "Cattleman's Carbine"

Remington 1858 "Cattleman's Carbine" - .44 caliber.


Title Actor Character Note Date
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly One of Angel Eye's thugs 1966
The Mask of Zorro Matt Letscher Captain Harrison Love Anachronistic, since the movie takes place in 1841 1998
Wild Wild West Frederique Van Der Wal Amazonia 1999
The Burrowers Sean Patrick Thomas Walnut Callahan 2008
Lucky Luke Pat Poker's henchmen 2009
The Hateful Eight Kurt Russell John Ruth, "The Hangman" 2015
True History of the Kelly Gang George MacKay Ned Kelly 2019
News of the World Farley's henchman 2020


Title Actor Character Note / Episode Date
Firefly Two-Fry "Serenity" (S1E01) 2002
Bandit "Our Mrs. Reynolds" (S01E06)
Lock 'n Load With R. Lee Ermey 2009

Video Games

Game Title Appears As Mods Notes Release Date
World of Guns: Gun Disassembly Remington 1858 Carbine 2014

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