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Fistful of Frags

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Work In Progress

This article is still under construction. It may contain factual errors. See Talk:Fistful of Frags for current discussions. Content is subject to change.

Fistful of Frags
Release Date: May 9, 2014
Developer: Fistful of Frags Team
Publisher: Fistful of Frags Team
Platforms: PC
Genre: First-person shooter

Fistful of Frags is an action packed and skill demanding multiplayer first person shooter set in the Wild West times. It is a standalone mod of the Source game Half-Life 2.

The following weapons appear in the video game Fistful of Frags:


All handguns can be dual wielded or paired with any other handgun (including the Mare's Leg and Sawed-off Shotgun). Most revolvers support a secondary fire mode called "fanning". It is considerably faster than primary mode, but less accurate and causes slightly less damage. All used shell casings magically disappear at the beginning of the reloads for the Colt Navy and the Colt SAA in order to shorten reload times for gameplay.

Colt 1851 Navy (Cartridge Conversion)

The Colt 1851 Navy is a common weapon and appears as the "Colt Navy" complete with a cartridge conversion. One of the starting guns, the Navy is the generic revolver - not too bad, but not good enough to warrant any real desire to save.

Colt 1851 Navy with a cartridge conversion - .38 rimfire
The player gets a feel for his Navy with a little lakeside plinking.
Reloading reveals a cartridge conversion.
Dual wielding. Note: all guns in the left hand are mirrored, including the model and all animations.
World model. Note the ramrod has not been removed.

Colt Walker

The Colt Walker is the heaviest and largest gun in the game and can be obtained from Top-Tier weapon crates (gold colored chest). It holds 6 rounds and is the most powerful gun in the game, killing other players in one shot to the head and torso. However as balance, the gun has a incredibly long reload where the character will remove spent caps, re-cap each chamber, then reload the chambers.

The Walker is the subject of a specific achievement, "Overpowered", awarded for getting 15 kills with dual-wielded Walkers.

Colt Walker 1847 - .44 caliber
The player waits for the train with his Walker.
Reloading. Removing the used percussion cap from the revolver...
...placing a new one...
..front-loading a new paper cartridge...
..and finally ramming it down.
The player character decides to go full Josey Wales, with around 10 pounds of gun in his hands.
The world model, showing its heavy usage.

Remington 1866 Derringer

The Remington 1866 Derringer appears in the game as the "Derringer"; it is one of the selectable starting guns, and one can spawn with two if they have enough points. With its low ammo capacity and pitiful damage, the Derringer seems useless, however with a quick reload, it can be used as a backup gun if needed, and a main battle weapon for those crazy enough.

Remington 1866 Derringer - .41 rimfire
The player reveals his boot gun while taking a boat ride.
Reloading; fairly straight forward.
As stated, it is possible to spawn with two Derringers.
World model.

Remington 1858 New Army

The Remington 1858 New Army appears as the "Remington Army" and is a weapon you can spawn with. In an ode to Pale Rider, the Remington Army can be reloaded by swapping the cylinder, making it incredibly useful in gunfights. This is tempered by its middling accuracy and lackluster firepower.

Remington 1858 New Army - .44 caliber
The player tries to catch a frigid ferry, Remington Army in hand.
Reloading reveals this Army is still in its percussion state, rather than being converted.
If one is better than none, than two must be better than all, especially with the Remington.
World model.

Single Action Army

The Single Action Army appears under its famous nickname, the "Colt Peacemaker". It can be obtained from Mid-Tier weapon crates (red colored chest). The SAA is a very good handgun all around, with decent accuracy, damage, and reloading speed.

Cimarron Model P (copy of the Single Action Army) Nickel Finish - .45 Long Colt
The player holds the Single Action Army while staring into the gorge.
Reloading is as one would expect for the SAA.
Dual wielding, just like the movies.
World model.

Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless

The Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless was added in the October 22, 2018 update as a new buy-menu weapon, costing two stars for a pair. It is called "SW Hammerless" in-game, and chambers .32 S&W; it boasts a very high rate of fire, but cannot be fanned for obvious reasons.

Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless - .32 S&W
The player holds the Hammerless; if you squint you'll be able to see it.
Reloading with a spray of .32 S&W cases.
There are two sequences of reload animation: the player's character can load 3+2 rounds, or 2+2+1 (as in this screenshot).
And yes, you can dual wield these mouse guns.
World model.

Smith & Wesson Schofield

The Smith & Wesson Schofield was formerly spawnable, but can now only be obtained from Low-Tier weapon crates (blue-colored chest) or during the tutorial. It is called "SW Schofield" and is very accurate and has a fast reload (thanks to its simultaneous ejection and the use of a speedloader), but is tempered by slightly underwhelming damage in comparison to the Single Action Army (which is accurate to the real steel difference between .45 Long Colt and .45 Schofield).

Smith & Wesson Schofield Model 3 with nickel finish - .45 Schofield
The player wanders a large mining complex, with his Schofield as protection.
Reloading reveals an anti-gravity machine that holds the cases for your viewing pleasure.
Dual wielding.
World model.

Volcanic Repeater

The Volcanic Repeater appears in the game, named the "Volcanic Repeater". It holds 9 rounds and supports the "fanning" mode, and can be spawned with. The Volcanic is a gun intended more for rate of fire than damage, with lackluster damage at even close range, but with very good accuracy and a very fast rate of fire, even out of "fanning" mode.

Volcanic Repeating Arms Pistol - .41 Rocket Ball
The player hides under a building with his trusty Volcanic.
Dual wielding.
World model.


The shotguns do medium damage and fill the gap between the power of the rifles and the benefits of the pistols. All the shotguns use anachronistic plastic shotgun shells instead of the correct paper or brass ones.

Coach Gun

The Coach Gun can be obtained from Mid-Tier weapon crates, and it holds 2 shells as expected. The Coach Gun is a rather odd gun to use, requiring the player to always aim to make it relatively usable, but boasts some pretty good accuracy over the sawed-off, while having a fairly speedy reload.

Colt Model 1878 (reproduction) - 12 gauge
The player holds the Coach Gun while waiting for his coach. The hammers are never cocked back.
Reloading. Note the anachronistic use of plastic shells; this is present on all the shotguns.
Reloading capped off with a flick of the wrist.
World model reveals some very un-Coach Gun like barrels.

Sawed-Off Shotgun

A sawed-off double barrel shotgun appears as the "Sawn-Off", and is one of the game's starting sidearms; being classified as a one-handed weapon, it can be dual-wielded with another weapon. The Sawn-Off is a gun perfect for only one thing: close-range blasting. The gun can get some very high damage counts at close range, but this drops heavily at range, making it useless past 5 yards.

Zabala sawed-off double-barreled shotgun - 12 gauge
The player holds the sawed-off shotgun while traversing a rather treacherous walkway.
World model.

Winchester Model 1897

The Winchester Model 1897 with a 20" Riot barrel appears as "Pump Shotgun W1893" in the game, referring to the earlier Winchester Model 1893. It can be identified as an 1897 by its closed top ejection port (the 1893's ejection port has an extra cutout on the top of the receiver). It can be obtained from Top-Tier weapon crates and holds 6 rounds; while the 1897 does have a 5+1 capacity, the in-game weapon's reload shows the player character shoving six rounds in the tube and then chambering one, making it incorrect. The 1897 is a powerful weapon in the right hands, with a very high rate of fire and quick reload only tempered by the rather moderate damage.

Winchester Model 1897 Riot Gun - 12 gauge
The player holds the Winchester Model 1897.
Pumping. The shotgun's action bar appears to be clipping through the rear of the forend.
World model.


The rifles carry a lot of power and accuracy but are often limited in quantity or have little ammo capacity. The player usually cannot carry more than two of these without getting 'overburdened'. All rifles have usable iron sights, but are given zoom to make them easier to use at range, and harder in close quarters, along with a major accuracy penalty when not sighted in. The exception to this is the Mare's Leg, which functions more in line with the pistols than the rifles.

Sharps 1874

The Sharps 1874 is the most powerful rifle in the game and appears as "Sharps Rifle". It can be obtained from Top-Tier weapon crates. As stated, the Sharps is the most powerful rifle in the game, easily killing any other player with one shot, and the scope lets you reach out and touch them at longer ranges. However, it is not perfect; said scope makes it hard to use in close-quarters, and the reload is slow plus the hipfire accuracy is horrendous.

Sharps 1874 - .45-70 Government
The player holds the Sharps 1874, realizing there are no buffalo in the desert.
Reloading; note the detail in the receiver.
Aiming reveals the scope's simple crosshair, accurate for the period.
World model.

Smith Carbine

The Smith Carbine can be obtained from Low-Tier weapon crates as well as a spawnable weapon. Being the first rifle you can find, the Smith is a very useful gun in the right hands. While it is limited to one shot, it can easily kill a player with a well-placed headshot, but its lackluster damage everywhere else combined with the frequent required reloads make it a fairly difficult gun to use effectively.

Smith Carbine - .50 Smith
The player holds the Smith Carbine, gazing into the ice field.
Reloading reveals a rather nice level of detail for the Smith. It is never capped, however, removing one detail point from the weapon.
Aiming also reveals the Smith's Civil War carbine sights, which are adequate.
World model.

Spencer 1860 Carbine

The Spencer 1860 Carbine was added in the August 4, 2017 update as a weapon found in Mid-Tier weapon crates, appearing as the "Spencer Carbine". It has a 7 round tube magazine, and features quicker handling and higher movement speed while aiming when compared to the game's other rifles.

Spencer Model 1860 Carbine - .56-56 Spencer rimfire
The player holds a Spencer, channeling his internal cavalry man.
Reloading; first by removing the rear magazine tube...
...before filling it in with .56-56 Spencer rounds.
Aiming; fairly small but very typical of the era.
World model.

Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy"

The Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" can be obtained from Low-Tier weapon crates and appears as the "Yellowboy Rifle". The Winchester is a force to be reckoned with, being one of the best all-around guns in the game. Damage is on par with the Colt Peacemaker, and easily kills with headshots, the accuracy is almost perfect when still and its large magazine makes it useful for several firefights. The only downside being said magazine, which always needs to be watched less you run empty and have to suffer with the slow reload from dry.

Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" rifle - .44 Henry rimfire
The player holds the "Yellow Boy" while marveling at the terrain.
World model.

Winchester Model 1892 "Mare's Leg"

The Winchester Model 1892 "Mare's Leg" appears as a sidearm, under the "Mare's Leg" name, and can be spawned with and dual wielded (the weapon being spin-cocked when wielded in one hand). The Mare's Leg is a powerful gun in close quarters, boasting damage on par with the Remington Army or Single Action Army, plus more rounds. The con to that being a dreadfully slow reload, especially from dry, and horrible accuracy at range.

Replica Winchester 1892 "Mare's Leg" - .44-40 Winchester
The player holds the "Mare's Leg".
Dual wielding.
World model.


Gatling Gun

The Gatling Gun on a wheeled carriage appears as stationary weapon on some maps and in the "Gatling vs Undead" single player challenge. It has infinite ammo.

British M1865 Gatling Gun - .50-70 Government
World model of the Gatling.
Firing the Gatling gun in first person; for some reason red particles shoot out of the muzzle. When firing the crank spins by itself.


A Cannon apears in one of the tutorials. It has infinite ammo.

World model of the Cannon.
First person view of the Cannon. Note the unusual mount that allows it to rotate to the sides

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