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Smith & Wesson Model 66

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Smith & Wesson Model 66 with 4" barrel - .357 Magnum
Smith & Wesson Model 66 with 4" barrel & Hogue grips - .357 Magnum
Smith & Wesson Model 66 Snub Nose with 2.5" barrel - .357 Magnum
Smith & Wesson Model 66 Snub Nose with Pachmayr grips - .357 Magnum
Smith & Wesson Model 66 - .357 Magnum. Current production with 2.75" barrel.

Introduced in 1972, the Smith & Wesson Model 66 is a stainless-steel version of the Smith & Wesson Model 19, which was their .357 Magnum version of the Model 15. Both the Model 19 (which is seen in either blued or nickel plated versions) and the stainless steel Model 66 are referred to as "Combat Magnums". The term "Combat Masterpiece" only refers to either the Model 15 or its stainless-steel version, the Model 67. Discontinued in favor of the L-frame Smith & Wesson Model 620, it was re-introduced in 2014 with 4.25" barrel, followed by a 2.75" version.


(1971 - 2003, 2014 - Present)

  • Type: Revolver
  • Caliber(s): .357 Magnum, .38 Special
  • Weight: 2.25 lb (1.02 kg)
  • Length: in ( mm)
  • Barrel lengths: 2.5", 2.75", 3", 4", 4.25", 6"
  • Capacity: 6-round Cylinder
  • Fire Modes: SA/DA

The Smith & Wesson Model 66 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Note Date
Barbarian Georgina Campbell Tess Marshall Hogue grips 2022
Barbarian Justin Long AJ Gilbride Hogue grips 2022
Barbarian Richard Brake Frank Hogue grips 2022
Nobody Yulian's mafia member Snub 2021
Shaft Richard Roundtree John Shaft 2019
3 From Hell Pancho Moler Sebastian Airsoft, white plastic grips 2019
Halloween Jamie Lee Curtis Laurie Strode 2018
The Bad Batch E.R. Ruiz Lone Man 2016
We Still Kill the Old Way Street gang member Snub Nosed 2014
The Rover Scoot McNairy Henry 2014
Kill the Messenger Jeremy Renner Gary Webb 2014
The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared Jens Hultén Gäddan Snub Nosed 2013
The Family seen in a gun cache 2013
Killing Them Softly Trevor Long Steve Caprio 2012
Easy Money 2 Dejan Cukic Radovan Snub Nosed 2012
Horrible Bosses Kevin Spacey Dave Harkin 2011
Attack the Block Jumayn Hunter Hi-Hatz Snub Nosed 2011
Attack the Block Lee Long Patrick Snub Nosed 2011
From Paris With Love A kid's thug Snub Nosed 2010
Street Kings Forest Whitaker Capt. Wander 2008
The International Jack McGee Detective Bernie Ward Snub Nosed 2008
The International Clive Owen Louis Salinger Snub Nosed 2008
The Brave One Larry Fessenden Sandy Combs Snub Nosed w/ Pachmayr grips 2007
Urban Justice Eddie Griffin Armand Tucker 2007
Urban Justice Steven Seagal Simon Ballister 2007
Hostel: Part III Sarah Habel Kendra 2007
Skinwalkers Elias Koteas Jonas 2007
Arthur Hailey's Detective Casey Sander Det. Martin Quinn 2005
Dawn of the Dead (2004) Jayne Eastwood Norma Snub Nosed 2004
The Rundown Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Beck Snub Nosed w/ Pachmayr grips 2003
Femme Fatale Rebecca Romijn Laure Snub Nosed 2002
Femme Fatale Antonio Banderas Nicolas Bardo Snub Nosed 2002
Austin Powers in Goldmember Beyoncé Knowles Foxxy Cleopatra Snub Nosed 2002
Heist Sam Rockwell Jimmy Silk Snub Nosed 2001
Blow Penelope Cruz Mirtha Jung Snub Nosed 2001
Exit Wounds Carjacker Snub Nosed 2001
Beyond the City Limits Alexis Denisof Yuri Snub Nosed 2001
Beyond the City Limits Jennifer Esposito Helena Toretti Snub Nosed 2001
Beyond the City Limits Alyson Hannigan Lexi Snub Nosed 2001
Beyond the City Limits Nastassja Kinski Misha Snub Nosed 2001
Training Day Cle Shaheed Sloan Bone Snub Nosed 2001
Murder in the Mirror Jane Seymour Dr. Mary Kost Richland 2000
Murder in the Mirror John Enos III The pimp Rick 2000
The Crew Frank Vincent Marty 2000
The Crew Ron Karabatsos Fat Pauly 2000
The Gift Keanu Reeves Donnie Barksdale 2005
End of Days Derrick O'Connor Thomas Aquinas Snub Nosed w/ Black rubber grips 1999
The Lost Son Daniel Auteuil Xavier Lombard Snub nose 1999
Black Dog Randy Travis Earl engraved 1998
Enemy of the State Vic Manni Vic Snub Nosed 1998
Recoil Sloan's bodyguards Snub nose 1998
Legion of Fire: Killer Ants! Mitch Pileggi Police Chief Jeff Croy 4" barrel & Hogue grips 1998
Eric Lutes Dr. Jim Conrad
Boogie Nights Alfred Molina Rahad Jackson 1997
The Saint Valeri Nikolayev Ilya Tretiak 1997
One Eight Seven Jonah Rooney Stevie Snub Nosed 1997
Turbulence Hector Elizondo Lt. Aldo Hines Snub Nosed 1997
A Life Less Ordinary Holly Hunter O'Reilly rubber grips 1997
Set it Off WC Darnell 1996
From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) John Hawkes Pete Bottoms 1996
Silent Trigger Christopher Heyerdahl O'Hara 1996
Maximum Risk Zach Grenier Ivan Dzasokhov 1996
Heaven's Prisoners Eric Roberts Bubba Rocque Snub Nosed 1996
Original Gangstas Dru Down Kayo 4" barrel 1996
A gang member
Desperado Snub Nosed 1995
Rumble in the Bronx Garvin Cross Angelo Snub Nosed 1995
The River Wild Kevin Bacon Wade Snub Nosed 1994
The River Wild Meryl Streep Gail Snub Nosed 1994
The Mask Peter Riegert Lt. Mitch Kellaway Snub Nosed 1994
Death Wish V: The Face of Death Charles Bronson Paul Kersey Snub nose 1994
Death Wish V: The Face of Death Michael Parks Tommy O'Shea Snub nose 1994
True Romance Christian Slater Clarence Worley Snub Nosed 1993
The Fugitive Andreas Katsulas Frederick Sykes Snub Nosed 1993
Red Rock West Dwight Yoakam Truck Driver 1993
Reservoir Dogs Chris Penn "Nice Guy" Eddie Snub Nosed 1992
The Third Planet (Tretya planeta) Seen in the gun shop; w/ long barrel 1991
The Last Boy Scout Bruce Willis Joe Hallenbeck Snub Nosed w/ Pachmayr grips 1991
The Last Boy Scout Danielle Harris Darian Hallenbeck Snub Nosed w/ Pachmayr grips 1991
The Last Boy Scout One of Marcone's thugs 1991
Goodfellas Joe Pesci Tommy DeVito Snub Nosed 1990
Downtown Wanda De Jesus Detective Diaz 1990
Another 48 Hrs. Eddie Murphy Reggie Hammond Snub Nosed 1990
Broken Arrow Samantha Mathis US Park Ranger Terry Carmichael Full sized w/ Hogue Grips 1990
Predator 2 Snub Nosed 1990
Short Time Dabney Coleman Det. Burt Simpson Snub nose 1990
China O'Brien II Jaren Harbrecht Jake 1990
China O'Brien II Baskin's henchmen 1990
An Innocent Man David Rasche Detective Parnell 1989
Blue Steel Clancy Brown Detective Nick Mann Snub Nosed 1989
Blue Steel Ron Silver Eugene Hunt Snub Nosed 1989
Black Rain Andy Garcia NYPD Det. Charlie Vincent Snub Nosed 1989
Black Rain Michael Douglas NYPD Det. Nick Conklin Snub Nosed 1989
Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects Charles Bronson Lt. Crowe Snub nose 1989
Hero and the Terror Jeffrey Kramer Dwight Snub nose 1988
Red Heat James Belushi Art Ridžić Pachmayr grips and 2.5" barrel 1988
Crocodile Dundee II Juan Fernández Miguel 1988
Beverly Hills Cop II One of Kane's assassins Snub Nosed 1987
Burglar Whoopi Goldberg Bernice Rhodenbarr Snub nose 1987
Adventures in Babysitting John Ford Noonan John Pruitt 1987
Man on Fire Danny Aiello Conti Snub nose 1987
The Hitcher C. Thomas Howell Jim Halsey 1986
The Hitcher Jennifer Jason Leigh Nash 1986
The Hitcher Billy Green Bush Trooper Jack Donner 1986
Stick Dar Robinson Moke 1986
8 Million Ways to Die Jeff Bridges Matt Scudder 1986
8 Million Ways to Die Randy Brooks Chance Snub nose 1986
Tightrope Clint Eastwood NOPD Detective Wes Block Snub Nosed 1984
Tightrope Dan Hedaya Detective Molinari 1984
Revenge of the Ninja David Barth Donny 1983
Rambo: First Blood Brian Dennehy Sheriff Will Teasle 1982
Super Fuzz Salvatore Borghese Paradise Alley 1980
Super Fuzz Terence Hill Dave Speed 1980
Crime Busters Terence Hill Matt Kirby 1977
Crime Busters Miami PD officers 1977
The Gauntlet Clint Eastwood Ben Shockley Snub Nosed 1977
The Gauntlet Sondra Locke Gus Mally Snub Nosed 1977


Show Title Actor Character Note / Episode Air Date
Magnum P.I. Ann Dusenberry Katrina Tremaine 1980-1988
Magnum P.I. "Skin Deep" (S1E06) 1980-1988
Simon & Simon Jameson Parker A.J. Simon 1981-1989
Miami Vice - Season 3 FHP Officer "Walk-Alone" (S3E04) 1986
Alien Nation - The Series Charley Lan Kenny Dunstan "The Takeover" (S1E05) 1989
Alien Nation - The Series Gary Graham Detective Sikes "Crossing The Line" (S1E18) 1989
Walker, Texas Ranger Chuck Norris Texas Ranger Cordell Walker Snub Nosed 1993-2002
Kommissar Rex - Season 1 Alexander Strobele Markus Spitzer "Endstation Wien" 1994
Kommissar Rex - Season 1 Gedeon Burkhard Stefan Lanz "Amok" 1994
Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei 1996-????
Walker, Texas Ranger Damon Collazo Drug Dealer Victor Solano Snub Nosed / "Rookie" (S5E26) 1997
The X-Files - Season 5 Robert Wisden 'Pusher' Robert Patrick Modell "Kitsunegari" (S5E08) 1997
Walker, Texas Ranger Brent Anderson Agent Bill Coopersmith Snub Nosed / "Tribe" (S6E13) 1998
The X-Files - Season 7 Mob thug Snub Nosed / "The Goldberg Variation" (S7E06) 1999
Haunted (2002) Benjamín Benítez Sanchez Snub Nosed w/ Pachmayr grips / "Nexus" (S1E13) 2002
The X-Files - Season 9 Steve Ryan Sheriff Jack Coogan "Scary Monsters" (S9E14) 2002
Fabio Montale Alain Delon Fabio Montale 2002
NCIS - Season 1 Jamie Luner Amanda Reed Snub Nosed / "Dead Man Talking" (S01E19) 2004
Zero Hour (2004) GIGN agent With 4" barrel; "Shoot-Out in Marseilles" (S3E06) 2004-2006
My Name is Earl S2E12 2005-2009
Criminal Minds - Season 2 Melissa Leo Sheriff Georgia Davis "No Way Out" (S02E13) 2007
CSI: NY - Season 4 Misha Collins Morton Brite Snub Nosed / "Can You Hear Me Now" (S4E01) 2007
East West 101 2008
Revolution - Season 1 David Meunier Will Strausser 2012
Fargo - Season 1 Martin Freeman Lester Nygard 2015
The Blacklist - Season 2 Ramsey Faragallah Ali Hassan "The Scimitar (No. 22)" 2015
Wayward Pines - Season 1 Terrence Howard Sheriff Pope 2015
Wayward Pines - Season 1 Matt Dillon Ethan Burke 2015
Stranger Things - Season 1 David Harbour Chief Hopper 2016
Hap and Leonard - Season 1 Christina Hendricks Trudy "Eskimos" (S1E6) 2016
Hap and Leonard - Season 1 Pollyanna McIntosh Angel "War" (S1E5) 2016
Hap and Leonard - Season 1 Jimmi Simpson Soldier "Eskimos" (S1E5) 2016
Stranger Things - Season 3 David Harbour Chief Hopper 2019
Fear the Walking Dead - Season 6 Craig Nigh Ranger Hill "The End Is the Beginning" (S6E01), "Welcome to the Club" (S6E02), "The Key" (S6E04), "Honey" (S6E05), "Bury Her Next to Jasper's Leg" (S6E06), "Damage From the Inside" (S6E07), "The Door" (S6E08), "Things Left to Do" (S6E09) 2020-2021
Tulsa King Sylvester Stallone Dwight "The General" Manfredi 2022


Title Character Note Date
New Dominion Tank Police Brenten 1993
Hyper Police Sakura Bokuseiinmonzeninari 1997
Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage Thugs at the Yellow Flag 2006
Archer Kenny Loggins Season 5, Episode 6 2014

Video Game

Game Title Appears as Note Release Date
Zombie Panic Source "Revolver" 4 inch barrel and regular wooden grips 2007
Cross Fire "M66" Snub Nose 2007
Condemned 2: BloodShot ".38 Revolver" Snub Nose with regular wooden grips 2008
Contagion "Revolver" 4 inch barrel and rubber grips 2013

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