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Martini-Henry Rifle Series

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Martini-Henry Mk. I (1871-1876) - .577-.450 caliber
Martini-Henry Mk. II (1877-1881) - .577-.450 caliber
Martini-Henry Mk. III (1881-1888) - .577-.450 caliber
Martini-Henry Mk. IV (1888-1889) - .577-.450 caliber
Martini-Henry Carbine 1881 - .577-.450 caliber
Martini-Henry "Sporter" modified by the famous London gunsmith J. Rigby - .577-.450 caliber
"Arabized" Martini Henry with belt and foil cartridges - .577-.450 caliber

The Martini-Henry is a lever-action breech loading rifle developed as a quick loading cartridge rifle for use with the British Army. The weapon saw extensive service in the Zulu conflict and remained in use until it was phased out by bolt action Lee-Enfield rifles and Maxim machine guns. It uses a unique bullet, a cartridge built using a .577 brass casing pinched down onto a .45 caliber .450 bullet to fit the chamber. The head spacing in the chamber must have been pretty poor to fit a round with several crimps in the case, but it proved reliable and effective for the time it served.

The Martini-Henry Rifle Series and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:



Title Actor Character Note Date
Heroes of Shipka (Geroite na Shipka) Turkish soldiers Peabody-Martini 1955
Zulu Michael Caine Lt. Gonville Bromhead 1964
British soldiers
Zulu warriors Carbine version
Traitor's Gate A robber BSA Line Thrower, converted from Martini-Henry rifle 1964
Khartoum British and Egyptian soldiers and the Mahdists 1966
The Naked Prey Cornel Wilde The Man 1966
Adios, Sabata Several Ballentine's henchemen 1970
Young Winston Simon Ward Winston Churchill 1972
Sikh soldiers
R.A.S. Jean-François Balmer Raymond Dax "Arabized" version, confiscated in Algerian village. 1974
Jaws Robert Shaw Quint W.W. Greener Harpoon gun, based on the Martini-Henry action 1975
The Wind and the Lion Brian Keith President Teddy Roosevelt Sporter version 1975
The Man Who Would be King Sean Connery Danny Dravot 1975
Michael Caine Peachy Carnehan
Native soldiers
Blood Brothers (Blutsbrüder) Cornel Ispas Big Fred Supposedly a Swiss Schuetzen 1975
The Thirty Nine Steps police carbine 1978
police Artillery carbine
Robert Powell Hannay Artillery carbine
Slavers Ron Ely Steve Hamilton Mk. II 1978
Ray Milland Hassan "Arabized" version, Mk. II
Various characters "Arabized" version, Mk. II
Zulu Dawn Bob Hoskins CSM Williams 1979
Paul Copley Corporal Storey
British soldiers Rifle and carbine versions
Gandhi South African guards 1982
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom The Thuggees 1984
The Silver Mask (Masca de argint) Romanian soldier M1879 Peabody-Martini 1985
Everything is Paid (Totul se plateste) A brigand M1879 Peabody-Martini 1987
The Art of Living in Odessa (Iskusstvo zhit v Odesse) Sergey Migitsko Monya Artillerist Martini-Henry action pistol 1989
Shadow of the Wolf Lou Diamond Phillips Agaguk 1992
Jennifer Tilly Igiyook
Eight Hundred Leagues Down the Amazon Daphne Zuniga Minha 1993
Adam Baldwin Roja
The Jungle Book Native soldiers 1994
Waterworld Kevin Costner The Mariner Mocked as a grappling hook rifle 1995
The Ghost and the Darkness Brian McCardie Angus Starling 1996
Various characters
Dollar for the Dead US officer Probably a Spanish copy 1998
From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter . Mexican soldiers Carbine 2000
The Lost World Tom Ward John Roxton Rifles with short fore-ends 2001
Tamati Rice Achille (briefly)
The Sign of Four Police constables 2001
The Four Feathers Heath Ledger Harry Faversham 2002
Wes Bentley Jack Durrance
Michael Sheen Captain William Trench
The Four Feathers Kris Marshall Edward Castelton 2002
The Hound of the Baskervilles Prison guards Carbine 2002
The Royal Scandal Guards at the Admiralty 2002
Ned Kelly Police 2003
The Turkish Gambit (Turetskiy gambit) Turkish soldiers 2005
The Golden Compass Samoyed tribesmen 2007
The Wolfman Michael Cronin Dr. Lloyd Mk. III Sporterized 2010
Benicio del Toro Lawrence Tablot Mk. III Sporterized
Anthony Hopkins John Talbot Mk. III Sporterized
Policemen Mk. IV
Tracker Andy Anderson Bryce Martini-Enfield Artillery Carbine 2010
Mark Mitchinson Sgt. Maj. Saunders
Mick Rose Sgt. Leybourne
Soldiers New Zealand Martini-Enfield Carbine
Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows Paul Anderson Sebastian Moran Heavily customized Sporter 2011
The Lost City of Z Charlie Hunnam Col. Percy Fawcett Mk. III Artillery Carbine 2017
Robert Pattinson Henry Costin Mk. III
Tom Holland Jack Fawcett Trade Pattern Martini-Enfield
Bolivian soldiers Mk. III
True History of the Kelly Gang George MacKay Ned Kelly Mk I or II 2019
Earl Cave Dan Kelly
Gang members, police constables


Title Actor Character Note / Episode Date
The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes Martin Jarvis Philip Marsden Martini-Enfield Artillery Carbine; "Five Hundred Carats" (S02E02) 1973
Ripper Street Various Armed robbers Martini-Enfield Artillery Carbine / "The Weight of One Man's Heart" (S01E05) 2013
Rebellion Brian Gleeson Jimmy Mahon Ep. 01, Carbine 2016
ICA members Carbine
The War of the Worlds Milo Twomey The Sergeant Major Ep. 02; Carbine 2019
Around the World in 80 Days British troops Ep. 03, 05 2021
The Irregulars British Royal Guards Only on a production still 2021

Video Game

Game Title Appears as Mods Notation Release Date
Battlefield: 1918 2004
Assassin's Creed Unity "Silver-Plated Musket" anachronistic for French Revolution 2014
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades "Martini-Henry" Mk. II 2016
Battlefield 1 "Martini-Henry" 2016
Hunt: Showdown "Martini-Henry IC1" IC1, in artillery configuration; added in patch 1.1.3 (2019) 2018
"Martini-Henry IC1 Riposte" fitted with bayonet
"Martini-Henry IC1 Deadeye" fitted with low-power scope
Tannenberg "M1879 Peabody-Martini" 2019


Film/TV Show Character Note Date
The Empire of Corpses British soldiers 2015
Undead Girl Murder Farce Royal British soldiers "The Immortal of London" (E05) 2023

Martini Schuetzen Rifle

German manufactured Martini Action Schuetzen Rifle
Martini-Stahl system Schuetzen Rifle - 8.15x46mm R
German Kessler Schuetzen rifle
Swiss military-style Martini Schuetzen rifle by Schlaepfer - .41 Swiss RF

Peabody-Martini dropping-block action was widely used on German and Swiss Schuetzen (target) rifles, produced by numerous manufacturers in 1880s-1900s. Some models retained original Martini action, other, like Kessler system, were improved. These rifles were chambered in wide range of calibers, from 4mm Flobert to 10-11mm, but most popular cartridge was 8.15x46R.

The Martini Schuetzen Rifles and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Note Date
The Death Ray (Luch smerti) Aleksandra Khokhlova Female shooter 1968
Pyotr Galadzhev Circus director
Trail of the Falcon (Spur des Falken) Horst Kube Chat Kessler system 1968
Holger Mahlich Pat Patterson
Milan Jablonský Bad Face
US soldiers and Dakota warriors
White Wolves (Weisse Wölfe) Barbara Brylska Catherine Emerson 1969
Milivoje Popovic-Mavid Little Wolf Kessler system
Slobodan Velimirovic Strong Left Hand Kessler system
Milan Jablonský Jim Kessler system
US soldiers, Cheyenne warriors, bandits
Fatal Error (Tödlicher Irrtum) Shoshone warriors and Lee Garrett's workers 1970
Osceola Gerhard Rachold Joe Hammer 1971
Werner Kanitz Phipps Martini-Stahl
Raynes' men
Apaches (Apachen) Milan Bosiljcic Johnson 1973
Hartmut Beer Gleason
Dirk Jungnickel A henchman Kessler
Colea Rautu Nana Martini-Stahl
Johnson's men and gold prospectors
Ulzana US Cavalrymen, Apaches 1974
Blood Brothers (Blutsbrüder) Gojko Mitic Hard Cliff Kessler 1975
Cornel Ispas Big Fred
US Cavalrymen, Cheyennes
Mark Twain: Against (Mark Tven protiv...) Seen in Aunt Wealler's store; with fake sniper scope 1976
The Scout (Der Scout) Nez Perces warriors Martini-Stahl 1983
Prairie Hunters in Mexico (Präriejäger in Mexiko) Gojko Mitic Bear Eye 1988
Kolio Donchev Black Gérard
Indians, Mexican bandits and Juarez' men

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