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Osceola Poster.jpg
VHS Cover
Country GDR.jpg East Germany
BUL-com.jpg Bulgaria
CUBA.jpg Cuba
Directed by Konrad Petzold
Release Date 1971
Language German
Studio DEFA
Main Cast
Character Actor
Osceola Gojko Mitic
William Raynes Horst Schulze
Richard Moore Iurie Darie
Gladis Raynes Karin Ugowski
Zilla Raynes Kati Bus
Rhea Pepa Nikolova
Che-Cho-Ter Iskra Radeva
Joe Hammer Gerhard Rachold

Osceola is a 1971 East German Western ("Red Western") movie directed by Konrad Petzold. The film is a screen adaptation of the novel "Osceola the Seminole" by Thomas Mayne Reid, starring Gojko Mitic as Osceola, the leader of Seminoles tribe in 1830s Florida.

The following weapons were used in the film Osceola:


Colt Single Action Army Cavalry Model

A pair of gold-plated Colt Single Action Army Cavalry model revolvers is seen in the movie. It's worth noting that SAA revolvers are anachronistic for 1830s. Same revolvers are seen in other DEFA Westerns, like Fatal Error (Tödlicher Irrtum).

Colt Single Action Army with 7.5" barrel known as the "Cavalry" model - .45 Long Colt
Joe Hammer (Gerhard Rachold), Raynes' estate manager, fires at the boat with escaping slaves.
Hammer gives his revolver to Phipps (Werner Kanitz) and in turn takes Phipps' flintlock carbine (see below).
Osceola (Gojko Mitic) uses a revolver, seized from a guard, during the shootout with Hammer in the basement of Raynes' estate.
Osceola holds Hammer on gunpoint.
Hummer surrenders his revolver.


Chatellerault Cavalry Model 1822 Percussion Pistol

Sawmill owner Richard Moore (Iurie Darie) carries a Chatellerault Cavalry Model 1822 Percussion Pistol (or very similar Model 1842) in one scene. Same looking pistol is used by a guard (Gerhard Neubauer) in Raynes' estate. It appears to be that a single prop is reused throughout the movie.

Chatellerault Model 1822 T Percussion Cavalry Pistol - .69 cal
A guard in the basement of Raynes' estate carries a pistol in his belt.
A pistol on Moore's nightstand. The grip with lanyard ring is seen.
Awakened Moore graps the gun.
Moore with the pistol.
The pistol in hand of the guard. The muzzle is seen.

Flintlock Pistol

Richard Moore (Iurie Darie) also uses a Flintlock Pistol of military pattern. Same looking pistols are used by Raynes' men. It appears to be that a single prop is reused throughout the movie. The gun looks authentic (not a mocked up shotgun with fake lock), though of course it "fires" by using pyrotechnical charges.

Note: see additional images on talk page.

Moore carries a flintlock pistol in his belt.
Moore raises a flintlock pistol on Joe Hammer who pursues runaway slaves on Moore's land.
A closeup of the pistol in hand of Raynes' man, firing at Seminoles.
The lock remains still.
A very typical view of pyrotechnical "firing".
A closeup of the barrel.
Another closeup of the barrel.


Charleville Model 1786 Hussar Carbine

Flintlock carbines are seen in several scenes, mainly used by Osceola (Gojko Mitic). It appears to be a Charleville Model 1786 Hussar Carbine, most likely a modern replica. Probably same gun is seen in another DEFA production, Tecumseh (1972).

Note: see additional images on talk page.

Model 1786 Hussar Carbine (modern Pedersoli "Ussaro Mod 1786" replica) - .69 caliber
Gojko Mitic holds a flintlock carbine on a promotion still.
A closer view of Phipps' (Werner Kanitz) carbine.
Joe Hammer takes the carbine from Phipps and gives him his revolver.
Hammer fires the carbine.
Osceola holds the flintlock carbine.
Osceola holds the carbine in another scene.
One of Raynes' men fires same looking carbine during the ambush on Seminoles.

Flintlock Carbine

One or two flintlock carbines of another model are also seen. Possibly these are Charleville Model 1816 Cavalry Carbines (note the simplified barrel band and the lack of ramrod that is perfectly seen on Model 1786) but it is hard to say for sure.

French 1816 Cavalry Flintlock Carbine - .69 caliber
A carbine in Osceola's boat.
Osceola leads his warriors across the swamp. While Osceola holds an Model 1786 carbine (note the barrel band), a man, following the leader, is armed with a carbine with simplified barrel band that may be a Model 1816.
Another view of this carbine.
Two Seminole warriors hold carbines. They seem to lack any kind of lock.

Flintlock Musket

Full-length Flintlock Muskets are seen in hands of Seminole warriors and Raynes' men. This guns may be hunting guns of later era, fitted with fake flint locks (during the shooting locks remail still, like it is with flintlock pistols in the movie).

One of Seminole tribal chiefs Charlie Emathla (Daniel Michev) holds a flintlock musket.
The musket is seen next to dead Emathla, killed by Osceola for treachery.
Raynes' men fire at Seminoles.
A closeup of flint lock. Note that the flint itself is fake, being unnaturally smooth.
Seminole Arpeika (Ivan Dorin), Osceola's supporter, holds a flintlock musket. It seems to be the same gun, used earlier by Emathla.
A long gun is seen in the basement (at the right). It also appears to be the same musket.


Martini Action Schuetzen Rifle

Joe Hammer (Gerhard Rachold), Phipps (Werner Kanitz) and other overseers of Raynes' plantation use single shot Martini action Schuetzen rifles, popular German target and hunting guns. Mostly these rifles are Martini-Stahl model, identified by the shape of the lever.

Note: see additional images on talk page.

Martini-Stahl system Schuetzen Rifle - 8.15x46mm R
Phipps with a Schuetzen rifle. In previous moment he was seen with a flintlock musket (see above).
Phipps' rifle is seen at the right.
A man with rifle in ambush.
A closeup of the barrel.
Hammer's rifle leans againt the tree.
Hammer readies his rifle...
...and fires at a Seminole.
Hammer holds Richard Moore at gunpoint.

Various rifles/muskets

Some long guns are briefly seen in several scenes.

Several long guns are seen in powder magazine on military steamer.


Triple Barreled Shotgun/Rifle

Richard Moore (Iurie Darie) uses a Drilling, three-barreled combination shotgun/rifle with exposed hammers. This gun seems to be the same prop, used in other DEFA movies, Kit & Co. and Sing, Cowboy, Sing.

Three-barreled Drilling combination gun with exposed hammers - 16 gauge & 9.3x57mm
Moore holds his Drilling when confronting Joe Hammer.
Close view of the muzzles.
Another view of the gun.
Closer view of the gun.
Moore holds his gun in another scene.


A muzzleloading cannon is mounted on a military steamer. It appears to be a faithful replica of an early 19th century carronade, large enough for 24-pounder or 32-pounder caliber.


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