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Blue Bird

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Blue Bird
Blauvogel DVD.jpg
DVD Cover
Country GDR.jpg East Germany
Directed by Ulrich Weiß
Release Date 1979
Language German
Studio DEFA
Main Cast
Character Actor
George Ruster aka Blue Bird (child) Robin Jaeger
George Ruster aka Blue Bird (adult) Gabriel Marian Oseciuc
Mildred Ruster Jutta Hoffmann
John Ruster Kurt Böwe
George Catlin Jorg Foth
Raccoon Gheorghe Patru
Midday Sun Ileana Mavrodineanu

Blue Bird (Blauvogel in German) is a 1979 East German Western ("Red Western") movie directed by Ulrich Weiß and loosely based on the novel by Anna Jürgen. Unlike most DEFA adventure movies, this one is more child-oriented. The story is set in mid-18th century. Nine year-old George Ruster, son of a British settler, is kidnapped by Iroquois. An Indian family adopts the boy in the place of their deceased son and gives him the name "Blue Bird". Years passed, and he finds himself associated with Iroquois tribe rather with his former people.

The following weapons were used in the film Blue Bird:

Charleville Model 1786 Hussar Carbine

A Charleville Model 1786 Hussar Carbine (most likely a modern replica) is seen in hands of Blue Bird (Robin Jaeger) in several scenes. Probably same gun is seen in other DEFA productions, Osceola (1971) and Tecumseh (1972).

Model 1786 Hussar Carbine (modern Pedersoli "Ussaro Mod 1786" replica) - .69 caliber
Iroquois Raccoon (Gheorghe Patru) gifts a carbine to his adopted son Blue Bird (Robin Jaeger).
Blue Bird aims at his enemy, young Iroquois named Fox.
A closer view of the flint lock.
Blue Bird fires at British border guards. Note that the hammer of the flint lock (without a flint in jaws) moves, as it would be on a real gun, but of course the muzzle smoke is produced by pyrotechnic charge.

Brown Bess Flintlock Musket

Flintlock Muskets are seen in hands of British and French soldiers, settlers and Iroquois warriors. Most of them resemble British Brown Bess Flintlock Muskets.

Note: see additional images on talk page.

Modern reproduction Brown Bess Carbine - .75 caliber
John Ruster (Kurt Böwe) and Andrew (Jan Spitzer) with muskets.
French soldiers aim muskets.
British border guards fire at escaping Blue Bird.
A young Iroquois warrior fires.
Musket "fires", the hammer of the flint lock remain immobile.
Raccoon (Gheorghe Patru) fires at British border guards.

Flintlock Musket

Raccoon (Gheorghe Patru) own a Flintlock Musket of a different model. It resembles English Doglock musket. Some Iroquois warriors have muskets of same outlook.

Modern reproduction of 17th Century English Doglock Musket
Raccoon holds a musket when hunting a stag.
Blue Bird with Raccoon's musket.
The barrel of the musket is seen.
The buttstock of the musket is seen.
Iroquois warriors hold muskets during a ritual dance. A musket in center looks similar to Little Bear's one.

Charleville Musket

In one scene Andrew (Jan Spitzer) holds a flintlock musket that looks like French Charleville Musket.

Original Charleville Mle 1763 - .69 caliber

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