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The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes

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The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes
The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes DVD.jpg
DVD Cover
Country UKD.jpg UK
Channel Thames Television
ITV Network
Genre Crime
Broadcast 1971 (S1)
1973 (S2)
No. of Seasons 2
No. of Episodes 26

The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes is a British anthology detective TV series produced by Thames Television. The first season aired in 1971, and the second in 1973. The series presented adaptations of short stories featuring fictional detectives who were literary contemporaries of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. The first season got the 1972 BAFTA TV Award for Best Design.

The list of the main characters include more than twenty detectives, both amateurs and professionals (for the full list of characters and their creators, see the article in Wikipedia).

The following weapons were used in the television series The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes:


Webley Bulldog

In the final scene in "The Missing Witness Sensation" (S01E02) two police constables are armed with Webley Bulldog revolvers. Lady Molly (Elvi Hale) and her assistant Miss Mary Grandard (Ann Beach) train with Bulldog revolvers on a shooting range in "The Woman in the Big Hat" (S01E09).

Webley British Bulldog - .45 caliber - 1870s
Two constables aim their revolvers at the kidnappers in "The Missing Witness Sensation". The revolver at the left has fluted cylinder.
One of the constables holds his revolver.

Lady Molly fires a Bulldog revolvers on a shooting range in "The Woman in the Big Hat".
Miss Grandard puts her hand on an another Bulldog.
Both revolvers are seen on the table.

Webley Metropolitan Police New Model

In the opening scene in "The Affair of the Avalanche Bicycle & Tyre Co. Ltd." (S01E03) a private detective Horace Dorrington (Peter Vaughan) draws a Webley Metropolitan Police revolver from his table. The revolver has a fluted cylinder so it's a Metropolitan Police New Model version that appeared in 1883 and was adopted by the London police a year later.

Webley Metropolitan Police New Model - .450
Dorrington opens the drawer. The checkered grip of the revolver is seen.
Dorrington takes the revolver.
Dorrington aims his revolver at an imaginary target.
One more view of the revolver.

Webley RIC Model 83 or 86

Mr. Piercy (John Warner) holds a Webley RIC style revolver in the climactic scene in "The Ripening Rubies" (S01E12). Probably this is a Model 83 or Model 86. Of the two samples below, the screen gun has the extractor head like Model 86 but the cylinder looks more similar to Model 83.

Webley RIC Model 83
Webley RIC Model 86 - .455 Webley
Piercy surprises Bernard Sutton (Robert Lang).
He holds Sutton at gunpoint.
The revolver is seen from another side.
The lanyard ring is seen on the grip.
Piercy holds his revolver at Sutton's head.
The revolver lies on the floor.

Webley .455 Mk I

Philip Marsden (Martin Jarvis) holds a Webley .455 Mk I in the climactic scene in "Five Hundred Carats" (S02E02) that is set in 1890 in the South Africa.

Webley Mk I - .455 Webley
Marsden draws his revolver.
He aims the revolver at Inspector Lipinski.
Marsden fires at Lipinski...
...and puts the revolver to his own head.

Colt Police Positive

Lt. Charles Beaumont (Michael Johnson) owns a Colt Police Positive revolver in "The Horse of the Invisible" (S01E05). Thomas Carnacki (Donald Pleasence) and Harry Parsket (Geoffrey Whitehead) hold Beaumont's revolver in several scenes. The year when this episode is set is not specified, but the original story was published in 1910, so Colt Police Positive that was introduced in 1905 is not anachronistic although it is a very modern gun.

Colt Police Positive with 4" Barrel - .38 Special
Lt. Beaumont draws his revolver when he hears the terrible neighing of a ghost horse.
Carnacki takes Beaumont's revolver.
Carnacki holds the revolver.
A good view of the barrel, the front sight and the extractor.

Velo-Dog Revolver

Harry Parsket (Geoffrey Whitehead) owns a pocket revolver in "The Horse of the Invisible" (S01E05). He describes it as a "German pocket gun" and a "peashooter", perhaps meaning a Velo-Dog. The gun is seen only in darkness and unclear. For what can seen, the revolver is probably a hammerless model, with a short barrel and without a trigger guard, so the folding trigger is a likely guess.

For reference: Belgian Velo-Dog Revolver - 5.75mm Velo-Dog. The screen gun appears to be of the same type but not exactly the same model.
Parsket draws his revolver.
It appears to be a hammerless gun.
Another view of Parsket's revolver.

Smith & Wesson Double Action

Horace Dorrington (Peter Vaughan) owns a top break 5-shot revolver in "The Case of the Mirror of Portugal" (S01E06). Judging by the shape of the rear part of the frame and the recurved trigger guard, this is one of the Smith & Wesson DA models, chambered in .32 or .38 caliber, like 2nd, 3rd or 4th Models. Some details, like the shape of the grip, seem to be different from original S&W revolvers, and the revolver is blued rather than nickel plated, so the screen gun is possibly a European clone. Such revolvers were widely produced in Belguim and some other European states.
In one scene Inspector Brent (Lloyd Lamble) takes the revolver from Dorrington's drawer and asks Dorrington if he has a license. Such a question is ridiculous for the Victorian era: while in 1870 a licence was introduced for anyone who wanted to carry a gun outside their home, there were no restrictions on keeping a firearm indoors. Dorrington himself uses the revolver later during the confrontation with Mr. Hamer (Paul Eddington).

For reference: Smith & Wesson Model 2 Double Action - .38 S&W. The screen gun is blued rather than nickel plated and differs in details but generally seems to be of the same type.
Inspector Brent turns Dorrington's revolver in his hands.
Dorrington takes the revolver. The recurved trigger guard can be seen. The rear part of the frame and the grip are slightly different from original Smith & Wesson revolvers.
Dorrington opens the revolver and checks the ammo.
He closes the revolver.
Dorrington holds the revolver. The recurved trigger guard can be seen.
Dorrington threatens Hamer.
A view from the muzzle.

Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless

The jeweler Bernard Sutton (Robert Lang) holds a nickel plated Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless revolver in several scenes in "The Ripening Rubies" (S01E12).

Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless revolver with nickel finish - .32 S&W
Sutton aims the revolver at a petty criminal Jaffee (Ron Pember) who tried to sell him a stolen ruby necklace.
Sutton discovers a hideout of high-society jewel thieves.
He breaks into the room.
Sutton aims his revolver at Mrs. Kavanagh (Moira Redmond).

St. Etienne Mle 1892

In the climactic scene in "The Case of the Dixon Torpedo" (S01E08) Ivanov (Michael Poole), an agent of the Russian secret police, aims a St. Etienne Mle 1892 revolver at private investigator Jonathan Pryde (Ronald Hines). Probably a French Mle 1892 is used as a stand-in for a Russian Nagant M1895 (although the original story by Arthur Morrison was written in 1894, this screen adaptation is set not earlier than 1897).

Modele d’Ordonnance Mle 1892 Revolver - 8x27mm SR
A close-up of Ivanov's revolver.
Ivanov threatens Pryde.
Ivanov fires.

Harrington & Richardson Hammerless Snub Nose

In the climactic scene in "The Assyrian Rejuvenator" (S01E11) Henry Jacobs (Derek Smith) holds a nickel plated snub nose Harrington & Richardson Top-Break Hammerless Safety revolver.

Harrington & Richardson .32 Hammerless with 2" barrel - .32 S&W
Con man Henry Jacobs draws his snub nose revolver.
Jacobs holds private investigator Romney Pringle (Donald Sinden) at gunpoint.
Another view of the revolver.
The ivory grip is seen.

Tranter M1868

Alfred Barton (Julian Glover) holds a Tranter M1868 revolver in the scene in Dr. Thorndyke's apartments in "The Moabite Cypher" (S02E09).

Tranter M1868 - .450
Barton aims the revolver at Dr. Thorndyke.
He fires.

American Bulldog Revolver

Jack Bellingham (Simon Gough) holds a revolver in "The Secret of the Foxhunter" (S02E10). This is a kind of American Bulldog revolver, with a simple extractor rod and a loading port without cover. Such revolvers, very similar in appearance, were produced by Iver Johnson, Harrington & Richardson and other manufacturers.

For reference: Iver Johnson Bulldog Model 1900 - .32
Jack Bellingham draws his revolver.
He holds the gun at Colonel Davidoff's (Peter Arne) head. The loading port is seen.

Pocket revolver 1

A pocket revolver with nickel finish, folding trigger and Bulldog style extractor is held by Mrs. Kavanagh (Moira Redmond) in the final scene in "The Ripening Rubies" (S01E12). The general appearance of the revolver allows to suppose that this gun is of a Belgian or German manufacture rather than a British one.

Mrs. Kavanagh holds the pocket revolver in the final scene.

Pocket revolver 2

Lt. Holst (John Thaw) of the Danish police finds a nickel plated pocket revolver with folding trigger in the cigar case of Russian Count Dimitri Wolkonski (Philip Madoc) in "The Sensible Action of Lieutenant Holst" (S02E06). Its notable features are short unfluted cylinder, probably chambered in .22 or similar caliber, more simple extractor than on Bulldog revolvers and rounded barrel.

For comparison: a Belgian pocket revolver with folding trigger - .230 Eley. This miniature gun looks very similar to the screen gun and really is carried in the cigar case with two compartments, one for cigars and another for the gun.
Lt. Holst finds the revolver in the cigar case.
He draws the gun.
The revolver looks like a toy in a large hand of the detective.

Unidentified revolvers

A top-break hammerless revolver with pearl or ivory grips is seen among Prof. Van Dusen's belongings in "Cell 13" (S02E03).

The revolver lies among the items, prepared for the prison break.

A pocket revolver is held by Mr. J.T. Laxworthy (Bernard Hepton) in "The Secret of the Magnifique" (S02E04). It is seen only in nearly complete darkness, and it's impossible to identify the gun.

Laxworthy aims the revolver at Lefant (Gary Watson) who is disguised as a French Navy officer.
Another view of the same scene.

Deubner (Brian Protheroe) holds a Bulldog or RIC style revolver in "Anonymous Letters" (S02E08).

Deubner holds the revolver.
Deubner aims the revolver at private detective Dagobert Trostler (Ronald Lewis).

Professor Dyne (John Phillips) aims a snub nose top-break hammerless revolver at Charles Dallas (Robin Ellis) in "The Missing Q.C.s" (S02E11). Such revolvers, commonly referred as "bicycle guns", were produced by Smith & Wesson, Harrington & Richardson, Iver Johnson and other manufacturers.

Mad scientist Prof. Dyne threatens Charles Dallas (Robin Ellis) with a snub nose revolver.
Dyne takes Dallas' bride Milly Revell (Celia Bannerman) as hostage.


Single Shot Breech Loading Pistol

Sir Hector Drummond (William Mervyn) holds a kind of single shot breech loading pistol in the opening scene in "The Superfluous Finger" (S02E07). It may be a small caliber "Gallery Gun" of Flobert or another similar system.

For reference: Belgian Gallery Pistol - .22. The screen gun looks very similar, with differences only in the decor.
Sir Hector holds the pistol.
Sir Hector accidentally fires the pistol.
The matched pair of the pistols is seen in the case. The only other item in the case is the cleaning rod which supports the identification of these guns as breech loading: the muzzleloading pistols have larger number of accessories.
Sir Hector takes one of the pistols.

Flintlock Pistol

An installation of a dozen of Flintlock Pistols is seen on the wall in Sir Hector Drummond's house in "The Superfluous Finger" (S02E07).

For reference: British Heavy Dragoon Pistol - .62 caliber
An installation with flintlock pistols is seen on the wall behind Sir Hector.


Double Barreled Shotgun

A manservant in Captain Hisgins' house holds a double barreled shotgun in "The Horse of the Invisible" (S01E05). Charles Beaumont (Michael Johnson) takes the shotgun in the climactic scene in the same episode.

A manservant holds a double barreled shotgun while he patrols the estate at night.
A shotgun leans against the wall. Beaumont takes it the next moment.


Martini-Enfield Artillery Carbine

A Martini-Enfield Artillery Carbine is seen in hands of Philip Marsden (Martin Jarvis) in "Five Hundred Carats" (S02E02). In one scene Inspector Lipinzki (Barry Keegan) takes the rifle from Marsden. The plot is set in 1890, too early for the Martini-Enfield that was introduced in 1895 and even for the Martini-Metford carbine that appeared in 1892.

Martini-Enfield Artillery Carbine - .303 British
Marsden holds the carbine when he returns from the hunt.
Inspector Lipinzki checks if the gun was fired in recent time.
Marsden draws the carbine from the saddle holster.
Marsden conflicts with Charlie Lomas (Richard Morant).
A good view of the breech.
Marsden aims the carbine towards Lipinzki who watches the scene from the top of the cliff.

Mauser Gewehr 1898

Several rifles are seen on Lady Molly's private shooting range in "The Woman in the Big Hat" (S01E09). Judging by the top H-style barrel bands and the barrel length, two of them are Mauser Gewehr 1898.

Mauser Gewehr 1898 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Two rifles at the background left (1 and 2) appear to be Mauser 98s.

Unidentified rifles

Except for the formentioned Mauser 98 rifles, there are four more lon guns on Lady Molly's private shooting range in "The Woman in the Big Hat" (S01E09). Two of them seem to be full-length military rifles (of those rifle 3 may be one of the pre-98 Mausers), and two more rifles are sporting or hunting guns with short handguards, semi-pistol grips and turned down bolt handles.

The third from the left rifle (3) is possibly a pre-98 Mauser.
Two long military rifles (3 and 6) and two hunting rifles (4 and 5) are seen in the gun rack.
Another view of the gun rack.

Other Weapons

Kugelhandgranate Model 1915 Hand Grenade

An anarchist group leader Alfred Barton (Julian Glover) holds a hand grenade in the climactic scene in "The Moabite Cypher" (S02E09). This grenade utilises the body of the German Kugelhandgranate Model 1915 n/A, while the fuze is probably of Mk 2 hand grenade. The year when this episode is set is not specified, but the original story was published in 1909 when hand grenades of such type were yet to be invented.

Kugelhandgranate 15. This is an original body, fitted with a replica fuze. Model 1915 n/A was a simplified version of Kugelhandgranate 13.
Barton holds the grenade.
He pulls the pin, threatening that he would kill both himself and the police detectives.

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