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Tracker (2010)

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Tracker 2010 Poster.jpg
Country UKD.jpg UK
New Zealand.jpg New Zealand
Directed by Ian Sharp
Release Date 2010
Studio Eden Films
Greenwich Music
New Zealand Film Commission
Distributor Kaleidoscope Entertainment
Paramount Pictures
Main Cast
Character Actor
Arjan van Diemen Ray Winstone
Kereama Temuera Morrison
Major Pritchard Carlysle Gareth Reeves
Sgt. Maj. Saunders Mark Mitchinson
Pvt. Renwick Daniel Musgrove
Bryce Andy Anderson
Sgt. Leybourne Mick Rose
Lucy Jodie Hillock

Tracker is a 2010 British-New Zealand action movie directed by Ian Sharp. In 1903 Arjan van Diemen (Ray Winstone), a Boers commando leader of the Second Boer War, emigrates from South Africa to New Zealand. When a posse is gathered to pursue a Maori named Kereama (Temuera Morrison) who was falsely accused in murder of a British soldier, Major Carlysle, a British veteran of the Boer War who personally knows van Diemen as a master tracker, hires him. Having developed sympathy for Kereama, van Diemen decides to help the Maori.

The following weapons were used in the film Tracker:


Webley No.5 Army Express

A Webley No.5 Army Express revolver is a sidearm of Sergeant Major Saunders (Mark Mitchinson).

Webley No.5 Express - .450 Adams
Saunders draws his revolver when he recognises van Diemen upon the latter's arrival to Auckland.
Saunders arrests van Diemen.
The revolver is seen from another side.
A close-up of the revolver.
A good view of Saunders' revolver holster. This is a correct pre-WWI cavalry pattern for Adams and early Webley revolvers.

Webley .38 Mk IV

An anachronistic Webley .38 Mk IV revolver is a sidearm of Major Pritchard Carlysle (Gareth Reeves), the officer in charge of the British garrison in Auckland.

Webley Mk IV - .38 S&W
A good view of Maj. Pritchard's revolver holster.
Maj. Pritchard aims his revolver.
Another view of Pritchard's revolver.
Van Diemen watches Pritchard through his telescope.
The revolver is seen from the front.


Mauser C96 Large Ring Hammer

Arjan van Diemen (Ray Winstone) owns very authentic Mauser C96 Large Ring Hammer pistol.

Mauser C96 Large Ring Hammer - 7.63x25mm Mauser. Unlike the sample, the screen gun has the late type milled frame but for the rest is identical.
Van Diemen aims at Kereama (Temuera Morrison).
Another view of the same scene.
A close-up of the Mauser.
Van Diemen gives his pistol to Kereama.
Kereama performs Maori ceremonial dance haka with the pistol in hands.
Van Diemen fires his Mauser.
A good view of Van Diemen's Mauser on a promotional image.
Van Diemen's pistol is seen from both sides on promotional images. The leather holster for the Mauser C96 can be seen.


Sporterized Mauser 1893 or 1895

Arjan van Diemen (Ray Winstone) carries a sporterized Mauser rifle that is based on 1893 or 1895 models, judging by the close-ups of the bolt and the rear sight (see talk page for additional info).

Van Diemen's rifle is seen in hands of Pvt. Brooke (Nicholas McGough) when van Diemen is released after the arrest.
A close-up of the barrel and the forend.
Van Diemen holds his rifle.
A good view of the bolt and the rear sight.
The rifle in hands of Kereama (Temuera Morrison).
Van Diemen fires after Kereama who jumped into the mountain river.
A general view of the rifle.
A good view of van Diemen's rifle on a promotional image.
A close-up of the rifle on a promotional image. This image proves that the rifle is a pre-98 Mauser.

Martini-Enfield Artillery Carbine

The local tracker Bryce (Andy Anderson), Sgt. Maj. Saunders (Mark Mitchinson), Sgt. Leybourne (Mick Rose), and several soldiers are armed with Martini-Enfield Artillery carbines. The carbines are loaded with .303 British cartridges with spitzer bullets that were adopted only in 1910. Martini-Enfield rifles were common weapons of Australian and New Zealand troops in the first decade of 20th century.

Martini-Enfield Artillery Carbine - .303 British
One of the soldiers, returning to New Zealand from South Africa, carries a Martini-Enfield Artillery carbine. This particular carbine has uncommon grasping grooves on the handguard.
Bryce aims his carbine at Kereama.
The breech of Bryce's carbine.
Sgt. Leybourne loads his carbine with a .303 cartridge with spitzer bullet. The blue uniform that he wears was used by the Armed Constabulary and the regular cadre of the New Zealand Volunteers.
The receiver of Sgt. Leybourne's carbine is seen.
Sgt. Maj. Saunders loads his carbine.
Bryce holds his carbine. Leybourne's carbine is seen at the background right.
A close-up of the barrel of Bryce's carbine.
Saunders holds his carbine.

Martini-Enfield Carbine (New Zealand)

Another kind of Martini-Enfield carbine is also used by a number of soldiers. This model is known among the gun collectors as "Martini-Enfield Carbine (New Zealand Local Pattern)". In early 1910s no less than a thousand Martini Enfield full length rifles were converted to carbines by local armourers for the New Zealand Cadet Force. These carbines look similar to purposely build BSA Martini Cadet rifles but have shorter barrels and differently placed barrel bands.

Martini-Enfield Carbine (New Zealand Local Pattern)
A soldier at the background center carries a Martini-Enfield converted carbine.
Another view of the same carbine.
Pvt. Barker (Jed Brophy) carries a carbine.
Pvt. Renwick (Daniel Musgrove) carries a carbine on sling.
Renwick's rifle on the ground.

Mauser (Carl Gustaf) M1896/38

One of the soldiers, returned from South Africa to New Zealand, carries a Mauser short rifle. It appears to be a Swedish Carl Gustaf M1896/38, judging by the barrel length, the shape of the barrel bands and the bayonet lug, and the grasping grooves on the handguard. Possibly this rifle is intended to represent a somewhat similar looking Mauser 1895 short rifle that was used by the Boers and could be captured by Britons.

Mauser 1896/38 Rifle (Carl Gustaf) - 6.5x55mm
A soldier in the customs building carries a Mauser short rifle.
A blurry view of the barrel of the rifle.

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