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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
Movie poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
UKD.jpg United Kingdom
Directed by Guy Ritchie
Release Date December 16, 2011
Language English
Studio Silver Pictures
Village Roadshow Pictures
Distributor Warner Bros.
Main Cast
Character Actor
Sherlock Holmes Robert Downey Jr.
Dr. John Watson Jude Law
Simza Heron Noomi Rapace
Professor James Moriarty Jared Harris
Inspector Lestrade Eddie Marsan
Sebastian Moran Paul Anderson
Mary Morstan Kelly Reilly
Constable Clark William Houston
Irene Adler Rachel McAdams
Mycroft Holmes Stephen Fry

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is the 2011 sequel to Sherlock Holmes (2009). Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law return as well as director Guy Ritchie for the sequel. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson meet his nemesis, Prof. Moriarty. He is the criminal genius in the London underworld, an equal villain and adversary for Sherlock Holmes. Only rarely does he appear himself, mostly he pulls the strings in the background. This suspicion is confirmed when the gypsy Sim, the only witness to the murder, narrowly escapes an attack. With her help, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson travel across half of Europe to thwart Moriarty's plans to change the course of history.

The following weapons were used in the film Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows:


Webley Mk V

In the alleyway brawl, an attacker (uncredited) pulls a Webley Mk V on Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.), but Holmes is able to take it away. Madam Simza Heron (Noomi Rapace) hands Holmes one before he and Watson (Jude Law) infiltrate the Meinhard factory.

Webley Mk V - .455 Webley‎
The one-eyed attacker with his Webley Mk V.
Holmes is threatened by the Webley.
Holmes unloads the revolver.
Holmes handing the now empty weapon back. Note the shape of the grips.
A good shot of the Webley Mk V in the hands of the attacker.
Holmes with another Webley Mk V in the Heilbronn factory.

Webley Bulldog

Mary Watson (Kelly Reilly) pulls out Watson's Webley Bulldog on their honeymoon train. Dr. Watson later uses it to fend off the assassins.

Webley British Bulldog - .45 caliber
Mary finds her husband's revolver.
Mary holds the Bulldog on one of the assassins before her husband tosses him off of the train.
John takes the Bulldog back to check the train for more assassins.
Watson checks the hallway with the revolver in hand.
That's... unfortunate.

Chamelot-Delvigne Model 1874

Holmes fires upon the assassins with what appears to be a Chamelot-Delvigne Model 1874 revolver before handing it off to Watson. Officer's Model 1874 is blued and has a fluted cylinder contrary to the smooth cylinder of Model 1873.

Chamelot-Delvigne Mle. 1874 Officer Model - 11x17.8mmR
Holmes hands Watson his revolver. Note the shape of the grip, hammer spur, and screw on the rear side of the frame.

Sharps Model 1A Pepperbox

Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey, Jr.) carries a Sharps Model 1A Pepperbox pistol while dressed in drag on the train to Brighton, and Watson (Jude Law) uses it to disable one of Moriarty's henchmen manning the machine gun.

Sharps Model 1A - .22 Short
Holmes checks the hallway with his drawn Sharps Model 1A Pepperbox.
Watson with the Pepperbox as he and Holmes take cover.
Watson fires on the assassins with the Pepperbox.

Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer

Colonel Sebastian Moran (Paul Anderson) shows Holmes with a box full of Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer pistols in the Meinhard factory in which Holmes later acquires one during the shootout in the factory.

Note: The use of this gun in the movie is anachronistic as it's set in 1891 while the original Mauser C96 appeared in 1895, and the Mauser M712 used in the film wasn't commercially available until 1932. It is implied that the C96 design is a prototype developed by Moriarty's weapons designers for the impending war he desires to start.

Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer with 10-round magazine - 7.63x25mm Mauser
Moran boasts to Holmes about his brand new Mauser M712 automatic pistol.
A box full of Mauser M712 pistols.
Holmes picks up a Mauser M712.
Holmes loads a fresh magazine into his Mauser M712.
Holmes shoots a soldier in the train shed during the escape.

MAS Mle. 1892

Anarchist Claude Ravache (Thierry Neuvic) shoots himself with a Mle 1892 Revolver. Watson later picks it up to confront the other anarchists. Watson still has this revolver, or another copy when he and Holmes infiltrate the Meinhard factory.

N.B. This is another anachronism when the film is set in 1891, one year before the revolver's availability.
Modele d’Ordonnance Mle. 1892 - 8x27mmSR
Watson opens fire on the anarchists.
A shot of the Mle 1892 Revolver tucked in Watson's pants.
Watson with his revolver out while pinned down by Moran.

Chamelot-Delvigne Model 1873

Andrzej (Vladimir 'Furdo' Furdik) is armed with a Chamelot-Delvigne Model 1873 during the factory escape.

Chamelot-Delvigne Mle. 1873 (blued) - 11x17.8mmR
Andrzej with his Chamelot-Delvigne Mle. 1873 revolver.
Andrzej with his revolver, Watson with the custom SMG, and Holmes with a M712.

Harrington & Richardson Revolver

Rene Heron (Laurence Possa) attempts to kill the British Prime Minister with what appears to be a break-open Harrington & Richardson revolver.

Harrington & Richardson Premier 2nd Model - 4th Variation - .32 S&W
Watson struggles with Rene.
A shot of the front of the cylinder as Rene struggles with Watson. It appears to only hold five rounds.
A brief shot of the grips as Rene is disarmed.


Winchester M1887

One of Moriarty's train hitmen tries to fire a Winchester Model 1887 shotgun on Holmes and Watson but sets himself on fire due to Holmes' sabotage. When Moriarty's attacker squeezes the trigger, a scene shows a rifled barrel, which is incorrect, since most of the scatterguns are smoothbore.

Winchester 1887/1901 - 10 gauge
The assassins retreat when Holmes opens fire.
The assassins with the Winchester 1887.
Here the markings on the barrel can be read, "12 GA, 22" 2 3/4"


Gewehr 1888

Gewehr 1888 rifles are used by the Meinhard guards and several men. Madam Simza, Holmes, Watson, and Moran use them during the factory escape. Some of them are equipped with the Seitengewehr 71/84 bayonet.

Gewehr 1888 - 7.92x57mm (8×57mm I Patrone 88)
One of the twin guards at the Meinhard factory (either Alexandre or Victor Carril) aims his Commission Rifle.
A factory guard aims his Gewehr 88 at the escaping team. Notice that the bolt is not fully closed. Since the rifle fired immediately afterward anyway, the film probably used CGI muzzle flashes.
Holmes deflects a bayonet thrust.
Holmes ejects a spent round before disarming the user.
Holmes then chambers a new round. The receiver is marked "SPANDAU 1890".
Watson aiming a captured Gewehr 1888.
Moran aims his rifle at the escaping party.

Customized Martini-Henry Sniper Rifle (Greener GP Shotgun)

Col. Moran (Paul Anderson) uses a Customized Martini-Henry sniper rifle equipped with a sniper scope, suppressor, and bipod, which is fitting since he is a veteran of the Anglo-Afghan war. He's also described as the best shot in the army before his dismissal (which Watson erroneously refers to as a dishonorable discharge, which is reserved for enlisted men.)

The gun is actually a modified Greener GP shotgun (a 12-gauge shotgun made by English company W.W. Greener using the Martini action), with the barrel being a heavy octagonal Sharps barrel chambered in 45-70 Gov. All the modifications were custom made props, with the scope being a reproduction of an American Civil War era Whitworth type scope.

Martini-Henry "Sporter" .577-.450 caliber modified by the famous London gunsmith J. Rigby
The custom Martini-Henry in its case.
Moran begins to assemble the rifle.
Moran adds a suppressor to the rifle.
Moran takes aim.
Moran loads a round.
Moran fires the sniper rifle.

Submachine Guns

Custom Submachine Guns (Zastava M56)

The train assassins, and later Watson (Jude Law) and several Meinhard guards use custom submachine guns. These guns are built from from Zastava M56 submachine guns by Bapty for the film. They stylistically resemble the Maxim 1895 Extra-Light machine gun. Interestingly, a pistol-caliber (7.63 mm Mauser) version of the Maxim Extra-Light was made during the late 19th century, though it used the same belt-feed mechanism as the normal Maxim instead of having a detachable magazine.

Zastava M56 - 7.62x25mm
Screen-used stunt (hard rubber with a metal armature within) Meinhard Submachine Gun from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Image from Prop Store of London.
Maxim 1895 Extra-Light - .303 British, for comparison.
Watson with the custom SMG, and Holmes with a M712, as it was shown in the movie trailer.
Watson fires the SMG during the factory escape. The gun appears to be only capable of being fired from the hip.
SHGoS SMG 02.jpg

Machine Guns

Maxim 1895

Two of Moriarty's gunmen man use a .303 British caliber Maxim 1895 with a brass water jacket, and spade grips in an attempt to kill Dr. and Mrs. Watson.

Maxim Model 1895 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
The assassins reveal the Maxim.
Moriarty's gunman opens up on Holmes and Watson.
SHGoS Maxim 02.jpg
The Maxim's ammunition belt with Holmes' surprise. The use of spitzer rounds in 1891 is an anachronism.

Model 1874 Gatling Gun

Meinhard guards use M1874 Gatling Guns fed from Broadwell drums.

Colt Gatling Gun with Bruce Feed Guide - .45-70
The Meinhard guards unveil the Gatling gun.
One of the guards fits the Broadwell drum.
The Gatling Gun lays down fire on the escaping party. (Why the guards are using a Gatling gun when they have access to Maxim guns is unknown.)


No. 2 MK. 2 Hand Grenade "Hale" Mockup

The assassins on the train are equipped with grenades (which are similar to No. 2 Mk II "Hale" Grenades). Holmes uses one to set a booby trap. They are props made specifically for the movie. Its appearance is anachronistic as it was designed and produced from 1907.

No. 2 MK. 2 Hand Grenade "Hale"
Holmes' booby trap in place. Notice how while it's a prop clearly meant to be a No. 2 MK. 2 Hand Grenade "Hale", it is not very literal replica.
A bag of grenades.

7.58 cm Minenwerfer

Meinhard guards attack the escaping party with 7.58 cm Minenwerfers. This is yet another anachronism, as this weapon wasn't introduced until 1909.

Leichter Minenwerfer neuer Art - 75.8 mm (2.99 in)
A Meinhard guard loads the mortar.
Another shot of the Meinhard guards firing the mortars. This is an unusual tactic for the guards to employ, as shelling the woods will most likely injure their own people as well as Holmes's.

Unidentified Artillery

Some kind of a WW1 period howitzer type artillery pieces are apparently manufactured at the Meinhard base. Watson also uses one to end his standoff with Moran.

The howitzers on storage seen behind the mortars. Better view here.
Watson is about to go say hello to my little friend on Moran with a howitzer.


.223 Shell Casing

Colonel Moran is shown assembling a poison dart cartridge using a modern Winchester .223 shell casing.


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