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Young Winston

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Young Winston
Young Winston Poster.jpg
Cinema Poster
Country UKD.jpg UK
Directed by Richard Attenborough
Release Date 1972
Studio Columbia Pictures Corporation
Open Road
Main Cast
Character Actor
Winston Churchill Simon Ward
Lord Randolph Churchill Robert Shaw
Lady Randolph Churchill Anne Bancroft
Mr. Welldon Jack Hawkins
General Kitchener John Mills
Captain Aylmer Haldane Edward Woodward
Mr. Howard John Woodvine
Lloyd George Anthony Hopkins
George Buckle Ian Holm
Pamela Plowden Jane Seymour

Young Winston is a 1972 British drama based on the early years of Winston Churchill. The film covers Churchill's schooldays, his service as a cavalry officer in India and the Sudan, including the famous cavalry charge at Omdurman, and his participation in the Boer War as a war correspondent. The film's cast includes Simon Ward, Edward Woodward, Robert Shaw, and was directed by Richard Attenborough.

The following weapons were used in the film Young Winston:


Webley "WG" Army Model

A Webley "WG" Army Model revolver is a personal weapon of Lt. Winston Churchill (Simon Ward) during his service in Northwest India. These revolvers are also seen in the hands of other British officers.

Webley "WG" Army Model - .455 Webley
British officers of the 35th Sikhs (Peter Cellier and Ronald Hines) with Webley revolvers.
A large holster for Webley revolver.
Young Winston-WG-3.jpg
Lt. Churchill (Simon Ward) fires his Webley revolver at Pashtuns.
Lt. Churchill with his Webley revolver.
Cpt. Haldane (Edward Woodward) with his Webley revolver during the Boer War. The revolver is not seen good enough and could be another Webley model.

Webley Bulldog

Mr. Howard (John Woodvine), whose door Churchill had knocked on after his escape from Boer captivity, is armed with a compact revolver that appears to be a Webley Bulldog. Later, he gives his revolver to Churchill.

Webley 'British Bull Dog' - .45 caliber - 1870s
Mr. Howard aims his revolver at Winston Churchill.
Young Winston-Revolver-2.jpg
Churchill with Mr. Howard's revolver.

Mauser C96

The Mauser C96 is Lt. Winston Churchill's (Simon Ward) personal sidearm during his service in Sudan, especially in the charge of the 21st Lancers, and during the Boer War. In real life, Churchill was fond of the C96 and carried one throughout his military career.

Mauser C96 "Pre-War Commercial" - 7.63x25mm Mauser
Lt. Churchill (Simon Ward) with his Mauser C96 during the charge of the 21st Lancers.
Young Winston-C96-2.jpg
Winston Churchill with his Mauser C96 during the Boer War.
A closer view of Churchill's C96.



During Churchill's service in the frontier region of British India, some of the 35th Sikhs soldiers are armed with Martini-Henry rifles.

Martini-Henry Mk. IV (1888-1889) - .577-.450 caliber
A Sikh soldier with his Martini-Henry.
Lt. Churchill (Simon Ward) loads a Martini-Henry taken from a wounded soldier.
Churchill aims the Martini-Henry.
During the parade at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, the cadets are armed with Martini-Henry rifles, fitted with Pattern 1876 socket bayonets.


During Churchill's service in the frontier region of British India, most of the 35th Sikhs soldiers are armed with Lee-Enfield rifles. There are at least two different models: one of them is Lee-Enfield Mk.I (or possibly even Lee-Metfords- its front sight looks more like a Lee-Metford), the other is Lee-Enfield Mk.I*, which can be identified by the loading bridge for stripper clips (this model appeared in 1908). The events took place in 1897, so Lee-Metford rifles are more suitable for this place and time. British soldiers of the Boer War are also armed with Lee-Enfield Mk.I and/or Lee-Metford rifles.

Lee-Enfield Mk.I - .303 British
Lee-Enfield Mk.I CLLE (Charger Loading Lee Enfield) - .303 British. Note the bridge over the receiver level with the rear of the magazine which contains a charging clip guide.
Sikh soldier with his Lee-Enfield Mk.I* rifle.
Sikh soldier fires his Lee-Enfield Mk.I* rifle at Pashtuns.
Sikh soldier fires his Lee-Enfield Mk.I or Lee-Metford. Note the difference from the rifles on the screenshot above.
British soldiers with Lee-Enfield Mk.I or Lee-Metford rifles during the Boer War. A close view on the reciever.
British soldiers with Lee-Enfield Mk.I or Lee-Metford rifles during the Boer War.
British soldier reloads his rifle.

Mauser Rifle

Boers are armed with Mauser rifles. The only rifle seen good enough looks like a Spanish M1893 or Turkish M1903.

1893 Spanish Mauser - 7x57mm Mauser
A Boer (Andrew Faulds) aims his Mauser rifle at Churchill.
A good view of Mauser cartridges. Due to their shape, these are most likely German 7.92x57mm.

Jezail Musket

The Pashtun tribesmen in Northwest India are armed with traditional Jezail muskets. Jezails are also seen in the hands of Mahdists during the Battle of Omdurman.

Jezail Musket
Young Winston-Jezail-1.jpg
Young Winston-Jezail-2.jpg
Pashtun warriors fire their Jezail muskets at British soldiers.

Tokarev SVT-40

Stock footage of the Yalta Conference (February 1945) depicts Red Army honor guards armed with SVT-40s. They can be identified by the sword bayonets, a style of bayonet only used by the SVT-40 in the Red Army at the time.

Tokarev SVT-40 - 7.62x54mmR
Young Winston-Rifles WW2.jpg

Machine Guns

Maxim Machine Gun

During the Boer attack on a British armored train, a Maxim on a large artillery-style wheel mount is seen in the distance. This machine gun can be of rifle caliber or a 1-pounder "Pom-Pom". Another Maxim is seen at the border post.

Maxim on tripod - .303 British
A Maxim is seen between two Boer guns.
A Maxim is seen on the border post.


British Artillery

British field guns in India.
British field howitzers in the Battle of Omdurman.
British field guns in the Battle of Omdurman.
A naval gun (most likely a 47mm 3-pounder) on the river gunboat during the Battle of Omdurman.
A naval gun (most likely a 57mm 6-pounder) on the British armored train during the Boer War. The real armored train was armed with a 3-inch 7-pounder Mark IV gun.

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