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Law & Order - Season 3

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Law & Order - Season 3 (1992 – 1993)

Season 3 of Law & Order saw yet another cast change, in mid-season this time. Paul Sorvino gave way to Jerry Orbach in the ninth episode, who began his twelve season run as Det. Lennie Briscoe. The role of Lennie Briscoe was actually Orbach's second role on the show, having first appeared as a lawyer in Season 2. This would not be a rare occurrence, as many subsequent cast members would appear as guests before joining the regular cast. Carolyn McCormick, who had been a semi-regular as Dr. Elizabeth Olivet since the start of Season 2, was tacked onto the ending of the opening credits, since she didn't really fall into either the "Law" or the "Order" side.




The following weapons were used in Season 3 of the television series Law & Order:


Smith & Wesson Model 36

Sergeant Phil Cerreta (Paul Sorvino), Detective Lennie Brisco (Jerry Orbach) and Detective Mike Logan (Chris Noth) are armed with Smith & Wesson Model 36 revolvers. Captain Donald Cragen (Dann Florek) appears to be armed with one as well, but never draws it.

Smith & Wesson Model 36 - .38 Special - 5 shot
Logan draws his S&W 36 on a suspect in "Wedded Bliss" (S03E05).
Briscoe and Logan with their S&W 36's drawn going into a suspect's apartment in "Mother Love" (S03E15).

Smith & Wesson Model 10HB

Smith & Wesson Model 10s are carried by the NYPD Officers in the initial seasons of the series. The Smith & Wesson Model 10 was an authorized weapon for all NYPD officers who had entered onto the job on or prior to 1986.

Smith & Wesson Model 10 HB (heavy barrel) revolver (Post 1950s Model) - .38 Special.
Sgt. Cerreta with a suspect's S&W 10HB in "Conspiracy" (S03E02).
George Costas (Adam Arkin) with his S&W 10HB in "Self Defense" (S03E07).
Officer Fowler (Anthony Ruiz) holds his S&W Model 10HB in Season 3's "Mother Love" (S03E15).


M1911-type pistols are seen in various episodes.

Colt Government Model - .45 ACP
Cecil Booker is seen with an M1911A1 in his cold dead hand in "Self Defense" (S03E07). The role is uncredited as this character was dead the entire episode and had no lines.
Joon Rhee (Peter Yoshida) shows off a nickel-plated M1911A1 in the pants in "Self Defense" (S03E07).
Logan with the murder weapon in "Mother Love" (S03E15).
Logan and Briscoe take an M1911-type off of suspect Dirk Chesney (David Schechter) in "Animal Instinct" (S03E17). This one has the flat mainspring housing and a loop hammer.

Cobra Derringer

Cerreta finds a Cobra Derringer in the victim's apartment in "Prince of Darkness" (S03E08). Cerreta is later seen handling it at the ballistics lab. It is described as being chambered in ".38."

Cobra CB38 Big Bore Derringer - .38 Special
Cerreta shows Logan what he found.
Cerreta fiddles with the derringer as Shrier describes it to him and Logan.

Beretta M1934

Arms dealer George Lobrano (Mark Margolis) draws and fires a Beretta M1934 in "Prince of Darkness" (S03E08).

Beretta Model 1934 Pistol.jpg
Lobrano draws his M1934 in "Prince of Darkness" (S03E08). This was one of the few onscreen shootouts in the series.

Smith & Wesson 61 Escort

In the episode "Mother Love" (S03E15), Det. Logan finds a Smith & Wesson 61 Escort that belongs to a suspect, identifying it as a ".22".

Smith & Wesson 61 Escort - .22 Long Rifle (Blank adapted movie gun)
Logan finds Skate's Escort.
L&O S03 Escort 02.jpg

Smith & Wesson Model 64

Smith & Wesson Model 64's are seen in various episodes. The S&W Model 64 was modified to meet NYPD requirements and designated as the Model NY-1 by the NYPD and was the authorized issued revolver for all officers of the NYPD who entered on to "the Job" after 1986 until the department stopped issuing revolvers and began issuing semi-automatic 9mm pistols starting around 1992.

Smith & Wesson Model 64 Stainless Model - .38 Special
In the teaser of Season 3's "Mother Love" (S03E15), NYPD Officer O'Brien (William Charlton) is seen carrying a Smith & Wesson Model 64 as his sidearm.
Officer O'Brien with his S&W 64. Note the hammer spur, which would indicate this is not a DAO NY-1, as those were equipped with a bobbed hammer.

Beretta 92F/FS

A Beretta 92FS is found in Season 3's "Securitate" (S3E20) and is identified as a "9mm Beretta" by Detective Logan. Ballistics had earlier identified it as a "Beretta 92."

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm.
Logan stops a suspect (Michael Louis Wells) from grabbing the Beretta.
Logan with the Beretta.


Steyr AUG

A Steyr AUG is used by a Colombian cartel hitman in Season 3's "Prince of Darkness" (S3E08) due to the ambidextrous ejection port. Det. Sgt. Phil Ceretta (Paul Sorvino) is seen handling the weapon during an undercover arms deal in the same episode. It is correctly identified as a "Steyr AUG" chambered in .223.

Steyr AUG
In Season 3's 'Prince of Darkness" (S03E08), Det. Sgt. Phil Ceretta (Paul Sorvino) is seen checking the barrel of the AUG during an undercover arms deal.


Ithaca 37

Ithaca 37s are carried by NYPD Officers and ESU Officers in "Prince of Darkness" (S03E08).

Ithaca Model 37 riot version - 12 Gauge
An ESU officer with an Ithaca 37 in "Prince of Darkness" (S03E08).

Single Barreled Shotgun

A .410 Single Barreled Shotgun appears in Season 3's "Animal Instinct" (S3E17), identified as the murder weapon.

Vintage Iver Johnson "Champion" top break single shot shotgun - .410 bore
A Single Barreled Shotgun appears in Season 3's "Animal Instinct" (S3E17).
Logan open up and sniffs the chamber to see if it's been recently fired.

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