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Law & Order - Season 8

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Law & Order - Season 8 (1997 – 1998)

Season 8 of Law & Order was the first with no cast changes prior or during the season. This would not last long however, as Carey Lowell would leave the show at the end of the season to spend more time with her daughter. Her character of Jamie Ross would announce her departure from the district attorney's office for basically the same reason. Jamie Ross would return for two guest appearances in subsequent seasons of Law & Order as a defense attorney, and would later appear in Law & Order: Trial by Jury, now as a judge in New York County. The eighth season also featured the first appearance of J.K. Simmons as Dr. Emil Skoda as the state's go-to psychiatrist as former recurring cast member Carolyn McCormick left the show to take a role in the American version of Cracker. Following the quick cancellation of Cracker, she would return as Dr. Elizabeth Olivet the next season, and both Olivet and Skoda would appear on various Law & Order series until 2009.

The eighth season featured several story arcs that spanned multiple episodes, with Robert Vaughn portraying DA Adam Schiff's old friend and eventual enemy Carl Anderton three times, and Cliff Gorman playing ambition judge and DA candidate Gary Feldman three times as well. Another arc focused on Det. Briscoe's daughter Cathy getting arrested on drug charges and eventually found murdered. On a strange note, the episode "Tabloid" (S8E23) was cowritten by Alec Baldwin, the only writing credit to Baldwin's name (the actor reportedly based his script on his real-life experiences). The eighth season also saw the show's second two-part crossover with sister show Homicide: Life on the Street, with the first part airing on Law & Order and the conclusion two nights later on Homicide.




The following weapons were used in Season 8 of the television series Law & Order:


Smith & Wesson Model 36

Detective Lennie Brisco (Jerry Orbach) and Lieutenant Anita Van Buren (S. Epatha Merkerson) are armed with Smith & Wesson Model 36 revolvers. Despite the NYPD having officially switched to automatic pistols on January 1st, 1994, older officers like Briscoe and Van Buren were grandfathered in and allowed to continue carrying revolvers.

Smith & Wesson Model 36 - .38 Special
Det. Briscoe with his S&W 36 in "Navy Blues" (S08E03)
Briscoe with his S&W 36 drawn in "Castoff" (S08E13).
Briscoe with his S&W 36 ready in "Castoff" (S08E13).
Briscoe with his S&W 36 in "Disappeared" (S08E19).

Smith & Wesson Model 60

A Smith & Wesson Model 60 is found in "Shadow" (S08E08) and is the murder weapon in "Disappeared" (S08E19).

Classic Smith & Wesson Model 60 - .38 Special
Briscoe holds up a suspect's S&W 60 in "Shadow" (S08E08)
Not a very clear shot, but the five-shot cylinder is clearly seen here. ("Disappeared" (S08E19))

Smith & Wesson Model 34

A Smith & Wesson Model 34 is used in a suicide in "Carrier" (S08E17). It is described by the police as "a .22".

Smith & Wesson Model 34 .22LR - Early Version, Left Side.
The dropped S&W 34 next to the body.

Ruger GP100

Briscoe takes a stainless Ruger GP100 off of Eddie Chandler (Mitchell Lichtenstein) in "Castoff" (S08E13). It's described as "a .38".

Ruger GP100, the Stainless Version - .357 Magnum
Briscoe with Eddie's GP100.


Glock 19

Detective Rey Curtis (Benjamin Bratt) and other NYPD officers are armed with Glock 19 pistols.

Glock 19 (2nd Generation) - 9x19mm
Curtis with his Glock 19 in "Harvest" (S08E04).
Curtis storms into a suspect's apartment with his Glock drawn in "Shadow" (S08E08)
Curtis gestures to Briscoe with his Glock drawn in "Castoff" (S08E13).
"Castoff" (S08E13)
Curtis with his Glock drawn in "Faccia a Faccia" (S08E15).
A Glock 19 is found next to the body of a dead off-duty officer in "Bad Girl" (S08E21). It is described as a "department issued 9mm."

Glock 17

Security guard Andrew Parent (Michael Broughton) shoots a robber in the head at point-blank range with a Glock 17 in "Nullification" (S08E05).

2nd Generation Glock 17 - 9x19mm
L&O S8 G17 01.jpg

SIG-Sauer P226

Paul (uncredited) is armed with a two-tone SIG-Sauer P226 in "Expert" (S08E12).

Two-tone SIG-Sauer P226 - 9x19mm
Paul runs to the gunfire with his P226 drawn.
L&O S8 P226 02.jpg


Andy (Andrew Van Dusen) is armed with an M1911A1 in "Expert" (S08E12).

World War II Colt M1911A1 Pistol - .45 ACP
L&O S8 M1911 01.jpg
Ummm, what?

Detonics Pocket 9

A Detonics Pocket 9 is used in a shooting in "Damaged" (S08E22).

Detonics Pocket 9 - 9x19mm
Curtis takes the Pocket 9 from the owner, Raymond Maxwell (John Christopher Jones).
Curtis checks to see if it's loaded and smells the chamber to see if it's been fired recently.
Briscoe with the Pocket 9.

Seecamp LWS

The murder weapon in "Thrill" (S08E01) is a .25 caliber Seecamp LWS.

Seecamp LWS-32 - .32 ACP
Curtis finds the Seecamp LWS in "Thrill" (S08E01).
A slightly different angle.

Beretta 84FS

A stainless Beretta 84FS is used used in a shooting in "Harvest" (S08E04). It is described as being chambered in ".380," and "American-made," with walnut grips. (Beretta 84's are still made in Italy.)

Beretta 84FS Pistol .380 ACP
CSU Scapelli (Felix Solis) fires the Beretta into a vat of water in "Harvest" (S08E04). Notice that the slide is forward and the hammer is down.
Briscoe fiddles with the Beretta while Scapelli retrieves the bullet from the vat. He's conveniently ejected the magazine, showing that's it's a double-stack. He's also casually handling a loaded gun, since the slide was not locked back after Scapelli fired his test shot.



Members of the NYPD's Emergency Service Unit can be seen armed with slab-sided M16 Rifles with A2 handguards.

M16 aka SP1 (flat "slab side receiver") with A2 style handguards used to impersonate the M16A2 - 5.56x45mm
A good shot of the lack of a forward assist in "Navy Blues" (S08E03)
Two ESU officers with M16s in "Navy Blues" (S08E03). Since they actually have real M16s rather than MGC replicas, these officers actually practice good trigger discipline.
An officer guns guns down a suspect in "Navy Blues" (S08E03).


Members of the NYPD's Emergency Service Unit can be seen armed with the M16A1s fitted with A2 handguards.

M16A1 with A2 style handguards - 5.56x45mm.
One of the ESU officers with an M16A1 in "Navy Blues" (S08E03).


ESU officers are seen with MGC M-16 Model Gun Corp Replica Rifle in numerous episodes. Some of them have round A2 handguards.

Several MGC M16s in the pile in "Nullification" (S08E05)
An ESU officer with a MGC replica in "Shadow" (S08E08).
Another angle.
An ESU officer with an MGC replica with A2 handguards in "Faccia a Faccia" (S08E15).
An ESU officer with an MGC replica in "Disappeared" (S08E19).

AK Variant

A few unidentifiable AK-47 variants are seen in a gun stash in "Nullification" (S08E05). There's not enough to make a proper ID. They're also likely to be replicas as well.

Hudson AK-47, a Japanese Replica firearm based on the original Type III AK-47, seen here with AKS-style underfolding stock
The AKs in the pile.

MGC CAR-15 Model Gun Corp Replica Carbine

An MGC CAR-15 Model Gun Corp Replica Carbine is seen in a gun stash in "Nullification" (S08E05).

MGC CAR-15 replica assault rifle with 20 round MGC magazine
The replica CAR-15 circled in yellow.

Submachine Guns


The armored car robbers in "Nullification" (S08E05) are armed with MAC-11s. They are identified as such, and it is stated that they were converted to full auto.

RPB Industries M11A1 - .380 ACP
Two of the robbers with their MAC-11s in "Nullification" (S08E05).


Two Uzis are seen in a gun stash in "Nullification" (S08E05).

IMI Uzi with buttstock collapsed - 9x19mm
The Uzis circled in red.


A Sten gun is seen in a gun stash in "Nullification" (S08E05).

Sten Mk II - 9x19mm
The Sten circled in blue.


Sawn-off Single Barreled Shotgun

A sawn-off Single Barreled Shotgun is found taped under a desk in "Shadow" (S08E08).

Harrington & Richardson Topper Model 158 Shotgun with case hardened receiver - 12 gauge
Briscoe pulls the shotgun out from under the desk.

Ithaca 37

Ithaca 37s are carried by NYPD Officers and ESU Officers in a few episodes.

Ithaca Model 37 riot version - 12 Gauge
An ESU officer with an Ithaca 37 in "Ritual" (S08E10).

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