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Sanders of the River

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Sanders of the River
Sanders of the River Poster.jpg
Original Theatrical Poster
Country UKD.jpg UK
Directed by Zoltan Korda
Release Date 1935
Studio London Film Productions
Distributor United Artists
Main Cast
Character Actor
Bosambo Paul Robeson
Commissioner R.G. Sanders Leslie Banks
Lilongo Nina Mae McKinney
Lieutenant Tibbets Robert Cochran
King Mofolaba Tony Wane
Commissioner Ferguson Martin Walker
Captain Hamilton Richard Grey
Farini Marques De Portago

Sanders of the River is a British 1935 B&W adventure movie directed by Zoltan Korda and based on the Edgar Wallace's 1911 novel. In 1930s Nigeria, British District Commissioner R.G. Sanders (Leslie Banks) befriends a native chief Bosambo (famous African American bass singer Paul Robeson) who wants piece and prosperity for his tribe.

The following weapons were used in the film Sanders of the River:


FN Model 1900

In the final scene Commissioner R.G. Sanders (Leslie Banks) holds an FN Model 1900 pistol.

FN Model 1900 - .32 ACP
Sanders with an FN 1900 pistol and Lt. Tibbets with a Webley revolver in the final scene.

Webley .455 Mk VI

Lt. Tibbets (Robert Cochran) and several other British officers carry holsters for Webley Revolvers. Tibbets draws his revolver in the final scene. Due to the long barrel, his revolver is supposed to be Webley .455 Mk VI. Smuggler and gunrunner Farini (Marques De Portago) also carries a holster for long Webley revolver but his gun isn't seen.

Webley Mk VI - .455 Webley
Lt. Tibbets carries a holster for Webley .455 revolver.
Another officer carries a Webley holster.
Farini carries a revolver holster. Next moment he draws his gun but it is seen only in darkness and in distance.
Tibbets holds his revolver at the left when Sanders orders to arrest rebellious King Mofolaba.
Sanders with an FN Model 1900 pistol and Lt. Tibbets with a Webley revolver in the final scene.
Tibbets puts his revolver back in holster.

Webley Revolvers

Farini's companion Smith (Eric Maturin) carries a Webley .455 pre-Mk VI revolver, judging by the barrel length.

For reference: Webley Mk I - .455 Webley
Smith draws his revolver when he confronts Farini.
Smith holds his revolver. Farini's holster is seen on his belt.
Smith holds his revolver.
Smith makes an attempt to leavy King Mofolaba's village.


Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk.III

British native soldiers are armed with Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk.III rifles, mostly with Pattern 1907 bayonets. Some of King Mofolaba's warriors use SMLE rifles, smuggled by Farini.
Note: the soldiers wear uniform of the King's African Rifles, a regiment that served in the British East African territories but never in the West African territories, such as Nigeria. This is explainable as the movie was filmed in the East Africa, mostly in Kenya.

Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk.III* with Pattern 1907 Bayonet - .303 British
The native soldiers stand in formation.
The soldiers board a steamer.
Soldiers perform drill to impress the tribal chiefs.
One of Mofolaba's warriors holds an SMLE rifle.
A Sergeant of the native troops fires his rifle during the attack on Mofolaba's village.
A soldier holds his SMLE rifle with bayonet when Sanders restores order in the village.
Another view of the same scene.

Hunting rifle

A hunting rifle of unknown model is seen in Farini's boat.

A rifle is partially seen in the boat behind Farini's hand. It is more likely not a bolt action gun but some other system of a breechloader, like falling or rolling block, for example a Farquharson Rifle that was popular for the African hunts.
The barrel with the hooded front sight is seen.

Unidentified rifles

A bundle of rifles, wrapped in canvas, is seen in Farini's hut in King Mofolaba's village. What is seen of these rifles doesn't allow to identify them but these are definitly not SMLE due to the different shape of the buttstocks.

A bundle of rifles leans against the wall of the hut.
Another view of the guns. What is supposed to be an open bolt can be seen.
One more view of the guns.


Double Barreled Shotgun

A Double Barreled Shotgun is seen in Farini's boat and then in the hut. It seems to have Holland & Holland style underlever, so this gun may be not a shotgun but a Double rifle, but judging by the long and thin barrels, a shotgun seems to be more credible guess.

A shotgun is seen in the boat.
Another view of the gun.
The double barreled gun is seen in the hut. What appears to be an underlever on the trigger guard can be seen.

Machine Guns

Vickers Mk.I

A Vickers Mk.I is mounted on Sanders' steamer Zaire and used against Mofolaba's warriors in the climactic scene.

Vickers Mk. I with ribbed water jacket - .303 British
The Vickers in action.

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