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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2022)

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
Official Box Art
Release Date: October 28, 2022
Developer: Infinity Ward
Publisher: Activision
Series: Call of Duty
Platforms: PlayStation 4
PlayStation 5
Xbox One
Xbox Series X/S
Genre: First-Person Shooter

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (abbrivated to MWII, to differentiate the original trilogy's Modern Warfare 2/MW2) is the nineteenth installment in the Call of Duty first-person shooter series. Developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision, it is a direct sequel to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019), and it was released on October 28, 2022.

Like Modern Warfare 2019, the game is comprised of four main modes: the traditional singleplayer campaign, multiplayer, Spec Ops and Warzone 2.0 with additional DMZ mode.

The singleplayer story is the continuation of Modern Warfare’s storyline, following the newly-formed elite multinational Task Force 141 in their continuing fight against the terrorist organization Al-Qatala, who have formed an alliance with the deadly Las Almas drug cartel.

The multiplayer is the standard attraction of the Call of Duty franchise, along with PvE Spec Ops missions. A new submode to Spec Ops are Raids, which are multi-stage, high-risk high-reward episodic long levels mixed with cooperative combat and puzzle-solving. As of March 2023, "Atomgrad" is the only available Raid in the game, along with four episodes which take place after the events of Modern Warfare and by extension, some events of Warzone 1.0 before the release of Black Ops: Cold War.

Following on the heels of Warzone, Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 is a standalone free-to-play gamemode that expands upon the original mode with new features and new maps, with additional maps being added later seasons. In addition, Warzone 2.0 also includes the DMZ submode, an extraction-type PvPvE gamemode where players complete faction quests, scavenge for weapons and loots, fend off against enemy NPCs as well as players and exfiltrate the map alive, with no set objective.

With the release of Modern Warfare III, all weapons available from MWII carry forward to MWIII, allowing access to the former's weapons in the latter game in all gamemodes, but not vice versa. MWIII’s weapons are also available for use in Warzone 2.0. Such differences of the weapons ported to MWIII will be noted in this page.

The following weapons appear in the video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II:


The weapon system in Modern Warfare II is a modified version of the weapons and Gunsmith system found in Modern Warfare, with a limit of five mod slots. Primary weapons are divided into seven types: submachine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, battle rifles (high damage, high recoil select-fire rifles with low capacity), marksman rifles (high damage, accurate, exclusively semi-auto/manually-operated rifles, with iron sights), light machine guns, and sniper rifles. Weapon inspection animations are more intricate than it was in Modern Warfare, with the user often checking the magazine and/or chamber in each of the inspect animations. The current ammunition type (hollow points, incendiary rounds and the like) can also be seen. As of Season 1, inspect animations now correctly account for if the weapon is empty or not; this was not the case during the multiplayer beta and launch builds of the game.

Weapon reloads are now "staged", meaning if the player performs an action that would cancel a reload (as with previous entries), the reload animation will resume to its previous state until the magazine/last round is either inserted (for non-empty reloads) or when the weapon is chambered. Underbarrel grenade launcher reloads are not affected by this, however.

Reaching the maximum level of a weapon unlocks Weapon Tuning, wherein the player can finetune various attachments to be slightly better at one statistic at the cost of another. Various store blueprints come with predetermined "pro-tuned" attachments; in which the player cannot modify. Pro-tuned attachments are reset if the player modifies their attachments or its tuning.

Many weapons are now classified under a "Weapon Platform" system, which groups multiple weapons (which may cover several different types) in the same real world weapon family into a single set, with individual weapons within the Weapon Platform being classified as "Receivers". Weapons under a Weapon Platform share a progression system that lets the player unlock platform-specific shared attachments. It is possible to create a loadout with two similar weapons with marginally different stats, such as having the AUG A3 and AUG HBAR variant in the same loadout, with similar attachment setups. Post-release weapons in existing weapon platforms are not unlocked by progressing the specific weapon level required, as those are completed through various tasks instead.

The current Weapon Platforms with multiple receivers in Modern Warfare II are the following:

  • Bruen Bullpup Platform (Steyr AUG-based weapons)
  • Bruen Ops Platform (MCX-based weapons, as well the Honey Badger)
  • Bryson 800 Series (Mossberg-based shotguns)
  • Bryson Long Range Platform (Remington 700-based weapons)
  • ISO Platform (B&T APC family)
  • Kastovia Platform (AK-based weapons)
  • Lachmann Meer (Heckler & Koch roller-delayed weapons)
  • M4 Platform (AR-based weapons)
  • Ordnance Weapon Platform (M14-based rifles)
  • Sakin G Series (Desert Eagle variants)
  • Tactique Verte (FN SCAR-based weapons)
  • XRK (Glock pistols)

Through the use of grip attachments, the "Pistol Fastdraw" benefit (previously known as "Tactical Pistol Raise") introduced in MWII is the ability to instantly draw the player's sidearm without fully lowering their primary weapon. Dual-wielding makes a return in Modern Warfare II, although it is regulated to the grip attachment of the weapon instead of being a weapon perk and it's only restricted to handguns exclusively (including TEC-9 hybrid machine pistol).

Firearms that use subsonic calibers (.45 ACP, .300 Blackout and subsonic versions of 9x19mm) hide the death skulls that appear to the enemy team upon killing them with those weapons, they will also hide bullet tracers produced when firing. The P220, APC45, the integrally suppressed HK94A3, KRISS Vector, AUG SMG, APC556 (when converted), the .300 BLK MCX VIRTUS and the "Chimera" all have this ability.

Various executions (finishing moves) that use a firearm in this game now involve other weapon types, in addition to a pistol unlike in prior games. If the player has a weapon of the same class (assault rifle, SMG, etc) as a given execution's default weapon, the player's custom weapon will be featured instead; this can lead to some notable errors, e.g. racking a semi-automatic shotgun as though it were a pump-action, firing a bolt-action rifle twice without cycling it, pushing the muzzle of a suppressed and/or long-barreled handgun straight through a target due to the animation being meant for a shorter barrel, et cetera.

Modern Warfare II introduces extensive and realistic water physics, a significant improvement over Black Ops: Cold War, the previous game in the series to feature water mechanics. Unlike in Cold War, primary weapons can't be fired underwater and only handguns can, albeit with a reduced efficiency. Shooting into water and explosions cause ripples and mines float when thrown onto water. When swimming on the surface, water flows into the weapon's details and the weapon along with its user can get wet.

Weapon and inventory management in Warzone 2.0 Battle Royale is similar to its previous iteration, where in players are airdropped with weak weapons, scavenge weapons all over the game world and procure their own loadout weapons in a supply drop. DMZ on the other hand is similar to "extraction" games of a similar fashion. The player is given three insured weapon slots (one available at the start, the other two require metagame upgrades), which the player can customize and they do not get lost if they leave it in the game world (should the player die or exchange for a new weapon, even if the enemy picks up the weapon), though it has a cooldown which can be decreased by successful extractions, through upgrades, through certain in-game weapon blueprints (that are obtained through bundles) or by submitting items into a "dead drop" (which is an interactable dumpster) in certain locations of the map. In addition, the player has a number of temporary "contraband" weapon slots which are the weapons brought by the player upon a successful extraction. These weapons will be lost if they are dropped, although they can be destroyed in the game's lobby to free up space for more contraband weapons. Firearms can be customized in a Workbench while on a raid, albeit with a fee of credits obtained throughout the round and a limited selection of attachments.

As before, weapons in both Warzone 2.0 Battle Royale and DMZ can be acquired through enemies (either NPC bots or player operatives) or through various loot containers all over the map; contraband weapons from DMZ can also be obtained by completing various faction missions. Also, if the player extracts with a weapon that they haven't unlocked yet, the weapon will be immediately unlocked for free without the player level or weapon platform requirement.

The method of unlocking cosmetic camouflages was overhauled in MWII compared to its predecessors. Every weapon has four unique camouflages (with only one unique camo for every launcher), each with their easy challenges in order to unlock them. Once the specific camo is unlocked, it can be used in every weapon available, streamlining the process of the camo grind from previous games. Unlocking all base camouflages for the current weapon allows the player to progress through the mastery camo challenges.


Desert Eagle Mark XIX L6

The Desert Eagle Mark XIX returns as the ".50 GS" and is said to be manufactured by Sakin ("Sakin" meaning "Knife" in Hebrew, alluding to the knife in the logo of IMI/IWI). The new model is a bit more based on the L6 model with features such as Picatinny rails on the 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock positions, a skeletonized hammer, and has a two-tone finish that is basically the reverse of the Desert Eagle in the original Modern Warfare 2; the MW2 pistol had a chrome frame and trigger, while the MWII pistol has a chrome slide, barrel, and hammer. The "Old Friend" blueprint reverses the finish back to where it was in MW2. It is frequently used by Las Almas cartel members.

The standard magazine capacity is of 7 rounds, but extended baseplates that take the capacity to 10 or 13 rounds are available. The weapon can be modified with a ported barrel via the "SA Comp Barrel".

Magnum Research Desert Eagle L6 - .50 AE
The Desert Eagle in the gunsmith preview screen. Note the Sakin markings, which seems to be the in-universe IWI, since Sakin also manufactures the Negev 7 in this game.
Holding the Desert Eagle at compressed ready.
Aiming down the sights of the Desert Eagle.
The inspect animation shows the character flicking out the pistol's magazine into the air and catching it.
A .50 AE bullet in the magazine.
Performing a brass check by pulling back on the ambidextrous safety.
Tactical reload.
Flicking out a spent magazine John Wick style.
Power-stroking the slide to chamber a fresh round.
Taking a break to inspect two Desert Eagles fitted with ported barrels while waiting in line at the US-Mexican border.

"GS Magna"

A Desert Eagle modified (presumably by cartel members) to fire full-auto based on the "Thunderbird" Desert Eagle made by YouTuber Mr.Wilk was added as a separate weapon in Season 3 Reloaded, as the "GS Magna". Aesthetically, the pistols differs from the game's standard Desert Eagle by featuring a ported barrel, different grip texture, a tan/bronze-like finish, and different markings. In gameplay terms, it cannot equip lasers/lights or trigger attachments, but can instead use vertical foregrips.

Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX with stainless steel finish, railed frame, railed barrel and integral muzzle brake - .50 AE
In the loadout screen.
A Shadow Company operator checks a suspiciously bronze Desert Eagle he found in the armory, wondering what's different with this one.
At the risk of nearly loosing his teeth, he soon finds out by pulling the trigger.
Having decided to forsake all sensible armament, the Shadow Company contractor lets out his frustrations with twin full auto Deagles onto an unknown man's portrait.

Glock 17 MOS

The "X12", manufactured by the in-game XRK, is a stylized Glock 17 MOS. It is based on a 5th generation version with front slide serrations, though it is depicted with two pins above the trigger like the Gen 3 and Gen 4 models (as opposed to one pin for the Gen 5). It's equipped with a plate system to mount red dots, just like the real Glock MOS System and many of its stylized parts include the rounded bottom beaver-tail, the MIL-STD 19-13 rail, the hinged trigger (which turns into a more Glock-style one with some customization options), a small port on top of the slide just rear of the front sight and the grip texture.

It can be fitted with a Flux Defense Brace, called "XRK Pistol Stock". It feeds by default from Magpul 17 round Glock magazines with a grey follower, a +7 extended baseplate that changes the follower color to orange, a 33-round stick magazine stylized to look like a Kriss MagEx2 (that's supposed to hold 40 rounds) and a Magpul PMAG D-50 GL9 50 round drum magazine. The same options are available for the Glock 18.

Judging by the square hole in the pistol's frame, where a QR code is painted out, the XRK pistol platform seems to be modular just like the SIG-Sauer P320 or the ZEV OZ-9.

It is frequently used by Las Almas Cartel members, Soap, Rodolfo and Russian Konni PMCs in the campaign. Glocks are also seen in many character's holsters, including Ghost and Alejandro.

Glock 17 MOS FS (5th Generation) - 9x19mm
The Glock 17 in the gunsmith preview screen. Note the non-standard grip texture and a "3S" writing where the "17" should be on the real Glock.
Right side. Note the metal plate that is in place of the right-side slide stop.
Holding the Glock 17.
Checking the magazine (the witness holes are actually textured on - cartridges will still show on these after the mag is empty).
Performing a brass check. Note that the slide release, unlike the real Gen5 Glock, is not ambidextrous.
The inspect animation ends with a bump to make sure that the slide is in battery, a common move on striker-fired pistols.
Tactical reload on the G17. Reload animations didn't really change from Modern Warfare...
...except for the empty reload, which involves tugging the slide from the front serrations instead of the rear ones with the G21 of the previous game.
Quick-drawing a customized Glock while retaining a primary weapon in the left hand.
Konig messes up while reloading his Glock with 33-round stick magazines. When equipped with bigger magazines, the guns in Modern Warfare II will have slower reload animations, to account for the bigger bulk or length compared to the standard ones. Smaller magazine options have faster reload times.
Garrick readies his Glock after being nearly tossed out of a Black Hawk, losing his primary weapon in the process. Garrick's gloves are based on the Oakley SI Transition gloves in tan, which have since been discontinued.
Glock 17 (5th Generation) with Flux Defense Brace - 9x19mm
The G17 equipped with the Flux Brace.

Glock 18

A stylized Glock 18 appears as the "X13 Auto", as part of the XRK pistol platform, and features its fire selector on the right side of the slide instead of the left, as well as sporting a tan finish. It has the same Gen 5 MOS FS setup as the "X12", even though the real Glock 18 isn't known to exist in this configuration. Other differences from the "X12" include a different grip texture and a tritium front sight. Of note, the "X12", "X13", and MW19’s "X16" (Glock 21) feature the same relationship between their numbers as the real pistols (G17, G18, skip two, G21 / X12, X13, skip two, X16), which is almost certainly intentional.

In the campaign it is seen used by Russian PMCs and the Mexican Army (though the latter is issued with the Beretta 92FS or the SIG-Sauer P226 in reality).

Glock 18 (3rd Generation) with 19-round magazine - 9x19mm
The tan Glock 18 in the gunsmith preview screen. The markings here are different from the X12, them being "3S-A" and adding an "AUTO" writing next to the serial number.
Right side of the G18.
Brass checking the Glock 18. Not much is different from the X12 seen above, except for the (unusable) fire selector, where red seems to be full-auto and white is semi-automatic. Or maybe it's just a safety and the gun is full-auto only, as it cannot be switched to semi-auto in gameplay.
Another small change from the X12 are the standard iron sights, which now have a green front post.
After re-enacting one of his favourite TikToks by blasting away with a full-auto Glock, the operator reloads the empty G18.

Glock 18 (in carbine conversion kit)

Using the "Impact Point" barrel attachment places the X13 inside a carbine conversion kit. The kit resembles the FAB Defense KPOS Scout with its compact size and AR-15 style T-handle.

Glock pistol mounted in FAB Defense KPOS Scout.
The G18 KPOS imitation with the "X13 Coachwhip Stock, Bruen Tri-Port compensator," and "Schlager Tango" folding foregrip.
Holding an X13 Auto with the "Impact Point" carbine kit.
Inspecting the left side.
Pulling back on the external charging handle to release the slide on empty.

Glock 18 (3D printed)

3D printed Glock pistols appear in the hands of terrorists in the post-credits scene. A complete version of this cutscene also appears in the sequel, Modern Warfare III where the 3D printed Glock can be used in the mission "Passenger". The pistols are likely based on the "X13 Auto" model, as they feature a selector switch on the right side of the slide.

In the scene, a terrorist assembles a 3D printed Glock pistol in a plane cabin mid-flight by smuggling individual gun components onto the plane separately. The individual parts shown include a metal firing pin (hidden in the safety belt buckle), a metal barrel (hidden in a flashlight), a trigger (disguised in a necklace), a polymer slide and a polymer frame (both hidden on the person), and a metal magazine with ammunition (hidden underneath a plate cloche).

Though dramatic, the scene is logistically unrealistic, as disassembled firearm components likely still would've been detected by airport security, and the insider collaboration required for hiding the gun parts on the plane in the first place likely would've also allowed for a full gun to be smuggled. Additionally, the metal parts shown would be insufficient to assemble a functional gun - while 3D-printed Glock frames do exist, they use metal fire control parts, metal springs, metal locking blocks inserted into the frame, and (perhaps most crucially) metal slides.

The whole thing might have been inspired by videos such as a story by VICE about printing a Glock, though, even that particular video shows the complexities involved with the assembly.

The terrorist places individual parts on his tray table. As mentioned before, the firing spring and firing pin were inside his seatbelt buckle, the barrel inside a flashlight & trigger as a necklace (not pictured). The slide and two part frame he takes out already has some components attached (although it's difficult to tell if they are plastic or metal.
The slide after inserting the barrel, after this he inserts the firing pin.
The front half of the two part frame.
About to merge the two part frame. Unfortunately the pre-rendered cutscene features added motion blur when the front assembly comes into view.
Closeup of the nubs which supposedly holds the two assemblies together.
Attaching the slide to the completed frame. It isn't fully visible here, but the slide has holes in the top for mounting optics.
Retreiving the magazine from the salad lid.
...And racking the slide after inserting it. Note the forward mounted iron sights.
Holding the completed Glock.

SIG-Sauer P220

A SIG-Sauer P220 with a squared magazine release and suppressor height sights (that co-witness with optics) appears as the "P890" (or "Bruen .45" during the beta). It has front slide serrations and no beavertail on the frame; such a combination is seen on some variants such as the P220 Extreme, though the in-game model has traditional P220-style grips.

The decocker is actually used during the inspect animation and when reholstering the pistol, when drawing it the user will cock the hammer manually, so the gun always fires in single action (in third person the gun fires the first shot double-action and the following ones single-action, this cycle resets after a few seconds). A double-action only DAK trigger group is available, removing the decocking and cocking animation and adding a fire delay, reflecting the long squeeze of the DAO trigger mechanism. At launch, the trigger was not animated during the decocking sequence, though this has since been patched. When using the double-action-only trigger group, the trigger is still incorrectly in the more rearward single action position, however. It feeds from stainless steel 8-round magazines by default, but magazine baseplates that increase the capacity to either 10 or 12 are available.

Like the two Glock variants, the P220 features a slide equipped with a cut for micro red dot optics (that mount directly onto the slide, instead of having different plates between the slide and the optic, which would mean that either all the MRDs in the game share the same mounting system or the cut is universal), a feature not available out of the box on the real SIG.

It seems to be a favorite of various members of TF 141 and US MARSOC in "Kill or Capture" are seen with the pistols in their holsters instead of the more fitting M45A1 or the Glock 19 (which could have been made as the X14 in-game).

SIG-Sauer P220 Extreme - .45 ACP
SIG-Sauer P220 - .38 Super. Image used as a reference for the grips.
The SIG in the gunsmith preview screen.
Graves holds his SIG close as he is distracted by the news on a TV.
having spotted some very dangerous boxes, he aims down the sights to de-escalate the situation.
After decocking the pistol, he inspects it.
Checking the magazine, note the ".45 APC" markings.
Deciding he will need more rounds to deal with those menacing boxes, he tops off his pistol.
Graves racks the slide back on his empty SIG after doing unspeakable things to those cardboard manifestations of evil.
Having found some more ammo on his person, he reloads. The empty magazine needs a little help to get out. This doesn't happen with the "Fast Hands" perk.
SIG-Sauer P220 with DAK trigger group - .45 ACP
Krueger reloading a tricked-out P220 DAK with a LAM, extended magazine, Trijicon RMR-inspired red dot sight and custom grips. Note that it still retains the decocking lever, something that the real one doesn't have.

SIG-Sauer P220 X-Six

Fitting the P220 with the "Matuzek Cottonmouth Barrel" (which is stated to be 140mm long, while the X-Six's is 153mm long), the "Bruen RSH-80 Grip" and the "XRX Heavy V3" trigger group will make it somewhat resemble the P220 X-Six, retaining the double-action trigger mechanism and black standard frame.

SIG-Sauer P220 X-Six II - .45 ACP
Left side of the poor man's P220 X-Six.

SIG-Sauer P220 Carry

Using the "Matuzek Venom" barrel on the P220 will turn it into a P220 Carry, although with a bit of a stylized slide.

SIG-Sauer P220 Carry - .45 ACP
Right side view of the P220 Carry.

Smith & Wesson Model 500

The Smith & Wesson Model 500 appears as the "Basilisk" (or "Centum 5" in pre-release). The barrel appears to be somewhere between the 4 and 8 inch barrel options for the real Model 500, most likely 6 inches. Similar to Battlefield 2042’s Taurus Raging Hunter, unfired rounds in the chamber are retained while reloading. Having the "Fast Reload" perk or "Akimbo" attachment omits retaining rounds entirely, but keeps it in the player's ammunition pool.

Modern Warfare III adds the "JAK Gunslinger" aftermarket part in Season 4 Reloaded; while the description states that this replaces the cylinder and frame, only the former is replaced, going from a 5-shot .500 S&W cylinder to an 8-round .357 one (presumably inspired by the Smith & Wesson Model 327 R8). Somewhat nonsensically, this is made of 3D-printed plastic (albeit with an extractor rod/star assembly and a new 8-tooth cylinder ratchet made of steel), despite being one of the primary pressure-bearing parts of the weapon; actual 3D-printed revolvers like the PG22 Maverick and Washbear use printed cylinders with metal chamber inserts, and are generally pepperbox-type designs to avoid the issues of maintaining consistent timing with a printed plastic cylinder - needless to say, setting off a .357 Magnum round, which can produce up to 44,000 PSI (300 MPa) in a plastic cylinder would not end well for any parties involved. Gameplay-wise, the Gunslinger kit increases the Model 500's rate of fire, reduces its recoil (though the former point somewhat counteracts this), improves its handling and reload speed slightly, and (rather strangely) completely removes the normal version's trigger-pull delay, with the hammer and cylinder simply not moving at all when the trigger is pulled; this comes at the cost of damage (to the point that not even a point-blank headshot will kill an enemy, a stark contrast to MW19's ".357"), and the inability to change the ammunition, loader and trigger parts. Even more bizarrely, dual-wielding the revolvers increases their individual rates of fire even further, to the point of them exceeding some of the game's fully-automatic weapons in potential fire rate, but massively reduces their damage to the point that two point-blank torso shots from each are needed to kill an enemy within breathing distance. Unlike the equally nonsensical "Magnum" from Black Ops Cold War, the amount of rounds in the cylinder are visibly changed as the player character reloads the weapon using a custom 3D-printed speedloader; this also removes the normal weapon's reload animations that involve replacing singular rounds, presumably since they wouldn't line up with the player character's fingers anymore.

Smith & Wesson Model 500 (8.75" Barrel) - .500 S&W Magnum
The Model 500 in the gunsmith preview screen.
"Bryson 780" and place of manufacture stamped on the sideplate.
The player character draws a bead with his Smith and Wesson hand cannon. It can maintain ADS while reloading, something that wasn't possible with the .357 in the previous game.
Wielding the "Basilisk" in game. The in-game model is undersized, as it's almost the same size as the Anaconda .44 from the original Modern Warfare 2. In reality, the S&W Model 500 is an X-Frame revolver: substantially larger than the Colt Anaconda and even the Desert Eagle.
The player character admires the stainless steel polish of the "Basilisk", mid-Revolver Ocelot imitation. Having the gun empty twirls the revolver for a little longer than it was when loaded.
A brief glimpse of the right hand side of the revolver. Note that the markings imply the in-universe name of the Basilisk is the "Bryson 780".
Dumping the fired casings out of the cylinder.
Reloading new rounds into the cylinder via a speedloader.
Without Fast Reload, partial reloads have the player character retain the unfired rounds:
  • At 1 or 2 rounds fired, the operator pats the ejector rod to loosen the fired rounds and manually replaces them, leaving the unfired rounds in the cylinder.
  • At 3 or 4 rounds fired, the operator lifts the cylinder to drop out and retain the unfired round(s), before ejecting and reloading the rest of the cylinder.

    The primers will always appear as intact, however.
  • Staccato P

    The Staccato P was added in Season 5 Reloaded as the "9mm Daemon". Its default magazine holds 15 rounds (the real Staccato mag holds 17), options for 20 and 26 round magazines are also available. The gun can be extensively customized with parts inspired by various custom 2011 gunmakers. A barrel option gives the Daemon a frame mounted red dot, charging handle and a competition slide with a compensator, a setup commonly found on IPSC Open race guns; this slide also changes the equip/first-draw animation from a twirl followed by chambering the pistol, to simply chambering the pistol using the charging handle. A first in the series, the gun can be fitted with a magwell (in the Grip slot), which negates the need for the Sleight of Hand perk and makes the gun reload faster by default. When drawing and holstering the pistol, the manual thumb safety is used, although in a bit of a dramatic way when it comes to stowing away the weapon. The gun has very high hip-fire accuracy, suggested by how close the operator holds it, in a Central Axis Relock manner, it manages to have very low recoil, even less than the Glock 17, which has virtually none, and a fast fire rate by default, overall a great 9mm secondary.

    Staccato P - 9x19mm
    After getting denied the use of his old Kimber by the Loadout gods, Alex finds a Staccato P as an alternative, trying to hold it John Wick style for maximum cool factor.
    Aiming down the sights. The green dots glow in the dark, a feature shared with the P220.
    Part of the very intricate inspect animation shows the operator decocking the gun, twirling it around on their index finger, inspecting the right side...
    ...then ejecting the magazine, extracting a round and doing a chamber-load trick. You can see the round sitting on the slide.
    Swapping magazines.
    Power stroking the slide on an empty reload.
    STI Grand Master - .38 Super
    Having realized he might've showed up to the wrong kind of race, Velikan holds his racegun as he disappointingly notices that the car in front of him is not up to safety regulations!
    Being at a loss for words (it's not like he speaks), he admires his expensive competition piece.
    Reloading some new frangible 9mm rounds into the pistol. Performing this action with either the "Fast Hands" perk or the magwell grip will result in the characters flicking out the spent magazine and inserting a new one in the awkward way pictured here.

    Submachine Guns


    A short-barreled AR-57 appears as the "FSS Hurricane" as an SMG in the "M4 Platform". It is depicted with a traditional AR-15 style charging handle at the rear and as capable of being chambered from empty with the existing bolt release, whereas the real AR-57 has a right-side charging handle (that can be changed to the left with the bolt release removed from the lower receiver) and no automatic bolt hold open, though it can be manually locked to the rear using the existing lower's bolt release lever. The handguard is also different, instead of a quad-rail it seems to be based on an M-LOK system, probably based on the Gen 2 handguard (although the Gen 2 handguard is still a quad-rail design with cooling slits, not a proper M-LOK design) or the new M-LOK ULT rails on current production models (though seeming to lack the QD cup and dedicated 1913 picatinny rails on the bottom which would negate the ability to put the adapters that are there that are on the model). It's fitted with a Troy M7A1 PDW stock (which would not be possible on the real gun as the stock requires a shortened proprietary combined bolt carrier + buffer to use) and seems to use the same SIG-inspired lower receiver as the "M4" with an A2 grip by default, options to change the stock and grip are available, as they are shared with the M4 platform.

    On a related note, it is not the first time that the AR-57 was conceived into the Call of Duty series, as it was planned to be added in Black Ops II as a usable weapon. It was however, eventually replaced by a fictional variant of the P90 before the game's release.

    AR-57 with short barrel on a BHI lower receiver - 5.7x28mm
    The AR-57 in the loadout screen. Note the non-standard charging handle and the bolt release paddle, which actually works and sticks out when the gun is empty. How this is possible is unclear, as P90 magazines don't have a hold open device.
    The AR-57 upper receiver can be seen in promotional material for the "FJX Cinder" weapon vault, in the first row of attachments and just above the FightLite MCR upper.
    Lionel Messi (yes, that one) wields an AR-57 in a legally distinct version of the real life Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam.
    Aiming down the sights of the AR-57 - these are shared by most of the AR pattern weapons in-game.
    Flicking the fire selector.
    Inspecting the AR-57 - checking out the fancy QR code sticker and the partially-depleted magazine in this instance.
    Interestingly, it reloads by default with the right hand (the left thumb depresses the mag release). Here an empty magazine is withdrawn and tossed aside.
    A new one is laid in, and the user yanks the charging handle back.
    With Fast Hands, the operator instead grasps the mag release and flicks aside the P90 mag.
    Left-handing in a new one.
    And palming the rather dubiously functioning bolt release.

    Brügger & Thomet APC45 PRO

    The Brügger & Thomet APC45 PRO was added in Season 4 as the "ISO 45". It retains some of the animations of the previous "ISO" submachine gun in Modern Warfare 2019. It is also stylized similarly to it, including the upper receiver being extended to the rear (albeit not as much as its MW19 counterpart). By default, it is modeled with the "FTAC 225mm Dominator" barrel from Modern Warfare, which is an extended barrel of intermediate length between the APC45/APC9 and the APC9-P. It can be modified to resemble an APC45 SD with the “16" XLB-S” barrel, or an APC9 K with the “4" Frame S-1” barrel and "SK-3 Cheetah" stock.

    Brügger & Thomet APC45 PRO - .45 ACP
    Brügger & Thomet APC9-P, for comparison - 9x19mm
    The APC45 in the Battlepass screen.
    Cpt. Price with the SMG in "Vondel," a fictional borough of Amsterdam.
    Performing a tactical reload.
    Pulling the charging handle during the empty reload. If interrupted by sprinting or switching weapons, the operator uses the bolt release with their trigger finger instead - which is also always used with "Fast Hands." This same animation quirk is present with the Razorback/VHS-2.
    Aiming down the flip-up sights in a bike shop in Amsterdam.
    When inspecting the weapon, the character tosses the APC to their left hand the performs a brass check with the right hand.
    The weapon locked empty. The character vigorously tugs the charging handle during the empty inspect animation.
    Brügger & Thomet APC45 SD - .45 ACP
    Brügger & Thomet APC9 K PRO - 9x19mm

    Brügger & Thomet APC9 K PRO G

    In addition to the aforementioned APC45, the APC9 K PRO G returns from Modern Warfare, added in Season 6 under the name "ISO 9mm". By default it's loaded with 33-round Glock magazines, and also comes with a stock attachment option to retract its stock, which can also be used on its .45 caliber sibling.

    Brügger & Thomet APC9 K PRO G - 9x19mm
    In-game preview of the B+T APC9 K PRO G.
    Holding up a suspicious cactus with the ISO 9mm.
    Checking the irons against the rock - all the ISO series share these sights.
    The APC9 K's inspect, here seen in the operator's left hand.
    Setting the selector to semi-auto.
    Tactical reloads are done with the magazines held together like a Czech hedgehog.
    And the teeny charging handle is tugged if it runs dry.

    FN P90 TR

    A stylized FN P90 TR (inspired by some blueprints from Modern Warfare with the grip design based on that of the Magpul PDR-C) appears as the "PDSW 528" as part of the Tactique Defense platform. The "528" designation is an abridgement of its 5.7x28mm caliber. The stylized magazine from those blueprints is now transparent, and tracks the feeding ammunition. The P90 TR can be turned into a regular P90 with its integrated optic, however unlike MW19 this attachment isn't in the Optic category, but rather a new "Rail" category that allows for three different upper receivers: The (stylized) P90 TR upper by default, the P90 upper with optic, or the aftermarket EFFEN 90 upper with a tiny low profile rail. Equipping the integrated optic upper blocks use the optics attachment category. The longer-than-normal barrel can be returned to its proper length with the “9.5" Duke-30” barrel attachment.

    It only fires in full auto in-game; the selector functionality is absent.

    FN P90 TR - 5.7x28mm
    Magpul PDR-C with red dot sight and 20-round polymer magazine - 5.56x45mm NATO
    The "PDSW 528" in the gunsmith screen. The barrel is noticeably longer and the grips are more angular compared to the real gun.
    The player character wielding the legally distinct FN P90 TR inside the pitstop of a (legally distinct) Marina Bay Street Circuit, located in Singapore.
    Much like MW2019, the magazine is translucent and dynamically tracks how many rounds are modelled in the magazine.
    Reading the fine print on the stock of the gun.
    Taking a peek at the bolt and breech during the inspect animation.
    Reloading is performed in the same way as the previous Modern Warfare title.
    FN P90 - 5.7x28mm
    The absolutely-not-a-P90 in the gunsmith screen.
    FN P90 with EFFEN 90 upper reciever - 5.7x28mm
    An EFFEN P90 built with the 9.5" barrel.

    Heckler & Koch HK94A3

    The "Lachmann Sub" is a Heckler & Koch HK94A3 chopped and converted to resemble an MP5A5. The giveaway is that, along with other guns in the "Lachmann Meer" platform (which is clearly supposed to represent the Heckler & Koch roller-delayed family of weapons), it lacks a paddle magazine release, leaving only the (extended) button release. The game's HK94 has a 3-round burst trigger group installed, as well as an MP5's barrel with attachment lugs. Curiously enough, the trigger group lacks a semi-auto position; accordingly, the weapon can be switched between full-auto and three-round burst during gameplay, but not semi-auto. The in-game weapon also sports a strange cylindrical charging handle that differs from the other weapons in its family. 15, 30 (the default one) and 40 round metal magazines are available, along with a 50 round drum inspired by the Magpul PMAG D-50 MP.

    The "Lachmann Pulsar" barrel attachment gives it a short barrel approximating that of an MP5K. The "LM Cronus Grip" gives it the same PTR 9KT-style trigger group as the one seen on Modern Warfare’s MP5 blueprints, with the triangular parts still facing the wrong directions, but this time the selector markings are "S-3-F".

    The HK94A3 is mostly used by the Las Almas Cartel and Colonel Vargas' "Los Vaqueros" federal special forces unit in the campaign story.

    Heckler & Koch HK94A3 converted to full-auto fire, with shortened barrel and added third firing position on trigger pack - 9x19mm
    Heckler & Koch MP5A5, for comparison - 9x19mm
    The faux-MP5's left side in the gunsmith screen.
    Right side.
    The player character wanders the town square with his pseudo-HK94A3.
    Aiming down the sights. In a regression from the previous Modern Warfare, the "Lachmann" series has fallen victim to the videogame trend of HK guns with the front sight having the top half inexplicably missing.
    Inspecting the submachine gun by taking out the magazine.
    Pulling the bolt back for a brass check. Note the extended magazine release, which explains how the player character is able to use it so easily, as standard button releases on civilian HK roller delayed guns are infamous for being very hard to reach with the trigger finger for many people.
    Tactical reload performed with the charging handle locked back. This action, shared with all the guns in the "Lachmann-Meer" platform, doesn't eject a round for some reason.
    Rocking in a new magazine.
    The nigh mandatory HK slap performed on the charging handle.
    Heckler & Koch SP89 Pistol with factory 15-round magazine - 9x19mm
    Heckler & Koch MP5K with Navy trigger group and 15-round magazine - 9x19mm
    A SP89/MP5K style build in Gunsmith, with the Lachmann Pulsar barrel, LM Stockless mod, and TV Wrecker foregrip. The barrel assembly is quite noticeably longer than an actual MP5K.

    Heckler & Koch HK94A2

    Using the "Lachmann S76 Factory Stock" will turn the weapon into an HK94A2. Another attachment with a slightly different shape, the "Meer Recoil-56 Factory Stock", is available.

    Heckler & Koch HK94A2 converted to full-auto fire, with shortened barrel - 9x19mm
    What wants to be an MP5A4 in the gunsmith screen.

    Heckler & Koch HK94A3 (with integral suppressor)

    An integrally suppressed version of the aforementioned HK94A3 (intended to pass for an MP5SD) was added in Season 5 Reloaded as the "Lachmann Shroud". In contrast to its unsuppressed counterpart, it lacks a full-auto option, and is instead fitted with a safe/semi-auto/3-round burst trigger group (which does in fact exist in real life).

    The "JAK Decimator" aftermarket conversion kit that will be featured in MWIII's Season 4 converts the burst option to full auto, akin to the "JAK Patriot Kit" for the Colt Model 901/M16A3 below.

    Heckler & Koch HK94A3 converted to full-auto fire, with shortened barrel and added third firing position on trigger pack - 9x19mm
    Heckler & Koch MP5SD6, for comparison - 9x19mm
    The "Lachmann Shroud" in the battle pass.
    Alex checks the magazine on his totally-not-MP5SD, wondering whose idea was it at Lachmann & Meer to install on this weapon a S-3-1 trigger group.
    Still angered by the fact that the HUD is bugged in private matches, he lets out his frustrations on the charging handle, giving it a forceful smack.

    Heckler & Koch HK94A2 (with integral suppressor)

    Equipping the "Lachmann S76 Factory Stock" or the "Meer Recoil-56 Factory Stock" turns the gun into an integrally suppressed HK94A2, meant to stand in for an MP5SD5.

    Heckler & Koch HK94A2 converted to full-auto fire, with shortened barrel - 9x19mm
    Heckler & Koch MP5SD with safe/semi/3-round burst trigger group, for comparison - 9x19mm

    Heckler & Koch MP7A2

    A fictionalized Heckler & Koch MP7A2 appears as the "VEL 46" as part of the LMP (likely meant to be short for Lachmann Meer Pistol or Lachmann Meer Piston) platform. It feeds from 40 round magazines by default, and 30 round stylized magazines, a fictional quadstack 50 rounder and 60 round drum are available to extend the gun's capacity.

    Heckler & Koch MP7A2 - 4.6x30mm
    The MP7A2 in the loadout screen. Note that some parts are actually modeled more correctly than the Modern Warfare counterpart, such as the trigger guard and the stock.
    An MP7A2 on the left with a custom stock and a longer barrel.
    The "VEL 46" in the hands of the player character.
    Aiming down the sights. The iron sights are similar to the last game, using the pistol style notch sights in the raised position.
    Inspecting the MP7. Note the addition of a Performance Services Generation 2 Butt Stock Quick Detach Sling Mount.
    Inspecting the magazine, full of 4.6x30mm rounds...
    ...and performing a chamber-check.
    Reloading the MP7.
    Magazine retention reload.
    Ejecting an empty mag, inserting a new mag, before hitting the bolt release.

    Interdynamic KG-9 / Intratec TEC-9 hybrid

    A hybrid of the Interdynamic KG-9 and the Intratec TEC-9 was added to the handguns class in Season 3 Reloaded as the "FTAC Siege". Unlike the Black Ops Cold War counterpart, it fires from an open bolt like the KG-9, and is fully-automatic by default.

    The weapon has four upper receiver options, most of which have sub-options as well. The standard upper receiver also comes in an extended barrel variant ("Ratchet BE"), an extended barrel and barrel shroud variant ("SuperTac-VI"), and an integrally suppressed variant ("Ratchet BE Tac"). An upper based on the TEC-9 Mini ("Mouse 99") is also available, which blocks the use of grips, optics, and lasers due to its small size. A much longer upper with angled shroud holes comes in standard ("CMRN-50") and integrally suppressed ("NST-81", previously known as "STF-U") variations, and a lightweight upper with rectangular holes and entirely different iron sights are also options.

    The gun can equip the wire stock and foregrip of the KG-9's full-auto sibling, the MP-9. Other stock and grip options are available, including an angled metal foregrip highly reminiscent of the Beretta 93R. A unique thread-on suppressor is also available, and the SMG feeds from 32-round mags, 20-round mags, 50-round drums, or 72-round drums. As of Season 4, it can be dual-wielded, and uniquely, it features an on-screen reload animation when reloading the weapon while akimbo; though it is not the first game that does this, Call of Duty 2: Big Red One and Call of Duty: Mobile both feature such akimbo reload animations for pistols and the Vector respectively.

    Interdynamic KG-9 - 9x19mm
    Intratec TEC-9 - 9x19mm
    The base weapon in the loadout screen. Notice that it has a fictional magazine release button instead of a paddle, which is properly animated upon reloads and inspects with the left hand, though is incorrect for the real TEC-9.
    Holding the hybrid TEC-9/KG-9.
    Performing a tactical reload.
    Pulling the charging handle during the empty reload.
    Dropping the magazine during the "Fast Hands" reload. For the empty reload, the operator pulls the handle with a slightly altered grip from the standard empty reload.
    Checking the chamber of the loaded weapon.
    Inspecting the weapon after running out of rounds.
    Comically during the empty inspect, the operator will experience a malfunction while attempting to dry fire the gun.
    Posing with the dual TEC-9 hybrids, Chicago skyline in the background.
    Pretend firing the weapons gangsta style.
    Tossing the used magazines after stuffing the guns into his armpits.
    Interdynamic MP-9 - 9x19mm
    An MP-9-style build in the loadout screen.
    Intratec TEC-9 Mini - 9x19mm
    A TEC-9 Mini-style build in the loadout screen.
    Intratec TEC-9 with early blade sight and 5.5" screw-on barrel extension - 9x19mm
    A similar build in the loadout screen. Note the backwards mirrored text on the weapon.

    KRISS Vector

    The Gen I/Gen II hybrid KRISS Vector from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare returns as the "Fennec 45", which is still missing the piece that connects the pistol grip and the receiver and once again has a massively shrunk-down Super-V recoil dampening system the real Vector is known for, thus resulting in the weapon having actual muzzle rise.

    The default magazines for the Fennec are KRISS MagEx2's with a 30 round capacity. The two other magazine options are a 13-round Glock 21 magazine underloaded to 12 rounds (it actually does have one less witness hole, a very nice detail) which converts the Fennec to 2-round burst, and a 40-round AWB .45 ACP drum magazine overloaded to a 45-round capacity.

    The weapon has an extended barrel and handguard, the former (intentionally or not) similar in length to the 8" export model only available in Ukraine, and the latter seemingly inspired by the KRISS MK1 Modular Rail. Barrel customization options include the “5.5" Fennec Minitac” (a standard Vector's 5.5" barrel), “FTac 8.5" Recon” (actually a 6.5" barrel with a stylized MK5 Modular Rail), and "Fennec Covert Force" (a barrel shroud based on a Vector CRB Enhanced, depicted as an integral suppressor in-game).

    Stock options include the "Agile Assault-7 Stock" (based on the early TDI Vector prototype stock) and the "FTac Stock Cap" (a Vector SDP's quick-detach sling swivel).

    TDI Vector Gen I with EOTech sight and extended magazine - .45 ACP
    KRISS USA Vector Gen II - .45 ACP / 9x19mm Parabellum
    The Vector in the loadout screen. Note the extended barrel and rail, and the two-tone finish that distinguish it from Modern Warfare's model. Another difference is that the pistol grip now has Vector Gen II ribs at the rear.
    The player character wielding a "Fennec".
    Aiming down the sights.
    Inspecting the Vector.
    Brass check leaving the player character wondering just how the bolt fits into the far too narrow gap between the magwell and the trigger group.
    Reloading mid magazine.
    The player character fumbles the insertion a bit mid reload.
    Racking the charging handle.
    KRISS USA Vector SDP Gen II - .45 ACP / 9x19mm Parabellum
    A Vector SDP configuration with the "Double Tap" short magazines.
    KRISS USA Vector CRB Enhanced, Gen II version with Defiance M4 stock - .45 ACP / 9x19mm Parabellum
    And a Vector CRB imitating the reference image.

    PP-19 Bizon-2

    The PP-19 Bizon-2 returns from Modern Warfare as the "Minibak", now with a more correctly modeled receiver, forend and stock. It still uses the earlier Bizon-1's 64-round helical magazine by default, but this time with the magazine front attachment point of the Bizon-2.

    PP-19 Bizon-2 with side-folding stock - 9x18mm Makarov
    PP-19 Bizon-1 - 9x18mm Makarov
    The Bizon in the loadout screen.
    The Russian SMG in the hands of a SPECGRU soldier.
    Aiming down the sights
    Inspecting the Bizon.
    Checking the helical magazine.
    Brass check performed.
    Throwing away an empty magazine.
    Inserting a fresh magazine.

    PP-19-01 Vityaz

    The PP-19-01 Vityaz appears as the "Vaznev-9K". It is fitted with a railed AK-100 series polymer style forend. Prior to the Season 1 update, the Vityaz could not accept any underbarrel accessories in multiplayer. Vityazs with underbarrel grips can be found in the Campaign in the hands of Al-Qatala and Russian PMCs.

    In addition to the standard 30-round stick mag the gun feeds from by default, the Vityaz can accept fictional quad-stack 45-round magazines. It can also be modified with a Saiga 9's 367mm barrel via the "SA Response III" barrel attachment.

    PP-19-01 "Vityaz-SN" - 9x19mm
    The Vityaz in the loadout screen.
    A SPECGRU operator wields a PP-19-01.
    Aiming down the sights.
    Inspecting the Vityaz - checking the magazine.
    And the brass check.
    The player character performs a magazine retention tactical reload.
    Charging the PP-19 with the right hand. With "Fast Hands," the underhanded style is used instead.
    Saiga 9 - 9x19mm
    The Vaznev with the SA Response III civilian style barrel.

    SIG-Sauer MPX

    The SIG-Sauer MPX Gen 2 appears as the "BAS-P" (likely an acronym for Bruen Assault System - Pistol). It is available in the campaign, and was added to multiplayer in Season 1. It is part of the "Bruen Ops" platform, suggesting that the in-game manufacturer Bruen (which also manufactures the Bruen Bullpup/AUG platform) is a mishmash of SIG and Steyr. It is fitted with a stock inspired by the MPX PSB collapsible brace, previously seen on some MCX VIRTUS blueprints in Modern Warfare 2019.

    The optional barrels are the following: “12" Bruen SZ-36” (a fictional-length barrel with an M-LOK handguard that looks like a Midwest Industries / Samson Manufacturing hybrid), “10.5" Bruen Typhon” (an integrally suppressed barrel with an MPX Gen 1 style handguard), “6.5" Bruen Drake” (a 6.5" barrel with a factory MPX-style M-LOK handguard), and “4" Thunderfire” (an MPX K's 4.5" barrel).

    Alejandro Vargas uses a customized MPX as his main weapon throughout the campaign. Said version became available in multiplayer as the "Battle Worn" blueprint, made unlockable during a time-limited event in Season 5. This blueprint's add-on flared magwell and titanium nitride-coated bolt also make it ideal for a John Wick build, something likely intentional on the developers' part given how specific a combination this is.

    SIG-Sauer MPX SBR, Gen 2 - 9x19mm Parabellum
    The MPX in the loadout screen.
    Alejandro Vargas holding an MPX.
    The player character handling a SIG-Sauer MPX in MWII's take on the Shoothouse map from MW2019.
    Aiming down the sights at the KORTAC spawn side of Shoothouse.
    Inspecting the "BAS-P".
    Performing a brass check, magazine in hand.
    Reloading halfway through a magazine.
    The end result of emptying a magazine at the wall, note the bolt release paddle sticking out.
    Flinging the empty mag out with a fresh magazine ready to go.
    An MPX setup styled after John Wick's custom MPX Carbine, making use of the flared mag well and TiN-coated bolt found on Alejandro's "Battle Worn" blueprint.

    SIG-Sauer MPX-SD

    Equipping the “10.5" Bruen Typhon” barrel turns the weapon into an MPX-SD.

    SIG-Sauer MPX-SD, Gen 1 - 9x19mm Parabellum
    The MPX-SD configuration in the loadout preview.

    SIG-Sauer MPX K

    Using the “4" Thunderfire” barrel turns the gun into an MPX K.

    SIG-Sauer MPX K, Gen 2 - 9x19mm Parabellum
    An MPX K with the "BR Stockless Mod", "Bruen Flash" pistol grip, and a 20-round magazine.

    Steyr AUG A3 9mm XS

    The Steyr AUG A3 9mm XS appears as the "MX9", fed by 25- and 32-round stylized Steyr MPi 69/81 magazines.

    Steyr AUG A3 9mm XS with RIS foregrip - 9x19mm
    The AUG Para in the loadout screen. The bottom of the stock is modeled more correctly than the Modern Warfare version.
    The player character and their AUG submachine gun.
    Aiming down the iron sights.
    Inspecting the magazine.
    Brass check.
    The AUG A3 9mm has an entirely new reload compared to the last game - it now reloads in a tactical retention manner akin to most other weapons in-game.
    The charging handle is also not locked back on empty reloads on this variant.
    After inserting a fresh magazine into an empty AUG 9mm, the player character will rack the charging handle to chamber a round. With the "Fast Hands" perk, this will be replaced with a press of the bolt release.


    Benelli M4 Super 90

    The Benelli M4 Super 90 appears as the "Expedite 12." It is used by Shadow Company and Task Force 141 members in the story. The model is notably stylized, with a rounded receiver and scalloping around the trigger group similar to the same company's M2.

    The first port-loaded shell in a reload sequence will play a slower animation showing the player character palming the shell before loading it. This does not happen with the "Fast Reload" perk. Customization options include a 14" short barrel, longer competition-style magazine tube, railed and slim forends and a variety of stock options including a field stock option, collapsed and extended stock and a fixed pistol grip stock combination. Interestingly, it is capable of firing Dragon's Breath shells with no issues; while the M4 can fire such shells, they have difficulty powering a semi-automatic shotgun action as they are considered low-power rounds, as such they require manual cycling.

    The "Bryson Reverb-55 Stock" gives it a fixed stock similar to Magpul shotgun stocks, and the "419mm Schlager Salvo" and "FSS Frame Stock" resemble the forend and stock of the pump-action FABARM STF 12.

    Benelli M4 Tactical with 7-shot tube - 12 gauge
    The M4 Super 90 in the weapon inspect menu.
    A SPECGRU operative wields his "Expedite 12" on the Mexican-American border.
    Aiming through the Benelli's sights.
    Inspecting the shotgun.
    The inspect animation continues with a flashy ejection of the shell currently chambered.
    Examining the 12 gauge buckshot shell, produced by the in-universe manufacturer "Corvus Arms".
    Topping off the magazine tube with some fresh shells.
    The bolt locked back after emptying the magazine at a border crossing checkpoint.
    Placing a new shell into the chamber, before loading up the magazine tube.
    Benelli M4 NFA (short barreled version) with collapsed stock - 12 gauge
    Preview of the M4 NFA short configuration.
    FABARM STF 12 Pistolgrip F.E. - 12 gauge
    The STF 12 style parts on the Expedite. The "RMGE-7" muzzle is also equipped here.

    Browning Citori 725

    The Browning Citori 725 returns as the "Lockwood 300", with an altered handguard and stock compared to the Modern Warfare rendition. It is still used as an apparently favored weapon by Al-Qatala in the story and DMZ. The shotgun received a dual trigger attachment option with Season 6, allowing the player character to fire both barrels simultaneously. To help balance the need to reload after every trigger pull with this attachment, the player character will slide in both shells in simultaneously, as opposed to one after the other in the normal empty reload, essentially giving the gun the effects of Fast Hands.

    Browning Citori 725 Pro Sporting - 12 gauge
    Browning Citori 725 Pro Trap - 12 gauge
    The Browning Citori 725 in the weapon preview menu.
    The O/U shotgun held in the hands of a multiplayer character.
    Aiming down the sight rib at the rear of a panel van.
    Inspecting the shotgun by popping open the breech a tad.
    Reading the engraved trade dress.
    Reloading the double barrel after firing both shells.
    Inserting two fresh shells.
    Partial reload.

    Side by Side Shotgun

    The "Super Shotgun" blueprint from the DOOM bundle is a sawed-off side by side shotgun. As the entire weapon model is replaced, its attachments cannot be customized, though it should be noted that it's statistically identical to the Citori. One of its attachments is the double trigger, added just before this bundle and clearly specifically created to allow the Super Shotgun to function as it should. Faithful to its source material, the entire shotgun is animated with the same jittery style as the original DOOM Super Shotgun as opposed to standard interpolation animation used in other weapons, although the animations revert to standard, albeit currently bugged, Citori animations when a camo is applied. Other changes include the original pixelated red muzzle flash, its sway pattern, and sound.

    Remington Spartan sawed-off shotgun - 12 gauge

    "Corvus Masterkey"

    The underbarrel "12-Gauge Deputy" returns from Modern Warfare, now under a different name. It has a new model that appears to have a Mossberg-style trigger guard, and now it can be reloaded. The reload animation is of a similar style to the Benelli M4, first (if empty) loading a shell into the chamber and pressing the bolt release, then loading three shells into the tube. The updated empty inspect animation even shows correct operation for a Benelli-style semi-automatic shotgun, showing the bolt carrier moving freely without locking back until the operator dry-fires the shotgun and racks it back, causing it to lock open. A Dragon's Breath-equipped model has also been introduced into the game with the release of Season 5 under the name "Corvus Torch".

    Knight's Armament Masterkey - 12 gauge
    The "Corvus Masterkey", slung underneath an M203 heatshield attached to an M16.
    Chamber checking the underbarrel shotgun.
    Unlike previous games (and IRL), the Masterkey in MWII is semiautomatic, with a last round bolt hold open.
    Hitting the bolt release on a fresh shell.
    Sliding in the last three shells into the magazine tube.

    IWI Tavor TS12

    The IWI Tavor TS12 was added in Season 4 Reloaded as the "MX Guardian". Unlike its real-life counterpart, the TS12 in-game effectively functions as a shotgun Bizon, sporting a detachable helical/prism magazine instead of the non-removable triple rotating 5-round tube setup of the real life version. Thus, upon reloading, the user simply swaps out the magazine instead of inserting individual shells. The in game weapon also sports a different pistol grip from the TS12 with a combination enclosed trigger guard and cutlass grip whereas the TS12 has just a cutlass grip. The Guardian is also fully automatic by default, with semi-automatic and two-round burst fire trigger packs (probably to simulate a binary trigger) as attachments, unlike the real TS12, which comes in semi-automatic by default (of course with the possibility of homemade trigger packs). Prior to the Season 5 update, the shotgun's in-game description described it as having the real version's three separate rotating magazine tubes.

    IWI Tavor TS12 - 12 gauge
    The Tavor in the Battlepass.
    The other side of the gun in the customization screen.
    Cocking the gun during the spawn animation.
    Taking in the Amsterdam skyline in the mid-season map "Vondel Waterfront", while holding the mid-season weapon.
    Inspecting the front of the magazine.
    Rear of the magazine. Based on the fictional design, it could be a helical magazine. How 12 gauge shotgun shells feed through a helical magazine without constant issues is best not thought about.
    Loading a new magazine. In both the inspect animations and the standard reloads, the player struggles with securing the magazine and gives it a smack to properly seat it. For the "Fast Hands" reload the player has no such issue loading it.
    Pulling the charging handle.
    The fictional "Burst Trigger Pack", which is the only attachment which allows for dragon's breath rounds.
    The action locked open on empty. Note the advanced fish AI.
    Looking at the empty magazine. Note the protruding follower.
    Amusingly, the player gets frustrated while trying to seat the magazine, and gives it a much harder smack.

    Molot Vepr-12

    The Vepr-12 was added in Season 2 as the "KV Broadside", an addition to the "Kastovia" platform. It feeds from 8-round magazines, with the option for 12-rounders or 25-round drums, though curiously it cannot use its smaller 5-round mags, despite them already being in the game (used by the Mossberg 590M). Along with being fitted with a left side charging handle modification, the shotgun's bolt will lock open when empty when using either stick magazine, but does not lock back when using the drum. The Vepr is the first weapon outside of the Assault Rifle and Battle Rifle classes able to mount underbarrel weapons, both the GP-25 and (rather amusingly) the underbarrel shotgun. It can be loaded with Dragon's Breath incendiary shells, though as with the Benelli M4 above, low-powered rounds would make the weapon's usage unfeasible because of the weapon's self-loading nature. It is not an issue when used in-game, though. A custom Vepr-12 firing incendiary shells is the weapon of choice of the Pyro DMZ boss, along with a riot shield.

    As a post-release weapon, it can either be permanently unlocked by completing its challenge, purchasing by a store bundle that has the weapon, or by extracting the weapon in DMZ mode.

    Added in week 2 of Season 3 of Modern Warfare III is the "JAK Jawbreaker" aftermarket part, marking the first time an aftermarket kit can be used to modify a Modern Warfare II weapon. Replacing the entire receiver assembly, magazine, and adding a barrel shroud (which also extends the barrel considerably) with 3D printed furniture, the kit transforms the shotgun into a fully-automatic rifle chambered in .458 SOCOM. Despite the complete change from shot to bullets the weapon retains a massive hipfire deviation, meaning the only way to be remotely accurate with it is to aim down the sights.

    Molot Vepr-12 - 12 gauge
    The Vepr-12 in the gunsmith preview screen.
    Spawning with the Vepr-12, the operative performs an underhand rack of the charging handle; this would be a bit less odd if said handle wasn't on the left side of the gun.
    Gaz holding the Vepr-12.
    Examining the Vepr-12.
    In the inspect animation the character examines the magazine before tapping it on the magwell...
    ...then puts it back in and performs a chamber check.
    Firing with a massive muzzle flash; given how it obscures the front sight, this appears to be coming out of the gas block, rather than the actual muzzle.
    Ripping out the magazine while holding another during the empty "fast hands" reload.
    And then dropping the bolt. For the standard reload the charging handle is used instead.
    Examining a Vepr-12 equipped with a drum magazine and Dissident Arms MOD2 style handguard. When equipped with a drum magazine, both of the empty reloads only use the charging handle...
    ...as, unlike when using either box magazine option, the drum magazine-equipped Vepr-12 will still have its bolt forward when empty.
    "Yo dawg, we heard you liked shotguns."
    Molot Vepr-12 - 12 gauge
    The Vepr with the "Range Twelve" barrel.

    Mossberg 590

    The Mossberg 590 appears as the "Bryson 800". Unlike the previous Modern Warfare’s pump-action shotguns, this weapon is chamber-loaded upon running empty, a rare instance in the Call of Duty franchise.

    Mossberg 590 with 5-round magazine tube and speedfeed stock - 12 gauge
    The Mossberg in the loadout screen.
    The Mossberg 590 in the weapon preview menu.
    The "Bryson 800" in the campaign.
    Aiming down the ghost ring sights.
    Inspecting the Mossberg.
    Chamber check performed.
    Topping off the magazine tube.
    Opening the action after emptying the shotgun. Note that the magazine tube follower is visible.
    Placing a fresh shell into the chamber.

    Serbu Super Shorty

    Equipping the “8" XRK CQB Barrel” and the "Stockless Pistol Grip" via Gunsmith converts the "Bryson 800" into a Serbu Super Shorty.

    Serbu Super Shorty Shotgun made from a Mossberg 500 - 12 gauge
    The player character wields a Bryson 800 converted into a Serbu Super Shorty-esque build.
    Aiming down the sight.
    Inspecting the shortened pump action.
    The player character performs a chamber check.
    Pumping out a FRAG-12 shell.

    Mossberg 590M

    A Mossberg 590M-style detachable box magazine variant with a collapsible stock and a short barrel appears as the "Bryson 890". It was apparently supposed to be a Vepr-12 since it's called "mviktor" (Molot Vepr) in the game files (which did eventually come to the game in Season 2), and it even retained the Vepr-12's magazine well and uses its correct magazines capacities as well (5, 8, and 12).

    A Los Vaqueros operative uses the 590M to breach a door in the "Cartel Protection" mission.

    Mossberg 590M - 12 gauge
    Molot Vepr-12 VPO-205-00 - 12 gauge
    The 590M in the loadout screen.
    The player character with the mag fed Mossberg.
    Looking out over the night time skyline of Singapore.
    Admiring the receiver of the shotgun. Note the "Bryson" markings.
    Chamber check performed, explosive 12 gauge slugs confirmed.
    Just to really make sure, the player character pulls the magazine out to look at its payload.
    Inserting a new mag during a reload.
    Jacking a fresh shell into the chamber and ejecting a spent hull, which is of the wrong color.



    The AK-103 appears as the "Kastov 762". The "Kastov" label implies that the rifle was developed in the fictional country of Kastovia from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Magazine options include the standard 30-round polymer mag, and 20 or 40 round steel magazines.

    The weapon can be modified with an AKM's gas block and wooden handguard via the "KAS-7 406mm" barrel attachment, as well as AKM's stock via the "Ivanov Wood Stock", while retaining the AK-103's front sight block, smooth dust cover, and folding stock hardware on the left side of the receiver. It can also be fitted with an AKMS's underfolding stock via the "Prolite TL3 Stock". Some of these combinations can be found in the campaign. The "Cursed" blueprint from Season 3 "features" a removed dust cover, which showcases the AK's bolt.

    The "JAK Requiem" kit added in Season 4 of Modern Warfare III modifies the weapon (and the "Kastov 545") to use a counter-balanced rifle system to completely eliminate recoil, along with a change in the handguard and iron sights.

    AK-103 - 7.62x39mm
    The AK-103 in the gunsmith preview screen. All of the modernized AKs have railed handguards. Note that the top cover is depicted with a horizontal bulge, like variants that have ribbed covers such as the AKM.
    Idle-ing with the AK in hand.
    Aiming down the sights.
    Checking the load on the magazine.
    And doing a press check.
    Swapping magazines. Unlike the 5.45 variants, the AK-103 (and the RPK when using box magazines) re-uses the reloading animations from MW19’s AK-47.
    Flicking out an old magazine with a fresh one.
    And charging the action with a tacticool under-hand sweep.
    Closeup of the right side of a customized AK-103.
    The "Cursed" blueprint with an optic. As the dust cover remains removed, the bracket mount from other AK variants is used here. Note the strangely colored recoil spring.
    Inspecting the AK-103 without dust cover.
    The empty inspect animation has the operator pull the bolt all the way to the rear. Note that the piston is completely absent and that the ejector has a notch in it. The ejector would likely be weakened and lose its durability due to this modification.
    The AK-103's spring compressed while in full recoil.
    An Al-Qatala armored NPC in the Warzone 2.0 trailer.
    Farah wields a custom AK in "Violence and Timing," equipped with a shiny underfolder and a mix of both -103 and -104 gas tubes.
    AK-103 with AKM style wood furnishings, similar to the one seen in Spec Ops: The Line - 7.62x39mm
    An AKM lookalike in the gunsmith preview screen.
    Holding the AK-103 Blueprint "The Rebel" (with alternate "KAS-7 406mm" barrel), which features a more appropriate reddish-brown bakelite grip.
    AKMS - 7.62x39mm
    An AKMS-style build using the "The Rebel" blueprint in the gunsmith preview screen - note the unusual look of the underfolding stock with the original side folding hardware still present.
    Valeria holds a pseudo-AKMS without dust cover.


    Equipping the "Kastovia 343" barrel turns the weapon into an AK-104.

    AK-104 - 7.62x39mm
    An AK-104 in the gunsmith preview screen.


    An AK-105 with light tan furniture and magazines appears as the "Kastov 545". It employs the "Iraqi reload" technique when reloading from empty.

    The default magazines are tan 30-rounders (6L23) and alternative options include 20-round black polymer mags, a 45-round classic red 6L18 magazine and a 60-round quad-stack black magazine (6L31).

    AK-105 - 5.45x39mm
    An AK-105 in the gunsmith preview screen, which has a tan version of the Picatinn-ized polymer AK handguard.
    Soap with an AK-105 in the trailer.
    Checking into the Breenbergh Hotel with the khaki AK-105 carbine.
    The AK-105's iron sights, fairly bog-standard by now.
    Flicking the selector lever to semi-auto.
    Mid-Iraqi reloading - about to kick out the empty magazine.
    Letting the bolt slam home and chamber a round from the newly-loaded mag.


    Equipping the "Kastovia 406" barrel turns the weapon into an AK-74M.

    AK-74M - 5.45x39mm
    The full-length Kastov-545, with the "Charcoal" finish to try to blacken the tan parts - though only the magazine appears to have gotten a thorough treatment.
    Stilleto inspecting an AK-74M (along with some stuffed animals) on the festive holiday version of Shipment.
    Peering into the mag - this one's loaded with black tip AP rounds.
    The 5.45 AK variants Fast Hands reload - the new mag is brought alongside the used one, which is flicked aside.
    The fast underhand charging as seen while holding ADS.


    The rifle can be turned into a pseudo AKS-74N, except that it retains the partly smooth top cover. This is achieved by pairing the "Kastov-Rama" stock with either the "Kastovia 406" barrel (which has a synthetic handguard) or the "KAS-7 406mm" barrel (which has a wooden handguard, along with an earlier AKM's 62 degree gas block and slant brake). The weapon can alternatively be fitted with the "Ivanov Wood Stock" to make it resemble the AK-74N.

    AKS-74 with synthetic furniture - 5.45x39mm
    An AKS-74N build, with an alternate grip.
    AKS-74, early version with 62 degree gas block - 5.45x39mm
    The older style AKS-74, with the "Sakin Tread-40" muzzle brake to imitate the correct version.
    The AK-74N mockup with the fixed AKM wood stock.


    The AKS-74U appears as the "Kastov-74u". It is specifically the AKS-74UN variant with a side-mounted bracket for attaching optics. For the first time in the Call of Duty series, it is correctly classified as an assault rifle as opposed to an SMG. As with the aforementioned AK-105, it employs the "Iraqi reload" technique when reloading from empty, previously including the impossible reloading technique without the stock. As of the Season 2 update, the gun instead has a unique empty reload animation when lacking a stock, in which the player character holds the gun sideways, knocks out the old mag with the new one (held "upside down" in their hand), then rocks it in and performs and underhand pull of the bolt, similar to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s AN-94.

    The loadout and progression menu images show it with a polymer 7.62x39mm magazine, though an AKMSU conversion or separate weapon does not appear in the released game. At the moment the gun uses black polymer 30 round magazines (6L23) by default, 20 rounders serve as fast mags, and the same 45 round magazine available from the AK-105 (6L18) serves as the only extended option.

    The gun can be customized with ZenitCo furniture like handguards and stocks. AKS-74U carbines with 20-round magazines are a common weapon used by Al-Qatala NPC forces in Al Mazrah in DMZ. In the MWIII campaign mission "Operation 627", Vladimir Makarov and prisoners are armed with the weapon, which has the tan magazine used on the AK-105.

    AKS-74UN - 5.45x39mm
    The AKS-74U in the weapon preview menu screen.
    The AKS-74UN with all five Gunsmith modification slots filled. It, the Bizon, and the RPK use a side bracket mount for optics, while the AK-100 series and Vityaz use railed top covers.
    Clearing out the F1 circuit facility with a bone stock AKS-74UN.
    Aiming down the iron sights.
    Inspecting the carbine.
    Checking the magazine, loaded with frangible 5.45x39mm rounds. The handguard has a rail on the right side by default.
    Brass check performed.
    Rocking in a new magazine.
    Reloading from empty.
    Fresh magazine rocked in, the player character will proceed to release his grip on the bolt, letting it slam home and pick up a new round.
    Kicking out the magazine with an odd upside down technique on the stockless AK. This updated empty reload animation is similar to MW19’s AN-94.
    Rocking in the new magazine. An underhanded rack of the bolt is preformed after this.
    The "Kastov-74u" with a 7.62x39mm magazine as seen in the beta.

    Brügger & Thomet APC556

    The Brügger & Thomet APC556 was added in Season 2, as the "ISO Hemlock". The rifle is part of the "ISO" platform, connecting the APC556 to its smaller siblings, the APC9/"ISO 9mm" and APC45/"ISO 45". It also shares similar Magpul MBUS styled iron sights.

    The game files refer to the weapon as "ar_acharlie300", alluding to the APC300 variant. In addition, the ejection port is marked "Cal. 7.62x35mm" (i.e. .300 AAC Blackout), and the handguard is an elongated version of the one seen on the APC300 and early versions of the APC556 PDW (interestingly, the rifle in-game is a normal APC556/300 upper receiver on a Pro lower receiver, shown by its ability to change pistol grips). Conversely, the gas system is of APC556-esque length. The weapon is chambered in the APC556's 5.56x45mm cartridge by default, and can be modified to use the APC300's .300 Blackout ammunition.

    Being a post-release weapon, the APC556 is unlocked either through store bundles, DMZ or challenge unlock. It's frequently used by Konni enforcers in DMZ and Warzone.

    Brügger & Thomet APC556 with 308mm barrel - 5.56x45mm NATO
    Brügger & Thomet APC300, for comparison - .300 AAC Blackout
    The "ISO Hemlock" in the gunsmith preview.
    Operator Ronin holds the rifle on the Season 2 map Valderas Museum (a map which was originally in the beta, but due to legal issues with it being based on the real the J. Paul Getty Museum, was held back).
    Inspecting the rifle.
    Chamber checking. This animation is also used when first equipping the weapon. Note the "Cal. 7.62x35mm" markings on the ejection port, regardless of what caliber is used.
    Inserting a new magazine. Note the strange opaque windowed PMAG. Also, the text near the operator's thumb is mirrored on the other side.
    Tugging on the charging handle during an empty reload. Part of the operator's thumb clips into the weapon during this.

    Brügger & Thomet APC556 PDW

    Equipping the "RCQ-7" barrel and the "R-COM S4" stock turns the weapon into an APC556 PDW.

    Brügger & Thomet APC556 PDW - 5.56x45mm NATO
    The modifications in the gunsmith preview.
    Thumbing the bolt release during the "Fast Hands" reload.

    Colt Model 901

    The Colt Model 901 (which was marketed as an M16A3) appears in the game as the "M16". It fires in three-round bursts, meaning it is intended to pass for an M16A4, but the fire selector has the Safe/Semi/Auto markings of the A3 rather than the A4's Safe/Semi/Burst. It is fitted with a KAC M5 railed handguard and feeds from the same stylized windowed PMAGs used with the "M4". Along with the two extended magazine options available for the "M4", the M16 can also use short 20-round GI magazines that hold 15 rounds for some reason (maybe because 20 isn't a multiple of 3 or to align it with the same magazine option seen on the HK93, which also is a 20 rounder limited to a capacity of 15).

    A properly functioning R0901-style rifle can also be achieved by modifying the "M4" mentioned below, although keeping the non-milspec upper and lower receiver.

    Numerous factions in the campaign use the Model 901 M16 rifle, including Al-Qatala, the Las Almas Cartel, and the Mexican Army.

    Modern Warfare III Season 3 adds the "JAK Patriot Kit" aftermarket conversion package for the M16. Replacing the receiver, carrying handle and the handguard/barrel with a 3D-printed components (which would be overkill compared to replacing the fire control group, nevermind the fact that the 3D components would make this rifle fragile - actual 3D-printed AR-15 upper and lower receivers do exist, though they are noticeably different in design to make up for this loss of strength, with extra reinforcements in several areas), this conversion allows the weapon to become a fully-automatic rifle rather than burst-fire. The handguard is modeled after the M203 heat shield (not unlike the "Stock M16 Grenadier" of the previous installment), and since this replaces the barrel of the weapon, it cannot be used to make full-auto versions of the below look-a-like carbine M16 variants.

    Colt Model 901 - 5.56x45mm NATO
    Standard M16A4, for comparison - 5.56x45mm NATO
    The Colt Model 901 in the gunsmith preview.
    Holding the M16.
    Checking the magazine and verifying that it is, indeed, loaded with 5.56 ammo. Worth noting is that double feed magazines actually alternate which side the top-most cartridge is on; if the player character here were to fire one round and then inspect again, they would find the top-most cartridge on the left instead of the right. Note the "M16A2" markings on the magwell, which (intentionally or not) would be correct for a Colt Model 901, as the receiver of the real weapon is indeed marked as such.
    "Aiming" through the way too large carry handle rear aperture.
    Reloading with a new loaded PMAG.
    Smacking the ping-pong paddle. The animations are all taken from the "M4".
    Soap finds himself a Little Friend in the cartel's armory in "El Sin Nombre".

    Colt Model 933

    The “11.5" Carbine Shroud” attachment gives it an AR carbine handguard/11.5" barrel/AR front sight, effectively turning it into a Colt Model 933 when combined with one of the telescoping stock options (though it still fires in three-round bursts due to the faux M16A4 receiver).

    Colt Model 933 - 5.56x45mm NATO
    Combine the M16, the “11.5" Carbine Shroud” and telescopic stock and you got yourself a Model 933.

    Mk 18 Mod 1

    Fitting the M16 with the “11.5" T-H4 Barrel” and any telescoping stock will create a Mk 18 Mod 1.

    Mk 18 Mod 1 with Crane stock, KAC back-up iron sights, EOTech XPS3, AN/PEQ-15 ATPIAL, vertical foregrip, and dual pressure activation switch - 5.56x45mm NATO
    A Mk 18 Mod 1 customized with all the tacticool needs of a US SOCOM operator.

    M4A1 Carbine

    The “14" Carbine Shroud” barrel attachment gives it an AR carbine handguard/14.5" stepped barrel/AR front sight, turning it into an M4A1 (or an M4 in gameplay terms).

    Colt M4A1 with 6 position collapsible stock - 5.56x45mm NATO
    The M4A1 in the loadout preview screen.
    The "Burgertown Operator" with an M4A1 and two inflatable decoys.
    Alex fires his M4A1. Note the starburst muzzle flash.

    FAMAS Valorisé

    The FAMAS Valorisé was added in Season 5 under the name "FR Avancer", though the markings on its model read "Modèle 223". As with every other FAMAS in Call of Duty thus far the rifle features 25-round magazines; for the second time in the series they actually hold the correct 25 rounds, rather than 30. 45- and 60-round quad-stack magazines are available alternate options, with the former being the "chopped" MAG5-60 quad-stack model seen on Instagram and in the previous Modern Warfare game. Also as in MW19, the rifle's integrated bipod can be deployed as an attachment (though currently this also unnecessarily equips a rail under the handguard, as was the case for the RPK's bipod before that was fixed), while equipping the "SA Ion" pistol grip and "FR Sprinter" stock pad brings the rifle closer in appearance to its real world counterpart.

    A pseudo FAMAS FÉLIN build can be achieved by adding the "3x RFL-Optic" and "OP-X9 Foregrip" to the aforementioned pistol grip and stock.

    FAMAS Valorisé prototype with SCROME J4 scope - 5.56x45mm
    Holding the FAMAS on the newest iteration of "Strike" from the original Modern Warfare.
    Iron sights.
    Making sure the rounds are seated during the inspect animation...
    ...and chamber checking. This animation is also used when spawning with the rifle, albeit the character chambers the rifle from empty.
    Performing a tactical reload.
    Tugging the charging handle. For the "fast hands" reload, the player doesn't turn the rifle to the left.
    Sandwiching magazines during the "fast hands" tactical reload on a psudo FÉLIN build. This animation is very similar to the tactical reload the FAMAS in MW19 had.
    Actuating the trigger guard housed fire selector.
    Chamber checking on empty.


    The FN SCAR-H appears as the "TAQ-V". The default magazine is a black 20-round proprietary model; a 30-round polymer magazine inspired by the Molon Labe Industries offerings and a two-tone XS Products X-25 50-round drum, are available as extended options. Interestingly, the rifle features its internal file name in its receiver markings, placed as if "SCHotel" is its in-universe model name; following the standards of internal file names, "S C Hotel" naturally stands for "SCAR-H". This time, it is correctly classified as a battle rifle instead of an assault rifle.

    FN SCAR-H STD - 7.62x51mm NATO
    The SCAR-H in the gunsmith preview screen. The model has undergone a stylistic redesign from MW19’s "FN Scar 17," with three vent holes, shorter rails for the correct barrel block placement, and ACR-like stock. The magwell still has the AR-15 style outdent. During an early stage of the game, a typo in the gunsmith described the weapon as firing "7.26" rounds, but this has been fixed.
    The "TAQ-V" in Amsterdam.
    Aiming down the sights, shared by all three variants.
    Actuating the fire selector.
    Repleneshing the old magazine with a new one, "L-shaped" reload style.
    As with the prior game, the empty mag gets trucked out.
    And in with another mag, then the charging handle is tugged.

    FN SCAR 17S

    In addition to the standard SCAR-H, the SCAR 17S semi-auto only version appears under the marksman rifles class. It is referred to as the "TAQ-M", and is fitted with a rail extension and a fixed stock resembling an FN SSR/SCAR 20S stock or a KRG SCAR Long Range Stock. The Los Vaqueros unit uses this SCAR variant as its sniper rifle in the campaign story. 10-, 15- and 20-round magazines are available, all of which being 5-rounds-underloaded compared to real life.

    It is chambered in 6.5mm Creedmoor. At the time of the game's release, the real SCAR 17S could be converted to use this cartridge (while the SCAR 20S had received that caliber as a factory option). Interestingly, a year later (September 2023), FN America announced the availability of a limited-edition SCAR 17S DMR that is actually chambered in 6.5mm Creedmoor and has a fixed SSR stock.

    FN SCAR 17S Black - 7.62x51mm NATO
    FN MK 20 SSR, for comparison - 7.62x51mm NATO
    The SSR lookalike in the gunsmith preview screen. Note the fictionalized safe/semi-auto only fire selector.
    The SCAR variants spawn in with a barrel up, palm up chambering animation.
    The SCAR 17S 6.5CM with a sniper scope.
    Said scope has something of an ACSS grid for its reticle.
    The Ranger admires his accurized SCAR.
    Inspecting the 10-round magazine of 6.5mm.
    It also reloads the same way, with the short mags sandwiched together.
    Pulling the charging handle when empty, those gloves should help keep the Ranger's fingers intact against the scope.


    A black FN SCAR-L appears as the "TAQ-56" and it's manufactured by "Tactique Verte", the in-universe equivalent to FN Herstal, which also makes the "PDSW 528," a fictionalized P90 variant. It is depicted with incorrect H&K style fire selector markings and a stylized lower receiver. It feeds from black STANAG style 30-round magazines, but 40-round PMAGs and 60-round Surefire MAG5-60s are also available.

    It comes with a (swappable) stylized A2 grip by default and the magazine release on the right side seems to be an aftermarket extended one.

    Marines in "Kill or Capture" have SCAR-Ls. It is the standard rifle for both Shadow Company operators and the Los Vaqueros unit in the campaign, being commonly found with various attachments.

    FN SCAR-L STD - 5.56x45mm NATO
    The SCAR-L in the gunsmith preview screen. Note the differently shaped trigger guard and stock, the pictograms fire selector and the Tactique Verte markings.
    A SCAR-L in the hands of a Kortac operator.
    Checking the magazine full of 5.56 rounds.
    And the chamber is loaded too, very nice. Looks like the markings on the upper receiver are mirrored from the left side.
    A look through the chopped iron sights.
    Swapping STANAG magazines.
    Checking the chamber on an empty reload just before flicking out the spent magazine.
    Pulling back on the reciprocating charging handle. This is the only difference from MW19’s animations and this set is shared with all the other SCAR variants in the game.
    Giving the bolt release a slap. This happens when the Fast Hands perk is active and with an underbarrel grenade launcher attached to the rifle.
    The Season 5 Blackcell exclusive blueprint, "Caliburn", features a transparent exterior SCAR-L.
    Closeup of the fire control group.
    Right side.
    Holding the bolt open, right side.
    A strange bug that happens with a few guns in third person, when chamber checking on empty, the character pushes the bolt carrier way past where it would physically be able to go, while the barrel itself gets pushed backwards.
    Garrick and his SCAR taking a leap (or fall-out-of-a-Black Hawk) of faith in "Violence and Timing", or more specifically the mission portion of the reveal trailer.
    Demon Dogs on the hunt with SCAR-Ls in the reveal trailer. Similar to some Shadow Company operatives, all three marines are equipped with L3Harris AN/PVS-31A night vision goggles. The NODs are incorrectly mounted to Norotos Rhino I mounts.


    Equipping the SCAR-L with the “12" Tacshort Barrel” will give it a CQC-length barrel.

    FN SCAR-L CQC Black - 5.56x45mm NATO
    The SCAR-L CQC in the gunsmith preview screen.
    A SCAR CQC equipped with with a SCAR-SC's telescoping stock via the "TV Cardinal Stock" attachment.


    The “17.5" Tundra Pro Barrel” turns it into the LB variant.

    Gen 3 FN SCAR-L with 18" LB (Long Barrel) - 5.56x45mm NATO
    A not-so perfect tan SCAR-L LB in the gunsmith preview.

    General Dynamics RM277

    A General Dynamics RM277-based bullpup rifle was added to the battle rifles class in Season 3 under the name "Cronen Squall". It is depicted as a heavily stylized version of the first prototype, noticeable by having a rear magazine release. However, it also has two buttons near the trigger group that act as bolt release buttons instead of magazine release buttons, a black cheek rest, switchable ejection ports and an enlarged rear similar to that of the Desert Tech Micro Dynamic Rifle. It is fitted with stylized Magpul MBUS. It is chambered in "6.8 Wrath", an in-universe version of 6.8x51mm SIG FURY, which is the cartridge of the SIG-Sauer MCX-SPEAR (now designated as the XM7) that prevailed over the RM277 in the NGSW trials.

    The gun uses conventional full brass case ammo like the civilian/training ammo by default but a 6.8 Composite ammo option is also available, bringing it back to the original 6.8mm TVCM cartridge that the RM277 was chambered in. Beside that, Frangible and Hollowpoint ammo options give the 6.8mm SIG FURY cartridge its well-known hybrid case (these options are correct as currently, available hybrid-case ammo to the civilian market is those two options). It is fed by default using 20-round L7 AWM magazines with a 30-rounder and a 50-round Magpul D-50 drum magazine also available; the rifle can also equip its proprietary micro flow-through Brevis III suppressor.

    While the real rifle fires from either a closed bolt or an open bolt and can switch between these modes by a switch, its in-game incarnation is depicted as always firing from an open bolt (with the same firing delay given to all other open bolt weapons) and is missing its closed/open bolt switch.

    General Dynamics RM277-R (first publicly revealed prototype) - 6.8mm TVCM
    Desert Tech MDRX - .308 Winchester
    The RM277/Desert Tech hybrid rifle in the battlepass preview.
    Tugging the charging handle when spawning with the rifle.
    Holding the gun on the new "Alley" gunfight map.
    Using the Magpul MBUS style sights on a particularly disgusting mattress.
    Inspecting the magazine...
    ...then checking the right side.
    Regular reload.
    Dropping the bolt during an empty reload.
    Loading a mostly spent mag. Note the strange presence of a bullet in the bottom of the magazine.
    Inspecting the magazine loaded with 6.8mm TVCM. Also note selector set to semi-auto.
    Sandwiching magazines during the "fast hands" reload. When empty, the bolt is released without turning the weapon.
    Empty inspect animation involves checking the mag...
    ...then flipping the rifle to the right side...
    ...then tugging the charging handle a few times before locking the bolt back and inserting the empty magazine.

    Heckler & Koch HK91A2

    A Heckler & Koch HK91A2 with a safe/semi/auto select fire trigger group appears as the "Lachmann-762". Like the other guns in the "Lachmann Meer" platform, it lacks a paddle magazine release, distinguishing it from the military G3. It appears to be fitted with a stylized slimline handguard.

    It is a standard rifle of the Mexican Army in-game.

    Heckler & Koch HK91A2 - 7.62x51mm NATO
    Heckler & Koch G3A3 with slimline handguard - 7.62x51mm NATO
    The HK91A2 in the preview screen. Note that it has a less diagonal magwell compared to the real weapon. The magazines also load straight insertion style, compared to the semi rock-and-lock of real G3 mags.
    Holding the HK91A2 in a quasi-c-clamp way.
    Aiming down the night sights.
    Checking the load on an awfully-smooth 20 round magazine.
    And guess what? The inspect animation ends with a chamber check.
    Konig swaps magazines in an odd-way. Take note that this screenshot was taken before a patch in February, where the HK91A2's reload animations were altered to be heavier.
    Inserting a fresh magazine after stripping away an empty one.
    And what comes next will surprise no-one: an HK slap.

    Heckler & Koch HK91A3

    Fitting the rifle with the "Lachmann S9 Factory" stock makes it resemble an HK91A3.

    Heckler & Koch HK91A3 with factory telescoping stock - 7.62x51mm NATO
    Both sides of the pseudo-HK91A3.

    Heckler & Koch HK11

    Equipping the “Romeo FT 16" Barrel” or “15.9" Lachmann Rapp Barrel” makes for a Heckler & Koch HK11 mockup.

    Heckler & Koch HK11E - 7.62x51mm NATO
    The HK11-style build, with the LM-S's more convincing clubfoot stock and a bipod.


    The shorter barrels such as the “Meer-56 11" Factory Barrel” can be used for an HK51-style carbine.

    HK51 - 7.62x51mm
    A pseudo HK51 with the Lachmann S9 Factory sliding stock, and the Corvus SOL-76 Z-Point reflex sight.

    Heckler & Koch HK93A2

    A shortened Heckler & Koch HK93A2 with a Magpul-inspired trigger group with safe/semi/auto positions appears as the "Lachmann-556". Once again, the lack of a paddle magazine release distinguishes it from the military HK33.

    It is intended to be an HK53, as evidenced by the game files referring to it as "ar_kilo53", though the barrel and the cocking tube are slightly longer than this version, with the length being between the HK53 and the HK33KA3. It can be made HK33-length with the "Lachmann Nova" or "LM Aurora 90 Barrel" attachments (these two having same cocking tube length as each other, and almost the same barrel length), or HK33K-esque length (shorter than proper, but longer than the game's default) with the "Lach-12 Barrel".

    It feeds from translucent 30-round magazines by default, but it can also use 20-round magazines (that hold 15 rounds), 40-round extended magazines or a 60-round drum inspired by the X-Products drum available for the G3 family of rifles.

    Heckler & Koch HK93A2 with 25-round magazine - 5.56x45mm NATO
    Left side of the shortened HK93. Like the HK91, the magwell is less diagonal than the real deal. The standard 30-round magazines are translucent and most likely inspired by the Turkish MKEK-made ones.
    Right side.
    Holding the HK93 indoors.
    Aiming down the aperture.
    Checking if the translucent magazine is loaded.
    Press check.
    As with all the roller-delayed guns in the game, the tactical reload starts by locking the bolt back, then the magazines are swapped and the charging handle is given a gentle tug to let it go forward. Worth noting is that all the magazines that are either translucent or have windows on their side only render the top bullet during reloads, as you can see with the one on the left. The rest of the bullets will appear after the animation is done; this was fixed sometime after the Season 1 update. This can also be observed easily with the M4 and M16.
    Empty reloads have a similar, but different enough sequence (to make them slower). The charging handle is locked back, the empty magazine is stripped out, a new one is inserted...
    ...and a forceful HK-slap is performed.
    With the Fast Hands perk the HK slap is omitted and the charging handle is simply pulled back.
    Alejandro Vargas can be seen just behind Soap, wielding an HK93 with a suppressor. The hand clipping makes it appear as if Vargas is gripping the trigger instead of the pistol grip.

    Heckler & Koch HK93A3

    Fitting the weapon with the "Lachmann S9 Factory" stock and the full-sized "Lachmann Nova" barrel turns it into an HK93A3.

    Heckler & Koch HK93A3 - 5.56x45mm NATO
    An HK93A3-style build with the default barrel.

    Heckler & Koch HK13

    A Heckler & Koch HK13 build can be made with the “15.9" Lachmann RAPP Barrel,” in addition to other parts to complete the look.

    Heckler & Koch HK13 - 5.56x45mm NATO
    The LM-556 with the machine gun style barrel, clubfoot stock, bipod, and drum magazine.

    HS Produkt VHS-K2

    A heavily stylized HS Produkt VHS-K2 with a Springfield Armory Hellion-style trigger guard and pistol grip was added in Season 4 as the "Tempus Razorback." The top rail assembly resembles that of the FB MSBS Grot B (alongside the "TA ERGO" stock option), and the charging handle is also similar to the Grot B's, though moved forward over the fire control area. The rifle can equip the VHS-2's integral optic carry handle, tied to the “17" IO-XL” barrel attachment; this barrel is longer than standard, roughly between the VHS-K2 and VHS-D2. The “13" Frenzy IX” barrel features a shorter optics rail as well as a unique red dot sight which replaces the ironsights; this sight can itself be replaced by other optics. The default empty reload animation has an interesting dynamic feature - normally, the charging handle is used, but interrupting it by swapping or sprinting will result in the operator using the bolt release after the interruption.

    HS Produkt VHS-K2 - 5.56x45mm NATO
    Springfield Armory Hellion - 5.56x45mm NATO
    FB MSBS Grot B - 5.56x45mm
    The hybrid rifle in the battlepass.
    Nikto wielding the VHS-K2 in a familiar location.
    Performing a rather awkward tactical reload.
    Tugging the charging handle on empty.
    The "Fast Hands" reloads are similar to the Cronen Squall's, including the use of the bolt release instead of forward charging handle.
    Performing a brass check.
    Here, operator Chuy peers into a VHS's empty chamber.
    HS Produkt VHS-D2 with 1.5 optical sight - 5.56x45mm NATO
    The VHS-D2 style build with the 17" IO-XL barrel & LTX Eclipse comb.


    A fully-automatic custom AR-15-type carbine with a 12.5" barrel appears as the "M4", based on the Geissele M4A1 URG-I (also informally known as the M4A1 "Block III") used by USASOC and even some Navy SEAL operators. The lower receiver is from a SIG 516/SIG M400 while the upper most closely resembles a Mega Arms GTR-3H. It has a Geissele SMR MK16/MK8-style hybrid handguard depicted with an 11.5" length, a stylized Magpul CTR stock and a SIG charging handle. The front sight is stylized Midwest Industries flip up and the rear one is a hybrid between KAC micro rear, MaTech BUIS and base MP7 rear sight. The muzzle is KAC birdcage and the grip is A2. It feeds from stylized windowed PMAGs in spite of the previous game having a proper non-stylized model. A 40-round metal magazine that holds 45 rounds and a quadstack Surefire MAG5-60 are also available.

    The “14" Carbine Shroud” barrel attachment gives it an AR carbine plastic handguard/14.5" stepped barrel/AR front sight with an added rail underneath and a small section of picatinny rail mounted on the right side of the gas block, essentially turning it into a pseudo-M4A1. The “Hightower 20" Barrel” attachment gives it a KAC M5 RAS/20" barrel/AR front sight, making it into a pseudo-M16A3 when combined with the "Demo Precision Elite Factory" stock. Pairing this barrel with an M203 automatically swaps the rail system for the classic M203 heatshield, previously its own separate attachment in MW19; this also happens on the game's M16, which features this barrel attachment by default.

    Other barrel options include the “7.5" Tempus Firebrand”, the "Tempus Trench Pro", which retains the same barrel and rail length and swaps the handguard for a black KeyMod one, the "419mm EXF Barrel", a 16-inch barrel paired with an URX 3.1 inspired rail and the “11.5" T-H4 Barrel”, which gives it a Daniel Defense Mk 18/RIS II rail and a 10.3-inch barrel, despite it being stated as longer.

    In-game, it's stated to be manufactured by the fictional Tempus Armament, which is the in-universe version of Knight's Armament Company based on the knight armored glove and mace logo.

    Season 4 of Modern Warfare III adds the "JAK Harbinger Kit" aftermarket conversion, which supposedly rechambers the rifle to fire .50 caliber (most likely .50 Beowulf). However, it's currently listed as "450 Huntsman" during gameplay (the in-universe version of .450 Bushmaster).

    SIG-Sauer SIG516 Carbine with 10" barrel - 5.56x45mm
    Mega Arms GTR-3H Receiver Set
    Geissele URGI Mk 16 11.5 inch upper receiver, for reference.
    Left side of the franken-AR-15 trying to disguise itself as a "Block III" URG-I M4A1.
    Right side. The extra picatinny rail sections on the M-LOK handguard are there to accommodate for a right side mounted laser or light and underbarrel foregrip or weapon.
    C-clamping the "M4," a different posture from the previous game's Colt 933.
    Aiming through the default iron sights.
    Ghost being surprised, once again, that his gun is loaded.
    Giving the forward assist a smack after a brass check.
    Partial reload.
    Slapping the bolt release to chamber a round. The "M4" uses a modified version of Modern Warfare’s Model 933 animations, and are shared with the M16 and the "FTac Recon".
    The bolt release is pressed instead, when using the Fast Hands perk.
    Bored of the offered Sports TV programming, an operator inspects their empty M4's PMAG. Note the decidedly-not Magpul follower, which more resembles the USGI EPM follower, but orange and on the traditional side of the follower.
    Locking the bolt back after running the action a few times.
    Captain Price with his Mk 18 Mod 1 style carbine in Al-Mazrah. Completing the campaign earns this set up for use as the "Union Guard" blueprint.


    The same futuristic VLTOR/Magpul themed M4A1 Carbine from Infinite Warfare appears as the "Flatline" blueprint available for the in-game M4, named after the Epic rarity variant of the same name for the fictional "NV4" assault rifle (although not modeled after the actual variant that appears in that game). While both of the upper and lower receivers are retained, the handguard and sights are not and the muzzle, magazine, and stock are modeled after the MWII’s variant instead, albeit rethemed to better match the NV4 itself.

    Airsoft M4A1 with Black Magpul furniture
    AR-15 with VLTOR CAS-V handguard - 5.56x45mm
    Previewing the "Flatline" M4 in the store.
    Inspecting the "Flatline" blueprint in a newer version of Shipment, fittingly with its PMAGs. The "NV4" receiver is present but the Magpul BUIS are replaced.
    Other side. By default, the "Flatline" uses the pseudo-M16A3 handguard instead of the carbine-length VLTOR CASV-based handguard on the original weapon. The blueprint also features a stylized Steiner DBAL ("Schlager PEQ Box IV" in-game) laser module, in which, unlike the pair of futurized AN/PEQ-2 lasers on the NV4, they do work.

    "FTac Recon"

    Another AR-15 variant, chambered in .458 SOCOM, appears as the "FTac Recon". It is classified as a battle rifle in-game, though .458 SOCOM is more of an oversized intermediate cartridge.

    The rifle appears to be built on an otherwise generic milspec M16 lower, a la the default "M4" in-game, but with aesthetic similarities to the "XRK M4" from Modern Warfare (based on a Radian Weapons receiver) on the left side around the magazine well. The left side of the upper receiver bears a vague resemblance to a Mega Arms GTR-3H with grooves similar to the JP Enterprises CTR-02, but with said grooves cut in the opposite direction; the right side appears to be based on a Wilson Combat Stripped Billet AR-15 upper or a CMMG MkW-15 upper.

    Unlike the 5.56 "M4" seen above, the upper receiver lacks a forward assist, which is reflected in the inspect animation when the operator does a brass check. By default it features what looks like a 12" barrel with an A2 flash hider, a KeyMod handguard based on the BCM KMR, an A2 pistol grip and a Magpul PRS stock. It also feeds from regular black stylized .458 SOCOM PMAG 10-round magazines.

    The .458 carbine in the loadout screen. The auto sear pin is not present, despite other select fire AR-15 variants correctly featuring this detail.
    Drawing the .458 AR with a brass check.
    The "FTac Recon" in hand, not that much more remarkable than the other ArmaLites in game.
    Rather unwisely flicking the selector to Auto, given the recoil and 10 shot magazine...
    ...as seen here.
    Reloading the FTac after putting quite a few .458 sized holes in the concrete wall.
    Ditching out the empty magazine, with the follower visible here.


    Two M14 variants appear in the game. The "SO-14" is a variant classified as a battle rifle. The base chassis of the "SO-14" appears to be based on an M14 SOCOM 16 CQB chassis but with the stock and pistol grip in the more traditional style. It is fitted with an 18" Mk 14 EBR barrel by default, and can be modified with a standard M14's barrel via the “22" Factory Fourteen Barrel” option, as well as a “16" Chrome-Lined RFX40 Barrel” similar to the SOCOM 16. For the first time in the series (and a rarity in most video games), the M14 is select-fire, with semi and full-auto options. All box magazine options for both M14s are loaded with 5 rounds less than their real capacities a la the faux SCAR Mk 20 in the game.

    M14 rifle - 7.62x51mm NATO
    Springfield Armory M1A with a SOCOM CQB Chassis - 7.62x51mm NATO
    The M14 in the loadout screen.
    Spawning in with the CQB M14 involves an underhand charging of the bolt.
    Hutch with the M14 rifle equipped.
    The rear sight housing is slightly stylized in appearance.
    Actuating the M14's selector lever.
    Inspecting the magazine...
    ...and brass checking, akin to Modern Warfare Remastered. Here the barrel is visible through that big cutout in the top handguard; scope rails mount into it.
    It has a new reload animation compared to the previous game, with the magazines reload together, tacticool style.
    The bolt catch is also used with Fast Hands, as seen on this customized example.

    M14 (in Sage EBR chassis)

    The marksman rifle-classed "EBR-14" returns from the previous game, this time setup akin an M14 in a Sage EBR chassis. It can be identified as such by the 22" barrel and the select-fire lever, though the latter is unused; the weapon is only used in semi-automatic mode in-game. It uses 10-round mags by default, with 15 and 20-round extended magazines available.

    M1A in Sage EBR chassis - 7.62x51mm NATO
    The "EBR-14" in the loadout screen.
    Soap with his scoped M14 in the foreground in the Dark Water pre-release gameplay video, left, shortly before it transforms into a Vector. In the final game, Soap is holding a Vector from the beginning, which appropriately transforms into a Mk 14 during the mission's ending cinematic.
    The EBR-ish M14 on Zarqwa Hydroelectric. It's got an odd round upper handguard, with some squares cut out of it.
    Scanning the skies with the iron sights, similar to the variant above but with different front sight wings.
    Inspecting some blue-tipped high velocity 7.62 rounds.
    Smacking out an empty short magazine.
    And jamming in a new one.
    Tugging the bolt back into battery.

    Mk 14 Mod 0 EBR

    Equipping the “18" Lonestar” or “18" T300” barrel makes the weapon resemble a Mk 14 Mod 0 EBR.

    Mk 14 Mod 0 EBR with Harris bipod and RIS foregrip - 7.62x51mm NATO
    A close approximation of the Mk 14 Mod 0 with “18" T300 Barrel”, "FTac Locus SP" scope, and "Lockgrip Precision-40" foregrip. It's also got the "15 Round Mag," which seems to be standard 20-rounder underloaded.


    The Malyuk was added in Season 6 as the "TR-76 Geist". Despite that name, the rifle's markings seem to show its in-universe name as "Usenko", as well as correctly being marked as made in Ukraine.

    Malyuk - 7.62x39mm
    Viewing the Malyuk in Gunsmith.
    On patrol as Gromsko with the Malyuk in Mexico.
    It comes with Troy style folding BUIS as standard.
    The plum mag is gazed at in the inspect animation, then racked on the pistol grip twice. The cartridges are actually visible misaligned at first, with the tap reseating them correctly, as is the purpose of tapping the mag.
    After which the chamber is checked.
    Toggling the rearward fire selector.
    Performing the regular reload with both mags, akin to the AK-103.
    Upon empty, the old mag is shaken out and batted away by the new one for good measure.
    Operating the charging handle.

    Marlin Model 336

    The Marlin Model 336 appears as the "Lockwood Mk2", under the marksman rifles class. It is depicted as being chambered in the .45-70 Government cartridge, like the Marlin Model 1895 that previously appeared in Modern Warfare as the "MK2 Carbine", but this time the shape of the ejection port indicates that it is a Model 336. It features the same basic ammo options as the other marksman rifles; notably, this includes armor-piercing ammo - while .45-70 AP rounds do exist (e.g. Lehigh Defense's X-Treme Penetrator rounds), the ones in-game are visually the same as the other calibers (likely for consistency's sake), with a black-finished case, a silver jacket, and a black spitzer-type point. Realistically, loading spitzer-pointed rounds in a tube magazine could lead to a chain-detonation (i.e. one round's point impacting the next round's primer), blowing the entire magazine tube apart.

    For Modern Warfare III, the Model 336 received an aftermarket "part" (if replacing the entire gun would be a bit of a stretch for a "part") known as the "JAK Wardens". But because this conversion replace the Model 336 into an entirely separate gun, it will be noted on its own dedicated section.

    Marlin Model 336XLR - .30-30 Winchester
    The Marlin 336 in the preview screen.
    The player character holding his Marlin at the US-Mexican border.
    Taking aim at a suspicious RV.
    Inspecting the Model 336's receiver. Note "Bryson" trade dress.
    Ejecting a live round from the chamber out. Note the struck primer.
    Inspecting the right hand side of the lever action rifle.
    Topping off the Model 336's magazine tube.
    Firing and ejecting the last round...
    Chamber loading a .45-70 cartridge.
    A closeup of Valeria Garza's Marlin 336 in the "Alejandro v. Valeria" trailer for Season 3. Note the ejection port.


    The SIG-Sauer MCX VIRTUS returns from the previous game as the "M13B". It is stylized similarly to the Modern Warfare version, with one of the differences being that it has a shorter barrel of 10 inches (which is not a standard length on the real VIRTUS). While not available in the campaign, it is seen in the hands of Kyle "Gaz" Garrick and Rodolfo Parra when they are NPCs, in fact being Rodolfo's signature weapon throughout the campaign (with a distinct two tone finish resembling the classic MW2 ACR). It was added to multiplayer as part of Season 1. Which can be unlocked by either completing its unlock challenge or via DMZ, where it can either be obtained by the Chemist boss agent (who uses the "Health Hazard" blueprint, which can also be unlocked with the gun), enemy agents in Building 21 or through players, enemy or friendly. If the player successfully extracts with the MCX, it will be unlocked in all game modes, as well as the aforementioned blueprint if obtained. Purchasing a bundle that has the MCX in it will also unlock the weapon.

    It has 6.75" and 14.5" barrel customization options, both of them with Midwest Industries-style handguards. For magazines, a translucent 30-round magazine is available by default with a PMAG-40 holding 45 rounds and the MAG5-60 quad-stack magazine as alternative options. On an interesting note: when using the MAG5-60 quad-stack magazine, the character can be seen putting the spent magazine into the plate carrier's pouches instead of the battle belt when performing a tactical reload.

    In the intro cutscene for the campaign mission "Ghost Team", there is a picture of three Shadow Company operatives, with one of them holding an MCX VIRTUS with a more correctly modeled handguard.

    SIG-Sauer MCX VIRTUS SBR with 9" barrel - 5.56x45mm NATO
    The MCX VIRTUS in the loadout screen.
    The player character holding a SIG-Sauer MCX VIRTUS.
    Aiming down the sights at a target.
    Inspecting the "M13B".
    Brass check performed.
    Tactical reload performed.
    The MCX runs dry, with the magazine visibly empty, and the bolt release sticking out.
    New magazine ready to go.
    Bolt release pressed, new round chambered.
    Gaz with his shorty MCX, similar to the one used in the pre-rendered cutscenes in the previous game.

    SIG-Sauer MCX VIRTUS (.300 Blackout)

    A shorter-barreled (approximately 6.75 inches), .300 AAC Blackout version of the aforementioned MCX VIRTUS was added during Season 5 as the "M13C". While it is apparently intended to pass for a SIG-Sauer MCX Rattler, judging by the "ar_ralpha" internal file name and the chambering, it is actually an MCX VIRTUS with a stylized handguard, as evidenced by the forward assist and the barrel length.

    SIG-Sauer MCX VIRTUS SBR with 6.75" barrel, Midwest Industries 6" handguard and SLX762C-QD suppressor - .300 Blackout
    SIG-Sauer MCX Rattler SBR, for comparison - .300 Blackout
    Gunsmith view of the compact MCX.
    Its left side. Note the QR code sticker and .300 BLK band on the magazine to avoid unfortunate mistakes.
    Holding the carbine.
    Inspecting the magazine full of .300 BLK rounds.
    Reloading from empty. All animations are shared with the full size 5.56 model.
    Pulling the charging handle back on an empty M13C.

    SIG-Sauer MCX / Honey Badger hybrid

    A Honey Badger-based carbine appears as the "Chimera". Befitting its name, the in-game model is a hybrid; it is a variant of the "Bruen Ops" family and uses the same style of SIG-Sauer MCX bolt, using a bufferless upper/lower system (the upper also features the MCX style of charging handle port). However, the model in the game lacks a gas tube when previewing the weapon in the Gunsmith menu, either being a mistake or showing that the weapon is using direct blowback to operate (which is concerningly doable considering other higher-pressured cartridges being able to do it with a much heavier bolt carrier group). In addition, the lower receiver has elements of the early AAC Honey Badger, while the right side of the upper receiver and the handguard resemble the current Q model.

    It is integrally suppressed by default, and has three non-suppressed barrel options. It is Simon "Ghost" Riley's main weapon throughout the campaign, where it is briefly available when the player takes control of him during the opening mission (with the unsuppressed “10" SA Phoenix” barrel), but it serves no practical use as there are no enemies to effectively combat with it. It is available in multiplayer in Season 1 as an in-season reward.

    As with the MCX above, there are several ways to unlock the Honey Badger, either through purchasing a bundle that has it (along with the blueprint), completing its unlock challenge or through DMZ, where the player can scavenge a Honey Badger there. The Building 21 map is also a useful location in finding the carbine, as enemy agents use it on occasion or through the loot pools.

    AAC Honey Badger - .300 AAC Blackout
    Q Honey Badger SBR - .300 AAC Blackout
    The Honey Badger hybrid in the loadout screen.
    Ghost advances with his carbine. Soap can also be seen equipped with a Honey Badger on the right. In the retail version of the game, Soap is instead given a Mk 14 and MP7.
    Closeup of Ghost's unmodified "Chimera" in "Kill or Capture."
    Spawning in with the "Chimera," the character right-hands the charging handle back.
    The operative and his neat SIG-Badger in the KorTac side of Shoot House. Note the visible RIS segment where the stock mounts, one of its definitive MCX elements.
    Iron sights, similar to the MPX and MCX.
    Inspecting the .300 Blackout STANAG.
    And performing a chamber check.
    It has the same reload animations as the MCX.
    Including flicking out the spent magazine when dry.
    Lining in the new one, then the bolt is released.
    Ghost's unsuppressed 10" Honey Badger.

    Steyr AUG A3

    The Steyr AUG A3 appears as the "STB 556"; this is presumably short for "Sturmbüchse", a name which would accurately translate to "assault rifle", though it sees little (read: no) use compared to the more common "Sturmgewehr".

    Steyr AUG A3 with optics removed and 16-inch barrel - 5.56x45mm NATO
    The AUG A3 in the loadout screen. The AUG variants in this game have a fixed front grip, unlike the foldable vertical grip of the real ones.
    In the reveal trailer, an AUG A3 with the Holosun-based red dot sight from the previous game can be seen wielded by the Shadow Company operator closest to the sign on the railing.
    The "STB 556" in the loadout range.
    Thumbing the Australian style selector-stopper tab.
    Examining the de-waffled mag with a witness slot, somewhat similar to a Magpul EMAG.
    It also reloads in the more tacticool style with both mags sandwiched together.
    Though on empty, the charging handle is locked back, similar to MW19.
    Pressing in another mag.
    And thumbing the bolt forward.

    Sniper Rifles

    Accuracy International AW50

    The Accuracy International AW50 appears as the "Victus XMR"; it is available in Season 1 under the Imperatorium platform. It is worth noting (as with the AR-57) that the AW50 was planned for the original Modern Warfare game, but only its code and firing sound (which sounds similar to the M82A1 in that game) are left as the weapon was scrapped, and it wasn't added to the Call of Duty series proper until MWII.

    Accuracy International AW50 (latest version with fluted barrel and redesigned muzzle brake) - .50 BMG
    The AW50 in the loadout screen. The lower end of the thumbhole stock lacks the cutout to fold, despite the hinge on the upper half.
    Looking at the wall of camo challenge grinding, English anti-materiel rifle in hand.
    Scoped in, looking down the center lane.
    Admiring the left hand side of the AW50's receiver.
    Popping the mag out to admire the .50BMG rounds nestled inside.
    Pulling the bolt back for a chamber check,
    Reloading the AW50 from empty.
    Inserting a fresh magazine.
    Driving the bolt handle forward and down to chamber the new round.

    Barrett MRAD

    The Barrett MRAD appears as the "MCPR-300" (standing for "Multi-Caliber Precision Rifle", .300 Winchester Magnum) under the MRBA weapon platform. Kyle Garrick's and Ghost's MRAD are incorrectly designated as "Victus XMR" in the campaign missions "Recon By Fire" and "Countdown" respectively, and all other MRADs found in the story have the same naming issue.

    Barrett MRAD, first version - .338 Lapua Magnum
    The MRAD in the loadout screen. As with nearly all weapons in the game, its design is slightly fictionalized. On this one, the detail is near-imperceptible. The widened part of the receiver where the bolt goes when it's pulled back ends a centimeter or so short of the stock hinge, whereas on the real version, it goes all the way back.
    The Barrett MRAD wielded by a KORTAC soldier outside "Breenbergh Hotel".
    Aiming down the telescopic scope the MRAD comes with by default.
    Inspecting the bolt action rifle.
    Inspecting the left hand side of the rifle.
    Reloading the MRAD from a partially depleted magazine.
    Magazine inserted. Note that the in-universe manufacturer is "Cronen", the optics manufacturer from MW19.

    Cheyenne Tactical M200 Intervention

    The Cheyenne Tactical M200 Intervention was added in Season 3, under the name "FJX Imperium". It is chambered in ".408 PACE", the analogue to the real life .408 CheyTac round. For laser attachments, the M200 uses the small "tube"-style laser set rather than the PEQ Box-style set, and despite the forward top rail being present they attach to the right side, thus it's unfortunately not possible to replicate the PEQ-2 attached to the original MW2's Intervention.

    CheyTac M200 - .408 CheyTac
    The Intervention in the Season 3 Battlepass preview screen.
    Alejandro Vargas with the CheyTac on Pelayo's Lighthouse, a spiritual successor to Estate from the original MW2. As with its appearance in that game, the M200 is also held by its magazine.
    Inspecting the rifle while resisting the urge to make yet another 360 no-scope joke.
    Checking the magazine.
    Right side of the Intervention.
    Chamber checking. This animation is also used when respawning with the rifle.
    Working the bolt.
    Inserting a new magazine. Also note the cargo ship upon which the map Shipment is set in the background.
    Throwing away the magazine during the empty reload. The "Fast Hands" perk uses similar animations.
    Inspecting the rifle with only a round in the chamber shows off the empty magazine.
    The empty weapon inspect involves looking at empty .408 casings (with unstruck primers). Even more casings are present when using the 7-round magazine.
    Alejandro with an M200 equipped with the standard 29-inch barrel and 7-round magazine, those two attachments returning the rifle to its "proper" form.
    Cheyenne Tactical M100 Intervention - .408 CheyTac
    The Intervention with the “LR-Retort 19"” barrel, similar to the M100 version.

    Gepard GM6 Lynx

    The Gepard GM6 Lynx appears as the "Signal 50". It can be given its correct stock pad with the "FSS Echo Stock" attachment. A GM6 can be found atop the prison wall at the end of the "Prison Break" mission.

    Gepard M6 Lynx - .50 BMG
    The Lynx in the loadout screen.
    A SPECGRU operative wields a Gepard GM6 in a cartel run Shoothouse.
    Inspecting the left hand side of the Gepard's reciever. Note the in-universe manufacturer of First Signal Solutions.
    Inspecting the right hand side...
    ...then pulling the bolt back for a chamber check.
    Reloading from an empty magazine.
    Inserting a new magazine.
    Racking the charging handle to load a fresh round into the chamber.

    Heckler & Koch SR9(TC)

    The Heckler & Koch SR9(TC) appears as the "LM-S" (likely "Lachmann-Sniper", "-Sharpshooter" or simply "-Shooter", the latter is a direct translation of "Sniper" in German), under the marksman rifles class. It holds 10 rounds in a 5-round magazine by default.

    H&K SR9(TC) rifle with tropical forearm and bipod - 7.62x51mm NATO
    The SR9(TC) in the loadout screen.
    Gus holding his SR9.
    Reloading with a 5 round magazine that for some reason holds 10 rounds.
    Doing the good old HK-slap.
    Checking the chamber of a now empty SR9.

    Knight's Armament SR-25 E2 PR

    The Knight's Armament SR-25 PR is the mid-season weapon in Season 2 Reloaded. It was added as a marksman rifle part of the M4 platform, under the name "Tempus Torrent". The rifle's SOPMOD-style stock can be equipped on every other member of the M4 platform, while its forend customization is split between a combination of the Barrel and Guard categories. The Guard category consists of four (including default) rail system options, one of which being a monolithic upper receiver; the "Torrent Tac Guard" resembles the URX 3 rail. The Barrel category includes standard, shorter, and longer options, as well as the “14" Chroma LRS” which is the URX / "Tac Guard" rail system (this time without rail covers) paired with an M110- / Mk 11-style suppressor, and a short barrel paired with a fifth type of rail system. The "Torrent MOC-IV" forend is based on a VLTOR CAS-V handguard that rather unfortunately leaves the gas tube exposed.

    Using the "Torrent Tac Guard" and “16" Tour RP” allows for a SR-25 ECC style build.

    Knight's Armament SR-25 Precision Rifle, M-LOK - 7.62x51mm NATO
    The SR-25 in the gunsmith preview menu. Note that the magazines are based on the original AR-10 waffle pattern metal magazines. Visible on the magwell is a pseudo KAC logo, and the rifle's serial number below it begins with "KA".
    Labels on two of the modifications state the name of the company as "Tempus Armament Company" from Austin, Texas.
    Holding the gun on the new Himmelmatt Expo map.
    Aiming down the pseudo KAC flip-up sights.
    Inspecting the rifle.
    Checking the right side...
    ...and brass checking.
    Sandwiching the magazines together during the normal tactical reload.
    Flicking out the old mag in the normal empty reload.
    Inserting a new mag. Note the protruding magazine release and bolt release.
    Smacking the bolt release.
    Knight's Armament SR-25 Enhanced Combat Carbine - 7.62x51mm NATO
    An ECC style build, with the "HMW-20" scope.

    M24 SWS

    The M24 SWS returns from Modern Warfare as the "SP-R 208" marksman rifle, this time chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO.

    M24 sniper rifle with 10-round detachable magazine - 7.62x51mm NATO
    The M24 with a black stock in the loadout screen.
    The M24 rifle with the "FTac Locus SP" scope equipped in-game.
    Aiming skyward with the optic.
    Working the M24's bolt.
    Performing a fast reload, knocking out the spent magazine with a new one.
    Palming in the new one.

    Remington Model 700 (in custom chassis)

    The "SA-B 50" marksman rifle is a Remington Model 700 variant in a custom chassis, which is the "XRK SP-LITE 208 Blitz" chassis from Modern Warfare combined with the buttstock of MW's "XRK SP-TAC 208 Ultimate" chassis. The resulting model has a short barrel reminiscent of the Remington 700 PCR SBR, a stylized-to-fit MDT chassis similar to the Israeli-modernized M24, and a stock of the Remington 700 PCR Enhanced. Contrary to its name, which would suggest it is chambered in .50 BMG, the rifle is instead chambered in .308 Winchester, befitting its status as a civilian rifle.

    The "SA-B 50" in the loadout screen.
    Ghost is seen with the "SA-B 50" in the reveal trailer.
    Inspecting cross-border cargo with the custom Remington 700 variant.
    Holding up the suspicious box stack with the meager receiver-radius iron sights.
    Inspecting the extended mags this variant comes standard with. Note the unused space between the back of the mag and the feed lips, compared to the .300 caliber mags seen below.
    The M700 mid-recoil, with the striker forward.
    The R700 variants' standard right hand reload.

    Remington Mk 13 Mod 0

    A stylized Remington Mk 13 Mod 0 appears in the sniper rifles class as the "LA-B 330". This is essentially the "ZLR SP-R Overseer" chassis from Modern Warfare. The name appears to imply that this is supposed to be a Long Action receiver, which is correct for the Remington Mk 13 Mod 0. It can be identified by the McMillan A2 stock, the .300 Winchester Magnum chambering and the fact that it appears as a variant to the aforementioned M24 SWS due to both using the action of the Remington Model 700.

    Screen-used stunt Mk 13 Mod 0 used in the film American Sniper. Image from Prop Store of London.
    MW22 LAB330.jpg
    Gromsko with the first long-action Remington variant on the El Asilo map. Despite the name, it's not a remake of World At War's Asylum.
    Aiming with the "SP-X" scope this and the M2010 below come standard with, including the odd three scope mount rings from the previous game.
    Handling the .300 Winchester Magnum magazine on the reload.
    And inspecting the chamber.
    Reloading the pseudo Mk 13 - right handing out the mag.
    Chambering from empty.

    Remington M2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle

    The Remington M2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle is available as the "SP-X 80".

    Remington M2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle with AAC Titan sound suppressor and Harris bipod - .300 Winchester Magnum
    The M2010 in the loadout screen.
    An M2010 ESR out on the familiar ground of Dome, standing in for MW3's Remington MSR.
    Inspecting the full length .300 cartridges in the magazine.
    The fast knocking-out reload on the M2010.

    Walther WA 2000

    The Walther WA 2000 was added in Season 5 as the "Carrack .300". The model depicted is a hybrid of the first and second generation models, featuring the forend and muzzle device of the former, and the barrel assembly, charging handle, safety and stock design of the latter (with an added rear monopod). The "Carrack Palm" attachment adds the rifle's otherwise-missing palm rest. Like the game's M200 Intervention, the WA 2000 can deploy its integrated bipod through use of a barrel attachment.

    The “30" Flintline” barrel gives the rifle a longer barrel with the second generation WA 2000 flash hider, and likewise features a version with the bipod deployed. Coupled with the forend remaining the same, said barrel gives the weapon a shape reminiscent of the 2nd gen WA 2000, except that it is fluted like the 1st gen model. The rifle's scope comes in two variations, default having a flipped open lens cover (as in MW2), while an unlockable version replaces this with a rubber eye piece (which provides a full-screen style view). As with all of the other default optics in the game, these can be equipped on other sniper rifles as well.

    Walther WA 2000, first version - .308 Winchester
    Walther WA 2000, second version
    Holding the WA 2000 on the Punta Mar map. When spawning with the rifle, the character will pop the scope cover, a nice callback to the original MW2 (although sadly the cover is missing the "Mr. Yuck" face). Equipping any other optic will replace this with chambering the rifle.
    Chamber checking. Note that the gun appears to be mistakenly set to safe.
    Inserting a new magazine.
    Pulling the charging handle on empty. For the "fast hands" reload, the character uses a palm-up technique.
    Chamber checking on empty, running the action several times.
    Note that the bolt is animated and can be seen rotating during this. The little sliding dust cover on the side of the bolt is also animated, best seen during the inspect animation.
    Loading a new magazine into a WA 2000 equipped with the “30" Flintline” barrel.

    Machine Guns

    A notable quirk of this game compared to its immediate predecessors, all of MWII's belt-fed machine guns (with the exception of the SIG-Sauer MG 338, which seems to have been recycled whole-cloth from Modern Warfare) will feed empty belt links once their ammunition runs dry, instead of simply ending the belt. This is in spite of the fact that all of them use disintegrating-linked belts, which are held together solely by the rounds they contain and thus cannot exist as a continuous empty belt.

    Dillon Aero M134 Minigun

    The handheld Dillon Aero M134 Minigun from Modern Warfare returns as the Juggernaut's primary weapon, fitted with a laser sight for aiming. In certain events (the Shadow Siege limited-time event to name one), the weapon carries 200 rounds, which can be reloaded with unlimited spare ammo. It is an available weapon in Modern Warfare III’s singleplayer, this time the weapon carries 320 rounds (the same as in multiplayer, when picked up normally) and it has limited spare ammunition.

    An unusable Minigun with a slotted flash hider can be found inside a building in the campaign mission "Kill or Capture".

    Dillon Aero M134 - 7.62x51mm NATO
    Holding the gun recently acquired from a Juggernaut. The Juggernaut has infinite ammunition in most cases. When the Minigun is picked up, however, it will always have 320 rounds.
    Mid mantling with the gun, showing the grip assembly and label on the receiver. Somehow the tiny belt holds 320 rounds.
    The Juggernaut with the Minigun. The belt is somewhat misaligned due to having physics.
    Closeup of the muzzle. The laser module activates when "aiming" the gun.
    Side view showing the grip assembly and feed. If the backpack of the Juggernaut is destroyed, several belts of ammunition will dangle out from it. The minigun will still operate, however.
    Dillon Aero M134D with slotted flash hider - 7.62x51mm NATO
    The aforementioned minigun with slotted flash hider in the mission "Kill or Capture".

    FightLite MCR

    A tan FightLite MCR appears in-game as the "556 Icarus." The MCR is commonly used by Shadow Company as their standard LMG. The "Icarus" name is likely derived from the manufacturer's original name "Ares;" as both are figures from Greek mythology.

    Ares-16 AMG/FightLite MCR - 5.56x45mm NATO
    The MCR in the loadout screen.
    The FightLite MCR upper receiver can be seen in promotional material for the "FJX Cinder" weapon vault, sandwiched between the carbine and the AR-57 upper.
    A KORTAC soldier wields his Fightlite MCR within the confines of a former factory turned training facility.
    Aiming through the iron sights.
    Inspecting the MCR; the player character first takes a look at the weapon's left side...
    ...then flipping admires the ejection port. This gives a good view of its ambidextrous selector lever, along with the "FORGE TAC MODEL 83" marking on the upper receiver, suggesting that this is the weapon's actual in-universe name (an idea further supported by the Forge Tac logo on the magazine well and the "MOD 83" marking just behind the handguard).
    Inspecting the ammo belt.
    Reloading the machine gun by opening the top cover.
    Inserting a new belt box into the magwell.
    Slipping the belt into the feed tray...
    ...then closing the dust cover forcefully. Reloading from empty involves the same, with the addition of the player character racking the charging handle after replacing the belt.

    Heckler & Koch HK21

    The Heckler & Koch HK21 appears in-game as the "RAPP H". It has a stylized handguard and barrel, and incorrectly has the aforementioned PTR 9KT-style trigger group (this time with normal S-E-F markings), though it can be fitted with a more appropriate Navy-style trigger group with the "LMK64 Grip" attachment. It is also correctly depicted as a closed-bolt weapon, having no trigger delay compared to the open-bolt machine guns in the game.

    In the campaign, it's correctly used by the Mexican Army.

    Heckler & Koch HK21 - 7.62x51mm NATO
    The HK21's left side in the gunsmith screen screen.
    Right side.
    Holding the HK21.
    ADS'ing with the HK21. No, the sights are not misaligned, it's just the incredibly high sway many weapons in MWII have.
    Inspecting the belt box and feed system.
    Reloading starts with locking the bolt back, opening the feed tray and removing the belt box.
    Inserting a new belt.
    Giving the charging handle a big slap.
    Reloading with Fast Hands skips the opening of the feed tray and the operator just opts to pass the guiding tab of the belt through the receiver...
    ...and sadly doesn't slap the charging handle with much energy anymore.

    Vollmer HK51-B

    A Vollmer HK51-B lookalike can be built with the short “10.6" Lachstrike Barrel.”

    Vollmer HK51-B without ammunition belt - 7.62x51mm NATO
    The shorty HK51 with the 100-round belt box and standard style stock.

    IWI Negev NG7

    The IWI Negev NG7 appears in-game as the "SAKIN MG38." It is relatively uncommon in the story, though one is present in the bed of Price's truck during "Violence and Timing". It cannot be set to semi-auto, even though the real weapon can; the in-game model even has the "A-R-S" selector markings.

    IWI Negev NG7 - 7.62x51mm NATO
    The Negev in the loadout screen.
    Hoisting up the Negev NG7 with the carrying handle. It is charged in its initial deployment animation.
    The player character wielding the Negev on La Casa.
    Aiming through the Negev's sights.
    Popping open the tray cover on its inspect animation.
    And taking a look at the Negev's right side.
    Reloading the Negev.
    Inserting a new belt box of ammo.
    Sliding in the fresh belt of ammo.


    The RPK is available in the game. It appears to be a Romanian clone, the PM md. 64, noted by the carrying handle and the ribbed receiver cover. Customization options include AKM-style barrels and stocks, giving it a similar appearance to certain RPK-receiver style AKs such as the Molot Vepr FM 7.62x39 or Century Arms BFT47, ribbed top cover and other details aside. The RPK only fires in full-auto in-game; the selector lever cannot be set to semi-auto unlike the other AK variants. Originally, when equipping the RPK's unique bipod attachment (which simply deploys the bipod) the gun would also gain an unnecessary picatinny rail under the handguard (presumably due to being in the underbarrel slot, like foregrips), however this was fixed with the Season 3 Reloaded update.

    Added for Season 5, the ".50 CAL" (presumably 12.7x99mm) "JAK Cataclysm" Aftermarket Part for the RPK changes it into a hybrid of the "AK-50" by The AK Guy LTD. It appears to have elements of both the mock-up of the rifle and the prototype of the rifle. By default it has a polymer PKM stock. Note that there were already issues with structural integrity of the "AK-50", the fact the "JAK Cataclysm" has a 3D-printed frame means the rifle would have almost no structural integrity (as with other Aftermarket Kits, but it is especially egregious here). By default it is fitted with a drum magazine which appears to be a hybrid of the Fostech 20 Round .50 Caliber Drum Magazine (compatible with the M82/M107) and the X-Products drum magazines.

    Century Arms AES 10B - 7.62x39mm. This is a US import version of the Romanian PM md. 64
    The RPK in the loadout screen. Why this gun was given its real name and the other rifles in its family were called "Kastov" is a mystery, unless the "K" stands for "Kastov" rather than "Kalashnikov".
    The player character keeping his RPK at the ready.
    Aiming down the iron sights.
    Inspecting the RPK, the player character takes a peek at the contents of its drum magazine (incendiary 7.62x39mm rounds).
    As with most of the guns in Modern Warfare II, the inspect animation is capped off with a brass check.
    Removing a half empty magazine.
    Unloading said incendiary rounds into a yellow delivery van.
    Inserting a new magazine.
    Gunsmith preview of the RPK converted into a 4.5mm bulged trunnion AK rifle.

    SIG-Sauer MG 338

    The SIG-Sauer MG 338's 2020 prototype returns from Modern Warfare, still named the "RAAL MG" (which stands for "Reconnaissance Auxiliary Assault Lightweight Machine Gun"). It uses essentially the same model from the previous game complete with the SIG-Sauer LMG-6.8 style stock and the A2 grip.

    SIG-Sauer MG 338 (2020 prototype) - .338 Norma Magnum
    SIG-Sauer LMG-6.8 (2020 prototype) - 6.8x51mm FURY. Image used as a reference for the stock.
    The MG 338 in the loadout screen. It is the Modern Warfare model recycled with the only rework being a white body/black elements and the markings of the fictional manufacturer "EXPEDITE".
    The player character wielding his SIG MG 338 on the "Farm 18" map.
    Aiming down the sights.
    Inspecting the MG 338 by popping the top cover open.
    Inspecting the left hand side of the machine gun.
    Inspecting the right hand side.
    Reloading the machine gun, first by racking the charging handle...
    Flipping the feed tray to clear stray links.
    Removing the belt box.
    Closing the top cover on the new belt.

    Steyr AUG HBAR-T

    The Steyr AUG HBAR-T appears in the game as the "HCR 56", and is incorrectly depicted with an AUG A3's bolt release. It feeds by default from the same 60-round magazines that were available for it in Modern Warfare, which are based on the Magpul D60 drum, however these seem to be non-STANAG/AUG-adapted as the magazines all don't have the cutout for the magazine catch to interface with. It can also equip a fictional non-STANAG polymer MAG5-100 as well as the 42 round HBAR magazine and 30 round standard AUG magazine.

    Steyr AUG HBAR-T - 5.56x45mm NATO
    The AUG HBAR-T in the loadout screen.
    Charging the AUG HBAR in its equip animation.
    The "HCR 56" in idle.
    Reloading the D60-esque drum mag. Note the lack of the STANAG cutout for the magazine catch on the left hand side of the drum mag's tower.
    By default, the operator thumps the bolt release on empty reloads. The 42-round mag reloads akin the standard AUG A3.


    Having the underbarrel grenade launcher attached will replace the alternate firing mode (either semi-auto on most weapons or full-auto on some battle rifles) with the grenade launcher mode if available. Picking up a weapon with a UBGL attached or switching to it in the campaign designates the grenade launcher as the "M203", regardless of what model of grenade launcher actually is. The same applies to multiplayer, though it is referred to as "KL40-M2" (GP-25).

    Carl Gustaf M4

    The Carl Gustaf M4 returns as the "STRELA-P".

    Carl Gustaf M4 - 84x246mm R
    A preview of the Carl Gustaf, as seen in the launcher camo customization tab.
    A Shadow Company soldier holds the Carl Gustaf at a Black site. The weapon has remained mostly the same since the 2019 game.
    Inspecting the launcher reveals a reflex sight is also attached (though it is still unusable).
    Aiming down the scope, which is possibly inspired by the Aimpoint FCS13RE.
    A US soldier aims the launcher. The warhead seems more forward than in reality.
    Unlocking the rear.
    Dumping a spent round.
    Loading a new 84mm round.
    Ditto. Slightly off screen is the recently fired empty casing.
    Locking the latch.
    No matter if the player character has ammo or not for the launcher, the inspect animation unfortunately remains the same. An unfired round is depicted even when the player is out of ammunition.

    FGM-148 Javelin

    The stylized FGM-148 Javelin returns as the "JOKR".

    FGM-148 Javelin Block 0 with original M98A1 CLU and original BCU - 127mm
    Right side view of the Javelin system.
    Holding the Javelin.
    Inspect animation.
    Using the lock-on system.
    Ditto, but third person perspective.
    "One away!".
    Muzzle loading the Javelin. For some reason this was carried over from previous game.
    Once more using the Javelin as a very, very expensive melee weapon. This time on some piñatas.
    When swapping weapons, the operator will use the top carry handle.


    The FN40GL appears as the underbarrel grenade launcher option for the SCAR-L and SCAR-H, identified as "Hellscream 40mm" in the Gunsmith.

    FN40GL mounted on a SCAR-L - 40x46mm
    The SCAR-L/FN40GL combo in Gunsmith.
    Inspecting a SCAR-H with the FN40GL.
    Inspecting a SCAR-L with the FN40GL.
    Checking the 40 mike mike. This animation is used for regular and empty reloads due to not showing the warhead.
    Holding the launcher at the ready.
    After ejecting a spent casing.
    Loading a new round.
    Loading a "Drill Charge" round.


    A stylized GP-25 appears as the underbarrel grenade launcher option for the AK-103, AK-105, and Vepr-12, under the name "KL40-M2".

    GP-25 - 40x103mm
    Closeup of the GP-25 underneath an AKMS mockup.
    Mounted on an AKM mockup.
    Left side of the launcher.
    Right side.
    Holding the GP-25 at the ready.
    Dropping a new VOG-25P into the launcher (though the grenade behaves like a normal VOG-25).
    Loading a "Drill Charge" round, which is the 40x46mm model used on the other 40mm launchers instead of a 40x103mm caseless style round.
    The GP-25 on a railed mounting.
    Mounted under a railed Vepr(!).

    Hybrid Flare Pistol

    A fictional hybrid flare pistol seemingly mostly based on the Orion Flare Gun (with the grips of the 12-gauge version, but sized more similarly to the 25mm variant, and with parts of both variants' color schemes), with elements of the Webley & Scott No. 1 Mk. V (namely the trigger guard and the rounding on the front of the frame), and an overhanging breech similar to the Webley & Scott No. 3 Mk. I is available in Warzone, where it is used to signal for the re-deployment of teammates.

    Orion Flare Gun - 12 gauge
    Orion Flare Gun - 25mm
    Webley & Scott No. I Mk. V - 1 inch
    Webley & Scott No. 3 Mk. I - 1 inch

    LMT M203

    The LMT M203 grenade launcher is available as an underbarrel option for the "M4", M16, both MCX variants, "FTac Recon", RM277, and SR-25, under the name "SPW 40mm".

    LMT M203 2003 L2B - 40x46mm
    The LMT M203 attached to the M16, which gives it the classic heat shields.
    Inspecting the left side.
    Right side.
    Checking the round.
    Holding an M16 with the M203 at the ready. The leaf sight sadly isn't usable.
    Dumping the empty case.
    Loading a new 40mm.
    About to close the breach. Unlike the “Hightower 20" Barrel” giving the platform M16 heatshields when equipped with the M203, the platform sadly doesn't get a KAC mounting when using the “14" Carbine Shroud” with the M203. The launcher instead is just mounted on to the rail system.
    Loading a 40mm 'Drill Charge" round.

    Madbull XM203

    The same Madbull XM203/ISTEC ISL-200 hybrid from Modern Warfare appears as the "TL40 Fire Drake", and is available for the AUG A3, HK91, HK93, APC556, VHS-K2, and FAMAS Valorisé.

    Airsoft Madbull XM203 - (fake) 40x46mm
    Heckler & Koch MP5A5 with ISTEC ISL-200 - 40x46mm
    The "Fire Drake" launcher on an AUG A3-CQC style build.
    Checking the XM203.
    Right side.
    Holding the launcher at the ready.
    After ejecting a round.
    Loading a new 40mm.
    The Madbull opened in 3rd person.
    Inspecting a 40mm "Drill Charge" round.
    Unlike the M203/GP-25, the Madbull seems to mount on all barrel attachments for the weapons it is paired with no matter how short.

    Milkor AV-140 MSGL

    The Milkor AV-140 MSGL appears in the campaign as the "REV G-80" (while in other modes and in MWIII it's named "RGL-80"), firing high-explosive grenades only. As with its Modern Warfare counterpart, it reloads through the use of a (possibly VLTOR-made) grenade launcher speedloader. When reloading, regardless of how many grenades were shot prior to reloading, all are dumped. Its designation refers to its revolver-type design and its original design date before its actual development for the SADF, which is 1980. It appears as a rare weapon during the Gun Game gamemode in multiplayer, although not available in other modes.

    The AV-140 MSGL is given to Garrick in "Violence and Timing," and some MSGLs can be found in the watchtower at the end of the "Prison Break" mission.

    It is an available weapon in Modern Warfare III, being selectable in all multiplayer gamemodes and singleplayer. Changes from the MWII version of the launcher will be noted there.

    Milkor AV-140 MSGL - 40x46mm
    Price with the Milkor MSGL on his back.
    "Sweet heat, Captain!"
    Gaz receiving a MSGL given to him by Price during the Al-Qatala convoy chase in Al-Mazrah.
    The MSGL in first person view.
    Inspecting the Milkor in DMZ, the weapon recently liberated from the DMZ boss Velikan.
    Inspecting the rounds. Note that even if you have fired all the rounds, the primers will still be unstruck.
    Lining up a shot on an AQ truck.
    Dumping out the MSGL's cylinder.
    Ditto. Note that regardless of how many rounds were fired, they all are depicted as empty cases.
    Winding in a new set of 40mm rounds with the XRK branded speedloader.
    A better shot of the speedloader in third person.
    Tossing the empty speedloader.
    The end of the reload animation is slightly bugged - the cylinder will disappear for about two frames, revealing the modeled 40mm shells.


    The RPG-7 is once again featured as a standard rocket launcher in MWII, under the same name. Aiming down the sights now tilts the launcher diagonally as if they are shouldering the weapon, akin to Far Cry 3 and its sequels. It is mainly used by the Las Almas cartel and the Mexican army.

    RPG-7 - 40mm
    Gunsmith view of the RPG-7.
    An AQ soldier holding the RPG-7 at the US Embassy in Al Mazrah.
    Inspecting it.
    Iron sights. The front sight has a notch taken out of the middle for some reason.
    An AQ fighter aims the RPG-7. Note the correct grip, he has his left hand across his chest holding the rear grip and his right hand on the trigger grip.
    Inserting a new PG-7V rocket. Prior to Season 3 Reloaded (as this is the case with this screenshot), the rocket was lacking the booster charges necessary for propelling it. For 15 years since the original Modern Warfare, none of games featured the booster on their renditions of the RPG-7.
    Inserting the updated PG-7V rocket with a green booster screwed on. In the background is the new "Alboran Hatchery" map.
    Cocking the hammer.
    Inspecting the empty RPG, hammer uncocked.


    The "PILA", an SA-25 with an SA-14 Gremlin's spherical battery coolant unit, returns from Modern Warfare with a different style of scope. It retains the dubious ability to reload tubes, and dumbfire and lock on to ground vehicles.

    SA-25 (9K333 Verba) - 72mm
    SA-14 Gremlin (9K34 Strela-3) - 72mm
    Previewing the 9K333 launcher.
    Holding the launcher.
    Inspecting the left side.
    Aiming down the scope. The white box in the middle turns red when a target is locked.
    Also aiming. The head of the missile is visible here.
    About to load a new missile. The length of the missile extends way past the top of the image.
    Giving the end a final push down.


    Model 7290 Flashbang Grenade

    As with Modern Warfare, the "Flash Grenade" in the game is a Model 7290 flashbang grenade. Many of the playable operators are depicted with this grenade, either in a pouch or hanging from their webbing with elastic bands attached. Picking up the flashbang in the campaign incorrectly dubs it as the "M84 Flash". Toggling the "Inverted Flash" option on in the game's settings will make the screen go black when flashed, as opposed to white in its original function.

    Model 7290 flashbang grenade
    The Flashbang in the loadout screen.
    The player character about to remove the safety pin with his thumb.
    Holding the grenade at the ready, clasping the spoon. These animations are shared for almost all of the "tactical grenades", save for the Shock Stick and Snapshot Grenade.
    Operator Horangi with two grenades on his person.

    Mk.V CN Gas Grenade

    Using the same model as with the previous installment, a modernized depiction of the American Mk.V CN Gas Grenade appears in multiplayer as the "Tear Gas".

    Mk.V CN Gas Grenade.
    The Gas Grenade in the loadout screen.
    Holding the Mk.V.
    Flicking the pin out.

    M18 Smoke Grenade

    An M18 Smoke Grenade is seen on the default skin of operator Fender.

    M18 smoke grenade
    Several green cased M18 White smoke grenades on Gromsko's "The Hunger" skin webbing.

    M88 HC Røyk Hånd Granat

    The Norwegian M88 HC Røyk Hånd Granat appears in multiplayer as the "Smoke Grenade". As with the M18 Smoke Grenade before, it is also used to mark locations for some killstreaks/scorestreaks.

    The M88 HC Røyk Hånd Granat in the loadout screen. Note the rather simplified Norwegian label compared to the real thing and the fictionalized "N78" designation with the N possibly hinting at its Norwegian origin.
    Mid animation of flicking the pin out.
    Clasping the spoon.
    A red "N78" deployed for a care package.

    M67 Hand Grenade

    A fictionalized M67 Hand Grenade with a different fuse design resembling RGO/RGN is featured in the game as the "Frag Grenade". Picking up the frag grenade in the campaign refers to it as "M67 Frag".

    M67 hand grenade
    RGN frag grenade
    The M67 in the loadout screen.
    "When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is not our friend."
    The striker doesn't appear to be in the fired position, an issue carried over from Modern Warfare 2019.
    The "Munitions Box" "Field Upgrade" returns from Modern Warfare 2019, with six of the grenades in it.
    Operator Luna with the grenade on her chest rig.

    M18A1 Claymore

    A fictionalized M18A1 Claymore using tripod legs instead of fold-open scissor-legs is featured in the game as the "Claymore", once again using laser tripwire detonators.

    M18A1 Claymore anti-personnel mine
    Holding the Claymore.
    The Claymore deployed. The "Front Toward Enemy" text is duplicated on either side.
    Closeup of the text on the back.

    M7 Spider

    A heavily stylized M7 Spider mine is featured as the "Cluster Mine".

    M7 Spider MCU with 3 MGLs
    The "Cluster Mine" in the killstreak screen.
    The "Burger Town Operator" holds the mine.
    The base of the mine after deploying its explosive disks. The main unit also explodes when triggered.
    One of the four explosive disks which somehow landed on the pen tray.

    M84 Stun Grenade

    The same fictionalized depiction of the M84 stun grenade from the previous Modern Warfare installment is featured in multiplayer as the "Stun Grenade".

    M84 stun grenade
    The M84 in the loadout screen.
    Mid-pull of the pin.
    Holding it at the ready, spoon compressed.

    Hybrid Bouncing Mine

    The "Proximity Mine" returns in MWII with an a similar albeit altered look from the first game. It resembles less of its real-life counterparts as with MW19. It is accurately described as a "proximity-triggered explosive", as opposed to a "pressure-triggered" explosive in the previous installment.

    The "Proxy Mine" in the loadout screen.
    Holding the mine.


    The "Thermite" grenade returns from MW19, under a slightly altered model and new texture. They function exactly how they were in Modern Warfare.

    The "Thermite" in the loadout screen.
    Holding the "Thermite".

    Mounted Weapons

    AGM-114 Hellfire

    Just like Modern Warfare 2019, the AGM-114 Hellfire missile appears on the AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopter and a slightly fictionalized Hellfire is also a part of the "Cruise Missile" killstreak, parented to a Storm Shadow/AGM-154 Joint Standoff Weapon hybrid shell. These also appear to be mounted on the wing tips of the "Gunship" killstreak, which might explain the steerable 105mm rounds.

    Apache weapon wing - 4x AGM-114 Hellfire ATGM on the left, 19-cell Hydra 70mm FFAR pod on the right.
    An Apache in multiplayer armed with the same configuration as above.
    Closeup in the campaign.

    Browning M2HB

    Various vehicles have turret-mounted Browning M2HBs, returning from the previous game.

    Browning M2HB - .50 BMG
    An official render of the "LTV" L-ATV inspired vehicle with an M2.
    As with the previous game, the character runs the Browning's action when first manning it, which is the correct military procedure.
    Watching some NPC characters perform a cool helo inserting from behind the MRAP inspired M2 turret. Note the machine gun crosshair, still in use for nineteen years and counting.
    The weapon mounted on a Kortac M2A4 Bradley, which has returned from Modern Warfare 2019.
    Other side of the gun, mounted on a Specgru Bradley. Note that unlike in MW2019 where there were two different models, the differences between the two faction's Bradleys is purely the default camo.
    Closeup of the M2 in the campaign. Note the glitched ammo belt. The icon/text for using the weapon is also glitched, with the HUD displaying "SENTRY/MOVE" and the L-ATV icon appearing, even when manning the M2.
    Other side.

    Bushmaster M242 Chaingun

    What appears to be fictionalized M242 Bushmaster chainguns are mounted and used on the M2A4 Bradley IFV (formerly called Light Tank) armored vehicles. The model is carried over from Modern Warfare 2019 and description of the prior vehicle states that the cannon is chambered in 30mm. The "APC" (which appears to be a Boxer APC with the Stryker 30mm turret) also appears to mount the M242 Chaingun, chambered in 30mm.

    M242 Bushmaster Chain Gun - 25x137mm
    M242 Bushmaster Chain Gun (Current Model) - 25x137mm
    Render of the Bradley IFV.
    The Bradley autocannon up close.
    Render of the Boxer APC with Stryker turret.
    The Boxer autocannon up close in Ground War.
    A higher definition model of the Boxer used during campaign.

    FN M240B

    The M240B machine gun appears as the Sentry Gun killstreak in multiplayer; one of the few instances of the Sentry Gun not being some kind of a minigun in the series. A stockless M240 is used in the RWS turret atop the Merkava Mk.4 - CV90 "frankentank".

    FN M240B with newer style lower handguard - 7.62x51mm NATO
    The Sentry Gun. Note the non-standard muzzle brake.
    Other side.
    An official render of the Merkava "Heavy Tank", with the M240B in the top mounted remote weapon station.
    Closeup of the gun. As of Season 5, there is a slight delay between shooting the weapon and it actually firing, with an audiable clunk when the trigger is pressed.

    General Dynamics M197 Vulcan

    The stylized Harrier II appears again with a low-detailed fictional twin barrel M197 Vulcan turret, to fulfill the series' proud lineage of VTOL jets with swiveling gun turrets that hover around a vicinity and engage infantry targets.

    General Dynamics M197 Vulcan - 20x102mm
    The twin-barrel M197 Vulcan mounted one the underside of the stylized AV-8B.
    Closeup of the gun.
    Left side.

    General Electric GAU-8/A Avenger

    A-10 Thunderbolt IIs return as the "Precision Airstrike" killstreak, performed with their General Electric GAU-8/A Avenger rotary cannons.

    General Electric GAU-8/A Avenger - 30x173mm

    M230 Chain Gun

    AH-64D/E Apaches return as an attack helicopter in-game. They mount M230 Chain Guns, with some apparently having two at the same time. The double-M230 Apaches appear in the campaign missions "Kill or Capture" and "Ghost Team."

    Hughes/Alliant Techsystems M230 chain gun - 30x113mm B
    Garrick observes the AH-64 commandeered in "Ghost Team." Here, the M230 on it and the one behind is absent entirely.
    Said Apache brings in the hurt later on as the mission switches to Soap as the player character.
    The AH-64 now apparently sports TWO M230 autocannons. The forward cannon functions more like an M134 Minigun, while the rear behaves like a traditional autocannon.
    A closeup of the configuration.
    An Apache in multiplayer armed with a standard single M230.
    Right side of the gun.
    Left side.

    M102 105mm Howitzer

    The returning psudo-AC-130 "Gunship" also mounts the M102 105mm howitzer. This gun appears prominently in the pre-rendered cutscenes of the interior of the gunship in the "Close Air" and "Hardpoint" missions, but its functionality is replaced by AGM-114 Hellfire style missiles in gameplay.

    Modified M102 howitzer taken from an AC-130 Spectre gunship - 105x372R
    Closeup of the M102 on an AC-130U gunship exterior.
    Closeup of the M102 on the gunship's exterior.
    Graves and the M102 crew at the rear of the gunship.
    It is erroneously also depicted where the 40mm Bofors gun should be, with another gun crew.
    MWII M102 (3).jpg

    Mk 47 Mod 0 Grenade Launcher

    A modified version of the Mk 47 Mod 0 Grenade Launcher returns from MW2019, this time mounted to the "MRAP" eight wheeled gun trucks added in Season 5. The weapon is controlled via a RWS turret during gameplay.

    Mk 47 Mod 0 grenade launcher - 40x53mm
    The "MRAP" with Mk 47 launcher in a official screenshot.
    Front of the launcher.


    Some kind of minigun is mounted on the "Wheelson" UGV killstreak unlike the auto grenade launchers used on the Wheelsons in Modern Warfare.

    The Wheelson.
    Closeup of the gun.

    Mk44 Bushmaster II GAU-23/A

    The "Gunship"'s AC-130J-based loadout includes the 30mm Mk44 Bushmaster II GAU-23/A gun. It functions akin the Bofors 40mm seen previously.

    AC-130U with a trial installation of two Mk 44 weapons - 30×173mm
    An AC-130J with similar configuration as below.
    The Gunship in Multiplayer. Also much like Modern Warfare 2019, there is no 25mm gun on the exterior, despite the GAU-12/U being usable in gameplay.
    Closeup of the GAU-23/A.

    Yakushev-Borzov Yak-B

    Mil Mi-24V "Hind" helicopters appear in MWII and feature the nose mounted Yakushev-Borzov Yak-B rotary cannons. Compared to the earlier games, the Mi-24 also correctly only has this chin gun, whereas unused 23/30mm twin GSh cannons were present in the original trilogy.

    Yakushev-Borzov Yak-B - 12.7x108mm
    In multiplayer (as seen here), the Mi-24 is a killstreak called the "Overwatch Helo" and functions similarly to the Harrier. In DMZ the helicopter appears as a boss, and can take a considerable amount of damage before being destroyed (for example flying normally despite being on fire and losing its wings).
    Right side of the Yak-B.
    Left side of the gun.


    Hybrid Reverse Draw Crossbow

    A slightly modified version of the reverse draw crossbow reappears from the previous game. It appears as a bonus weapon unlocked in safes in the missions "El Sin Nombre" and "Alone", and it is available in multiplayer as part of Season 2. It is unlocked by completing the unlock challenge or by buying a bundle in the store that has the blueprint available.

    The crossbow in the gunsmith preview.
    Operator "Zeus" holds a crossbow in a medieval exhibit.
    Right side of the crossbow.
    Aiming down the sight. The front sight has a glass hosing for some reason.
    Pulling the string back.
    Inserting a new bolt.
    Inspecting the bolt. When the player has no more bolts, the character will tug on the string a few times.

    Unusable Weapons

    Beretta M9A3

    The Beretta M9A3 appears on Gus' skin "El Santo" in the shoulder holster. It uses the "Renetti" model from Modern Warfare with the "Veins of Gold" blueprint grips. It appears to be missing the hammer, however.

    Beretta M9A3 - 9x19mm Parabellum
    Gus with the M9A3 in the Operator screen.

    Glock 18C / Arsenal Firearms Strike One hybrid

    A hybrid pistol appears on Ghost's "Gilded Reaper" skin. It is actually one of the blueprints of the "X16" (Glock 21) from Modern Warfare, which has an Arsenal Firearms Strike One-style frame combined with the "Singuard Arms Featherweight" barrel, the latter consisting of a Glock 18C's slide with custom cutouts on the side.

    Glock 18C (3rd Generation) - 9x19mm Parabellum
    Arsenal Firearms Strike One - 9x19mm Parabellum
    The X16 pistol on Ghost's Gilded Reaper chest holster. It is hard to view with his M4 normally in the way.

    Heckler & Koch USP

    What looks like a Heckler & Koch USP appears in operator Velikan's drop-leg holster.

    Heckler & Koch USP - 9x19 Parabellum
    The USP in Velikan's holster.

    Colt M1911

    A Colt M1911 is seen on the "Watch Your Back" calling card.

    Colt M1911 - .45 ACP

    Kimber Custom TLE/RL II

    The previous game's Kimber Custom TLE/RL II is seen in the "Ghosting Everyone" loading screen and the "Shaded Ghost" calling card.

    Additionally, a Kimber is seen in a cartel member's waistband in the campaign during the mission "El Sin Nombre". It is modeled after the "Callous" blueprint from Modern Warfare, which has a classic Colt M1911-style slide with rear vertical serrations. This is a low quality model and it's unusable by the player.

    Kimber Custom TLE/RL II - .45 ACP
    Colt M1911A1 - .45 ACP
    The 1911 in the cartel member's belt.

    STI Tactical

    Two unusable STI 2011 pistols resembling the STI Tactical 5.0 can be seen on a table during the mission "Recon by Fire" outside the fish hatchery. It uses the model of the "Corax" blueprint from Modern Warfare, which has a SIG-Sauer 1911 style skeletonized trigger.

    STI Tactical 5.0 - 9x19mm / .40 S&W / .45 ACP
    Both pistols are placed the exact same way on the exact same table model.

    SIG-Sauer P320 RX

    Modern Warfare’s SIG-Sauer P320 RX is seen on "The Technician" skin of operator Hutch, fitted with the "A9-16 Lightweight" custom slide. One in a similar configuration can also be seen on Captain Price's chest holster on the skin called "The King".

    SIG-Sauer P320 RX - 9x19mm
    The blue tech-ey looking P320 on Hutch's chest holster.

    IMI Uzi

    An IMI Uzi is seen in the "Briefing" loading screen.

    IMI Uzi with buttstock extended - 9x19mm


    A portrait of Diego inside the Las Almas mansion has two AK-47s crossed in the background. These appear to be the "Golden Dragon" blueprint from MW19. The actual model is also present in lockers inside a shed on the Farm 18 multiplayer level.

    AK-47 - 7.62x39mm
    Señior Diego's cigar chomping portrait.
    The AK-47s lined inside the locker, under poor lighting.

    ArmaLite AR-10

    What appears to be an ArmaLite AR-10 is seen on the "Sliding Down" calling card.

    FAMAS F1

    A FAMAS F1 is seen in the "Wading" loading screen.

    FAMAS F1 - 5.56x45mm NATO

    GE M134 Minigun

    A handheld GE M134 Minigun is seen on the "Bull's Barrage" calling card.

    Airsoft handheld M134 Minigun with 'Chainsaw grip' to handle the recoil force. This variant was seen in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. This is an airsoft version which retains the half-circle attachment point for the M60 foregrip from Predator; the real T2 minigun did not have this - (fake) 7.62x51mm NATO


    Two racks with three PKMs each are also found next the AK-47s on Farm 18.

    PKM with classic (most commonly seen) version of the flash hider - 7.62x54mm R
    One of the racks of PKMs, with marginally better lighting. It appears to be a reused asset from Modern Warfare.

    Season 5 Gun Rack

    The Season 5 intro cutscene features a rack with multiple weapon models from Modern Warfare, namely the Heckler & Koch MP5A3, Remington 870 MCS, Colt Model 933, along with unmodified versions of the aforementioned Glock 21 and P320, as well as the Uzi, AK-47, FAMAS F1, AUG A3 9mm XS, and M14.

    MWII 19weaponwall.jpg

    Taser X26

    Kyle Garrick is seen with an X26 Taser in the Countdown mission, similar to the CTSFO outfit from the prior game. This uniform is also available in Season 3, named "Takedown."

    Taser X26P
    Garrick and US Marines riding a RHIB boat down the Chicago river.
    The Taser on his chest rig in the Operator screen.

    AN/M14 Incendiary Grenade

    Some operators have the AN/M14 incendiary grenade on their webbing. It isn't usable in-game nor are any NPCs depicted using it.

    AN/M14 incendiary grenade
    Ghost with the grenade on his "Night War" skin (from the campaign mission "Kill or Capture").
    A US Marine with the grenade on his rig.
    Closeup of the text.

    RGD-5 hand grenade

    An RGD-5 hand grenade is seen on Enzo Reyes' "Snack" skin, as well as on Zero's "Dry Heat" and "Night Heat" skins.

    RGD-5 high-explosive fragmentation hand grenade
    Closeup of Zero's pouch line, including the RGD-5.

    RGN fragmentation grenade

    An RGN fragmentation grenade is seen on Kleopatros Gavras's "Hustle" skin.

    RGN fragmentation grenade
    The RGN on Kleo's Hustle outfit, seen here under her right hand.

    M29 Mortar

    M29 Mortars are used by cartel members in "Recon by Fire" if the player is spotted during the hatchery sniping section. These appear to be the same ones from MW2019.

    M29 Mortar - 81mm
    Gaz sights up a cartel mortar crew.
    Front of the mortar.
    Back of another, next to its recently departed operator.

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