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MAT-49 Submachine Gun - 9x19mm
MAT-49 Submachine Gun with magazine well/pistol grip folded into the upright position - 9x19mm
MAT-49/54 Submachine Gun - 9x19mm. This is the Gendarmerie Nationale variant of MAT-49 with extended barrel, fixed stock, and double trigger for semi-auto and full auto fire.

The MAT-49 is a French submachine gun that was originally produced by Manufacture Nationale d'Armes de Tulle (MAT). The MAT-49 began production in 1949 after a series of trials for a new submachine gun to replace the MAS-38. The MAT-49 was chosen in part for its simple design and cost-effective stamped metal construction, allowing for rapid, economic production of a large amount of guns that the French military desperately needed. The MAT-49 also includes two design features unusual for a submachine gun: the ability for the magazine well to fold up and a grip safety, a feature more common to handguns.

The MAT-49 was used extensively by the French military during their military ventures of the early Cold War period, such as the First Indochina War and the Algerian War. It was well-liked in service owing to its compactness, ease of use, and reliability. Following the French withdrawal from Vietnam, captured MAT-49s were converted to 7.62×25mm Tokarev by North Vietnamese forces and used by the People's Army of Vietnam and Viet Cong during the Vietnam War.

Production of the MAT-49 was taken over by Manufacture d'armes de Saint-Étienne plant (MAS) in the 1960s and production ceased in 1979, when the FAMAS assault rifle was adopted and filled the niche previously occupied by the MAT-49.


(1949 - 1979)

  • Type: Submachine Gun
  • Caliber: 9x19mm, 7.62x25mm Tokarev(North Vietnamese conversion)
  • Weight: 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg)
  • Length: 18.1 in (46 cm) (stock collapsed), 28.3 in (72 cm) (stock extended)
  • Barrel length: 9.1 in (23 cm)
  • Capacity: 20, 32
  • Fire Modes: full auto only

The MAT-49 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Notation Date
Consider All Risks (Classe tous risques) French gendarmes 1960
The World in My Pocket Motorized policemen 1961
The Black Monocle (Le Monocle noir) French gendarmes 1961
The Eye of the Monocle (L'oeil du monocle) French Foreign Legionnaires 1962
Code Name: Tiger (Le Tigre aime la chair fraîche) Benitez´s henchman, DST Agent 1964
Battle of the Bulge German soldiers Anachronism 1965
Ivory Coast Adventure Ivory Coast police 1965
The Majordomo (Le majordome) French gendarmes 1965
The Upper Hands ((Du rififi à Paname)) The assassin 1966
Lost Command Alain Delon Captain Phillipe Esclavier 1966
Lost Command French paratroopers 1966
The 317th Platoon French paratroopers 1966
Black Sun (Soleil noir) Michèle Mercier Christine Rodier 1966
David O'Brien Eliott
Michel de Ré Hergy
The Battle of Algiers French soldiers and FLN guerillas 1966
Let's Not Get Angry (Ne nous fâchons pas) The Colonel's henchmen 1966
Wake Up and Die (Svegliati e uccidi) French criminals 1966
The Last Adventure Henchman MAT-49/54 1967
The Green Berets Captured VC weapon on display 1968
Ho! Gendarmes 1968
The Gendarme Gets Married Gendarmes 1968
Pasha (Le Pacha) Security guards 1968
Farewell, Friend A Police officer 1968
The Sicilian Clan (Le clan des Siciliens) French gerdarmes and policemen 1969
The Brain Fake police 1969
Mr. Freedom Serge Gainsbourg M. Drugstore 1969
Freedom agents
Cold Sweat Jean Topart Katanga 1970
Patton Moroccan soldiers Anachronism 1970
The Gendarme Takes Off French marines 1970
The Red Circle (Le cercle rouge) French gerdarmes 1970
There Was Once a Cop (Il était une fois un flic...) French policemen 1971
Take It Easy It's a Waltz (Laisse aller ... c'est une Valse) French policemen 1971
Without Apparent Motive (Sans mobile apparent) French police 1971
The Five Crazy Boys (Les Bidasses en folie) French soldiers 1971
State of Siege (État de Siège) Police and guerrillas 1972
R.A.S. Jacques Spiesser Rémy March 1973
Jean-François Balmer Raymond Dax
Claude Brosset Adjudant chef Santoni
Jean-Pierre Castaldi Sgt. Carbone
Jean-Paul Franky Sgt. Rudy
French soldiers
The Day of the Jackal Michael Lonsdale Inspector Claude Lebel 1973
The Day of the Jackal Philippe Léotard A Police officer 1973
The Day of the Jackal French policemen and sailors 1973
The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob (Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob) Farès' henchman 1973
Two Men in Town (Deux hommes dans la ville) French police 1973
A Pain in the Ass (L'emmerdeur) French Police 1973
The Conspiracy (Le complot) Michel Duchaussoy Leblanc 1973
Simón Andreu Baudry
Robert Castel Saporo
Dominique Zardi Hans
El Kebir Abdur
Gendarmes, OAS fighters
The Hostage Gang (Le gang des otages) French gendarmes 1973
Happy New Year (La bonne année) French gendarmes 1973
The Secret (Le secret) French policemen 1974
The Nada Gang Police 1974
Sadsacks Go to War (Les Bidasses s'en vont en guerre) French soldiers 1974
French Connection II Gangsters 1975
Mad Enough to Kill (Folle à tuer) French policemen 1975
The French Detective (Adieu, poulet) French policemen 1975
The Gypsy (Le gitan) French police MAT-49 and MAT-49/54 1975
Police Python 357 French police officers 1976
Holy Year (L'année sainte) Italian police 1976
Hunter Will Get You French police 1976
Calmos Dora Doll The sergeant 1976
Liliane Rovère The female soldier
Marie Pillet The female soldier
Females soldiers
Judge Fayard Called the Sheriff Prison guard 1977
The Threat (La menace) French gendarmes 1977
Drummer-Crab (Le Crabe-Tambour) French soldiers and gendarmes 1977
Armageddon (Armaguedon) French police 1977
The Escape (La carapate) French gendarmes 1978
Apocalypse Now French colonist 1979
The Police War (La Guerre des polices) French police 1979
Cop or Hood (Flic Ou Voyou) French policemen 1979
I as in Icarus (I... comme Icare) Police officers 1979
Superman II Terrorists With stock removed 1980
Umbrella Coup (Le Coup du parapluie) French policeman 1980
Inspector Blunder (Inspecteur la Bavure) French gendarmes 1980
Operation Leopard (La légion saute sur Kolwezi) Giuliano Gemma Adjudant-chef Fédérico 1980
Operation Leopard (La légion saute sur Kolwezi) French paratroopers and Katanga fighters 1980
Le Guignolo French police 1980
For Your Eyes Only Locque's guards 1981
The Professional African soldiers; French gendarmes 1981
The Gendarme and the Gendarmettes Michel Galabru Adjudant Gerber 1982
The Gendarme and the Gendarmettes Patrick Préjean Gendarme Perlin 1982
The Gendarme and the Gendarmettes Maurice Risch Gendarme Beaupied 1982
The Gendarme and the Gendarmettes Michel Modo Gendarme Berlicot 1982
The Gendarme and the Gendarmettes Guy Grosso Gendarme Tricard 1982
A Captain's Honor (L'Honneur d'un capitaine) French soldiers 1982
For 200 Grand, You Get Nothing Now (Pour 100 briques t'as plus rien!) French police 1982
Confidentially Yours (Vivement dimanche!) French policemen 1983
Banzaï Akonio Dolo Hissen 1983
Banzaï African soldiers and rebels 1983
Deadly Circuit (Mortelle randonnée) French police 1983
The ComDads (Les compères) Jean-Jacques Scheffer Ralph 1983
Black List (Liste noire) Policeman 1984
Dog Day (Canicule) French gendarmes 1984
Les Morfalous French soldiers 1984
My New Partner (Les ripoux) Police 1984
The Vengeance of the Winged Serpent (La vengeance du serpent à plumes) Coluche Loulou Dupin 1984
The Vengeance of the Winged Serpent (La vengeance du serpent à plumes) French police 1984
Cop's Honor (Parole de Flic) French policemen 1985
Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend Eddie Tagoe Sergeant Gambwe 1985
The Fugitives French gendarmes 1986
Attention bandits! French gendarmes 1986
The Living Daylights Tunisian police guard 1987
The Loner French policemen 1987
Let Sleeping Cops Lie (Ne réveillez pas un flic qui dort) French police and Gendarmerie 1988
My New Partner II (Ripoux contre ripoux) French police 1990
Have a Nice Night (Passez une bonne nuit) Police and Cleaners 1990
Believed Violent (Présumé dangereux) A gendarme 1990
Operation Corned Beef French soldiers 1991
Diên Biên Phú French Army 1992
Straight Shooter Heino Ferch Volker Bretz 1999
Straight Shooter French Foreign Legion paratroopers 1999
Sweat Police 2002
Deserter Tom Hardy Pascal Dupont 2002
Deserter Paul Fox Simon Murray 2002
Deserter French Foreign Legionnaires 2002
We Were Soldiers French soldiers, NVA and Viet Cong 2002
The Quiet American Brendan Fraser Alden Pyle 2002
Mathias Mlekuz French officer
French and Vietnamese soldiers
The Corsican File (L'enquête Corse) Corsican terrorist 2004
Intimate Enemies French soldiers 2007
Intimate Enemies Albert Dupontel Sgt. Dougnac 2007
Intimate Enemies Benoît Magimel Lt. Terrien 2007
Rescue Dawn Pathet Lao camp guard 2007
The Second Wind (Le Deuxième Souffle) A hitman; French police 2007
Crossfire (Les Insoumis) Gangster 2008
Mesrine: Public Enemy Number 1 French police 2008
Outside the Law Gendarmerie 2010
Outside the Law FLN Guerrillas 2010
Djinns (Stranded) French soldiers 2010
Elephant White Seen in weapons cache 2010
Mesrine: Killer Instinct Vincent Cassel Jacques Mesrine 2010
La Horde Claude Perron Aurore 2010
A Gang Story (Les Lyonnais) French police 2011
Rebellion Rebels 2011
Next Time I'll Aim for the Heart Guillaume Canet Franck Neuhart 2014
French gendarmes
Far from Men French soldiers 2014
The Siege of Jadotville Guillaume Canet Rene Faulques 2016
Triple Threat jungle camp guard 2019


Show Title Actor Character Note / Episode Air Date
The Professionals 1977 - 1981
Julie Lescaut Pierre Cognon Martin Héroux "Rapt" (S03E02) 1994
Julie Lescaut French police "Rapt" (S03E02), "La mort en Rose" (S03E03) 1994
Fabio Montale Pierre Henri Davor 2002
The Unit 2006 - 2009
Deadliest Warrior 2010
Madiba Laurence Fishburne Nelson Mandela 2017

Video Games

Game Title Appears as Mods Notes Release Date
Battlefield: Vietnam 2004
Shellshock Nam '67 2004
Conflict: Vietnam 2004
Project Reality 2005
Vietcong 2 2005
Team Fortress 2 SMG With wooden furniture, and rear sight, magazine and bolt of the M1A1 Thompson 2007
7554 With optional melee attack 2011
Project Reality: Vietnam 2012
World of Guns: Gun Disassembly "MAT-49" 2014
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam original French 9mm version 2017
Vietnamese 7.62x25mm Tokarev conversion
Marauders MAT-49 Missing stock by default; can be added as mod Incorrectly chambered in .32 ACP 2022
Military Conflict: Vietnam 2022

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