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The Upper Hand (Du rififi à Paname)

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Du rififi à Paname
Cinema poster
Country FRA.jpg France
ITA.jpg Italy
Directed by Denys de La Patellière
Release Date 1966
Language French
Studio Gloria
Fida Cinematografica
Les Films Copernic
Distributor Paramount Pictures
Main Cast
Character Actor
Paul Berger Jean Gabin
Charles Binnaggio George Raft
Walter Gert Fröbe
Irène Nadja Tiller
Mike Coppolano Claudio Brook
Lili Princesse Mireille Darc
Giulio Claude Brasseur
Commissioner Noël Daniel Ceccaldi
René Claude Cerval
Marque Mal Marcel Bozzuffi

The Upper Hand (Original title: Du rififi à Paname) is a 1966 French-Italian crime drama directed by Denys de La Patellière and based on the novel by Auguste Le Breton. Two older gangsters Paulo Berger (Jean Gabin) and Charles Binaggio (George Raft) run jointly by many years an international smuggler net and are looking for new people. Paul for this job hired young journalist Mike Coppolano (Claudio Brook), which is in fact an agent of the US government. Its task is to find how Paul's friend Walter (Gert Fröbe) organizes clandestine arms deliveries from eastern Europe to Cuba. Coppolano cooperated with a Police commissioner Noël (Daniel Ceccaldi), which is interested in breaking up the entire criminal organizations.

The following weapons were used in the movie The Upper Hand (Du rififi à Paname):

Walther P38

Giulio (Claude Brasseur) and several next thugs are seen with a Walther P38 pistol.

Walther P38 WWII dated with black grips - 9x19mm
Giulio (Claude Brasseur) aims his gun at Irène (Nadja Tiller) in car.
One of the men who attacked in a hotel room on Coppolano (Claudio Brook) holds a Walther P38.
The hitman put the suppressed gun in his briefcase.

Star Model 1914

Walter (Gert Fröbe) own a Star Model 1914 pistol.

Star Model 1914 - 7,65 Browning
Walter's pistol is stored in a drawer of his desk.

Luger P08

Mike Coppolano (Claudio Brook) carries a Luger P08 pistol. This gun also used the hitman in a bar (Alain Bouvette).

Luger P08 - 9x19mm. This is blank adapted movie gun.
Mike forgotten his pistol lying on Walter's desk.


The first assassin (left) in car is armed with a MP40 submachine gun.

MP40 - 9mm.

Sten Mk II

The second assassin (right) in car fired from Sten Mk II submachine gun.

Sten Mk II - 9x19mm
The killer disguised as the reverend pulled a gun from under his cassock.


The assassin disguised as a priest used MAT-49 submachine gun.

MAT-49 Submachine Gun - 9x19mm
The killer disguised as the reverend pulled a gun from under his cassock.

FN Model 1922

Commissioner Noël (Daniel Ceccaldi) carris a FN Model 1922 pistol.

FN Model 1922 - .32 ACP
Commissioner Noël (right) holds his FN Model 1922.
Commissioner Noël (middle) with his sidearm in hand.

Walther PPK

Paul Berger (Jean Gabin) is seen with a Walther PPK pistol. Also a Police officer holds this gun.

Walther PPK - 7.65 mm Browning aka .32 ACP
Paul Berger (Jean Gabin) pulls a pistol from pocket.
A police officer (left) is holds a Walther PPK.

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