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Two Men in Town (Deux hommes dans la ville)

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Two Men in Town
(Deux hommes dans la ville)
Deux hommes dans la ville Poster.jpg
Original French Poster
Country FRA.jpg France
ITA.jpg Italy
Directed by José Giovanni
Release Date 1973
Language French
Studio Adel Productions
Medusa Distribuzione
Main Cast
Character Actor
Germain Cazeneuve Jean Gabin
Gino Strabliggi Alain Delon
Lucie Mimsy Farmer
Sophie Strabliggi Ilaria Occhini
Marcel Victor Lanoux
Inspector Goitreau Michel Bouquet

Two Men in Town (original title Deux hommes dans la ville) is a 1973 French-Italian crime drama directed by José Giovanni and starring Jean Gabin as parole officer Germain Cazeneuve and Alain Delon as an ex-convict Gino Strabliggi.

The following weapons were used in the film Two Men in Town (Deux hommes dans la ville):


MAB Model D

Inspector Goitreau's (Michel Bouquet) personal handgun is a MAB Model D pistol.

MAB Model D Type I - .32 ACP
Goitreau draws his pistol.
Goitreau fires at Marcel during the arrest.

Mle 1892 Revolver

Several Mle 1892 Revolvers are seen in the scene of the arrest of Marcel (Victor Lanoux) and his gang.

Modele d’Ordonnance Mle 1892 Revolver - 8 x 27mm SR
Marcel draws his revolver at the background. Another revolver is seen on the table.

Unique Rr 51

A Unique Rr 51 is seen in hands of a C.R.S. (SWAT) captain (André Rouyer) in the scene of the prison riot.

Unique Rr 51 - .32 ACP
The C.R.S. captain aims his pistol at the leader of the riot.
Germain Cazeneuve (Jean Gabin) tries to stop the police from using firearms.

Submachine Guns


MAT-49 SMGs are seen in hands of police in the scene of the prison riot.

MAT-49 Submachine Gun - 9x19mm
Deux hommes dans la ville-7.jpg
Deux hommes dans la ville-8.jpg


Unidentified pump action shotgun

A policeman holds a pump action shotgun in the scene of the prison riot. It's seen very unclear and so is hard to identify. It can be a Mossberg 500 but it's only a guess.

Mossberg 500AT Shotgun - 12 gauge. Note the wood furniture.
A policeman with a shotgun is seen at the far left.


Berthier Mle 1916 Carbine

A policeman holds a rifle in the scene of the prison riot. It appears to be a Berthier Mle 1916 carbine.

Berthier Model 1916 Carabine - 8x50mm R
A policeman with carbine is seen second from the left.

Other Weapons

Karabiner 98k/Tromblon VB Smoke Grenade Launcher

A policeman holds a smoke grenade launcher in the scene of the prison riot. It appears to be the weapon, released specifically for the National Police on base of Karabiner 98k rifle (another version of such weapon was based on M1917 Enfield), shortened at the level of the first sling swivel, fitted with Tromblon VB launcher and using .30-06 propellant cartridge for firing 57mm "cricket" smoke grenades. The conversion was made by MECA de Méaux company.

The described weapon in use in Paris in 1968
A grenade launcher is partially seen at the foreground.
The discharger cup of the launcher is seen.
A view of the muzzle.

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