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Police Python 357

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Police Python 357
Police Python 357.jpg
Original French Poster
Country FRA.jpg France
GER.jpg West Germany
Directed by Alain Corneau
Release Date 1976
Language French
Studio Albina Productions
TIT Filmproduktion GmbH
Main Cast
Character Actor
Inspector Marc Ferrot Yves Montand
Commissioner Victor Ganay François Périer
Thérèse Ganay Simone Signoret
Sylvia Leopardi Stefania Sandrelli
Inspector Ménard Mathieu Carrière
Inspector Abadie Vadim Glowna

Police Python 357 is a French 1976 crime thriller directed by Alain Corneau and starring Yves Montand as Orleans police inspector Marc Ferrot. The film is named after the eponymous revolver that is Ferrot's weapon of choice.

The following weapons were used in the film Police Python 357:


Colt Python

The titular gun is displayed prominently throughout the film in hands of Inspector Marc Ferrot (Yves Montand). In one scene Sylvia Leopardi (Stefania Sandrelli) briefly holds Ferrot's revolver.

Colt Python with 4" Barrel and factory wood grips - .357 Magnum
The Python is seen during the opening credits.
Ferrot loads the revolver.
Ferrot trains at the range, using several different positions.
He opens the cylinder. Note that one brass stucks and doesn't fall like others.
Ferrot cleans the revolver.
Ferrot uses the revolver in the final shootout, during the armored car robbery.
While the cylinder holes seem not completely round, it is only an optical illusion.
Ferrot puts the Python back in holser after the shootout.

Walther PP

Commissaire Ganay's (François Périer) personal handgun is a Walther PP.

Post war Walther PP Pistol - .32 ACP. Though most of the pistols built immediately after the war were made by Manurhin of France (under license), the guns are marked "Made in West Germany".
Walther PP and Astra Cub in drawer.
Ganay loads the pistol.
Ganay draws his pistol.

Astra Cub

An Astra Cub is seen in hands of Thérèse Ganay (Simone Signoret).

Astra Cub - .25 ACP
Walther PP and Astra Cub in drawer.
Thérèse takes the pistol from drawer.
She raises the pistol at Ferrot.
A closeup.

MAC Mle 1950

In the final scene Inspector Ménard (Mathieu Carrière) carries a MAC Mle 1950 pistol.

French MAS Mle 1950 pistol - 9x19mm Parabellum.
Ménard and wounded Inspector Abadie (Vadim Glowna) in the car under the heavy fire of robbers.
The barrel of the pistol is seen.
One more view of Ménard's pistol.

MAB Model D

In the final scene police officers use MAB Model D pistols.

MAB Model D Type I - .32 ACP
A motorcycle policeman in center fires a MAB.
A MAB is seen in hands of a policeman at the background.
A MAB is seen at the left.


At the beginning of the movie, two long guns and three handguns are seen in a gun rack in Ferrot’s house. The handgun at the left appears to be an original M1911. Note that the gun has a lanyard loop.

M1911 - .455 Webley, a licensed handgun to the British Armed Forces during and after World War 1, later issued to members of the R.A.F. and Royal Navy
A 1911 is seen at the left.

A thief in church carries an M1911-style pistol, possibly the same movie prop, or possibly an M1911A1.

The thief draws his pistol.
Another view of the gun.

Smith & Wesson Model 10

Another gun in the gun rack looks like a Smith & Wesson Model 10.

Smith & Wesson Model 10 - .38 Special
A revolver is seen at the right.

CZ 27

A CZ 27 is also seen in the gun rack.

Czech CZ27 Pistol - 7.65mm
A CZ 27 is seen in center.

Submachine gun


Both the police officers and the robbers use MAT-49 SMGs in the final shootout.

MAT-49 - 9x19mm
A robber holds MAT-49 with unfolded stock.
Another robber fires at police.
Police officers and detectives fire MAT-49s.


High Standard Flite King

A High Standard Flite King shotgun is seen in Ferrot's gun rack.

High Standard FLITE KING K-1200 Riot Standard Model (Catalog #8111) - 12 gauge. This is the screen used shotgun, held by Steve McQueen in the film The Getaway (1972).
The muzzle and magazine cup are seen.
The pump.
The receiver.
The receiver.


M1 Carbine

While two robbers are armed with MAT-49s, the third one uses a M1 Carbine. M1 Carbines with sniper scopes are seen in hands of police snipers.

The Modern Manufactured version of the M1 Carbine, with standard stock, from Auto-Ordnance. Chambered in .30 Carbine
A plainclothed detective holds a scoped M1 at the background.
A sniper at the right.
A sniper at the left.
A robber fires from below the car.

Unidentified Rifle

A bolt action rifle is seen in Ferrot's gun rack.

Police Python 357-Rifle-1.jpg
Police Python 357-Shotgun-2.jpg
Police Python 357-Shotgun-3.jpg
Police Python 357-Rifle-2.jpg


At the beginning of the movie, we see that Ferrots handloads his own ammo at his reloading bench.

Police Python 357-Reloading-2.jpg
He even casts his bullets.
Police Python 357-Reloading-4.jpg
Police Python 357-Reloading-7.jpg
The general view of the reloading bench.

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