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Springfield 1861

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Springfield Model 1855 - .58 caliber Minie ball. Note maynard tape priper and patchbox.
Springfield Model 1861 - .58 caliber Minie ball. Note curved hammer and conventional priming.
Springfield Model 1863 - .58 caliber minie ball. Note straight hammer and screw-retained barrel bands.
Springfield Model 1864, AKA Model 1863 Type II - .58 caliber Minie ball. Note straight hammer and spring-retained barrel bands.

The Springfield 1861 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


  • Weight: 9 lbs.
  • Length: 56 inches
  • Caliber: .58 Minie ball
  • Action: percussion lock
  • Rate of fire: 2-3 round/min
  • Effective range: 800 to 1000 yards max 200 to 300 effective
  • Feed system: muzzle-loaded


Title Actor Character Note Date
Fatman On display, carbine model 2020
News of the World US Army soldiers Unclear model 2020
The Kid A Sheriff's deputy Supposedly Model 1861 or 1863 2019
Killing Lincoln Union Soldiers Model 1861 2013
Killing Lincoln Robin Lord Taylor Sgt. Silas T. Cobb Model 1861 2013
Wanted Seen on rifle rack Model 1861 2008
3:10 to Yuma Seen on rifle rack Model 1861 2007
The Golden Compass Townsmen 2007
The Last Samurai Japanese Soldiers Model 1861 2003
Cold Mountain Confederate & Union Soldiers Model 1861 2003
Gods and Generals Union & Confederate Soldiers Model 1861 & 1864 2003
Gangs of New York US Army Soldiers Model 1861 2002
American Outlaws Colin Farrell Jesse James Model 1861 2001
Pharaoh's Army Richard Tyson Rodie Model 1863 1995
Frank Clem Neely
Wyatt Earp Ian Bohen Young Wyatt Earp Model 1864 1994
Gettysburg Union and Confederate soldiers Model 1861 1993
Dances With Wolves Tom Everett Sgt. Pepper Model 1861 1990
Glory Confederate and Union soldiers Model 1861 1989
The Outlaw Josey Wales Confederate guerrillas Model 1861 1976
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Union Soldiers Model 1861 1966
Old Shatterhand US Cavalry soldiers Modern replica of 1862 Richmond Carbine 1966
Death Rides a Horse Mexican peasants Modern replica of 1862 Richmond Carbine 1966
Kissin' Cousins Elvis Presley Jodie Tatum Springfield Allin Conversion Model 1866 Trapdoor 1964
Pamela Austin Selena Tatum
Yvonne Craig Azalea Tatum
Glenda Farrell Ma Tatum
How the West Was Won Union Soldiers Model 1861 & 1863 1962
The Badlanders Mexican settlers Model 1861 (?) 1958
Shane Seen on the wall; Model 1861 (?) 1953
Red River Walter Brennan Nadine Groot Model 1863 1948
Tarzan of the Apes Rebel on the Fuwalda 1918


Title Actor Character Note / Episode Date
F Troop Jay Novello Emilio Barberini unknown variant / "La Dolce Courage" (S02E12) 1966
Larry Storch Dmitri Agarnoff unknown variant / "Only One Russian Is Coming! Only One Russian Is Coming!" (S02E25) 1967
A-Team, The Dwight Schultz HM Murdock Model 1861 1983-87
North and South US Army soldiers, Virginian militia Model 1861, possibly also Model 1855 1985
North and South: Book II Union and Confederate soldiers Models 1861 and 1863 1986
Mail Call R. Lee Ermey Himself Model 1861 2002-2009
Tremors: The Series Unknown Unknown Model 1861 2003
Psych Maggie Lawson Detective Juliet O'Hara Model 1861 2006-????
New Amsterdam Soldier "Soldier's Heart" (S01E03) 2008
Lock 'n Load With R. Lee Ermey Unknown Civil War Reenactor Model 1855 2009
R. Lee Ermey Himself Model 1861 2009
Godless Seen among the guns in La Belle 2017
1883 Union Army soldiers Models 1861 and 1863 2021


Title Character Note Date
Gun Frontier 2002

Video Games

Title Appears as Mods Date
History Channel: Civil War - A Nation Divided 2006
History Channel: Civil War - Secret Missions 2008
Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin! Shortened carbine version 2014

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