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New Amsterdam

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New Amsterdam (2008)

New Amsterdam was a fantasy/police procedural that aired on Fox for one season in the spring of 2008. Eight episodes were aired as a mid-season replacement, but the show was cancelled that summer.

John Amsterdam (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) is a NYPD detective who was originally born in 1607 in Holland as Johann van der Zee, but was mortally wounded on the island of Manhattan in 1642 while saving the life of a Native American woman. The woman restored him to life and granted him immortality, and the spell will only be broken when he finds true love. In the ensuing 366 years, Amsterdam lives several lives under several assumed names (including his current pseudonym, John Amsterdam) and uses his life experience and accumulated knowledge to solve crimes, all while searching for the one person who will break the spell, and thus give his life meaning.

The following guns were used in the series New Amsterdam:

Glock 19

Det. John Amsterdam (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) carries a Glock 19 as his main sidearm in the show. Detective Santori (Robert Clohessy) also carries one.

Glock 19 (3rd Generation) - 9x19mm
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Detective Amsterdam with Glock 19. Publicity still
Amsterdam approaches Eddie Riley with his Glock drawn in the pilot. (Notice the finger off the trigger. Must've been all that Black Hawk Down training.)
Amsterdam draws his Glock while chasing a suspect in "Honor" (S01E04).
NA G19 03.jpg
In a flashback, Amsterdam's old partner Andy Gleason (Chris Bauer) draws his Glock. Andy's partner at the time, Joe Williams (Isiah Whitlock Jr.) also carries a Glock 19.
Amsterdam holds a Glock to Viktor Brodsky's (Olek Krupa) neck.
Gleason, with Amsterdam as his partner, with his Glock.

Glock 26

Amsterdam's current partner, Detective Eva Marquez (Zuleikha Robinson) carries what appears to be a Glock 26 throughout the series.

Glock 26 subcompact Pistol - 9x19mm
Marquez and Santoni with their Glocks as Amsterdam cuffs a suspect.
Marquez with her Glock in "Legacy" (S01E06).

Ruger SP101

In the pilot, Eddie Riley (Justin Grace) carries a Ruger SP101. The police say it is chambered in .38 Special.

Ruger SP101 - .357 Magnum
NA SP101 01.jpg

Remington 1858 New Army

In a flashback to Amsterdam's time as a Civil War surgeon in "Soldier's Heart" (S01E03), Sullivan (Nick Westrate) shoots himself with a Remington 1858 New Army revolver.

Remington 1858 New Army - .44 caliber.
Sullivan is distraught that Amsterdam had to amputate his leg.
NA 1858 02.jpg

Springfield 1861

In "Soldier's Heart," a guard is seen with a Springfield 1861 rifle.

Springfield Model 1855 - .58 caliber Minie ball. Note maynard tape priper and patchbox.
NA Springfield 01.jpg

Percussion Dueling Pistol

In a flashback to 1813 in "Honor" (S01E04), Amsterdam fights a duel with his employer Durst (Erik Jensen) with Percussion Dueling Pistols.

Percussion Cap Ardesa 1871 Dueling Pistol - .45 inch
Amsterdam in present day with the dueling pistol.
NA dueling 02.jpg
NA dueling 03.jpg

Non Gun

Amsterdam is shot by Ivan Brodsky (Ivo Velon) with a Non Gun in "Reclassified" (S01E07).

Ng pistol ND blk.jpg
NA non 01.jpg

Beretta 92FS Inox

Amsterdam picks up a Beretta 92FS Inox dropped by Ray de la Cruz (Curtiss Cook) in "Love Hurts" (S01E08).

Beretta 92FS Inox - 9x19mm.
NA Inox 01.jpg

Unknown revolver

In a flashback to 1927 in "Love Hurts," Amsterdam's partner Fiske (Ned Eisenberg) pretends to shoot him with an unknown revolver as part of a con.

NA revolver 01.jpg

BB Gun

Amsterdam demonstrates prowess with a BB gun at a shooting gallery in "Reclassified" (S01E07). It appears to be based on the Winchester Model 1873.

NA BB 01.jpg

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