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Tremors: The Series

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Tremors: The Series (2003)

Tremors: The Series is the televsion series continuation of the Tremors film franchise. Michael Gross returns as Burt Gummer, who finds himself defend himself and others from the Graboids. The series premiered in March of 2003 on the then SciFi Channel and aired 13 episodes.

Note: When the series originally aired on the Sci Fi Channel, the episodes were shown out of order from the production order. The numbering on this page reflects the original production number and how the episodes were released on DVD.

The following weapons were used in the television series Tremors: The Series:



Barrett M82A1

Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) packs a .50 BMG Barrett M82A1 as his new anti-Graboid weapon in the series. He sports it in the pilot episode "Feeding Frenzy" (S1E01) and uses it to take out a box a half mile away that is putting out sub-sonic noise that is driving the albino Graboid insane. He also arms himself with it in "A Little Paranoia Among Friends" (S1E07) to hunt the Graboid in New Mexico. Tyler (Victor Browne) ends up picking the rifle up when Burt is attacked and uses it to slay the Graboid with messy results.

Barrett M82A1 sniper rifle - .50 BMG
A publicity still of Burt (Michael Gross) exiting his truck with the Barrett M82A1.
Burt upon meeting Tyler in the pilot episode "Feeding Frenzy", Barrett in hand.
Burt grabs his .50 Cal when a sudden situation arises in "Feeding Frenzy".
Burt fires his Barrett inside Chang's Market, Standing. Like a boss.
Burt pulls out 'Old Betsy' to fondle her before he and Tyler head out on assignment in "A Little Paranoia Among Friends".
Burt and Tyler Graboid hunting with the .50 BMG in "A Little Paranoia Among Friends".
Burt with a close up of the Barrett's side in "A Little Paranoia Among Friends".
Tyler (Victor Browne) picks the Barrett M82A1 up and takes aim.

Sporterized Mauser Karabiner 98K

Burt (Michael Gross) can be seen with a Bolt-Action Mauser Karabiner 98k re chambered to 30-06 with a scope in a couple of episodes. He takes aim on the loose Assblaster in "Blast From the Past" (S1E04) but never gets to fire, Mead (Harrison Page) covers the Assblaster with the rifle while Burt tries to reel it after hooking it with bait using Tyler's "skyfishing" idea. Burt also pulls the rifle from his truck in the opening of "Night of the Shriekers" (S1E03) before switching to the HK33.

Karabiner 98k Sporter - 7.92x57mm
Burt clutches the Mauser in the dirt after an incident of "Graboidus Interupptus".
A close-up of the Mauser's action as Burt goes on the hunt for the Assblaster in "Blast From the Past".
Mead (Harrison Page) provides the back up plan of catching the Assblaster plan with Burt's Sporterized Mauser in "Blast From the Past" .
Burt (Michael Gross) on the hunt for the creature known as 4-12.
Burt (Michael Gross) investigates a disturbance in the valley with his sporterized Mauser rifle.

Springfield 1861 Rifled Musket

Tyler (Victor Browne), Twitchell (Dean Norris), in addition to Juniper, Arizona resident George Meadows (William O' Leary), and his baseball team use several antique blackpowder muzzleloading Springfield 1861 rifles to kill the final Shrieker horde with volley fire in "Shriek & Destroy" (S1E02).

Springfield 1861 - .58 caliber minie ball
Burt discovers the gun collection in the house is not ideal for fighting a herd of Shriekers in "Shriek & Destroy" (S1E02).
Tyler passes Twitchell (Dean Norris) his musket in "Shriek & Destroy" (S1E02).
A Juniper baseball team player aims one of the Springfield 1861 Muskets in "Shriek & Destroy" (S1E02).
Juniper, Arizona resident George Meadows (William O' Leary) aims one of the Springfield 1861 Muskets in "Shriek & Destroy" (S1E02).
Tyler (Victor Browne) aims an antique blackpowder muzzleloading rifle at a Shrieker in "Shriek & Destroy" (S1E02).

Assault Rifles / Carbines

Colt Model 654

Burt (Michael Gross) is armed with a Colt Model 654 in "Shriek & Destroy" and uses it to take out multiple Shriekers. It can also be seen in the episode "Night of the Shriekers" (S1E03) and used by both Burt and Tyler (Victor Browne) to kill Shriekers as they come into the compound.

Colt Model 654 "M16A1 Carbine", the export model of the Model 653 without forward assist - 5.56x45mm
Burt (Michael Gross) with his Colt Model 654 Carbine.
Burt on the hunt for a herd of Shriekers in "Shriek & Destroy" with his Colt M654 Carbine.
Burt (Michael Gross) opens fire on Shriekers in the episode "Shriek & Destroy" with his Colt M654 Carbine.
Burt readies the Model 654, a pretty good shot of the side showing the slab-side upper receiver. Also note the magazine coupler.
Burt (Michael Gross) opens fire on again with the Colt Model 654 in "Night of the Shriekers".

Norinco Type 56-1

Tyler (Victor Browne) uses a Chinese Norinco Type 56-1 with the stock removed in the episode "Shriek & Destroy" (S1E13) to take care of the Shrieker problem in Juniper, Arizona. It may appear to be an AKM by the attached slanted muzzle brake but upon closer inspection one can clearly see the hooded front sight, triangular rivet pattern, ported gas tube, slab-sided handguards and smooth dust cover.

Norinco Type 56-1 with folding stock and slant muzzle brake - 7.62x39mm
Tyler (Victor Browne) hunts Shriekers with a Type 56 in the episode "Shriek & Destroy".
Tyler hears Shriekers around the corner, a Type 56 in hand might be good piece of mind.
"Got one!"

Heckler & Koch HK93A3

Burt (Michael Gross) retrieves his Heckler & Koch HK93A3 with collapsible stock from his truck in "Night of the Shriekers" (S1E03) upon hearing the sounds of Shriekers in the valley. He uses it to slay the first one he comes across. The weapon can be identified as a HK93 rather than a select-fire HK33 due to the all-metal lower receiver and lack of paddle magazine release. Burt only fires the weapon in semiautomatic, further reinforcing it is a standard HK93.

Heckler & Koch HK93A2 Full Stock Rifle with 25-round magazine - 5.56x45mm
Burt (Michael Gross) retrieves the Heckler & Koch HK93A3 from his truck upon hearing a Shrieker.
A nice close up of the side of the HK93A3, showing the all-metal lower and lack of paddle mag release.
Burt investigates the Shrieker test site with the HK93A3.
Close up shot provides a good look at the A3 Style collapsible buttstock.
Burt provides an armed escort, ready with his HK93A3.


In "Night of the Shriekers", several of Dr. Flint's security personnel including the security chief, Karl Hartung (Patrick St. Esprit) can be seen with M16A2s when they come across Burt after he killed the first Shrieker.

M16A2 - 5.56x45mm
Burt discovers the Shriekers are government property at the business end of a few M16A2s in "Night of the Shriekers".


An officer of Dr. Flint's security team at the Shrieker rescue test site can be seen with an M4A1 when they encounter Burt in the opening of the episode. Another M4 can be seen slung on an officer's back while locking things down due to the thunderstorm in "Night of the Shriekers".

Colt M4A1 Carbine with 4 position collapsible stock - 5.56x45mm
Burt discovers the Shriekers are government property at the business end of a few M16A2s in "Night of the Shriekers". The weapon on the lower right appears to have the notched barrel of an M4 Carbine.
A security team officer with an M4A1 on his back in "Night of the Shriekers".

Submachine Guns

Intratec TEC-DC9

Mobster Kinney (Michael Rooker) threatens the Perfection Valley residents with an Intratec TEC-DC9 and fires it multiple times at them and their vehicles as they go for cover behind them in "Hit & Run" (S1E06).

Intratec TEC-DC9 - 9x19mm
Kinney (Michael Rooker) provides cover against some Perfection residents with a TEC-DC9 Sub-Machine gun.
Kinney (Michael Rooker) threatens Frank with an Intratec TEC-DC9.


A Uzi without stock can be seen in the hands of Fish & Wildlife agent Bill McClane (Pat Skipper) to kill Shriekers in "Shriek & Destroy" (S1E02).

IMI Uzi with stock removed - 9x19mm
Bill McClane (Pat Skipper) with an IMI Uzi in "Shriek & Destroy" (S1E02).
"Let them come. left, right, and center; I'll swiss cheese the little mothers." The Uzi is wielded by Bill in "Shriek & Destroy" (S1E02).


Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX

Burt (Michael Gross) carries a nickel finished Desert Eagle Mark XIX pistol chambered in .50 Action Express as a backup sidearm throughout the series. He passes it off to Tyler (Victor Browne) in the episode "Shriek & Destroy" who then uses it to kill a few Shriekers attacking the Pioneer Days festival in Arizona. Twitchell (Dean Norris) also pulls this pistol from Burt's holster and aims it at the mobsters in "Hit and Run" but he drops it as soon as they open fire in their direction. Burt also fires it once in the episode "Flora or Fauna?" (S1E05) to hit a fire extinguisher valve so it'll launch their sand anchor over Plantimal's acid spitting roots.

Desert Eagle Mark XIX - .50 AE
Tyler (Victor Browne) armed with Burt's Desert Eagle Mark XIX in the episode "Shriek & Destroy".
Tyler aims Burt's Desert Eagle in "Shriek & Destroy" after dispatching a Shrieker with two rounds.
Tyler aims the Desert Eagle in "Shriek & Destroy".
Tyler fires the Desert Eagle, note the impressive muzzle flash.
Burt scrambles for his dropped Desert Eagle in the episode "Blast From the Past" (S1E04).
Burt after firing his Desert Eagle in "Flora or Fauna?".

Dan Wesson SuperMag

In "Project 4-12" (S1E05), Burt (Michael Gross) retrieves a Dan Wesson revolver from his truck and arms himself with it to face the new creature in the valley. The exact variant is unknown, it appears best to be a .445 'SuperMag' variant.

Dan Wesson SuperMag - .445 Super Magnum
In "Project 4-12" (S1E05), Burt (Michael Gross) prepares to face the monster, Project 4-12 with his Dan Wesson .445 Super Mag revolver.
In "Project 4-12" (S1E05), this shot here clearly shows the compensator of the Super Mag.
In "Project 4-12" (S1E05), Burt cocks the hammer back on the Super Mag.

Taurus Model 605

Tyler (Victor Browne) retrieves a Taurus Model 605 revolver from a drawer in Chang's Market in the episode "Project 4-12" and fires a few shots at the monster to no avail. He arms himself with it again at the end of the episode to back Burt up. Tyler has this revolver in his jeep's glove compartment in the episode "Flora or Fauna?" and retrieves it to investigate the missing surveyors. In the episode "The Key" (S1E11) both Frank (Nicholas Turturro) and Delores (Vivica A. Fox) can both be seen with a similar revolver and use it to threaten the residents of Perfection.

Taurus Model 605 - .357 Magnum
Tyler grabs the Jodi's hidden store gun in "Project 4-12" as a situation presents itself.
Tyler fires the Taurus Model 605 in "Project 4-12".
Tyler (Victor Browne) backs up Burt with a Taurus Model 605.
Delores (Vivica A. Fox) aims her Taurus 605 in "The Key".

Ruger P89

Rosalita (Gladys Jimenez) arms herself with a Ruger P89 in the episode "Hit and Run" (S1E06) and fires a couple of rounds at the mobsters' truck tires and harpoon gun to slow them down. Max (Troy Winbush) also pulls out a similar Ruger P89 pistol when he finally lures El Blanco in to show Frank it's real.

Ruger P89 - 9x19mm
Max (Troy Winbush) aims his P89 at the ground in "Hit and Run".
Rosalita (Gladys Jimenez) armed with a Ruger P89 in the episode "Hit and Run".


In the pilot episode "Feeding Frenzy" (S1E01), Melvin's hired goon (William Cowart) on the dirt bike pulls a M1911A1 style pistol on Burt when he confronts him. In the episode "The Key" the accountant/hitman (Michael Albala) pulls one on Frank after he unknowingly hitches a ride with him before the screen fades black accompanied by the sound of a gunshot.

M1911A1 - .45 ACP
Dirt Biker (William Cowart) armed with a M1911A1 in "Feeding Frenzy".
The accountant (Michael Albala) aims a M1911A1 in "The Key".
Frank stares down the barrel of an M1911A1 in "The Key".


Winchester Model 1200

A Winchester Model 1200 shotgun with a birds head style pistol grip is seen on Burt's gun wall in several episodes and used by Rosalita (Gladys Jimenez) to kill Shriekers in "Night of the Shriekers" (S1E03). A similar shotgun is used by Frank (Nicholas Turturro) and Delores (Vivica A. Fox) to threaten Tyler and Rosalita in "The Key" (S1E11), probably the same prop.

Winchester Model 1200 Defender with pistol grip - 12 Gauge
"Come on, I can hit anything with a 12 Gauge pump." Rosalita, with Winchester Model 1200 in hand.
Rosalita (Gladys Jimenez) fires the pistol grip Winchester in "Night of the Shriekers".
Frank (Nicholas Turturro) threatens Tyler in "The Key".
"Who asked you to talk? Huh?"
This shot provides a look at the birds head grip and fore end.
The Winchester 1200 laying on the ground of the old barn.
Tyler with the shotgun after everything is said and done in "The Key".

Winchester Model 1200 Stainless Police

A stainless police variant of the Winchester Model 1200 can be seen in the hands of Sheriff Sam Boggs (Jim Beaver) of the Bixby police department in the episode "Water Hazard" (S1E12). He fires rubber bullets out of the shotgun in an attempt to slow the shrimp creature down before it reaches the reservoir.

Winchester Model 1200 Police Model - 12 Gauge
Sheriff Boggs (Jim Beaver) makes his attempt to stop the Shrimp from reaching the reservoir with the Winchester Model 1200 stainless police model and some rubber riot rounds.
Sheriff Boggs radios Tyler with Winchester in hand, this shot provides a good close up of the bolt and the trigger guard.

Mossberg 500 Cruiser

A Mossberg 500 Cruiser pistol gripped shotgun can be seen on Burt's gun wall in multiple episodes.

Mossberg 500 Cruiser with extended magazine tube and heat shield - 12 gauge
Mossberg 500 Cruiser with extended magazine tube seen on Burt's wall in "Night of the Shriekers".

SWD/Cobray Street Sweeper

An SWD/Cobray Street Sweeper can be seen on Burt's gun wall in multiple episodes. Unfortunately we never get to see it in action on a herd of Shriekers.

SWD/Cobray Street Sweeper with short barrel and top folding stock - 12 Gauge. Visible is the Cobray logo on the side, no visible drum advance lever like on the Striker and the recognizable 'key' in the front of the drum for winding up the rotary cylinder.
The SWD/Cobray Street Sweeper shotgun can be seen on Burt's wall in a few episodes, here is a screenshot of it from "Night of the Shriekers".
Another screenshot of the Street Sweeper on the wall from "Night of the Shriekers", along with a couple other guns.


In "Shriek & Destroy" (S1E02), Burt (Michael Gross) uses an antique Blunderbuss to kill the last remaining Shrieker when nothing else is available.

Modern replica of English 1766 Blunderbuss Flintlock
"A Blunderbuss. It's got your name on it, Burt." In "Shriek & Destroy" (S1E02), Burt is handed the weapon.
In "Shriek & Destroy" (S1E02), Burt loads the muzzle end of the Blunderbuss as a Shrieker approaches.
In "Shriek & Destroy" (S1E02), Burt (Michael Gross) prepares to take out a Shrieker with an antique Blunderbuss.


Heckler & Koch P2A1 Flare Pistol

In "Shriek & Destroy" (S1E02), Burt (Michael Gross) fires a flare from a Heckler & Koch P2A1 Flare Pistol to signal Tyler of his location.

Heckler & Koch P2A1 Flare Pistol
In "Shriek & Destroy" (S1E02), Burt (Michael Gross) fires a signal flare from his Heckler & Koch P2A1 Flare Pistol.
In "Shriek & Destroy" (S1E02), a great closeup of the pistol as Burt fires a flare.

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