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Gangs of New York

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Gangs of New York
Theatrical Release Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpgUnited States
Directed by Martin Scorsese
Release Date 2002
Studio Miramax
Distributor Miramax
Main Cast
Character Actor
Amsterdam Vallon Leonardo DiCaprio
William "Bill the Butcher" Cutting Daniel Day-Lewis
Jenny Everdeane Cameron Diaz
Boss Tweed Jim Broadbent
Happy Jack Mulraney John C. Reilly
Johnny Sirocco Henry Thomas
Walter "Monk" McGinn Brendan Gleeson
John F. Schermerhorn David Hemmings

The following weapons were used in the film Gangs of New York:


Single-Shot Boot Pistols

A majority of the residents of Civil War era New York all carry small single-shot Boot Pistols for protection.

Civil War Era Boot Pistol
The man in the top hat holds a boot pistol on the assassin, who has just wounded Bill "The Butcher" Cutting (Daniel Day-Lewis).
The man in the blue coat on the right covering Bill (Daniel Day-Lewis) with a boot pistol after the attempted assassination.
On the left, McGloin (Gary Lewis) holds his boot pistol on the assassin.
Closeup of Jenny Everdeanes' boot pistol as she reaches for it.
Jenny Everdeane (Cameron Diaz) holds her boot pistol on Walter "Monk" McGinn (Brendan Gleeson).
Jenny (Cameron Diaz) gives Amsterdam (Leonardo DiCaprio) her boot pistol while holding the suffering Johnny Sirocco (Henry Thomas).
Jenny (Cameron Diaz) draws her pistol on the dock after she is attacked by citizens, during the riots.
Jenny (Cameron Diaz) holds the pistol after she kills one of her attackers.

Percussion Pocket Pistol

When Happy Jack Mulraney (John C. Reilly) chases Amsterdam (Leonardo DiCaprio) through the church, he draws a Percussion Pocket Pistol Based on the barrel look it looks to be a Queen Anne pistol, or if indeed being a pocket pistol, the Liegi derringer.

Percussion pocket pistol with octagonal steel barrel c. 1840 - 11mm
Happy Jack Mulraney (John C. Reilly) keeps his Pocket Pistol in the ready position as he searches for Amsterdam (Leonardo DiCaprio) in the unfinished church
A better shot of the pistol held by Jack Mulraney (John C. Reilly).
Happy Jack holds the pistol during his fight with Amsterdam.

Colt Model 1849 Pocket Model

While at the theater, an assassin (Bronco Mcloughlin) attempts to kill Bill "The Butcher" Cutting (Daniel Day-Lewis) with a Colt 1849 Pocket Model Revolver.

Colt 1849 Pocket - .31 caliber.
Closeup of the 1849 Pocket that the assassin (Bronco Mcloughlin) pulls from under his top hat and aims at Bill (Daniel Day-Lewis).
Amsterdam (Leonardo DiCaprio) wrestles the assassin (Bronco Mcloughlin) in an attempt to get the revolver from him.
Amsterdam (Leonardo DiCaprio) manages to get the revolver, after it inadvertently goes off mortally wounding the assassin.
Amsterdam (Leonardo DiCaprio) holds up the revolver.
Amsterdam with the revolver.

Elgin Cutlass Pistol

Amsterdam (Leonardo DiCaprio) attempts to assassinate Bill "The Butcher" Cutting (Daniel Day-Lewis) by throwing a knife and then pulling an Elgin Cutlass Pistol, only to be impaled by a knife thrown by Cutting

The Elgin Cutlass Pistol
The Elgin Pistol lying on the table before being pocketed for the assassination attempt.
Amsterdam (Leonardo DiCaprio) has the Elgin Pistol in his right hand during his confrontation the Butcher.

Colt 1851 Navy Revolver

During the Draft Riots, a mob breaks into the residence of Mr. Schermerhorn (David Hemmings) and he in turn uses two Colt 1851 Navy Revolvers to fend them off.

Colt 1851 Navy .36 caliber.
As the mob advances on his house, Mr. Schermerhorn (David Hemmings) prepares to fight back with two Navy Revolvers.
Mr. Schermerhorn (David Hemmings) fires one of his two Navy Revolvers before retreating into his dining room.
A somewhat better view of the Navy Revolver.


Double Barrel Percussion Shotgun

The Percussion Shotgun is seen being held by a Ship Captain and William Tweed (Jim Broadbent).

Double Barreled Percussion Shotgun - 10 Gauge
William Tweed (Jim Broadbent) stands at the ready with his shotgun
A ship captain clutches his shotgun.
The same captain drops dead with his shotgun next to him.

Rifles & Muskets

Joslyn Rifle

During the scene where William Tweed (Jim Broadbent) is conversing with Dead Rabbit supporters, Jenny Everdeane (Cameron Diaz) keeps a Joslyn Rifle aimed on him.

Joslyn rifle.jpg
Jenny (Cameron Diaz) keeps a Joslyn Rifle on William Tweed (Jim Broadbent),

Springfield Model 1842 Musket

An Irish immigrant is seen being issued a Springfield Model 1842 Musket. This is historically correct, as the Irish Brigade were issued the 1842 Musket until 1864, as it was preferred for its ability to use the "buck and ball" load.

Springfield Model 1842 Musket - .69 smoothbore
A newly drafted soldier receives his Springfield Musket. Note the brass colored barrel bands, a feature more commonly seen in European muskets.

Springfield Model 1861 Rifle

The majority of US Army troops carry Springfield 1861 rifles.

Springfield 1861 - .58 caliber
As the soldiers begin boarding the ship to go to war, some of them have Springfield Rifles slung on their backs.
Soldiers continue to board.
Soldiers stand in ranks, at the ready during the Draft Riots- the rifles finished in the white are Springfields, while the blued ones are Enfields
US Army troops aim their Springfield 1861 rifles at the Dead Rabbits.

Enfield P1853 Rifle

Some US Army troops are seen carrying Enfield Pattern 1853 rifles, which were commonly issued to Union regiments.

Enfield Pattern 1853 - .577 caliber
Soldiers stand in ranks, at the ready during the Draft Riots- the rifles finished in the white are Springfields, while the blued ones are Enfields.
Some US Army troops are seen aiming Enfield Pattern 1853 rifles at the Dead Rabbits.
Good shot of the Rifle Bore, on one of the Enfield Rifles
McGloin (Gary Lewis) attempts to charge the soldiers and is shot down in a hail of rifle bullets.


Ship Gunade

During the Draft Riot, just before the fight between the Dead Rabbits and the Bower Boys, a ship of the coast fires its gunades off. A gunade is a hybrid between a carronade and a regular cannon.

Gunades firing from ship.
Ditto. Note the distinctive muzzle shape resembling carronades but longer barrel and being used in a common cannon configuration confirming the weapons as gunades.

Gun Case

Mr. Schermerhorn (David Hemmings) keeps several rifles and shotguns in a gun case.

There is a gun case in the back left.
Rioters raid the gun case in Mr. Schermerhorn's house. One appears to be a Sharps, judging by the trigger guard.

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