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Resident Evil: Village

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Work In Progress

This article is still under construction. It may contain factual errors. See Talk:Resident Evil: Village for current discussions. Content is subject to change.

Resident Evil: Village
Resident Evil Village NA Cover.jpg
Release Date: May 7, 2021
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Series: Resident Evil
Platforms: PC
PlayStation 4
PlayStation 5
Xbox One
Xbox Series X
Genre: First-Person Survival Horror

Resident Evil: Village is a first-person survival horror video game, the tenth main installment of the Resident Evil series. It is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Set some years after the events in Louisiana, players once again control Ethan Winters, who is trying to live a quiet life with his wife Mia following the nightmare in Dulvey. Soon after welcoming their daughter Rosemary into the world, the Winters' peaceful existence is shattered when their former ally Chris Redfield kidnaps Rosemary for reasons unknown. Ethan heads to a mysterious Eastern European village to find his daughter and seek answers, but soon finds himself venturing into another terrifying journey.


The following weapons appear in the video game Resident Evil: Village:


Resident Evil Village inherits much of Resident Evil 7's game mechanics. Like RE7, Village takes place in first person, with weapons behaving much like RE7. Unlike most FPSs, but like RE7, aiming the weapons in Village merely tightens the crosshair instead of going into a special fully-accurate ADS mode.

Returning to the game is a Merchant system similar to that found in Resident Evil 4: a merchant character known as "The Duke" appears at certain fixed locations on the game map, and Ethan can buy items, sell treasures, and upgrade his weapons at the Duke. Weapons can be both upgraded, granting them generic stat improvements, and customized with custom parts, which are either found on the map or bought from the Duke.


CZ 2075 RAMI

The "LEMI" is a slightly altered CZ 2075 RAMI, with a different hammer, no beavertail, and redesigned safety and slide release. It is the first firearm received in the game, when Ethan gets it from Grigori. It starts with a magazine capacity of 10 rounds and can be customized with a compensator and extended magazines.

CZ 2075 Rami - 9x19mm.
The LEMI selected in the inventory screen.
The LEMI in the model viewer, fully customized with its fictional compensator and extended magazines.
Ethan sneaks around a village alley after meeting the locals.
"Aiming" the LEMI. Despite Ethan saying he received combat training following the events of the previous game, he still doesn't seem to grasp the concept of iron sights and a thumbs-forward modern grip. Most weapons in the game are simply bought closer to the screen when aimed, which nonetheless tightens the spread of shots.
Reloading the LEMI. Reloads in Village are a bit more intricately animated compared to the previous game. Here, Ethan makes sure to retain the partially-full magazine of his pistol when performing a tactical reload, while he drops the magazine in an empty reload. Alas, it seems both magazines lack cartridges.
The pistol seen in the Duke's Emporium main screen.

Beretta 92FS "Samurai Edge"

The heavily modified Beretta 92FS "Samurai Edge" that appeared in the previous game returns for players who purchase the game's Deluxe Edition or the Trauma Pack DLC, and is purchased from the Duke in-game. It functions similarly to the weapon as it appeared used by Chris Redfield in the "Not a Hero" DLC. It has a 9-round capacity, but has a very weak damage that cannot be upgraded.

Another Beretta 92FS Samurai Edge of some kind can be seen holstered at the hip of the BSAA soldier model in the model viewer. It is obviously a different model of Samurai Edge, and its features are difficult to make out, but it is still identifiable as some kind of a Samurai Edge versus a regular 92 platform pistol due to the extended Samurai Edge-style grips (that appear to be made of plastic like the AW-01P and Barry Burton V1 model, albeit lacking medallions) and custom frame with extended beavertail that resembles the AW-01P and various Albert Wesker Samurai Edge designs, such as those seen in Resident Evil, Resident Evil 5, and Resident Evil 7. Given BSAA's Blue Umbrella lore connections, the pistol is most likely an AW-01P.

This pistol is distinct from the real life Beretta M9A1 despite having a rail due to the fact that the rail is full length unlike the M9A1 and that the original design of the Albert Wesker Samurai Edge from Resident Evil HD actually predates the M9A1, with the game releasing in 2002 while the Beretta M9A1 released in 2005.

Official Tokyo Marui airsoft replica of the "Albert-01" from Resident Evil 7.
The pistol examined in Ethan's inventory. Though the January 2021 showcase online event named the pistol "Albert01 Chris", it's named "Samurai Edge - AW Model-01" in the final game, same as RE7.
Ethan stands idle with a souvenir from Louisiana.
Taking aim at a wall.
Reloading the Samurai Edge, Modern Warfare style.
Tokyo Marui Albert. W. Model 01P airsoft pistol.
The BSAA soldier in the model viewer with a holstered Samurai Edge of some kind.

Brügger & Thomet USW-A1

A Brügger & Thomet USW-A1 fitted with a mini red-dot sight, suppressor, and flashlight appears as the "USM-AI". It features custom Hound-Wolf Squad engravings. It is Chris Redfield's signature sidearm in the game, and is usable during the village raid where Chris is the player character. It has a magazine capacity of 17 rounds. It can be unlocked for purchase in Ethan's main campaign by spending 20,000 challenge points in the Extra Content menu, after completing the game once.

Brügger & Thomet USW-A1 - 9x19mm Parabellum
The USW-A1 in the model viewer. Note the straight aftermarket trigger.
The USW-A1's right side. Interestingly, this pistol and the G17 are the only two in the game that feature manufacturer markings and serial numbers. This one is evidently US 24-71998 as a direct reference to the Spencer Mansion Incident of the first Resident Evil game, which took place on July 24, 1998 (07/24/1998). It is marked to use 9x19mm Parabellum cartridges.
Chris takes out the USW-A1 during the village raid.
Doing a reload when the empty mag is removed.
Chris reloading a fresh mag.

Taurus 1911

A Taurus 1911 pistol with old-fashioned brown grip panels and the slide serrations from a Colt Gold Cup National Match is featured as the "M1911". It can be found at an optional area inside the village.

The pistol is customizable with a long extended magazine and what appear to be Pachmayr American Legend grips. For some reason, the pistol is fully automatic and thus fires continuously while the player holds the attack button, despite appearing externally completely like a standard semi-automatic M1911-style pistol. However, it has a low rate of fire, and the utility of the automatic fire is hampered by its starting magazine capacity of 7 rounds.

Taurus 1911 - .45 ACP
Examining the "M1911" in the inventory. Though the hammer, trigger, and sights match the Taurus 1911, the in-game model has a few more differences to the real gun in addition to the grip panels; the slide serrations are different, the magazine is of the traditional 1911 style, the slide stop has a visible pin, and the safety on the right side is a mirror of the one on the left instead of being a different design.
The "M1911" in the model viewer, showing its full range of customizations with the extended magazine and Pachmayr grips.
A little exploration off the beaten track rewards Ethan with a new toy.
Having suffered a jumpscare in the process of obtaining this pistol, Ethan warily aims, ready for any lurking lycans.
Performing a tactical by taking out the empty magazine Ethan swore he still had ammo in.

Colt M45A1 CQBP

Some Hound Wolf operatives carry the Colt M45A1 CQBP, called the "MA51 GQ Custom" in-game, as their sidearm.

Colt M45A1 Close Quarter Battle Pistol (CQBP) - .45 ACP
The M45A1 CQBP in the model viewer. The wear around the muzzle, common on the cerakoted pistols in real life, as well as the weapon light, can be clearly seen here.
Hound-Wolf Squad operator Umber Eyes in the model viewer. The M45A1 CQBP can be clearly seen holstered in a Safariland SLS-style holster on his hip.

Volk Tactical Gear Glock 17

Most HW operatives use customized Glock 17s, called the "GL7" in-game, equipped with a flashlight as their sidearm. The customized parts are modeled after custom parts for the Tokyo Marui Glock 17/22 airsoft pistol made by Volk Tactical Gear, a Japanese tactical gear company (in collaboration with Ocean Custom Tactical, another Japanese tactical gear company), themselves based the Taran Tactical Innovations Combat Master Package for the Glock 17, with the makers noting that they were inspired by the TTI Glocks in the John Wick film series. It is barely visible in the main game (it can be most clearly seen at the reservoir where an HW operative subdues Ethan), but can be seen more clearly seen in the model viewer.

Airsoft Volk Tactical Gear Glock 17
Taran Tactical Innovations Combat Master Package Glock 17 - 9x19 Parabellum
The G17 in the model viewer. The pistol is proudly emblazoned with the Volk Tactical Gear brand on the slide, which presumably has an in-universe equivalent within the scope of Resident Evil.
The right side of the pistol. It is the only other gun in this game, besides the B&T USW-A1, that has markings of any kind besides fire selectors. In this case, the model is engraved as "MODEL*VTG17CUSTOM" with a serial number of VTG666.
HWS operator Night Howl in the model viewer, holding the G17 at the low ready.
HWS operator Canine in the model viewer, with the G17 holstered at the hip.


The Wildey magnum pistol appears as the "S.T.A.K.E". It becomes available for purchase from the Duke after starting a New Game+. It is customizable with extended magazines and a set of improved grips and starts with an incorrectly too-large capacity of 10 rounds in a flush-fitting magazine.

Wildey Hunter, 8" barrel - .475 Wildey Magnum
The Wildey in the model viewer.
The Wildey with the improved grips and extended magazines equipped.
Ethan holding the Wildey at the low ready.
Aiming the Wildey.
Firing the Wildey produces a significant muzzle flash...
As well as significant recoil.
Ethan performing a tactical reload with the Wildey. The RAMI, 1911, Samurai Edge, and Wildey share the same reload animations. This results in Ethan ignoring the heel magazine release and acting like the Wildey has a thumb button release.
The empty animations involve Ethan discarding the old magazine rather than keeping it,
slotting in a fresh magazine,
and dropping the slide with the slide release using his left hand.

MBA Gyrojet

The MBA Gyrojet appears, simply titled the "Rocket Pistol". It can be unlocked for purchase by beating the game on the highest Village of Shadows difficulty, then spending 80,000 CP on the Extra Content menu. It has a capacity of 7 rounds (1 more than is possible with a real example), and fires moderately-damaging explosive rockets at a slow rate of fire.

Gyrojet Pistol Mark 1 Model B - 13mm
The Gyrojet in the model viewer.
Ethan holding the fantastically-rare Gyrojet pistol at the low ready.
Aiming the Gyrojet.
Firing the Gyrojet. The real gun's projectiles are inert rather than explosive. The recoil is appropriately minimal in-game.
Reloading the Gyrojet involves pulling back the top cover, though Ethan doesn't seem to operate the catch on the right side to release it,
Slotting in rockets one-by-one,
And closing the top cover. The follower on the model actually moves according to how many rounds are in the gun, but on the real Gyrojet, you would need to drop the hammer and engage the safety before reloading, and you would have to recock the hammer before firing again. In-game, Ethan never has to do anything involving the hammer nor the safety.


Magnum Research BFR

The Magnum Research BFR appears as the "Handcannon PZ". It can be unlocked for purchase by beating the game on hardcore difficulty and spending 60,000 CP on the Extra Content menu. Likely to make use of pre-existing ammunition in the game, the BFR uses sniper rifle ammo as shared by the F2, granting it immense stopping power, though in reality there are no variants of the BFR that chamber 7.62x51mm cartridges. It has a correct (for long cylinder models like is depicted) 5 round capacity.

Magnum Research BFR - .45-70 Government
The BFR in the model viewer.
Ethan holding the BFR at the low ready.
Aiming the BFR.
Like the other "magnum" guns, the BFR produces a fireball,
And massive recoil.
Afterwards, Ethan correctly cocks the hammer, which visually advances the cylinder to the next shot.
Reloading the BFR involves opening the loading gate (in reality you would need to lower the hammer before opening the gate. Ethan naturally doesn't need to do this in the game),
Ejecting and loading spent and fresh rounds, one by one, respectively (somehow without even touching the ejector rod). Note the 7.62mm rounds being inserted.
And closing the loading gate.

Colt 1851 Navy (Cartridge Conversion)

A Colt 1851 (Cartridge Conversion) with deep black trim and pearl/ivory grips is featured in the game as the "M1851 Wolfsbane". It is mixed with design elements from other Colt revolvers, including a grooved Single Action Army-style cylinder, shortened loading lever (as on the Dragoon) which is also in the Colt 1860 Army-style, and with the Walker/1st Dragoon model style trigger guard.

It can be found in a house near Moreau's Lab. It is customizable with a longer barrel (which returns it to its standard length) and a fictitious 7-round capacity cylinder which replaces its default starting capacity 5 round upgradable cylinder. The game's collector's edition includes a miniature version of the gun.

Colt 1851 Navy with a cartridge conversion. This is a reproduction of the gun used by Eli Wallach in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly and imported by Cimmaron Arms.
Colt 1860 Army - .44 caliber.
One of the original Colt Walker 1847s - .44 caliber.
The 1851 Navy in the model viewer. The inscription on the barrel reads "Fiat Voluntas Tua", which translates about to the phrase "Thy will be done", which is fairly appropriate for a Miranda fanatic like Moreau to have on his gun. Alternatively, this could have been owned by a particularly wealthy devoted villager before Ethan liberated it, which would still be appropriate given that Miranda's the object of worship for the entire village.
The 1851 Navy in the model viewer with its long barrel and high-capacity cylinder installed.
Ethan holding the 1851 Navy at the low ready.
Aiming the 1851 Navy.
Like the BFR, the 1851 produces fireballs,
Massive recoil,
and is cocked after every shot.
Again, like the BFR, the loading gate is opened. Again, the hammer has to be decocked (though to the half-cock position this time) before loading, and Ethan again chooses to ignore this,
Before ejecting and loading spent and fresh rounds without even having any notion of ejector rods or ramrods,
And closing the loading gate.

Submachine Guns

Sa vz. 61 Skorpion

The Sa vz. 61 Skorpion variant is featured as the "V61 Custom", and can be purchased at the Duke's Emporium after reaching Heisenberg's factory. By default, it comes with a 12-round straight magazine, which matches export models, but not the original Model 61 chambered in .32 ACP (with these characteristics it should be in .380 ACP or 9x18mm Makarov). It can be customized with a long carbine barrel, drum magazine (apparently inspired by airsoft models, as factory variants never existed), and custom wooden buttstock in the style of an SVD Dragunov. A miniature of the fully customized Skorpion appears in a version of the game's collector's edition.

Sa vz. 82 Skorpion with spare magazines - 9x18mm Makarov
The Skorpion in the model viewer. Note the folded wire stock...
...which, rather than being used, simply vanishes when a stock is installed, as seen on this fully-upgraded example.
Ethan holding the Skorpion at the low ready.
Aiming the Skorpion.
Firing the Skorpion.
Performing a tactical reload with the Skorpion is pretty simple. Ethan ejects the partially-spent magazine and retains it,
And slotting in a fresh magazine.
Performing an empty reload is slightly different. Ethan throws away the old magazine,
Loads a fresh one,
And charges the weapon.


Remington Model 870 Tactical

A Remington Model 870 with no stock and railed sight rib and pump handle appears in the game as the "W870 TAC" shotgun. It can be found in a house near House Beneviento. It has a starting capacity of 4 shotshells, and can be customized with a foregrip and tactical stock.

Remington 870 Express with TacStar pistol grip - 12 gauge
Shorted Remington 870 with a Pachmayr Vindicator pistol grip, receiver attached tri-rail, and tri-railed foregrip - 12 gauge
The 870 in the model viewer.
The 870 in the model viewer with the foregrip and tactical stock. The stock resembles a SOPMOD/Crane M4 stock.
Ethan holding the 870 at the low ready.
Aiming the 870.
Firing the 870,
and cycling the action, ejecting a spent shell.
The pump-action shotguns in this game have a separate reload animation on empty. When the gun is empty, the player is aiming the weapon, and attempts to fire, Ethan will quickly open the action and dump a shell into the chamber,
Before slotting in shotshells like normal,
And finishing off with another pump of the action. This pump is entirely unnecessary, and doing so would eject a perfectly-good unspent shotshell from the chamber. Note that the Remington 870 action release button is on the front of the trigger guard, meaning the action should not be able to be racked while the hammer is cocked like Ethan has it in this state.

Saiga-12 Tactical

A Saiga-12 shotgun with railed forearm (that strangely lacks any form of iron sights) and Magpul Zhukov-S stock appears in the game as the "SYG-12". It can be bought from the Duke after reaching Heisenberg's factory. It can be customized with a long barrel, a drum magazine, and what appears to be a Russian Kobra EKP-8 red dot sight with Weaver/1913 Picatinny mount and sunshade. It starts with a 10-shotshell magazine capacity. Bizarrely, this is the slowest firing shotgun in the game, despite being the only semi-automatic shotgun available.

Komrad 12 - 12 gauge
The Saiga-12 in the model viewer. The stock closely resembles a Zhukov-S stock.
The Saiga-12 in the model viewer with its extended barrel, drum magazine, and red dot sight installed.
Ethan holding the Saiga-12 at the low ready.
Aiming the Saiga-12.
Firing the Saiga-12. Interestingly, despite being the only self-loading shotgun in the game, it is the slowest-firing by far.
The Saiga-12 shares its animations with the "Dragoon" AK assault rifle carbine. A tactical reload involves yanking out the old magazine,
And slotting in a new one.
An empty reload involves Ethan turning the shotgun over to check the weapon's condition,
Before yanking the old magazine and discarding it,
Fitting in a new magazine, though it doesn't have any ammunition modeled in it,
And charging the shotgun underhanded.

Thor's Hammer - AW Model-02

The fictional "Thor's Hammer" automatic shotgun returns from Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, this time only used by BSAA operatives.

Tokyo Marui SGR-12 - 6mm BB
Tokyo Marui Thor's Hammer "Albert W. Model 02" - 6mm BB
The Thor's Hammer - AW-02 shotgun in the model viewer. This time around, the shotgun is painted with some sort of coyote tan camouflage pattern.
The Thor's Hammer shotgun being held by the BSAA soldier model in the model viewer.

Winchester M1897 Trench Gun

The Winchester Model 1897 is the first shotgun Ethan can acquire in the game, and can be found early on in the village. It is the first shotgun found and starts with a starting capacity of 5 shells. It is customizable with a golden trigger group, which increases rate of fire; making it the fastest firing shotgun in RE: Village, despite the action being stiffer and marginally harder to rack quickly than the Remington 870 in reality.

Winchester Model 1897 "Trench Gun" with Parkerized finish - 12 gauge
The M1897 as examined in the inventory, allowing us to properly appreciate its fancy engravings. Note the description stating it is "commonly used for hunting", while this is correct of other M1897 variants, the Trench Gun was explicitly designed for combat.
The 1897 in the model viewer, with its customized golden trigger group. According to its features, it appears to be a WW2 era 1897 Trench Shotgun, having a takedown assembly (which is missing a retaining lever that would keep the magazine from rotating), four rows of vent holes on the handguard, and a slightly protruding muzzle as opposed to a flush muzzle with the bayonet ring lug. The model lacks any screws, pins, externally-mounted ejector, or the shell release buttons in the receiver and takedown extension, and only seems to have the action release button modeled on the receiver, along with a trigger guard (gold or otherwise) that is strangely angular instead of fully rounded like the actual weapon. The heat shield/bayonet lug assembly, which has a correct bead front sight on it instead of the barrel, has the heat shield being held on with rivets instead of spot welded/braised on and hugs the barrel too tightly without flaring up as on the real model. It also has a too-small sling loop and an extraneous clamp that holds the barrel and magazine together that doesn't exist in reality. The forend has been replaced with a bulged wooden grip as opposed to the military and commercial ribbed forend it should come with, and the WW2-style pistol grip stock lacks the relief cuts behind the wrist and right under the comb it has in reality. Some of these changes can be excused as part of the modifications that resulted in the bedazzled "hunting" arm we have in the game now though.
Holding the shotgun idle means much of it is hidden, but gives us a good view of the pump and heat shield.
Ethan brandishes his little friend, showing off more of the shotgun.
Reloading unsurprisingly involves feeding shells into the magazine tube. Note, however, that the animations involve Ethan racking the action after the final shot. In addition, after loading the last shell in the animation, whether the first shell is chamber-loaded or straight into the magazine, he racks the action with his finger on the trigger. This would be impossible in reality, as with the hammer cocked, the action can only be released with the action release button on the right side of the receiver actuated by the trigger finger and the forend pulled forward first.

Over-Under Shotgun

An over-under shotgun of unknown make and model returns from the previous game. It is used by several human survivors in the village and is unusable by Ethan.

Baikal MP-27M-1C O/U - 12 gauge

Assault Rifles

Mini Draco

A Mini Draco fitted with a Magpul stock, suppressor, foregrip, unmarked Aimpoint T2, and laser sight is featured in the game as the "Dragoon". It is identified as a Mini Draco due to the hooded front sight and the traditional trunnion-mounted rear sight, though it shown with the two-rivet pattern of an AKM at the rear of the receiver, as well as a full-auto fire capability. It has a correct 30-round magazine capacity.

Chris and most of the HW commandos use it as their primary weapon during the raid on the village. It can be unlocked for purchase at the Duke's Emporium by paying 30,000 challenge points in the Extra Content menu, itself unlocked after completing the game once.

Romanian Mini Draco AK Pistol - 7.62x39mm
AKM - 7.62x39mm
The AK in the model viewer, showing its plethora of attachments. Visible in this image are its suppressor, TangoDown stubby vertical foregrip with tape switch duct taped to it, a weapon light with another tape switch loosely attached right next to it, and an Aimpoint T2 without markings mounted above and in the way of the iron sights.
The AK's right side, showing an unused PEQ-15 ATPIAL, which is connected to the tape switch on the foregrip. The stock is a Magpul CTR stock and the magazines resemble Magpul AK PMAGs. Note the presence of a third pin on the model and the selector on the semi auto setting.
Chris and Canine with their carbines.
Chris uses a fresh mag to quickly eject the empty mag.
The AK carbine reloaded when lycans show up. Chris, a trained operator, for some reason displays poor trigger discipline.
The carbine fired at the lycans.
You can see a good shot of the carbine.
Chris with the carbine after he leaves an unlocked prison cell.
You can see the Magpul stock, laser sight and red dot scope. Note waffle mag.
HWS operator Canine holding the mini AK.


The SIG-Sauer MCX VIRTUS carbine appears in the game as the "WCX". It can be customized with a foregrip and red dot sight. It is used by HW commandos in the opening, and can be made available for purchase in-game by spending 30,000 challenge points in the Extra Content menu. Despite being modeled with 30-round Magpul Gen 2 PMAGs, its starting capacity is 20. Though it lacks iron sights by default, Ethan can aim the rifle just fine even without the red dot sight attachment.

SIG-Sauer MCX VIRTUS SBR with 11.5" barrel - 5.56x45mm NATO
The MCX in the model viewer. It is customized with a SIG-Sauer ROMEO4H red dot sight and a SIG-Sauer JULIET 3 magnifier, as well as an MLOK foregrip and handstop and an M4 stock adaptor. Note that the safety is on. This doesn't change, and the weapon is fired on full auto despite being on safe in gameplay.
Ethan holding the MCX at the low ready.
Aiming the MCX. Without the foregrip attachment, Ethan uses a C-Clamp grip. Even with the optics attached, Ethan steadfastly refuses to aim using them and instead uses the tried-and-true "squinty-dot" method from RE7.
Firing the MCX.
Ethan's tactical reload animations with the MCX involve taking a fresh magazine,
And swapping magazines with his left hand, retaining the old magazine. Ethan's ability to do this reliably is quite impressive, given his injured hand, missing fingers and the fact that he's not even touching the mag release, his finger is on the trigger instead, which is not a good thing. Note the ammunition modeled in the used magazine.
An empty reload involves Ethan turning the rifle over to check the weapon's condition,
Forcefully throwing the empty mag out of the weapon (which has ammo still modeled in the feed lips),
Inserting a fresh magazine,
And slapping the bolt catch. Using your injured hand to do such an aggressive maneuver instead of just thumbing the bolt catch may not be such a great idea, Ethan.
Masked HW commandos drag an unconscious Ethan from the Winters residence somewhere in Eastern Europe.

Machine Guns


A customized PKM called the "PT Machine Gun" is used by the HWS operator Lobo when they raid the village.

PKM modified with Blackheart International accessory kit - 7.62x54mm R
Lobo with the modded PKM.
The HWS in their formation shot.
Lobo holding the PKM in the model viewer.
The PKM in the model viewer.
The other side of the PKM. This gives us a good view of the ammo box and the weapon light.

Sniper Rifles


The FR F2, appearing as the "F2 Rifle", is the only bolt-action sniper rifle in the game, and can be found in Castle Dimitrescu. The rifle doesn't have the black cheek rest by default, but can be customized with one. It begins with an underloaded magazine capacity of 4 rounds. It can be further customized with an extended magazine and higher-power Scrome J8 8x riflescope.

FR F2 with scope, loaded magazine, and no cheek rest - 7.62x51mm NATO
Coming across the FR F2.
The F2 fully customized in the model viewer.
The FR F2 after Ethan takes it.
Ethan works the FR F2's bolt after picking it up for the first time.
Soon after, Ethan stands ready with his rifle on the castle's rooftops.
Readying the FR F2. It can be fired in this state, but obviously isn't as precise as it is while using the scope.
Looking down the scope of the FR F2. This reticle is similar to the APX L806 that was once the standard issue scope for the French Army and the Zeiss ZF4 that it was inspired by, albeit with much thinner posts, relatively speaking, than the real thing.
After dealing with some pesky winged creatures, Ethan swaps magazines.
Ethan holding the customized F2 at the low ready.
Upon having the high-power scope installed, the reticle gains ranging features, though these are useless in-game due to the ranges Ethan finds combat encounters in. Note, this reticle is an exact match for the Scrome J8 riflescope featured on actual military FR F2 sniper rifles since 1995.
Cycling the bolt between shots.
An empty reload involves pulling back the bolt,
Removing the old magazine and discarding it (note that Ethan does not push the magazine release lever located on the right side of the receiver,
Inserting a fresh one,
And aggressively closing the bolt.

M110 K1

The M110 K1, called the "SA110 Sniper Rifle" in-game, is the main sniper rifle used by the HW commandos.

M110 K1 - 7.62x51mm NATO
Umber Eyes holds the M110.
Umber Eyes takes his position over the burning village.
He holds his rifle by the Magpul ACS stock.
Then he brings it to bear.
The M110 in the model viewer. visible are its massive scope, bipod, LAM and tapeswitch, and its short, stubby suppressor.
The other side of the M110. Visible now is the weapon light, which is slaved to one tapeswitch along with the LAM, in contrast to the smattering of tapeswitches on the "Dragoon" AK.
Umber Eyes holding the M110 in the model viewer.


M67 hand grenade

Chris uses the M67 hand grenade as an offensive weapon during the village raid.

M67 hand grenade surplus
Chris readies the M67 when lycans show up to say hi.

Rheinmetall MK13 Mod 0 BTV-EL flash grenade

Chris carries MK13 flashbangs on his plate carrier, and can find and use them during the village raid. It is depicted with a blue stripe instead of the proper red. Some HW operatives also carry what appears to be flashbangs on their plate carriers, though these have a different texture with a red stripe.

Rheinmetall MK13 Mod 0 BTV-EL flash grenade
Chris leaves an unlocked prison cell. The MK13 flashbang can be seen on his plate carrier.
Better shot of the MK13 flashbang on Chris' plate carrier.
HWS operator Night Howl carrying a red flashbang on his plate carrier.


M79 grenade launcher

An ornately decorated M79 grenade launcher appears as the "GM 79". It can be found in a locked house in the village before defeating the boss Salvatore Moreau. It uses both explosive and flashbang ammunition, and can be switched between them by aiming the launcher and pressing the interact key. In a notable modeling error, it is shown to have rifling that extends all the way to the chamber when opened, instead of rifling that should begin forward of the grenade when inserted.

M79 grenade launcher - 40x46mm
The M79 in the model viewer. Its ornate engravings and carvings are clearly visible here.
Ethan holding the M79 at the low ready.
Aiming the M79.
Firing an explosive grenade produces the expected effects.
Firing a flashbang produces a legitimately disorienting blinding flash of light that stuns enemies very effectively.
When reloading the M79, Ethan flicks the launcher open and in the same motion ejects the spent grenade,
Slots in a fresh grenade,
And flicks the launcher closed, action movie hero style.
Switching grenades involves Ethan opening the launcher and keeping the unfired grenade,
Slotting in the other type of grenade,
And closing the launcher in a more realistic fashion.

TM-46 anti-tank mine

A TM-46 anti-tank mine appears as the "Mine". It acts as a remote detonation-type mine against enemies that go near it.

TM-46 anti-tank mine
A TM-46 as seen in Ethan's inventory.
Ethan with his grubby hands on the mine.
Cassandra acting very sure of herself that she's about to pass the mine.



Sitting outside Heisenberg's factory are several abandoned IS-3 heavy tanks, complete with D-25 122mm cannons and Degtyaryov DT-29 coaxial machine guns.

Degtyaryov DT-29 - 7.62x54mmR
Like any self-respecting IMFDB user, Ethan takes a moment out of this whole "save my daughter" business to examine some vintage Soviet armor.

Self-Propelled Artillery

Heisenberg's homemade combat vehicle (called a self-propelled artillery in the model gallery) is equipped with a Browning M2HB heavy machine gun and what appears to be a recoilless rifle mounted right next to it.

M20 Recoilless Rifle - 75x408mmR
Browning M2HB - .50 BMG
The Self-Propelled Artillery, equipped with a machine gun and recoilless rifle. Note the WW2 tank style victory markings/kill rings on the recoilless rifle.

H&K G3

An unused icon of a Heckler & Koch G3 is present in the files of the Duke's store. It was clearly removed at a fairly early stage.

Early Heckler & Koch G3 rifle with wooden furniture, later muzzle device, and drum rear sight - 7.62x51mm NATO

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