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Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla

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Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla (1994)

Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla is the 21st entry in the Toho produced Godzilla film series. The 1994 installment pits Godzilla against a new beast from outer space that resembles the titular character. The film also marked the 40th anniversary of the original 1954 film.

The following weapons were used in the film Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla:

Calico M110 (Flashpaper Gun)

Major Akira Yuki (Akira Emoto) hunts for Godzilla with a single shot rifle which is loaded with specially designed large caliber bullets. His gun is supposed to be a flashpaper gun based on Calico M110.

Calico M110 - .22 LR
Akira Yuki loads his gun.
Another view at the gun.
A close view at the gun.
It fires with pink muzzle flame.
Akira Yuki in ambush.

M16A1 with M203 Grenade Launcher

In the scene of the island Lt. Koji Shinjo (Jun Hashizume) carries an M16A1 fitted with M203 grenade launcher and sniper scope. The grenade launcher is used to fire at Godzilla a special grenade that carries a telepathic control device. The rifle is supposed to be MGC Non Firing Replica.

The MGC M16 Assault rifle: a non firing metal replica built by the Model Gun Corp of Japan and one of the most used non firing replicas of the M16 in movies and television.
M16A1 with M203 grenade launcher
Koji Shinjo takes the rifle from the case. Note the box behind him; the inscription tells "200 cartridges 7.62mm NATO".
Koji Shinjo aims his weapon at Godzilla. Next to him is Lt. Kiyoshi Sato (Zenkichi Yoneyama).
A close view at the trigger of the M203.
Koji Shinjo holds his gun.

Beretta 92F Flashpaper

During the attack at Yakuza headquarters Major Akira Yuki (Akira Emoto) and Lts. Koji Shinjo (Jun Hashizume) and Kiyoshi Sato (Zenkichi Yoneyama) are armed with Beretta 92F pistols. The pistols produce a pink muzzle flame that is typical for flashpaper guns used in Japanese movies.

Beretta 92F - 9x19mm
Major Akira Yuki holds a Beretta.
He aims his pistol at Yakuza.
The pistol produces a pink muzzle flame.
Lt. Koji Shinjo holds his pistol in the final scene. The Beretta is seen from the back.
The muzzle is seen.

Flashpaper Submachine Gun

During the attack at Mobster headquarters several Mobster are seen with submachine guns. These guns produce typical flashpaper muzzle flash. They doesn't match any real SMG but looks like a crossbreed of Uzi and the barrel of Type 100.

A Mobster with the submachine gun.
Another Mobster is armed with the same weapon.
A close view at the barrel. Note the pink muzzle flame.

Ruger KP90

During the attack at Mobster headquarters several Mobster are seen with Ruger KP90 pistol.

The actual screen-used Ruger KP90 from Desperado - .45 ACP. This weapon was actually handled and fired by Antonio Banderas in the film. The same gun was also used by Arnold Schwarzenegger in True Lies.
A Mobster is armed with the pistol.


During the battle between Godzilla and Space Godzilla Major Akira Yuki (Akira Emoto) tries to use a rocket launcher that looks mostly like an M72 LAW but is rechargeable. He had no chance to fire the weapon. The launcher can be based on a real spent tube of M72.

M72A2 LAW - 66mm
Akira Yuki readies the launcher.
He loads the rocket.
Akira Yuki with rocket launcher.

General Dynamics M197 Vulcan

A AH-1 Cobra helicopter of JGSDF is armed with a General Dynamics M197 Vulcan three barreled Gatling gun. The helicopter is most likely not a real one but a radio-controlled small sized model.

General Dynamics M197 Vulcan - 20mm.


Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla.jpg

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